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2016-11-09 10:32:00 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

okay what happened

2016-11-09 10:32:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

why did nuke nuke it?

2016-11-09 10:33:03 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

>lost my channel editor role

2016-11-09 10:33:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-09 10:36:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  
2016-11-09 10:38:03 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

by the way we really need to have a 9/11 memorial today

2016-11-09 10:38:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

so we never forget

2016-11-09 10:39:07 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

sorry today is 9/11

everythingisterrible is for anything that is terrible

2016-11-09 10:40:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

he removed me too

2016-11-09 10:42:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

what was the convo?

2016-11-09 10:45:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I doubt it is over trump

2016-11-09 10:45:45 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Nuke has been unstable for a bit tbh

2016-11-09 10:47:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you know I went to his steam profile to see if I could add him

2016-11-09 10:47:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and only got the option to 'unfriend him'

2016-11-09 10:47:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

but I can't find him on my friendslist

2016-11-09 10:48:47 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

is it a full name?

2016-11-09 10:49:46 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

wont his IP be on the server somewhere?

2016-11-09 10:53:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Nuke used to have youtube videos of him playing the harmonica

2016-11-09 10:53:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

anyone have them?

2016-11-09 10:55:45 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

he really has Saronsen

2016-11-09 10:56:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

not for me

2016-11-09 10:56:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

found it

2016-11-09 10:57:18 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

fuck my laptop has barely any battery im in a fuckin tutorial at the moment

2016-11-09 11:01:43 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

yeah nuke ain't responding

2016-11-09 11:13:10 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

dragons r dum

2016-11-09 11:14:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@Goldsteel you are late to the party

2016-11-09 11:23:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

is Trump a real life Citizen Kane?

2016-11-09 11:28:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

2016 = year of memes

2016-11-09 11:28:55 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

will Theresa May and Trump get on well?

2016-11-09 11:31:04 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Trump is good for BREXIT

2016-11-09 11:31:10 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

or at least he has said nice things about it

2016-11-09 11:59:04 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

nuke didn't you once take a plier to your teeth?

2016-11-10 00:20:03 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-10 00:40:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

celt come talk with us

2016-11-10 00:41:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@Leon done


2016-11-10 00:42:58 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@NigglyWiggly take it to everythingisterrible

2016-11-10 00:43:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

tbh 90% of everything should go there

2016-11-10 00:43:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

including celtposting

2016-11-10 01:35:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

weren't there trump nerds threatening to go 'm-muh guns' if they lost?

2016-11-10 01:35:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

hide inna woods and shoot cops?

2016-11-10 01:36:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

seems like most americans are on edge

2016-11-10 01:36:27 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

gonna start killin each other

2016-11-10 01:36:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

who will civil war first US or some other country?

2016-11-10 01:39:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

arthurdentist for next president

2016-11-10 12:32:55 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

hey friends

2016-11-10 12:32:57 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

hows life?

2016-11-10 13:12:45 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

australia is dull as dish water

2016-11-10 13:12:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

nothing ever happens there

2016-11-10 14:09:08 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its pretty cold here at the moment

2016-11-10 17:00:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

prefer dogs tbh

2016-11-10 21:42:04 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

mustard want to plaaaay overwatch?

2016-11-10 22:18:10 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-10 22:18:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  
2016-11-10 22:31:37 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

me irl

2016-11-10 22:49:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  


2016-11-10 22:49:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

never heard of it @Royal

so when is Trump gonna arrest Hillary?

2016-11-11 10:04:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

ohio is lame

2016-11-11 10:13:31 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

/lit/ is full of spooky ideology and lame politics threads today

2016-11-11 10:13:37 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its sad because its a slow as fuck board

@Luigil101 I doubt he will accomplish anything he has claimed he will

its all a bit of a joke really

2016-11-11 10:30:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

are burgers banned in russia?

2016-11-11 10:31:00 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

burger shortages?

2016-11-11 10:31:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

get two burgers

2016-11-11 10:31:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

then you can save one for later

2016-11-11 10:40:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

why would you want to nuke the japs?

2016-11-11 10:40:53 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

kinda rude tbqh smh

2016-11-11 10:41:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

in what way

2016-11-11 10:42:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

yeah but Americans destabalise regions spawning nutjob terrorists

2016-11-11 10:42:27 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

should we nuke americans?

2016-11-11 10:42:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

fun fact

2016-11-11 10:42:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Chinese factories have nets outside their windows

2016-11-11 10:43:17 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

nothing will change

2016-11-11 10:43:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

It would be funny if Trump let the chinese take Taiwain though

2016-11-11 10:43:37 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

wud b a gud laff

2016-11-11 10:43:57 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its to stop them suiciding yes moistnugget

2016-11-11 10:44:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

other fun facts

2016-11-11 10:44:18 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Chinese factories are shutting down

2016-11-11 10:44:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and moving to ethiopia now

2016-11-11 10:44:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

cuz employing chinamen is now too expensive

2016-11-11 10:44:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its just a whole big process

2016-11-11 10:45:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

We should nationalise the factories tbqh

2016-11-11 10:45:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and then tax people at 100% above a certain income :^)

2016-11-11 10:45:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

also invade tax havens

2016-11-11 10:46:07 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

low wage losers should stop working

2016-11-11 10:46:12 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

that is the only way to end globalism

2016-11-11 10:46:17 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

if you hate globalism moist

2016-11-11 10:46:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

if people stopped working it'd fall down

2016-11-11 10:46:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

live the neet life

2016-11-11 10:47:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

To stop working?#

2016-11-11 10:48:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I dunno

2016-11-11 10:48:48 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

america has a meme tier system that makes no sense

2016-11-11 10:48:53 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

so maybe? I doubt it would happen

2016-11-11 10:49:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

thats the kind of shit that would trigger a constitutional crisis

2016-11-11 10:50:26 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I can sign the petition and im not even american

2016-11-11 10:50:48 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Trust fund babies are a symptom of a disease

2016-11-11 10:51:52 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I think right wingers are also pretty autistic tbh

2016-11-11 10:52:20 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

liberals aren't leftists fun fact

2016-11-11 10:53:47 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@John Lifeweb unfortunately no

2016-11-11 10:54:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

well I mean right wingers believed shillary would send out squads of super gay transvestite fema soldiers to round up everyone into camps and replace em with muslims

2016-11-11 10:55:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

but do you deny

2016-11-11 10:55:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

that there were people who did think this?

2016-11-11 10:56:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I consider myself a socialist but that doesn't mean much anymore

2016-11-11 10:57:20 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I voted for the green party at the last election cause I don't like my MP and its a labour safe seat anyway

2016-11-11 10:57:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

no other reason

2016-11-11 10:58:22 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I live in the UK so yeah

2016-11-11 10:58:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

my constituency will always elect a labour MP

2016-11-11 10:58:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

always has always will

2016-11-11 10:59:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

during the referendum 70% or so voted to leave in my city

2016-11-11 10:59:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

but I guarantee they will still elect a labour MP at the election

2016-11-11 10:59:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

pin a red rossette on a donkey and they'd elect it

2016-11-11 11:00:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

tbqh it would be better to have proportional representation

2016-11-11 11:01:20 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 11:01:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

we have 600 MPs

2016-11-11 11:01:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

so instead of giving them out in districts just give them out as a proportion of the vote

2016-11-11 11:01:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

if you get 30% of the vote you get 30% of the MPs

2016-11-11 11:02:01 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 11:03:27 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

capitalism can't solve its crisises only move them around in a geographical sense

2016-11-11 11:03:52 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

thats why it is interesting that jobs are now moving from china to ethiopia and the rest of africa

2016-11-11 11:04:08 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

after they've moved to africa and the average african is too expensive then wot

2016-11-11 11:09:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@John Lifeweb so where are you from?

2016-11-11 11:10:55 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

how are things in spain?

2016-11-11 11:13:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

we got brexit goin on at the moment

2016-11-11 11:13:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

lot of people lost their shit recently cause of a court case

2016-11-11 11:14:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I doubt that was the reason Gef

2016-11-11 11:14:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

might be because you went out on a fuckin thursday

2016-11-11 11:14:56 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

We will have a right wing chimp out in the UK soon anyway

2016-11-11 11:14:58 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

in december

2016-11-11 11:15:00 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I guarantee it

2016-11-11 11:15:17 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

they will chimp out real hard

2016-11-11 11:15:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

when the supreme court rules against the government

2016-11-11 11:15:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

which I am sure it will

2016-11-11 11:16:02 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

it will be a bunch of old men and pub dwellers

2016-11-11 11:16:07 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

marching on the supreme court

2016-11-11 11:16:10 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

it will be funny as fuck

2016-11-11 11:16:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

wont be able to smash shit up like the left wing students did cause they'd hurt their hips

2016-11-11 11:16:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and their doctors told them not too put too much pressure on their old bones

2016-11-11 11:16:58 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

geriatric protest more like

2016-11-11 11:17:37 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Take back australia tbh

2016-11-11 11:18:26 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

rumour in the UK is that

2016-11-11 11:18:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Trump will offer 'are Farage a position

2016-11-11 11:18:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

of some sort

2016-11-11 11:18:58 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I wonder what he could give 'are Nige

2016-11-11 11:19:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@John Lifeweb 'are nige was in barcelona apparently

2016-11-11 11:20:47 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 11:23:02 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

mustard are you a country peasant?

2016-11-11 11:27:36 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

>drinking alcohol

2016-11-11 11:27:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

wow mustard

2016-11-11 11:27:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

thats haram

2016-11-11 11:28:13 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

im having you deadmin'd for this

2016-11-11 11:28:20 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

did you forget this is a christian server?

2016-11-11 11:28:58 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its a buddhist server kurba don't be racist

2016-11-11 11:29:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

mustard is a good boy

2016-11-11 11:29:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

if you drone him I will have one less person to play overwatch with

2016-11-11 11:29:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

he dindu nuffin

2016-11-11 11:31:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

no you aren't

2016-11-11 11:31:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you don't have a mysterious russian soul

2016-11-11 11:32:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

im secretly kenyan

2016-11-11 11:32:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

my grandparents moved here in the 50s

2016-11-11 11:33:06 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I thought you slept on the road shapka?

2016-11-11 11:33:33 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

shapka is an abbo just so you know

2016-11-11 11:33:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

he pretends to be super australian but he is actually an abbo

2016-11-11 11:33:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its a cover up

2016-11-11 11:34:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

we do

2016-11-11 11:34:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 11:34:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

then I would have to ban @Raymondo

2016-11-11 11:34:47 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

he is secretly a girl

2016-11-11 11:35:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

hey Senaat

2016-11-11 11:36:55 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

senaat has more in common with crabs then me or you

2016-11-11 11:38:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

anime was a mistake

2016-11-11 11:40:10 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

why do you want to flee russia?

2016-11-11 11:40:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

don't do that kurba

I doubt the president has the power to like

unilaterally arrest someone though

isn't that independent of the executive?

well I mean

in the UK when someone is arrested the decision to prosecute is made by whats called

'the crown prosecution service'

which is independent of the police and other bodies

wouldn't it be similar in the US?

If the decision is made by beaurocrats they are unlikely to change their minds unless something new came up

I obviously don't know how it works over there

the same is true in the UK but the justice secretary or the prime minister don't decide who gets arrested unilaterally

tbh america will always be meme tier so long as it has elected judges

but either way I doubt Trump can actually get Hillary into prison

it seems really political even with appointed judges

judges here are appointed by independent committee

your judiciary is stronger though

and a strong judiciary is good

just seems really fuckin political

>win erection

2016-11-11 20:38:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

nets in ss13 when?

2016-11-11 20:40:12 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

that I just found

2016-11-11 21:05:48 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

im bored lads

2016-11-11 21:06:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-11 22:06:54 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@Royal part of the plan

2016-11-12 15:37:39 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-12 15:37:43 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-12 15:37:53 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-12 17:16:07 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

u wot foster

its a better satire if they don't remove it

cuz the real buzzfeed wouldn't

@Intigracy just one point

The chinese currency is ridiculously undervalued

and the Chinese use weird tactics to keep it that way

Dollar growing against the Chinese currency is a weird indicator for 'economic health' considering that the chinese have kept their currency artificially low to help with their exports

@Royal Private prison shares also rose if I remember correctly


2016-11-13 20:05:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

a lot of humans aren't

2016-11-13 20:48:56 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

its the best one tbh

You can't remove zizek

2016-11-13 21:15:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

he wont be with you forever

2016-11-13 21:59:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

take it to <#245858413643431936>

2016-11-14 10:03:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@Celt the runescape version of that second image is much better

2016-11-14 10:03:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

do you think Trump's son has a runescape account? Probably bank stands in the grand exchange

2016-11-14 10:07:11 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

party hats are worthless in OSRS

2016-11-14 10:07:24 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

wouldn't surprise me if he plays 'newscape'

Brietbart is trash tbqh

its daily mail tier

No it isn't

if you believe that you don't understand the Mail

Official hierarchy of all news sources:

1. Everything that isn't the Mail or the Sun

2. Mail


99999. The Sun

@Celt Im not going to censor it cause im not a scouser

and you shouldn't either, got to be explicit about things


can't choose your nationality only your actions

@Celt we should lock up all the irish till all the corpses are found tbh

like the moors murderers

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