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2019-02-03 06:54:32 UTC

anyone here have a pacer account?

2019-02-03 08:20:34 UTC

@SirW00f if that's the case we might want to check out https://about.riot.im/

2019-02-03 08:25:41 UTC
2019-02-03 08:38:10 UTC

@SirW00f article also says looking for anti-Semitic and racist memes and imagery." Neo nazi chat etc..There is research done on these topics. good to know .Wonder if they monitor us?

2019-02-03 08:43:54 UTC

Hmm I think they are mostly looking into the faggots who are grooming autists and forcing them to take hormone replacement drugs and take pictures. https://youtu.be/sd4l7MOug40

2019-02-03 08:45:08 UTC

Also called trapgelion which led some boy to livestream himself blowing his brains out.

2019-02-03 08:45:45 UTC

Or there could be other stuff I don't know about.

2019-02-03 08:57:29 UTC

Wow had no idea .I only use discord for the Q

2019-02-03 08:59:25 UTC

lots of freaks on discords

2019-02-03 09:01:43 UTC

i think they'd be monitoring the anime ones first

2019-02-03 09:03:08 UTC

and the sex clubs

2019-02-03 15:37:57 UTC

I recommend watching from minute 6 to 15. And then realize this vid is from July 2015...

2019-02-03 15:49:16 UTC

Exhumed Remains Of Karl Marx To Run For US President http://news.valubit.org/exhumed-remains-of-karl-marx-to-run-for-us-president/

2019-02-03 15:50:51 UTC

This article sounds funny but it’s absolutely right that the idea of Socialism has no business being as prevalent as it is right now in America! It needs to be buried with Marx

2019-02-03 16:17:39 UTC


2019-02-03 16:42:09 UTC

Activist Mommy - Worldwide call to fasting and repentance 23 Feb. https://youtu.be/lCkcsMz6Cqs https://www.facebook.com/theactivistmommy/videos/413158729420318

2019-02-03 17:57:19 UTC

Nice WM

2019-02-03 18:43:32 UTC


2019-02-03 19:18:46 UTC

What was being memory holed by this Virgina governor? Was it the political donations by pp?

2019-02-03 22:41:35 UTC

And nothing of value was lost

2019-02-03 23:24:32 UTC

One down. ? to go.

2019-02-04 03:41:45 UTC


2019-02-04 05:29:18 UTC

Border patrol agent killed by vehicle -investigation ongoing https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/national-media-release/border-patrol-agent-dies-line-duty

2019-02-04 15:16:44 UTC


2019-02-04 17:57:09 UTC

OCONUS Lures = Where a hostile government mounts a counterintelligence operation against the will of We The People, our Constitutional Republic and our soon to be duly elected president.

...and then it never stops...

Truth - Strzok-Page Texts Refer to 'Oconus Lures' (Spies) in December of 2015 https://pjmedia.com/trending/strzok-page-texts-refer-to-oconus-lures-spies-in-december-of-2015/

Debunked, but they lie - Trump, Fox News, and Twitter have created a dangerous conspiracy theory loop https://www.vox.com/world/2018/6/6/17433876/trump-spygate-fox-twitter

& Lie - 'Oconus lures': Evolution of a conspiracy theory, from Reddit to the White House https://abcnews.go.com/beta-story-container/Politics/oconus-lures-evolution-conspiracy-theory-reddit-white-house/story?id=55730297

& Never stop lying - Trump’s Latest FBI Conspiracy Theory Is His Craziest Yet http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/06/trumps-latest-fbi-conspiracy-theory-is-his-craziest-yet.html

Peter Strzok under the direction of global socialist Marxists (embedded throughout our government all the way to the very top) used foreign assets outside of the United States to lure members of the Trump campaign to fit into their false narrative. What is worse than Parallel Construction? Using made up stories and false accusations to feed a slow motion coup d'état. Pepper that with multiple assassination attempts and welcome to our present reality.

2019-02-04 17:59:00 UTC

16-Year-Old Allegedly Denied Honor Society Membership Because He Supports Trump https://www.ntd.com/16-year-old-allegedly-denied-honor-society-membership-because-he-supports-trump_284564.html

2019-02-04 19:36:45 UTC


2019-02-04 20:04:05 UTC


2019-02-04 20:32:22 UTC

Watch " #Live: #Senate debates on America's security in the #MiddleEast" on YouTube https://youtu.be/ueZVWGm9WmA

2019-02-04 20:51:43 UTC

#Bongino - Ep. 908
The #Swamp 🐍
#Trump 😎👍

2019-02-04 21:30:46 UTC


2019-02-04 22:26:23 UTC

I remember thinking this but someone actually put it into words


2019-02-04 23:15:50 UTC

Watch " @POTUS #WhiteHouse #News #WeeklyUpdate With Lara #Trump 02.03.19" #Government #Shutdown re- open till F-15 , #Venezuela , #Healthcare ,#Reciprocal #Trade Act https://youtu.be/4c9OK_t3f9M

2019-02-04 23:37:25 UTC

Democrats Offer Plan to Release All Child Traffickers at Border into U.S. !  


2019-02-04 23:45:57 UTC

2019-02-05 00:25:25 UTC


2019-02-05 07:51:51 UTC

oh gee, they going public with it now

2019-02-05 08:29:41 UTC


2019-02-05 08:29:53 UTC

Not sure if already posted

2019-02-05 08:31:33 UTC

well somebody posted it with a pic

2019-02-05 08:31:41 UTC

but it's ok

2019-02-05 08:32:29 UTC

just wondering...did the anti lynching law go into congress before or after the doorknob suicides started

2019-02-05 13:54:34 UTC

Isn’t lynching already against the law?

2019-02-05 14:09:44 UTC

In these times I figured that they were making it legal again🤔

2019-02-05 14:13:02 UTC

Good morning guys 😊

2019-02-05 14:13:38 UTC

It’s gonna be a great day with the SOTU to look forward to!

2019-02-05 15:02:36 UTC

Lol walking a mile a day

2019-02-05 15:03:07 UTC

No vid evidence

2019-02-05 15:15:45 UTC

Can't find the clip but just saw on FOX ,Lindsay Graham stating to republicans " if you do not support this president we will not support you when it comes to the law"

2019-02-05 15:25:20 UTC

What did he mean by that?

2019-02-05 15:25:36 UTC

I’m sure the clip will be up soon

2019-02-05 15:29:01 UTC

I think it means what we think it means...his tone was stern and clear

2019-02-05 16:06:49 UTC

Haha! That would be a good look

2019-02-05 16:09:01 UTC

i got bored this morning

2019-02-05 16:09:39 UTC

You made that? I like it 😁

2019-02-05 16:10:18 UTC

That's actually top tier meme my dude.

2019-02-05 16:10:18 UTC

2019-02-05 16:11:31 UTC

Ima share it if you don't mind

2019-02-05 16:11:49 UTC

i make all my memes on imgflip using non acc mode...so it's meta doesn't trace back to me

2019-02-05 16:12:12 UTC

i normally post in cancerward ..go right ahead and share...i don't care

2019-02-05 16:12:50 UTC


2019-02-05 16:13:05 UTC


2019-02-05 16:13:09 UTC


2019-02-05 16:13:30 UTC

click on the black spot

2019-02-05 16:15:50 UTC


2019-02-05 16:19:50 UTC

trump tweet cloaking

2019-02-05 16:20:20 UTC

for ppl at libtard work places

2019-02-05 16:23:37 UTC


2019-02-05 16:24:03 UTC

it's discord...they're limited on brain power

2019-02-05 16:24:27 UTC

all that soy and gay frog juice in their diets

2019-02-05 16:24:34 UTC

No, I like the spoilers but not for Trump tweets

2019-02-05 16:32:15 UTC

The Nuclear Option: Rage over Blackface, Silence over Baby Killing http://news.valubit.org/the-nuclear-option-rage-over-blackface-silence-over-baby-killing/

2019-02-05 16:49:31 UTC
2019-02-05 16:50:53 UTC


2019-02-05 17:28:33 UTC

POTUS Trump instagram :meet the guest of SOTU w link 👉45.wh.gov/5yKBD8

2019-02-05 17:35:24 UTC

Special Guests for President Trump's Second State of the Union Address https://www.whitehouse.gov/articles/special-guests-president-trumps-second-state-union-address/

2019-02-05 18:52:04 UTC

The justice sat in the back of the darkened auditorium at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The National Constitution Center, which sponsored the concert, did not permit photography.

2019-02-05 18:52:26 UTC

Quote from PBS newshour

2019-02-05 18:54:11 UTC

So we should absolutely see rbg tonight.

2019-02-05 18:58:02 UTC

That's a great bot, but do we really need it posting after people constantly, just to remind them that they can use ,help? Can't we just pin that information or some thing instead?

2019-02-05 19:07:22 UTC

I’ll ask about un-stickying

2019-02-05 19:51:42 UTC

What you guys may not no about me, is that i'm actually a advid gamer outside of Sonic.

2019-02-05 19:53:09 UTC

What games?

2019-02-05 19:55:49 UTC

Y'know, Yu-Gi-Oh, Danganronpa, Mortal Kombat, all that jazz. Which is why i formally invite all here to Sperg Games!

2019-02-05 19:58:13 UTC

Lol 😄👍🏻

2019-02-05 20:43:03 UTC


2019-02-05 23:47:00 UTC


2019-02-05 23:47:06 UTC


2019-02-06 01:39:36 UTC

via @RSBNetwork #RSBN "


  #SOTU All Day :
@POTUS  #TRUMP #StateOfTheUnion Tonight 6 PT / 9 ET   2/5/19"
📽 https://youtu.be/IC9-w6aHb1Y

2019-02-06 01:45:23 UTC

somethings up, jw is streaming it

2019-02-06 01:56:13 UTC

Showing sotu live from senate gop on twitter https://twitter.com/SenateGOP/status/1092963182606409733?s=19

2019-02-06 02:00:32 UTC


2019-02-06 02:01:19 UTC

Trump twitter banner is showing state of the union tonight

2019-02-06 02:25:00 UTC

Nancy looks so disgusted

2019-02-06 02:29:49 UTC

well she did say motherf cker at least once already

2019-02-06 02:39:35 UTC

What is written on her slabs of white cardboard?

2019-02-06 02:44:56 UTC

most likely it said on it 'f*ck this' or 'f*ck that'

2019-02-06 02:45:27 UTC

tbh it surprises me she is still alive

2019-02-06 02:46:22 UTC

pelosi or the inflatable rbg prop

2019-02-06 02:46:30 UTC


2019-02-06 02:47:01 UTC

i saw kav in the audience tho

2019-02-06 02:48:55 UTC

Oh ffs

2019-02-06 02:55:32 UTC

Someone needs to edit Pelosi ' necklace a rope meme

2019-02-06 03:03:55 UTC

Oh that's is funny

2019-02-06 03:05:55 UTC

What was that?

2019-02-06 03:06:18 UTC


2019-02-06 03:08:13 UTC

No pause. He went right to next point.

2019-02-06 03:08:28 UTC

Missed it

2019-02-06 03:11:23 UTC

lmao "America will never be a socialist country" *pans to Bernie*

2019-02-06 03:22:39 UTC


2019-02-06 03:28:41 UTC

Where is RBG?

2019-02-06 03:28:56 UTC

No pan to the justices....

2019-02-06 03:41:36 UTC

fox 10 link will have the response

2019-02-06 03:54:04 UTC
2019-02-06 04:08:40 UTC

That Dem response was weak and boring af

2019-02-06 04:21:01 UTC

for those that missed it

2019-02-06 04:28:02 UTC

also in green screen

2019-02-06 09:45:21 UTC

This could possibly be a great Gif /clip or ? if someone could do this https://twitter.com/StopTheDemLies/status/1093081434565345280?s=19

2019-02-06 10:03:35 UTC

cbs numbers

2019-02-06 11:10:41 UTC

Well they are not collecting Undocumented, Perhaps fugitive Hollywood types?

2019-02-06 11:15:43 UTC

waiting for the local news alert of special effects going on such and such location during this 'training mission'

2019-02-06 11:57:36 UTC

CBS Poll: 72 Percent of SOTU Viewers Approve of Trump's Immigration Stance http://news.valubit.org/cbs-poll-72-percent-of-sotu-viewers-approve-of-trumps-immigration-stance/

2019-02-06 12:00:39 UTC

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Attacked Socialism Because He Is 'Losing on the Issues' http://news.valubit.org/ocasio-cortez-trump-attacked-socialism-because-he-is-losing-on-the-issues/

2019-02-06 15:46:53 UTC

Heyo! Does anyone have a link to good vid of why bldg 7 fell.

2019-02-06 15:51:52 UTC

@Bukkakemon Thanks!

2019-02-06 15:53:31 UTC

AE9/11 and richard gage are really just amazing professionals. Tried to get them to go on Joe's podcast a long time ago, but I think Joe did not want them on.

2019-02-06 15:53:31 UTC

2019-02-06 18:37:44 UTC

Watch "President Trump Announces the U.S. Candidate for Election as the Next President of the World Bank" https://youtu.be/Gp7NoO3aDAo

2019-02-06 20:10:58 UTC

President Trump Delivers Remarks to the Ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS - 3:00pm EST #Livestream... https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/02/06/president-trump-delivers-remarks-to-the-ministers-of-the-global-coalition-to-defeat-isis-300pm-est-livestream/ via @thelastrefuge2

2019-02-06 21:30:43 UTC

Watch " Judicial Watch Inside Report: How the Deep State Risked National Security over the Awan Bros. Scandal" on YouTube https://youtu.be/_N9iatFvpfg

2019-02-06 23:48:07 UTC

ICE, DOJ recognize International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting | ICE https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/ice-doj-recognize-international-day-zero-tolerance-female-genital-mutilationcutting

2019-02-07 00:01:35 UTC

Justice Department opens probe into Jeffrey Epstein plea deal https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article225624945.html

2019-02-07 01:42:12 UTC

@FastJack btw Azazel Demon God is my buddy sairen's new account

2019-02-07 01:42:38 UTC

his computer got fucked and he just bought a new one with his tax return

2019-02-07 01:43:02 UTC

he forgot the info on his old account and needed to make a new one

2019-02-07 02:20:18 UTC

@Sunny why is it always the 'minorities' of the dems are united ...or clustered for group strength, but not 'diverse' in their placement throughout the dem side of the congress
it's like they have a black section, a hispanic section, a women's only section

2019-02-07 02:26:13 UTC

Can we talk about Voat? The move there has really stifled discussion. Moderation is out of control, the community is split. Why?

2019-02-07 02:28:03 UTC

Dems have become so radical they don't care to hide their racism or their need to make $ off of baby killing & trafficking- Deranged & Power hungry

2019-02-07 02:28:36 UTC

some stream friends dropped off twich...they found an alternate non censored streamer platform

2019-02-07 02:28:48 UTC

dlive i think it is

2019-02-07 02:32:38 UTC

has local news vid

2019-02-07 02:36:06 UTC

Seen some raw footage of that today showing black helicopters landing in the middle of LA street 's picking up military will see if I can find it

2019-02-07 02:38:26 UTC

This is 1 of 2 posted on his Tim line 316 Exposure (@316Exposure)

2019-02-07 03:00:35 UTC

spring is coming .....time for spring cleaning

2019-02-07 11:49:03 UTC

@malloc what up fartontoast?

2019-02-07 11:49:04 UTC

2019-02-07 14:00:22 UTC

Senate Investigating Mueller FBI's Prosecution Of "Orgy Island Billionaire" Jeffrey Epstein   http://news.valubit.org/senate-investigating-mueller-fbis-prosecution-of-orgy-island-billionaire-jeffrey-epstein/

2019-02-07 14:01:33 UTC

well it helps to look into a plea deal involving somebody that cater'd his island to high ranking officials

2019-02-07 14:03:25 UTC

Perhaps the twitter folks in here should get #Mama - Genesis trending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lXH0nwirio

2019-02-07 14:04:31 UTC

@John of Arc u starting to see the programming or counter programming in mvids/media

2019-02-07 14:05:09 UTC

Oh yes - all day long I hear it

2019-02-07 14:05:41 UTC

been doing counter programming research on and off for months now

2019-02-07 15:10:39 UTC

This is a different take...👇


2019-02-07 15:10:45 UTC


2019-02-07 17:00:32 UTC

Apple Gives Deep State Access To Roger Stone 's iCloud Account, After Refusing To Violate Privacy of San Bernardino CA Terrorists
https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02/apple-gives-deep-state-access-to-roger-stones-personal-account-after-refusing-to-violate-privacy-of-san-bernardino-terrorists/ via @gatewaypundit

2019-02-07 19:04:39 UTC

What a fucking great url

2019-02-07 19:05:52 UTC


2019-02-07 19:06:50 UTC

Oooh that explains a lot. He's a Leaf

2019-02-07 19:08:44 UTC

Oh that explains what I read elsewhere. it's a collab between Cloudflare and APNIC.
>APNIC is a non-profit organization managing IP address allocation for the Asia Pacific and Oceana regions

2019-02-07 19:11:15 UTC

Eh, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt

2019-02-07 21:51:18 UTC

dead server

2019-02-07 21:53:02 UTC

No u

2019-02-07 21:53:41 UTC

>using hxh2011 instead of hxh1999

2019-02-07 22:42:06 UTC

Cindy McCain Apologizes After Police Refute Human Trafficking Claim http://news.valubit.org/cindy-mccain-apologizes-after-police-refute-human-trafficking-claim/

2019-02-07 22:42:27 UTC

Here Are The Most Shocking Proposals From Ocasio-Cortez' "Green New Deal" http://news.valubit.org/here-are-the-most-shocking-proposals-from-ocasio-cortez-green-new-deal/

2019-02-07 23:39:11 UTC


2019-02-08 00:16:40 UTC

This is why we fight

2019-02-08 00:43:28 UTC


@Lucifer Inlustris What you know about this one.


2019-02-08 02:30:06 UTC
2019-02-08 04:01:39 UTC

@stedly its very possible, although its unconfirmed and we can't know for sure but its still possible. Gravity wells can be used for slingshot propulsion.

2019-02-08 04:02:40 UTC

It's how most of the voyager probes made it out so far in such a short time is a combination of gravity slingshots and ion propulsion

2019-02-08 04:06:14 UTC

some people call it "Star Hopping" when it involves the gravity well of a star

2019-02-08 04:07:37 UTC

stephen hawking even once said a cigar shaped craft would be ideal for interstellar travel

2019-02-08 04:15:44 UTC

Astronomy is/was one of my strongsuits in highschool and college

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