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2018-02-20 07:46:45 UTC

Night time general cleaning hours.

2018-02-20 07:46:59 UTC

Vid is almost 1.3k.

2018-02-20 07:47:22 UTC

Damn right

2018-02-20 07:47:52 UTC


2018-02-20 07:48:20 UTC


2018-02-20 08:06:06 UTC


2018-02-20 08:06:06 UTC


2018-02-20 08:06:27 UTC

New mask designs. Two designs. Whaddy'all think?

2018-02-20 08:06:36 UTC


2018-02-20 08:06:42 UTC

I don't like it. No hate fam.

2018-02-20 08:07:25 UTC

Looks too barren.

2018-02-20 08:09:40 UTC

I think it would look better when it was actually printed on the material

2018-02-20 08:15:54 UTC

Lacks color / thickness

2018-02-20 08:19:29 UTC

A little bland imo.

2018-02-20 08:43:43 UTC


2018-02-20 09:33:44 UTC

Morning goys.

2018-02-20 10:58:28 UTC

@Thomas Ryan I liked the shape of the old shield design because it conformed to the shape of the face, and was easily discernable from a distance. The crossed arrows/fasces just look like a blob from far away

2018-02-20 11:52:54 UTC

The mask has a lot of blank space

2018-02-20 11:53:01 UTC

I like the American flag masks imo

2018-02-20 11:57:43 UTC

Old shield design is way better. Perhaps just color it.

2018-02-20 12:13:23 UTC

The American flag design is better, if only because it fills more of the mask.

2018-02-20 15:15:42 UTC


2018-02-20 15:16:36 UTC

Not sure if this is a legit fundraiser! Likely gibs; however big if true. Imagine if getting Africans to leave the U.S was as simple as giving them Wakanda!

2018-02-20 15:18:55 UTC

I prefer to call it Liberia.

2018-02-20 15:19:15 UTC

Because, you know, we had that plan once.

2018-02-20 15:20:11 UTC

Just build a fake wakanda; kinda like a theme park, if they agree to self deport lmao. We can take in the white farmers from South Africa before the animals finish their inevitable genocide on those poor people.

2018-02-20 15:41:45 UTC

@Thomas Ryan see about inverting the colors on the arrow design.

2018-02-20 15:51:23 UTC
2018-02-20 15:53:02 UTC

Dude meine ehre heisst, like, treue maaaaan

2018-02-20 15:54:28 UTC

Shit is catchy as fuck

2018-02-20 15:54:37 UTC


2018-02-20 15:56:45 UTC

I still prefer funkerlied tho https://youtu.be/Be8u-ZoBG_w

2018-02-20 16:04:27 UTC


2018-02-20 16:40:08 UTC

The reason we don't use a simple American flag design on the masks is that it's not unique, and everyone and their mother can buy those and likely start going by them. Our strength is in our unique symbolism that represents a revolutionary take on classic Americana.

The top of the shield might look better with the colors inverted.

2018-02-20 16:40:47 UTC

@joe TX Great work.

2018-02-20 16:46:03 UTC

I echo the other other criticisms. Seems a bit bland.

2018-02-20 16:46:19 UTC

The top of the shield might look better with the colors inverted.

2018-02-20 16:56:00 UTC

@Thomas Ryan make the images larger maybe?

2018-02-20 16:59:28 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Have you considered plane masks? Keeping it simple is always good.

2018-02-20 16:59:36 UTC

Maybe navy or white

2018-02-20 17:00:12 UTC

Lol it's another Jew kvetching. (((Shoenbaum)))

2018-02-20 17:01:15 UTC

@southland No, that's a silly way to waste such a great opportunity to exercise one of our strengths, which is unique iconography.

2018-02-20 17:01:19 UTC

More liek shoahbaum zez

2018-02-20 17:02:03 UTC

“I think that they're desperate and they don't know where else to turn, so they're putting flyers on telephone poles."

Unaware that raising awareness, and promotion is desperate?

2018-02-20 17:02:52 UTC

It's almost as if they believe the current system doesn't have the best interests of these racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist, neo nazi, bigots in mind.

2018-02-20 17:03:03 UTC


2018-02-20 17:03:13 UTC


2018-02-20 17:03:16 UTC

There's not even a lot of Jews in San Antonio. But of course one of them is bitching about our posters.

2018-02-20 17:03:19 UTC

Ofc the colors will be way darker, just showing how it fits on the mask there.

2018-02-20 17:03:25 UTC

The colors will be solid, opaque.

2018-02-20 17:09:32 UTC

Ugh, I weep for our young men. I just pulled into Bucky's and there was about 8 charter busses outside. The vast majority were street shitters and nogs with a handful of whites. It's just baffling that our government and boomers let this happen and sit by while their kids are forced into this nightmare and punished for ever daring to speak out against this genocide.

2018-02-20 17:11:27 UTC

And a loan officer!

2018-02-20 17:11:42 UTC

@Ductapegang Guess we should be organizing and doing something then, eh?

2018-02-20 17:12:26 UTC

In sight of such a thing, it should give us reason to have a ruthless work ethic, and a steeled dedication towards our shared goals.

2018-02-20 17:33:38 UTC


2018-02-20 17:37:18 UTC

I’m a fan of the negative press to be honest. When a (((journalist))) shows a picture of our posters, which are plainly patriotic and don’t hint at “huwhyte subremacy” or anything like it, and they call those posters “ebil raceest huwhyte subpremaciss,” but the viewers see “Patriots! Reclaim America!” etc. then it only paints the media as dishonest and gets people to pay attention to our messages

2018-02-20 18:12:41 UTC

This is way better than our action vid.

2018-02-20 18:13:15 UTC

What the fuck is happening in that video

2018-02-20 18:13:56 UTC

It looks like a dance battle between two young men, with backpacks in a shopping cart.

2018-02-20 18:15:00 UTC

With what seems to be the Mass Effect soundtrack in the background .

2018-02-20 18:15:54 UTC


2018-02-20 18:20:20 UTC

Xurious is good background music for any occasion.

2018-02-20 18:23:05 UTC

WTF did I just watch?

2018-02-20 18:28:47 UTC


2018-02-20 18:29:46 UTC

Tactical shopping carts! Lmao

2018-02-20 18:30:58 UTC

Riot shield nationalism

2018-02-20 18:32:42 UTC

Can we make an American version of this please

2018-02-20 18:43:05 UTC

I don't know if this means that I did a good job or if I didn't do enough

2018-02-20 18:43:52 UTC

Remember that a single page of stickers and a handful of minutes got this reaction.

2018-02-20 18:44:43 UTC

Gonna stop by my local library to print up some flyers! Gotta grab some adhesives while I’m out anyways

2018-02-20 18:45:05 UTC

@Thomas Ryan I'm just going to go with that I didn't do enough, more is required

2018-02-20 18:45:26 UTC

I mean it's only a 75 second video

2018-02-20 18:45:42 UTC

I'd say wait a bit, and come back with a few more guys, a lot sneakier. Second time is always rougher, because they bump up patrols and such.

2018-02-20 19:05:38 UTC

“We are stronger when united, and refuse to be divided.”
This dumbass just laid out the *core principle* of ethnic nationalism.

2018-02-20 19:06:35 UTC

Hell, make that a damn slogan

2018-02-20 19:07:32 UTC

They act like flyering, and activism is an act of violence; meanwhile they jump us, stab us, and other ways of trying to kill us for advocating for our existence, and they have the audacity to turn to the camera and preach tolerance

2018-02-20 19:08:08 UTC

What’s more unifying than a shared national identity? What’s more divisive than multiculturalism and multinationality?

2018-02-20 19:09:36 UTC

They hate whitey; but they need us to blame for their shortcomings; or else they’ll have to face the reality they are unaccomplishing; low agency; and useless sacks of shit without us to leech off of

2018-02-20 19:12:23 UTC

These “professors” “presidents of colleges” would rather their daughters, wives, and other prodigy be massacred by the inevitable waves of increasing violence against whites than to be called racist.

2018-02-20 19:15:58 UTC

It's like Tariq Nasheed said in the Jared Taylor debate that he thinks "Whitey wants black people around so we can have someone to kick em around". But its really the other way around. They want to blame us for their misfortune when its really because of their own idiocy. Without " Whitey" how would they get their precious greasy gibs.

2018-02-20 19:18:16 UTC

We give the gibs; they cut our heads off; claim the gibs as their own creation; then run it into the ground and blame us for it

2018-02-20 19:20:01 UTC

Our generosity, and benevolence to others is the bane of our existence.

2018-02-20 19:21:10 UTC

To limit the scope of the atrocities committed against our People only to acts of direct physical altercation is itself a grave injustice. The true plight of our People is in its coordinated division, destruction, and replacement on an enormous and unprecedented scale. To restrict our interpretation of violence only to direct confrontation is to ignore the greatest genocide ever undertaken and to be complicit in its ongoing ferocity.

2018-02-20 19:25:46 UTC

What the German nation faced during the Weimar era was the corruption of its values and suppression of its culture. What we’re facing today is the physical destruction of an entire race. It’s in the shadows that true evil hides. It’s precisely the lack of direct visible effect that allows for this genocide to remain hidden from the ignorant eye.

2018-02-20 19:29:44 UTC

I don’t know why I went so philosophical right there but take from it what you will.

2018-02-20 19:43:22 UTC

@Kek We face so many parallels to the Weimar problems with (((media))) being the driving force in wiping out our values and culture and reintroducing degeneracy and "urban" aesthetics/music. And I'm mainly talking about the filth we feed our younger ones growing up on MTV, rap, and Instagram/YouTube famous faggots and hoodlums that they idolize.

2018-02-20 20:07:20 UTC


2018-02-20 20:07:36 UTC

If you don't go to the gym today you're not even White.

2018-02-20 20:08:02 UTC

Napoleon would be proud fam

2018-02-20 20:14:05 UTC

@Thomas Ryan getting swole bud

2018-02-20 20:15:25 UTC


2018-02-20 20:15:44 UTC

He's mirin hard brah.

2018-02-20 20:20:51 UTC


2018-02-20 20:20:55 UTC
2018-02-20 20:21:05 UTC

Manlet gym squad💪🏻

2018-02-20 20:23:36 UTC

The movie's been out for a day and there's already loud black dudes in Black Panther shirts.

2018-02-20 20:24:07 UTC

Wakandan spirit has awoken them

2018-02-20 20:28:29 UTC

@Thomas Ryan you got a hair cut?

2018-02-20 20:29:00 UTC


2018-02-20 20:31:39 UTC


2018-02-20 20:31:48 UTC

From last night

2018-02-20 20:32:27 UTC

How much are the plates?

2018-02-20 20:35:45 UTC

275 total

2018-02-20 20:35:57 UTC

Was doing hack sqwats and pulls

2018-02-20 20:36:12 UTC


2018-02-20 20:36:30 UTC

I need to start lifting again

2018-02-20 20:36:48 UTC

Do et

2018-02-20 20:37:14 UTC

My cities library is literally a crackhead hangout

2018-02-20 20:37:15 UTC

Same. I want to be able to Chadpost too :(

2018-02-20 20:37:16 UTC

So mad

2018-02-20 20:37:25 UTC


2018-02-20 20:37:29 UTC

Next door to the library

2018-02-20 20:37:43 UTC


2018-02-20 20:39:49 UTC

Chicken, and blunt wrappers

2018-02-20 20:41:26 UTC


2018-02-20 20:42:19 UTC

@EuroChad smith machines are gay

2018-02-20 20:42:52 UTC

@Charlemagne MD its not a smith machine

2018-02-20 20:43:08 UTC

Looks like the smiths near me

2018-02-20 20:43:24 UTC

I've just started getting back into squats

2018-02-20 20:43:39 UTC

Its free weight rack

2018-02-20 20:44:32 UTC

That's the way to go

2018-02-20 20:46:03 UTC

@FASHRABBIT you better start lifting faggot

2018-02-20 20:46:16 UTC

I still need to drop 10 pounds to get the right Bmi

2018-02-20 20:49:54 UTC

Printed 30 fliers! Time to get them up!


2018-02-20 20:51:38 UTC

`Our Party represents White folks, not all Americans. Just as the Southern people did, or even the American revolutionaries did; we must distinguish ourselves from the empire we are working to be free from. This means a new identity. Our uniforms are standard working class attire, from top to bottom. `

Heimbach has made the mistake, an honest one, here of using the same definition of American as the "empire" he's seeking to "crush", as he has said. Nothing that comes from the political establishment is true, except for when they claim that the American identity is not one bound to an actual nation, like all other identities worldwide. Doesn't make much sense.

The American revolutionaries and Confederates gave themselves a new philosophy and political outlook, but especially in the case of the revolution, it was to **affirm** the national culture and identity, not replace it. The revolution happened long after Americans had ceased to be truly European, and had instead become their own unique people.

2018-02-20 20:54:18 UTC

Also, the material and brand of the clothing may be working class, but the all-black color is not.

**Not that this really bothers me or that I care what they wear in any substantial way,** but working class folks don't wear all black. You can defend the all black, it's not wrong to do so, it's a decent aesthetic if you can pull it off, but taking the pure working class angle seems to be dodging.

2018-02-20 20:55:00 UTC

**America is a people.**
**The United States is a government.**

2018-02-20 20:56:10 UTC

I don't give a damn what happens to the U.S. political system so long as America survives. The nation, the people, the land define us. Not crooked politicians or ink-spattered documents.

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