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2018-11-03 15:28:53 UTC


2018-11-03 15:29:19 UTC

Hi Fluffy

2018-11-03 15:29:50 UTC

Wanna come play some music and read news?

What both of you should do is download gimp amd learn how to make memes @Bellalu @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins

2018-11-03 15:33:02 UTC

I’m making scrambled eggs

2018-11-03 15:33:10 UTC

@wͫ́í̯̭̭̆̾nͣͣŃT̥̥͕̈́.exͯ̈́̉e͋͆̐ͮ or you could not worry about what the fuck it is I do.

2018-11-03 15:33:47 UTC

But I was just talking to my son about gimp, as a matter of fact.

2018-11-03 15:35:37 UTC

He prefers Paint.net

2018-11-03 15:35:46 UTC

How about you break everyone else's balls here who do absolutely nothing.....

2018-11-03 15:43:33 UTC

I can’t wait to get a Rep Gov in CT. NO WAY LAMONT WINS!!

2018-11-03 15:44:19 UTC

we shall see brother. vote. obv

2018-11-03 15:44:31 UTC

The wife and I are going right down the red line on Tuesday

2018-11-03 15:44:43 UTC

Everyone I work with says the same

2018-11-03 15:44:53 UTC

And almost everyone I know

2018-11-03 15:45:10 UTC

I work closely with the public and the sentiment appears to be pretty damn universal

2018-11-03 15:46:02 UTC

in the private sector thats been true for years though

2018-11-03 15:46:10 UTC

certainly was for '16

2018-11-03 15:46:13 UTC

Hate to beat the horse to death but I strongly recommend Thomas Paine’s book. Pretty damn enlightening

2018-11-03 15:46:30 UTC

I work for government

2018-11-03 15:46:35 UTC

Im optimistic, don't get me wrong, but I didnt trust the lasts 2 elections

2018-11-03 15:46:49 UTC

they print em

2018-11-03 15:46:53 UTC

they just do

2018-11-03 15:47:10 UTC

The leftist media debacle pissed of and woke many people the fuck up

2018-11-03 15:47:29 UTC

I think that's been the plan all along, and am very hopeful

2018-11-03 15:47:48 UTC

a statement tuesday translates into a real live mandate

2018-11-03 15:47:48 UTC

The MSM has been our best friend for the looming election

2018-11-03 15:48:26 UTC

They are looney

2018-11-03 15:50:35 UTC

hoping the unaffiliated voters are in the "you get my first vote, republicans, but you don't own me" crowd, because that many new democrats is so hard for me to understand


2018-11-03 15:51:22 UTC

Is that nationally?

2018-11-03 15:51:27 UTC


2018-11-03 15:51:30 UTC


2018-11-03 15:51:42 UTC


2018-11-03 15:52:31 UTC

I don’t trust polls but latest shows Stephanowsku up

2018-11-03 15:52:46 UTC

That could be shown on local media to scare Dems into voting tho

2018-11-03 15:53:22 UTC

what poll?

2018-11-03 15:54:38 UTC

Saw in news12 two days ago at the dinner

2018-11-03 15:54:52 UTC

Apparently there’s a third candidate running

2018-11-03 15:54:59 UTC

He’s got a whopping 3%

2018-11-03 15:55:27 UTC

yea, catch basin for leftists peeling off the dems wagon

2018-11-03 15:55:53 UTC

only hurts half as bad if they have an "independent" to burn their vote over.

2018-11-03 15:56:12 UTC

Fox News shows real clear Lamont 44% Steph 37%

2018-11-03 15:56:29 UTC

which adds poorly

2018-11-03 15:56:29 UTC

Just saw it

2018-11-03 15:56:51 UTC

I hate that they still let people answer undecided 3 days out

2018-11-03 15:57:10 UTC

thanks real clear politics... that's completely useless information

2018-11-03 15:57:17 UTC


2018-11-03 15:57:25 UTC

4% margin of error

2018-11-03 15:57:33 UTC

So it’s not worth reporting

2018-11-03 15:58:03 UTC

Never understood these polls

2018-11-03 16:06:07 UTC

did everyone watch obama struggle for 45 minutes yesterday?

2018-11-03 16:07:55 UTC

they want so badly to be able to project a reflection of the trump rally phenomenon, but it's so weak and obvious. everything he said fell flat, even in that gymnasium den of communists. Complete with fake hecklers.

2018-11-03 16:11:33 UTC

yeah it was a shit show

2018-11-03 16:12:19 UTC

Everything he said was a lie and projection

2018-11-03 16:17:05 UTC

Bill Nelson never stopped creepy plastic face rapist smiling


2018-11-03 16:17:40 UTC

plastic lizard

2018-11-03 16:18:05 UTC

I tried to look away but I. just. couldn’t.

2018-11-03 16:18:37 UTC

I’m having PTSD thanks for bringing it back up

2018-11-03 16:18:59 UTC

hes one of them, if anyone is. never blinks

2018-11-03 16:21:43 UTC

In other news 33mm early voting ballots have been returned and sent nationwide

2018-11-03 16:25:23 UTC

My brother (super HRC voting liberal) just voted early. RIGHT DOWN THE RED LINE

2018-11-03 16:30:14 UTC

so, are the polls just making stuff up now, or what? jiggering your sample can go a long way, but how can they keep all this sentiment from showing up in any polling without just making things up?

2018-11-03 16:31:04 UTC

also, what got through to him?

2018-11-03 16:31:52 UTC

Low taxes

2018-11-03 16:32:11 UTC

lol, novel.

2018-11-03 16:32:28 UTC

The polls are skewed for sure. It’s all public manipulation

2018-11-03 16:32:34 UTC

DS stops at nothing

2018-11-03 16:32:41 UTC

Q taught us this

2018-11-03 16:33:01 UTC

At the end of the day it’s ALL about maintaining power and position

2018-11-03 16:33:01 UTC

"hey, yunno bro, the republicans don't take as much from us... never heard that prior to 2016"

2018-11-03 16:33:07 UTC


2018-11-03 16:34:38 UTC

We are in the process of dismantling a government where elections have been manipulated and cadidates kept in check both before and during their tenures

2018-11-03 16:37:15 UTC

what do you do in this communist state aparatus, btw?

2018-11-03 16:37:40 UTC

I didn't know any o those toads were allowed to think

2018-11-03 16:40:03 UTC

been at war with DCP and OSBI and my town zoning enforcement people for 5 years. They're all terrifying little eichmann

2018-11-03 16:52:49 UTC

🆙 | **jman leveled up!**


2018-11-03 16:54:00 UTC

i can't stop laughing


2018-11-03 16:55:50 UTC


2018-11-03 16:56:01 UTC

Fight in the (((Middle East))) goy

2018-11-03 16:56:19 UTC

for anyone who has never read this, it's short and sweet and easy to circulate: http://bastiat.org/en/the_law.html I try to push it around whenever thomas paine comes up, because it's a similar work to common sense, but cuts more precisely to the eternal flaws common to all governments of the world.

2018-11-03 16:58:17 UTC


2018-11-03 17:00:26 UTC


2018-11-03 17:13:22 UTC

I’m a cop @jman

2018-11-03 17:14:02 UTC

ah. good.

2018-11-03 17:14:11 UTC


2018-11-03 17:22:07 UTC

I work with my dad. We are home builders.

2018-11-03 17:22:39 UTC

aka unpeople

2018-11-03 17:22:52 UTC

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins what are those “sky kings” posts about?

2018-11-03 17:26:59 UTC

they're encrypted jibberish longwave transmission. no one knows what they mean.

2018-11-03 17:34:49 UTC

Where can I see these posts @Banky ?

2018-11-03 17:41:55 UTC

Replying here to your post in q general @boBBypEEle. Yes, this is the natural state of government. Always growing power, building influence. Find the Alice in Wonderland / monarchy delusions emails that came out about HRC. They almost had this wrapped up - an unbreakable cabal to run our lives.

2018-11-03 17:41:55 UTC

🆙 | **malloc leveled up!**


2018-11-03 17:45:59 UTC

Yes @malloc 100%

2018-11-03 17:57:34 UTC

Thx @jman

2018-11-03 18:00:11 UTC

When the Storm is over I suggest we all meet for some drinks

2018-11-03 18:01:29 UTC

1st two rounds are on me!

2018-11-03 18:01:46 UTC


2018-11-03 18:06:15 UTC

still can't picture that place, but Amen, if and when.

2018-11-03 18:14:02 UTC

It’s coming. There’s always a trail (crumbs to follow). Military tribunals disallow the continuances of the civilian judicial system. Once arrested the trials will be swift.

2018-11-03 18:15:17 UTC

Once the first domino is knocked over the house of cards will fall

2018-11-03 18:29:10 UTC

Once the corruptocrats are finally removed, I feel that arrests will start rolling. Can’t wait!

2018-11-03 18:30:40 UTC

Mad Max all the way…

The Government of Canada has a duty to ensure the rights and wellbeing of Canadians;
The maintenance of our borders and limited merit-based immigration are essential to our rights and wellbeing;
Polls consistently have shown the majority of Canadians reject illegal border crossing and subordination of our citizens’ needs to those of illegal aliens; and
Several of our allies notably the United States of America, Poland, Hungary and Austria have withdrawn from the United Nations’ global migration pact citing its threats to their sovereignty, peace, order and good governance.
We, the undersigned, Canadians, call upon the Government of Canada to likewise withdraw from the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
 Sponsor
Maxime Bernier
People’s Party

Sign the petition here:


I already have…

2018-11-03 18:34:04 UTC

Zero Hedge Comment
November 3, 2018 at 8:13 am

America isn’t capitalist. America has a planned economy, except that the “plan” is never explicitly announced.

The average American abhors the wars of the last 28 years.

Most Americans chafe at the creation of an aggressive police state since 9/11.

Just as I am tired of the people promulgating these things, I’m tired of children like you that refuse recognize real American sentiment.

Moreover, I know you children are dupes, and more of the same anti-human behavior is contained in your “solutions.”

The Russian revolution was a fraud and the history of it is a lie.

Real organic capitalism has lifted people from a medieval existence to modernity in 150 years.

Socialism has brought decay and death.
There is no connection between capitalism and blacks being denied civil rights.

Government is organized violence and coercion, regardless of the economic system.

Socialism is a system dominated completely by government.

True capitalism is voluntary cooperation.

2018-11-03 18:35:13 UTC

I had this idea a little late - I thought about handing out PLAIN RED YARD SIGNS. Nothing else on them - like a blank meme. I think it would catch on

2018-11-03 18:36:14 UTC

ive seen lot's of creative signage this year

2018-11-03 18:37:34 UTC

driving through west sprinfield, ma, there are dozens of houses with various apacalyptic scripture on sign boards.

2018-11-03 18:38:13 UTC

pretty catching

2018-11-03 18:38:27 UTC

LOL , like what for instance

2018-11-03 18:38:28 UTC

🆙 | **John of Arc leveled up!**


2018-11-03 18:39:06 UTC

I mean, I cant quote from memory, but broad good v evil stuff

2018-11-03 18:39:12 UTC

fear no evil

2018-11-03 18:39:17 UTC

Trump saves

2018-11-03 18:39:24 UTC


2018-11-03 18:39:45 UTC

but no party or candidate mentioned

2018-11-03 18:40:35 UTC

nor indication of how they were coordinated. must be a church group

2018-11-03 18:41:31 UTC

gotta go BBL

2018-11-03 18:42:51 UTC

New Q links in <#489836618207985670>

2018-11-03 18:42:58 UTC

<@&489830886062424085> two new q

2018-11-03 18:43:11 UTC

bot broke, but now its not broken

2018-11-03 18:45:02 UTC

and elsewhere, EW's head explodes

2018-11-03 18:56:10 UTC


Just got another. Edit: Im wrong, bot's on it

2018-11-03 19:31:26 UTC

In case anyone is interested

2018-11-03 19:31:30 UTC

Pres. Trump: Own the LAST SIGNED MAGA HAT of the 2018 elections! I personally signed it on my desk. Contribute in the NEXT 20 MINUTES TO ENTER: bit.ly/2Omqt8

2018-11-03 19:34:19 UTC

Can’t you type it in?

2018-11-03 19:34:57 UTC

Wow ron can't read or something?

2018-11-03 19:35:03 UTC
2018-11-03 19:35:05 UTC

can you read that

2018-11-03 19:35:14 UTC
2018-11-03 19:35:16 UTC

how about now

2018-11-03 19:35:23 UTC

no problem

2018-11-03 19:35:24 UTC


2018-11-03 19:36:44 UTC
2018-11-03 19:37:04 UTC

Did it work for you?

2018-11-03 21:11:02 UTC

My qdrops app is going ballistic. Anyone else having this issue?

2018-11-03 21:13:57 UTC


2018-11-03 21:22:18 UTC

Just stopped. You fixed it. Ha!

2018-11-03 21:28:41 UTC

@Curé just read your Canada petition. Like it! Have you noticed the group now forming that is rejecting that UN 💩?

2018-11-03 21:31:48 UTC

Love it 😍

2018-11-03 21:31:48 UTC

🆙 | **Curé leveled up!**


2018-11-03 22:00:00 UTC

I have (unfortunate) social obligations today, but as I watch football games and look at those stadiums full and imagine all the people watching at home, I just keep thinking what a target rich environment for red pilling . I want to show them all Q posts and Kanye! I think I’ve been radicalized 😆

2018-11-03 22:26:57 UTC

Meanwhile at Neyland Stadium


2018-11-03 22:44:05 UTC

killer. Is the stadium off campus? tennessee early vote is monsterous, per above.

2018-11-03 22:48:05 UTC

Trump Rallies today- all local times

Belgrade, MT - 12:30 (MDT)

Pensicola, FL - 6:30 (CDT)

Are 2 more on Sunday

Macon, GA - 4:30 (EST)

Chattanooga, TN – 7:00 (EST)


Cleveland, OH - 3:00 (EST)

Fort Wayne, IN - 630 (EST)

Cape Girardeau, MO – 9:00 (CST)

2018-11-03 23:47:13 UTC

I wanna party on that Q bus @VOL

2018-11-03 23:59:41 UTC

@VOL that is awesome. Lots of Q love in TN

2018-11-04 00:00:48 UTC

Gonna be on the lookout for that bus tomorrow at the rally 👀

2018-11-04 00:06:39 UTC

good to see you @high-valyrian

2018-11-04 00:13:05 UTC

TY @PenSHITLORD alwayz lurking

2018-11-04 00:52:41 UTC

Someone asked me and now I can't find it... the Orlando disney map comparison with pedo symbol. Anybody got it?

2018-11-04 01:20:05 UTC

Nm found it

2018-11-04 01:27:18 UTC

It was seaworld

2018-11-04 01:51:58 UTC

Listen to 11.3.18 NewsReview by PointingUp NewsGal

2018-11-04 01:52:22 UTC

I just made it 4 everybody

2018-11-04 01:56:24 UTC

Holy shit, I love it, @PointingUp NewsGal

2018-11-04 01:57:21 UTC

@GeneralTweed. Thanks. It's been a while. Trying to get back on the horse. Lol

2018-11-04 02:38:08 UTC

(1) LolaLion on Twitter: "🌞 Top O’ the Morning to You 🌞 🤓 I just saw this👇🏼 terrific 👇🏼 thread that a friend of mine wrote and had to share 🤓 📚 Get a little education this 📚 morning with your ☕️🍳🥞🥓 🦁 https://t.co/Pa2SrIcXxH" / Twitter


2018-11-04 02:38:09 UTC

🆙 | **LolaLion leveled up!**


2018-11-04 03:23:03 UTC

President Trump took out the "O". <:GWqlabsThinkLol:398950871108419584>


2018-11-04 03:23:11 UTC

O = Obama?

2018-11-04 03:36:33 UTC


2018-11-04 03:36:41 UTC

'story of O'

2018-11-04 03:36:49 UTC

could be anything

2018-11-04 03:43:45 UTC

In system theory in pyschology we call a relationship with a 3rd wheel a triangle. in the speech Potus referred to a Trianglular relationship in "Me, The Media, The Person". 3 6 9 makes the triangle/pyramid. Later in the speech in Pensacola Potus gave us 2 4 8.


2018-11-04 03:44:45 UTC

Before all this, he stated very strongly to listen to the numbers, and so did Pence.

2018-11-04 03:44:55 UTC

And then he said to SOlVE the numbers.

2018-11-04 03:51:13 UTC

The answer is 42.

2018-11-04 03:51:36 UTC

45 is the answer

2018-11-04 03:51:41 UTC


2018-11-04 03:51:42 UTC


2018-11-04 03:51:46 UTC


2018-11-04 03:52:28 UTC

carbon is 666

2018-11-04 03:52:46 UTC

6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons

2018-11-04 03:52:57 UTC

Perhaps we should build a better computer.

2018-11-04 03:53:16 UTC

computers are glorious as is

2018-11-04 03:53:20 UTC


2018-11-04 03:58:28 UTC


2018-11-04 04:04:20 UTC

Tried that already, didn't work, someone opened the garage.

2018-11-04 04:04:45 UTC

They didn't use a garage!👆

2018-11-04 04:05:12 UTC

Yeah, and no one was supposed to be home, either, kekekekekekeke

2018-11-04 04:05:24 UTC

But yeah I feel ya. It was in reference to the numbers shit honestly...

2018-11-04 04:06:16 UTC

Yeah, and I'm just trying to be funny, hence the Hitch-Hikers reference.

2018-11-04 04:06:42 UTC

Top kek

2018-11-04 04:26:51 UTC

Just Vote RED on Tuesday. You can keep your numbers.

2018-11-04 04:38:52 UTC


While the media had a hardon for Obama stopping by a Taco Shop... Trump had amazing crowds!

2018-11-04 04:42:31 UTC

@Deleted User there are still deep-state assets in NK, that are on the verge of termination. 😃

2018-11-04 04:42:48 UTC

They are doing everything to make NK start up again.

2018-11-04 04:43:07 UTC


2018-11-04 04:44:13 UTC


2018-11-04 04:51:44 UTC

@Deleted User already voted

2018-11-04 05:36:03 UTC

theres a new sheriff in town bitches

2018-11-04 05:37:16 UTC

I fucking knew it! 🍞 is comped!

2018-11-04 05:38:00 UTC


2018-11-04 05:38:05 UTC

this so much

2018-11-04 05:38:08 UTC

Fucking pantyfa sympathizer

2018-11-04 05:38:23 UTC


2018-11-04 05:39:27 UTC


2018-11-04 05:40:18 UTC

Very noice!

2018-11-04 06:36:01 UTC

Codebook found 👆

2018-11-04 07:03:25 UTC


2018-11-04 07:03:30 UTC

got the purge bot working

2018-11-04 09:52:02 UTC

What’s the new talking point? NK making nukes if we don’t send fudes?
What would be a last ditch effort to smear Trump or Republicans days before the election?
Maybe the caravan will start to attempt a breach? Seems like that will go on for days once it starts. I’m rambling.

2018-11-04 13:14:36 UTC

Fwiw, I think the spotlight Potus has put on "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" has less to do with illegal immigration and more to do with the DS control of its citizenry....

2018-11-04 13:26:20 UTC

Shit happens..... Fuck em.

2018-11-04 13:57:06 UTC

...James Trafficant attempted to blackmail congress and expose the deeps tate back in 1993 with that speech, even though he knew he was up to his ears himself. He was silenced.

2018-11-04 14:51:38 UTC

At what point is the Democratic Party declared an organized crime syndicate ?

2018-11-04 14:52:02 UTC

They cheat and steal and break laws constantly and everyone knows it

2018-11-04 14:56:52 UTC


2018-11-04 15:00:09 UTC


2018-11-04 15:01:45 UTC

@IAWTP there is a meme channel

2018-11-04 15:02:08 UTC

woops wrong one sorry....

2018-11-04 15:05:35 UTC


2018-11-04 15:12:18 UTC

I have a bee in my bonnet today @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins 😂☺️

2018-11-04 15:16:11 UTC

It's about time

2018-11-04 15:50:07 UTC

I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords

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