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2017-10-25 14:04:28 UTC


2017-10-25 14:04:33 UTC


2017-10-25 14:05:06 UTC

@Flagg I’ve been meaning to get into him. I think what I’m gonna do is get a reading list together and make a schedule for myself, kind of like a self-taught class

2017-10-25 14:06:29 UTC

Heres some Pics. What kind of American art are you looking for?


2017-10-25 14:06:32 UTC


2017-10-25 14:06:33 UTC


2017-10-25 14:07:10 UTC

Traditional, representing settlers, pioneers, rugged folk engaged in some hardship.

2017-10-25 14:07:44 UTC

For the boys in a field, I was thinking of extending the sky upwards and putting "TO OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY" over it.

2017-10-25 14:08:52 UTC


2017-10-25 14:10:06 UTC

@Thomas Ryan I like that one. The boys in the field is also really good though. Adds to the nostalgia.

2017-10-25 14:10:42 UTC


Forget deadlifts, the best workout is dragging damsels through ocean surf.

2017-10-25 14:11:03 UTC

Can confirm

2017-10-25 14:11:50 UTC


2017-10-25 14:12:35 UTC

That's not American, is it?

2017-10-25 14:12:53 UTC

Looks like Wyoming to me.

2017-10-25 14:13:20 UTC

Muh wheat field

2017-10-25 14:14:15 UTC

I don't like wheat field posting if it's just a bunch of thots frolicking around with a fancy camera pointed at them.

2017-10-25 14:15:19 UTC

@502ssOtto it's like you're not into amber waves of grain

2017-10-25 14:15:30 UTC

I prefer the purple mountains majesty but still

2017-10-25 14:15:31 UTC


2017-10-25 14:15:32 UTC


2017-10-25 14:15:33 UTC


2017-10-25 14:15:39 UTC



2017-10-25 14:15:57 UTC

Real artposting hours.

2017-10-25 14:16:19 UTC

@Smiter-IL Love the third one with the horse

2017-10-25 14:17:14 UTC

Yeah thats a good one.

2017-10-25 14:17:31 UTC

Yeah lol, we wuzzzz artt criittiicss nnn sheeitt

2017-10-25 14:18:17 UTC

Forrr the ladiesss


2017-10-25 14:18:18 UTC


2017-10-25 14:18:18 UTC


2017-10-25 14:23:46 UTC


2017-10-25 14:24:30 UTC

Conquering savages is hard work fam

2017-10-25 14:25:26 UTC




2017-10-25 14:25:30 UTC

@ashrob NJ Lol... Good art though

2017-10-25 14:31:13 UTC






2017-10-25 14:32:39 UTC

@Josh OH the two with the canoe are so realistic

2017-10-25 14:34:31 UTC



2017-10-25 14:34:31 UTC


2017-10-25 14:55:21 UTC











2017-10-25 14:58:50 UTC


2017-10-25 15:02:34 UTC

Not too sure how I feel about it

2017-10-25 15:04:25 UTC

I think it emphasizes work over Heritage and Brotherhood

2017-10-25 15:05:29 UTC

Well yeah, but I mean the design in itself, visually

2017-10-25 15:05:57 UTC

Hmm its okay

2017-10-25 15:05:58 UTC

I love the phrase because it conveys a main point of ours, the balance between personal liberty and societal duty.

2017-10-25 15:06:15 UTC

Which is what Fascism is all about.

2017-10-25 15:07:05 UTC

To be honest maybe I'm just illiterate but the word "posterity" doesn't really have a huge effect on me

2017-10-25 15:07:58 UTC

Replace it with progeny if it helps, Josh

2017-10-25 15:08:22 UTC

Yeah I think maybe I'm just not educated lol

2017-10-25 15:08:53 UTC

But yeah for ourselves and our descendants or kin makes sense

2017-10-25 15:27:30 UTC

So the marines stopped by my house today what do?

2017-10-25 15:28:11 UTC

If I tell em im a WN you think they’ll leave me alone?

2017-10-25 15:29:30 UTC

Give em a roman and telll them god bless the white man 🇺🇸@Kevin

2017-10-25 15:30:02 UTC

I didn’t even apply

2017-10-25 15:30:09 UTC

I was like wtf

2017-10-25 15:32:10 UTC

@Kevin Do what @SonderSchutz TX said, they'll make you an officer on the spot. No doubt.

2017-10-25 15:32:18 UTC

Or the other thought I had was Join? Could it be beneficial to us some how?

2017-10-25 15:34:22 UTC

I have a friend in intelligence some alleged he works for NORAD while he’s zipper tight I squeeze him for info sometimes when I’m bored

2017-10-25 15:34:26 UTC

You forfeit all opinions when you're a member

2017-10-25 15:39:09 UTC


2017-10-25 15:39:33 UTC

I’ll just show her the picture next time she drops by lol

2017-10-25 15:39:36 UTC

"to ourselves and our prosperity" is a quote from the preamble of the american constitution. If you change the phrase at all it loses the connection to our founders

2017-10-25 15:40:20 UTC

“Ever heard of @Thomas Ryan he’s my current commander “ jk lol

2017-10-25 15:40:26 UTC

@Goodest_Boy *Posterity

2017-10-25 15:40:58 UTC

I have fat thumbs

2017-10-25 15:41:01 UTC

They must be desperate if there doing house calls though

2017-10-25 15:42:20 UTC

I mean I’ve heard of the shortage apparently all the snowflakes are going to college now instead of the military.

2017-10-25 15:45:12 UTC

So question for the military guys here. Hypothetically if things got tight financially would it make sense to apply to the National Guard?

2017-10-25 15:49:21 UTC

NG is like the reserve officers I had a few friends back in the day join. It was like two weekends out of a month they’d fly or take a train to their home base. First few months your not allowed to leave base during your training. He was complaining about not being able to smoke cigarettes too.
Sign up bonuses depending on your level of education and commitment. However that’s about it lol because your pays garbage for the first few years lol

2017-10-25 15:52:21 UTC

I was mostly wondering if it could work as a backup plan incase something happened with the future family.

2017-10-25 15:58:24 UTC

I haven’t delved into signing bonuses that was like. 8-ish years ago, it they are hurting for recruitment as much as it seems like. Could be higher now. As far as everything else you’d get training free of charge lol after a while you’d probably be stationed closer to home depending on where your location is if they have one so you’d have to report there when they tell you to.
Idk about taking your gear home I guess if you got a on call status you could. But I know here there’s a NG armory like 10 minuets from me so I’m guessing that’s where they keep their goodies if they need them.
As far as a backup plan yes and no it probably won’t pay your bills entirely. But they could train you as say something in heavy wheel and track mechanic. Or if your lucky airplane mechanic, so that’s the yes part lol if you want to have a fallback trade

2017-10-25 15:59:48 UTC

But you gotta keep in mind your property of the American government once you sign up.

2017-10-25 16:00:01 UTC

They're usually made up of patriotic white men. But right now those people are villafied. They aren't going to sign up you protect America. They're signing up if they have no other option

2017-10-25 16:00:16 UTC

To* not you

2017-10-25 16:03:21 UTC

Yea that was back when Iraq and Afghanistan where still hot but fizzling out. Other than JROTC, the bottom of the barrel was signing up. I’ve been out of the loop. Most of my friends who went in where patriotic (blind) however they went on to get some pretty good jobs after.

2017-10-25 16:05:06 UTC

A lot of independent contractors/companies will actually offer you better pay and higher bonuses when your tour is coming to a end lol

2017-10-25 16:07:01 UTC

The one friend I have is a lifer his first son died of SIDS on base, never got past it. I think it killed him inside and that’s why he never left. But he’s got a pretty high rank now and good pay.

2017-10-25 16:17:53 UTC

Don’t quote me on anything that was years ago and everything could be different now.
If your looking to learn like a trade or something and have some resume padding it could be worth a look.
And if they find out about your extra curricular activities it will probably come to a quick end lol

2017-10-25 16:18:44 UTC

One of our guys who I can no longer get ahold of joined border patrol afterwards

2017-10-25 16:18:53 UTC


2017-10-25 16:19:20 UTC

He was concerned about getting doxxed lol

2017-10-25 16:23:45 UTC


2017-10-25 16:23:51 UTC

We definitely need space propaganda

2017-10-25 16:24:13 UTC

That looks nice

2017-10-25 16:29:34 UTC

You guys seen elon musk's new space suit? Looks good

2017-10-25 16:31:36 UTC


2017-10-25 16:34:22 UTC

Is that built for Mars? It looks a bit thin for a spacewalk.

2017-10-25 16:34:55 UTC

Apparently it's been tested and outs completely viable

2017-10-25 16:34:59 UTC


2017-10-25 16:35:01 UTC

There was an article on the Stormer about it. Something like The Only Thing Elon Musk Ever Did Right

2017-10-25 16:35:27 UTC

Looks more like a motorcycle suit lol

2017-10-25 16:36:08 UTC

Hey barbarayan. Long time no see! Guess who I am.

2017-10-25 16:36:52 UTC

Hint, I went to the barbecue in Dallas with John

2017-10-25 16:37:15 UTC

And I'm not Albanian

2017-10-25 16:40:19 UTC

You guys hang out with Albanians lol?

2017-10-25 16:41:13 UTC

Funny story, but I'm not a gossip. We can talk about it in person

2017-10-25 16:41:35 UTC


2017-10-25 16:42:32 UTC

Lmao alright, I used to play pool at a place, long story short it got taken over by Albanians so had to stop going there, they are fucking nuts man guy got stabbed right outside

2017-10-25 16:50:00 UTC

That’s a motorcycle suit lol

2017-10-25 17:39:25 UTC

What days do I need off for Austin again

2017-10-25 17:39:57 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL also did you get zuccd

2017-10-25 17:41:03 UTC

Self deactivated, got some news from my family in Virginia about some things and decided to go ghost for a bit

2017-10-25 18:23:22 UTC


2017-10-25 18:24:51 UTC

RIP in peace Tay 😢

2017-10-25 18:26:25 UTC

When you know that AI will be totally pro white when the time comes


2017-10-25 18:26:49 UTC

thats what i was thinking. It knows the truth.

2017-10-25 18:36:51 UTC

@Lucilomar - FL roger. Let me know if you need anything.

2017-10-25 18:36:58 UTC

Also, got promoted at work lads.

2017-10-25 18:38:43 UTC

Thanks man

2017-10-25 19:57:44 UTC

Did we get any attention for last night?

2017-10-25 20:04:22 UTC

Check Twitter @Kevin

2017-10-25 20:05:34 UTC

I did ☹️ there was a nigger carjacker that got shot last night made headlines I was listening to the scanner when it happened “shots fired “ came through

2017-10-25 20:14:10 UTC

Nothing yet

2017-10-25 20:15:33 UTC

Yea just a bunch of shit apparently they found out who killed a negro drag queen last year that’s top headlines... hint two other spooks killed him/it

2017-10-25 20:17:14 UTC

I think a banner drop would make the news honestly it’s a small area in a way so everything makes local news

2017-10-25 20:18:34 UTC

A coordinated banner drop maybe if we did like 5 at once lol heading I275 north and south maybe US19 too because to get off the island you gotta get on one of them

2017-10-25 20:18:47 UTC

Peninsula *

2017-10-25 20:19:38 UTC

Highways are good because we won’t run into anything

2017-10-25 20:54:52 UTC

So... My English teacher today used me as an example for some reason today. We were on the subject of using speaking verbs to indicate a writer's stance, so she says, "machinesmiter, CELEBRATES Hitler's rise to power." Me, and the class start ironically laughing. Except I was unironically ironically laughing. Lol, she has absolutely no idea how much she is spot on, so I was dying laughing.

2017-10-25 21:05:45 UTC

@Smiter-IL lololol

2017-10-25 21:14:27 UTC

Reddit and Twitter are cracking down hard today

2017-10-25 21:14:42 UTC

Almost all right wing subreddits banned in the past two hours

2017-10-25 21:15:02 UTC

Twitter is shoahing thousands

2017-10-25 21:15:23 UTC

Fuck them. All that does is show the world their colors.

2017-10-25 21:20:37 UTC

"first groups to fall are Nazi and Nazi-sympathizing subreddits"

Fun fact: When someone bases their entire identity off of having the political ideology of "Anti-Nazi", then whoever controls what a "Nazi" is controls a ravenous mob of useful idiots.

2017-10-25 21:35:59 UTC


2017-10-25 22:16:52 UTC

Reading through my shop manual for the bike. (Figuring out how much oil it needs) says in the manual “requires special tool for drain plug removal bring to your local Certified Honda dealer “
Looking under bike it’s a 12mm bolt lmao

2017-10-25 23:00:24 UTC

They are trying to boomer proof their stuff bro

2017-10-25 23:36:59 UTC

True we do the same shit at the dealership

2017-10-25 23:38:16 UTC

Actually cars have like over 20 mini computers in them now so they are literally everyone proofed

2017-10-25 23:39:21 UTC

We get people who wonder why (boomers) their cold air intake they paid $400 for didn’t give them 100 more horsepower on their base model hemi

2017-10-25 23:43:00 UTC

Number of followers lost = danger rating.

2017-10-25 23:43:16 UTC

Lose your account - win the game

2017-10-26 00:00:32 UTC

Losing your account is a bad thing, no?

2017-10-26 00:00:58 UTC

@Kevin had a guy ask me if we wired after market brake lights direct to the battery the same way we did the after market interior dome light.

2017-10-26 00:06:15 UTC

the eternal boomer

2017-10-26 00:06:52 UTC

I wish they could just understand that race mixers can't be right wing

2017-10-26 00:08:06 UTC

Fucking III%ers man

2017-10-26 00:17:51 UTC


2017-10-26 00:17:52 UTC


2017-10-26 00:17:55 UTC

At the end of the day III%ers wont do shit. In all reality, they are too moderate. I am in one of their Illinois groups, and they are pretty much just like your average Republican , but just love guns alot more.

2017-10-26 00:17:57 UTC


2017-10-26 00:18:09 UTC

Those look great

2017-10-26 00:18:13 UTC

Those are good.

2017-10-26 00:20:23 UTC

By I am in one of their groups, I mean Face book groups.

2017-10-26 00:20:38 UTC

Not an actual member.

2017-10-26 00:21:57 UTC


2017-10-26 00:23:06 UTC


2017-10-26 00:23:13 UTC

Well done.

2017-10-26 00:26:42 UTC

Very nice job on those

2017-10-26 00:28:24 UTC


Told a guy to read our manifesto, where we proudly display a quote from Mr.Ford speaking about negative Jewish influence, and then I told him to look through our page, which showcases posters directly speaking out against Jewish influence, and then he asks if we acknowledge Jewish influence.

2017-10-26 00:28:54 UTC

Idk about that last poster. Doesn't POP like the others do.

2017-10-26 00:29:12 UTC

Also not sure about the first one. Can you read the text alright?

2017-10-26 00:29:31 UTC

If you alpha-ed out the furthest mountain, it'd pop a little more

2017-10-26 00:30:05 UTC

Also slight tangent maybe with the tip of the fern

2017-10-26 00:30:46 UTC

That's a lot of going in real close with an eraser on a relatively low-res image fam.

2017-10-26 00:31:11 UTC

I've tried that before, spending half an hour looking at pixels and it only looks worse after I'm done.

2017-10-26 00:31:16 UTC

Yeah that might get involved

2017-10-26 00:31:44 UTC

I think it's alright. We should do a campaign with just the three of those, or four. Whichever we choose.

2017-10-26 00:31:51 UTC

I think we should stick with three.

2017-10-26 00:40:21 UTC

2017-10-26 00:40:39 UTC

Hello everyone

2017-10-26 00:40:39 UTC

@everyone Welcome our newest WV member!

2017-10-26 00:41:25 UTC
2017-10-26 00:41:31 UTC

Ill be heading to bed soon be back on tomorrow glad to be among you all Hail Victory

2017-10-26 00:45:00 UTC

Good to see another brother!

2017-10-26 00:45:32 UTC


2017-10-26 00:45:44 UTC

Welcome aboard. Glad to have ya

2017-10-26 00:50:12 UTC

Welcome Aboard

2017-10-26 00:50:42 UTC

Good to see us expanding! Fash up those coal mines brother!

2017-10-26 01:07:12 UTC
2017-10-26 01:33:39 UTC

Welcome Bro

2017-10-26 01:42:32 UTC

Hot shit Thomas! Like the new material!

2017-10-26 01:43:02 UTC
2017-10-26 01:59:47 UTC

Bet its a negroid

2017-10-26 01:59:55 UTC

That university will need some posters.

2017-10-26 02:00:20 UTC

Of course it is. They only have a *nickname*

2017-10-26 02:02:47 UTC

Lol, stupid niggers can never be tamed. Even after 250 years of slavery, and 150 years of living free in a great white society.

2017-10-26 02:03:35 UTC

You can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of nigger.

2017-10-26 02:05:07 UTC

*lil gib me muh gibs*

2017-10-26 02:14:17 UTC


2017-10-26 02:14:23 UTC


2017-10-26 02:14:46 UTC

Siri isn’t a white nationalist

2017-10-26 02:16:02 UTC


2017-10-26 02:22:09 UTC

Dude if AI can make jew jokes most alt rights podcasters would get job cucked

2017-10-26 02:23:07 UTC

Lmao I just wanted to see if it would actually do it

2017-10-26 02:25:11 UTC

Dose the term goyim include computers?

2017-10-26 02:27:26 UTC

Do you know high school musical.
The holocaust was a hoax.
That's... True, but not very funny.

2017-10-26 02:27:30 UTC


2017-10-26 02:27:33 UTC


2017-10-26 02:27:35 UTC

Thats what clever bot just told me

2017-10-26 02:29:24 UTC

Apparently it won’t tell me a Jew joke but a goym one , don’t know what it’s definition of goym is lol but the joke wasn’t very good

2017-10-26 02:34:11 UTC

Ask for a joke about white people and one about black people

2017-10-26 02:35:06 UTC

Eh damn I was hoping for better

2017-10-26 02:35:09 UTC


2017-10-26 02:35:16 UTC


2017-10-26 02:36:00 UTC

Maybe I’ll find a way to make it say something bad about whites and we can use it as Jews being racist

2017-10-26 02:36:29 UTC

Lol clever bot said it didnt want to speak of the jews out of fear.

2017-10-26 02:37:38 UTC

When I went to Africa once, I stopped at a small village with a witch doctor. He invited me into his hut to view his brain collection.

European brains = $1.00 per pound
Asian brains = $2.00 per pound
African brains = $100.00 per pound

I asked him why African brains were so much more money, and he replied; Do you know how many Africans I have to kill to get a pound of brains?

2017-10-26 02:37:59 UTC


2017-10-26 02:38:10 UTC

Lmao that was a good one

2017-10-26 02:38:57 UTC

Isn’t it a fact though they do have a smaller brain?

2017-10-26 02:39:20 UTC


2017-10-26 02:40:32 UTC

Racist science those two don’t mix lmao, if it’s a fact it’s a fact weather they like it or not blame racism if you don’t like facts!

2017-10-26 02:43:28 UTC

Hate science sounds pretty neeto. Like a mad scientist who gets revenge on his enemies

2017-10-26 02:46:39 UTC

There’s some bullshit studies out there (Jews) probably. But a lot of science is actually founded on solid facts. Just like I believe it was Oxford? I can’t remember the college but anyway they did like 10 year study. Finally ruling gay people as mentally ill. Literally a mental illness. But they admitted it probably still can’t be treated with medications....yet but you won’t see that kind of stuff on the front page news.

2017-10-26 02:47:49 UTC

Homosexuality goes against the laws of nature. And bare bones of why we are here and what we are.

2017-10-26 02:49:51 UTC

Absolutely degenerate.

2017-10-26 02:50:21 UTC

We are designed by nature to reproduce. When you take that factor out, not only are you useless. But there’s something wrong in your head example mental illness Idk that’s just the way I see it.

2017-10-26 02:50:29 UTC

Whats worse, a fag, or jew?

2017-10-26 02:50:53 UTC

Tough question imo... Well, no fags without jews, so i say jew.

2017-10-26 02:51:00 UTC

Jew because they promote and probably designed the fags

2017-10-26 02:51:40 UTC

No Jew=No Fag.

2017-10-26 02:51:41 UTC

Without the Jews and news more people would realize that they are only 2% of the population.
Not 98.9 like they make it seem

2017-10-26 02:52:13 UTC

International Jewry pushes homosexuality. It's just that simple.

2017-10-26 02:52:29 UTC

They push it using every lever of power they have, b/c it destroys civilizations.

2017-10-26 02:54:20 UTC

Homos, and Porn gotta go.

2017-10-26 02:54:21 UTC

Jews. I pity gays in the same way I pity people with schizophrenia something important has been denied them. Jews try to deconstruct everything goyim.

2017-10-26 02:54:35 UTC

Look how many tv shows we have with gays now, sickening even children’s shows have slipped through the cracks with . Two moms or two dads under the guise of , “they don’t want the kids to feel bad”

2017-10-26 02:55:05 UTC

Guess who pushes porn as well. And no-fault divorce, and abortion, and femenism, and the anti-masculinity movement.

2017-10-26 02:55:06 UTC


2017-10-26 02:55:17 UTC


2017-10-26 02:55:28 UTC


2017-10-26 02:55:50 UTC

Sometimes i wish the holocaust was real.

2017-10-26 02:56:03 UTC

Fire up the ovens we need to push 25k a day even though we can only do 1 every 8 hours

2017-10-26 02:56:27 UTC

Looking forward to seeing these screencaps on IGD.

2017-10-26 02:56:38 UTC

Let me know if you guys got that joke

2017-10-26 02:56:56 UTC


2017-10-26 02:57:15 UTC


2017-10-26 02:58:28 UTC

I might die of laughter if so commie at igd got triggered by my shitpost

2017-10-26 02:59:31 UTC

We’ll need to dust off the pedal powered brain crushing machines also

2017-10-26 02:59:46 UTC


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