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2017-10-27 15:53:40 UTC

at best it helps sober our people at worst its favorable optics its a win win

2017-10-27 15:58:06 UTC

@backwoodstrad91-wv If we can get a solid chapter established in WV we can really concentrate on the opioid problem there. I may even be able to get up there to help down the road as my chick is from Buckhannon

2017-10-27 15:58:59 UTC

oh wow that's close to me lol and yes im putting a lot of my free time into fly posting i really think we can make Appalachia a strong hold

2017-10-27 15:59:39 UTC

Yea I can get up there and stay free with her sister.

2017-10-27 16:00:18 UTC

Where are you located? @backwoodstrad91-wv

2017-10-27 16:00:46 UTC

Is about 3:30-4:00 a good time to poster?

2017-10-27 16:00:53 UTC

its prob an hour and a half from my place to Buckhannon

2017-10-27 16:01:03 UTC

Yea that's a good time

2017-10-27 16:01:07 UTC


2017-10-27 16:01:11 UTC

No one around

2017-10-27 16:01:20 UTC
2017-10-27 16:01:52 UTC

Alright thanks planning on using light posts and large selfstanding atms as places also

2017-10-27 16:02:53 UTC

People will always buy their drugs. Cocaine users know, that people die for it, and women are abused, and families destroyed, and they are funding it. No one cares though. If we want to stop the drug problem, we have to stop the suppliers, and foreign cartels. Put them out of business, via our own safe home market. Maybe a phase of legal drugs to stop crime, followed by a health propaganda campaign similar to cigarettes?

2017-10-27 16:02:58 UTC

Really concentrate on postering and banners. Once you have 5-6 guys you can do a something that makes a splash. Then it will grow fast. @backwoodstrad91-wv

2017-10-27 16:03:40 UTC

Because as long as drugs are not supplied by our government, they will be supplied by violent cartels. Just my opinion though.

2017-10-27 16:04:06 UTC

I'm impartial to the Duterte method.

2017-10-27 16:04:14 UTC


2017-10-27 16:04:23 UTC

@Smiter-IL Agreed but until we hold power we reach as many of our people as possible plus it is positive activism and when we get inevitably criticized for it it makes our detractors look ridiculous

2017-10-27 16:05:42 UTC

Decent thread

2017-10-27 16:05:43 UTC

im extremely in favor of PF leadership putting out a anti drug flyer and hope to see one soon

2017-10-27 16:06:08 UTC

I'll work on one, be patient.

2017-10-27 16:06:26 UTC


2017-10-27 16:07:36 UTC

I disagree with him in regards to the Stars and bars. It is part of American history and our culture.

2017-10-27 16:09:56 UTC

I think appropriating figures like Lincoln is gold. Tell peole how he only freed blacks because he had too, and needed soldiers, and a way to disrupt Southern society, and that he was rascist.

2017-10-27 16:11:48 UTC

We're not fighting to bring back the Confederacy, though. We're fighting for America. As far as representing the movement overall, I'm an American, nothing less and nothing more. That's where my loyalty lies.

From Califorinia, to Washington, to Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, West Virginia, and anywhere else. That's my people. That's who I'm here for.

2017-10-27 16:14:10 UTC

I'm looking at it from a purely practical perspective. I'm a southerner but realize the American Fascism/Nationalism is the way forward. It's something that SN, NatSoc, Identitarians etc can rally under.

2017-10-27 16:17:41 UTC

Tbh, I view both sides of the civil war as heroes, because both sides were American. The South was provoked to secede. The intention was to destroy them long before the actual war. If they would not have seceded, their society would've maintained its institutions alot longer.

2017-10-27 16:18:22 UTC

We can't be representing ourselves in a way that's just practical, we have to believe in who we show ourselves to be. There's got to be a faith in what you're doing beyond the practicality of it. I'm not pressing the use of Americanism with Fascism because I think it will work the best, even though I do, I truly believe in it. That's the future I hold in my heart as the one that best assures the existence of my posterity.

We have to be examples, every single one of us. And I am from Texas and have Southern ancestors that fought in the Civil War, but I also have ancestors that fought in the North, and ancestors from New England, and ones who fought in every other war since. I'm an American first, and then you may break it down from there. That's the big idea behind E Pluribus Unum.

2017-10-27 16:19:53 UTC

America first. Thomas, who wrote the manifesto, I do have to say it is a masterpiece.

2017-10-27 16:20:51 UTC

Are you asking me who wrote it? I did most of the heavy lifting but it went through maybe about a dozen or so versions with edits done by others. So I won't claim full credit.

2017-10-27 16:22:15 UTC

Well, you men did an excellent job. I could equate it to the declaration of independence. In the future, men will look back on our manifesto, and honor it.

2017-10-27 16:25:34 UTC

i agree it was put together amazingly

2017-10-27 16:26:07 UTC

Yea Thomas is our big brained nibba

2017-10-27 16:26:40 UTC

Reading it the first time, I get the general ideas of it, but I read it again, and I was just like, damn.

2017-10-27 16:27:01 UTC

Gonna do a speech, hopefully, if all goes well in Austin and it'll be of similar messaging and quality.

2017-10-27 16:27:19 UTC

Hope to get some good video out of it.

2017-10-27 16:27:45 UTC

Tis truly, a document worthy of immense praise.That document would make for a great speech.

2017-10-27 16:35:15 UTC

@everyone Please consider coming down to our event the 3rd and 4th. Lodging is available and inexpensive. If you haven't already please let us know if you're planning to attend

2017-10-27 16:51:09 UTC

Best pre workout on the market

2017-10-27 16:55:09 UTC


2017-10-27 16:55:15 UTC

don't pass out eric

2017-10-27 16:55:40 UTC

My kidneys are literally shaking

2017-10-27 17:02:12 UTC

ive never seen it when did u start usin it

2017-10-27 17:02:20 UTC

ill have to give it a try

2017-10-27 17:04:39 UTC

is anyone having trouble with gab today

2017-10-27 17:04:48 UTC

Eric's last confirmed post before going to the hostpital for lead poisoning after eating three dumbbells and biting the ear off of a trainer ^^^

2017-10-27 17:06:36 UTC

Is it sour patch kids flavored?😂

2017-10-27 17:15:30 UTC

It is.

2017-10-27 17:15:47 UTC

It's amazing. First time I took it, I did a scoop and a half and my whole body turned red.

2017-10-27 17:16:13 UTC

😢 Ill never give up. That song is spot on.

2017-10-27 17:16:20 UTC


2017-10-27 17:16:28 UTC

it gets in your feels

2017-10-27 17:17:07 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX , so strong it will make you piss hot for Amphetemines lol? I think some c4 explode will make that happen.

2017-10-27 17:17:41 UTC

the old jacked would make you piss hot

2017-10-27 17:18:12 UTC

I think they fixed that. I was taking C4 in the Corps and never popped.

2017-10-27 17:18:43 UTC

c4 never made me piss hot that's what i used all thru the army as well

2017-10-27 17:18:44 UTC

Tbh guys don't even bother with pre. Smoke meth like me and hit the weights.

2017-10-27 17:18:51 UTC


2017-10-27 17:19:59 UTC

Forsure dude. Instead of sleeping at night, Ill just work out. Its way more producti e.

2017-10-27 17:20:23 UTC

In our new nation, sleep is outlawed, you must lift instead.

2017-10-27 17:21:11 UTC

have yall heard Nazi by the rapper mr liqz

2017-10-27 17:22:11 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX Tyler is that you posting from jail?

2017-10-27 17:22:32 UTC

Nope. I didnt realize we had good Altright music! LOL.

2017-10-27 17:23:11 UTC

yeah the music scene aspect is starting to boom

2017-10-27 17:23:25 UTC

rap, metal, folk

2017-10-27 17:23:57 UTC

@NDO Nick-TX too soon man

2017-10-27 17:24:32 UTC


2017-10-27 17:26:17 UTC

It's not too soon for you because you didn't lose your meth dealer

2017-10-27 17:27:46 UTC

How do you kids think I got down to 5% body fat? Meth and pilates.

2017-10-27 17:29:44 UTC

its the only way

2017-10-27 17:34:54 UTC

<@&365349589659942912> we have posters to put up tomorrow night. Hmu for the details.

2017-10-27 17:35:28 UTC

So, for my freshman seminar course, I have to give a 6 minute 40 second presentation on my racial identity. Hahaha, I have them captive for 6 mins 40 seconds.

2017-10-27 17:43:34 UTC

That's a very specific time limit.

2017-10-27 17:53:03 UTC

I know lol. 20 slides, of 20 seconds each. I can not wait to see the look on my teachers face.

2017-10-27 17:53:37 UTC

If you think it'll be worth it, maybe audio record the thing.

2017-10-27 18:00:53 UTC

2017-10-27 18:00:53 UTC
2017-10-27 18:01:16 UTC


2017-10-27 18:13:53 UTC

to the guys in Austin im not sure how caught up you are on this it could be old news to yall but refuse fascism has Austin listed as a nov 4 city

2017-10-27 18:16:02 UTC

We're aware

2017-10-27 18:16:54 UTC

i figured as much, im wondering if they will keep with it like they are saying

2017-10-27 18:21:29 UTC

What do you guys think their participant turnout will look like? As strong as they say? I don't think that strong. I doubt millions of people will care to go.

2017-10-27 18:21:50 UTC

i think itll be a flop

2017-10-27 18:22:00 UTC

Me too. Lol.

2017-10-27 18:22:32 UTC

Only the hardcore Antifa are going, and theres not that many.

2017-10-27 18:22:57 UTC

they could maybe get a occupy type event to happen for awhile but they are not gona be able to just start rioting and continue to riot

2017-10-27 18:23:17 UTC

Maybe in Chicago haha...

2017-10-27 18:23:36 UTC

All the police are minorities.

2017-10-27 18:23:50 UTC

lol nike is about to take a big loss

2017-10-27 18:23:55 UTC

I guess there's nothing happening in LA?

2017-10-27 18:24:09 UTC

nov 4th free air jordans day

2017-10-27 18:24:34 UTC

No, LA was listed on their page as an event location. Was it removed?

2017-10-27 18:24:46 UTC

Dunno. I'm out of the loop on all this

2017-10-27 18:24:48 UTC

wez stole dez jo'dans cause trump gots to go

2017-10-27 18:25:05 UTC

rofl rofl...

2017-10-27 18:25:06 UTC

antifa is suppose to start the "revolution" nov 4th lol

2017-10-27 18:26:05 UTC

It is an important date though. Almost 100 years to the day of the Soviet Revolution, and 99 years for the German revolution.

2017-10-27 18:26:18 UTC

they said they are planning to start protests/civil unrest and continue it

2017-10-27 18:26:29 UTC

Also, it will be a full moon, so expect "Lunacy." Lmao.

2017-10-27 18:27:05 UTC

i hope they go batshit crazy

2017-10-27 18:27:12 UTC

Me too.

2017-10-27 18:27:45 UTC

Honestly, I hope they succeed. It will be good for us.

2017-10-27 18:27:59 UTC


2017-10-27 18:28:02 UTC

It will cause individuals to rally to our standard.

2017-10-27 18:28:17 UTC

they just keep pushing the window more rightward

2017-10-27 18:29:44 UTC

Once the public loses they jo'dans, an they sheeit gettss lootedd blind, theys gone be all up on ourr sheeit mannnn

2017-10-27 18:29:56 UTC


2017-10-27 18:30:27 UTC

nov 4th gibs me dat day should be the meme pushed lmao

2017-10-27 18:30:50 UTC

@everyone They had their chance to punch us and they hid. If you have a personal account you may want to remind them

2017-10-27 18:31:37 UTC

I know our guys are on this, but the best way to combat on nov 4th will be good optics. Not looking for a fight, trying ot maintain order and prevent property destruction. Things like that

2017-10-27 18:32:10 UTC

We're on it. Everything we do will be defensive

2017-10-27 18:33:27 UTC

Nazi hunter hahah they will look so cool and tough at the take it in the ass workshop

2017-10-27 18:35:11 UTC

Speaking of reminding, here's a reminder to __***SMASH THAT MF'ING REPOST BUTTON***__ ^^^

2017-10-27 18:35:41 UTC

Idk the design, don't they hate capitalism?

2017-10-27 18:42:54 UTC


2017-10-27 18:43:16 UTC

gab isn't working for me i cant sign in

2017-10-27 18:43:24 UTC

i keep getting 500.

2017-10-27 18:44:44 UTC

Well, it's official. Bossman called me this morning confirming that they are going to terminate me after all. Said I was putting up white supremacist fliers on company time, but that's complete bs. Never done any activism on company time. So frustrating...

2017-10-27 18:45:05 UTC

im sorry to hear that

2017-10-27 18:45:47 UTC

Damn. How did he find out?

2017-10-27 18:46:36 UTC

Not sure. They told me not to show up on site about 2 months ago. Still been paying me up until now so I figured they might still keep me on after this long.

2017-10-27 18:46:54 UTC


2017-10-27 18:47:06 UTC

All they told me was that they were still "investigating"

2017-10-27 18:47:24 UTC

That blows dude. We need our own companies for our own people.

2017-10-27 18:47:32 UTC

That's the problem with being in a right to work state. Shit tier corporations can just fire you at will.

2017-10-27 18:49:23 UTC

Our own companies for our own people is pretty possible. We are just too broke/not big enough to crowd fund one. Then, there is the political decision about which cities get the investment dollars. We are talking needing to raise about 200k per job to secure.

2017-10-27 18:50:20 UTC

What do you mean? Fund, movement leaders in different areas?

2017-10-27 18:50:51 UTC

We'll get there, it's just a matter of time and sacrifice. The best bet is knowing enough people that have the right connections, people that are their own bosses, people that can help others out.

2017-10-27 18:51:22 UTC

But we'll never get there if we can't get through this phase of being attacked.

2017-10-27 18:53:15 UTC

Daily reminder college ruins women

2017-10-27 18:53:20 UTC

Go through the thread

2017-10-27 18:53:22 UTC

That hover hand

2017-10-27 18:53:32 UTC

You'll see why when you open it

2017-10-27 18:53:34 UTC

I know some one who owns a manufacturing company that is currently only one shop right now, but is growing quickly. I will have a talk with him next time i see him. I know that hes rascist as fuck.

2017-10-27 18:54:01 UTC

Go through the comments and try not to beat up thots at your local college

2017-10-27 18:57:29 UTC

@Thötterdämmerung Thots gonna thot.

2017-10-27 19:01:50 UTC

We must enact legislation

2017-10-27 19:02:04 UTC

Thotcrime Act of 2022

2017-10-27 19:02:34 UTC

So, were those guys, really girls? Is that what that was?

2017-10-27 19:02:52 UTC


2017-10-27 19:02:59 UTC

Girl turned into a lesbian.

2017-10-27 19:03:04 UTC

They went to college, some kike made them hate men

2017-10-27 19:03:16 UTC

@Mooch TX How would they even know you were flyering anything?

2017-10-27 19:04:33 UTC

That live leak was hysterical, in a bad way.

2017-10-27 19:05:30 UTC

The difference between niggers and whites. * We pull out guns, because we need to actually kill someone* *Niggers pull out guns, because they want to look tough.*

2017-10-27 19:05:43 UTC

An armed society is a polite society taken to its logical conclusion

2017-10-27 19:17:02 UTC

Hmm i wonder tho. Girls dating girls until they find a husband is preferable to them becoming cumdumpsters, yea? Maybe this is their survival instinct protecting them from sexual liberation

2017-10-27 19:17:26 UTC

Women have no survival instinct

2017-10-27 19:17:29 UTC

Interesting perpective.

2017-10-27 19:17:39 UTC
2017-10-27 19:18:08 UTC

I'd rather have women be cumdumpsters than lesbians

2017-10-27 19:18:13 UTC

@NDO Nick-TX I honestly have no clue. Any fliers I put up weren't on company time so I'm not sure how they connected me to it.

2017-10-27 19:18:15 UTC

At least that way they'll have kids

2017-10-27 19:18:52 UTC

I think.... Neither lol. We forbid both.

2017-10-27 19:19:09 UTC

No whores, no homo sexuals.

2017-10-27 19:20:03 UTC

@Mooch TX Something don't smell right.

2017-10-27 19:21:13 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX That much is sure. I'm just amazed after 2 months that they literally have nothing else to say but that.

2017-10-27 19:21:18 UTC

Unfortunately it doesn't matter in Texas

2017-10-27 19:21:26 UTC

(((Right to work)))

2017-10-27 19:21:45 UTC

What field you in mooch

2017-10-27 19:21:50 UTC


2017-10-27 19:22:12 UTC

Mostly work on servers

2017-10-27 19:22:27 UTC

The far right is going to unironically start shilling for universal basic income because we're all going to be doxxed and unemployable.

2017-10-27 19:22:46 UTC

Randstad is the temp agency I used to get my job. Good pay comparative to others and excellent application system

2017-10-27 19:23:02 UTC

Are you unemployable Thomas?

2017-10-27 19:23:33 UTC

Right now? Pretty much yeah.

2017-10-27 19:23:41 UTC

Just tell people you reformed. And then when they see you in news coverage say you relapsed and are working on it.

2017-10-27 19:24:19 UTC

Hahahaha, just a quick pre-written speech at a rally, I swear it was an accident. Just slipped and found myself leading a crowd of 30 Fascists.

2017-10-27 19:24:31 UTC

Hey man accidents happen

2017-10-27 19:24:31 UTC

We've all been there.

2017-10-27 19:25:06 UTC

Hitler joined the NSDAP on his lunch break and got carried away

2017-10-27 19:26:44 UTC

Perhaps, we could start some sort of fundraising? Non affiliated fundraising that way, alot of people will buy our shit, but then we just send the money up the chain to pay for our leaders to keep up their work.

2017-10-27 19:27:20 UTC

Because, yeah, theres going to be a major problem in our movement when we all get kicked out of school, and fired.

2017-10-27 19:27:31 UTC

We'll have dues implemented for local groups of members of a certain size, and we'll set up a Hatreon soon.

2017-10-27 19:27:56 UTC

Thatll work too.

2017-10-27 19:41:41 UTC

Serious tho, what if we set up a kickstarter or something about helping reformed Nazis, then just use the money? Will that end up backfiring on us, or good idea?

2017-10-27 19:42:24 UTC

Kickstarter definitely has some ToS about being able to pull back money whenever they want I bet. It'd be risky.

2017-10-27 19:42:43 UTC

Fraud would also be an issue

2017-10-27 19:43:09 UTC

Yeah. Just stick to Hatreon.

2017-10-27 19:43:16 UTC

No legal issues.

2017-10-27 19:43:56 UTC

We'll make one of those, and while I do eventually want to be able to do this full time, I'm a cheap guy and I'll give every penny I'm able to guys in the org. Also local dues will help with local guys also.

2017-10-27 19:44:01 UTC

We all gotta help each other.

2017-10-27 19:46:26 UTC

Only time when quoting the ADL makes a good and correct point

2017-10-27 19:49:21 UTC

I responded

2017-10-27 19:49:26 UTC

2017-10-27 20:07:33 UTC


2017-10-27 20:07:52 UTC

I really don't like the word progeny, tbh.

2017-10-27 20:08:03 UTC

It just sounds... wierd.

2017-10-27 20:08:14 UTC

Descendents is too long for Twitter this time but I agree

2017-10-27 20:08:33 UTC

It has a more scientific meaning as to the traditional meaning of posterity.

2017-10-27 20:08:34 UTC

Plus I can't spell it correctly

2017-10-27 21:42:51 UTC

@Mooch TX That sucks dude. Try to think back to how hit happened, maybe somebody can learn something from your misfortune.

2017-10-27 23:32:55 UTC

These folks seem to be just another Leftist group being "anti-Nazi" and doxxing right wing folks, but upon closer inspection they dox leftists, Muslims, other mystery meat individuals, and generally ANYONE who does not bow down to the supreme State of Israel and Jewish Supremacy.

2017-10-27 23:40:54 UTC

It's mind boggling to me that there's entire organizations (Jewish ones) dedicated to harrassing those who don't like Jews... yet... they're always surprised as to why people seem to be disliking Jews more and more.

2017-10-27 23:44:37 UTC

Sounds like I can have some fun with them.

2017-10-27 23:49:12 UTC
2017-10-27 23:52:15 UTC

Should I go this hard?

2017-10-27 23:52:18 UTC

2017-10-27 23:53:02 UTC Nothing like a good Johnny Gat video to rekindle the anger against Jews

2017-10-27 23:53:12 UTC

I would say that maybe they're not helping the "people not like us" problem by harrassing folks left and right.

2017-10-27 23:53:48 UTC

I'm going to send that and see what happens.

2017-10-27 23:55:24 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Wtf is that guy saying that in response too lol? All my posters were clearly readable unless someone fucked with them if thats what hes talking about.

2017-10-27 23:55:48 UTC

I think he's talking about the image dimensions.

2017-10-27 23:58:50 UTC

I dont get it. I literally printed the images straight from my download folder.

2017-10-27 23:59:07 UTC

Oh well. Cant make everyone happy.

2017-10-27 23:59:38 UTC

Fuck that idiot. He's just finding something to kvetch about

2017-10-28 00:02:45 UTC

What else does this dude want from us? Scalps? How about that ADL league mention?

2017-10-28 00:16:10 UTC

I like this guy

2017-10-28 00:16:15 UTC


2017-10-28 00:16:34 UTC

Lol, right?

2017-10-28 00:17:00 UTC

The Chad Internet troll, *Uses all caps to assert dominance.

2017-10-28 00:23:46 UTC

I said what "What about postering and bannering communist ground zero on Nov4th?" He replies iconherently.

2017-10-28 00:44:57 UTC

I'm not scrolling through days of posts. Has anyone put this up yet?

2017-10-28 00:45:23 UTC

2017-10-28 00:45:23 UTC

Never seen that. wew

2017-10-28 00:46:04 UTC

@everyone Welcome our newest NC member, @Alfred NC

2017-10-28 00:46:31 UTC

Hey guys, it's a pleasure to be here and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!

2017-10-28 00:46:38 UTC

@Alfred NC Our numbers grow. Welcome.

2017-10-28 00:47:19 UTC

Welcome to our glorious organization

2017-10-28 00:47:25 UTC

@Alfred NC welcome to PF

2017-10-28 00:48:25 UTC

@Alfred NC Welcome dude glad to have you

2017-10-28 00:49:31 UTC

Appreciate it guys, if anyone is in VA or SC let me know and we'll link up sometime, I travel a lot and don't mind going out of my way a bit to network.

2017-10-28 00:50:03 UTC

@Flagg Is probably closest to you, I'd think. Depending on where he is in the state. @Alfred NC

2017-10-28 00:50:17 UTC

Also, I'm fairly discord illiterate so bear with me as I learn.

2017-10-28 00:51:11 UTC

Yeah for sure, we'll talk

2017-10-28 00:54:15 UTC

Someone used the *literal* dictionary definition of Fascism as a complaint. The *literally literal* textbook definition. Give me a break.

2017-10-28 00:56:47 UTC

@Alfred NC Check this out, our last big(ish) demonstration. Same look, only with more blue, for Austin.

2017-10-28 00:57:32 UTC

She's a woman. Just tell her not to worry about politics and worry about spitting out white children.

2017-10-28 00:58:29 UTC

The answer wasn't so much for her as it was the rest of our followers who like the commentary, tbh. I don't seriously take time to explain the basics of Fascism to people who wouldn't be eligible to be members, or aren't of our people.

2017-10-28 01:06:23 UTC

@Alfred NC Welcome Aboard. You trying to make it out to TX?

2017-10-28 01:07:30 UTC

I sure am, I'll be heading with Halfdan and the Florida crew.

2017-10-28 01:09:04 UTC

Right on. Zeljko told me your story. Owe you a beer or 5 when we get together Sat night.

2017-10-28 01:16:09 UTC


2017-10-28 01:16:52 UTC

Sounds good, I'll never turn down good brotherhood.

2017-10-28 01:26:08 UTC

Also good to have another fellow North Carolinian

2017-10-28 01:28:58 UTC

You're from out here?

2017-10-28 01:29:09 UTC

Yea. Wilmington

2017-10-28 01:29:24 UTC

Born and raised

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