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2019-03-21 03:48:53 UTC

@FastJack The masks I've been dealing with recently involve netids. Whos are these maskfags

2019-03-21 03:49:08 UTC


2019-03-21 03:49:19 UTC

Oh lol

2019-03-21 03:49:21 UTC

the famous hackers that failed to bring down anyone

2019-03-21 03:54:12 UTC

they worked for the ds

2019-03-21 03:54:20 UTC

citation needed

2019-03-21 03:54:37 UTC


2019-03-21 03:54:37 UTC

2019-03-21 03:54:44 UTC

pokebot confirms

2019-03-21 03:54:53 UTC


2019-03-21 03:55:20 UTC

if they took down anybody, we'd be in a lot better place before trump ran for office than we were

2019-03-21 04:07:04 UTC

@PxC lɘvɒԳ ɿɘɈɘԳ this is my solution to the deepstate

2019-03-21 04:07:08 UTC


2019-03-21 04:36:38 UTC

Good war mage.

2019-03-21 04:38:52 UTC
2019-03-21 04:53:21 UTC

“You take 12 hrs off Twitter and the whole world goes crazy..”

2019-03-21 05:06:13 UTC

been off twitter since last may....and the world is still crazy

2019-03-22 02:58:21 UTC

Lamo, "Anonymous" never found 33k emails even when the fuckin chinese had full access, and thus are fake and gay.

killed by sabu and adrian lamoid, rip

2019-03-22 21:25:55 UTC

Hot dog!

2019-03-22 21:27:44 UTC


2019-03-23 02:04:23 UTC


2019-03-23 02:05:58 UTC


2019-03-23 21:51:29 UTC

From Q post

2019-03-24 20:49:30 UTC

what a joke. Mueller tries to leave obstruction open to interpretation - obstruction of an investigation which Trump was told he was not under criminal investigation for. They made shit up, then defended it to the end of the earth - all to waste time and fuck public opinion - BECAUSE THEY LOST.

2019-03-24 21:22:58 UTC

Dems are swirling around the toilet bowl as their big lie gets flushed

2019-03-25 00:07:13 UTC

Unbeknownst to them Q pulled an upper decker to foil they're next plan as well😆

2019-03-25 00:09:43 UTC

Well, you know what I mean

2019-03-25 18:03:52 UTC

So Hannity will be hammering on what led to fisa and signing of fisa, and implicating media as the mouthpiece.

2019-03-25 18:04:32 UTC

This goes all the way to the fake Muslim prez.

2019-03-25 18:13:39 UTC

Why didn't POTUS fire [RR] after reporting re: offer to wear wire?

Why did WHITAKER/BARR retain [RR] to the END?

Who signed off on the MUELLER summary report submitted by BARR yesterday?

Who signed fraudulent FISA warrants?





So they made RR do everything?

2019-03-25 18:41:57 UTC

Appears so. Closed the loop.

2019-03-25 18:46:14 UTC

He may have worked out a pardon to flip.

2019-03-25 22:41:21 UTC

What was the significance of McLean VA?

2019-03-25 22:41:37 UTC

Oh CIA nvm

2019-03-25 23:28:56 UTC


2019-03-25 23:29:42 UTC

Be sure to read this John Solomon article from Qpost.

2019-03-25 23:34:35 UTC

It’s sooo good

2019-03-25 23:34:42 UTC


2019-03-25 23:35:03 UTC

This might cause a little trouble for Schitt

2019-03-25 23:36:43 UTC

Looking forward to the political carnage.

2019-03-25 23:40:50 UTC


2019-03-25 23:41:23 UTC


2019-03-25 23:41:42 UTC

Ain’t buying it

2019-03-25 23:58:49 UTC

@Bellalu looks like Schiff is in a bit of Schitt

2019-03-25 23:59:27 UTC

"yes goyim, 8chins is owned by the FBI now RUN!"

2019-03-26 00:13:09 UTC

Toppest of keks. CM respond at all yet?

2019-03-26 00:51:44 UTC

That's hilarious

2019-03-26 01:16:02 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer but I’m not taking about the Deep State. I’m talking about the fact that Q just targeted a group that Medic works with. Everyone around me thinks something is very very wrong and no one is answering anything

2019-03-26 01:28:10 UTC

>Be me
>Ben Shapiro
>Destroy the left wing
>Everyone else on the plane fucking panics
>"Heh, fucking libtards"

2019-03-26 01:58:44 UTC

Is it glowing in here again?

2019-03-26 01:58:55 UTC


2019-03-26 01:59:05 UTC

Looks like b

2019-03-26 02:01:17 UTC

We are too busy winning and watching Hannity (like Q said to do) to deal with more PM drama from you.

2019-03-26 02:25:37 UTC

no flags out tonight....it's raining outside

2019-03-26 02:37:41 UTC



2019-03-26 02:39:04 UTC

Wooooo!!!!!! Who needs drugs for a high? Just unblockade our POTUS and watch the avalanche!

2019-03-26 02:39:33 UTC

i'm having a double rich hot choco right now

2019-03-26 02:39:54 UTC


2019-03-26 02:45:35 UTC

fuck coulter with a cactus

2019-03-26 02:45:43 UTC


2019-03-26 02:47:30 UTC

on an escalater going the wrong way

2019-03-26 02:48:14 UTC

With hydrolics

2019-03-26 02:48:45 UTC

Anyone know where the "flags up" pic is from?

2019-03-26 02:48:57 UTC

Take it to tin eye

2019-03-26 02:49:17 UTC

I don’t know off the top of my head

2019-03-26 03:01:09 UTC

Hannity was on fire!

2019-03-26 04:16:08 UTC


2019-03-26 07:38:33 UTC


2019-03-26 07:43:39 UTC

what do u think @Moooooooooooooo

2019-03-26 07:45:14 UTC

I'm leaning towards dead but you never know.

2019-03-26 07:45:39 UTC

Maybe they've finally perfected the Russian experiments with the dogs.

2019-03-26 08:10:52 UTC

ask korea

2019-03-26 17:56:06 UTC

Someone posted a link here a while back to an anon made website with examples of msm/fake news. It was all images / memes. I thought I bookmarked but cannot find it anywhere - anybody have any idea what I am talking about?? Pretty sure it was here in this channel. Tried searching but Discord search sucks ass

2019-03-27 01:53:36 UTC


2019-03-27 02:12:31 UTC


2019-03-27 05:43:01 UTC

i wanted to ask Q at the next Q & A if the EU will collapse

2019-03-27 07:43:37 UTC


2019-03-27 13:05:13 UTC


2019-03-27 13:35:36 UTC

except to the bathroom

2019-03-27 13:35:56 UTC

gotta take turns on the toilet

2019-03-27 17:25:26 UTC

Your memes are working ...check that out ⬆

2019-03-28 00:03:18 UTC

that is fucking epic

2019-03-28 01:03:51 UTC

fully recyclable

2019-03-28 01:04:01 UTC

epic af

2019-03-28 01:23:14 UTC

Funny , watching hannity, a journalist would ask Trump how he was tipped off as how he knew he was being spyed on. But we know

2019-03-28 01:35:36 UTC

Anons know

2019-03-28 05:24:58 UTC

i wonder if article 13 being renamed to article 17 is a deepstate warning to Q

2019-03-28 05:26:15 UTC

it exempted memes

2019-03-28 05:26:39 UTC

yeh probs a warning/taunt

2019-03-28 05:29:36 UTC

or maybe the opposite

2019-03-28 05:30:07 UTC

maybe Q did that one small thing just to demonstrate that WE HAVE CONTROL

2019-03-28 05:31:08 UTC

because MEP's in brussels are not elected

2019-03-28 05:31:19 UTC

they are essentially oligarchs

2019-03-28 05:39:18 UTC


2019-03-28 05:40:09 UTC

Ok time to whip out my magic to destroy the EU and the dems.

2019-03-28 05:42:46 UTC

When did it get renamed to 17?

2019-03-28 05:54:48 UTC

just recently in the final draft

2019-03-28 05:55:12 UTC

the house res 13 is a separate thing

2019-03-28 06:02:58 UTC

there we go lol

2019-03-28 06:05:19 UTC

(yes it's a james bond reference)

2019-03-28 06:05:50 UTC

It very well may be a threat then

2019-03-28 06:05:58 UTC

Then again, fuck Europe

2019-03-28 06:10:01 UTC

europe can die in a fire from their own dumpster of a eurostate

2019-03-28 06:11:04 UTC

the EU was a dumpster fire waiting to happen to begin with

2019-03-28 06:12:11 UTC

festering in the clogged up by a self dilusional butt-plug shithole they call brussels

2019-03-28 15:15:49 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer lets be fair here. The EU can burn but the people of that union have been and are continually deceived by state run media. Difficult to make an educated opinion when bombarded on every front. They too have an Op Mockingbird over there.

2019-03-28 15:16:16 UTC

I have faith in people once they are presented with ALL sides of information.

2019-03-28 15:17:29 UTC

Our movement is so strong because we crowd search information and share it freely. This is what they fear the most. An INFORMED MASS OF PEOPLE WHO DISCUSS/DEBATE FREELY AND OBJECTIONABLY

2019-03-28 15:18:35 UTC

I mean imagine if we came to decisions fully informed and with little bias as possible. We could correct unseen problems quickly and our ship would right itself

2019-03-28 15:26:32 UTC

those blind to the truth are not the ones getting gang raped by the 'refugees' they let in

2019-03-28 15:26:34 UTC

Every European I've talked to, online or in real life, is either in the process of naturalization or constantly shits on the US. "haha fucking idiots don't have healthcare" and you know as soon as people start realizing what happened with article 13 they're going to be crying "America save us!"

2019-03-28 15:34:22 UTC

suggestion, next time we decide to go in an save another nation from it's own stupid mistake in international events...lets just teach them our values before we leave so they can learn from their mistakes instead of repeating them over and over again

2019-03-28 15:35:06 UTC

after 2 world wars in europe, u'd think they learn by now....but no

2019-03-28 18:12:21 UTC

You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn. Their eyes must be open and searching for answers. We need to be there when they do.

2019-03-28 18:18:23 UTC

Easy boys. Sure your average European is more liberal than us, but they are people too. Hell they are us. They've been shit on and lied to, dragged into wars for bankers, had hundreds of thousands of their good men murdered in those wars. The only difference is we have Trump. Thank God. I will never turn my back on a white nation that needs help.

2019-03-28 18:22:23 UTC

Btw, we didn't save a fucking thing in WW2. We were on the wrong side.

2019-03-28 18:33:01 UTC

well i figured out who's watching over RBG

2019-03-28 18:34:52 UTC

it's comey

2019-03-28 20:19:28 UTC

Comey is dead too? 🤣

2019-03-28 23:18:27 UTC

That faggots a real faggot

2019-03-28 23:19:19 UTC

Soyboy faggot "didn't know" that punch a Nazi is anifas slogan


2019-03-28 23:19:20 UTC

2019-03-28 23:19:50 UTC

Hope he chokes on the skin flute he's playing tonight

2019-03-29 01:47:31 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer MEPs are voted in by the citizens in each country in the EU. The issue is that they do not have any real power. The EU parliament is more of a talking shop. It can delay law and request changes etc but the real power of making law resides with the Commission. Each member state has one commissioner and these are NOT elected by the people.

2019-03-29 01:48:23 UTC

The MEPs cannot initiate or draw up legislation etc

2019-03-29 03:34:09 UTC

To all you ignorant fuckers here sowing division and shitting up q-general with your dumb opinions and narrow-minded views of the world :-


2019-03-29 03:34:24 UTC

This would be like me suggesting you personally let in all the mexican immigrants into the us, you dumb fuck.

2019-03-29 03:35:45 UTC

You obviously havent talked to many, again it would be like me suggesting the left in the US represents every American. I personally love the US constitution, the only thing you cunts have got right.


2019-03-29 03:37:30 UTC

Anons know this is a global issue,, not just your little bubble in the US - patriots from all over europe and the rest of the world have been helping this cause from the beginning.

Why? because we know like minded patriots will help eachother - I know the few vocal dumb cunts on here do not represent the majority of the server or movement.

2019-03-29 03:39:04 UTC

Before Q/Trump was elected you fuckers would all be in FEMA camps already.

2019-03-29 05:36:36 UTC

@lucid thanks for the correction

2019-03-29 05:36:56 UTC

So its the commissioners i should cast my spells on

2019-03-29 10:24:02 UTC

@ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ most here are good, some haven't reached the bottom of the rabbit hole yet. Rest assured, we stand with Patroits WW, especially Europe. Your right about the FEMA camps btw. 👌

2019-03-29 13:43:59 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer many of the MEPs are controlled by Soros...I can't really comment on spells not my area of expertise https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-05/soros-myth-european-democracy-shocking-revelation
Won't comment more here as should really be in Random not directly Q related etc

2019-03-29 20:58:33 UTC
2019-03-29 21:13:14 UTC

They started the Technology in Great Briton, then Perfected it in China. Now they want you to pay for it so they can spy on you. No thanks.

2019-03-29 21:14:44 UTC

It’s modern and futuristic tech though! Safety and security!

2019-03-29 21:15:20 UTC

Ya sure, i would rather listen to Biden and buy a shotgun.

2019-03-29 21:16:22 UTC


2019-03-29 21:18:24 UTC

From 2016 but still

2019-03-29 21:18:51 UTC

Yeah that was a previous Q post I think wasnt it? Or I saw it on previous dig

2019-03-29 21:19:17 UTC


2019-03-29 21:19:20 UTC

I’ll pass

2019-03-29 21:19:32 UTC


2019-03-29 21:33:09 UTC

This was 6470 that was responded to in Q post


2019-04-01 04:41:48 UTC

A cameraman and I will be reporting from the Kim Foxx Protest Monday for Patriot News.
Please DM me if you have any cool questions that you think we should ask.

2019-04-01 06:35:52 UTC

Anyone watch Life, Liberty and Levin this evening?

2019-04-01 07:12:39 UTC

Besides we are the news now. We have gone mainstream in ideology

2019-04-01 07:21:46 UTC

John and Sarah about covering Spygate story.

2019-04-01 07:21:49 UTC

John was tipped by intelligence officers waiting by his mailbox in 3/17 following an appearance on Hannity about unmasking abuses. Told that “if you keep DIGGING, you will find out that the United States intelligence community was weaponized for an opposition research project and we are deeply concerned.”

2019-04-02 14:35:32 UTC

Yup, we ARE the news now

2019-04-03 07:12:19 UTC

any opinion on where soros is or what he is doing now ?

2019-04-03 07:12:32 UTC

hope 2019 would be his end

2019-04-03 08:57:28 UTC

morning, aavelle

2019-04-04 18:20:08 UTC

Hello @SirW00f -- gosh I have so many numbers for you! Again POTUS said the 700,000 and the 715,000 (I think it was that number?) and then added a new number to the sequence. It was at the Senior Military meeting...did you see it?

2019-04-06 16:42:26 UTC



2019-04-06 16:43:31 UTC


2019-04-06 17:17:42 UTC


2019-04-06 18:00:44 UTC

F 😦

2019-04-06 18:24:48 UTC


2019-04-06 18:24:53 UTC

Board volunteer?

2019-04-06 18:30:51 UTC

most likely somebody trusted

2019-04-06 19:32:18 UTC

Weird though. Bc Microchip came back and pulled a negative 2 minute Delta. And then b/o leaves suddenly? https://twitter.com/microhonkytonk/status/1114557517772857346?s=21

2019-04-06 19:39:49 UTC

Shut up

2019-04-06 21:35:03 UTC

Ben you're starting to annoy me

2019-04-06 21:35:03 UTC

2019-04-06 21:35:20 UTC

>W-watch out for Medic g-go-guys!

2019-04-06 21:35:26 UTC

>Literally does nothing new

2019-04-06 21:35:36 UTC

>Some nigger "Microchip" got btfo months ago

2019-04-06 21:35:43 UTC

>"L-Look at him he's relevant!"

2019-04-06 21:36:54 UTC

>"Anonymous is legitimate guys! Look at all the shit they've done!"
>"Like........ They doxxed some guy on the internet!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2019-04-06 21:43:39 UTC

8BIT Thank you for your service.

2019-04-06 21:44:41 UTC

o7 8bit, hopefully a medal of honor will be hanging on your chest when this is all over.

2019-04-06 21:49:09 UTC

Where is he anyways, did he leave the server

2019-04-06 21:49:09 UTC

2019-04-07 00:46:39 UTC

o7 8bit

2019-04-07 00:49:13 UTC

This is a little concerning

2019-04-07 01:08:12 UTC

What for? People have lives to live... things go on

2019-04-07 23:26:15 UTC

My statement on leaving PN server. I support all Patriots. Thank you Bakers for all your work.


2019-04-08 02:03:53 UTC

@Aavelle . Please don't judge me either. I appreciate your standing up for what you belive in. That's what it's all about right? Understand this , I could never be at the level most of you are here. I have other skills. And I chose to support my family rather than put full time into this that I believe it deserves, simply because it's not the scope God has planned for me. I can help in other ways. Some people, I think are so good at this they cross the point were they enjoy their work so much but at the same time must provide for loved ones that they have no other choice. My thinking is it should not be a dividing issue. But that's me , really looking in from the outside of the interwinings of the chans, social media and the like. God bless all who seek the truth.

2019-04-08 10:21:37 UTC


2019-04-08 13:15:25 UTC


2019-04-08 13:29:24 UTC


2019-04-08 16:04:58 UTC

Referrals for conspiracy and leaking and lying

2019-04-08 16:10:07 UTC

“President Trump recently told Fox News he would release the entirety of the FISA applications used to surveil one of his top aides, and other related documents.”

2019-04-08 16:12:29 UTC

“Nunes added: "There are three [referrals] that I think are more complicated. ... So on the first one, is FISA abuse and other matters. We believe there was a conspiracy to lie to the FISA court, mislead the FISA court by numerous individuals that all need to be investigated and looked at that, and we believe the [relevant] statute is the conspiracy statute. The second conspiracy one is involving manipulation of intelligence that also could ensnarl many Americans."

2019-04-08 16:13:30 UTC

I think we are gonna be hearing from Q soon when this starts to break

2019-04-08 16:24:02 UTC

Nunes: “The American people have only seen the pieces that have been declassified so far," Nunes said. "There's still more information. This was their insurance policy. A lot of people think the insurance policy was just the overall investigation of the Trump campaign. It's actually much more conspiratorial than that. There was exculpatory information."

2019-04-08 16:38:07 UTC

Clapper and Brennan and Comey

2019-04-08 16:43:30 UTC

They can use those guys to go up the chain to the Obama WH and DoJ.

2019-04-08 16:43:50 UTC

Clapper already said publicly that Obama told them to do it 😂

2019-04-08 17:24:32 UTC

The hammer.

2019-04-08 17:26:19 UTC

Important summary starts at 2:00

2019-04-08 17:31:51 UTC


2019-04-08 17:32:03 UTC

They going down for dirty deeds

2019-04-08 17:34:12 UTC

Love this timeline.

2019-04-08 20:58:48 UTC

I’m loving the final suspense

2019-04-08 21:17:12 UTC

It sure is building...

2019-04-09 04:06:56 UTC

I hope it climaxes soon. I'm kinda tired watching solid people I know turn to the doomer side of things due to the sheer number of blackpills going around recently. Also the whole great replacement issue as well.

2019-04-10 06:26:19 UTC

He says “Buckle up! An AVALANCHE is coming!”

2019-04-10 09:37:27 UTC

@Bellalu I was just coming here to drop that kek

2019-04-10 15:28:49 UTC

It was really good!

2019-04-10 17:02:43 UTC

@here We got new Q!!

2019-04-10 17:02:48 UTC


2019-04-10 17:22:10 UTC

@Sentry Dude! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! It’s happening! Finally! It’s time! Shits about to get real mutha fuckas! Go get’em Barr!

2019-04-10 17:38:05 UTC


2019-04-10 17:38:05 UTC

2019-04-10 18:37:34 UTC

🇩 5⃣

2019-04-10 21:33:53 UTC

what the fuck is up with Gorka? Is this him digging in a la Jones et al when they were outed, in Gorka's case via MAGA Coalition?

2019-04-10 21:56:11 UTC

gorka was in maga coalition til i think he found out exactly what it was

2019-04-10 21:56:23 UTC

a ripoff of maga

2019-04-11 01:35:50 UTC

Goodbye Mr.Gorka and good luck

2019-04-11 11:00:28 UTC

Assange arrested.

2019-04-11 13:00:26 UTC

and only 1 person with a camera covering it

2019-04-11 15:03:56 UTC

Good. Was just about to look that guy up.

2019-04-11 15:29:55 UTC

btw, i think vidal was architect for nwo
u can smell it by his published works and vid debates

2019-04-11 16:21:18 UTC

Kinda what i was thinking, yea.

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