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2017-11-08 15:36:51 UTC

@Goodest_Boy Love the work, but let's go for clear packing tape next time, like @Smiter-IL did.

2017-11-09 03:50:55 UTC

One gopro shot of the UT night event sent out, the next is rendering now.

2017-11-09 03:55:30 UTC

Is there a way to do packing tape quietly? The photos didn't look like it but I had to be active to avoid people. I was using a stapler but had to stop because it was too loud.

2017-11-09 03:56:42 UTC

It shouldn't be an issue with the next one im planning but I want options.

2017-11-09 03:57:21 UTC

Not sure about making staplers quiet, but you could have tape bits already cut out. Or use spray adhesive, but only for some surfaces, it's really not that loud.

2017-11-09 03:57:23 UTC

Or use full page shipping labels

2017-11-09 04:00:23 UTC

Or just say fuck it, and slap it up in peoples faces. Lol.

2017-11-09 04:00:46 UTC

If you can wear a mask do that.

2017-11-09 04:03:48 UTC

Im trying to do these at night so there is a lot once the sun comes up. People can't see the posters in the dark but they can hear me stapling.

2017-11-09 04:04:50 UTC

Has anyone used spray adhesive? I know it has a minute or so curing time. How did you deal with that?

2017-11-09 04:05:37 UTC

idk about spray adhesive, but muh packing tape is pretty dang good, and quiet.

2017-11-09 04:05:56 UTC

We should get an air plane, and do an air drop of flyers.

2017-11-09 04:38:51 UTC

@Goodest_Boy you just spray and stick. the curing just makes the bind strogner

2017-11-09 14:31:04 UTC


2017-11-09 14:31:33 UTC

Saw this on Facebook just now

2017-11-09 15:16:27 UTC

What campus?

2017-11-09 16:37:28 UTC

@Thomas Ryan uh somewhere in Texas I think San Antonio?

2017-11-09 16:38:54 UTC

No idea, you should shill us in that group tbhfam.

2017-11-09 16:39:21 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL You should invite my sock account to this group and let me shill

2017-11-09 16:39:34 UTC


2017-11-09 16:41:23 UTC

I am shilling us 😎, @NDO Eric - TX I’ll see if I can get you in shouldn’t be a problem. Do I have you added? I’ll pm you my sock name

2017-11-09 17:42:27 UTC

Is that a secret group? Can’t seem to find it

2017-11-09 19:24:02 UTC

It is

2017-11-10 03:20:07 UTC

@everyone We're pulling in some outstanding applicants from your efforts. Keep up the great work!

2017-11-10 03:20:51 UTC

woot woot

2017-11-10 03:35:06 UTC

Got another DFW guy too.

2017-11-10 04:51:30 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL add me already you nigger

2017-11-11 02:27:07 UTC

Might poster tonight

2017-11-11 03:03:20 UTC

Got new stuff.


2017-11-11 03:22:18 UTC

Spray glue? Ingenious.

2017-11-11 03:25:38 UTC

Oh I wasn't the guy who came up with it. I'm going to try it out soon though.

2017-11-11 08:59:43 UTC


2017-11-11 08:59:50 UTC

Cleaning up campuses

2017-11-12 01:11:13 UTC


2017-11-12 01:11:14 UTC

Dropping soon

2017-11-12 01:12:24 UTC

Good looking banner.

2017-11-12 01:13:02 UTC

Paint buckets are cheaper from what I've found.

2017-11-12 01:13:25 UTC

Buckets and rollers ^^^

2017-11-12 01:15:16 UTC

Quick and easy baby, I knocked this out in under an hour. Taped the corner holes I cut so it should rip. Gonna grab some rope and zip ties. Early morning drop I think...

2017-11-12 01:32:36 UTC

As far as pics go, act as if it will get torn down as soon as you leave.

2017-11-12 01:32:38 UTC
2017-11-12 04:54:00 UTC


2017-11-12 04:54:29 UTC


2017-11-12 04:59:53 UTC


2017-11-12 05:00:04 UTC


2017-11-12 05:00:18 UTC


2017-11-12 15:09:33 UTC


2017-11-12 15:09:46 UTC


2017-11-12 15:10:01 UTC


2017-11-12 15:10:13 UTC


2017-11-12 15:10:20 UTC


2017-11-12 15:10:29 UTC


2017-11-12 15:10:36 UTC


2017-11-12 15:31:18 UTC
2017-11-12 15:31:41 UTC

That last photo is going to trigger Thomas.

2017-11-12 15:32:05 UTC

Yeh it was pretty bad

2017-11-12 15:32:17 UTC

The bus started to roll up so we got the fuck out lmai

2017-11-12 15:32:30 UTC

Its cool. Glad to have you aboard. Keep up the good work.

2017-11-12 15:32:34 UTC


2017-11-12 15:32:40 UTC


2017-11-12 15:32:50 UTC

Also, sideways

2017-11-12 15:32:55 UTC

Sideways sideways sideways

2017-11-12 15:33:07 UTC

We're planing a banner drop sometime in the near future just need the stnecils

2017-11-12 15:33:25 UTC

Most of mine are normally sideways idk why that one is not

2017-11-12 15:33:47 UTC

Unless you're recording a fight between two black ladies slinging children around at the welfare office, do it sideways

2017-11-12 15:34:05 UTC


2017-11-12 15:34:23 UTC

I'll try to take a video of the banner drop from a GoPro chestie

2017-11-12 15:34:37 UTC


2017-11-12 15:35:03 UTC

There's a handy how-to for poster pics

2017-11-12 16:43:49 UTC

@FlintShrubwood put the pictures you took In here

2017-11-12 17:14:44 UTC

Sideways, just like how @SDO Phil-TX holds his Hi-Point.

2017-11-12 17:20:41 UTC

@Charlemagne MD Good work my dude

2017-11-12 17:23:02 UTC

@Charlemagne MD welcome! And great job!

2017-11-12 17:54:18 UTC

@Charlemagne MD nice work brother, welcome! Did you guys use wheat paste?

2017-11-12 18:39:05 UTC

Haha we went ham. Yea i have some banner materials, but ill let thomas guide me on the timing for that

2017-11-12 18:43:35 UTC

Yup pure wheat paste

2017-11-12 19:32:57 UTC

Gud jab goys. Who's house is that you tagged? How did you transport and apply the wheat paste? Has anybody heard of facing more severe penalties for using wheat paste instead of tape?

2017-11-12 19:47:20 UTC

Using adhesive can get you in trouble but IE and some other guys use it to good effect. I prefer posters myself.

2017-11-12 20:16:54 UTC

Yes depending on the state/amount of property damage you could catch charges and possibly jail time. Be safe out there goys!

2017-11-12 20:17:26 UTC

Wheat paste comes off quickly with water, does it not?

2017-11-12 20:17:53 UTC

If you go anywhere near private property with it, I assume you wore masks and covered your tracks in case of cameras.

2017-11-12 20:18:59 UTC

Don’t think it matters if it comes off easily, at least not in Jersey. It’s still considered vandalism

2017-11-12 20:25:42 UTC

@AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX is there some other way of holding a hipoint?

2017-11-12 20:25:52 UTC

This is the law for WA.


2017-11-12 20:33:00 UTC

Yea we did masks and parked off site

2017-11-12 20:44:34 UTC

Especially when we hit the GOP

2017-11-12 20:44:49 UTC

That's the "house"

2017-11-12 21:13:57 UTC

I feel like you’d really have to piss the cops off to get charged with that 3rd degree misd but who knows. Generally they seem to be more hostile towards us lately

2017-11-12 21:14:58 UTC

Private property damage (however superficial) is not going to win hearts and minds. I’d stick with tape.

2017-11-12 21:15:47 UTC

Well if your doing lamp post and electrical boxes then I reccomend wheat paste

2017-11-12 21:21:59 UTC

Just because those palaces get hit with it so often it doesn't hurt it to much.

2017-11-12 21:22:07 UTC

But like a window is probably to much

2017-11-12 23:44:28 UTC

Im only using glue for lamp post.

2017-11-12 23:44:46 UTC

And thats only of it works well next postering

2017-11-12 23:45:08 UTC

Spray glue is ok

2017-11-12 23:45:20 UTC

But dude wheat paste is by far the best thing you can get

2017-11-12 23:49:26 UTC

Im talking about solo postering. If you got two guys do wheat paste.

2017-11-12 23:50:38 UTC

In that case I'd agree

2017-11-12 23:50:48 UTC

But remebr to use a lot of it since it washes out

2017-11-12 23:51:30 UTC

I also need to test wheat paste in heavy rain.

2017-11-13 00:34:58 UTC


2017-11-13 00:34:59 UTC


2017-11-13 00:34:59 UTC


2017-11-13 00:35:00 UTC


2017-11-13 00:35:01 UTC


2017-11-13 00:35:02 UTC


2017-11-13 00:35:03 UTC


2017-11-13 00:35:04 UTC


2017-11-13 00:35:56 UTC

Stopped by Ramapo College earlier. I know vertical pics are discouraged but I wanted to get the full muh six million statue.

2017-11-13 00:35:58 UTC


2017-11-13 00:36:23 UTC

Didn't even know it was there, but luckily I stumbled upon it.

2017-11-13 00:36:55 UTC

And I don't know what a praise party is but it sounded gay

2017-11-13 00:36:59 UTC

@ashrob NJ good job bud

2017-11-13 00:39:08 UTC

Nice work

2017-11-13 00:49:56 UTC

Thanks guys

2017-11-13 00:59:59 UTC

@Thomas Ryan lots of editing to do!

2017-11-13 05:29:58 UTC


2017-11-13 05:29:58 UTC


2017-11-13 05:31:57 UTC
2017-11-13 05:31:57 UTC

Business cards

2017-11-13 05:32:15 UTC

nice Imma get some

2017-11-13 18:04:41 UTC

Planning a couple banner drops soon. What are good headlines? I'm thinking "The dawn of a new era" or "Defend your nation" each with "patriot front - bloodandsoil.org" at the bottom.

2017-11-13 18:11:08 UTC

Those work. We've done "AMERICA IS A WHITE NATION" and "AMERICANS ARE WHITE" before also.

2017-11-13 18:17:11 UTC

Okay cool. Hmm how does "America, a white birthright" sound?

2017-11-13 18:28:10 UTC

I try not to use the phrase White, because Americans are White, perhaps, "America is our birthright".

2017-11-13 18:28:12 UTC

Nevermind, it sounds too choppy, no verbs

2017-11-13 18:28:32 UTC

Okay, yeah I like that one

2017-11-13 18:29:14 UTC

Sweet well, I'm getting supplies today. Expect results within a few days.

2017-11-13 20:41:49 UTC

"Will you still have the right to self determination as a minority white man?"

2017-11-13 20:42:19 UTC

That's *way* too long for a banner.

2017-11-13 20:42:19 UTC

You're looking at 5 words tops for a banner, ideally.

2017-11-13 20:42:39 UTC

Build the wall
Ban them all

2017-11-13 20:46:47 UTC

We don't usually reference specific political policies, although the slogan is fine

2017-11-14 00:55:14 UTC

What about philosophical quotes?

2017-11-14 00:56:28 UTC

"Revolt against the modern world!"
Join the patriot front

2017-11-14 01:26:53 UTC

Tried out some stickers

2017-11-14 01:27:02 UTC

Please do tell

2017-11-14 01:27:13 UTC






2017-11-14 01:27:33 UTC









2017-11-14 01:28:06 UTC

Looks great. Are those 8.5X11 dimensions?

2017-11-14 01:28:28 UTC

The 2X4 designs don't fit super well in the paper.

2017-11-14 01:28:43 UTC

But nonetheless looks alright.

2017-11-14 01:29:21 UTC

No they're like 3x4. I got a pack of shipping labels that fit 6 per 8.5x11 sheet.

2017-11-14 01:33:56 UTC

^makes me want to hit more cuck locations

2017-11-14 01:34:24 UTC

Great job!

2017-11-14 01:34:53 UTC

Now that's a good hit

2017-11-14 01:35:15 UTC

Enjoy taking taking those off, cuckers.

2017-11-14 01:35:42 UTC

It would have probably still gotten recognition if it wasn't borderline-illegal.

2017-11-14 01:36:25 UTC

No matter how good it feels, having one of our guys arrested and doxxed over posters is embarrasing on an organizational level, and means decision making went very wrong somewhere.

2017-11-14 01:37:22 UTC

what was used to get them on there?

2017-11-14 01:37:38 UTC


2017-11-14 01:38:45 UTC

that'll be hard to remove then

2017-11-14 01:39:17 UTC

Might need a new paint job after the scrubbing.

2017-11-14 01:41:27 UTC

Which could very well classify as damage to the door and be vandalism, the article seems to make it quite clear that it's a crime, which makes it possible, not exactly likely, but possible that hate crime charges could be piled on.

Don't give cops who usually twiddle their thumbs in White neighborhoods something to do if you can help it.

2017-11-14 01:48:56 UTC

Moving forward: "No wheat paste on painted surfaces."

2017-11-14 01:50:17 UTC

Or on buildings in general. Poles, bus stops, transformer boxes, and the like is all well and good. But clear masking tape on top and bottom works just about everywhere, and looks fine, conveys a message without being legally ambiguous. That article would be a lot more flattering if the Jews were freaking out and it *was clearly not a crime.*

2017-11-14 02:15:32 UTC

Does that article count as a dox?

2017-11-14 02:15:54 UTC

No, because they don't know who the people at the door were.

2017-11-14 02:25:10 UTC

I see, think I misunderstood a previous message of yours, my bad.

2017-11-14 02:35:58 UTC

I will learn from this. Sorry if I made the group look less than glorious

2017-11-14 02:39:58 UTC

It's all good. I'm a bit at fault because I hadn't mentioned it. Being a bit edgy and doing legally on-the-line stuff is part of being effective activists sometimes. Picking our battles on that part is also important.

Better to have the courage to take risks and not need it, than need it and not have it.

2017-11-14 02:46:28 UTC

We haven't made any news that I can find from postering the school

2017-11-14 02:46:36 UTC


2017-11-14 02:46:44 UTC

We covered it.

2017-11-14 02:51:30 UTC

@Thomas Ryan

Well, I've heard you make these points before but i guess i hadn't internalized the importance. From now on, let's not give these bastards anything to create lies with. We see how they work all too often.

2017-11-14 16:11:20 UTC


2017-11-14 18:27:29 UTC


2017-11-14 18:27:46 UTC


2017-11-14 18:44:36 UTC

Uno momento

2017-11-14 19:06:10 UTC

2017-11-14 19:42:23 UTC

What about "nationalism is now!" For a slogan

2017-11-14 19:43:24 UTC

That doesn't make grammatical sense. If you're not actively about to start painting a banner, then leave the slogan talk on the backburner. We've got it pretty well figured out.

2017-11-14 19:48:48 UTC


2017-11-15 04:03:39 UTC









2017-11-15 04:04:08 UTC








2017-11-15 04:04:29 UTC









2017-11-15 04:04:54 UTC

Nice work man

2017-11-15 04:05:20 UTC

Storm finally passed and I was able to get out. These are from gig harbor.

2017-11-15 04:10:16 UTC

😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

2017-11-15 04:10:22 UTC

Love seeing new poster pics

2017-11-15 04:10:44 UTC

Remember the rule of thirds

2017-11-15 04:10:52 UTC

Posters should never go in the center of the frame

2017-11-15 04:11:24 UTC

On the right or left third of the frame facing inward to the center

2017-11-15 04:29:04 UTC

Yeah I know you made the graphic for it and everything. I couldn't see through the screen till the flash turned on so I had to guess were to focus. I can probably fix it in the camera settings.

2017-11-15 04:29:24 UTC

@joe TX thanks bro

2017-11-15 04:29:56 UTC

You're good. They're all just around Gig Harbor?

2017-11-15 04:31:43 UTC

@Thomas Ryan you really did a good job setting up this group man👌🏻 love the emphasis on activism!

2017-11-15 04:31:55 UTC

@Goodest_Boy good job bud!

2017-11-15 04:59:40 UTC

@Thomas Ryan yeah its gig harbor specifically the area near the Olympic exit. the city has like 3 different down town areas connected by high way.

2017-11-15 05:00:34 UTC

I'll just say Gig Harbor. Keeps it general. Keep an eye out for that local spotter mapping thing you saw to see if they notice us.

2017-11-15 05:00:45 UTC

not offical downtown areas just yuppied up like with snazzy benches and walk wayts and stuff

2017-11-15 05:03:40 UTC

it wont since its only for seatle

2017-11-15 05:05:21 UTC

Ahh, darn.

2017-11-15 13:53:17 UTC

San Antonio College, two banners


2017-11-15 13:53:23 UTC


2017-11-15 13:53:43 UTC

You did that solo?

2017-11-15 13:53:46 UTC

Good job man.

2017-11-15 13:53:56 UTC

University of Texas at San Antonio, one banner


2017-11-15 13:53:59 UTC

You'll fit right in with our crew.

2017-11-15 13:54:02 UTC


2017-11-15 13:54:11 UTC


2017-11-15 14:00:36 UTC

Good job man

2017-11-15 14:03:01 UTC

thank ya

2017-11-15 14:04:43 UTC

Fuckin A. Excellent job

2017-11-15 14:05:53 UTC

That'll activate some almonds

2017-11-15 14:13:17 UTC


2017-11-15 15:29:29 UTC

Jesus dude you're like the one man redecorating crew.

2017-11-15 15:41:06 UTC

Damn way to go new guy. Was it tough to do solo?

2017-11-15 16:30:17 UTC

@joe TX Fantastic work, you're a shining example of how lone wolf activism should work.

2017-11-15 16:31:20 UTC

My only complaint is that the photos could be a bit better lit, and close up, but that's nitpicking. Students will take photos for you.

2017-11-15 16:31:59 UTC

Keep an eye on social media for your school

2017-11-15 16:32:28 UTC

Steal the pictures so we can put them on our social media

2017-11-15 16:33:08 UTC

Oh and post the butthurt in the general

2017-11-15 16:59:52 UTC

@joe TX Looking on Twitter, not seeing much, let's scan for people taking photos of them, the pics you took there are good, but I'd like to wait and make sure we can find some better ones.

2017-11-15 17:02:32 UTC

For example, this is the pic we got of Flint's big poster that he sent u, not gonna lie, needs improvement


2017-11-15 17:03:15 UTC

But he got the right reactions and got this


2017-11-15 17:03:22 UTC

A good, clear, closeup pic AND an article.

2017-11-15 17:03:26 UTC

They do the work for us.

2017-11-15 17:03:47 UTC

But we need to make sure we get those reactions.

2017-11-15 18:11:58 UTC

I️ wish I️ would have seen this earlier. I️ would have drove over there to see if it was still up! Nice job @joe TX

2017-11-15 19:34:34 UTC

Well played @joe TX

2017-11-15 19:35:04 UTC

⬆ ⬆ ⬆

2017-11-15 20:12:57 UTC

@Thomas Ryan for some reason the last pic is much darker here than on the camera. I can resend it.

2017-11-15 20:14:51 UTC

@ashrob NJ not too hard, although I started to hang the UTSA sign face in xD there was a maintenance guy blowing leaves of the sidewalk. I walked right by him in my mask, and he didn't even notice haha.

2017-11-15 20:17:04 UTC

@Lisa Jo TX-WD it might, idk.

2017-11-15 20:18:32 UTC

@joe TX Do you want me to go by there? I️ can in about 30 minutes.

2017-11-15 20:19:04 UTC

Add me and give me the address

2017-11-15 20:20:19 UTC

It’s probably down.

2017-11-15 20:20:26 UTC

But I️ don’t mind

2017-11-15 21:55:12 UTC

So I was in the area and stopped by my postering from last night about 70% of them were still up. The adhesive is really great on steel ok on stone and terrible on wood power poles.

2017-11-15 21:55:28 UTC

This was around 11 btw

2017-11-15 21:55:38 UTC

What did you use?

2017-11-15 21:55:56 UTC

Most of our stuff is still up at the college we did as well

2017-11-15 21:57:32 UTC

@Goodest_Boy You need to get a stapler for wooden poles. They're around 5 bucks at a hardware store.

2017-11-15 21:57:57 UTC

I just avoid wooden posts

2017-11-15 21:58:11 UTC

Stapled flyers get taken down easily

2017-11-15 21:59:39 UTC

I think you need to focus less on making papers hard to take down. It's gotten you into a bit of trouble lately.

2017-11-15 21:59:47 UTC

Focus on putting more up instead.

2017-11-15 22:01:34 UTC

I have one. But I prefer tacks.

2017-11-15 22:01:55 UTC


2017-11-15 22:02:07 UTC

I want stickers those are the way to go

2017-11-15 22:02:29 UTC

Vistaprint, go print some and run the designs by me first.

2017-11-15 22:02:44 UTC


2017-11-15 22:02:56 UTC

Ik some cheaper alternatives to vistaprint

2017-11-15 22:03:20 UTC

People taking them down isnt that big of a deal. Had some teacher bring mine into her high school class

2017-11-15 22:03:43 UTC

I want mine to stay up during the rain

2017-11-15 22:12:38 UTC

Staplers are effective for attaching the flyers directly to the chests of communists and antifa.

2017-11-15 22:50:18 UTC

>not using a hammer and 60 penny nail

2017-11-15 22:51:31 UTC

@Thomas Ryan just wondering, after flyering or the Uni of Deleware article for example, do you see a large uptick in website views?

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