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2020-09-10 17:30:49 UTC

Ohhhhhhhhh wow, Netflix....bold way to get street cred

2020-09-10 17:31:11 UTC

cuties from costco

2020-09-10 17:31:12 UTC


2020-09-10 17:31:16 UTC

cuties from netflix

2020-09-10 17:31:21 UTC

cringe and pedopilled!

2020-09-10 17:31:34 UTC

very true

2020-09-10 17:31:43 UTC

Cuties from netflix

2020-09-10 17:31:44 UTC

teacher just said "hop on" in my lecture

2020-09-10 17:31:47 UTC

2nd P in lgbt+ coming soon

2020-09-10 17:31:49 UTC

I know a cure for the producers

2020-09-10 17:31:54 UTC

Propaganda on the subway


2020-09-10 17:31:56 UTC

It's called .30-06

2020-09-10 17:32:02 UTC

"Cuties this, cuties that, l just want to eat some fruit for pete's sake!"

2020-09-10 17:32:08 UTC

They’re ganna blame it that you’re racist unless you watch Netflix or cuties I’m calling it

2020-09-10 17:32:11 UTC

"Don't talk to other people!!" <:cryingbugman:738000461386350653>

2020-09-10 17:32:18 UTC

@CyBeast rip it out

2020-09-10 17:32:20 UTC

@deth going to

2020-09-10 17:32:44 UTC

WATCH CUTIES OR YOU’RE racist and hate black feminist and Muslims.......

2020-09-10 17:33:17 UTC

I'm all of those things and I don't care that you know

2020-09-10 17:33:28 UTC

You hate feminism and are racist if you hate Netflix....(((sarcasm)))

2020-09-10 17:33:32 UTC


2020-09-10 17:33:41 UTC
2020-09-10 17:33:54 UTC


2020-09-10 17:34:06 UTC

hate jewgle chromebooks

2020-09-10 17:34:08 UTC

I love that trollface is being revived

2020-09-10 17:34:11 UTC

this fucking thing is so slow

2020-09-10 17:34:18 UTC

Love when memes make a comeback

2020-09-10 17:34:26 UTC

@papi i worked on bringing back the troll face for a year and a half

2020-09-10 17:34:29 UTC

@SayberPhantom why buy it in the first place?

2020-09-10 17:34:31 UTC

glad my work is finally paying off

2020-09-10 17:34:35 UTC


2020-09-10 17:34:42 UTC

@deth it's because I started using it alot

2020-09-10 17:34:44 UTC

It's not something I bought, it was required for classes

2020-09-10 17:34:54 UTC

Trollface (likeness: @Mr. Hummus)

2020-09-10 17:34:55 UTC


2020-09-10 17:34:59 UTC

@deth my charisma and your priming

2020-09-10 17:35:05 UTC

opened up my only fans yesterday

2020-09-10 17:35:07 UTC

beautiful combination

2020-09-10 17:35:08 UTC

check it out!

2020-09-10 17:35:15 UTC

play NFS heat

2020-09-10 17:35:19 UTC

still in the night i should be knighted
you paid the members fee but you still not invited
i get the feeling that youre brain dead
yeah you should have stayed dead

2020-09-10 17:35:21 UTC

NFS heat is gamer

2020-09-10 17:35:22 UTC

@SayberPhantom just bring a literal bag of human shit and dump it out on the desk next time

2020-09-10 17:35:36 UTC

lmao i want to do that now

2020-09-10 17:35:36 UTC


2020-09-10 17:35:38 UTC

only fans

2020-09-10 17:35:45 UTC


2020-09-10 17:35:49 UTC


2020-09-10 17:35:50 UTC



2020-09-10 17:35:52 UTC


2020-09-10 17:35:54 UTC

@Trevor Lahey you okay buddy

2020-09-10 17:35:57 UTC

@deth is it cool that my gf works, gives me her entire paycheck, and then i give her an allowance from it

2020-09-10 17:36:11 UTC

@deth im gonna buy the 3090 to play crysis remastered at 15 fps

2020-09-10 17:36:12 UTC

@Trevor Lahey sounds like scientology

2020-09-10 17:36:14 UTC


2020-09-10 17:36:19 UTC

@SayberPhantom cant wait

2020-09-10 17:36:27 UTC

i think you mean basedology

2020-09-10 17:36:29 UTC

@Trevor Lahey but still very based

2020-09-10 17:36:34 UTC

Discord is broken

2020-09-10 17:36:40 UTC

nah actually im keeping my 2080 super

2020-09-10 17:36:44 UTC

it's still a very solid card

2020-09-10 17:36:48 UTC

yeah discord isnt embedding for some reason

2020-09-10 17:36:51 UTC

there it is

2020-09-10 17:36:55 UTC

half a year soon cooldad

2020-09-10 17:36:59 UTC

maybe it is not so bad

2020-09-10 17:36:59 UTC

discord and the bots are always broken now

2020-09-10 17:37:02 UTC

haha embed not go brrr

2020-09-10 17:37:03 UTC


2020-09-10 17:37:06 UTC

maybe this can be good

2020-09-10 17:37:13 UTC

marry her

2020-09-10 17:37:28 UTC

eventually!!! maybe!!!!

2020-09-10 17:37:55 UTC

1 year anniversary with gf at the end of this month

2020-09-10 17:37:58 UTC


2020-09-10 17:38:05 UTC

we are all gonna make it

2020-09-10 17:38:17 UTC


2020-09-10 17:38:35 UTC

@Trevor Lahey didnt think i was for a while

2020-09-10 17:38:38 UTC

@Trevor Lahey is your gf retarded?

2020-09-10 17:38:43 UTC


2020-09-10 17:38:47 UTC

in a good way

2020-09-10 17:38:51 UTC


2020-09-10 17:39:02 UTC

been with my gf for almost a year and a half

2020-09-10 17:39:03 UTC

Good job

2020-09-10 17:39:10 UTC

my gf never went to public school and literwlly dont know amything about politics

2020-09-10 17:39:17 UTC


2020-09-10 17:39:21 UTC

@deth delete this bro you dont want to ruin the surprise

2020-09-10 17:39:21 UTC

Just scheduled to meet with the head of the pastoral ministry

2020-09-10 17:39:28 UTC

Conversion soon

2020-09-10 17:39:34 UTC

@Trevor Lahey good call

2020-09-10 17:39:54 UTC

ok why do i have to do MLA format on my essays

2020-09-10 17:40:07 UTC

women should not be educated so they cannot leave you and be independent

2020-09-10 17:40:10 UTC

seems like a waste of time when I can just explain it by typing like a normal person

2020-09-10 17:40:14 UTC

only things my gf know is "black people are loud and annoying" and "i hate gays"

2020-09-10 17:40:15 UTC

@SayberPhantom why didn't you just buy a windows laptop?

2020-09-10 17:40:30 UTC

@Trevor Lahey not much else she needs to know

2020-09-10 17:40:38 UTC

It wasn't something I bought, they're given to us in class.

2020-09-10 17:40:48 UTC

@deth and men should be responsible

2020-09-10 17:40:57 UTC

If I can't finish this in class I might as well finish it on the superior operating system.

2020-09-10 17:40:58 UTC

@SayberPhantom MLA format standardizes the format of everyone's essays and thus makes it easier for the professor or teacher to grade them and keeps their workflow efficient so they can get your grade to you asap

2020-09-10 17:41:02 UTC

The first time a woman gained education, she plunged humanity into original sin

2020-09-10 17:41:09 UTC

@SayberPhantom again, just bring a bag of human shit to class and pour it on the table

2020-09-10 17:41:11 UTC

not to mention it is just professional

2020-09-10 17:41:23 UTC

I guess it *looks* professional

2020-09-10 17:41:29 UTC

but it's a fucking high school class

2020-09-10 17:41:33 UTC

yeah i asked if she knew about the political shit and she says "no, and i dont really care" but she will listen to me rant and just say "yes, uhuh" the entire time she is literally perfect

2020-09-10 17:41:35 UTC

mla is gay and should not exist

2020-09-10 17:41:35 UTC

not a college lecture

2020-09-10 17:41:40 UTC

whoever made this should be in prison for life

2020-09-10 17:41:55 UTC

MLA is fine and you shouldnt complain about it because it literally takes 2 seconds to set up

2020-09-10 17:41:58 UTC

"why cant i put the n word, and 'based and redpilled' in my college essay"

2020-09-10 17:42:07 UTC

thats epic

2020-09-10 17:42:09 UTC

Not on this bag of shit

2020-09-10 17:42:12 UTC

Whoever invented the electric stove should be in prison for life

2020-09-10 17:42:17 UTC

This thing lags in discord browser mode

2020-09-10 17:42:18 UTC

things that annoy me should be illegal

2020-09-10 17:42:22 UTC

think about that

2020-09-10 17:42:30 UTC

@Trevor Lahey that was my ex

2020-09-10 17:42:39 UTC

@deth me too

2020-09-10 17:42:43 UTC


2020-09-10 17:42:43 UTC

She called my views racist but still listened to them and accepted them

2020-09-10 17:42:47 UTC


2020-09-10 17:42:47 UTC

daily reminder

2020-09-10 17:42:53 UTC


2020-09-10 17:43:08 UTC

@CyBeast my ex was brainwashed

2020-09-10 17:43:23 UTC

@CyBeast a literal npc

2020-09-10 17:43:25 UTC

get a new one and brainwash her

2020-09-10 17:43:29 UTC

Mine too dw

2020-09-10 17:43:29 UTC

@deth going to get together in a couple weeks, how do i not sperg out like a retard ans not be terrified

2020-09-10 17:43:35 UTC

Like the ones that kgb defector described

2020-09-10 17:43:39 UTC

She was also a fornicator

2020-09-10 17:43:48 UTC

@deth I am not with her anymore

2020-09-10 17:43:51 UTC

@Trevor Lahey go to mcdonalds with her and get cactus jack meal together

2020-09-10 17:43:55 UTC
2020-09-10 17:44:00 UTC

so based

2020-09-10 17:44:00 UTC


2020-09-10 17:44:03 UTC

wow what a good idea

2020-09-10 17:44:03 UTC

I'm going to go to el pebble's house, drop off some random chick that was in a lecture, then drive away

2020-09-10 17:44:09 UTC

getting the travis scott meal with my gf after this lecture

2020-09-10 17:44:10 UTC

so maybe he can be happy with his commie gf

2020-09-10 17:44:10 UTC

I blame it on the fact that her parents had an illegitimate marriage and then separated

2020-09-10 17:44:17 UTC

Hate it when parents separate

2020-09-10 17:44:21 UTC

@deth I am dyslexic and autistic, you already know this

2020-09-10 17:44:23 UTC

i am actually gonna be taking her to the dc so we can look at monkeys together

2020-09-10 17:44:29 UTC

dc zoo*

2020-09-10 17:44:34 UTC

will be so epic

2020-09-10 17:44:42 UTC

@papi my apologies, im retarded that way too

2020-09-10 17:44:48 UTC

i love zoos to see cool animals but all the animals should be set free

2020-09-10 17:44:51 UTC

@CyBeast my parents divorced <:FeelsBadMan:689862410655236240>

2020-09-10 17:44:58 UTC

no they didnt

2020-09-10 17:44:59 UTC

I'm autistic, but it practically never shows unless I'm forced into a super social situation and just kind of sit in the back

2020-09-10 17:45:02 UTC

when can we do another round of hunger games ?

2020-09-10 17:45:04 UTC


2020-09-10 17:45:09 UTC

divorce should also be illegal, punishable by hard labor for life

2020-09-10 17:45:11 UTC

@Trevor Lahey just go to any black populated area

2020-09-10 17:45:15 UTC

divorce isnt real your parents are not divorced

2020-09-10 17:45:18 UTC

made spooky pizza pockets


2020-09-10 17:45:27 UTC

they think they are but your parents are still married

2020-09-10 17:45:27 UTC


2020-09-10 17:45:28 UTC

sayonara neega

2020-09-10 17:45:30 UTC

My parents never married and my mom ended up separating from us @papi

2020-09-10 17:45:31 UTC

@deth it jusr shouldn't be an option

2020-09-10 17:45:40 UTC

@kommunistkardashian wow i wanna eat one of these

2020-09-10 17:45:42 UTC

What is dyslexia even like? Was it portrayed correctly in those Percy Jackson movies where once you look at them, they practically just swap around in your vision?

2020-09-10 17:45:47 UTC

@papi simple fix

2020-09-10 17:45:49 UTC

divorce should only be available for abuse or adultery, as Christ says in the Gospel

2020-09-10 17:45:52 UTC

I told my friend not to watch cuties

2020-09-10 17:45:58 UTC

she's watching it

2020-09-10 17:46:02 UTC

My parents have been together for like 35 years

2020-09-10 17:46:07 UTC

@deth papi and cooldad hivemind

2020-09-10 17:46:07 UTC


2020-09-10 17:46:12 UTC

@Showa your friend is a pedophile, report her

2020-09-10 17:46:13 UTC

i have lost so much respect

2020-09-10 17:46:16 UTC

dyslexia i think is fake, i think it is an invented disease to cope for people who are too fucking dumb to read

2020-09-10 17:46:30 UTC

i cant read

2020-09-10 17:46:32 UTC

every black kid in remedial english has dyslexia, its probably not real

2020-09-10 17:46:35 UTC

@Trevor Lahey what, is COVID fake too?

2020-09-10 17:46:38 UTC

I am grateful that I maintain closeness with my father and the rest of my family

2020-09-10 17:46:40 UTC

yeah probably

2020-09-10 17:46:41 UTC

You sound like a fucking QTard

2020-09-10 17:46:42 UTC

@Trevor Lahey same with dyscalcula

2020-09-10 17:46:43 UTC

@Showa report your pedophile friend to the authorities immediately

2020-09-10 17:46:49 UTC

@SayberPhantom covid is the flu

2020-09-10 17:46:57 UTC

you're probably right tbh

2020-09-10 17:47:00 UTC

She's not even 17 yet

2020-09-10 17:47:04 UTC


2020-09-10 17:47:19 UTC

only people dying are people with pre-existing conditions that leave them vulnerable to the flu

2020-09-10 17:47:28 UTC

officer wait she's japanese and she is the legal age in japan

2020-09-10 17:47:32 UTC

the death toll is a lie

2020-09-10 17:47:40 UTC

yeah it is fsfs

2020-09-10 17:47:40 UTC

no more than 50k people have died of corona in the US

2020-09-10 17:47:42 UTC

you guys are delusional it's funny

2020-09-10 17:47:44 UTC

Tell your friend that I will "visit" him so I can give him a "gift"

2020-09-10 17:47:48 UTC

@SayberPhantom in most prefectures in Japan the age of consent is 18

2020-09-10 17:47:56 UTC


2020-09-10 17:48:13 UTC

yeah in japan local areas make it 18 but the government has it lower

2020-09-10 17:48:15 UTC

I'm the inventor of COVID

2020-09-10 17:48:18 UTC

so effectively its 18

2020-09-10 17:48:19 UTC

pleased to meet yoou guys

2020-09-10 17:48:24 UTC

@deth cdc recently changed their stats to state that only about 9,000 people have died from Covid alone. Most deaths had additional complications

2020-09-10 17:48:31 UTC


2020-09-10 17:48:31 UTC

Yeah I remember going there, coolest vacation of my life.

2020-09-10 17:48:32 UTC

age of consent in mexico is 12

2020-09-10 17:48:35 UTC

i had no idea

2020-09-10 17:48:41 UTC

@CIA I can think of one prefecture where it’s 14 and one where it is 16 but in almost every prefecture it is 18

2020-09-10 17:48:43 UTC

sounds accurate

2020-09-10 17:48:43 UTC

Only thing that concerned me was Akihabara.

2020-09-10 17:48:49 UTC

So basically it is effectively 18 everywhere

2020-09-10 17:48:59 UTC

Akihabara is so full of weird shit

2020-09-10 17:49:04 UTC

i am japanese

2020-09-10 17:49:10 UTC

I swear there was a fucking store for trap porn

2020-09-10 17:49:10 UTC

Oh you have diabetes? No , you died from covid - Average doctor

2020-09-10 17:49:19 UTC

age of consent in Japan is 13 but almost every city has it risen to 18

2020-09-10 17:49:29 UTC

Akihabara is literally a place for tourists

2020-09-10 17:49:34 UTC

@CyBeast i literally dont know anybody who has died from it, nor do i know anybody who knows anyone who's died of corona

2020-09-10 17:49:36 UTC

such a scam

2020-09-10 17:49:38 UTC

It is not a reflection of what japan is actually like

2020-09-10 17:49:49 UTC

Yeah there’s been parents who take their sons to lose their virginity at Mexican whorehouses when they turn 13 or something like that

2020-09-10 17:50:00 UTC

In America

2020-09-10 17:50:06 UTC

I lost all my respect for my friend

2020-09-10 17:50:10 UTC

@smelly in Asakusa its legal to murder people for one day of the year.

They are also very traditional and anti gay

2020-09-10 17:50:14 UTC
2020-09-10 17:50:19 UTC

anyone else upset that they are old now and cant be molested by a hot 30 year old anymore

2020-09-10 17:50:20 UTC

wasnt there a scene in malcom in the middle where the dad took his kid to a massage parlor to lose his virginity

2020-09-10 17:50:21 UTC

she saod she wants to watch it cause I told her "NOT TO WATCH IT AT ALL"

2020-09-10 17:50:22 UTC

Pretty much only tourists and sometimes teenagers looking to waste time go to Akihabara

2020-09-10 17:50:27 UTC

at least thats how i saw it

2020-09-10 17:50:40 UTC

Now ik why her boyfriend dumped her

2020-09-10 17:50:43 UTC

I would like to visit Japan one day, if not for their scenery outside of the cities

2020-09-10 17:50:54 UTC

I've lost all my respect

2020-09-10 17:51:09 UTC

I've already been to New York city, and all major cities basically emulate us

2020-09-10 17:51:14 UTC

@Showa your female friend is a child molester, report them to the authorities

2020-09-10 17:51:22 UTC

@deth nick mullen from cumtown went to a chinese rub and tug on accident and kept yelling at the chinese woman because she kept asking to beat him off and he just really wanted help with his muscle pain

2020-09-10 17:51:30 UTC

It is pretty much impossible to get to the isolated areas in Japan without at least going through the city

2020-09-10 17:51:39 UTC

@Trevor Lahey lmfao holy shit

2020-09-10 17:51:44 UTC

When my family went there we went to Nara but we still had to go through Tokyo

2020-09-10 17:51:55 UTC

She thinks its a joking matter

2020-09-10 17:52:01 UTC

im soo in disgust

2020-09-10 17:52:09 UTC

when i used to live in a seattle hood suburb a shit ton of those fake massage places got busted

2020-09-10 17:52:12 UTC

not even majority of the left approves of Cuties

2020-09-10 17:52:16 UTC


2020-09-10 17:52:24 UTC

Very cool

2020-09-10 17:52:45 UTC

nice mord you thinking about picking up some new shorts from old navy

2020-09-10 17:53:00 UTC

There's a lot of massage places here too

2020-09-10 17:53:01 UTC

Do yall not see it

2020-09-10 17:53:12 UTC

I see it

2020-09-10 17:53:12 UTC

No what are you talking about

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