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2019-03-14 22:06:02 UTC

Wait rand paul voted against the wall?

2019-03-14 22:24:31 UTC

Thank God Rand clarified for the public. Freaking msm played him as a deserter

2019-03-14 23:10:12 UTC

Sara Latham

2019-03-14 23:10:45 UTC

https://twitter.com/saralathm her twitter just disappeared, former Clinton adviser

2019-03-14 23:11:51 UTC
2019-03-14 23:23:05 UTC

friend of hers.... any relation I wonder?

2019-03-14 23:26:29 UTC

Another friend of hers.. relation of Kamala Harris

2019-03-14 23:27:10 UTC

Royals have deep swamp adviser embedded now

2019-03-14 23:39:27 UTC


2019-03-14 23:48:13 UTC

Archive from Oct 2016

2019-03-14 23:55:46 UTC

Oct 2016... he must be psychic! lol


2019-03-14 23:59:58 UTC

Is this already a question from then or new info?

2019-03-15 00:05:08 UTC

I remember it was from clicking on a link but don't remember that the guy who did it had been ID and worked in their IT dept. and told Sara Latham HRC adviser to give away Podesta password??

2019-03-15 00:47:26 UTC

Not sure if this is correct but...


2019-03-15 00:51:37 UTC


2019-03-15 00:55:00 UTC

This is about Sara Latham the new Royal adviser. Ex HRC adviser who was responsible for the podesta password leak, friend of George Soros

2019-03-15 00:56:06 UTC

>new royal advisor
Ah gotcha

2019-03-15 00:56:26 UTC

just digging and the more i look the deeper it gets

2019-03-15 00:56:57 UTC

Keep going m8. I haven't really been paying attention to the news recently so I'm out of the loop on

2019-03-15 00:56:58 UTC


2019-03-15 00:57:33 UTC

Just saw the headline say ex HRC aide so thought worth a punt... shes deep state

2019-03-15 01:01:17 UTC

lol just reading old threads from 2016 ppl calling soros no. for kek

2019-03-15 01:12:39 UTC

It appears she was responsible for setting this up I think. Fake craiglist job ad for trump to smear him

2019-03-15 01:13:58 UTC

"Send it to Perkins.." Perkins Coie I wonder?

2019-03-15 02:11:16 UTC
2019-03-15 02:11:40 UTC

says he posted on 8ch before??

2019-03-15 02:12:42 UTC
2019-03-15 02:21:05 UTC

Oh shit that was truly awful...fuck wish I hadn't watched the vids fuck its real

2019-03-15 03:17:21 UTC

List of Rino's against trump wall today via ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://twitter.com/bizwomen4TRUMP/status/1106334720563073025?s=19

2019-03-15 04:08:31 UTC

Damnit rand. I know you got principles but fuckin expand yo thinkin.

2019-03-15 05:12:54 UTC

the 'ff' vid from nz

2019-03-15 06:36:05 UTC


2019-03-15 07:00:55 UTC

16min long

2019-03-15 07:06:28 UTC

Totally not a false flag goyim


2019-03-15 07:09:01 UTC

Oh my God my sides


2019-03-15 07:09:05 UTC


2019-03-15 07:10:17 UTC

Fucking hell they're going to shill the fuck out of this and say Vidya evil


2019-03-15 07:13:05 UTC

walkaway doesn't translate exactly into 'go on a shooting spree'

2019-03-15 07:21:14 UTC

Some people noticed this magazine on the ground before her dropped any

2019-03-15 07:21:48 UTC

So either there's some bull shit afoot, the muzzies were packing, or psyop.

2019-03-15 07:21:48 UTC

2019-03-15 07:23:24 UTC

the tweet narrative of interview with a shooter in another nation across the planet going on a shooting spree claiming ppl in usa on the side of escaping the democratic party there is responsible for pushing their hatred agenda

2019-03-15 07:35:02 UTC

Some schmuck on a group chat I'm in was saying the same


2019-03-15 07:35:25 UTC

But it doesn't make any sense since he's in Hobbit land how would that reflect on us

2019-03-15 07:39:41 UTC

did you guys see that creepy painting on his ar? pretty much mkultra subjects thing

2019-03-15 07:40:57 UTC

didn't look like an ar ...more like a m-16

2019-03-15 07:41:13 UTC

the other gun was a m-4

2019-03-15 07:41:26 UTC

the one in the car looked like an ar

2019-03-15 07:42:15 UTC

i have to wait til my bro can confirm ..he's more knowledge-based on guns than i could ever be

2019-03-15 07:43:06 UTC

Was that a flashlight blinking faster than the refresh rate or was he shooting in the hall too?

2019-03-15 07:44:07 UTC

Yeah I think that's a flashlight

2019-03-15 07:44:16 UTC

m16 m4 is based on ar15

2019-03-15 07:44:31 UTC


2019-03-15 07:44:50 UTC

@smallbox I thought the m4 and ar15 were both based on the m16

2019-03-15 07:45:12 UTC

This graffiti though lol

2019-03-15 07:45:20 UTC

>14 words

2019-03-15 07:45:36 UTC

yeah thats some spooky shit

2019-03-15 07:47:09 UTC

>shit mortie the false flag is tomorrow and his weapons aren't scary enough. What do we do?
>I have an idea, Moishe
>*Checks ADL hate symbol catalog*

2019-03-15 07:47:30 UTC

ar 15 came after m4 and m16

2019-03-15 07:48:04 UTC

ar came out like in 80's to 90's ...

2019-03-15 07:48:21 UTC

m4 - ww1-2, m16 viet nam

2019-03-15 07:48:42 UTC

m1 was ww1 mostly

2019-03-15 07:49:33 UTC

no gun case in car...so where did they get the gun case

2019-03-15 07:51:34 UTC

An AR-15 style rifle is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle based on the ArmaLite AR-15 design. ArmaLite sold the patent and trademarks to Colt's Manufacturing Company in 1959. After Colt's patents expired in 1977, Colt retained the trademark and is the exclusive owner of "AR-15" designation.[1] An expanded marketplace emerged with many manufacturers producing their own version of the AR-15 design for commercial sale.

2019-03-15 08:15:59 UTC

Holy fuck the guy's soundtrack in the car lol

2019-03-15 08:16:05 UTC

>Serbia Strong

2019-03-15 08:16:12 UTC

>British Grenadiers march

2019-03-15 08:16:20 UTC

>Gas Gas Gas on the escapw

2019-03-15 08:16:25 UTC

lol where are you reading thi

2019-03-15 08:16:25 UTC

2019-03-15 08:16:26 UTC


2019-03-15 08:17:40 UTC

15 and 16 for the eurobeat

2019-03-15 08:21:35 UTC

yeah that remove kebab jesus lol

2019-03-15 08:22:02 UTC

i found his statement as pdf i wonder if its allowed to upload it here

2019-03-15 09:05:12 UTC

Seems like a very trained professional.

2019-03-15 09:51:44 UTC

narrative of nz....pushing towards martial law
fear push

2019-03-15 11:57:22 UTC

He was in Pakistan

2019-03-15 11:58:46 UTC


2019-03-15 11:58:53 UTC

where they go to program alot of ppl

2019-03-15 14:12:21 UTC

"In a question-and-answer section of the manifesto, he asked himself: Where did he research and develop his beliefs?

โ€œThe internet, of course,โ€ he wrote. โ€œYou will not find the truth anywhere else.โ€"

2019-03-15 15:38:23 UTC

Found it here


2019-03-15 15:55:35 UTC

Watch "White House condemns horrific 'act of terror' in New Zealand" & Trump to order first Veto https://youtu.be/Esl0jlSduDo

2019-03-15 16:10:37 UTC

Watch @JaySekulow's broadcast via periscope : Radio: Terror Strikes #NewZealand. & info about @POTUS veto

2019-03-15 16:14:23 UTC

Gets a little scarier when white people get pissed doesn't it?

2019-03-15 16:19:36 UTC


2019-03-15 16:37:21 UTC


2019-03-15 16:37:23 UTC


2019-03-15 16:38:53 UTC


2019-03-15 17:16:56 UTC

Many blaming pew die pie bcus he was mentioned byNZ killer, some info showing he does charity to help ppl with some pics https://twitter.com/iCoolcarguy1/status/1106573180142059520?s=19

2019-03-15 17:52:46 UTC

Socialist Ocasio cortez -AOC Belittles Prayer After New Zealand Mass Shooting https://www.theepochtimes.com/ocasio-cortez-belittles-prayer-after-new-zealand-mass-shooting_2839664.html

2019-03-15 18:47:26 UTC

Via Whitehouse in sta shows a lethal dose of fentanyl side by side wow potent! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu_gj8Dg4Lb/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=2ill0rovbpkx

2019-03-15 18:56:07 UTC

@_NANO_ rt'd link ... maybe we need an rt'd icon @FastJack would help 4 posting out & keep stories & links rolling to normies, a thought
(not to be confused with <:thot:503015298765422593> )

2019-03-15 19:00:22 UTC


2019-03-15 19:00:34 UTC

ill get on that

2019-03-15 19:04:06 UTC

Lol, it would help tho seriously

2019-03-15 19:04:18 UTC

no worries doing show prep rn

2019-03-15 19:04:18 UTC

2019-03-15 19:04:21 UTC


2019-03-15 19:04:28 UTC

thot means that hoe over there

2019-03-15 19:04:37 UTC


2019-03-15 21:17:14 UTC

Attorney General Bill Barr Defends President Trump in Oval Office "Your Declaration of Border Emergency is CLEARLY AUTHORIZED" (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/03/ag-bill-barr-sides-with-president-trump-on-border-emergency/ via @gatewaypundit

2019-03-15 21:46:20 UTC

on ff watch for past few days and for the next few days too

2019-03-15 23:45:37 UTC

full 17min vid

2019-03-16 01:01:36 UTC

I hear rumors that they're shoahing servers with the vid up

2019-03-16 01:01:36 UTC

2019-03-16 01:01:39 UTC


2019-03-16 01:01:58 UTC

๐Ÿ‘† wow , the guy plays the polka & rock and acts like no big...just killed men women at Mosque and beeps horn at pedestrians after killings --- weird look into the mind of a killer

2019-03-16 01:02:04 UTC

Could be a psyop to prevent playing it

2019-03-16 01:02:16 UTC

It's more than polka

2019-03-16 01:02:22 UTC

It's Serbia Strong

2019-03-16 01:02:24 UTC

remove Kebab

2019-03-16 01:03:32 UTC


2019-03-16 01:18:51 UTC


2019-03-16 01:18:58 UTC

Wow they're really in deep now

2019-03-16 01:19:09 UTC

Falling for literally everything he throws at then

2019-03-16 01:24:10 UTC

shoah? -shoahed


2019-03-16 01:25:51 UTC

Kinda disappointed there wasn't a "how does he keep getting away with it" this time around.

2019-03-16 01:37:58 UTC


2019-03-16 01:38:24 UTC

Shuddit down goyim believe it 100 don't ask questiond

2019-03-16 01:38:48 UTC

Or, alternatively, systemically erased/deleted

2019-03-16 01:39:13 UTC

ty was just reading more on that .. that it was a term used during holocaust

2019-03-16 02:31:59 UTC


2019-03-16 02:36:36 UTC

That is the OK sign, the Left decided to redefine and claim it is something else. Simply they are trying to control the narrative.

2019-03-16 02:39:59 UTC

Yeah, had no idea that had anything to do with white nationalists. I don't believe it does. Closer to 666 (((cabal))).

2019-03-16 02:41:22 UTC

ya 3 fingers up means W the thumb and arm make the P. it's BS

2019-03-16 02:42:07 UTC

Roger. Not buying it either.

2019-03-16 02:42:20 UTC

@Kankels McGee it was literally a 4fhan meme that media believed

2019-03-16 02:42:25 UTC

During the K hearing they screamed that.

2019-03-16 02:42:57 UTC

Making up shit on the fly...

2019-03-16 02:43:29 UTC

yup when the puppet masters don't even know the culture or language, it happens

2019-03-16 02:43:33 UTC

Do you really think the left can meme so hard as to make a common hand gesture mean something else?

2019-03-16 02:44:06 UTC

Not like we meme'd a POTUS

2019-03-16 02:44:13 UTC


2019-03-16 02:50:55 UTC

Clear as day dude was on a mission. I'm not even sure he hated them. I agree with statement earlier he felt nothing. For all we know, certain people were set up to be in that mosque at that time. Lots at play here, we'll probably never know the real truth.

2019-03-16 03:03:57 UTC

NZ is that on the other side of the Date Line? Was it Friday for them?

2019-03-16 04:49:49 UTC

I heard about it in the wee hours of the morning

2019-03-16 05:13:01 UTC



2019-03-16 05:13:11 UTC


2019-03-16 05:13:18 UTC


2019-03-16 05:14:23 UTC



2019-03-16 05:14:24 UTC

2019-03-16 05:14:30 UTC


2019-03-16 05:45:16 UTC

the ok sign at the groin = eye>balls ...its visual trolling

2019-03-16 05:45:55 UTC

it's like saying = 'blow me' or 'suck it'

2019-03-16 06:27:33 UTC

Lol-ing at the cucked kiwis


2019-03-16 06:30:40 UTC

only difference between nz and rest of the world's ff shooting events is ..the shooter was reg'd to have a semi auto rifle in nz, none of the other locations was the shooter reg'd to own and use such a weapon for their 'attacks'

2019-03-16 07:45:19 UTC


2019-03-16 13:02:49 UTC

They trying to get horizontal like RGB

2019-03-16 13:30:42 UTC


2019-03-16 13:31:24 UTC

Engage core > play dead

2019-03-16 13:58:19 UTC

humm they need to find the book of the dead and the reincarnation ritual

2019-03-16 15:28:24 UTC

YouTube is now fully censored

2019-03-16 15:28:36 UTC

Home v Trending

2019-03-16 15:29:50 UTC

Home โ€”> 5 videos

2019-03-16 15:29:58 UTC

Trending โ€”> unlimited

2019-03-16 16:30:36 UTC


2019-03-16 20:34:49 UTC

Let's see...reject your religion and your country, join up with ISIS, go to Yemen to jihad, BTFO by drone strike. Seems pretty clear to me.

2019-03-16 20:36:20 UTC

Oh wait, Parents are looking for someone to blame, that's easy, find a mirror.

2019-03-16 20:55:28 UTC

Have you guys noticed Bernie's Cut above his eye?

2019-03-16 20:55:53 UTC

Same thing happened to Senator Reid when things went bad.

2019-03-16 20:56:33 UTC

If you look up Hollywood's Black Eye club? Pattern?

2019-03-16 20:58:16 UTC

Haven't seen burnies, but yeah definitely a pattern. Ritual, reprogramming,...

2019-03-16 20:59:22 UTC

duckduckgo found this

2019-03-16 22:01:06 UTC

GrandRapids , MIย 
March 28 7PM EDT.
Get Official Tickets Here
โ–ถ https://www.donaldjtrump.com/rallies/mar-grandrap-mi-2019?utm_medium=web&utm_source=djt_web&utm_content=redbar

2019-03-16 23:32:41 UTC

Naw naw, Bernie just slipped in the shower ntsh

2019-03-16 23:48:50 UTC

i still prefer the theory that one of his socialist sex slaves woke up and escaped by hitting him on the head

2019-03-16 23:50:54 UTC

Imho , his sex master disciplined him

2019-03-16 23:54:07 UTC

thats possible too

2019-03-16 23:56:59 UTC

btw, the state is nicknamed 'the keystone state'

2019-03-16 23:58:41 UTC

That is hitting close to home. They want civil war one way or the other

2019-03-16 23:59:50 UTC

they want to track their enemies

2019-03-17 00:00:44 UTC

That sgt report kinda turned me off the minute he had a show about flat earth

2019-03-17 00:17:59 UTC

I finally figured out why my wife doesn't belive a word I'm saying to her....M? Check...K? Check


2019-03-17 00:18:26 UTC

This is what she's been drinkin

2019-03-17 00:25:24 UTC

Rush Limbaugh: Was New Zealand Shooter a Leftist Trying to Smear Conservatives?... "The Left Is This Insane" https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/03/rush-limbaugh-was-new-zealand-mass-murderer-a-far-left-zealot-trying-to-smear-conservatives/ via @gatewaypundit

2019-03-17 01:27:39 UTC

Watch Interesting view via ThomasWictor of NZSHOOTER "A new kind of mass shooting" > ( Social Media Trolling ) & link to read breakdown of the manifesto https://youtu.be/gOikrDPgTyM

2019-03-17 02:06:20 UTC
2019-03-17 02:10:06 UTC

Via Press Sec ...under the National Emergencies Act . https://twitter.com/PressSec/status/1107064356364263426?s=19

2019-03-17 02:16:06 UTC

christians are not on the agenda of the msm..unless they're the enemy

2019-03-17 02:16:35 UTC

majority of the population of usa is actually christian

2019-03-17 04:22:35 UTC

you forgot about the Noahide laws

2019-03-17 05:38:37 UTC

actually i didn't

2019-03-17 05:39:19 UTC

majority of those coming to america from the south are christians/catholics

2019-03-17 07:19:49 UTC

and the commie censorship begins again with tracking down ppl that seen the vid or the manifesto in nz
unless the nwo controls the narrative of the msg, they will attack those that debug the narrative for what it is...a play, a performance, a lie. they don't want ppl to know the truth nor figure it out on their own. they want their controls back

2019-03-17 07:55:31 UTC

@SirW00f the funny thing about that is the servers are based in the USA so KF doesn't need to do jack shit for Kiwiland

2019-03-17 08:14:13 UTC

Oh joshes response was beautiful

2019-03-17 08:14:20 UTC

"Is this a joke? I'm not turning over information about my users. The person responsible for posting the video and manifesto PDF is myself.

I feel real bad for you guys, you've got a quiet nation and now this attack is going to be the first thing people think of for the next 10 years when they hear the name New Zealand, but you can't do this. Tell your superiors they're going to make the entire country and its government look like clowns by trying to censor the Internet. You're a small, irrelevant island nation barely more recognizable than any other nameless pacific sovereignty. You do not have the clout to eradicate a video from the Internet and you do not have the legal reach to imprison everyone whose posted it. If anyone turns over to you the information they're asking for they're not only cowards, but they're fucking idiots.

My name is Joshua Moon, I'm a US Citizen living overseas. My company is contained within a Florida company. If you need an address to send physical documents to this works.

Lolcow LLC
913 Beal Pkwy NW
Suite A-1017
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

If you're wondering, no. Kiwi Farms has nothing to do with New Zealand. Our name is a pointed jab at some of the mushmouthed autistic people we make fun of. Absolutely nothing about our community is NZ oriented.

And I don't give a single solitary fuck what section 50 of your faggot law say about sharing your email. Fuck you and fuck your shithole country.

- Josh"

2019-03-17 09:20:38 UTC

is it me or are u late the to party

2019-03-17 15:08:29 UTC
2019-03-17 15:12:02 UTC

Via gen Flynn sis #2 about epoch times writer info - https://twitter.com/Shem_Infinite/status/1106366427286503427?s=19

2019-03-17 15:15:46 UTC

Last 1 from red gate ( its the video Q sent us to -Hawley MO vid) an FYI from today Rt if we see something... I'm saying it just in case - https://twitter.com/HawleyMO/status/1106247367177764865?s=19

2019-03-17 15:20:35 UTC


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