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Hey can somebody explain what that right to work bill in the senate is about? What's the context and objective of the bill, and what's it supposed to do? I find the thing very confusing

Shouldn't that be up to the regions to decide? Imo that's not the federal gov's business one way or the other. If a region wants right to work than they should have it and vice versa

I don't think the feds should oblige either scenario

My preference would be just to let the regions decide, but if we're obliged to do so I'll side with right to work and not the unions. The federal government shouldn't be forcing people to join unions

I frankly was pretty confused by it but yeah I oppose it. So my understanding is he wants to eliminate right to work for the whole country from Nyman, is that right?

OK, then I oppose his bill. If Fremont or Lincoln want to do that, then fine so be it, its their prerogative, but that's not part of Nyman's powers

Had the bill just allowed the regions to abolish it if they so wished, I'd probably support it as giving powers back to the regions, but as the federal government wants to take the regions' powers away and force everyone to abolish rtw I have to oppose it

Is it me, or is business in the Senate very slow? I find it quite frustrating, is there a way to improve the functionning of the Senate and to speed things up?

Anything I can do to help?

@Deleted User let me re-read the cheaper energy act (it should be fine I just want to make sure I agree with everything), but yeah I can say I'm willing to at least sponsor thetwo other bills

@Deleted User I saw you mentioned that WB probably won't run and will be replaced as Labor nominee by Sestak. What do you think Sestak's chances of winning are?

Imo I think only Yankee or tmthforu are the only people who can win an election for the feds at this point, and I'd happily support either (although it might be better to run tmth as he's a popular governor ans hasn't been in the white house for a while)

2018-12-24 10:08:35 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I'm probably the only person who likes both of them lol, but I voted fhtagn ofc

@TheSaint250 that amendment has my support

Any way I can help out?

@Deleted User Federal elections meaning for President and the House

But not the Senate

OK well what I propose is The Saint can propose a bill in the Southern Chamber (I can help him with it) and then I'll propose a federal version of it

What do you think of my offer to help, @TheSaint250 ?

OK I'm trying to get Santander back

Maybe we should speak to @Tmth about this?

2018-12-26 19:17:56 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I want the Federalists to be a big tent party

2018-12-26 19:23:14 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I mean, what's allowed me to survive politically up to this point is I'm willing to cross the aisle and vote with Labor when I think they're pushing a good bill, we need other people who are willing to do the same if we want to win again in a majority leftwing environment. We're basically in the 1950s and we need more Eisenhowers

2018-12-26 19:26:33 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

no I agree we need some principles, we don't want any 15 dollars an hour lunatics in our party, but we need some room for ideological diversity

2018-12-26 19:42:07 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

Well, when I was talking about being big tent, I agree that members need to have similar values, otherwise it's not a party. But I think some diversity on political positions is fine. For example, I'm ideologically a conservative, but I support some left wing positions IRL (I think that's due to being a European rather than an American conservative, and then I'm from a family of conservative Democrats so we're not as crazy about having no government as the GOP are)

2018-12-26 19:42:37 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I think what we'll have to do is study Sestak's tactics and try to replicate the good ones

2018-12-26 19:44:35 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

Do you think there's anything we can do then?

2018-12-26 19:47:43 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

why do you think they'll leave?

2018-12-26 19:56:35 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

Ok I'll do that @Deleted User

2018-12-26 19:56:57 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

How do I get them to the floor?

2018-12-26 20:09:34 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

OK ^^

2018-12-26 20:37:00 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  



@Deleted User who's that?

Otherwise, seriously, is it me or are labour getting really extreme? When I was in the House I was basically the swing voter, but here almost all of their bills are garbage. Except for the cancer pay bill and maybe the civil rights cold cases bill I'm opposing everything currently on the floor.

oh i noticed the revenue enhancement bill hasn't passed, it has my support too

that's nikki haley now?

oh i believed don't worry lol, i just find she's aged a bit, she looks different

@Deleted User otherwise, what do you think of my stated positions on the bills currently on the floor in the senate?

@Deleted User oh agreed, don't worry haha^^ we need a beautiful first women president like her and not a hillary lol

@Deleted User yeah I'm trying to push for information on the funding of the cancer bill

@Deleted User I'm very happy with our ticket, what about you?

do you know who will run for labour?

or have a good guess

yeah, i think pericles is beatable, i have a good relationship with him tbh but i know he has a checkered past and can probably be too pushy, ideological and idealist. Sestak would have been a stronger and more dangerous opponent imo

i'm aware of his corruption scandal about 6 or 7 months ago, but honestly he's always been very courteous to me, what did he do to every one else to get so hated on my side?

ah ok haha

how can you be dumb enough to fall for such a trap lol

oh i do remember when i was in the house he asked me to stab fhtagn in the back and vote for him for speaker, i politely declined but i was thinking to myself "who does he think i am?" lol

yeah, it makes sense that if he was going to try for anyone it was going to be me, but the feds had a great leader in fhtagn, and i'm a fed so i'll always vote for my party no matter what, i'm not a backstabber like labour lol

oh otherwise in the paycheck fairness bill i just empty quoted your post.

No way am i supporting that bill, it's just stupid

@Deleted User did you see what i just said about the speakership election you won in september and what pericles asked of me then?

@Deleted User of course they will, the best thing would be to reduce it's harmful effects because we know it will pass on a party line vote

@Deleted User : oh i do remember when i was in the house he asked me to stab fhtagn in the back and vote for him for speaker, i politely declined but i was thinking to myself "who does he think i am?" lol

@Deleted User yeah, hopefully my record in the senate won't destroy that, i remember pericles even writing in his newspaper that i was a moderate who was willing to cross the aisle, that appeals to swing voters and boy do we need them right now

@Deleted User oh yeah? ok pericles is worse than i thought lol, how did he expect them to vote for him? what did they say?

@Deleted User oh yeah? ok pericles is worse than i thought lol, how did he expect them to vote for him? what did they say?

@Deleted User i deleted my old messages so i have nothing

@Deleted User what he told me was 1) we have a good relationship 2) we agreed he was doing a good job and 3) nc yankee held the position for over a year and a half, even when congress was controlled by the left, so he felt congress should do the same. I responded that although i like him, my loyalties are to you (fhtagn) and i was voting for you

@Deleted User but frankly, i think even if yt doesn't have screenshots, i think if we all back up his story saying that pericles approached us as well, that already gives yt's claims a lot of credibility

especially given pericles already has a reputation for being overly ambitious and corrupt

yeah haha

@Deleted User I would, but I give first refusal to yankee. If he wants the job, I'll back him. If he doesn't, I'll run

yeah may as well leave the liability in place

@YoungTexan how did he kill it? and why? wasn't that their dream?

@Deleted User good move

@Deleted User well that was stupid



@Deleted User @YoungTexan @Deleted User pericles is triggered by my amendment! lol

ok sestak wants me to explain my amendment (tbh i just took orders from mr r) what should i say?

@Encke i stuck out sections 4-11 mr r said they were the most damaging parts of the bill

what is SoIA?

@Encke good question, I'll look

so any ideas on how to justify my amendment?

I'll list the sections:

section 4: training

section 5: negociating skills training for girls and women

section 6: research, education and outreach

section 7: establishment of the national award for pay equality in the workplace

section 8: collection of pay information

section 9: reinstatement of pay equity programs and pay equity data collections

section 10: prohibitions relating to prospective employees salary and benefits history

section 11: funding

haha hopefully i can do the same here lol

unfortunately sestak i think is waaay smarter than jimmie

@Deleted User lol pericles just called our comments dismissive and ill informed

i think we're in for a fight on this bill lol

What should be our position on the Cambodia resolution?

And I take it our position on the dumb regulations repeal act is to oppose it?

@Deleted User ah that was yours? I didn't understand Sestak's explanation, it sounded like it was Sestak's bill to repeal stuff Mr R did. OK I'll vote for it


Right Mr R and I are doing what we can to stall the GAIN Act bill until the GM's office can make an estimate on its cost, but Pericles is being stupid and is insisting on a final vote anyway

@Deleted User agreed lol

he's an idiot

2019-01-10 13:04:17 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-news]  

I just again stated my opposition to Pericles' "no child" act because it's ridiculously expensive. Why should we be using 90% of the Revenue Enhancement Act revenues on it? It's a waste of money and just plain stupid. I even said I would have voted for it if it were somewhat affordable but it's simply not fiscally responsible to use so much money on a project like that. It would be different if that money were being used for a real society changing initiative, but not for some tax credits

@Tmth @Deleted User yeah I don't support it either, I think the current model is good for Atlasia. Plus, pushing for a parliamentary system would be dangerous for us because instead of votes being at least somewhat about the candidate, all voting would be along party lines, and when it's Lab vs Feds, all things being equal, we'll always lose

@Deleted User what should I do?

@Deleted User ok which amendment should i propose?

OK will do

Who's ASV again? I don't remember lol

@Deleted User oh yeah him! Ok I see who he is now. What did he do now?

Why did he delete them?

2019-01-17 12:14:35 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

@Deleted User don't know but he'll probably be my last preference at the Southern election

@Deleted User @KoopaDaQuick what is Lumine running for?

@Deleted User why are people talking about Lumine winning and needing to get certain people to support him then?

@Deleted User i mean
lumine has an 89% chance of winning imo
even though fremont is liberal

Scott and YE are must wins for Lumine
And i think he could get people like Galaxie and Virginia too

@Deleted User ah right, OK. Yeah I actually really like Lumine tbh, if he felt like running I'd happily back him in Fremont. And also Pericles is becoming so hackish it isn't funny. But I don't see why Lumine would give up the SoS job to run for the Senate

@Deleted User you're right on that. Fremont is for Labour what the South is for the Feds

@Deleted User quite possibly

@Deleted User true, while the Feds are very heavily concentrated in the South; but I think a lot of people who belong elsewhere register in the South because it's the only place that's winnable for the Feds, more than the other way round

@Deleted User on the other hand with me, IRL my biggest connection to the US is the South, it's also the only place in America I've ever lived in, so it makes sense that I'm registered there

@Deleted User absolutely, I don't blame them, I'd do the same tbh, I'm just saying that's why, not whether it's good or bad

@Deleted User absolutely, which we don't, given Atlas is so leftwing. It makes more sense for us to be concentrated in one place we control than to be spread out in several places that are unwinnable

yeah, and we can't do anything about that

@Deleted User yeah, which probably won't happen again for a while as they have an effective leader in Sestak and as the Dems are currently worked up over 2020 so they'll still hang around on the forum

I like YE, but I can't vote for his confirmation after that

unless federalist leadership advise me otherwise

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