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We all share the same frustration

Most of my friends think im insane but it's s'all good

2018-10-08 12:25:41 UTC

I got rid of most of my friends and my sister is hard core liberal so I feel ya'll.

2018-10-08 12:25:59 UTC

@RocketManNK solid quote! NPR was interviewing some Chinese diplomat late last week who was whining about Trump canceling a deal they had established and were dumbfounded as to why. NPR was setting them up to be the good guy of course and I was even shocked NPR was playing to the sympathy of the communists. Well, kind of shocked, it was basically a story to make Trump look bad while propping up the Chinese and give libtards talking points. This is a fun time to follow trade talks! I use this as a counterpunch whenever debating the left as they have no clue what is going on and when you start to drop the monetary impact of what Trump has been able to accomplish it leaves them speechless.

2018-10-08 12:33:12 UTC


2018-10-08 12:33:35 UTC

Fuck off Ronald

2018-10-08 12:33:37 UTC

You are insane

2018-10-08 12:40:55 UTC

Share this with the friends that think you’re crazy.

2018-10-08 12:41:21 UTC


LaserTrain: As they say, Blood is thicker than the Waters of the Covenant. Or in this case, general approximity and longevity is way thicker than waters of the covenant

2018-10-08 12:42:43 UTC

And then crush them with this.

2018-10-08 12:43:02 UTC


2018-10-08 12:43:38 UTC

And that is an actual BIC pen drawing of me.

2018-10-08 12:43:55 UTC

I’m afk for a bit.

2018-10-08 12:47:32 UTC

Do yourselves a favor and delete your fuckerbook accounts.....

2018-10-08 12:50:58 UTC

Good morning ✨ and yes, sir, @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins

2018-10-08 12:51:16 UTC

Good morning Jo

2018-10-08 13:27:40 UTC

@Douglas Castle The ones from that video above, and really just all of them everywhere. I know that ruffles feathers, mostly because we all know someone who's a cop, but, keeping in theme, IDGAF anymore. That's part of the problem. We dont need 7 cops at any traffic stop. We dont need laws against stopping to let someone out of a car on a residential street. We don't need any of these fucking C+ high school grad made ikeman cops I see all day every day everywhere. FUCK THEM ALL. If youre a cop in 2018, you're a fucking asshole 99.8% of the time

2018-10-08 13:34:43 UTC

"Im not here to help you, Im doing my job" pretty much serves as a case in point. 'To Protect and Serve' = 'To Patronize and Annoy' = 'To Extort and Denegrate' next step? 'To Opress and Control.' You think any of these people would see moral bountaries being crossed if their higher ups presscribed even more invasive or authoritarian tactics?? Of course not, and that's why they have the job. Scary, but true. Only the most obedient and maliable make it in public service, by design.

2018-10-08 13:38:18 UTC

the weird thing is its the ones that push this agenda on to the cops is the oversight group, it's funny when it backfires on them

2018-10-08 13:40:26 UTC

Real nice Lazer! Morning everyone. I agree, it’s time for FISA. 🌧

2018-10-08 13:48:09 UTC

well it takes the left like 2 weeks to even attempt a counter measure to any fisa facts

2018-10-08 13:49:19 UTC

so timing of the drop is important...to make the drop of full fisa facts just prior to election but not soon enough to allow the left to counter it effectively

2018-10-08 13:49:58 UTC

and still allow time for this to happen

2018-10-08 13:50:51 UTC

basically the left's timing has to be between bargaining and acceptance

2018-10-08 13:51:22 UTC

and mid term vote just before bargaining

2018-10-08 13:52:29 UTC

or during bargaining

2018-10-08 13:53:23 UTC

also u have the figure in the factor of the short attention span of the left

2018-10-08 14:15:10 UTC

Fucking love that guy! ........cause my balls was hot!

2018-10-08 14:15:15 UTC

newspaper | Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria Which Neutralizes Nuclear Waste


2018-10-08 14:15:43 UTC


2018-10-08 14:17:32 UTC
2018-10-08 14:21:29 UTC

I can't wait to start carving punisher pumpkins this year.

2018-10-08 14:22:46 UTC

You could start now if you use fake pumpkins

2018-10-08 14:23:40 UTC

I wonder if they have any bacterial solutions for TDS?🤔

2018-10-08 14:27:39 UTC

Is voat qresearch pretty much the new r/greatawakening?

2018-10-08 14:31:31 UTC

Well it kind of is. But I think it’s a less censored platform

2018-10-08 14:37:48 UTC

false advertising, religious censorship, to name a few crimes committed here all while under police observation

2018-10-08 14:40:14 UTC

Laura Loomer went a bit off the top ...Faith is running for Mayor...I don't think her losing it like that helped Faith

2018-10-08 14:41:12 UTC

She got loud and ignorant, if she kept it classy...she could have made them look really bad.

2018-10-08 14:57:05 UTC

If she had an event that said "open to the public" and then told a few muslims that they could not come in because they were muslims, there would be outrage and it would be all over the MSM.. I don't think she was out of line at all.
Now if she was smart, she would have had a proxy go in with a high quality hidden camera to see what they were really talking about. That's where I think she is going about things like that incorrectly. She's already proven her point. Now she just needs to infiltrate their organization and see what it is about and what kind of BS they are spewing.

2018-10-08 14:57:47 UTC


2018-10-08 15:01:44 UTC

She shoulf havr walked in with a hijab

2018-10-08 15:02:13 UTC

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins and everyone else. I say the battle field IS Facebook, Twitter, YT, etc. these are where they are, so WE need to be there as well.

2018-10-08 15:15:07 UTC

timing of fisa release is important

2018-10-08 15:15:13 UTC

it's the moab

2018-10-08 15:17:23 UTC

one or more leftists admitting defeat isn't a win, it's a strategy for proper moab placement before they can attempt to recover from this

2018-10-08 15:17:35 UTC

I need bleach for my eyes after seeing that beast 👆🏻 👆🏻

2018-10-08 15:17:36 UTC

Congratulations @Douglas Castle, you're now level 6.

2018-10-08 15:21:06 UTC

@LaserTrain yeah ok, whatever you say.

2018-10-08 15:22:55 UTC

wow these senators are much older then I thought


2018-10-08 15:23:02 UTC


2018-10-08 15:23:15 UTC

@Douglas Castle there ya go

2018-10-08 15:27:38 UTC

@Douglas Castle they obviously knew they would not be welcomed in, just as Linda Sarsour would most likely not be welcomed into a right wing event with the knowledge she would distrupt. I guess the difference with US & Canadian culture is we don't like screamers up here. We see it as low IQ. Laura has a large following in the US and could have did that better to gain Canadian viewers with intelligence not screaming

2018-10-08 15:29:30 UTC


2018-10-08 15:29:53 UTC

Grade school teacher in Minnesota

2018-10-08 15:32:49 UTC

Nice Groucho Marx brows

2018-10-08 15:32:56 UTC

Is that STILL on Twitter?

2018-10-08 15:32:56 UTC

haha ya

2018-10-08 15:33:41 UTC

Eyebrows like that are a sure sign of drug abuse....js.

2018-10-08 15:34:15 UTC
2018-10-08 15:34:22 UTC
2018-10-08 15:34:24 UTC

I tell guys all the time if she paints them in or has them super thin #walkaway

2018-10-08 15:34:27 UTC

And she teaching someones kids uhg

2018-10-08 15:35:18 UTC

ya her name is going around but I didn't post, not necessary, twitter will take care of her

2018-10-08 15:35:22 UTC

@Blonde_Finn you gotta link to her school?

2018-10-08 15:35:23 UTC

guys, i just realized trump nominated another supreme court associate justice!

2018-10-08 15:35:29 UTC

i need therapy dogs!

2018-10-08 15:35:33 UTC

and a safe space.

2018-10-08 15:36:30 UTC

@Blonde_Finn not very smart

2018-10-08 15:36:35 UTC

pansexuals tend to be dull

2018-10-08 15:38:26 UTC


Liberals - he is so SEXIST!

2018-10-08 15:38:27 UTC

Thanks Finn

2018-10-08 15:39:26 UTC

this one gives a different school, this is why I don't like to post this crap


2018-10-08 15:39:49 UTC

Calling now

2018-10-08 15:40:11 UTC

I'll find out which is which

2018-10-08 15:42:09 UTC

the funny thing is the pic thats circulating, OMG she looks like the joker

2018-10-08 15:47:06 UTC

Their switchboard is busy af

2018-10-08 15:47:14 UTC


2018-10-08 15:47:22 UTC


2018-10-08 15:47:24 UTC

Username not found. She must've deleted

2018-10-08 15:47:39 UTC

other pics of her


2018-10-08 15:47:55 UTC

@Blonde_Finn that above number goes to someone else's name, Amy Alexander, aybe the secretary. Either way I left her a great message.

2018-10-08 15:48:21 UTC

Fantastic, the tweets going out are insane, Im surprised she isn't trending LOL

2018-10-08 15:48:35 UTC

6514238100 is the main number

2018-10-08 15:48:54 UTC

she is also apparently a server at a restaurant

2018-10-08 15:50:07 UTC

Check out the bizarre micro bladed eyebrows and fakey clown glasses (Ford had some similar). Is that a thing now - the humongous glasses when someone does not actually *wear* glasses?

2018-10-08 15:51:11 UTC

the left makes you ugly...ever seen their before and after pics?

2018-10-08 15:52:28 UTC

Does it say what restaurant?

2018-10-08 15:52:37 UTC

hol on i will find it

2018-10-08 15:56:24 UTC

interesting, looks like tweets are being either deleted or shut down because it isn't there anymore

2018-10-08 15:56:27 UTC

Yeah her Twitter and FB are gone as well as her online resume

2018-10-08 15:57:04 UTC

you know that pic I posted of her and the guy? it was that tweet that said her server job

2018-10-08 15:57:30 UTC

Haha no shit

2018-10-08 15:57:43 UTC

wish I saved it now

2018-10-08 15:58:38 UTC

potentially the person who posted it maybe realized she wasn't a server there?

2018-10-08 15:59:16 UTC

if I search her name on twitter a ton of tweets came up, now it is like 15 show up

2018-10-08 15:59:27 UTC

the purge is happening

2018-10-08 16:00:48 UTC


2018-10-08 16:00:55 UTC

Their phones are slammed busy

2018-10-08 16:01:06 UTC

not sure if the above is legit

2018-10-08 16:02:29 UTC

someone else posted they got a response from admin


2018-10-08 16:03:43 UTC


2018-10-08 16:09:51 UTC

Well dammit all I can do is leave messages for Amy Alexander......

2018-10-08 16:10:14 UTC

the bitch is done.

2018-10-08 16:11:03 UTC

#JusticeKavanagh Goes to work ! #DrainTheDeepState 🐍 #DrainTheSwamp 🐍 https://www.pscp.tv/w/bot3TTFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MURYeHlZdldXdlp4TfkdXENY7D-lSQceFrXx_VVD_eD_5VqrKc0lEt--O1fQ #fb #MondayMotivation #MAGA #WalkAway #VOTERed #JayLive

2018-10-08 16:16:59 UTC


2018-10-08 16:20:33 UTC

Bwaahahahahaaa! That's fucking awesome!

2018-10-08 16:23:49 UTC

Pho k it I’m moving in. Didn’t tax payers pay for that place? About damned time!😂✅

2018-10-08 16:24:39 UTC


2018-10-08 16:25:33 UTC

Thanks Fluffy😭

2018-10-08 16:28:02 UTC


2018-10-08 16:29:34 UTC


2018-10-08 16:36:09 UTC

Inspirational 101


2018-10-08 16:44:21 UTC


2018-10-08 17:04:32 UTC

This would be PERFECT for a Kavanaugh bit- if someone knows anyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C-fRdCmzDk

2018-10-08 17:05:40 UTC

I know what Trump said to Putin i will get does damn oligarcs for u and u will be my ally

2018-10-08 17:14:41 UTC

logistically my department at work is a shit show, my boss was supposed to be getting the system organized but it desent look like thats happening from him

2018-10-08 17:15:22 UTC

guess ill be getting this new system going after lunch seeing as how im the one making sure were running the right parts anyways

2018-10-08 17:46:12 UTC

I have been told Tracey Beans is working behind the scenes at this event 🤔 https://twitter.com/usminority/status/1037436074040193026

2018-10-08 18:57:37 UTC

Per the announcement, who’s Felicia?

2018-10-08 18:58:47 UTC
2018-10-08 18:59:45 UTC

so felicia would be pamphlet anon th former owner of thestorm and baruch the scribe the former owner of cbts

2018-10-08 19:02:27 UTC

I didn’t follow the early drama, and q digs have always taken priority of my outside of work and family time, so wasn’t sure if Felicia (real name or slang term) indicated some well known famefag that was mucking things up.

...and ahh, I have heard of pamphlet anon, but didn’t track what that was about

2018-10-08 19:02:40 UTC

Thanks @FastJack

2018-10-08 19:04:01 UTC

I know you do a ton of backend support work, and appreciate that this is a big deal (just don’t know the players or the details)

2018-10-08 19:05:40 UTC

just some lol

Its all just really gay tbh

2018-10-08 19:16:22 UTC

China is going to eventually crumble.

2018-10-08 19:16:26 UTC

They need the US badly.

2018-10-08 19:34:05 UTC

Yeah I think this is becoming a massive elephant in the pacific. When you cut off all that money, the final communist safe hold on earth has to be sweating a little.

2018-10-08 19:38:15 UTC

That is beautiful ^

2018-10-08 19:39:27 UTC

LOL, don't you feel sorry for them?

2018-10-08 19:39:50 UTC

My heart ACHES for them....

2018-10-08 19:40:48 UTC

Guys, I think Trump meant darkened alleys** not allies**, but I don't think **THIS IS A** coincidence!


2018-10-08 19:41:30 UTC


2018-10-08 19:42:22 UTC


2018-10-08 19:44:02 UTC

Bare with me guys, my headset is spazzing out

2018-10-08 19:46:18 UTC

that's unfortunate

2018-10-08 19:55:34 UTC

I'll be on voice once i get home

2018-10-08 19:56:15 UTC


2018-10-08 19:57:32 UTC

No u

2018-10-08 19:58:04 UTC

Pfft.... Oldfags

2018-10-08 20:03:37 UTC


2018-10-08 20:05:53 UTC

@CapzGM friend me ;3

2018-10-08 20:06:26 UTC


2018-10-08 20:07:33 UTC


2018-10-08 20:28:52 UTC

What’s the name of the person that owns the limousine company from the wreck this weekend?

2018-10-08 20:39:50 UTC

@LaserTrain its looking like a targeted hit

2018-10-08 20:43:44 UTC


2018-10-08 20:45:21 UTC

There are several Limo companies in NY with this name, though.

2018-10-08 20:48:32 UTC
2018-10-08 20:49:09 UTC


2018-10-08 20:49:43 UTC


2018-10-08 20:49:59 UTC

Complete bullshit @lovelexxxx

2018-10-08 20:50:37 UTC

Quit fear mongering faggot

2018-10-08 20:50:51 UTC

Zublick does not have a very good track record

2018-10-08 20:50:51 UTC


2018-10-08 20:51:09 UTC

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins

2018-10-08 20:51:44 UTC

No he does not, not at all @Bellalu

2018-10-08 20:51:46 UTC

@lovelexxxx do you smoke crack nigga?

2018-10-08 20:52:48 UTC


2018-10-08 20:57:43 UTC

I asked, didn't I ?! Now, we all know how you feel. Harsh, though.

2018-10-08 20:58:22 UTC

>we should prepare for martial law
nigga I am too busy trusting the plan for your shit

*muh martial law*

*muh SGT report*


2018-10-08 20:59:22 UTC

But but but muh Walmart interment camps

*muh swamp watch*

2018-10-08 20:59:56 UTC

but goys fart of toast said there would be fema camps and martial law<:schumer:497946851555672119>

*dumb leaf trolling intensifies*<:WUT_Pepe:498191036691120158>


2018-10-08 21:02:26 UTC

Hey all. I have no way to post on boat yet. (I'm close) but I had an interesting post shared at my mostly liberal work. I work with one company that is skin care. Pasting link momentarily. But my Hope's as re that someone can share this. I have no social either

breh wats a boat

2018-10-08 21:02:52 UTC


I dont parely vous none of that shit

2018-10-08 21:04:10 UTC

Oh haha I meant voat not boat. Sorry my typing is grossly negligent

2018-10-08 21:05:11 UTC

But check that link out. This was news to me but like I said I have no social media.
Sounds like he is speaking of some pretty familiar sounds fuckery eh

2018-10-08 21:05:11 UTC

Congratulations @LazeyJ420, you're now level 1.

Checked, why cosmo skincare tho

2018-10-08 21:06:00 UTC

Dayumn KEK!!!


2018-10-08 21:06:00 UTC

Congratulations @VOL, you're now level 6.

2018-10-08 21:06:34 UTC

Kick him out the ass end!

2018-10-08 21:09:32 UTC

they made a deal... RR must use the rear exit from now on

2018-10-08 21:09:59 UTC

Chewed his ass out lmfao

2018-10-08 21:19:30 UTC

The one victim was a technology guy for a NY Senator. Sounds like a hit job

2018-10-08 21:19:43 UTC

With owner of company in Pakistan

2018-10-08 21:31:59 UTC

this is the latest internet drama hotness https://youtu.be/CW__CstS6s4

2018-10-08 21:38:30 UTC


2018-10-08 21:40:24 UTC

Shots fired...

2018-10-08 21:44:46 UTC


2018-10-08 21:45:29 UTC

Shots fired hell.... His tug boat is sunk.

2018-10-08 21:48:00 UTC


2018-10-08 21:49:23 UTC

He's been going round and round in his bathtub and forgot

2018-10-08 21:49:58 UTC

REEEEE You sunk my battleship

2018-10-08 21:49:59 UTC


2018-10-08 21:50:43 UTC


2018-10-08 22:10:29 UTC


2018-10-08 22:49:46 UTC

@PenSHITLORD @CapzGM I think this is another Soros voting machine Q post. lines up with EO & shnit


2018-10-08 22:50:21 UTC

And the red line again

2018-10-08 22:53:15 UTC

rr is there

2018-10-08 22:55:47 UTC

Nice woof

2018-10-08 23:01:56 UTC


2018-10-08 23:03:30 UTC


2018-10-08 23:03:31 UTC

Because he's a shill like you

2018-10-08 23:03:34 UTC


2018-10-08 23:03:38 UTC

Wow, really was hard to figure that out

2018-10-08 23:03:55 UTC

Justice K ceremony, RbG looks comatose, wearing gloves

2018-10-08 23:03:58 UTC


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