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2019-10-21 16:59:25 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-10-21 16:59:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

A great president

2019-10-22 12:52:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

<#604690485310914560> If a foreign leader gives a gift to ours. He shall be able to accept it

2019-10-22 12:54:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Well like if it’s a small gift?

2019-10-22 12:55:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Like nothing big or personal

2019-10-22 12:55:23 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I think it shall be consent depending on the gift tbh

2019-10-22 13:00:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No of course not

2019-10-22 13:00:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

We ain’t the Biden

2019-10-22 13:01:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-10-27 02:48:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Is there suppose to be a leader for every party here

2019-10-29 12:55:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Incoming PETA

a crazy person

Im working on a proposal the includes armed police on school grounds/ mental health research

their choice

that depends on what they are wanting to propose.

in the conservative chat

that's literally was what discussed

except maybe #1

I have 4 bullet points on my proposal atm

I’m focusing on Armed Police and buses, mental health research, mandatory Firearm safety education, with exception to conceal carry for teachers that choose to.

Uh what’s wrong with firearm education?

What’s wrong with teaching firearm safety to kids


All kids

How is it against freedom?


I don’t see what so wrong about teaching kids about the safety of firearms?

K, I’ll keep that in mind

As I see. If it was mandatory, it would be considered an infringement on the 2A. And I’m a constitutionalist and I didn’t even realize that.

2019-10-31 15:16:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-11-04 17:33:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Drunk tank

2019-11-04 17:33:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-04 17:33:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I like boobs

2019-11-04 17:34:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-04 19:00:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

<:soy:602929068815679515> <:peporope:602623916527321118>

2019-11-05 20:19:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-05 20:21:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2019-11-05 20:22:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2019-11-08 03:48:56 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I mean Adam Schiff. More like Adam shit

2019-11-10 04:34:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

lright boys

2019-11-10 04:34:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-10 05:31:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

logan paul bout got DQ'd

2019-11-10 05:31:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-10 22:52:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Sup boys

2019-11-10 22:52:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I’m a boomer

2019-11-10 22:53:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I fuck women

2019-11-10 22:54:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 16:53:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 16:53:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Are you fr right now

2019-11-18 16:54:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Male and female are the only genders that actually exist

2019-11-18 16:55:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

If there is more than 2 genders then I guess I’m a Attack Penguin

2019-11-18 16:55:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 16:56:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Male and female are the only real biological genders. Everything else is made up random bullshit

2019-11-18 16:56:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

They hate biology

2019-11-18 16:57:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

You know what

2019-11-18 16:57:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I’m an Apache attack helicopter

2019-11-18 16:57:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 16:57:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

When leftists deny basic biology

2019-11-18 16:58:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

So i guess being dead is easier?

2019-11-18 17:00:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:00:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Like lord Ben Shapiro said

2019-11-18 17:00:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Facts don’t care about your feelings

2019-11-18 17:01:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Ok why is that?

2019-11-18 17:01:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Is it because he’s Jewish?

2019-11-18 17:01:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@isis do you hate him because he’s everything you’re against

2019-11-18 17:02:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I’m surprised we don’t condemn BLM

2019-11-18 17:02:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:02:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Listen to this

2019-11-18 17:02:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

If I made a white lives matter, I would be condemned as a neo nazi/ White nationalist/Supremacist

2019-11-18 17:03:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2019-11-18 17:03:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Ok boomer

2019-11-18 17:06:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:10:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Sure I can

2019-11-18 17:10:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:12:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Probably Tim just skip when it’s get done with transgender

2019-11-18 17:12:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Then it’s accurate

2019-11-18 17:13:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

That’s video showed 21 “genders” and literally only 2 are actually legit

2019-11-18 17:13:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:14:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Then the whole **This gender does not exist**

2019-11-18 17:14:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Basically accurate af

2019-11-18 17:16:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I got a better one

2019-11-18 17:16:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Better narration

2019-11-18 17:17:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:17:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I mean

2019-11-18 17:17:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I guess if theirs more than 2 genders. **I GUESS THAT MAKE ME IDENTIFY AS A BOWLING BALL**

2019-11-18 17:30:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:30:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Trap is a slur?

2019-11-18 17:31:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:31:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Oh nvm I get it

2019-11-18 17:31:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

“It’s a trap”

2019-11-18 17:31:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:34:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I identify as a bowling ball

2019-11-18 17:34:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

“That’s not a gender”

2019-11-18 17:34:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Yeah I know it’s not

2019-11-18 17:35:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I’m just being a basic person that says “there’s more than 2 biologically genders

2019-11-18 17:35:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

My pronouns are attack helicopter/ refrigerator/ bowling ball

2019-11-18 17:36:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Ah cuckservatives

2019-11-18 17:36:23 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Ok demokkkrat

2019-11-18 17:36:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:36:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:36:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

When your party’s logo is an ass

2019-11-18 17:37:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

That’s when you know they suck

2019-11-18 17:37:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:39:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

> when a feminist says she has a cock

2019-11-18 17:39:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

It’s a trap boys

2019-11-18 17:40:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Ah yes a women with a penis

2019-11-18 17:40:07 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

A trap

2019-11-18 17:40:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:41:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Never date a trap

2019-11-18 17:44:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Oh capitalism

2019-11-18 17:44:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2019-11-18 17:44:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:44:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

You triggered?

2019-11-18 17:44:42 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 17:44:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


@Probably Tim I cant see my party chat

2019-11-25 19:29:52 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Why am I server muted

2019-11-25 19:30:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@FFFF why am I server muted

2019-11-25 19:35:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


Are high school teachers and college professors more liberal and are they making students to buy in to more liberal propaganda?

Join Conservative party.

2019-11-26 14:41:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

So poverty state?

2019-11-26 14:42:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Communism= poverty

2019-11-26 14:43:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Government gonna steal your money in communism

2019-11-26 14:43:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Don’t think that a communist government isn’t corrupt

2019-11-26 14:45:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

What state. There’s many states

2019-11-26 14:45:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

What state specifically

2019-11-26 14:45:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Before I shoot the commie

Wait, I think we will have an equal amount of senators so yeet

2019-11-26 14:48:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Welfare is bad

2019-11-26 14:49:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2019-11-26 14:51:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]

2019-11-26 14:51:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Basically the picture says it all

2019-11-26 14:52:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

So a poverty society

2019-11-26 14:52:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-26 17:03:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Proud boys 👍🏻👍🏻

2019-11-26 17:04:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

PB > Antifa

Yo dude, you need a party that is in the “right” side, if you love owning libtards, click 8️⃣

2019-11-28 18:29:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Click conservative

2019-11-28 18:29:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


Conservatives are good

This next government session gonna be bigger and a lot more beliefs

2019-11-29 16:03:11 UTC [csg #🗣main-chat]  

Climate change is BS

2019-11-29 16:03:19 UTC [csg #🗣main-chat]  

We are not going to die from climate change

2019-12-01 00:45:51 UTC [csg #🗣main-chat]  

Climate change is just changing climate

2019-12-01 00:45:54 UTC [csg #🗣main-chat]  

Not a death killer

2019-12-01 21:44:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


@Probably Tim when does government start back up

2019-12-04 16:18:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Background checks are an infringement on gun rights

conservatives have mixed inouts on min wage


if we change the minimum wage, would our taxes change??

@waffleboycony That's what we are leaning towards


but I want to hear from my party on what they think


2019-12-09 04:48:22 UTC [Blue Politics #bot-commands]  

!d bump

@waffleboycony Conservatives are mostly looking at $10 so A joint proposal is worth if you choose to

im pretty sure waffle said the wage will be determined by inflation in the markets

not by the economists mainly

Our proposal is kinda ancap

ask waffle or dev

nice 8 votes

got about 21 to go to match ours

doesn't it look like anyone gives a fuck about you're proposal?

besides your own party?

You're literally like, "Yeah, we got a bill the uses "economics" so we gonna win" When you literally look at the fact, this isn't a real government, its a mock government of a non existant state

OF course, that's what a socialist would say

I don't give a shit about your economics

i didnt draft this proposal

> when you propose a socialist bill thinking its the "best", but then realize there a draft that has 3 other parties involved that literally did it because nooone wants socialist but you

@waffleboycony wake up noob, we got criticizer's of our bill

The socialists are mad

First of all

I wasn't for the board

no need to act like socialism is the best @FirstGod

cuz it aint

socialist mad

@Probably Tim whats the next proclamation



so proposal two

2019-12-12 03:54:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No u

2019-12-12 03:59:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


both leaders are dipshits anyway

@Eldritch it was to the harvesters not the conservatives.

Never even made the bill you socialist fucks

Socialists mad

Socialists mad

3 options

U were last

Wtf u mean

Ikr the commies are bitching and moaning like the feminists

USP= bitchy SJW’s

Yes boomer

I like going boom boom

2019-12-17 02:52:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  



start posting proposals idiots

lemme see em alreayd

bruh wth that made no sense

I haven't made a proposal if I do its gonna be short and simple af

ez W

like i said

my proposal

eez dub

@Jordan Philips Cockram wanna like sotp mod abusing??

no im not


2019-12-18 22:39:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

are we talking about gender pay gap??

2019-12-18 22:40:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

if so gender pay gap is a debuked myth

2019-12-18 22:40:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its just a feminist bitching point because they don't get

2019-12-18 22:40:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-18 22:41:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gender pay gap is a bitchy talking point for feminists

2019-12-18 22:41:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its kinda is a feminist talking point

2019-12-18 22:41:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

like if you want paid more

2019-12-18 22:41:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

then get a job that actually pays more

2019-12-18 22:41:52 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

dont just say" pay me more because I'm a women"

2019-12-18 22:42:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its just ignorant

2019-12-18 22:42:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Women do not outperform men in the workforce you are completely wrong on that, very incorrect

2019-12-18 22:42:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Men always outperform women

2019-12-18 22:43:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Men will likely work longer and more hours than women

2019-12-18 22:43:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Fingerhead We aint talking about college, I'm talking about jobs

2019-12-18 22:43:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Like for example

2019-12-18 22:44:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

a feminst made a point on how a firefighter was paid more than a receptionist

2019-12-18 22:44:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-18 22:44:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

take this

2019-12-18 22:44:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

1. firefighting is a much more dangerous job than a receptionist

2019-12-18 22:44:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

2. one job is dealing with fire while the other deals with phones call at a desk

2019-12-18 22:44:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

3. one puts your life on the line, the other doesn't

2019-12-18 22:46:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Always Gold I love how the articles only talk on one type of job

2019-12-18 22:46:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

How about engineering??

2019-12-18 22:46:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-18 22:46:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

LAbor work??

2019-12-18 22:47:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

There are certain jobs women are better at then men

2019-12-18 22:47:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

but men are far better at most then women

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