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2020-06-21 16:29:13 UTC

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53129524 TIL that the left are using childish antics and top Democrats are praising it

2020-06-21 18:06:44 UTC

https://www.liveleak.com/v?t=ey1es6gx BREMEN, GERMANY - In Bremen a guy tried to attack civilians and the police with a knife and got shot. He died later in the hospital. The event happened on June 18, 2020.

2020-06-22 18:46:44 UTC

Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and moving most of its streamers to Facebook Gaming as part of a strategic partnership it’s entering with the social media giant. The major streamers locked into exclusivity deals with Mixer — including stars like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Cory “King Gothalion” Michael, and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek — will be released from their contracts, and Microsoft says it’s up to them where they decide to go.
“It’s up to them and their priorities,” says Vivek Sharma, the head of Facebook Gaming, meaning the platform isn’t actively pursuing exclusive agreements with any of Mixer’s biggest names.

2020-06-22 18:46:59 UTC

<:XD:690282265414205630> they spent so much money on marketing and partnership for this

2020-06-23 19:27:41 UTC

Twitter censors tweet from President Trump stating: "There will never be an “Autonomous Zone” in Washington, D.C., as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!". Twitter supports seccession?

2020-06-23 19:52:34 UTC

Bubba Wallace, NASCAR driver, claimed there was a noose in his garage, likely just rope used to close the garage door.

2020-06-23 22:28:01 UTC


2020-06-24 00:50:31 UTC

Oh no they are going to cancel Jesus Christ himself now <:peepoClown:585604362592845835>

2020-06-24 15:38:17 UTC

wow what a surprise i'm sure the media will retract their statements now https://www.al.com/news/2020/06/noose-found-in-bubba-wallaces-garage-was-there-since-2019-feds-say.html

2020-06-24 16:49:53 UTC
2020-06-24 18:51:18 UTC

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-53148612 >"There will be a big party tomorrow," Mr Laizer, a father of more than 30 children, told the BBC. >MORE THAN 30 CHILDREN

2020-06-25 02:29:18 UTC

so glad the cartoon sexualized child will finally be played by a real black woman

2020-06-25 12:59:40 UTC

June was riots and it looks like July will be a humongous natural disaster


2020-06-25 17:17:57 UTC

Official response to the death of student Seth Smith from the Chancellor of the University of California Berkeley


2020-06-25 22:51:57 UTC

https://twitter.com/i/events/1276263889097777152 tbf whites chimp out too. although it's kind of different and less frequent nowdays

2020-06-26 13:42:04 UTC


2020-06-26 13:42:35 UTC


2020-06-26 21:47:02 UTC

they've stopped hiding the fact that the HK protests were a CIA psy-op

2020-06-27 00:14:36 UTC

"America’s private employers have modernized their recruitment practices to better identify and secure talent through skills- and competency-based hiring. As the modern workforce evolves, the Federal Government requires a more efficient approach to hiring. Employers adopting skills- and competency-based hiring recognize that an overreliance on college degrees excludes capable candidates and undermines labor-market efficiencies. Degree-based hiring is especially likely to exclude qualified candidates for jobs related to emerging technologies and those with weak connections between educational attainment and the skills or competencies required to perform them. Moreover, unnecessary obstacles to opportunity disproportionately burden low-income Americans and decrease economic mobility."

2020-06-27 14:50:32 UTC

kstate has a big decision to make

2020-06-27 15:01:32 UTC

Background of the 3 people who were stabbed to death some days ago by a migrant

2020-06-27 17:10:30 UTC

first movie i am going to see after my local movie theater opens up

2020-06-28 15:35:02 UTC


2020-06-29 03:14:10 UTC

They are attacking the residential areas now.


2020-06-29 05:26:16 UTC


2020-06-29 16:20:30 UTC

"hey, could i have a uhhhh, double cheeseburger, small fries, and a water please"

2020-06-29 16:27:31 UTC


2020-06-29 17:34:24 UTC

Today Reddit has banned several subreddits for quote “hate speech”
Here’s a small list of banned subreddits

The banwave so far
r/NationalistSocialist is now banned
r/EpicCoolStyleLads is now banned
r/lDropTheG is now banned
r/smuggies is now banned
r/ConsumeProduct is now banned
r/DebateAltRight is now banned
r/The3rdPosition is now banned
r/BruhFunny is now banned
r/McSpencer is now banned
r/DiversityNews is now banned
r/charlsworld is now banned
r/ClericalFascism is now banned
r/WhitePillCafe is now banned
r/ShitNeoconsSay is now banned
r/blackteenagersraw is now banned
r/CampusConservative is now banned
r/TelegramArt is now banned
r/BSS_IRL is now banned
r/basedyesguy is now banned
r/FrgileLiberalRedditor is now banned
r/HateSymbols is now banned
r/HBD is now banned
r/WhichWayWesternMan is now banned
r/shoepolishpete is now banned
r/shabbosgoys is now banned
r/wi\*\*er is now banned
r/WeWuzKangz is now banned
r/FrenRequests is now banned
r/overwhelminglywhite is now banned
r/Groyper_Movement is now banned
r/HateCrimeHoaxes is now banned
r/Goosler is now banned
r/Antisimp is now banned
r/rightwingcomics is now banned
r/Nationalism is now banned
r/TheNewRight is now banned
r/hedgewikDELUXE is now banned
r/blueclues is now banned
[r/The\_Donald](https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/) is now banned
[r/darkhumorandmemes](https://www.reddit.com/r/darkhumorandmemes/) is now banned
[r/TheHonkPill](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheHonkPill/) is now banned
[r/whitebeauty](https://www.reddit.com/r/whitebeauty/) is now banned
r/AltUnitedKingdom is now banned

(**update**) several subreddits have gone private pre-ban wave such as dankchristianmemes
Press <:PepoCry:690282556087861268> to pay respects

2020-06-29 18:02:06 UTC

(over 2k other subreddits also banned that are considered "hateful")

2020-06-29 18:22:32 UTC

Jeff Bezos' Twitch temporarily bans Trump for 'hateful conduct'


2020-06-29 18:56:51 UTC

thedonald.win They moved here just FYI

2020-06-29 20:01:30 UTC

they actually fucking did it


2020-06-30 01:36:45 UTC

"North Korea announces consecration of Pyongyang to Our Lady of Fatima"

2020-06-30 10:00:03 UTC

https://thedonald.win/p/GIEYMyjg/this-is-how-we-won/c/ I know shadowman3001, he was the first one to give me image perms on discord back in 2015 what a spearhead.

2020-06-30 10:16:39 UTC

<https://kotakuinaction.win/> and <https://consumeproduct.win/> have also made the jump. Feel free to give them some activity if you're interested and want to avoid r*ddit. As more communities join, they'll be listed here <https://communities.win/>.

2020-06-30 16:00:05 UTC

**Tucker may very well be finished, he just destroyed Rep. Braun live.**


2020-06-30 18:30:52 UTC

"could see 100k cases per day, currently is 40k per day"

2020-07-01 03:03:45 UTC


2020-07-01 03:04:01 UTC

On the shooting in CHAZ/CHOP

2020-07-01 03:04:07 UTC

ᛋᛋ WE ᛋᛋ LOVE ᛋᛋ OUR ᛋᛋ COPS ᛋᛋ

2020-07-01 03:28:01 UTC


2020-07-01 03:29:41 UTC

They got rid of car customization too, but atleast theres a slider on your dick and balls now

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