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Does he even have an agenda?

More people should write bills

the end

DTC wrote 1, which is largely a copy of a sentence from one of my bills

Technically Scott

But he introduced my bill to get us around the cap

since that made it citizen referred

Tim was supposed to write something about football

But he never really does anything

My first actual real life bill goes before city council tomorrow

Im a city attorney

Im basically doing the votearama thing

where I always have 2 bills per council meeting

starting this month

so that something is always getting done

Thanks. City council is a bunch of idiots

but this is no brainer shit

give me like 20 years

27 this month

down the future ya

Indy but id run GOP

we have all the guns

I bought my AK47 as a 19 yr old through the gun show loophole

God bless America

Best part. I bought it at a Koch bros financed party

And nipples

Doof is anti nipple

I was considering it, but Haslam announced

I need to actually write up a bunch of federal bills to wave around

I think if I write the No-Fly bill and the background check bill I can water down Pericles bullshit

Since he agreed with everything I said


Feel free

Just delete it after

since im a public figure now

im not high

that was a fun rally

it was all about how hillary was garbage

They gave us paper literature to pass out so I made sure to litter with it

She is actually pretty terrible

But the hillary bashing was good

Trump was a shitty speaker too

Although i was blackout drunk for trump

16 or 17 I was a nutter

The brief period when tea party was main stream allowed me to take a few steps towards mainstream

so when the separated again I was just a werid indy

Abolish social security and shit

Suicide booths like in Futurama

When I first met Fhtagn she had a commie flag in her house

I avoid so many bs arguments by not having a blue av

They respond to simple shapes and colors on atlas

Question everything

I think she was so far left she even wanted to raise the age to purchase guns to 21

Children own guns all the time

We have idiots from the public walking around the govt building carrying guns

the police downstairs just ignore them

death by firing squad!!!

push for environmental tariffs

I already get too much spam

Happy wimminz day

When is the election again?

How much support can I count on?

I am admittedly almost out of state level ideas

but have plenty of federal level ideas

If I am going to run, I need to have bills ready

Plus I can do feel good libertarian bs

itll be harder to sneak shit through 2 houses though

It's clear not a lot of people read my omnibus bills, which is how I got a lot of controversial stuff through

medical cocaine



We got right to work by attaching it to a free speech bill

In real life yes

But Atlas is sort of different

I oppose most of the sulla plant

Including the privateering part

Im fine with hiring mercenaries

I think its good to keep exec and legis separate

Plus now that I work for the government, my instincts on government power have shifted a little

If I run then win, we will need you to stay active

the earmark?

He didnt even do it right

but whatevs

As long as the south stays free I might be willing to dicker with the federal government on our behalf

We got a lot of wonderful shit last session

I dont want it to slip away

In the case of the budget

the Southern Constitution requires

the Governor to introduce a budget

When is the special?

Also, when is the next chamber election?

Just out of curiousity, when is the deadline to announce?

I'm trying to get Governor Dip to appoint me acting delegate through the Chamber elections so I can stay on as Speaker

Ideally I would be


Acting Delegate


Secretary of State

Southern Attorney General

all simultaneously

Because dual office holding is a good thing

and only the Senator title would be elected

I can feed you ideas

I can do that too

while appearing to cut taxes

but secretly taxing the rich

We just gonna need to try and speed through votes

I want to balance the budget

pick me


pick me


Who all is senate again?

So if I win the special, we could run the senate for a little while

How many bills allowed on the senate floor at a time?

I will vote for you if you eliminate that stupid princess title and we pass a resolution condemning it

I may have you start submitting bills into the queue

for me

So its me vs. Weatherboy with Razze as a write in

that could help peel off a few lefty votes

Im negotiating with Sestak

He may be willing to play ball with us

why couldn't I have been in the senate a week earlier

today was a legislative shitshow for the right

If Yankee can change it

I can vote against it

if i win this weekend

Also so I can color my spreadsheet green and I have exceeded the 20 pm limit on atlas

Yankee and Saint

Vote for me this weekend


I just realize how demanding i sounded


Good evening fellow Atlasian.

The Senate election has come EARLY!!! A special election begins tonight at [u]midnight[/u] and lasts through Sunday. If you have 30 seconds to spare this weekend when the polls open, please vote below.

I am running as the Federalist nominee on a platform of individual liberty, protecting workers, and eliminating stupid regulations. I would greatly appreciate your vote over the progressive candidate. If there is any issue you feel strongly about, I am always happy to discuss policy. Thank you for your time and I hope I can earn your vote.

Occasionally I tailor language for certain swing voters


So is Doof running for the Southern Senate election?

I thought it was weatherboy and TSA

Its on Saints tracker

I guess its old

If he was

I was contemplating resigning the week before that election and running for a full term against him

best congressman i ever had

I donated money to his campaign

and wrote a long article endorsing him

in my koch bros funded college newspaper

Fixing social security and taxes is easier than youd think

What would be in the adoption bill?

The broad strokes of my platform were

bill of rights


deficit reduction

stupid regulations

My 1 concern on the abortion thing is

I think the Supreme Court

said it was a state only issue

region only

and the fed govt cant regulate abortion

that was oakvales campaign point

was he made abortion a regional issue

eminent domain reform

I dig

I have like 40 pages of ideas on word

K. Just submitted an em domain bill

Based on where the lawsuit is filed

No need to burden the Supreme Court

Already done

I wonder who convinced him to delete his endorsement of me and then not vote

Wish I didnt have a πŸ” - Peebs

post it


I have a few items pending from the State Department cropping up too

A few treaties to give the administration a few more wins

non controversial stuff to ratify and look good

NATO stuff, african trade treaties, and pacific ocean air traffic control

So we have 3 pending bills to be listed (well 1 bill and 2 treaties)

Im seeking unanimous consent on Pericles dumb bill

So if nobody comments for 24 hrs we can kill it

More conservative cred for yall

And it clears room for more bills

Plus NM has UC out on the Discord bill

So we can clear 3 slots

and Lumine said about half the slots are open

so we can pass a bunch of bills before the election

2018-04-06 03:15:06 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]

So LT and Haslam

Ready to call the vote?

(Also note this is not the actual motion for a vote)

I will make that on atlas

once i get confirmation from Haslam

Will post now

Just second the motion. Then third the motion.

Thats a 2/3 majority

with madigan


Hopefully Haslam and Madigan do it soon before Lumine or Pericles try to say its unfair

4 strong

we are 2/3rds

Also, just put another bill in the queue

Another bill in the queue

I like

Also vote yes on cloture

If I can keep Madigan on board we should be fine

We got cloture

everyone vote nay on the model employer act

We almost there


Just need Haslam and Madigan to drive the spike through the heart

We got this

Just need Madigan to come around on farm bill

Madigans OK with the bill

but wants to drag it out while lumine tries to push a bad amendment and delay passage a week for no reason

time is fewer bills we can pass

Madigan betray us

Was on board for cloture and for the farm bill

But abstained

So Lumine can waste a week making us listen to his dumb proposal

that 4 people oppose

So it just delays the bill for another week

They are so f n slow at the federal level

But Madigan is ok voting cloture against pericles

or on bills they like

Wait til after the election

In the meantime we need to flood the senate legislative thread

with bills

to annoy Lumine]

and show that hes slow

and we need change

Also Haslam

If you accept my amendment on the holiday bill, we can proceed with a vote after 2 motion votes

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