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2017-11-01 00:28:58 UTC

Lol, its ok, we will have reeducation labor camps in Alaska for those fucks.

2017-11-01 00:31:32 UTC

"Urmum" got'em

2017-11-01 00:32:45 UTC

We should hire a terminator from skynet to track these niggers down.

2017-11-01 00:33:20 UTC

Alaska's a nice place, don't want to ruin the scenery with labor camps.

2017-11-01 00:34:16 UTC

Y'know, I had a guy who wanted to join and almost got through vetting from a small town in Alaska once. Guy lived in a tiny village only accessible by boat a couple times a week. Great guy, but... not really the best spot for activism y'know?

2017-11-01 00:35:52 UTC

he'd be awfully lonely

2017-11-01 00:37:17 UTC

Just a bit.

2017-11-01 00:38:07 UTC

That's a bummer.

2017-11-01 00:40:26 UTC

Name: Josè Herrera Gomez Quantilla Perez
Email: [email protected]
Age: 45
State: TX
Political Ideology: BUILD THAT WALL
Drugs cigarettes: alcohol: marijuana: other: yes
Religios Beliefs: ISLAM IS TERRORIST
Read Manifesto: Yes

2017-11-01 00:41:16 UTC

What in the fuck is that trash?

2017-11-01 00:41:50 UTC

Islam is terrorist.

2017-11-01 00:41:51 UTC


2017-11-01 00:43:42 UTC

people actually just spend time spamming the email?

2017-11-01 00:44:05 UTC


2017-11-01 00:44:44 UTC

Islam is based. Gonna steal a Thomas meme.


2017-11-01 00:44:57 UTC


2017-11-01 00:48:16 UTC

@Chris7577TX I didn't make that, but is good meme

2017-11-01 01:04:39 UTC

Guys I need to vent a little to someone that understands sorry, So my "friend" (almost in past tense). He is half russian half (((tribal))) and a while ago he got drunk and there was this female who was not (((tribal))) that was very handsy and drunk. The (((Tribal))) one was enjoying it a little to much (Yeah totally out of the blue for everyone except fucking me, BECAUSE HES A FUCKING KIKE). There were a few people that wanted to fight him for that (was intervened and stopped before it escilated). This time He is using one of my friends as a pawn (lets call him joe) joe has this idea of taking around 12 people to go to a cabin in the woods and get totally drunk for a weekend. The ((((tribal))) one influenced joe to make it arounbd 4 guys and 8 girls, I happened to be hearing this conversation and it was very clear to me that the (((tribal))) one wanted nothing other than the chance to have sex with one of the 8 females (Who will also be totally drunk pretty much the entire time). No one is planning on staying sober to prevent any (((impulses))). They also do not know most of the females well at all.

2017-11-01 01:08:49 UTC

Oh yes I forgot the (((tribal one))) has "found" me listening to the daily shoah once and I maintained plausible deniability however, I feel I can hold my ground if he tries to pull that over.

2017-11-01 01:10:12 UTC


2017-11-01 01:11:07 UTC

I understand some of us have friendly relationships with other races, but I'm suprised you can even tolerate a jew. They aren't known for being "white presenting" in their behavior

2017-11-01 01:11:22 UTC

sorry to hear

2017-11-01 01:12:00 UTC

Yeah... Im currently undergoing the phase that the outer layer hes been "hidding behind" that let me tollerate him is pelling off. Thanks 😃

2017-11-01 01:36:16 UTC


Sick tunes.

Maybe some inspiration for your next song @FlintShrubwood

2017-11-01 01:41:30 UTC

Fresh. I improved that other one btw. Got many brewing. Do we have any footage to fashen up?

2017-11-01 01:49:19 UTC

Not yet, but you'll have your hands full from the Austin op.

2017-11-01 02:08:53 UTC


🤔 Worth looking into?

2017-11-01 02:13:59 UTC

I think so. Pax is a pretty smart dude.

2017-11-01 02:17:45 UTC

@clayshooter99 GA , Go to the cabin, and beat his ass if he tries anything.

2017-11-01 02:18:46 UTC

@Smiter-IL I cant spend the night but I think thats a good idea I was toying with it

2017-11-01 02:19:04 UTC

Just tell all the girls

2017-11-01 02:19:11 UTC

that he is scum.

2017-11-01 02:19:19 UTC

Thats even better.

2017-11-01 02:19:27 UTC


I like how we're all supposed to be "resilient and strong" but what it really means is, "it's bad, now move along, wait for the next one"

2017-11-01 02:19:47 UTC

Yeah that too Im going to try to do that asap

2017-11-01 02:20:36 UTC

Just flat out tell them all, look, this kike is a degenerate, and wants to pollute you.

2017-11-01 03:05:40 UTC

i think its obvious now that patriot front has the best (and most coherent) message of all altright groups

2017-11-01 03:16:51 UTC

I'd hope so, but I'm a bit biased. The Austin op will fling us into prominence, and hopefully most people will see that you can be American without cucking, and you can have clean/professional presentation without being a milquetoast beat-around-the-bush-er.

2017-11-01 03:29:24 UTC

Also, not to nitpick, but we aren't really in the Alt Right. IE and Spencer are the AR flagship fronts, so to speak, and the DS calls itself AR while being drastically different from IE/Spencer.

We're similar to Alt Right people and groups, and are often lumped in by the untrained eye, but so are others that claim they are not part of the AR movement.

If anyone asks what we are, we're Americans, and we're Fascists. In that order exactly.

2017-11-01 03:30:47 UTC

2017-11-01 03:30:47 UTC

@clayshooter99 GA be more Chad, go to the cabin, have fun and control those THOTS.

2017-11-01 03:31:43 UTC

That's solid advice.

2017-11-01 03:53:30 UTC

@everyone Welcome our newest FL member, @Krieger-04

2017-11-01 03:53:45 UTC

Welcome Aboard

2017-11-01 03:54:03 UTC

Howdy Kreiger

2017-11-01 03:54:32 UTC

Glad to be aBOARd

2017-11-01 03:54:38 UTC


2017-11-01 03:54:44 UTC

like this guy already

2017-11-01 03:54:50 UTC

Welcome man

2017-11-01 03:55:29 UTC


2017-11-01 03:56:13 UTC

Quite the welcome, nice to meet everyone.

2017-11-01 04:00:25 UTC


2017-11-01 04:12:56 UTC

Halloween is a really good example of the declining social capital in America. It requires safe neighborhoods, spending money on strangers with no real assured return, a sense of festivity, and a shared culture. As people lose what ties them together, not only celebrating it, but trick or treating as a good example, fades away until children spend the night on their smartphones instead, and their parents spend the night watching late night talk show hosts spout propaganda before taking their daily half dozen painkillers and sleeping pills to medicate them into the next day.

The overall faith in the American system and spirit is what has binded people together for centuries, and now that people are losing faith in the established power's ability to solve their laundry list of problems, they turn inward. Many isolate themselves, but some search for solutions outside of the accepted boundaries of social acceptance.

2017-11-01 04:13:15 UTC


2017-11-01 04:14:35 UTC

^^The less white my neighborhood becomes, the worse Halloween gets.

2017-11-01 04:15:55 UTC

I didnt have a single kid come by

2017-11-01 04:16:52 UTC

Not one, but of course i live in a ghetto stronghold

2017-11-01 04:17:47 UTC

Kinda bumed me out, i miss the kids getting excited over the candy, and seeing there costumes and shit.

2017-11-01 04:18:23 UTC

Neither did I. I remember when I used to go house to house and the streets were lined with kids, groups of kids and their parents. Laughing, chatting. Stopping at some doors to talk about things, various things. It didn't really matter, what. What mattered is that they all could go out in the street on a night that was supposed to be scary and be, well, a community.

The unfortunate fact is that the next time we'll probably see the communities we remember will be after we build our own.

2017-11-01 04:22:36 UTC

i had to work

2017-11-01 04:22:41 UTC

My area used to throw community trunk or treats and the streets would be filled with people and their children I went out tonight and only found one group of people. Our neighborhood had no one at all.

2017-11-01 04:22:53 UTC

@EuroChad Hey man, where you been? You alright?

2017-11-01 04:23:18 UTC

i was in the hospital

2017-11-01 04:23:34 UTC

Kids have been using holidays as a excuse to enduldge in self distructive behavior like substance abuse.

2017-11-01 04:23:39 UTC

I heard, why? What happened? If you're not comfortable saying it that's fine.

2017-11-01 04:24:15 UTC

i was getting treatment for bulimia

2017-11-01 04:25:12 UTC

"bulimia is the last implicit stand of white identity"

2017-11-01 04:25:37 UTC

Did the treatment work? How long were you in there? I didn't know you had it.

2017-11-01 04:25:50 UTC

yes it did and about 3 weeks or so

2017-11-01 04:26:05 UTC

What's the treatment?

2017-11-01 04:26:58 UTC

inpatient care

2017-11-01 04:27:10 UTC

Rain in Houston along with Game 6 of didn't help attendance for Halloween.

2017-11-01 04:27:19 UTC

lmao all the new guys are gonna think im a fag

2017-11-01 04:27:47 UTC

We got quite a few. I was worried something real bad had happend to you man.

2017-11-01 04:28:05 UTC

nah im good but im grounded

2017-11-01 04:28:17 UTC

mom found out about houston

2017-11-01 04:28:25 UTC

@Krieger-04 welcome bro

2017-11-01 04:28:40 UTC

Can't disappear without a trace like that. Kevin had two hospital visits where they went in a knifed up his guts and took out an organ or two for good measure and he kept us pretty updated as to the gory details. 😂

2017-11-01 04:28:50 UTC

How'd she find out?

2017-11-01 04:28:57 UTC

i messaged yall that i was in the hospital

2017-11-01 04:29:14 UTC

and theres no phones or internet in inpatient care

2017-11-01 04:29:32 UTC

she saw azzmadors video

2017-11-01 04:29:53 UTC

Kev is a swell guy, he lost a lot of weight because of it.

2017-11-01 04:31:31 UTC

She recognized you from it? With the mask? I suppose that makes sense. @EuroChad

2017-11-01 04:31:39 UTC

Well, sucks. But hey, you're alive.

2017-11-01 04:33:46 UTC


2017-11-01 04:33:56 UTC

crazy shit

2017-11-01 04:34:30 UTC

did you guys see the truck of peace in jew york?

2017-11-01 04:35:41 UTC

9 people were culturally enriched

2017-11-01 04:37:14 UTC


2017-11-01 05:39:39 UTC


2017-11-01 05:39:39 UTC


2017-11-01 07:07:10 UTC

@Krieger-04 Welcome.

2017-11-01 07:07:27 UTC

Sorry I was asleep.

2017-11-01 08:06:00 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Looking like a good iteration

2017-11-01 08:08:23 UTC

@Krieger-04 Glad to have you with us.

2017-11-01 09:53:38 UTC

@EuroChad I'm just glad you're out of the hospital and safe. We'll get you a balaclava next time

2017-11-01 13:05:20 UTC

Not a single fucking Trick Or Treater in my neighborhood. Death of the West. No kids around anymore.,.. 😦

2017-11-01 14:10:54 UTC

@Norman you gotta move out to my neighborhood dude.

2017-11-01 14:12:26 UTC

Greetings from (((DFW Airport))), goyim

2017-11-01 14:14:04 UTC

Did they install body scanners yet or are they still somewhat based by only having metal detectors?

2017-11-01 14:17:02 UTC

Oh, body scanners for sure

2017-11-01 14:17:34 UTC

Mohammedans everywhere

2017-11-01 14:18:36 UTC


2017-11-01 14:28:18 UTC

Oh, and happy All Saints’ Day

2017-11-01 14:40:47 UTC

I know it's a reach but does anyone happen to have a spare screw for a RHINO mount that's going to be at Austin?

2017-11-01 14:42:41 UTC

Just got a 7 day ban for revealing an Antifa's girlfriend's herpes sore.
Facebook is pro-Communist and pro-herpes.

2017-11-01 14:43:53 UTC

@Ben - TX I feel sorry for you. The airport is awful. So many shades of mud, and none of them bathe.

2017-11-01 14:44:26 UTC

@Dustin What needs touching up? The hand, yeah, but anything else?

2017-11-01 14:51:41 UTC

The graphic looks a little squiggly (if that's a word) maybe some straight lines would help?

2017-11-01 14:52:53 UTC

You're more qualified for this than I am, that's just what caught my eye. The framing is great

2017-11-01 14:55:20 UTC

Idk, human bodies in half-shadow with high contrast don't really have bunches of straight lines. I could rework and simplify the entire design ot be geometric, but that wuld lead to a whole different theme.

Maybe I'll put him on a geometric background to help contrast and even out the prevalence of those pesky organic shapes.

2017-11-01 14:57:08 UTC

Drawing humans is always a tough nut to crack

2017-11-01 14:59:28 UTC

It’s alright I get to go to High Mass at one of the best churches in the country when I get there

2017-11-01 15:41:48 UTC

I really hate how Dems frame their debates about killing unborn children as "pro choice" (because who's against choices?) or "abortion rights" (because you can't be against rights!). Even with the whole argument that minorities have more abortions than Whites, I am still of the mind that killing unborn babies is wrong, and the fact that they often take them apart limb by limb while they're squirming to get away makes it even worse.

I would much rather people who want to offer nothing to society in the ways of securing the next generation just sterilize themselves, or control themselves and be responsible for their actions, or just take themselves out of the gene pool entirely.

2017-11-01 15:44:19 UTC

I hate it too

2017-11-01 15:47:10 UTC

Even if you could be against choices and rights, Dems still are allowing only certain people (i.e. irresponsible degenerate minorities. And sometimes irresponsible degenerate whites) rights and choices. There are no rights or choices for the unborn, no matter who they are or who they could become.

2017-11-01 15:55:26 UTC

Or how they dont want guns cause they kill people but support abortion "because its a cluster of cells" even though they consider that life on different planets

2017-11-01 15:56:17 UTC

We could learn from shitlibs lets reframe deportations as community choice. "no im not racist im pro community choice"

2017-11-01 15:57:16 UTC

All the minorities don't *have* to go, they ***get*** to go.

2017-11-01 15:58:24 UTC

Can we also drop the minority shit lol they are the majority

2017-11-01 15:58:54 UTC

I prefer the term non-Whites actually.

2017-11-01 15:59:08 UTC

Lumps them all together not by what they are, but by what they're not.

2017-11-01 16:03:59 UTC


2017-11-01 16:04:29 UTC

We need propaganda that links communism to the JQ subtly and attribute it to this org

2017-11-01 16:07:32 UTC

You mean posters? Or graphics for online use? Some simple, short stats or facts can always be put on well-placed banners. If there's a good location for them that's relevant.

2017-11-01 16:36:54 UTC

Holodomor banner on a Holocaust museum

2017-11-01 16:37:07 UTC

Oh my god

2017-11-01 16:37:15 UTC

Holocaust museums are an excellent location

2017-11-01 16:39:24 UTC

Remember the six Brazillians

2017-11-01 16:41:09 UTC

Found this utterly uncucked channel last night. Might be worth checking out. https://youtu.be/h04Ry1BpZpE

2017-11-01 16:43:06 UTC

But I agree with Cross that we do need to use something subtle to bring attention to the JQ

2017-11-01 16:44:51 UTC

You mean from a statistical basis?

2017-11-01 16:47:02 UTC

Well instead of putting a banner up at a holocaust museum that says Da Goyim Know while funny won't provoke thought. Pointing out the Holodomor will

2017-11-01 16:47:20 UTC

I fucking love west Texas.


2017-11-01 16:48:38 UTC

The Holodomor isn't an American thing, good for mentioning in an article or an argument, but not for your big singular message.

Would be better to mention how the guilt culture affects foreign policy, or immigration laws, or how the holocaust has become an industry unlike any other genocide.

2017-11-01 16:49:40 UTC

Its just an example. Whatever it is needs to be a simple message that will make the goyim think and look for answers

2017-11-01 16:51:30 UTC

Point out how it's become an industry, that there are more memorials to non-American non-European Jews that died (supposedly, but ignore that) than our own American soldiers who died fighting. Or how they're "profiteering off white guilt" or it's the exploitation of history for political means.

2017-11-01 16:52:27 UTC

Lots of good appeals without going back to WWII. That's really not a mess of revisionism and conflicting facts we want to get into. It's a mud pit that is hard to get out of. We're looking forward, if we want to talk history there's reenactment clubs.

2017-11-01 17:03:56 UTC

We’re all used to shrieking colored people and Jews reducing all political discussion to the level of a kindergarten special ed class, whether on social media, on the grounds of our educational institutions, and as talking heads on the cable news, so it should come as no surprise that this level of moronic faggotry has metastasized into an actual political ad produced by a beaner political action committee.


2017-11-01 17:04:15 UTC


2017-11-01 17:04:54 UTC

Evil racist redneck white man with big diesel pickup truck hunting down innocent minority children in the streets AND IT'S ALL TRUMP'S FAULT.

2017-11-01 17:08:32 UTC

Lol I love how they throw little "hijabi girls" in the mix now. There's like a freaking fetish for poor little "hijabi girls." They are really islams best agents

2017-11-01 17:21:12 UTC

I gave a presentation to class today on my ethnic identity lol... I was the only white person who acknowleged my ethnicity as a positive thing, and how family values form national values, and national values come from the common struggle of your ethnic group.
There was a question my teacher wanted us to answer. "How do others see you?"
I put up a picture of Antifa with a banner that said "the only good fascist is a dead fascist."
I told the class that i think the degeneration of ethnic value has led to the sacred act of procreation becoming defiled.
My teacher knows im a fascist now lol...

2017-11-01 17:21:29 UTC

Needless to say, people were triggered.

2017-11-01 17:22:59 UTC

I wish I could have seen it

2017-11-01 17:24:55 UTC

Lol. There is atleast four faggots in there too.

2017-11-01 17:25:58 UTC

@Smiter-IL way to go man.

2017-11-01 17:26:03 UTC

My teacher, "I notice you use the word degenerate often in your writing, can youtell me a little about that, I know that word is used often in Nazi literature."
Me lmao.

2017-11-01 17:27:14 UTC

Everything is Nazi
Everything is Nazi according to me
Everything is Nazi
In 2017

2017-11-01 17:27:23 UTC


2017-11-01 17:37:36 UTC

Shes gonna be really triggered when she finds out i started college republicans too. First meeting is next wednesday.

2017-11-01 17:38:34 UTC

Im going to send out a notice today, and hang some memey fliers up in hopes of drawing in the "Fashinable."

2017-11-01 17:47:08 UTC

Holy shit you're going to break minds

2017-11-01 17:54:05 UTC

Can they ban the club for wrongthink? Or will local communists dox you and make sure no one shows up to any meetings?

2017-11-01 18:37:12 UTC

Cleaned it up a bit

2017-11-01 18:37:13 UTC


2017-11-01 18:37:40 UTC


2017-11-01 18:37:59 UTC


2017-11-01 18:41:20 UTC

Is the flag supposed to look like it has cracks in it? Kind of cool if so

2017-11-01 18:42:04 UTC

They're kinda the folds in the waving fabric

2017-11-01 18:42:18 UTC

Shadows in the creases of the folds and wavy bits

2017-11-01 18:45:11 UTC

I thought they were cracks too. The idea of America being cracked is a great visual since it highlights the division in the union

2017-11-01 18:45:47 UTC

I mean, as long as it looks good, doesn't matter if it's intentional.

2017-11-01 18:46:00 UTC

Restore the people

2017-11-01 19:45:20 UTC

@Thötterdämmerung What do we gotta do to get 280 chars on our twitter? How is it being decided who gets 'em?

2017-11-01 19:45:38 UTC

As far as I know the rollout was random

2017-11-01 19:45:49 UTC

And hypothetically will eventually get to us

2017-11-01 19:46:03 UTC

Why wouldn't they do it all at once?

2017-11-01 19:46:12 UTC

I don't see the software not being able to handle that

2017-11-01 19:46:15 UTC

To see if its a terrible idea

2017-11-01 19:46:18 UTC

Who has an IPhone that listens to podcasts?

2017-11-01 19:46:21 UTC

Which it probably is

2017-11-01 19:46:22 UTC

I need help.

2017-11-01 19:46:44 UTC

Real BBN's need 280 to express their thoughts.

2017-11-01 19:47:30 UTC

There's a way to insert a script into Twitter to get it

2017-11-01 19:47:40 UTC

However I hear people are getting banned for doing so

2017-11-01 19:48:08 UTC

Other than that, I feel like petitioning Twitter for it and drawing attention to us might be unwise

2017-11-01 19:48:09 UTC

We're close enough to being banned as is

2017-11-01 19:48:27 UTC

That too

2017-11-01 19:48:36 UTC

Best option is to wait probably

2017-11-01 19:49:08 UTC

Or maybe making expanded versions of the quote macros you make

2017-11-01 19:49:19 UTC

If it's in an image we could have as many words as you'd like

2017-11-01 19:49:41 UTC

Well you could just post the quote image with a hashtag or two.

2017-11-01 19:49:54 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX sorry I'm a heterosexual I don't have an apple product

2017-11-01 19:49:55 UTC

I've done that before.

2017-11-01 19:49:59 UTC

So my grandad who I went to see over this last weekend in Texas passed away this morning. But get this - today was my grandparent's 65th anniversary. They've been married since highschool. How amazing is that? I wish all our people could live in long, stable relationships like they did. He was a real man. Strong and old-fashioned. Only men like that can create great families.

2017-11-01 19:50:33 UTC

I'm sorry to hear that man...

2017-11-01 19:50:37 UTC

Thought that was pretty amazing and worth sharing.

2017-11-01 19:50:39 UTC

My grandpa died last year too

2017-11-01 19:50:47 UTC

I know how you feel

2017-11-01 19:51:43 UTC

I'm sorry for your loss. It's like he was waiting for the anniversary which is really sweet and so meaningful.

2017-11-01 19:52:17 UTC

Thanks Steve. We need to be the next leading examples for the younger generation to follow.

2017-11-01 19:53:42 UTC

Let us strive to be as good of men as our grandfathers were

2017-11-01 19:56:53 UTC

@Thötterdämmerung Or better, if you had a very average grandfather

2017-11-01 19:58:14 UTC

Did anyone get attacked by this man in Charlottesville?


2017-11-01 19:58:23 UTC

If so you need to contact me now.

2017-11-01 19:58:29 UTC

His arrest might happen soon.

2017-11-01 20:30:28 UTC

If he's still got all of his teeth then he didn't fuck with us.

2017-11-01 20:32:29 UTC

@NDO Nick-TX what's your question

2017-11-01 20:37:33 UTC

Looks like DS got kicked off of .ai

2017-11-01 20:37:46 UTC

And I guess Glenn Greenwald had something to do with it?

2017-11-01 20:39:11 UTC

@502ssOtto I didn't have a question I was agreeing with you about propaganda

2017-11-01 20:57:51 UTC

"O’ Free men, Remember who you are....Remember who your fathers were
Remember that for our sake they did make war that there children might escape the grip of Tyranny
The Odds that stood against them were never Questioned......
They were accepted!!!
They left their families at home with only a promise....that they would give their lives to drive back
The invaders of their homes and fire sides...
And so they took the field..!! And Tyranny knew her enemy!!!!
Your fathers despised Tyranny.....And Tyranny hated your fathers.....
Because Tyranny knew that no force on earth could subjugate the will of free men
And for the first time since the revolution...Tyranny was afraid
Tyranny came to recognize the colours flown by your fathers, and still she hate’s them to this day
And with good reason, she knows the Sons of those she killed have not forgotten!!!
And today they are once again gaining the strength necessary to take the field yet again
To share in the great sacrifice made before by their fathers, and this Tyranny cannot stand!
She has used the influences of history and hatred to divide our people, But no longer!!!
Now we can see....We are no longer blind, We know our enemy to well
She wears many disguises, but always strives for the same objective
Her happiness is the total subjugation of all free men, I cannot speak for all free men
Only for myself, everyman must decide for himself, either your the one hanging on the cross
or the one driving in the nails
Mathew 10:34 “ think not that I have come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword”
We bow no longer to the feet of Despotism.....I will carry my Cross!!!!!!"

2017-11-01 21:02:06 UTC

Choice words, Kreiger.

2017-11-01 21:31:35 UTC

*Let me conjure you, in the name of our common country, as you value your own sacred honor, as you respect the rights of humanity, and as you regard the military and national character of America, to express your utmost horror and detestation of the man who wishes, under any specious pretenses, to overturn the liberties of our country, and who wickedly attempts to open the floodgates of civil discord and deluge our rising empire in blood.*

*By thus determining and thus acting, you will pursue the plain and direct road to the attainment of your wishes. You will defeat the insidious designs of our enemies, who are compelled to resort from open force to secret artifice. You will give one more distinguished proof of unexampled patriotism and patient virtue, rising superior to the pressure of the most complicated sufferings. And you will, by the dignity of your conduct, afford occasion for posterity to say, when speaking of the glorious example you have exhibited to mankind, "Had this day been wanting, the world had never seen the last stage of perfection to which human nature is capable of attaining."*

- Exerpt from George Washington's March 15, 1783 to his army in Newburgh

2017-11-01 22:10:14 UTC


2017-11-01 22:10:26 UTC

Now with *tasteful grit*

2017-11-01 22:24:50 UTC

When you goys have kids of your own, read them Curious George. My kid loves it and I make sure to emphasize that George belongs in Africa where he was taken from. He causes trouble in this world because he is African and out of his element.

2017-11-01 22:25:24 UTC
2017-11-01 22:31:23 UTC

Lol, maybe thats why I always loved curious George... He appealed to my inner rascist even as a youngin.

2017-11-01 22:50:38 UTC

DNC saying white men shouldn't apply for tech jobs. Not that we'd be given a fair shake to begin with.

2017-11-01 22:51:00 UTC

They're banking so heavily on the shitskin voting block.

2017-11-01 22:51:31 UTC

I feel like if the tide swings that way, our movement will turn into a race war.

2017-11-01 23:08:35 UTC

@everyone Congratulate @Lucilomar - FL on being promoted to NDO for the first formal Florida network.

2017-11-01 23:09:08 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL Gratz brother.

2017-11-01 23:09:12 UTC

Congrats bro!

2017-11-01 23:09:32 UTC

Hell yea. Look forward to seeing FL grow. Congrats. Really good guys down there

2017-11-01 23:09:33 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX i listen to several what do you need help with?

2017-11-01 23:09:41 UTC

Thanks everyone, I'm honored to be in a movement as great as this. Hail Victory

2017-11-01 23:09:57 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL congratulations brother!

2017-11-01 23:10:05 UTC

Congrats my dude, lets keep this momentum.

2017-11-01 23:10:55 UTC

Congrats man, keep up the good work!

2017-11-01 23:12:35 UTC

Florida has had some serious growth in the past few months. Glad to see it's going to have good leadership and direction. Hail victory.

2017-11-01 23:12:41 UTC

Congrats Lucilomar

2017-11-01 23:13:07 UTC


2017-11-01 23:16:09 UTC

Once y'all reach 6 members in your local areas, you will be able to appoint an NDO as well, and things will expand from there. The amount of work people put in during the critical phase of growth from 1-6 members shows who's fit for leadership. And once you reach that number, gaining is easy.

2017-11-01 23:18:21 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL#7784 Congrats!

2017-11-01 23:22:58 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL congrats man, now the real work begins 😀

2017-11-01 23:23:26 UTC

Thanks! The plans are already beginning to flow lol

2017-11-01 23:25:04 UTC

i think we have already met, i look forward to meeting up in the future. congrats

2017-11-02 00:04:00 UTC


2017-11-02 00:04:06 UTC


2017-11-02 00:04:07 UTC

We did it boys

2017-11-02 00:04:21 UTC

Enoch is talking with Fuentes about optics

2017-11-02 00:04:30 UTC

and future plans

2017-11-02 00:05:06 UTC

Lame, they didn't get any of the new ones

2017-11-02 00:05:19 UTC

Low energy

2017-11-02 00:05:52 UTC

What is that "vigilante squads" thing?

2017-11-02 00:06:43 UTC

After trump got elected, there was this weird like...fake poster that popped up promoting vigilante squads

2017-11-02 00:07:01 UTC

Very fake news kind of shit.

2017-11-02 00:17:21 UTC

Vigilante squads would be cool af

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