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2018-09-17 20:33:21 UTC

*"However, a U.S. government study, done by the U.S. National Research Council, stated, in part, "After an exhaustive, independent review requested by Congress, we have found no evidence that exposure to zinc cadmium sulfide at these levels could cause people to become sick."*

2018-09-17 20:34:10 UTC

They also nuked part of the country, it was the 50's they were 'just doing it'

2018-09-17 20:44:36 UTC

Was that the time they dropped a nuke in North Carolina?

2018-09-17 21:08:31 UTC

@Capitรกn Alatriste so you dont think no other state would fill the trade void? Lmao. And other states can make 0 tarriff trade deals like the us already said they would be willing. The issue is the uk pays a lot into the eu system and takes less, and the eu would also be losing that trade.

2018-09-17 22:46:32 UTC

@Legiondude No, that was just an accident.

Nevada has tons of nuclear testing sites that you can see on Google Earth.

After a while, they decided bombing random islands in Micronesia was a better alternative lol

2018-09-17 22:56:07 UTC

Don't forget the shot off the coast from San Diego

2018-09-18 08:43:55 UTC

The act of arguing against anarcho-capitalism is a performative contradiction.

Can't completely eliminate the state. If you wanna live in the wild west I ask you, can you fix a toilet?

Can you snare a Rabbit?

2018-09-18 08:52:17 UTC

I can construct elaborate boxes from composite materials

can you that without electricity?

2018-09-18 11:39:22 UTC


2018-09-18 12:25:19 UTC

@Broo TulsiGang 2024 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Why do you need the state to hire a plumber? o.O

What happens if 'he' does a bad job? Take your money and runs?

2018-09-18 12:36:51 UTC

You think the state is the only one capable of bonding and insuring contractors, as well as maintaining a licensing system that is universally accepted as 'adequate'?

It's not about that

It's about Can you fix a Toilet?

2018-09-18 12:42:23 UTC

Well, *I* can, yes. Most people can't.

And the state has little to do with that in any sense

So, you and I could survive without a state like we are in a Zombie movie

but what of the others?

2018-09-18 13:02:12 UTC

They would give us resources in exchange for our toilet fixing services

but if they can't even fix a toilet?

2018-09-18 14:34:22 UTC

Cringy intro, content is not suprising tho

2018-09-18 15:33:10 UTC

Yeah, it's super cringe

2018-09-18 18:19:41 UTC


2018-09-18 22:54:52 UTC

Just attended a conference where we met a couple diplomats and statesmen from Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine

2018-09-18 22:55:01 UTC

Jesus christ those guys really fucking hate russia

2018-09-18 22:55:16 UTC

And there was this girl that claimed hate speech led to the Rwandan genocide

2018-09-18 22:55:50 UTC

sounds like a grand time

2018-09-18 22:56:12 UTC

It was actually, despite being an anti russian echo chamber

2018-09-18 22:56:21 UTC

The conference was about the donetsk thing

2018-09-18 22:56:45 UTC

Now I really donโ€™t fall on either side of the fence since I havenโ€™t looked into the issue well enough to form an opinion

2018-09-18 22:56:50 UTC

no wonder its full of russia hating euros ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-09-18 22:56:58 UTC

But there was no one there that was pro russia or pro donetsk or whatever

2018-09-18 22:57:04 UTC

So it was really one sided

2018-09-18 22:57:20 UTC

But at least they were open for conversation

2018-09-18 22:57:39 UTC

We ended up disagreeing on certain points but they were really friendly and open for debate

2018-09-18 22:58:41 UTC

im gettin really tired of that weimar vibe

2018-09-18 22:59:04 UTC

Eh, I donโ€™t mind it

2018-09-18 22:59:21 UTC

As long as youโ€™re open to discuss your viewpoints with good arguments youโ€™re okay in my book

2018-09-18 22:59:33 UTC

yeah thats the problem though

2018-09-18 22:59:58 UTC

its getting less and less civil discussion and more of a shouting match

2018-09-18 23:00:06 UTC

True that

2018-09-18 23:00:36 UTC

with violent tendencies

2018-09-18 23:00:39 UTC

Only thing that really stuck out to me is that they wanted to sanction โ€œhate speechโ€ in a political sense

2018-09-18 23:00:47 UTC

So I asked for an explanation on that

2018-09-18 23:01:20 UTC

Apparently it was submitted by an Armenian statesman guy, but was aimed at Putin constantly saying things like โ€œUkraine is just part of Russiaโ€

2018-09-18 23:01:25 UTC


2018-09-18 23:01:33 UTC

So basically Russian Nationalist speech

2018-09-18 23:02:29 UTC

its just been a few years that discussion about legislature policing speech is in the public, or am I wrong?

2018-09-18 23:02:44 UTC

I donโ€™t recall

2018-09-18 23:03:11 UTC

But yeah kinda funny how they broke free from one oppressive state

2018-09-18 23:03:17 UTC

And now they want to build the next one

2018-09-18 23:03:24 UTC


2018-09-18 23:03:48 UTC

thats why eastern europeans are more aware, they remember

2018-09-18 23:04:00 UTC

as do eastern germans

2018-09-18 23:04:13 UTC

Lol these were literallt the ukrainian ambassador

2018-09-18 23:04:17 UTC

And her attache

2018-09-18 23:04:24 UTC

And a bunch of caucasian statesmen

2018-09-18 23:04:48 UTC

Iโ€™m just amazed

2018-09-18 23:04:53 UTC

At how short sighted that was

2018-09-18 23:05:21 UTC

well they dont have the same issues as poland, hungary, czeck rep.

2018-09-18 23:05:27 UTC


2018-09-18 23:05:42 UTC

Iโ€™m genuinely curious what the actual situation in Eastern Ukraine is though

2018-09-18 23:05:47 UTC

Since itโ€™s such a hot topic

2018-09-18 23:06:18 UTC

there is a good documentary about the russian side on amazton prime and lots of documentation by vice from the ukranisan side

2018-09-18 23:06:49 UTC

Iโ€™ll check it out later, thanks!

2018-09-18 23:08:09 UTC

"A Sniper's War" is on amazon, but its more about a serbian sniper fighting in the conflict on the side of russian seperatists

2018-09-18 23:35:26 UTC

This channel needs more People of Color.

2018-09-18 23:55:28 UTC

https://i.imgur.com/sdroxeB.png I think we should call mainstream conspiracy theorists ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-09-19 04:04:57 UTC

Im surprised they did not try to call it the nazi YT network

2018-09-19 07:36:34 UTC

```Iโ€™m genuinely curious what the actual situation in Eastern Ukraine is though```

You've reminded me that I need to watch this


2018-09-19 07:37:54 UTC

ooo dear, only a minute 40 in and..

2018-09-19 07:38:17 UTC


2018-09-19 07:38:23 UTC


2018-09-19 07:38:35 UTC


2018-09-19 07:39:06 UTC

are these separatists?

2018-09-19 07:39:22 UTC

nfi, haven't watched the video yet ๐Ÿคฃ

2018-09-19 07:39:34 UTC

Curious to see where this video goes though, that's for sure

2018-09-19 07:39:36 UTC


2018-09-19 07:40:57 UTC

thats some good spotting tho

2018-09-19 07:41:46 UTC

surreal that it even has the clipped shield corner in the top right, just in case the reference material wasn't obvious enough

2018-09-19 07:42:10 UTC

oh, whats the clipped part mean?

2018-09-19 07:43:46 UTC


2018-09-19 07:43:49 UTC


2018-09-19 07:44:05 UTC

Pretty much just flipped the wolfsangel around

2018-09-19 07:44:55 UTC


2018-09-19 07:44:56 UTC


2018-09-19 07:44:59 UTC
2018-09-19 07:45:29 UTC

I'll *still* hold off on drawing conclusions until I've watched the video, but it's not a great look to start with..

2018-09-19 07:51:59 UTC

he's labelled it "National Guard of Ukraine"

2018-09-19 08:00:02 UTC

did you see the blood and soil reference?

2018-09-19 08:07:26 UTC

its so weird

2018-09-19 10:08:54 UTC

Yeah, I'm familiar with them

2018-09-19 10:09:26 UTC

honestly running around doing chores and about to head out, so I still haven't watched the whole thing since it seems like something one should actually sit down and *w a t c h* rather than just have on in the backgorund

2018-09-19 10:10:32 UTC

It *is* kinda trippy how anyone in the East likes to use any Nazi iconography; it's like some Ukrainians still have a 1941 "the liberators have arrived" mindset instead of the 1942 "wait what are you doing??" mindset

2018-09-19 10:12:18 UTC

```Andrew Lin
3 weeks ago
Just clickbaited by this and fastforwarded to a random point (3:40), and what I've heard:
"There's even one case when Right Sector volunteer soldier in Kiev threw a grenade into riot police inguring 100 soldiers but obviously nobody was prosecuted"
This is an absolute 100% lies:
His name is Ihor Humenyuk, a former member of "Svoboda" (political party) and a former soldier of OFFICIAL(!!!) "Sich" batallion (which is a police unit). He has no connection to "Right Sector" whatsoever. And YES, he's successfully prosecuted, sitting behind the bars and waiting for a final verdict. This channel is another bullshit anti-ukrainian propaganda, attempting to "debunk" by spreading even more lies.๏ปฟ```

2018-09-19 10:13:06 UTC

Did you also hear about the weird Ukainian Nazi chiquita who got arrested for robbery in order to try to get cash to fund their paramilitary group?

2018-09-19 10:15:15 UTC

Why so many in the AR are pro-Russia when it seems so many of their mates are from the Ukraine..

2018-09-19 10:16:06 UTC

sorry whats AR?

2018-09-19 10:16:37 UTC

see? hot white chicks and everything

2018-09-19 10:17:02 UTC


2018-09-19 10:18:00 UTC

Also lol @ that PK pretty much being larger than she is

2018-09-19 10:18:29 UTC


2018-09-19 10:19:52 UTC

The leeway that society provides for a pretty face..

2018-09-19 10:20:05 UTC

a pretty face?

2018-09-19 10:20:15 UTC

yes, a pretty face

2018-09-19 10:20:23 UTC

so what's society's excuse for letting radfems get everything they want?

2018-09-19 10:20:29 UTC

not a pretty face amongst them

2018-09-19 10:20:47 UTC

yeah nah, quite a generalisation there

2018-09-19 10:20:49 UTC

but in any case

2018-09-19 10:20:59 UTC

got 40 minutes before shops close, so I'm off

2018-09-19 10:36:49 UTC

don't put your dick in crazy lol

I have Ukrainian mate, she has lived in Canada since she was a kid. I said if I go to Ukraine there's no way I would come back single.

2018-09-19 11:28:12 UTC

Do put your dick in crazy, but don't marry it.

2018-09-19 11:28:48 UTC

Nice to see the 'politics' room is covering the important topics...

2018-09-19 11:29:20 UTC


2018-09-19 12:11:30 UTC

Latest Crowder Confronts is being blocked from Trending. *And nobody blinked...*

2018-09-19 12:18:18 UTC

Is it still available though?

2018-09-19 12:20:23 UTC


2018-09-19 12:22:52 UTC

well google do want this system all over the world if you get them behind closed doors

2018-09-19 12:29:21 UTC

well that is fucking scary

2018-09-19 12:30:30 UTC

"Who your friends and family are will affect your score. If your best friend or your dad says something negative about the government, youโ€™ll lose points too"

2018-09-19 12:30:32 UTC


2018-09-19 12:31:05 UTC

you buy a 6 pack of beer one to many times last week. say good bye to a house loan when you need it

2018-09-19 12:34:00 UTC

Physical cash would be coveted

2018-09-19 12:47:33 UTC

the system is set up so. if you spend to much physical cash you get punished for it. and can get investigated as a suspicious anti social individual that is conveniently is a crim as well

2018-09-19 12:49:46 UTC

I wonder what happens if you get pregnant outside of marriage... or if you get a divorce.

2018-09-19 12:51:08 UTC

```After a divorce the ex-husband usually gets custody of the children and the ex-wife is ostracized and has trouble getting a job. Women in bad marriages usually put up with them rather than endure the hardships caused by a divorce. In the old days, there were even fewer divorces: men simply took a concubine and ignored the wife.```

2018-09-19 12:51:35 UTC

If that's true sounds like the wamen are straight fucked.

2018-09-19 12:57:14 UTC

they are problaly even more fucked then what they are now in china as if you get kids outside marriage, you defiantly get thrown out from sosial life and your family will disown you, and that before the social score

2018-09-19 14:23:11 UTC

Wow that's pretty conservative eh?

2018-09-19 21:24:45 UTC

Hi all

2018-09-19 21:24:58 UTC

What you wanna talk about

2018-09-19 21:25:42 UTC

EU politics, us politics Canadian politics anything really

2018-09-19 21:25:59 UTC

Shoot then

2018-09-19 21:26:05 UTC

As the chineese proverb goes, we live in interesting times

2018-09-19 21:26:18 UTC

I am curious what people think of Kavanagh

2018-09-19 21:26:45 UTC

37 year old. Allegation grinding democracy to a halt

2018-09-19 21:27:50 UTC

Well this is part of the issue with us system, it stalls democracy as the president selects the nominees who get put through senate

2018-09-19 21:28:14 UTC

In the U.K. with JAC with canโ€™t actually happen

2018-09-19 21:28:25 UTC

Canada either

2018-09-19 21:28:29 UTC

So democracy canโ€™t hold

2018-09-19 21:28:57 UTC

Back home the two part first past the post system breaks Down in a different way though

2018-09-19 21:29:24 UTC

Majority is majority. Poi t finale

2018-09-19 21:29:48 UTC

Well exactly

2018-09-19 21:30:20 UTC

Metoo momebmnt of reckoning

2018-09-19 21:30:33 UTC


2018-09-19 22:14:27 UTC


2018-09-19 22:27:26 UTC

I ain't clicking that shit nigga

2018-09-19 22:30:05 UTC

It's just a trailer for the L.I.A. giving a general "This is who we are" message

Nicely animated, but nothing serious you need to see

2018-09-19 22:33:18 UTC

@starrfoxx123 its more of a check and balance that is being abused by a political party. When not abused it works fine.

2018-09-19 22:34:34 UTC

Well thatโ€™s the problem, it halts politics till the shit clears

2018-09-19 22:35:27 UTC

It works fine agree but if it can be abused the system is imperfect

2018-09-19 22:37:40 UTC

Its the best system there is however. The constitution allows and prevents much. The issue is we have a lot of people in congress that believe they are above it.

2018-09-19 22:37:54 UTC

And a populous to stupid to recall them

2018-09-20 07:51:52 UTC

bast rebuttal i've seen so far https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocEIq3DHEb4

He's falling on his sword. The War isn't over yet. Give them HELL


2018-09-20 13:30:59 UTC


2018-09-20 13:33:17 UTC

Yea oregon was republican ran until 87. Simialr with washington

2018-09-20 14:14:09 UTC

oops, worng window

2018-09-20 14:16:37 UTC

invitign a buddy


2018-09-20 14:26:15 UTC

this looks like a compelling and interesting server

2018-09-20 14:26:21 UTC

I think I shall joi- oh.

2018-09-20 14:33:41 UTC

@Reaps lol

2018-09-20 14:33:59 UTC

i am new to discord. getitng hte hang of it

Let's ALL Join! My friend said it's GREAT!

2018-09-20 18:06:34 UTC

this one comment nails it

2018-09-20 18:43:36 UTC

that's great

2018-09-20 18:56:56 UTC

Muh colonialism!!!

2018-09-21 00:14:48 UTC

This is just not right, kids that young should NEVER be enabled to make such life altering decisions like that. There seriously needs to be an age limit on when people can begin transition into the other sex. It would be better off if we pass a federal law like that, it could help a lot of trans kids, the natural way.


2018-09-21 02:22:43 UTC

@BobbyE that moment when injecting chemicals, or massive body modification surgery is of. But discipline and forcing outside play is not.

2018-09-21 02:37:23 UTC

โ€œIs of?โ€ @Goblin_Slayer_Floki

2018-09-21 02:41:15 UTC

Is ok. Stupid phone

2018-09-21 03:34:36 UTC

@Legiondude Wait, what?

2018-09-21 03:36:19 UTC

@Fitzydog I guess Lanny Davis controls Cohen's twitter account. Or whatever minion they pay to manage one manages the other

2018-09-21 04:11:27 UTC


2018-09-21 04:11:35 UTC

Deus Vult Now

2018-09-21 04:16:46 UTC

how do you guys keep from seeing red over shit like this

2018-09-21 04:17:13 UTC

how does Tommy? He just blazes through it seems like.

2018-09-21 04:21:12 UTC

I just go buy more ammo

2018-09-21 09:24:54 UTC

The court system over there is a joke. "Justice" thrown out with the bathwater.

2018-09-21 10:39:41 UTC

we have known for a long time that justice is dead in the UK.

2018-09-21 11:50:05 UTC

What do you guys think will happen with the UK?
If it occurs that no deal is met by the deadline and that the UK is faced with a hard Brexit, do you think that a second referendum would take place?

second referendum is civil war. I voted Remain and I think that's undemocratic

WE just can't end up with one foot in and one foot out. It's OUT

2018-09-21 11:53:57 UTC

What do you speculate, will the UK reach a deal at all?

I thought it would end in No deal like a year ago

May is an idiot

2018-09-21 11:55:12 UTC

I feel that May's days in 10 downing street are pretty much numbered, no matter the outcome of Brexit.

2018-09-21 11:55:57 UTC

A soft Brexit will see a 'coup' within her party with the more harsh brexiteers, and a hard Brexit will see the Left up in arms

The Commie on the Opposition bench would call a second Referendum

2018-09-21 11:58:24 UTC

the moment they set up a second referendum democracy in the UK is official dead and the trust in elections is gone forever then, and not been surprised if the mother of all riots happens soon after that

so let's not do that

2018-09-21 12:04:23 UTC

In the event of a hard brexit, I speculate that a second referendum is likely to take place in 5-10 years

2018-09-21 12:04:44 UTC

the outcome of which I wouldn't know

2018-09-21 12:06:05 UTC

I'm pretty sure it will become the forefront and the main objective of the main leftist parties in Britain to re-enter the EU, especially for Labour

So it's this for the next 10 years?


2018-09-21 12:08:53 UTC

you are going to have a hard sell to get UK back in EU as im sure the EU is going to sulk a long time before they do that and UK will get the worst deal in history

2018-09-21 12:10:14 UTC

In the event of a soft Brexit, it's likely that the left would be annoyed but content. However the right, will be outright outraged. Theresa May will "resign" pretty much be forced to leave by her own party. UKIP will gain traction (perhaps members of the conservative party will begin to switch party allegiance) and they will continue their campaign to demand complete independence and autonomy.

Look how they have behaved

2018-09-21 12:10:43 UTC


2018-09-21 12:11:30 UTC

UK do have a time of hardship infront of them before the new trade deals are in place. still they do have strong allies both the US and other nations that is not in the EU bubble. and UK gets the benefit of not having to deal with Brussel to set up said deal unless it a deal to the EU

I will shove Spitfires up their ass before I vote remain again

2018-09-21 12:12:38 UTC

@Capitรกn Alatriste Spain was an interesting place, I stopped in a bar for a snack after a long drive and they had Murals of Lenin

2018-09-21 12:12:51 UTC

heh, where?

2018-09-21 12:12:55 UTC

A lot of poverty outside the city

2018-09-21 12:12:59 UTC


2018-09-21 12:13:35 UTC

The Wall built by the Romans was interesting, and some of the old Mosques

2018-09-21 12:14:03 UTC

Southern Spain has the most economically deprived regions. They are also mostly left leaning, curiously also have the most "Spanish" feeling people

2018-09-21 12:14:58 UTC

Lol this does not surprise me, I only regret not going to see the bull fight. Although i did have a steak that was amazing down there ๐Ÿ˜

2018-09-21 12:16:30 UTC

Bull fighting is quite a divisive issue in Spain. Since southern Spain is the more traditionalist they embrace it, however more parts of Spain are starting to abolish it

2018-09-21 12:16:30 UTC

one of the main reason why Catalonia do want to leave Spain is that they are fed up feeding tax money to the rest of Spain that is a black hole for money to go in to and disappear for good

2018-09-21 12:17:23 UTC

Opinions on Catalonia?

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