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2019-02-26 17:15:09 UTC

LIVE Watch @JaySekulow's #JayLive : #POTUS Lands in #Vietnam for #NorthKorea #Summit #MAGA #Trump2020 https://www.pscp.tv/w/b0VraDFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MWRqeFhPUWFvRFJKWhVBBsIyb-Wt7sPSZwM_614F5kZkySr8ApL9xr4HGBdt

2019-02-26 19:15:01 UTC
2019-02-26 19:41:30 UTC

Socialist AOC ( Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ) Depicted as Superhero in New (propaganda) Comic Book http://bit.ly/2XmpASM

2019-02-26 19:52:59 UTC

imo, the stripper turned superhero comic was better

2019-02-26 20:23:02 UTC

Ya the things they don't tell you about signing up for the draft or military service. Your subject to recall in a Time of War. Period. Get convicted of a Felony, your subject to recall. UCMJ actions can strip rank and pensions.

2019-02-26 20:38:01 UTC

Hope the comic book is a flop with the kids , that's the old strategy teach it when their young ...also would suck having the kids eyes bug out like AOC 's

2019-02-26 20:40:03 UTC

Chinaโ€™s Ploy to Establish a
'Global' DNA Database by 2019 !
-For SocietyControl https://m.theepochtimes.com/chinas-ploy-to-establish-a-global-dna-database_2814795.html via @epochtimes

2019-02-26 20:46:48 UTC

More worried if the UN tries the same thing with DNA

2019-02-26 20:49:00 UTC

well u can't make dna selective bio weapons if u don't know the nation's dna

2019-02-26 20:49:56 UTC

About 20 or 25 years ago, there was a company that used to buy old Diabetes strips. They were matching the DNA to child records and Criminal records.

2019-02-26 20:51:26 UTC

Bio weapons would have to be used in conjunction with "Flu Shots"

2019-02-26 20:51:50 UTC

DNA is way too diverse in some countries

2019-02-26 21:04:45 UTC

old measles shots was taking raw samples of skin before giving u a shot

2019-02-26 23:48:40 UTC

Holder Calls the Electoral College โ€œUndemocraticโ€ and โ€œVestige of the Pastโ€ https://saraacarter.com/holder-calls-the-electoral-college-undemocratic-and-vestige-of-the-past/ via @SaraCarterDC

2019-02-27 00:25:31 UTC

They tried to kill her once already #AbortionSurvivor

2019-02-27 01:56:37 UTC

A 404'd thread was deleted right?

2019-02-27 01:57:14 UTC

Was the thread "21 days may be too late" deleted for concern post?

2019-02-27 02:31:19 UTC

I saw a bunch of military coptors before Q posted. https://youtu.be/KZHJRU-gFLE

2019-02-27 02:34:56 UTC

same formation i saw in philly in feb and march of 2018

2019-02-27 02:35:32 UTC

except they flew over head of me close enough to actually tell if they had tail numbers or not

2019-02-27 02:35:48 UTC

i didn't see any tail numbers in case ur wondering

2019-02-27 03:02:47 UTC

Finally , where'd that ak pic come from

2019-02-27 04:06:39 UTC
2019-02-27 04:06:55 UTC

can u guess the formation

2019-02-27 05:21:42 UTC


2019-02-27 06:23:11 UTC

From the text (https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000169-2d31-dc75-affd-bfb99a790001):

I am providing the Committee today with several documents. These
โ€ข A copy of a check Mr. Trump wrote from his personal bank account โ€“ after he became president - to reimburse me for the hush money payments I made to cover up his affair with an adult
film star and prevent damage to his campaign;
โ€ข Copies of financial statements for 2011 โ€“ 2013 that he gave to such institutions as Deutsche Bank;
โ€ข A copy of an article with Mr. Trumpโ€™s handwriting on it that reported on the auction of a portrait of himself โ€“ he arranged for the bidder ahead of time and then reimbursed the bidder from the account of his non-profit charitable foundation, with the picture now hanging in one of his country clubs; and
โ€ข Copies of letters I wrote at Mr. Trumpโ€™s direction that threatened his high school, colleges, and the College Board not to release his grades or SAT scores.

2019-02-27 06:54:41 UTC

We've been seeing those military copters same formation out in Socal multiple times recently & a lot of military planes toward the borders

2019-02-27 07:00:10 UTC

Watch "United Methodist Church rejects same-sex marriage" on YouTube https://youtu.be/ntueGYWy4z0

2019-02-27 07:03:42 UTC
2019-02-27 07:38:47 UTC

@malloc I'm still here wondering what a 2011 transaction has to do with a 2016 election.

2019-02-27 16:27:30 UTC

welcome to the dog and pony show - https://i.imgflip.com/2i1oh5.jpg

2019-02-27 16:46:08 UTC

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins how are you doing? Good to have you back

2019-02-27 16:46:26 UTC


2019-02-27 16:46:34 UTC

I'm good thanks

2019-02-27 16:47:12 UTC
2019-02-27 16:47:22 UTC

Thatโ€™s good! Are you watching Cohen today?

2019-02-27 16:47:40 UTC

I donโ€™t think I can stomach that lyin rat bastard

2019-02-27 16:48:18 UTC

listening to him get caught in lies again

2019-02-27 16:48:18 UTC

Naw I've got better things to do that watch that rat

2019-02-27 16:48:49 UTC

[email protected] sure its good entertainment if you can take it

2019-02-27 16:49:03 UTC

i'm 25mins behind on it

2019-02-27 16:49:40 UTC

I'd rather chew glass

2019-02-27 16:49:58 UTC

Many reports on him lying in court

2019-02-27 16:50:10 UTC

well i suggest u order frozen food from boston market then

2019-02-27 16:50:17 UTC

apparently theres glass in it

2019-02-27 16:50:48 UTC

Anything good so far?

2019-02-27 16:50:51 UTC

Sounds crunchy I still need coffee too early 4 glass

2019-02-27 16:51:02 UTC

lying to congress, lying to court, and lying to congress again

2019-02-27 16:51:50 UTC

i don't bother with nda's ...unreliable

2019-02-27 16:51:53 UTC

and costly

2019-02-27 16:54:12 UTC
2019-02-27 16:54:20 UTC

Homo it up

2019-02-27 16:56:58 UTC

"your side ran away from the truth" says the Democrat

2019-02-27 16:57:02 UTC

If you have a twitter look at trend hash tag #CohenHearing

2019-02-27 16:57:22 UTC

Oh God I can't imagine the bullshit on that tag

2019-02-27 16:57:22 UTC

2019-02-27 16:58:38 UTC

Lots of "sheeeeeeit"

2019-02-27 16:59:45 UTC

for those that don't understand the term 'dog and pony show' -

2019-02-27 17:01:32 UTC

Live now senate GOP talking about senate dems obstruction of Trump nominees https://www.pscp.tv/w/b0a5VjFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MXpxS1ZPbHpYUm1HQp_ZC7TaQOG0oc6sfnWXpFCPSv_XleLJiIFb1hFkuE_u

2019-02-27 17:03:53 UTC

the last list of nominees are for district 9

2019-02-27 17:04:39 UTC

it's the last and final holdout for the dem's agenda against trump

2019-02-27 17:05:04 UTC

the cohen hearing is the dog and pony show distraction for this

2019-02-27 17:15:05 UTC

Watch LIVE NOW @JordanSekulow's broadcast: Radio: Natโ€™l Emergency Vote: House Falls Far Short of 2/3 & info Trump Kim NOKO meetings . https://www.pscp.tv/w/b0a9BTFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MXZPR3dab1JQeURLQrDu0oyWGQ74GsNud0BTxjgOeAlfWnD9l-r84vGPSmKG

2019-02-27 18:01:51 UTC

LIVE Watch @Reuters's broadcast: #Trump 's former lawyer #MichaelCohen testifies to Congress on Capitol Hill https://www.pscp.tv/w/b0bH5zFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MU1ZR055a3pMcndLdwdmOTDBQnpNOLHVnf2bemYls6sKZMXbcZW_ml9Sw5Jl

2019-02-27 18:22:27 UTC
2019-02-27 18:29:21 UTC

Hey @Sunny thanks for bringing that good info ๐Ÿ˜˜

2019-02-27 18:29:30 UTC

You too @SirW00f

2019-02-27 18:41:51 UTC

Holy crap how the hell did Trump know about WikiLeaks dump before they were released? Cohen says it was stone but something seems odd


2019-02-27 20:41:34 UTC

Def con alert system - alert levels to know https://twitter.com/DEFCONWSALERTS/status/1100854245581033473?s=19

2019-02-27 21:21:29 UTC

VIA dt Jr rt on his Insta about Cohen - Its Sad &Sickening he did this to Trump fam.

2019-02-27 21:27:56 UTC

Watch @Reuters's broadcast: #Trump former lawyer #MichaelCohen resumes testimony before #Congress

2019-02-27 21:41:25 UTC

Cohen that jew rat

2019-02-27 21:49:09 UTC

This is pure genius ๐Ÿคฃ

2019-02-27 22:24:38 UTC

So this is intriguing. Both CNN and NYT have negative articles on Cohen today.

2019-02-27 22:32:14 UTC
2019-02-27 23:14:59 UTC

Watch Day 1 : " @POTUS #Trump Participates in a Greeting with the #Chairman of the State Affairs Commission"
๐Ÿ“ฝ https://youtu.be/Os4TodWHy2g #KimJongUn #TrumpKimSummit

2019-02-27 23:18:27 UTC

REPLAY DAY 1 ) Watch " @POTUS #Trump Participates in a 1:1 Conversation with the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission" https://youtu.be/wLbd6TNkhL0

2019-02-27 23:31:37 UTC

REPLAY day 1 Watch " @Potus #Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam & gen sec communist party Vietnam " https://youtu.be/d1PxhjNfuo8

2019-02-27 23:47:14 UTC

Replay day 1 Watch "President Trump Participates in a Working Lunch with the Prime Minister of the SRV" on YouTube https://youtu.be/8ZtabxY6cfA

2019-02-28 01:45:46 UTC

easy job for him

2019-02-28 02:14:45 UTC

Day 2 ) Watch @Reuters's #live as #TrumpKimSummit hold another day of talks at their second #summit in #Hanoi


2019-02-28 02:19:13 UTC

first of many exposures to come

2019-02-28 02:59:12 UTC

read my post next to link

2019-02-28 03:07:53 UTC

It's only a boil on the DS'S ass

2019-02-28 04:33:40 UTC


2019-02-28 04:44:00 UTC

Oh my god is there 3 more days of this cohen shit

2019-02-28 06:12:26 UTC

some dem playtime while things go on in the background behind their backs

2019-02-28 10:52:40 UTC

He purgered himself twice that I know of. They did already sent in a criminal referral .

2019-02-28 10:53:40 UTC

The Cotton Link is an OMG what an Idiot moment!

2019-02-28 13:22:37 UTC

Just following the shit show that's going down in Canada. Looks like Trudeau is done.

2019-02-28 13:31:23 UTC


2019-02-28 13:47:17 UTC

I think he has the qualifications for Cuba. I hear they need a new dictator.

2019-02-28 13:47:56 UTC

canada is the new cuba

2019-02-28 13:48:25 UTC

few embrace it, rest don't want it

2019-02-28 14:49:23 UTC

meanwhile there is another shitstorm going on in UK as globalists have hijacked parliament to stop brexit...it's like a balloon waiting to burst as Parliament defies the People and civil war looms on the horizon.

2019-02-28 14:51:58 UTC

won't be civil war, it will be civil uprising to a revolution

2019-02-28 14:52:55 UTC

which is why the yellow vest movement is so active

2019-02-28 14:53:09 UTC

and trying their hardest not to be violent

2019-02-28 14:53:30 UTC

keeps it from becoming a civil war

2019-02-28 15:26:10 UTC

YES true i mis phrased that...

2019-02-28 15:33:49 UTC

uk needs an uprising to a revolution...they need to get rid of the monarchy system

2019-02-28 15:34:27 UTC

princes and princesses should be left to fiction, not reality

2019-02-28 16:15:21 UTC

Sure, agreed but its the MPs here who are corrupt, the politicians. Our Parliament is infested with globalists in the 3 major parties. Hence why we aren't leaving the EU or they are attempting to thwart it. In reality we should just leave on WTO terms and be done with it but they serve the will of the EU and hence the globalist cabal.

2019-02-28 16:16:46 UTC

There is no unifying leader in Parliament standing up for the people and democracy to enforce brexit. May is a traitor.

2019-02-28 16:22:58 UTC

hence the need for revolution ...remove arrest and replace those in power with decent ppl

2019-02-28 16:23:43 UTC

may is delaying it to force the revolution ...she was a puppet of the state/globalists

2019-02-28 17:06:47 UTC

it's not just the world bank, it's world organizations. AKA NGO's Non Government Organizations. Kiss it good bye Soros

2019-02-28 17:12:34 UTC

Watch @JaySekulow's broadcast: #Live: BREAKING: U.S. Walks Away From Negotiations With NorthKorea

2019-02-28 20:54:16 UTC


2019-02-28 21:01:17 UTC

in deleting it's own gang db, they think they buried the db of their nwo off books drug/gang biz

2019-02-28 21:01:29 UTC

but if it's online, it's never gone

2019-02-28 21:02:02 UTC

i'm pretty sure that db was shared with other police networks, dhs, dea, and fbi at least

2019-02-28 21:02:16 UTC

which means even nsa has it

2019-02-28 23:46:47 UTC

I was reading the James Woods Tweet comments and wondered what KURU Disease was. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuru_(disease)

2019-02-28 23:46:57 UTC

then make me think of this jem\

2019-03-01 02:05:25 UTC

In other words, I don't want to get shot

2019-03-01 02:32:06 UTC

gun owners out number the cops

2019-03-01 02:32:37 UTC

also if the shtf ....better to have legal gun owners on ur side when it's time to clean out city hall

2019-03-01 03:06:13 UTC

"Months of chaos" lingers in my mind but I'm hoping the worst is behind us

2019-03-01 08:10:39 UTC
2019-03-01 08:49:49 UTC
2019-03-01 19:33:57 UTC

just look at the title to the book

2019-03-01 19:34:00 UTC

what a joke

2019-03-02 01:03:46 UTC

HUCKABEE: Here Are The Top 5 Lies And Damning Discoveries From #Cohen โ€™s Testimony - The Daily Caller https://dailycaller.com/2019/03/01/huckabee-cohen-testimony/

2019-03-02 01:24:30 UTC

Watch @DiamondandSilk's Live : Steve King Exclusive . We sit down and talk to Congressman Steve King


2019-03-02 02:40:46 UTC

future proves past

2019-03-02 06:32:56 UTC

At what point does predictive programming become a predictable behavior to the viewer? When the program red pills ppl into thinking.

2019-03-02 07:14:40 UTC

Watch "WATCH #LIVE: SpaceX to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket #Crew Dragon Demo-1 (DM-1) @2:49am EST" on YouTube https://youtu.be/V-klrNr0g8Q

2019-03-02 09:53:39 UTC

Bout to launch

2019-03-02 11:00:37 UTC

escape attempt?

2019-03-02 13:58:31 UTC

req'd reading at the us marine officer training
'the way we win, matters'
the reason for the long delay in justice
u can't win by playing their games, u'd be nothing more than a different version of them. u have to show the world their evil first...show to all those that following them will effect everybody's outcome as bad if not as just as evil as them. show the world the real truth and teach them how to see it for what it is, nothing more than the raw truth for what it is, not the lies upon lies their msm has been shown to us. only then when the world as awakened to the real truth can u beat them.

2019-03-02 17:00:29 UTC

LIVE WAITING ON TRUMP CPAC Watch "President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference" on YouTube https://youtu.be/cWlT9hYaw5Q

2019-03-02 17:15:16 UTC

Potus on now ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†

2019-03-02 17:33:15 UTC

Trump just spoke about Hillary and uses phrase " These people are sick ,2 times now CPAC Live ๐Ÿ‘†

2019-03-02 17:52:25 UTC

Wondering how I'm going keep my head from fitting through the door when all my friends and family realized I wasn't crazy the past couple years

2019-03-02 20:12:05 UTC

FEC complaint against Ocrazio Cortez ๐Ÿ‘† Money Laundering

2019-03-02 20:28:56 UTC

Hear him talking about all the red maga hats- "and white ones"

2019-03-02 23:43:41 UTC

oh the irony of her choices

2019-03-03 00:40:14 UTC

SB 7

2019-03-03 00:42:33 UTC

trumps probs gonna block it

2019-03-03 00:47:46 UTC

it probs wont even pass senate

2019-03-03 02:03:48 UTC

So back in 2016 1 week before the BREXIT Referendum Member of Parliament Jo Cox was murdered. She was from the leftist labour Party and Pro EU and campaigning as such. She was involved with White Helmets & had been an advisor to the previous Prime Minister wife Gordon Brown. I had my suspicions of the official story at the time so would recommend watching these docs.. Its seems like a "Kennedyesque" assassination plot was used and a patsy made to take the fall. Things didn't go exactly as planned. The 1st link is a 40 min summary. The rest is a 4 part detailed doc. with all the evidence.

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