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2018-12-10 22:39:35 UTC

Feel free to discredit the bloodlines book. If you have read it, you might see it’s pretty obvious. Example, anyone from Oregon or Washington will enjoy learning about Astor and Russel. If it’s BS, it’s better BS than most.

2018-12-10 22:42:37 UTC

Ruston, Washington, DuPont Washington, Point Defiance Washington, Astoria Oregon. Pretty sure you could google them on your own. There are Patriots at the CIA too.

2018-12-10 23:11:34 UTC
2018-12-10 23:16:03 UTC


2018-12-10 23:19:36 UTC

POTUS is one of us. 4 Chan /Pol/ poster. ⚡️🐸 Troll Master and Best President. He will Save Western Civ and free us from the parasitic Fed. ⚡️

2018-12-10 23:45:41 UTC

One of us! one of us!

2018-12-11 17:20:44 UTC

Wpuld make sense that the FBI search warrant issued on Nov 15 was for Nate Cain from the recent referenced tweet

2018-12-11 17:24:09 UTC

Funny that Daily Caller fighting to have documents released after MSM had been protecting Mueller's documents to also protect the russia case. Maybe using there narrative against them ha

2018-12-11 17:31:31 UTC

Omnibus deal has 1.7 trillion to shift around as necessary. 18 billion for a wall is easy

2018-12-11 17:56:55 UTC

Red Castle is part of a presentation that is given during g the "drain the swamp" cabinet meeting on June 21

2018-12-11 17:57:46 UTC


2018-12-11 18:00:32 UTC

Comes up at 20:30 but start at 17

2018-12-11 18:00:40 UTC

Oh thank God

2018-12-11 18:01:01 UTC

I started it, but then saw it’s 30 minutes long and bailed 😂

2018-12-11 18:33:38 UTC

PizzaGate innuendo at 17 min

2018-12-11 20:01:01 UTC

Gowdy to preside as judge in military tribunals? 💪🏻👍🏻


2018-12-11 22:52:15 UTC

Q suggesting this Strasbourg Shooting is a FF - "officials refused to release the man’s name or age"

2018-12-12 06:05:50 UTC

The twitter account that released the documents of GOOG CEO selling his shares has the Battle of Trenton picture for profile background. The anniversary is coming up soon. Long live the revolution!


2018-12-12 06:23:54 UTC

Really makes me think

Coat of Arms for Cardinal Pell


2018-12-12 16:26:12 UTC

Think Green/Red Castle...the Christmas colors. We are getting a wall for Christmas maybe

2018-12-12 16:26:24 UTC

Via the military and Omnibus deal

2018-12-12 16:27:32 UTC

Spanking paddle i bet, not cricket

2018-12-12 16:29:11 UTC

T & Q together on stockings hanging

2018-12-12 16:29:53 UTC

Run run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man haha

2018-12-12 17:18:07 UTC

Is "T" Trey possibly?

2018-12-12 17:19:15 UTC

Trump is the obvious, but just thinking..

2018-12-12 17:43:52 UTC

Q knows who is naughty and nice and maybe visiting them from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve


2018-12-12 18:09:37 UTC


2018-12-12 18:13:26 UTC

Has Q and team agreed to let the world kick out their leaders before the justice drops? To keep stability and prevent riots?

2018-12-12 18:25:38 UTC


2018-12-12 18:26:00 UTC

Gingerbread express haha

2018-12-12 21:10:33 UTC

Uranium One info going to get dropped hahaha <:kys:499392165571723284>

2018-12-12 21:13:58 UTC

Russian collooooooooosion!!!!

2018-12-12 22:46:20 UTC


2018-12-12 23:01:05 UTC


2018-12-12 23:05:26 UTC

[Avoided Z]?

2018-12-12 23:07:58 UTC

What was that newest post's reply to?

2018-12-12 23:08:10 UTC

Nevermind you beat me to it

2018-12-12 23:31:58 UTC

I don’t know avoided Z

2018-12-13 00:24:46 UTC

bread full in 5 minutes. wow

2018-12-13 00:26:25 UTC

The number of shill stupid questions is annoying. Can we imprison them once rwds rule the country, i just want to see real questions for Q.

2018-12-13 00:26:31 UTC

it was instant. getting ~30 replies at a time. stress test failed indeed

2018-12-13 00:32:51 UTC

Gold will take down the Fed! Power to the people!


2018-12-13 00:35:08 UTC

New court order just filed in Flynn case

2018-12-13 00:51:38 UTC

Gold, the original blockchain!

2018-12-13 00:52:30 UTC

I will admit though , I thought lead would take down the fed

2018-12-13 01:01:41 UTC

sorry if it's a reeee

2018-12-13 01:01:49 UTC

been driving last 2 hours rip

2018-12-13 03:48:54 UTC

Post 196:


2018-12-13 03:50:19 UTC

Gold will take down the Fed and also may destroy the Rothschild's power source (currency control). Rothschild-diddlers may be "Y".

2018-12-13 05:09:31 UTC

Trey met Trump for the 1st time yesterday

2018-12-13 16:13:00 UTC

What is with Trey and the purple ties? I swear that is all I've seen him in since Q came along.

2018-12-13 16:20:20 UTC

Optics I woke guess...must be viewed as bipartisan for when the Clinton case enters the scene

2018-12-13 18:17:23 UTC


2018-12-13 20:01:11 UTC

Interesting considering Q answered questions on prepping (no need to prep for 6 month time frame...not sure if necessary for a little while tho) and internet shutdown yesterday. The majority of the meeting is on addressing a power grid disturbance on a level bigger than seen before. Also based addressing supply chain issues.

2018-12-13 20:13:44 UTC

A little proactive reassurance from Q, Realizing preppers would fear monger from this?

2018-12-13 20:13:44 UTC

2018-12-13 20:19:51 UTC

Ya maybe. Shows it was definately a threat that was taken seriously. Also, that they have been working for over the past year to ensure this possibility does not have country crippling affects. Seems they also have been prepping the resources on behalf of the ppl in case a problem occured

2018-12-13 20:20:34 UTC

Stress test occured on the board and have been occuring in country infrastructure also

2018-12-13 20:44:30 UTC

Even taking into account an electromagnetic storm. Personally it was good to see them talk in front of public about resolving the consequences before the slight chance a problem occured

2018-12-13 21:50:55 UTC


2018-12-14 01:05:33 UTC

That's over 550 pages long have any particular pages of interest my dude?

2018-12-14 01:20:21 UTC


2018-12-14 21:50:07 UTC

Pertaining to the GOOG fire & stock (10-Q)

2018-12-14 22:01:03 UTC

Literally who?

2018-12-14 22:46:44 UTC

Late November the French Military stopped using GOOG & started using Qwant instead. They claimed they didn't want to be under US or Chinese grips via GOOG. This change will be reflected in this quarter's (year end) report.

2018-12-14 23:05:22 UTC
2018-12-14 23:19:24 UTC

Heuhuehuehue should we tell him?

2018-12-14 23:28:40 UTC

Ya. No.

2018-12-14 23:56:59 UTC

On June 21, POTUS hosted a cabinet meeting nicknamed the DRAIN THE SWAMP meeting. It seems it may have been for today's timeframe. Mick Mulvaney gave a presentation with the Red Castle on it and also said they have been preparing since day 1 for this meeting. He is now the Chief of Staff. At the meeting he also had an epic PizzaGate quote using many of the pedo code words as examples of regulations. POTUS mentioned how much he liked the quote several times and told the media they should use it. Much of the meeting was on human trafficking (including child trafficking). POTUS said he was making an official invite to democrats (even said he would invite Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi) on illegal immigration topics (child trafficking via coyotes was brought up a few times). He said to invite them after the cabinet meeting (POTUS just had one). POTUS just met with those clowns and surprised them by having it televised haha. Mick Mulvaney has been working on the swamp drain since day 1 and is now Chief of Staff. BOOM

(PizzaGate quote at around 17min. Pretty soon after Mick starts presentation)


2018-12-15 18:59:26 UTC

Comfortablye sure being used on those identified as political dissidents in China .
Wonder what the Dalai Lama's would retrieve?
Think about all of the underground church in China.
How useable./reliable is the info gathered?

2018-12-15 19:09:23 UTC

just got the instructions from bakers school...YAY....

2018-12-15 19:10:50 UTC

that stress test failed post by Q - is that Q server ref or something entirely else?

2018-12-15 20:44:56 UTC

@icubud we got 503 errors during the q and a

2018-12-15 20:52:56 UTC


2018-12-15 22:31:11 UTC

well shiet... Australia is coming around really fast

2018-12-15 22:33:35 UTC

David Hurley is a former senior Army officer and is the current Governor of New South Wales.

2018-12-15 22:51:26 UTC

@7alon what do think Hurley can do for Australia?
ScoMo's about turn on immigration was a good start, how do you see this developing

2018-12-15 22:53:09 UTC

It's just I'm in Sydney and I can't see the Asian invasion slowing down any

2018-12-15 22:59:34 UTC


2018-12-17 22:06:08 UTC

Via Judicial Watch TomFitton "Lawlessness? Cover-Up? Strzok/Page Text Messages in Mueller Probe DELETED!" https://youtu.be/M4Bs1TXtAzg

2018-12-17 23:20:46 UTC

these text messages are still found...
thank you Patriot act

2018-12-18 06:03:19 UTC

@Lambdaev👌 finally doing something useful aside from spying on americans

2018-12-18 14:59:04 UTC

good one

2018-12-18 15:09:12 UTC


2018-12-18 15:09:29 UTC

**A keystone** (also known as capstone) is the wedge-shaped stone piece at the apex of a masonry arch, or the generally round one at the apex of a vault. **In both cases it is the final piece placed during construction and locks all the stones into position**

2018-12-18 15:39:09 UTC

huh , the elusive keystone

2018-12-18 16:11:28 UTC


2018-12-18 18:42:21 UTC


2018-12-18 21:03:58 UTC
2018-12-18 21:04:20 UTC

"other sources of funding"

2018-12-18 21:04:36 UTC

aww unlucky

2018-12-18 21:05:13 UTC

el chapo's seized money and assets

2018-12-18 21:05:28 UTC

thus making mexico pay for the wall

2018-12-18 21:06:36 UTC

They seized?

2018-12-18 21:07:33 UTC


2018-12-18 21:09:16 UTC

I knew they talked a bout it and Ted Cruz said that a long time ago... 🤞🏻 That would be awesome

2018-12-18 21:09:24 UTC

let’s audit the fed, see where we have some wiggle room

2018-12-18 21:10:29 UTC

Well just stopping the flow pays for itself many times. Money is clearly not the real objection 😂

2018-12-18 21:12:11 UTC

Omnibus deal......it was in the bag

2018-12-18 22:17:28 UTC

I thought the funding was built into the DoD budget... maybe that wasn’t confirmed yet. Idk

2018-12-18 22:29:01 UTC


2018-12-18 22:30:46 UTC

“During Tuesday's White House briefing, the White House spokeswoman told reporters Mr Trump had "asked every [federal] agency to look and see if they have money that can be used for that purpose".

2018-12-18 22:31:27 UTC

2018-12-18 22:33:49 UTC

It doesn’t appear that Cruz’ El Chapo Act was passed, just introduced a couple years ago. Still, seems like Trump’s EO would cover seizing his 14billion.

2018-12-18 22:57:34 UTC

@accountingisboring i believe what you are referring to was Trump threatening to use some of the huge military budget passed last year for the wall for the purpose of National Security which would be allowed.

2018-12-18 23:03:55 UTC

Nice feed guys, been our all day, just catching up...!

2018-12-18 23:05:56 UTC


2018-12-18 23:18:04 UTC

Ah, gotcha. Thanks

2018-12-18 23:30:40 UTC

I just hope Mexico wakes up and builds a Wall on thier southern Border as well.

2018-12-18 23:37:28 UTC

We just announced our pledge to invest billions into central america and mexico for purposes of development , to negate desire to migrate away. Meh wall

2018-12-18 23:40:08 UTC

All in all WINNING!

2018-12-19 00:09:21 UTC

remember when he started asking for the wall it was up to 18 billion...then later jumped to 25billion...now he's asking for 5 billion to finish it...then just dropped it when it was officially 'other sources of funding'

2018-12-19 01:07:27 UTC

I bring you Grave News: PewDeePie has laughed and the killing of Rabi Sheckles....and now may be banned from Youtube and declared a Genocidal Maniac!!!!

@Duke Of New York yeah bro I shared that in off topic the other day...

Its some killer Q shit

2018-12-19 07:01:55 UTC


2018-12-19 13:12:46 UTC

It is now in about Q file in Patriots Awakened.

2018-12-19 15:02:30 UTC

Gold and silver having a great day prior to 2pm FOMC (Fed) minutes release. They may be allowing some buying pressure to blow off prior to minutea release, but we will see. Hopefully this is the start of the Fed' gold predicament bubbling to the surface

2018-12-19 15:03:23 UTC

Typically they would attempt to slam at 2pm after minutes is released to show optics of everything being cool and fed release being bearish for metals

2018-12-19 15:05:26 UTC

@PawnWithAPurpose tell me the name of that rule change again please? Do you have an article about it?

2018-12-19 15:09:47 UTC

Its the new Basel 3 rules released by the BIS

2018-12-19 15:11:44 UTC

Ill have to get an article after work. I know Andrew Maguire (silver manipulatiob whistleblower against JP Morgan) has been releasing a bit about it and the Kinesis.money monetary system is taking into account for its release date (blockchain backed 1:1 by silver and/or gold)

2018-12-19 15:13:53 UTC


2018-12-19 15:41:23 UTC

It would be quite an exceptional day in the metals if they were to climb both prior and after FOMC release. If so, the Fed may have lost control and gold is showing its incompetence and mismanagement. It could be the start of gold bringing down the Fed. By no means does it have to happen today or be acknowledged if so, but it would be a step in that direction.

2018-12-19 16:22:22 UTC

👆Q related?

2018-12-19 17:06:12 UTC

Gold brings down the Fed. -Q

2018-12-19 23:34:36 UTC

man I am trying to get my guys here

2018-12-19 23:34:52 UTC

but the link I am trying to make do not work

2018-12-19 23:34:53 UTC


2018-12-19 23:39:47 UTC


2018-12-19 23:40:08 UTC
2018-12-20 01:21:43 UTC

It wasn't before?

2018-12-20 01:23:15 UTC

apparently not

2018-12-20 02:03:35 UTC

Amazing how great of a job they do. Congress is #1!!!!

2018-12-20 02:05:03 UTC

They're making lynching a federal crime so they can throw the book at people who want to hang them from lamp posts

2018-12-20 02:31:03 UTC

My thought is it will come to that

2018-12-20 02:39:48 UTC

“The proposal outlines the specific act of lynching -- a mob killing without legal authority -- and would add lynching to the federal list of hate crimes.”

2018-12-20 02:40:23 UTC

Meh, firing squad will be good enough as long as public

2018-12-20 02:54:47 UTC

>Mob killing without legal authority
Do they even define what "Mob" means in the law?
Stepping stone to outlawing local-militial by proxy, imho.
Also the "hang them all" panic as well.
Two fears, one law.

2018-12-20 02:56:37 UTC

Or.. it really is about to go down and Q wants us calm

2018-12-20 03:07:45 UTC

with the state of the DOW, Trump and Republicans once again failing to get the wall funding, pulling out of Syria without a deal with Assad and Putin in case of Turkish or Iranian attack

2018-12-20 03:07:54 UTC

I don' see how this is going our way

2018-12-20 03:12:39 UTC

If you can't see then I can't help you

2018-12-20 03:17:24 UTC

Fuck it, I'll help you anyway
Dow/market troubles direct result of pressure on Fed>winning
Wall funding>already funded>winning
Syria deal?? Have no idea why we would want or need one so >winning

2018-12-20 04:59:53 UTC
2018-12-20 05:42:40 UTC

Appear weak when you are strong. (Crosses fingers)

2018-12-20 06:09:52 UTC

the sucky part is that for those who have yet to expand their thinking, if the "appear weak" bit goes on too long, they start losing faith cause all they see is the appearance, rather than what is actually going on.

Hopefully the 01012019 marker starts to change that. Or another christmas gift from trump. Either one.

2018-12-20 13:46:55 UTC

We have had decades of money printing then 8 years of 0% interest rates (free money for banks). The free money allowed for corporations to enrich themselves thru stock buybacks using free money that has been borrowed. This aided in blowing a market bubble. Instead of allowing the house of cards to crumble right away, POTUS stalled as he brought back manufacturing, located our stolen gold, got judges and ppl in place, upgraded the military, etc. As he said during the campaign, yes the markets were in a giant bubble. However, he is getting pieces in place and allowing for a controlled pop, instead of the bottom falling out and the banksters robbing the citizens of their wealth again (like they did in 2008). POTUS is now preparing the public to blame the Fed and central banking system for the problems the banksters caused, instead of taking the blame or having an event take the blame. The omnibus bill had the wall funded the whole time...that was for optics. Also, there is a difference between the economy and market prices. Also between money & currency

2018-12-20 13:47:28 UTC

The economic battle is about to begin now that pieces are in place and the gold has been retrieved

2018-12-20 18:14:11 UTC

Who is /_\ and AM

2018-12-20 18:15:19 UTC

Ok Andy McCabe. But I still didn’t figure out /_\

2018-12-20 18:29:20 UTC

Three sides of the triangle?

2018-12-20 18:31:37 UTC

The triangle is the 3 families ffs bella

2018-12-20 18:33:04 UTC

Insurance> /_\ > Obama

2018-12-20 18:33:11 UTC

I understand that but

2018-12-20 18:34:32 UTC

The insertion here represents a step I hadn’t considered and I don’t know who would be directly involved there

2018-12-20 18:36:10 UTC

I mean individual players

2018-12-20 18:53:18 UTC

The insurance is the fucking laptop. It is ALL connected to what took place when the NYPD confiscated it and what it contains. Remember, people were murdered over that transaction...Q told us two were dealt a deathblow because of that. We located the one cop in NY...but not sure if we did the other one. Think WEB...this is a WEB of activity and actors that led to PROOFS of the debauchery...committed by HRC and the others. The capstone ..Ronald I am wondering...is it the dossier itself?

I don't know what the Keystone is yet.

2018-12-20 19:21:28 UTC

It would be crazy if the keystone is the actual keystone missing from the arch of Baal. Wonder if it is inscribed if so. Most likely not it, but worth considering

2018-12-20 21:49:03 UTC

I like how all the presidents has the American flag and the presidential flag but Trump has 3 each of them. And he also has the marine corps flag and another one I don't know what it is..

2018-12-20 21:49:40 UTC

Why didn't the earlier presidents have them?

2018-12-20 21:51:11 UTC

Marine and Army

2018-12-20 22:09:35 UTC

Can someone please explain this discrepancy?

2018-12-20 22:09:39 UTC


2018-12-20 22:10:07 UTC

what discrepancy

2018-12-20 22:10:13 UTC


2018-12-20 22:10:47 UTC

context im guessing

2018-12-20 22:10:57 UTC


2018-12-20 22:11:38 UTC

It doesn't make sense that Q = Alice = HRC

2018-12-20 22:13:38 UTC

it dies if alice and wonderpand mean different things at different times

Early in the Q drops when we were being introduced Q=Alice

Then we learned about the emails

Where HRC=Alice and Marty Torrey = Mad Hatter

2018-12-20 22:15:47 UTC

yeah and thered the hillary in wonderland book

2018-12-20 22:16:05 UTC

and the refrence to SA as a bloody wonderland

2018-12-20 22:20:11 UTC

I see what you're saying, but Q has been so meticulous with all the details, surely Q had prior knowledge of the emails?

Double meaning. We had to learn first what was important so Q was ale to add context as such

2018-12-20 22:35:40 UTC

SA is also the initials for Huma's mom, Saleha Abedin.


2018-12-21 01:00:43 UTC

Pythagorean theorem is ASquared + BSquared = CSquared

Maybe A B C

2018-12-21 01:01:05 UTC

We have two sided. Need to add them up to get the third

2018-12-21 01:01:19 UTC

Two sides*

2018-12-21 01:41:49 UTC

ASquared = Hillary and Bill
BSquared = Huma and Mom
CSquared = Barack and Michelle?

2018-12-21 02:47:30 UTC

So we vacated Syria before (((they))) could gas the children again and have the sheep screaming we need to help

2018-12-21 02:54:07 UTC

@ 8:47pm ??? Where did you get that from?

2018-12-21 02:55:24 UTC

Last drop

2018-12-21 03:26:29 UTC

> Alice & Wonderland
is different from
> Alice in Wonderland

2018-12-21 03:38:21 UTC

People get appointed as a specialist for a certain task then rotated to the next specialist for the current task. Intel first, then law and investigation, then/as military ops, maybe next phase ppl cycling in (personally think economists and stuff)

2018-12-21 08:16:42 UTC

Observer2#1650 Q is saying they were probably an Alice like Hillary. Alice code name for mind control subject. Hatter is the handler.

2018-12-21 08:17:07 UTC

sorry not handler.. the person who oversees the project

2018-12-21 08:17:15 UTC

handler is the field guy

2018-12-21 08:20:22 UTC

"Although everybody calls him ‘the Mad Hatter’, Lewis Carroll never actually called him that in the story. He just referred to him as ‘the Hatter’."

2018-12-21 08:23:01 UTC

Hillary has had her handler reset her on more than one occasion on video.

2018-12-21 12:36:47 UTC


2018-12-21 12:52:04 UTC

this is a productive channel Ron, we'll have none of that here 😏

2018-12-21 19:47:57 UTC

👆 Thoughts on that? The second headline is a confirmed fake. Here are the actual headlines.

2018-12-21 19:48:14 UTC


2018-12-21 19:48:21 UTC


2018-12-21 19:48:27 UTC


2018-12-21 23:23:34 UTC

What does that even mean

2018-12-21 23:42:07 UTC

The second headline was only partially real. Max Boot is a CFR member so-called “conservative” writer for WaPo who wants more war all the time in the Middle East, from what I’ve seen. He is insanely anti-Trump. I think Q just wants side by sides like that one showing media hypocrisy. And maybe to notice Boot is a dipshit.

2018-12-21 23:42:07 UTC

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