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2018-11-29 05:32:31 UTC

there needs to be a clippy emote

2018-11-29 05:33:29 UTC

If you have an image, leave it here @Clippy lol

2018-11-29 05:37:33 UTC


2018-11-29 05:40:08 UTC

I don’t think a custom avatar emoji is the prize for Hunger Games. 😏 but who knows?

2018-11-29 10:00:58 UTC


Why was I kicked? I have done nothing wrong.

Is there a problem with the AMERICAN FLAG & THE CROSS in my name? If so, whomever has that personal problem, not my problem. Take it up with God Almighty Himself. Just like my Icon, will not change it unless I get tired and want to. Plus It's my Productions Logo.

2018-11-29 22:57:44 UTC

what the fuck is your problem anon?

2018-11-29 22:58:16 UTC

I dmed you and told you to check announcements

2018-11-29 22:58:28 UTC

it is not our fault if you are too fucking braindead to read

2018-11-29 22:59:04 UTC

While youre reading <#489833213175529504> take a look at <#489832449946157083>. If you cant read have someone do it for you

2018-11-30 19:38:13 UTC

So... What do we think about possibly a animated gif channel?

2018-11-30 19:54:32 UTC


2018-11-30 20:27:16 UTC

Nevermind... Bella changed my mind.

2018-11-30 20:27:27 UTC

I retract my suggestion.

2018-11-30 20:38:09 UTC


2018-11-30 20:38:21 UTC

That’s my favorite gif

2018-11-30 20:42:22 UTC

It was just a donation. Sheesh

2018-12-01 16:34:48 UTC

I'm all about it....


2018-12-01 16:34:48 UTC

Hi all about it...., I'm ∞!

2018-12-01 16:42:46 UTC

Omg @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins evidently we are pervs because this is my other favorite gif


2018-12-01 19:33:03 UTC


2018-12-01 20:24:15 UTC

Do it

2018-12-01 22:19:32 UTC

Load it First!

2018-12-02 00:48:29 UTC

What about this one @stedly ? Do you approve of this one?


2018-12-02 23:18:57 UTC

Thanks for the re-add after bot kick, though now can't post in news/current affairs section as before and some others.

2018-12-02 23:20:16 UTC

@lucid you will need to ask Breadbox about getting curator role

2018-12-02 23:21:21 UTC

@Bellalu thx I will do 😉

2018-12-02 23:29:28 UTC

We need a npc version of that

2018-12-02 23:31:51 UTC

ill take care of it dm @Captain Furfag JT and ill get it done when im home

2018-12-02 23:31:59 UTC

my phone is veing gay af

2018-12-03 00:38:28 UTC

I'm still here. Still working it out

2018-12-03 00:38:30 UTC

Hi still here. still working it out, I'm ∞!

2018-12-03 01:25:28 UTC

working what out? @LadyBirdKay

2018-12-04 13:26:42 UTC

Y'all are fucking dicks.

2018-12-05 20:45:49 UTC

Any reason on the QPost board multiple copies are sent?

2018-12-05 20:48:06 UTC

Because the code sucks pretty much and the only time to make changes is when Q posts and wait for another Q post because testing manually doesn't for whatever reason show the race condition in the code.

2018-12-05 20:48:20 UTC

Copy that. Thx

2018-12-05 20:48:46 UTC

Thx for all you guys do

2018-12-05 20:51:25 UTC

I know it's fucked and it's being worked on.

2018-12-05 20:53:04 UTC

Thank you for that. It’s better with the bot even when it’s not perfect

2018-12-07 05:38:07 UTC

I agree with Bobby, thanks for all you all do!

2018-12-07 19:38:38 UTC


2018-12-07 19:42:47 UTC

Try <#495039700776648714> @Captain Kirk JT

2018-12-07 21:21:43 UTC

Hell no. I dodged a coat hanger when I born man. 😅

2018-12-08 00:47:50 UTC

What is breadboxs handle in here?

2018-12-08 02:46:52 UTC


2018-12-10 03:56:10 UTC

How many people have joined this server. Is there a way to check?

2018-12-10 04:28:23 UTC

we are hovering around 280-300

2018-12-10 04:28:52 UTC

I like it the growth is a bit slower but I like it

2018-12-13 00:01:48 UTC

Thank you mods for the Q&A announcement from the workfags!

2018-12-13 00:05:53 UTC

you bet

2018-12-23 06:46:03 UTC

RBG 12/27 @17:17...

2018-12-23 07:45:56 UTC


2018-12-24 18:08:54 UTC

I can't see any of the channels under Twitter

2018-12-24 18:08:59 UTC

bls halp

@e⁻ seems to be working fine, check again maybe

2018-12-24 18:18:22 UTC


2018-12-25 01:33:53 UTC


2018-12-25 01:34:01 UTC

ill check perms tomorrow

2018-12-29 15:31:25 UTC




2018-12-29 15:31:35 UTC


2019-01-02 16:50:04 UTC

This has been irking me for sometime. How do I get the user names back in chat column? Just an Infiniti symbol shows.

2019-01-02 16:55:05 UTC

@boBBypEEle the infinity symbol for all users is intentional. You can’t change it.

2019-01-02 17:03:32 UTC


2019-01-06 08:06:20 UTC

bush - George H W Bush Indictment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=029tBENpCqg
James Goldie
George H W Bush Indictment

2019-01-06 08:09:34 UTC

i hope i did this correctly. I was told I had to post a message so i dont get kicked..and i did not know where to post geo hw bush indictment..so i put it in here. sorry if it is wrong..but i found no there place that i had access to. s/.

2019-01-06 08:52:54 UTC

most server conversation happens in <#489836618207985670> <#489837874393645066> and <#495039700776648714>

2019-01-06 08:52:54 UTC

__***Stickied Message:***__

when posting your submission please post a word that makes it easy to search (tag). ie if you are posting emoji pics post the word emoji. we will have rss and twitter feed submissions here as well.

2019-01-18 17:13:13 UTC

where can I post any health related topic rejected by mainstream science?

2019-01-18 17:14:50 UTC

@Lambdaev <#489837874393645066>

2019-01-29 17:48:36 UTC

<#489836024567037962> and <#529410905050710046> broken for me, halp please

2019-01-30 04:59:46 UTC

Yeah its broken

2019-01-30 04:59:51 UTC

So is my wallet

2019-01-30 05:00:10 UTC

Thank my ex gf for me ill have it back up once i have the money for the vps

2019-02-01 17:18:23 UTC

@FastJack thanks boss

2019-02-02 02:00:58 UTC

you bet

2019-02-02 02:01:07 UTC

had to build a new bot to host on my new machine

2019-02-09 23:10:11 UTC

The <#543541257113174036> channel is nifty. Thank you!

2019-02-10 16:10:21 UTC

You bet!

2019-02-14 18:04:54 UTC

@Mart @Moooooooooooooo please don’t comment in the <#545312984323325976> channel. Thanks

2019-02-14 18:06:05 UTC

Discuss Q posts in <#489836618207985670> 😉

2019-02-14 18:08:25 UTC


2019-02-14 18:52:08 UTC


2019-02-14 19:09:07 UTC

If that's the case perhaps set only a certain role from messaging it eh?

2019-02-14 19:09:50 UTC


2019-02-15 01:55:36 UTC

the permissions are fixed

2019-02-15 01:55:58 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo do you aim for the gutter when bowling too? or do you make them put up the bumpers?

2019-02-15 01:58:45 UTC

best profile pic ever

2019-02-15 02:00:25 UTC

@FastJack no, but I do expect a personnel only sign to be up in places where unauthorized people aren't allowed to go.

2019-02-15 02:01:35 UTC

oh ok Ill make sure to post the dont shit on my lawn sign for you so you can remember to use the toilet

2019-02-26 22:19:30 UTC

Is <#489827631714533377> phased out now for <#545312984323325976> ?

2019-02-27 02:29:25 UTC

Not sure whats going on with that bot

2019-02-27 10:17:40 UTC

Better a Duplicate Channel w/bot then missing qposts.

2019-02-27 17:00:51 UTC

Exactly why its setup that way

2019-02-27 18:41:54 UTC

You fags gonna give me a role to post some shit or not?

2019-02-27 18:42:21 UTC

You done kvetching?

2019-02-28 02:46:39 UTC

You have a role its called community

2019-03-04 21:04:14 UTC

Can I post some Pepe love in his channel or no?

2019-03-04 21:05:31 UTC
2019-03-05 15:12:08 UTC
2019-03-05 15:14:38 UTC

Stop begging for roles

2019-03-05 15:14:48 UTC
2019-03-05 15:22:33 UTC


2019-03-05 15:22:53 UTC

If that's begging then.....

2019-03-05 15:23:14 UTC

Fucking control freak

2019-03-05 15:23:51 UTC

How is asking to be able to post some Pepes in his channel begging?

2019-03-05 15:24:00 UTC

Gfy bread

2019-03-05 15:26:32 UTC

Hey is sourdough still sucking other dicks or back to yours?

2019-03-05 17:57:01 UTC

and this is why you aren't getting anything from me enjoy your ban

2019-03-06 23:06:16 UTC

F to the formatting for the bot.
```<p class="body-line empty "></p>```

2019-03-06 23:06:33 UTC

Unless that's the actual post, then my b

2019-03-15 04:35:47 UTC

The qpost bot seems to be down.

2019-03-15 16:37:45 UTC


2019-03-17 15:15:06 UTC


2019-03-17 15:49:34 UTC


2019-03-17 20:03:18 UTC

Prepare the Bots to move to the Backup!

2019-03-18 01:24:14 UTC

@Bucko meh Im not too worried about it everyone knows this is a dragon ball z fan forum

2019-03-18 01:30:42 UTC

@Bucko discord bots are just a copy/paste of some code so I'm not too concerned honestly. As long as the dev has the source code it can go back up in a jiffy

2019-03-18 04:23:39 UTC

@FastJack my old discord got fuckled

2019-03-18 04:23:53 UTC

discord disabled my account

2019-03-18 04:24:14 UTC

could i have the roles on that one placed on this one plz?

2019-03-18 04:50:50 UTC

Ill get on my pc and change it in a bit

2019-03-19 10:43:23 UTC
2019-03-20 22:46:25 UTC

Do you guys want to start a riot.im in case they shoah the servers?

2019-03-20 23:02:09 UTC

I swear I had nothing to do with that question @FastJack 😂

2019-03-21 02:19:38 UTC

@Moooooooooooooo already got us covered.

2019-03-21 02:19:42 UTC


2019-03-24 00:19:25 UTC

2019-03-24 00:21:54 UTC
2019-03-28 21:31:10 UTC

@FastJack thought you might like to know what our old friend is up to these days.

2019-03-28 21:31:32 UTC

If not interested I'll delete

2019-03-28 22:18:45 UTC


2019-03-28 22:18:51 UTC

Hes so retarded

beating the war drum between two communities based on what? his generalized opinion and claims of attacks?

If you don't like that like he asserts, what are we to make of his post?

2019-03-29 01:07:02 UTC

I just found it interesting. I questioned him being on the Gorka payroll and was promptly banned 😂

2019-03-29 01:11:41 UTC

Well done

2019-03-29 01:22:59 UTC

TY. Oh well. Those left there deserve what they get, can't save em all.

2019-03-29 15:45:54 UTC

Yeah I was getting some shit like that too from that subreddit too

2019-03-29 15:46:18 UTC

Except I got a pm

2019-03-29 18:36:17 UTC

I wrote a response on QRV because he completely flipped right after Mueller report came out. https://voat.co/v/QRV/3127817/17712940

2019-03-29 19:19:40 UTC

Absolutely hilarious

2019-03-29 19:21:27 UTC


2019-03-29 19:32:02 UTC

I'm not on voat, but I was first to call the Gorka connection....my shekels please..

2019-03-29 19:32:55 UTC

Ah, that was you.

2019-03-29 19:33:07 UTC

It twas

2019-03-29 19:33:33 UTC

Remember me?

2019-03-29 19:34:16 UTC

Yep. Kicked you off the discord for something.

2019-03-29 19:34:23 UTC

Probably being a dick

2019-03-29 19:35:09 UTC

You did. That's okay I asked FOT if he finally got you pregnant , so we're even.

2019-03-29 19:35:17 UTC


2019-03-29 19:35:28 UTC

Good grief.

2019-03-29 19:35:50 UTC

It's all good

2019-03-29 19:38:52 UTC

Btw, you weren't banned off that discord... only kicked...

2019-03-29 19:39:59 UTC

I know. It was better that I left. No harm. No foul.

2019-03-29 19:48:23 UTC

Sometimes it’s best to just move on. Gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run

2019-04-01 01:22:30 UTC
2019-04-01 16:22:07 UTC

Remember, MAGA had a different meaning last week. We'll see if he says anything about him this week.

2019-04-01 16:30:38 UTC

@Kankels McGee ??? Different meaning?

2019-04-01 16:31:32 UTC

Michael Avenatti Gets Arrested

2019-04-01 16:33:12 UTC

We know Gorka is comp'd. I think Don Don Jr posted on Twitter, iirc about the new MAGA meaning

2019-04-01 16:33:32 UTC

For one week only

2019-04-01 16:34:01 UTC

During that week he did the Gorka post

2019-04-01 16:35:35 UTC


2019-04-03 07:10:22 UTC

can i get my curator role back on this new account?

2019-04-03 07:11:02 UTC

i want to be able to post in the dig sections again in case i get more info

2019-04-03 07:12:13 UTC

as you probs already know my old account was deleted by furries

2019-04-03 16:10:17 UTC

@Indigo Lucifer I gotcha Luci. Hey, did you get my DM before you got whacked?

2019-04-04 03:42:18 UTC

i dont think i did @Bellalu

2019-04-11 14:01:53 UTC

What server is 8bit on??? Is he back on discord??

2019-04-11 14:22:03 UTC

@e⁻ what do you need? Question about the board?

2019-04-11 14:22:54 UTC

Honestly, I'm just really curious for the guy and have some questions about the server here. If it's not appropriate then cool

2019-04-11 14:23:13 UTC

He’s unavailable but this is not his server

2019-04-11 14:23:25 UTC

He was a member here once

2019-04-11 14:23:29 UTC


2019-04-11 14:23:50 UTC

I can help you with server questions

2019-04-11 14:25:05 UTC

Got it

2019-04-13 21:09:18 UTC

Any q drops lately?

2019-04-13 22:29:33 UTC

Check <#545312984323325976> @Indigo Lucifer

2019-04-26 19:57:26 UTC

Hey Mods, +twitter and +breaking-911 are duplicities. Just an FYI only.

2019-05-30 08:09:10 UTC

Fuck mods

2019-06-01 21:26:02 UTC


2019-06-13 00:46:09 UTC


2019-06-15 22:37:10 UTC

ahh that Duck guy posted something in #boardercheckpoint that locks up my machine.

2019-06-16 12:27:44 UTC

Yeah, don't click the suspicious Chinese link bro

2019-06-16 21:35:46 UTC

oh ya for sure i did not! it hung my internet just viewing the channel . i was hoping a mod would erase that offending post.

2019-06-16 23:06:14 UTC

Dont click suspicious links

2019-06-17 07:27:28 UTC

Request to delete ching chong virus link

2019-06-17 07:30:59 UTC

it's already deleted

2019-06-17 07:35:40 UTC

Then what's this


2019-06-17 07:36:05 UTC

Fucking Minecraft of all things

2019-06-17 07:37:09 UTC

refresh discord

2019-06-17 07:38:09 UTC

just press cntrl r if ur on windows

2019-06-21 22:14:20 UTC

Funny you mention that


2019-06-24 04:04:13 UTC

hey how come no one gets on voice chat anymore? <@&489824784276914203> <@&489830497434730497>

2019-06-24 04:05:44 UTC

we need to get more active on here eventually

2019-06-24 17:25:59 UTC

Someone at Goggle trying to sink the last bread?


2019-06-24 20:56:56 UTC

P is posters right

2019-06-24 20:57:46 UTC

And if that's just getting truncated, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

2019-06-24 23:14:49 UTC

@4Liberty project veritas dropped google bombshell expose', thats why the massive blackout happened

2019-06-24 23:15:29 UTC

well that and some defense forces planes crashed together in eu..non usa ones

2019-07-18 01:32:32 UTC

Yo, bulma mia

2019-07-18 10:02:27 UTC

Thank you

2019-07-25 02:57:50 UTC


2019-07-25 02:58:03 UTC

is there a mod here at the moment

2019-07-25 03:24:39 UTC

well msg tweed

2019-07-26 03:34:20 UTC

Why is the bot putting double slashes?

2019-07-26 04:57:35 UTC

It's part of markdown

2019-07-26 06:12:24 UTC


2019-08-03 01:37:21 UTC

working on the bot sorry for the pings

2019-08-03 01:45:52 UTC

Freaked my shit....

2019-08-03 01:46:47 UTC

Thought it was DOTR nigga

2019-08-05 16:23:25 UTC

Their only Inspiration was to Blame it on 8Chan as a reason to shut it down.

2019-08-05 17:05:53 UTC


2019-08-05 17:06:11 UTC

Is 8ch gonna fix the SSL issue and sign a new cert?

2019-08-05 17:06:28 UTC

Or do I gotta clear my certs somehow

2019-08-05 17:06:36 UTC

cause mine is still referring to cloudflare

2019-08-05 19:00:04 UTC

Someone tell 8bit that endchan exists

2019-08-05 23:04:16 UTC

What a bunch of bitches

2019-09-27 13:32:53 UTC

@FastJack#7147 what gives bro? Hotwheels talking shit or...

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