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This quiz sucks

2018-03-03 21:13:16 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-news]  

Not with that logo

2018-03-03 21:13:18 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-news]  


2018-03-03 21:13:39 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-news]  


2018-03-03 21:13:59 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-news]  

If I could get access to a computer

2018-03-03 21:14:05 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-news]  


Well, he *is* 29.

Well, you believe I'm 13.

What's his name?

That is one of the whitest names I've ever heard.

His YouTube channel?

What's it called?

My channel's pretty cringey tbh

I mean, for a 13 year old, it's alright

But in general, it's a tad bit painful

2018-03-19 01:58:13 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  


I honestly don't think this will be a good move

As the last time I ran for office in Atlasia, I got major league depression

But I am a changed turtle

And I hope I won't be lazy as fuck as I was at the start of this year

I know

I just believe that I fractured my Atlasia reputation

Komeback Kid Koopa

I have a feeling that might not work

*K*omeback *K*id *K*oopa

I was joking lol

But Komeback Koopa works

@Deleted User is the demonym of Fremont "Fremontian?"

That sounds better


I just posted my advocation

Good luck on those other bills, ASV

@Deleted User Cable Monopoly Disbandment Act

Lmao I'm not winning the Senate in a region as liberal as Fremont

I was thinking more Parliament

I once almost beat YE

I'm moderate but not popular lol

Aw, shucks

I'm fine with ASV as Speaker

He'd be better than me

I couldn't do it

Lmao the CMDA was in the queue for 50 quadrillion years

It felt like it

I never created legislation before

I am fine with the cable service being called FremontCable, but I want the bill to stay as the CMDA, as this bill is mainly about monopolies

But that could be a nickname


I personally prefer Lincolnite of your two choices

We should create a federal bill for that


Either I or ASV should write a Demonym bill.

He's probably already opened up a word document to write it

Busy busy man


And I thought I was DaQuick

How about making the demonym something that doesn't include "South"

Like how the demonym for the Netherlands is "Dutch"

But that's the Dutch word

All the Senators are dropping like flies lmao

2018-11-19 22:42:38 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

Fun fact:

2018-11-19 22:43:17 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

WB has posted more in #shitposting on the Lokcord more in the past 24 hours than he has posted in Atlasia since his inauguration

2018-11-19 22:49:43 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I put that in my signature lol

hell yes

i didn't know this channel existed

2018-11-20 01:32:51 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

By the way,


sestak will be bullied

so long as i run


Should I leave CPF?

I mean, there are only 2 people in it right now

Me, and TPH


cpf is where i'll stay

not like i really care too much, i really don't care about regional parties too much

after all, this is a federal election

Every word in that sentence is wrong

His CNNNNNN thread

his super cool non-stop non-biased news network

you should make that marquee text red btw

talk about how amazing and hard-working wb is


if he wants to play hardball

we can play hardball

Here's the thing

You know Audman Out?

I told him how to register

He tried to sign petitions without being a citizen

I tried to help him




He's a strange fellow

He kant inglish propurlee

Maybe I should try a PM campaign today


He screwed up the formatting on his announcement page

well, he just fixed it

but oof

It is?

I would

But I can't find the regis thread



What's your fascination with calling everyone comrade?


isn't it ironic how our party is "federalist," but we advocate for small government?


Well, it doesn't matter

What the hell is region lock?

Because he's a Labor shill


Sestak is a petty little shit

He send a bunch of bills that destroy the individual

And as soon as I send a bill giving local governments federal rights

He trashes me

This election is serious now

Well, I think Kansas is stretching int


But I can see a couple of provinces and territories

Oh shit, there's a special election coming up?

Hell yeah


Lumine's running

Oh shit

I'll probably not run

I might just wait till December

Because I can't win a primary with Lumine

He's just too great

I'd rather have Senator Lumine over a Senator Pericles

2018-11-23 02:15:15 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I did it

2018-11-23 02:15:40 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

I even gave Ninja my 3rd pref

2018-11-23 02:15:46 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

Despite how he dropped out

2018-11-23 02:15:58 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  



if y'all need a running mate

and need a last resort


2018-11-23 03:21:35 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

The real elections will be in December

2018-11-23 03:21:54 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

The Special Election will be Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 iirc

I should create my own Atlasia news org

That does polls

Because everyone else's polls are the same

If I lose both elections, I might make that

Not gonna lie

I would shit myself if nerd actually participates in this debate

hypocritical if you ask me

but ok

i mean

lumine has an 89% chance of winning imo

even though fremont is liberal


what the fuck did nerd just post

i swear, he's a meme candidate

Torie's crucial.

I love this

We need more meme candidates in Atlasia


i mean

his debate attire is very formal.


this entire special election is being treated like a meme election by plenty of people

2018-11-27 01:15:13 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  


2018-11-27 01:15:15 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

i mean

2018-11-27 01:15:25 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

it's not like there are any current elections

i mean

there's still the primaries


I mean

Everybody has voted for me except my opponent

2018-12-02 00:08:49 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

i think i should register as a labor californian on april fool's day

2018-12-02 00:09:01 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

and switch back to f-ia april 2nd

2018-12-02 00:13:27 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  


2018-12-02 00:13:38 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

but i don't wanna look like a back-stabbing cuck

Already proudly first pref'd him

I should make a regional party

But with blackjack and hookers

I mean

there isn't really a major righty party

although i don't think we need oone


i doubt many would join it


Your ballots are in Times New Roman

Fremont ballots are default font


I know he's technically not an Atlasian anymore

But I want to propose a vote to ban ASV from ever joining the Federalist party again if he decides to come back

Which he will

Good idea

I just remember one time earlier this year where the Federalist party kicked out Greedo

i thought it was 'he is a w'

nope, i was wrong

and pasta

it was "Benjamin Harrison he is w"

doesn't make it any less stupid tho

As I said in my official campaign thread: "Honestly, I ask you kindly to GTFO. You have been so self-centred ever since I've returned to Atlasia. You have been extremely rude, divisive, and unforgiving to both fellow Federalists, as well as non-Feds. When will you shut up? I mean, I may have attacked Sestak a lot, but at least he understands the concept of heart before strategy. Please, if you want to go on hiatus, whatever. But get off your high horse and stop your holier than thou attitude. It has drived me and plenty of other users bonkers. No offense, but when you announce a "hiatus," it means you take a break. Not just quitting, joining back two days later, and screeching about how you are sooooooooooo much better than me and everyone else on planet Earth."

I doubt he'll leave after the midterms

He's going to be a cancer cell on Atlasia

i'm willing to bet ya that he has a secret crush on lumine

how do you see this stuff

Didn't he "change his password?"

i actually have an aad account

but never use it

because aad is cancer

@YoungTexan he's marco.rem

aka president phil scott

the one with an r-me avatar

who joined atlasia very recently


@Deleted User doesn't work for me

works now




why did i ping tm

pinged the wrong dude

sorry m8

Welcome to the rice fields

if fremont becomes a shithole where i couldn't be looked at by anyone than maybe arkansas

but that's only an emergency scenario

i will

that's a final resort

i don't have any plans to move anytime soon

you gotta know when to hold em

know when to fold em

know when to walk away

and know when to run (for office)

>screenshot is from 1:01

>you tagged me at 12:05

1184AZ = Time Traveler confirmed

I know

It's a joke

And actually, you can configure the time zone on Atlas

I set mine to Central for obvious reasons

2018-12-09 22:13:32 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

just imagine if wb will have to answer to that

2018-12-09 22:13:42 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

if he actually somehow

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