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2019-05-08 00:07:26 UTC

wondering if she's saying ja is a former boytoy, or he prefers boytoys

2019-05-08 00:08:12 UTC

judging by the wording...i'd say he's a former boytoy

2019-05-08 00:54:55 UTC

the line where it's underlined most famous victim , makes it look like shes saying possibly he's the toy

2019-05-08 01:28:07 UTC

Summon Enoch, he was chatting with her

2019-05-08 01:31:08 UTC

this was interesting

2019-05-08 04:36:28 UTC


2019-05-08 04:36:31 UTC


2019-05-08 04:37:06 UTC

What is it with lefties being unable to control themselves?
How did he get a gun in the first place?

2019-05-08 05:50:53 UTC

Oh my God he's a tranny


2019-05-08 05:55:49 UTC

well they had to classify the shooters some way medically

2019-05-08 06:32:43 UTC

Pam Anderson clip on JA via RT UK (@RTUKnews) May 07, 2019:

2019-05-08 07:24:21 UTC
2019-05-08 07:48:21 UTC

@Sunny , if pam is feeling sickish...i guess she swallowed more than a mouthful

2019-05-08 13:08:30 UTC

live at 10am est

2019-05-08 16:52:26 UTC
2019-05-08 17:22:57 UTC
2019-05-08 17:56:16 UTC

Wed, May 08, 2019

PanamaCity Beach, Florida

07:00 pm (CDT)

See donaldjtrump.com 4 info

2019-05-08 20:41:10 UTC

True. Panhandle is conservative, lots of good people there.

2019-05-08 21:54:54 UTC

RSBN 🔴 LIVE NOW ALL DAY (doors open at 4 CDT - Trump Aprox & 7 CDT ) : POTUS Trump Rally in Panama City Beach, Florida 5/8/19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyPg_70proE

2019-05-08 23:35:55 UTC
2019-05-09 00:07:35 UTC
2019-05-09 02:06:02 UTC

Someone is smiling down at Sarah Sanders. What a gem!

2019-05-09 03:20:09 UTC

I look forward to my new KAG hat and t-shirt.

2019-05-09 06:49:34 UTC

nothing to see here, just needed to delay a few planes while a drone was nearby

2019-05-09 13:27:28 UTC

the past comes back to haunt

2019-05-09 16:03:57 UTC

Watch #JayLive @JaySekulow's broadcast: Radio: US Responds to Iranian Threats ,also house judiciary committee AGBarr , HHS, Fed Judges https://www.pscp.tv/w/b6RG1jFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MXluS09SWHpBcld4UrKGVBbEI5iCg7Z06U9taXgIVUokF2wyvw09RPCjbR5p

2019-05-09 18:50:56 UTC
2019-05-09 19:21:09 UTC

Video Via Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) tweeted at 9:33 PM on Wed, May 08, 2019:

2019-05-09 20:09:41 UTC


2019-05-09 20:10:03 UTC

I know I'll be shit on, but does anyone use any apps to lurk on 8ch

2019-05-09 20:10:47 UTC

I dunno what Ron did, but after the server updates Dashchan no longer works

2019-05-09 20:10:51 UTC


2019-05-09 20:11:20 UTC

@ everyone

2019-05-09 21:32:07 UTC

I must say , my God the legs on "the five" right now

2019-05-10 01:24:47 UTC

so....broke in to pet the dog and wash the dishes...
and the home owner is pressing charges?

2019-05-10 16:07:47 UTC
2019-05-10 17:24:50 UTC



2019-05-10 19:14:16 UTC

👆Medic is into bethel religion & minister. They believe in glory clouds and commanding angels , among other stuff .. it's different then average evangelical Christian

2019-05-10 19:28:22 UTC

Live now Watch " @POTUS #Trump and The First Lady #Melania Participate in the Celebration of #Military Mothers" https://youtu.be/8T-5ULkj5QY

2019-05-10 20:31:17 UTC

Live now Via RSBN Trump & Melania

2019-05-10 21:24:56 UTC

Some funny stuff actor randyquaid helping Trump MAGA good meme batter clip 👉 https://twitter.com/RandyRRQuaid/status/1125196682990374912?s=19

2019-05-10 21:44:31 UTC

@boBBypEEle love all the Q support in that thread 😃 shills getting btfo

2019-05-10 22:03:48 UTC


2019-05-10 22:10:47 UTC

they ruled it 2yrs ago

2019-05-11 00:36:00 UTC

Got a call from the FBI this morning in regards to my report. Those two idiots that pulled that crap on me a couple days ago are so damn lucky. The agent on the phone said they couldn't do much more due to privacy laws but he thanked me for the info anyways. This just goes to show them to never ever joke about treason or espionage, ever!

2019-05-11 00:50:20 UTC


2019-05-11 00:50:24 UTC


2019-05-11 01:35:43 UTC

SS or it never happened

2019-05-11 02:12:11 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer what happened

2019-05-11 02:37:27 UTC


2019-05-11 18:00:26 UTC

Tranny shooters father is an illegal immigrant

2019-05-11 18:00:39 UTC

And a serial feeling

2019-05-11 18:00:46 UTC


2019-05-11 20:29:02 UTC

2019-05-12 02:10:13 UTC

jews would tap that since they eat pork, but they have to be nice to it since they can only do kosher style

2019-05-12 06:10:38 UTC

i think i decoded the birthday and location of the third antichrist in book of nostradamus
February 25th 2009, in Yerevan Armenia
Mabus could be separated into M and Abus
Mount Abus
aka Mount Ararat
February because its month 2, hitler and napoleon were born in months 4 and 8 respectively
and in retrograde of succession
1769, 1889, 2009
1, 1, 2,
and the kicker
69 plus 20 = 89
89 plus 20 = 109
3 times 20 =60
6 plus 0 is 6
3 times 6 is 18
2018 is the jubilee year representing 666
aka the start of the tribulations
and 2018 the antichrist would have turned 9 years old
it also just so happens the zodiac for the third antichrist is pisces
the zodiac of the 6th age
and their chinese zodiac os the Ox/Bull

2019-05-12 13:43:52 UTC

John Solomon: FBI Played ‘Political Dirty Trick’ on Donald Trump over Alleged Russia Collusion

2019-05-12 14:36:04 UTC

Hey, to all you mothers, Happy mothers day

2019-05-12 16:10:11 UTC

WE are Q! MAGA!

2019-05-12 22:17:45 UTC

I pray to god nobody here donated to that

2019-05-13 09:14:17 UTC

I donated to that @Moooooooooooooo - I am always weary of news sources that begin with "a source close to...". Any truth to it?

2019-05-13 09:23:46 UTC

seems he brought a little boat in 2017 - its just a hit piece.

2019-05-13 15:45:39 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo yeah, I'm not buying it atall - the guy is a triple amputee vet, the unknown mysterious article writer describes him as a "morally bankrupt scumbag pussy" thats really not how you describe a vet amputee.
That article is a leftist hitpiece which references buzzfeed, I call bullshit.

Im sure you mean well, but try not pushing obvious leftist crap. Do your own research.

2019-05-13 15:51:10 UTC

Here is one article by the writer - make up your own mind on his motives...


2019-05-13 16:12:44 UTC

A broken clock can be right twice a day

2019-05-13 16:15:00 UTC

so you wont mind me telling you to fuckoff then shill.

2019-05-13 16:23:29 UTC

Methinks you're a bit upset over this whole thing

2019-05-13 16:23:34 UTC

Because i'm still looking into this

2019-05-13 16:24:16 UTC

I've got an NBC article from December that voices concerns too, but i'll look for a Fox article

2019-05-13 16:24:25 UTC

no, just getting tired of the bullshit posted here - you are a curator, act like you earnt it.

2019-05-13 16:25:15 UTC

And you're an individual that can critically think, yet you dismiss everything you don't like about this as fake news

2019-05-13 16:27:00 UTC

I use common sense and did some basic cursory research - if I had posted something that was wrong and been corrected - I would accept it and retract, you are doubling down.

2019-05-13 16:27:25 UTC

You're saying it's wrong because the guy's a lefty

2019-05-13 16:27:30 UTC

But does that necessarily mean it's wrong

2019-05-13 16:30:22 UTC

no, because he is a satanist with a motive - you are regurgitating his crap. I can happily admit that the gofundme wont go anywhere but if it doesnt, I get my money back. I dont really care about that part tbh, Im a brit so it doesnt affect me as much.

2019-05-13 16:30:54 UTC

But this is character assassination of a patriot - you are pushing.

2019-05-13 16:30:54 UTC

Watch JayLive : @JaySekulow's broadcast: Radio: Rep. Tliab : “Calming Feeling When I Think of Holocaust.” https://www.pscp.tv/w/b6mTBDFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MW1yR212TERrWXpKeWx8dpw4Dtv93bF5ths91o4sXpxlvNgjkr12U3st16t1

2019-05-13 16:31:16 UTC

Bruh you're assuming that literally every single person who's in the military is an honorable man

2019-05-13 16:31:22 UTC

That's a really huge supposition

2019-05-13 16:31:34 UTC

Give me a few min I'm looking up something

2019-05-13 16:32:02 UTC

he lost three limbs for his country - so a little respect scrub.

2019-05-13 16:32:04 UTC

You act like it's impossible for someone to be corrupt just because they're in the military

2019-05-13 16:33:16 UTC

Who the fuck cares if he's a triple amputee? He's a scammer that's got a history of this shit and you're just passing it off as no big deal

2019-05-13 16:33:34 UTC

He deserves respect for serving, but I don't see why he should be assumed to be a good man because of it

2019-05-13 16:33:34 UTC

2019-05-13 16:33:50 UTC

To reduce things to extremes, Hitler was also a veteran, yet he was as evil as can be

2019-05-13 16:34:00 UTC

your the scammer here - you act like a patriot but show no evidence of it.

2019-05-13 16:34:16 UTC

Say what you want mate

2019-05-13 16:34:21 UTC

All I see is cope right now

2019-05-13 16:34:46 UTC

I will - you exposed yourself, I didnt have to do much.

2019-05-13 16:35:12 UTC

I'm getting a hefty sense of a pot calling a kettle black here

2019-05-13 16:35:15 UTC

Just quite honestly

2019-05-13 16:35:35 UTC

Because I'm saying that this guy's got ahistory of this and I've shown in numerous ways how

2019-05-13 16:35:44 UTC

but I'm being called a shill because you're not agreeing with that sentiment

2019-05-13 16:36:18 UTC

go propagate your crap somewhere else. its not the article im critiquing here - its you.

2019-05-13 16:36:33 UTC

You're critiquing me because I linked something you didn't like?

2019-05-13 16:36:48 UTC

Because all I'm seeing is "how dare you not like this veteran smh"

2019-05-13 16:36:49 UTC

no, because of how you have acted since.

2019-05-13 16:37:15 UTC

I was simply asking why do you think that this article was fake and then you go ahead and accuse me of being a shill

2019-05-13 16:37:18 UTC

Of course I"m being defensive

2019-05-13 16:37:35 UTC

Now why exactly can't a broken piece of shit clock be right once

2019-05-13 16:37:52 UTC

Fuck it I'll leave it to the mods if they want to ban me tbh

2019-05-13 16:38:01 UTC

I mostly lurk here for articles anyway

2019-05-13 16:38:06 UTC

But it's ultimately up to them

2019-05-13 16:38:59 UTC

its a moronic statement - so something wrong can be right in your world?

2019-05-13 16:39:15 UTC

What is "its"

2019-05-13 16:39:18 UTC

Which statement?

2019-05-13 16:39:32 UTC

broken clock

2019-05-13 16:39:56 UTC

People can't be right once in a while if they're usually worng?

2019-05-13 16:40:31 UTC

If someone's spewing out shit 9/10 times but that 1/10 is valid criticism, no matter how crude the language may be, shouldn't that 1/10 be at least considered?

2019-05-13 16:40:45 UTC

Or should you pull an MSM and dismiss it as fake news

2019-05-13 16:40:51 UTC

because it doesn't suit your agenda

2019-05-13 16:41:19 UTC

no - not atall.

my agenda? lul

2019-05-13 16:43:50 UTC

As far as I'm concerned, the guy's got a sketchy past and is just laughing at people on twitter right now

2019-05-13 16:43:58 UTC

IF the fuck delivers, then I'll say I was wrong

2019-05-13 16:44:06 UTC

But I've got absolutely no faith that this man will

2019-05-13 16:44:16 UTC

look I dont think your a shill so I take that back - but you have no problem posting crap., try <#492416332286001158> instead.

2019-05-13 16:44:36 UTC

If you're going to accuse me of being a shill at least stand by it

2019-05-13 16:45:37 UTC

tf... no I mistook you being a shill instead of just being a dumb cunt - my mistake.

2019-05-13 16:46:42 UTC

but hey - a broken clock can be right twice a day - right?

2019-05-13 17:18:54 UTC

Just for my own reference.


2019-05-13 17:25:49 UTC

Go right on ahead m8. I don't delete anything so as long as this server remains you'll be able to search for it

2019-05-13 17:27:37 UTC

im not your mate.

2019-05-13 17:42:32 UTC

Also way to go neglecting to include the whole quote


2019-05-13 17:43:23 UTC

Isn't cropping quotes something the MSM does?

2019-05-13 17:43:31 UTC

I thought we were supposed to be against that here.

2019-05-13 17:43:49 UTC

You still here?

2019-05-13 17:43:57 UTC

You're dodging again

2019-05-13 17:44:21 UTC

no point arguing with a dummy.

2019-05-13 17:44:22 UTC

You're cropping out shit that's attached to a bigger statement

2019-05-13 17:44:23 UTC

2019-05-13 17:44:47 UTC

And now you're just name-calling

2019-05-13 17:45:08 UTC

Why'd you crop and then edit my comment though?

2019-05-13 17:47:38 UTC

you have been proven to be a dumb cunt. I have no problem calling you out - the cropped comment was for my reference - showing the only point I needed to see, without the added crap. Are you saying that it is taken out of context now?

2019-05-13 17:48:33 UTC

I'm saying if you're going to quote something quote the whole thing

2019-05-13 17:48:59 UTC

Because that's terribly close to the whole "They're animals" fiasco that the MSM was shitting itself over a few months back

2019-05-13 17:49:26 UTC

But yah know, go ahead and do whatever you want.

2019-05-13 17:50:30 UTC

no, I quote the important point. Its in complete context and you know it also as stated it is for my reference - you make a good snake, sure your not a shill?

2019-05-13 17:58:22 UTC

But you don't quote the entire context

2019-05-13 17:58:53 UTC

I took a screenshot of the entire statement and I'm saying that regardless if he's a triple amputee, if he's a shit person he's a shit person

2019-05-13 17:59:46 UTC

What I've got a problem with is this attitude of "can't trust the MSM" and then you do exactly what the MSM does and snip lines that fit what you want

2019-05-13 17:59:53 UTC

Actually, this is what you said.


2019-05-13 18:00:23 UTC

you just wish you hadn't.

2019-05-13 18:00:23 UTC


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