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2018-10-01 06:09:18 UTC


2018-10-01 06:09:22 UTC


2018-10-01 06:09:27 UTC


2018-10-01 06:09:31 UTC


2018-10-01 06:14:10 UTC

THREAD THEME RIGHT NOWhttps://youtu.be/Y3R8tkvlAlk

Rachel Mitchell is from Phoenix

2018-10-01 06:43:16 UTC
2018-10-01 07:21:12 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo is it an actual thread theme on the boards? If not make it so.

2018-10-01 08:37:38 UTC

@Botchan Your hours are numbered beaitch!!

2018-10-01 08:39:38 UTC


2018-10-01 08:42:09 UTC

@Botchan Don't act like you're thinking!! It takes you 5 minutes to put up a damn emoji..

2018-10-01 08:44:11 UTC


2018-10-01 08:51:19 UTC

why are the hours numbered?

2018-10-01 09:06:32 UTC
2018-10-01 09:06:57 UTC

I mean, besides the generalized need to distinguish between discrete aspects of the typical calendar day

2018-10-01 09:08:51 UTC

Because I think BB will discontinue the bot for that purpose after he gets everyone vetted. That's my guess.

2018-10-01 09:09:15 UTC

fingers crossed, because @Botchan needs to be @Gonechan

2018-10-01 09:09:31 UTC


2018-10-01 11:20:20 UTC
2018-10-01 11:21:00 UTC

Iran launches missiles into Syria

2018-10-01 11:36:05 UTC

Democrats had a chance for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire while Obama was president.
Ginsburg refused to retire. That hurt the Democrats who could have solidified a Dem seat on the Supreme Court. Her personal interests have now harmed her party. They thought Hilary would win and it would still be theirs to fill.

2018-10-01 12:12:28 UTC

got this from one of the links on comments in a neonrevolt post - https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2018/09/30/vindication/

2018-10-01 12:26:47 UTC


If you ever wondered if the votes count this time..... This would be blatant abuse and they'd likely get away with it for a while.

2018-10-01 12:26:47 UTC

Congratulations @Golfinweg, you're now level 2.

2018-10-01 12:28:19 UTC

Nadler is as big a piece of shit as any of them

2018-10-01 12:49:42 UTC

How exactly are you vetting @Botchan

2018-10-01 12:52:31 UTC

Good article @SirW00f

2018-10-01 12:52:32 UTC

Congratulations @SC♢TFRΣΣ, you're now level 2.

2018-10-01 12:57:08 UTC

bot is automatic

2018-10-01 12:58:52 UTC

ok, i kinda noticed lately in the comments section of neonrevolt articles ...they do their own research and find interesting articles...i found 2 in the comments section and posted them here and other servers

2018-10-01 13:40:19 UTC

Now that the Dems realize Kavanaugh is going to be cleared of all allegations they are beginning to shift their narrative in claiming he had a drinking problem. Fake media is all over this right now.

2018-10-01 14:10:01 UTC

@Bukkakemon not the actual one playing, but it should be

2018-10-01 14:13:50 UTC

55k now

@SirW00f just saw that, the #Pain grows

2018-10-01 14:39:29 UTC

Yeah.... Get to the bottom of boofing, and find the ultimate jenk recipe known to man. Prison wallets unite.

2018-10-01 15:08:11 UTC

What is "enhanced" vetting?

2018-10-01 15:08:55 UTC

Everyone hit like on it. This is my demoralizing leftist campaign.

2018-10-01 15:09:52 UTC

@stedly done

2018-10-01 15:10:40 UTC

Don't follow me though. 😛

2018-10-01 15:18:12 UTC

Good morning y'all

2018-10-01 15:21:24 UTC

I gotta make my twitter account look as much lefty as possible.

2018-10-01 15:21:51 UTC

Sorry Im gonna follow all the liberal nutcases that I hate.

2018-10-01 15:22:31 UTC

Yep its the lefty blackpiller account.

2018-10-01 15:24:56 UTC

I kneejerked when I clicked on rachel maddow follow...

2018-10-01 15:25:09 UTC

Like there was an eye twitch of some nature.

2018-10-01 15:25:53 UTC

stedly, u suffering from chemically induced liberalism?

2018-10-01 15:27:02 UTC

Hopefully not. Someone give me a libtard looking photo.

2018-10-01 15:27:20 UTC

For a header photo. Gotta make this legit.

2018-10-01 15:30:37 UTC

This one good?


2018-10-01 15:38:35 UTC

That one will probably give you away....

2018-10-01 15:39:50 UTC

K I need a better, sirwolff sent me some that would make me even more obvious.

2018-10-01 15:42:50 UTC

I don't doubt that one bit

2018-10-01 15:49:15 UTC

sorry, i didn't read it properly ...i made the mistake of sending u libtard proofs

2018-10-01 15:55:52 UTC

Sir woof, the go-to guy for low energy cringe memes all day......

2018-10-01 16:01:56 UTC


2018-10-01 16:06:23 UTC

ok, i give up on looking, stedly...unless u can get fluffy to pose for a selfie

2018-10-01 16:07:36 UTC

Just find me cringy lefties on twitter, that should be good.

2018-10-01 16:09:16 UTC


2018-10-01 16:09:35 UTC

i did an image search for leftists

2018-10-01 16:10:04 UTC

one of the images it pops up was for an antifa style protest

2018-10-01 16:10:47 UTC

that is watermarked with 'dreamtime' and some pedo logo ...a spiral

2018-10-01 16:11:18 UTC

anybody want to see it

2018-10-01 16:30:10 UTC

My god this press conference is amazing (Trump USMCA)

2018-10-01 16:38:17 UTC

Got a link @Harry Saq ?

2018-10-01 16:40:01 UTC

Sorry, it’s almost over, definitely recommend watching it after they post the recording. The Q&A is amazing once he finally lets them ask about Kavanaugh.

2018-10-01 16:40:34 UTC

Trump is on fire

2018-10-01 16:41:05 UTC

ty. I just woke up, and could use a little Trump to get me going. Lol I will watch

2018-10-01 16:44:22 UTC


2018-10-01 17:07:10 UTC


2018-10-01 17:11:34 UTC

He brought up the Vegas shooting!

2018-10-01 17:19:18 UTC


2018-10-01 17:19:44 UTC

Hey hey Chris chan the weather man! @John Petersen

2018-10-01 17:20:16 UTC

Just in case anyone hasn't noticed whose side ACLU is on... https://twitter.com/politico/status/1046811491821862912

2018-10-01 17:25:16 UTC

Well, right now it is 64 degrees here in chicago, with cloudy skies expected all day and well into the night. Expect a crisp high of 70 and a low of 62 for October 1st, 2018

2018-10-01 17:48:26 UTC

If you do not think that you are making a difference by tweeting those RedOctober memes...this tweet is for YOU. MAGA!!! https://twitter.com/BwWroten/status/1046818066892505088

2018-10-01 17:54:59 UTC

CAVANAUGH HAT. Judge Kavanaugh. Humm. Thouthts? Is JFK Jr. alive and wearing a Cavanaugh Hat?


2018-10-01 17:55:45 UTC


2018-10-01 17:55:48 UTC


2018-10-01 18:09:04 UTC

Bette Midler Attacked Judge Kavanaugh & Then Got Her Ass Kicked by a Single Tweet


2018-10-01 18:12:49 UTC

Woah there <:Excusemewhat:454371053293010946>

2018-10-01 18:12:52 UTC

Allentown Car Explosion has a connection to Christine Blasey Ford!

Explosion occurred at the 700 block of Turner Street. Well, Forensic Treatment Services just happens to be RIGHT THERE! Dr. Valliere, of Forensic Treatment Services, has been used to assist prosecutors in…interviewing and preparing victims AND has been invited to testify in front of PA and US Legislature on SEXUAL VIOLENCE.

Dr. Valliere is linked to BOTH the Cosby trial AND is quoted by a NY Times article regarding Blasey Ford!







Whoops my bad I meant delete my shit in another server and discord wigged out @John of Arc

2018-10-01 19:04:42 UTC

Fucking Graham is a fucking savage now. Hahahahaha

2018-10-01 19:04:57 UTC

This video made my day.

2018-10-01 19:15:46 UTC

Does anyone look in the <#489840835924328458> ?

2018-10-01 19:15:54 UTC


2018-10-01 19:15:57 UTC


2018-10-01 19:21:36 UTC

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins nope lol! But I will take down my post.

2018-10-01 19:21:36 UTC

Congratulations @Cha0s, you're now level 1.

2018-10-01 19:23:01 UTC

Flake is a dipshit who I can’t wait for him to get his! Check out @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins article from zero hedge in <#489840835924328458>

2018-10-01 19:27:16 UTC


2018-10-01 19:27:19 UTC


2018-10-01 19:42:34 UTC

Q wants multiple shiirts worn to the rallies? defying the SS?

If we wanted we could wear 17 shirts

Or, wearing two shirts as in plain looking outerwear

they can't make you undress

2018-10-01 20:31:20 UTC

Youd think the secret service would allow it

2018-10-01 20:43:14 UTC

They need to get this vote in gear.

2018-10-01 20:43:14 UTC

Congratulations @Doom1776, you're now level 6.

2018-10-01 20:44:59 UTC

FBI has expanded investigation into other suspicious acts w/ support of ABC agency as AUTH BY POTUS.

2018-10-01 20:45:10 UTC

^^^ So Excited!

2018-10-01 20:45:52 UTC

I wonder if the FBI is working with DHS via the fusion center for the investigation.

2018-10-01 20:59:00 UTC

An outer button down over a Q shirt would be easiest

2018-10-01 21:00:36 UTC

If anyone missed this you should watch it! This is Trump in his element doing what he does best. I thought I couldn’t love him more 😄 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZASH0g_bBw

2018-10-01 21:03:21 UTC

@Bellalu ! Did you watch the WV rally on saturday??

2018-10-01 21:07:16 UTC

Yes I did! That place was electric! And why *wouldn’t* they love him with those kinds of revenue increases?

2018-10-01 21:10:15 UTC

@Bellalu I was there!!

2018-10-01 21:18:41 UTC

Congratulations @FastJack, you're now level 4.

2018-10-01 21:25:00 UTC

@RocketManNK wow! I bet that was amazing!

2018-10-01 21:44:23 UTC

@Bellalu It was something... it's an incredible feeling to be in a stadium 100% filled with Trump supporters!

2018-10-01 21:44:51 UTC

I bet it was a high

2018-10-01 21:46:24 UTC

McTurtle laying down the slowest of law

2018-10-01 21:47:22 UTC

I hate watching him do things I like almost as much as Graham

2018-10-01 21:48:14 UTC

dont make me like these monsters. They would have watched while we were eaten alive.

2018-10-01 22:38:54 UTC

TrumpRally starts at 7pm ET Speakers on now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLWxXBYhpWY

2018-10-01 22:53:47 UTC


2018-10-01 22:53:54 UTC


2018-10-01 22:54:29 UTC

Did you hear POTUS shit on the reporter earlier?

2018-10-01 22:54:47 UTC

It was fucking hilarious.

2018-10-01 23:01:26 UTC

Graham And Cotton Demand Investigation Into Leaks https://conservativedailypost.com/graham-and-cotton-demand-investigation-into-leaks/ via @ConDailyPost

2018-10-01 23:11:12 UTC

Good. About fucking time.

2018-10-01 23:11:21 UTC

Nail that bitch to the wall with railroad spikes.

2018-10-01 23:13:08 UTC
2018-10-01 23:14:37 UTC

Congratulations @👑 King Futurama, you're now level 6.

2018-10-01 23:14:39 UTC

Trump on 😄

2018-10-01 23:21:01 UTC

it's related to silencing 'freedom of the internet' activists

2018-10-01 23:26:15 UTC


2018-10-01 23:26:19 UTC


2018-10-01 23:27:33 UTC

Trump is spitting fire

2018-10-01 23:29:02 UTC

Someone raised this little one right. She is excited as fuck.


2018-10-01 23:43:01 UTC


2018-10-01 23:43:18 UTC

Fuckin A. What a litter.

2018-10-01 23:44:49 UTC

@Doom1776 yup, that little one sets the standard for Trump supporters: http://magaimg.net/img/6bgk.gif

2018-10-01 23:44:58 UTC


2018-10-01 23:45:01 UTC

fuck yeah

2018-10-01 23:45:03 UTC

great GIF

2018-10-01 23:45:28 UTC

ON the other hand

2018-10-01 23:45:42 UTC


2018-10-01 23:45:52 UTC

This kid needs to get the fuck out

2018-10-01 23:46:06 UTC

Just saw this posted on crapbook. Holding back the first misogynist response I could think of...

2018-10-01 23:46:07 UTC


2018-10-01 23:46:43 UTC

"All your worries will go away if you just stay in the kitchen...."

2018-10-01 23:48:12 UTC

Thats such bullshit.

2018-10-01 23:48:13 UTC


2018-10-01 23:55:12 UTC

pink bows, not pink 'pussy-hats'

2018-10-01 23:57:18 UTC

Should we delete QCA Backup?

2018-10-01 23:57:46 UTC

@boBBypEEle not possible

2018-10-01 23:57:51 UTC

no owner

2018-10-01 23:58:16 UTC

I mean should I remove it from my discord and stick to this one?

2018-10-01 23:58:47 UTC

yeah im only keeping it to search

2018-10-01 23:58:59 UTC

i turned off community message posting

2018-10-01 23:59:08 UTC

so you shouldnt be able to talk there

2018-10-01 23:59:19 UTC

Ok. I’ll do the same. Thx @FastJack

2018-10-02 00:14:15 UTC


2018-10-02 00:14:25 UTC

Fucking weirdos keep getting in the background

2018-10-02 00:28:07 UTC
2018-10-02 00:30:29 UTC

Pretty good War Drummer drop. He usually narrates SB2 but this is one of his own. His correlation into the JFK assassination and the masons. Need to listen again to take it all in but pretty solid. https://youtu.be/jjfpN9WZTfU

2018-10-02 00:31:07 UTC

@VOL good job. I spent a good day explaining to his cult that urban dictionary definitions doesnt hold water in court cases.

2018-10-02 00:31:53 UTC

Prays he sues me!!!

2018-10-02 00:45:21 UTC



2018-10-02 00:46:05 UTC

@Blonde_Finn, not bad, Benny.

2018-10-02 00:46:58 UTC

I can't stand Ben's voice, so I rarely listen to the guy for the one reason but his tweets can be quite funny

2018-10-02 00:49:06 UTC
2018-10-02 00:49:49 UTC

I just said hi to you

2018-10-02 00:50:18 UTC

what post?

2018-10-02 00:51:05 UTC

are you sure it was in this discord or our old one?

2018-10-02 00:52:52 UTC

Congratulations @Rivendell, you're now level 3.

2018-10-02 00:53:43 UTC

thats kinda odd let me cgeck on that

2018-10-02 00:53:50 UTC

i just confirmed in the mod log

2018-10-02 00:54:08 UTC

Lmao! In @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins post the women are asking McConnell if he believes survivors. Then after after he shakes hands with the guy, another lady says “why would you speak to this man and not to the women who are talking to you about their surviving stories.” I lost a lot of hearing in the Marine Corps, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t here any one of these women talk about themselves lol.

2018-10-02 00:55:22 UTC

@Rivendell enhanced vetting is active. Jk, I don’t know what that means.

2018-10-02 00:55:56 UTC

these look like ads


2018-10-02 00:57:01 UTC

yeah it is the timestap puts that at 13 hours or so

2018-10-02 00:57:01 UTC

Congratulations @FastJack, you're now level 5.

2018-10-02 00:57:28 UTC

ill keep looking but im also at work

2018-10-02 00:58:10 UTC

i clicked the one link and it takes me to google images then self scrolls to a pic

2018-10-02 00:58:43 UTC

maybe the bot or discord reads it as spam?

2018-10-02 01:06:23 UTC

makes one wonder why would ups have so many guns in 1 location

2018-10-02 01:06:47 UTC

and who would know to rob that location for all of them

2018-10-02 01:06:52 UTC

can you UPS a weapon?

2018-10-02 01:07:08 UTC

officially ....no

2018-10-02 01:07:15 UTC


2018-10-02 01:08:25 UTC

it is bizarre, here where I live they had a robbery of police uniforms at a place where they get everything drycleaned

2018-10-02 01:08:35 UTC

criminals know this shit I guess

2018-10-02 01:18:58 UTC

Q is stealing red October from the commies and transmuting it into their Armageddon.

2018-10-02 01:18:59 UTC

Congratulations @BreadTwists, you're now level 3.

2018-10-02 01:19:14 UTC

can I give a high five to @Blonde_Finn for getting us Q even as the bots shit the bed?

2018-10-02 01:19:33 UTC

High five to that.

2018-10-02 01:19:57 UTC

Helps while I'm at work. Thanks @Blonde_Finn

2018-10-02 01:20:06 UTC

Ummm, did anyone hear of Alex Jones being murdered today?

2018-10-02 01:20:26 UTC

Was announced on the Infowars server/

2018-10-02 01:20:55 UTC

if he had, it'd be all over their website

2018-10-02 01:21:28 UTC

it's gotta be a troll

2018-10-02 01:21:31 UTC

anyway...u can send gun parts, but not whole guns thru ups

2018-10-02 01:21:38 UTC


2018-10-02 01:21:54 UTC


2018-10-02 01:22:06 UTC

Because i'm pretty sure you can send the whole thing if youd eclare it

2018-10-02 01:22:13 UTC

fox, legally both as parts only

2018-10-02 01:22:18 UTC


2018-10-02 01:22:22 UTC
2018-10-02 01:22:25 UTC

depends on where u declare it

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