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2018-10-29 01:37:27 UTC

@John of Arc feels bad man

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2018-11-13 00:49:48 UTC

2018-11-13 00:50:09 UTC

*Thanks Pokecord*

2018-11-16 19:58:31 UTC

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2018-12-07 02:10:42 UTC
2018-12-09 01:10:46 UTC
2019-01-10 01:40:58 UTC

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2019-03-02 15:43:57 UTC

Those two guys have 6 brains between them. The drummer drums with his left, plays all the bass line with his right hand all the while singing, and making loops, then the bassist plays all the guitar sounds with various loops while singing. It's fucking amazing.

2019-04-25 22:58:23 UTC

Hey this isn't my stuff but some of my very close friends who are super redpilled and down with Q made this really awesome children book that teaches like resilience and respect for the environment and stuff and it's also set to a really cool piece of music
They're trying to get it published with a kickstarter but are short and only have a day left.

If anyone has kids or knows ppl with kids please share and let them know ASAP ❀

2019-09-05 15:23:43 UTC
2019-09-06 13:59:59 UTC

one night at band camp

2019-09-27 09:07:21 UTC

rush playlist

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