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2018-11-07 20:53:11 UTC


2018-11-07 20:53:15 UTC


2018-11-07 20:53:27 UTC

I'm ready.

You ready?

2018-11-07 20:53:27 UTC

Hi ready.

you ready?, I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-07 20:53:45 UTC


2018-11-07 20:53:58 UTC

Prefect response botchan

2018-11-07 20:54:54 UTC

Great minds think alike @stedly

2018-11-07 20:56:11 UTC

Oh my!

2018-11-07 20:59:41 UTC

Sessions resigning?

2018-11-07 21:02:55 UTC

I'm I'm gay and,

2018-11-07 21:02:55 UTC

Hi i'm gay and,, I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-07 21:03:05 UTC

I'm I'm gay and

2018-11-07 21:03:17 UTC

I'm I'm gay and,

2018-11-07 21:03:20 UTC


2018-11-07 21:03:53 UTC

@stedly type something

2018-11-07 21:03:56 UTC

So I can try again

2018-11-07 21:04:38 UTC

I'm Hey @FastJack haha faggot

2018-11-07 21:06:02 UTC

Haha funny that Sessions doesnt need to unrecuse himself & Rosenstein is automatically no longer leading the russia probe (whitaker is)

2018-11-07 21:06:39 UTC

Hence Dumb Fuck Chuck getting his panties in a bunch

2018-11-07 21:07:05 UTC
2018-11-07 21:07:05 UTC

Hi hey @b̸̕r̴̨͠e͘͢λ̢d͢͝b͠͞o̡̕x haha faggot, I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-07 21:07:10 UTC


2018-11-07 21:07:41 UTC

I'm Hey @424436710089424897 haha faggot

2018-11-07 21:08:37 UTC


2018-11-07 21:08:42 UTC

I'm Hey @424436710089424897 haha faggot

2018-11-07 21:08:46 UTC


2018-11-07 21:08:52 UTC

You try it

2018-11-07 21:08:52 UTC

Session played his part and exits the scene as of everything is as mainstream expected

2018-11-07 21:09:28 UTC

I'm hey @444280380661432320 hahaha you're a faggot

2018-11-07 21:09:43 UTC

fucking botchan

2018-11-07 21:09:47 UTC

worthless thotchan

2018-11-07 21:22:00 UTC
2018-11-07 21:34:36 UTC

Is anyone else getting 8ch errors???

2018-11-07 21:34:39 UTC

Anyone else notice Q is typing notes to Sessions and Gowdy on the board? How many patriots on mission actually read the board? Beautiful!

2018-11-07 21:35:27 UTC

I use app sorry. App works.

2018-11-07 21:36:30 UTC


2018-11-07 21:37:39 UTC
2018-11-07 21:38:07 UTC


2018-11-07 21:38:16 UTC

Get some errors every now and then

2018-11-07 21:41:41 UTC


2018-11-07 21:42:01 UTC

```board under attack```

2018-11-07 21:42:05 UTC

Feels good

2018-11-07 21:42:53 UTC

Panic in DC, muwahahahahahaha

2018-11-07 21:45:30 UTC

Dude board def under attack. What the hell????!!! Great timing anyone?😭

2018-11-07 21:46:13 UTC

8ch has just been crushed

2018-11-07 21:46:15 UTC


2018-11-07 21:46:20 UTC

Good times

2018-11-07 21:46:22 UTC

Sorry about the bot all

2018-11-07 21:46:28 UTC

Do you think these criminals are starting to get it? The board will weather this but hahahahaha.

2018-11-07 21:58:42 UTC

I'm glad I stocked up on popcorn

2018-11-07 21:58:43 UTC

Hi glad i stocked up on popcorn, I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-07 21:59:01 UTC

I'm hey @444280380661432320 hahaha you're a faggot

2018-11-07 22:02:20 UTC

Btw what app do you use? Just curious

2018-11-07 22:04:19 UTC

I'm boppo

2018-11-07 22:04:19 UTC

Hi boppo, I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-07 22:10:11 UTC

haha ppl are being mean to Sessions: http://magaimg.net/img/6o3i.png

2018-11-07 22:13:12 UTC

I need a qrd on what firing sessions, the supposed /our guy/ means

2018-11-07 22:13:12 UTC

2018-11-07 22:18:25 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo bottom line? it means Rosenstein and mueller are gone

2018-11-07 22:19:44 UTC

And RR is assured dunked on?

2018-11-07 22:19:59 UTC

I hear predictions but not certaibties

2018-11-07 22:20:02 UTC


2018-11-07 22:20:28 UTC

No certainties yet, just speculation.

2018-11-07 22:23:18 UTC

no certainties in real life, sorry

2018-11-07 22:23:40 UTC



2018-11-07 22:23:41 UTC


2018-11-07 22:23:43 UTC

just probabilities and possibilities

2018-11-07 22:24:42 UTC

Whatever you say, Descartes

2018-11-07 22:25:16 UTC


2018-11-07 22:27:00 UTC


2018-11-07 22:27:19 UTC

About a $1.50 per pound

2018-11-07 22:34:37 UTC


2018-11-07 22:35:30 UTC

Ohhh I like the red line on red October....mmmmm

2018-11-07 22:41:49 UTC

wrong lamar!

2018-11-07 22:43:38 UTC

Lamar Alexander = not woke

2018-11-07 22:47:05 UTC

Pelosi needs to have a nurse Ratchet moment

2018-11-07 22:48:29 UTC

Pretty sure he’s up in 2020!!!

2018-11-07 22:48:34 UTC

Fucking love it!!!

2018-11-07 22:50:29 UTC

Time for the senate to start approving the remaining nominations that have been stalled

2018-11-07 22:53:44 UTC

@PawnWithAPurpose I forgot about that 😉

2018-11-07 22:53:48 UTC

Dems = crying

2018-11-07 22:54:15 UTC

Yep, job of the senate & no more Rinos

2018-11-07 22:59:29 UTC

```Pain coming```

2018-11-07 22:59:33 UTC


2018-11-07 23:04:51 UTC

Red line on red October means what exactly...this feels like word salad

2018-11-07 23:05:27 UTC


2018-11-07 23:08:38 UTC

I don’t get how it’s relevant, and further, what is it coincident with?

2018-11-07 23:08:39 UTC


2018-11-07 23:08:53 UTC

Eric Holder activating sleepers

2018-11-07 23:09:04 UTC

Oh yeah

2018-11-07 23:09:21 UTC

I mean....I guess

2018-11-07 23:10:07 UTC

Have to cross reference were “red line” was used in posts with “red October”

2018-11-07 23:10:48 UTC

This sessions thing was amazingly out of nowhere and freaking them the hell out

2018-11-07 23:12:59 UTC


2018-11-07 23:13:35 UTC

the dems have drawn their red line. we are about to cross it

2018-11-07 23:13:44 UTC

is anyone scared?

2018-11-07 23:16:04 UTC

Ya.....Eric Holder

2018-11-07 23:16:09 UTC

No I’m excited!

2018-11-07 23:18:20 UTC

Oh, a red line. If that fails are they going to start counting to 3 next??

2018-11-07 23:18:53 UTC

Midterms are over! We got the Senate! No brakes! Let’s GO!

2018-11-07 23:19:45 UTC

The election was what it was, and I guess I get it, but honestly, these two Q posts from yesterday straight up infuriate me:


Don't get why but im curious to your disposition

2018-11-07 23:22:52 UTC

I’m confused why

2018-11-07 23:22:55 UTC


2018-11-07 23:22:56 UTC

Unnecessary overhype that implies something bigger (the house). The senate is huge, and a great victory, but losing the house isn’t minor as it relates to the measurable reach of our movement and a marker for tangible nation wide success.

2018-11-07 23:23:19 UTC

Your misinterpretation implies the House

2018-11-07 23:24:17 UTC

Jesus would have had to descend himself and intervene to not lose the House. I think you may have had unrealistic expectations

>ignoring posthumous Q posts explaining

2018-11-07 23:25:02 UTC

I didn’t have any expectation as it relates to the house...you really can’t, because there are so many races

And what got done with the majority of the house

2018-11-07 23:25:14 UTC

Then why infuriated?

2018-11-07 23:26:53 UTC

I’ll explain in a bit, running late in real life, but I will explain my thinking.

2018-11-07 23:26:58 UTC


Ohh so you want more republicans there for the FISA declas

2018-11-07 23:27:40 UTC

I trust the plan, and appreciate the intricacies and complexities of informing us openly in front of the adversary.

Don't you see why they have the majority?

They ALL are about to go down

2018-11-07 23:27:58 UTC

My expectations were a bit high so to speak. Thats on me though.

2018-11-07 23:28:24 UTC

Maybe 2020 Trump will get 2/3rd majority control of congress.

You think the DECLAS was going to be a surgery removing only certain people from office?

Look what districts flipped

the ones that are going to get exposed

Minuis Minnesota

2018-11-07 23:29:21 UTC

,play Porch Monkey song

2018-11-07 23:29:21 UTC

2018-11-07 23:29:21 UTC

2018-11-07 23:30:37 UTC

I’m looking forward to Hannity tonight and Graham will be on with him. I think perspective will be better after watching that, for the people who feel disappointed

2018-11-07 23:30:53 UTC


>watching kiked Fox for opinion

2018-11-07 23:30:58 UTC

I'm not disappointed, but I'm not yet satisfied either.

2018-11-07 23:30:58 UTC

Hi not disappointed, but i'm not yet satisfied either., I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-07 23:31:01 UTC

>Unnecessary overhype that implies something bigger (the house). The senate is huge, and a great victory, but losing the house isn’t minor as it relates to the measurable reach of our movement and a marker for tangible nation wide success.

2018-11-07 23:31:12 UTC

If you read the Q posts @Harry Saq

2018-11-07 23:31:20 UTC

You would know why the Senate was what they wanted.

2018-11-07 23:31:24 UTC

But you didn't @Harry Saq

2018-11-07 23:31:48 UTC

Why @Harry Saq did they want the senate?

But guys the House will actually get something accomplished!

2018-11-07 23:31:55 UTC

To have high expectations on Trump isn't really discouraged, I think that feeds him more power.

2018-11-07 23:32:04 UTC

Not minor, but not unexpected either

It has to be DRAINED

2018-11-07 23:32:13 UTC

Planned AF

2018-11-07 23:32:21 UTC

They didn't remove all the illegals

2018-11-07 23:32:23 UTC

Yep those expectations still exist.

2018-11-07 23:32:25 UTC

They didn't bar them from voting

even WITH the majority

2018-11-07 23:32:59 UTC

most states dont confirm the vote until the 30th

2018-11-07 23:32:59 UTC

2018-11-07 23:33:06 UTC

Trump meeting any expectations that we have is phenomenal currently.

2018-11-07 23:33:06 UTC

expect some shit to go down

2018-11-07 23:33:17 UTC

before stuff is confirmed

2018-11-07 23:33:29 UTC


2018-11-07 23:33:30 UTC

The House will have Pelosi leading and Waters controlling finances...no1 easier to blame and make a fool of then them. Will be good for politics

2018-11-07 23:33:30 UTC

We had plenty of other dumbass "presidents" that didn't meet a single expectation.

2018-11-07 23:33:37 UTC

Seems like he WANTS Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the shit show the House will become lol

2018-11-07 23:33:48 UTC


2018-11-07 23:33:54 UTC

Then anything Trump likes get stamped for sure

2018-11-07 23:33:56 UTC

He's offering a branch of peace knowing they won't take it

2018-11-07 23:33:59 UTC

Today is the best day.
Trump "happy" about House, wants NP as Speaker.
That should tell you that he is playing chess and has a plan.

2018-11-07 23:34:02 UTC

And they'll be the ones to act like fools

2018-11-07 23:34:36 UTC

Imagine Nancy & Waters trying to defend the dems positions publicly. Many lulz

2018-11-07 23:34:41 UTC

Hes also showing the public 100% that they won't be civil even if they do gain some power in the house.

2018-11-07 23:34:59 UTC

its a red tsunami, i expect an unexpected recount and repubs taking the house by a miracle

Put your enemy on a pedestal to make it easier to topple

2018-11-07 23:35:06 UTC

They will prove they cannot be trusted with power

2018-11-07 23:35:21 UTC

This is so great

2018-11-07 23:35:31 UTC

If obama's 8 years didn't prove it already, hes gonna prove it again.

2018-11-07 23:35:37 UTC


2018-11-07 23:35:55 UTC


2018-11-07 23:36:07 UTC

Trump has been warning over and over that Nancy would make a mess. Now any problems fall on their shoulders and almost forced to cooperate or commit political suicide

2018-11-07 23:36:40 UTC

what happens in a tsunami?

2018-11-07 23:36:46 UTC

the wave recedes

2018-11-07 23:36:52 UTC

before WHAM

2018-11-07 23:36:53 UTC

As we get to start cinfirming appointments and judges

2018-11-07 23:37:08 UTC

That’s an important point

2018-11-07 23:37:20 UTC

i believe we will win the house in a recount

2018-11-07 23:37:33 UTC

red tsunami

2018-11-07 23:37:38 UTC

Rule of law soon to be restored.

2018-11-07 23:37:38 UTC

Andd they will be there all the way till 2024 since 6 years instead of 2 like the house

2018-11-07 23:38:25 UTC

>inb4 Dems start crying that ripping off everyone's tax-payer money isn't a "bad thing"

2018-11-07 23:38:43 UTC

Pelosi won't last

2018-11-07 23:38:51 UTC

Because her husband is wealthy due to the Chinese

2018-11-07 23:38:58 UTC

FISA owns her.

First off she's implicated in DECLAS

2018-11-07 23:39:03 UTC

I seriously think they'll actually pretend that any crime they do should somehow be legal for them.

2018-11-07 23:39:09 UTC

Also, Pelosi publicly stated she sold weapons to NK and owns Goat Hill Pizza. Lots of skeletons in her closet to shake over her head

2nd Jim Jordan is waiting next in line after the next round resignation

2018-11-07 23:39:27 UTC

heres what i also think will happen

2018-11-07 23:39:28 UTC

Then they will start to fall


2018-11-07 23:39:40 UTC

vote in most states dont get confirmed till the 30th

Special elections will be red wave part duex

2018-11-07 23:40:01 UTC

if 11/11 sees the day indictments are unsealed and arrests ocurr

2018-11-07 23:40:14 UTC

dems wont qualify for office anyway

2018-11-07 23:40:18 UTC

because treason

2018-11-07 23:40:24 UTC

Have to wonder if Sessions would have been out if Republicans won the house.

2018-11-07 23:40:28 UTC

is a felony and a capital crime

2018-11-07 23:40:37 UTC

If the results were a trigger one way or another

2018-11-07 23:40:44 UTC

both which bar you from taking office

>ignoring Trump stating for investingation to end immediatley

2018-11-07 23:41:07 UTC

so two possible outcomes maybe both

2018-11-07 23:41:18 UTC

winning via recount or winning via arrests

2018-11-07 23:41:23 UTC

or both]

2018-11-07 23:41:23 UTC

2018-11-07 23:41:28 UTC

Well felons are getting the right to vote in Florida... Somehow I think they're gonna push that they should have the right to hold office too.

2018-11-07 23:41:53 UTC

Probably already does.

2018-11-07 23:42:03 UTC

the supreme court wont let that hapopen @ stedly

2018-11-07 23:42:05 UTC

Supreme Court needs to rule on that.

2018-11-07 23:42:11 UTC

we have kevanough

2018-11-07 23:42:27 UTC

Seems the Dems were baited into focusing on the house...then Trump does a switch up with Sessions and such & makes it all for not haha

2018-11-07 23:42:30 UTC

otherwise what is the point of his confirmation?

2018-11-07 23:42:34 UTC


2018-11-07 23:42:43 UTC

This asshole is standing like a glow in the dark mason nigger at the JFK gravesite

2018-11-07 23:42:49 UTC

The one that looks like a Q overhead

2018-11-07 23:43:06 UTC

That shit he's doing with his hands is code for 'I'm a mason'

>bait dems into house over RED LINE
>make them blow all their shekels on races for nothing
>keep control of senate
>control destiny with cabinet
>control destiny with future appointees

Everything else is smoke and mirrors

2018-11-07 23:43:45 UTC

@PenSHITLORD wheres that located at? is that near by some ancient cult sacrificial place?

2018-11-07 23:43:53 UTC

I just told you faggot

2018-11-07 23:43:59 UTC

Another threat like the Comey Lincoln photo?

2018-11-07 23:44:02 UTC

It's the JFK eternal flame gravesite

2018-11-07 23:44:06 UTC

Exactly that

2018-11-07 23:44:10 UTC

I can't read, sorry Im a nigger.

2018-11-07 23:44:21 UTC

This faggot is calling his shot

2018-11-07 23:44:36 UTC

@PenSHITLORD don’t tell me what I do and don’t know, I also can’t explain at the moment due to real life (driving), but it isn’t that big of a deal, and will explain why it pissed me off...even as I appreciate how it is even genius.

2018-11-07 23:44:50 UTC
2018-11-07 23:44:57 UTC

accentuate the positive

2018-11-07 23:45:01 UTC

Be safe @Harry Saq type later

Fucking trust the plan you niggers

2018-11-07 23:45:16 UTC

i trust the plan

2018-11-07 23:45:19 UTC

So... "code i'm a mason" or in other words "wake up sleeper cells we're about to get thrown in gitmo"

2018-11-07 23:45:21 UTC

Let's ping @Harry Saq and check the news for car crashes so we can dox him.

2018-11-07 23:45:28 UTC

That's what's happening @stedly

2018-11-07 23:45:29 UTC



2018-11-07 23:45:34 UTC

however we do0nt really know the next stage quite yet

2018-11-07 23:45:40 UTC

We do too luci

2018-11-07 23:45:44 UTC


Next stage is declas bitch

2018-11-07 23:45:51 UTC


2018-11-07 23:45:58 UTC

i mean after declass

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