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2018-06-19 20:49:19 UTC


2018-06-19 20:49:20 UTC

Oh speaking of dumb insu;lts like that

2018-06-19 20:49:22 UTC

and UKIp leader on the londom assembly is a gay man

2018-06-19 20:49:25 UTC

Most of them very untrue

2018-06-19 20:49:28 UTC

@King Canuck He said nigger
It doesnt matter it was a joke

2018-06-19 20:49:29 UTC

as was the ex deputy leader

2018-06-19 20:49:30 UTC

someone called quartering an incel. or that he'd never get a date or something

2018-06-19 20:49:37 UTC

he just replied with "*goes to bang wife"

2018-06-19 20:49:39 UTC


2018-06-19 20:50:01 UTC

There was someone who called Jordan Peterson an incel

2018-06-19 20:50:05 UTC

@franti btw I've asked my NEC contact to confirm if they've received sargons application

2018-06-19 20:50:06 UTC

Jordan peterson, the married father of two.

2018-06-19 20:50:10 UTC

Words mean nothing anymore folks

2018-06-19 20:50:12 UTC

Waiting for a response

2018-06-19 20:50:12 UTC

really though... I wanted UKIP to be be succesful but it's full of idiots

2018-06-19 20:50:16 UTC

like all the other parties

2018-06-19 20:50:22 UTC

Sargon haters are trying to undermine him at every oportunity

2018-06-19 20:50:26 UTC

UKIP isn't as bad as it used to be

2018-06-19 20:50:28 UTC

Trust me

2018-06-19 20:50:37 UTC

Incel is the new 'fag' insult these days.

2018-06-19 20:50:45 UTC

I dont care I woulnt join again

2018-06-19 20:50:46 UTC

You know what's a really effective way of getting people who are wrong to fail?

2018-06-19 20:50:51 UTC

How come?

2018-06-19 20:50:52 UTC

Let them display their flaws

2018-06-19 20:50:59 UTC

the more you shut someone out, the more they appeal to people IMO

2018-06-19 20:51:14 UTC

Incel has become the new 'fag' insult

2018-06-19 20:51:19 UTC

Ralph wants attention from sargon so bad it hurts

2018-06-19 20:51:23 UTC

If you deplatform, it gives the impression that the person being deplatformed has dangerous information nobody wants to get out

2018-06-19 20:51:25 UTC

Also Farage is like a Trump mini-me

2018-06-19 20:51:25 UTC

Gib article

2018-06-19 20:51:28 UTC

even if they're just annoying fuckwads

2018-06-19 20:51:41 UTC

@milo yannopolousx

2018-06-19 20:51:42 UTC

@Fulcrum010 This just shows they want to hurt him any way they can

2018-06-19 20:51:43 UTC

Nigel is no longer leader

2018-06-19 20:51:45 UTC

Fuckin hate that guy

2018-06-19 20:51:47 UTC

If Ukip was better then the rest they wouldnt be a 3rd party

2018-06-19 20:51:52 UTC


2018-06-19 20:51:55 UTC

Hell, he barely associates himself with us anymore

2018-06-19 20:52:09 UTC

no he isnt but he's still very influential in the party and if he stood he would win hands down

2018-06-19 20:52:18 UTC

Isn’t Nigel still in UKIP?

2018-06-19 20:52:22 UTC

he should be leader again though tbh

2018-06-19 20:52:29 UTC

He is still in but not leading

2018-06-19 20:52:31 UTC


2018-06-19 20:52:41 UTC

he just popped up for 1 thing and canished aftrr

2018-06-19 20:52:43 UTC

No that's not true. Britain is a 2 party country unfortunately and the electoral system doesn't help either. We had nearly 4 million votes and 1 seat which was later abdicated. To become the 3rd party is huge especially for UKIP

2018-06-19 20:52:51 UTC

I propose the Bill & Ted Party

2018-06-19 20:52:51 UTC

and now it is being torn down

2018-06-19 20:52:52 UTC

It's a fucking joke tbh

2018-06-19 20:52:53 UTC

only tenants;

2018-06-19 20:52:56 UTC

Be excellent to each otehr

2018-06-19 20:52:58 UTC

party on dudes

2018-06-19 20:53:12 UTC

There are 4 parties in the UK

2018-06-19 20:53:14 UTC

And yeah, they really want to hurt sargon for no reason

2018-06-19 20:53:21 UTC

@UKEEP🌷 yes and they gained their popularity with libertarian policies

2018-06-19 20:53:25 UTC

from 2010 +

2018-06-19 20:53:28 UTC

But only 2 have any real chance of becoming PM

2018-06-19 20:53:44 UTC

before 2015 manifesto they had a growing base

2018-06-19 20:53:46 UTC

there are more than 4 parties in the UK

2018-06-19 20:53:47 UTC

But 3rd and 4th parties dont matter. If they were better than the rest they would supplant a main party

2018-06-19 20:53:55 UTC

Just like in the US

2018-06-19 20:53:58 UTC


2018-06-19 20:54:05 UTC

2015 manifesto was written by Suzanne Evans another person who said she is a socialist

2018-06-19 20:54:13 UTC

and she scrapped a lot of the libertarian policies

2018-06-19 20:54:14 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki alternative parties in the US are even worse

2018-06-19 20:54:18 UTC

that's when we got all the nationalists joining

2018-06-19 20:54:25 UTC

Why do you think Wig party anymore in the US

2018-06-19 20:54:29 UTC

or Federalist

2018-06-19 20:54:29 UTC

CON LAB LIBDEM, SNP , PC, Green, DUP and SF all have won seats at the election

2018-06-19 20:54:34 UTC

Not even being represented in the federal government

2018-06-19 20:54:41 UTC

SNP just hate the English

2018-06-19 20:54:46 UTC


2018-06-19 20:54:48 UTC

literally, they do.

2018-06-19 20:55:00 UTC

I know

2018-06-19 20:55:10 UTC

@NightOwl SNP are just the Scottish Communist Party

2018-06-19 20:55:25 UTC

they are nationalists and socialists

2018-06-19 20:55:33 UTC

and hate the english 👀

2018-06-19 20:55:37 UTC

They are barely nationalists

2018-06-19 20:55:57 UTC

they arn't nats

2018-06-19 20:56:01 UTC

they just hate the english

2018-06-19 20:56:06 UTC

That's not true at all. If you look at it like this, UKIP had one or the greatest increase of members and votes of any party in history of British politics. 2e pressured the most significant vote of modern history. Britain is greatly devoted to Labour or Tories. In my old town Labour had always won the majority vote on any level wether it be council or parliament but whenever I asked people why they voted Labour they would say because they had always done or their parents did. The casual voter doesn't care who the best party is they just care about keeping their vote consultant

2018-06-19 20:56:15 UTC

@Deleted User I summon you

2018-06-19 20:56:18 UTC

Even tho Labour caused the grooming gang scandal in my old town

2018-06-19 20:56:25 UTC

They left the name of the guy who sent the email

2018-06-19 20:56:30 UTC

you're from rotherham?

2018-06-19 20:56:34 UTC


2018-06-19 20:56:46 UTC

When the fuck did that thot rejoin @franti

2018-06-19 20:56:49 UTC

I used to live in Rotherham

2018-06-19 20:56:57 UTC

What part?

2018-06-19 20:57:00 UTC

@Deleted User I can be persuasive

2018-06-19 20:57:08 UTC

I said when

2018-06-19 20:57:11 UTC

Not how

2018-06-19 20:57:12 UTC


2018-06-19 20:57:16 UTC


2018-06-19 20:57:16 UTC

what we need to push is election by STV (we currently use FPTP)

2018-06-19 20:57:18 UTC

1 min ago

2018-06-19 20:57:20 UTC


2018-06-19 20:57:22 UTC

i think it was called

2018-06-19 20:57:42 UTC

FPTP is what crippled us. And oh yeah you lived at the other end then really

2018-06-19 20:57:47 UTC

I lived in rawmarsh

2018-06-19 20:57:48 UTC

Yes master? @franti

2018-06-19 20:57:53 UTC

although Labour is currently trying to replace the Lords with a senate that is elected by a proportional system

2018-06-19 20:57:55 UTC

(I’m kidding)

2018-06-19 20:58:05 UTC

so if that happens UKIP will get some elected seats

2018-06-19 20:58:11 UTC

@Deleted User Btw ist good to have you back

2018-06-19 20:58:12 UTC

UKIP have been trying to do that for ages

2018-06-19 20:58:15 UTC

I doubt that would happen

2018-06-19 20:58:30 UTC

It won't happen because the vote has to go through the lords

2018-06-19 20:58:33 UTC

I think Lord Pearson is UKIP

2018-06-19 20:58:33 UTC

Yes master? Franti you nasty boi

2018-06-19 20:58:38 UTC

Yes he is

2018-06-19 20:58:38 UTC

Something that big would take a government reform

2018-06-19 20:58:41 UTC

well I say labour Opision parties can't submit bills, it's a private members bill by Frank Feilds (who is one of the few good lab MPs VERY RARE)

2018-06-19 20:58:44 UTC

I came back to talk about what’s been happening to the immigrants’ children.

2018-06-19 20:58:47 UTC

Has trying to get Tommy into a better prison

2018-06-19 20:58:48 UTC

Which woukd tak the queen approval

2018-06-19 20:58:59 UTC

Or more or less to show how screwed up it all is.

2018-06-19 20:59:07 UTC

ukip has 3 lords I think

2018-06-19 20:59:08 UTC

Pearson did tell him to stop being a naughty boy

2018-06-19 20:59:13 UTC

Tommy is a naughty boy tbh

2018-06-19 20:59:20 UTC

Who tf is pearson again

2018-06-19 20:59:22 UTC

I've forgotten

2018-06-19 20:59:25 UTC

It isnt. Not any different that CPS taking millions of american children every day

2018-06-19 20:59:28 UTC

my head is full of maple and weed

2018-06-19 20:59:37 UTC

2018-06-19 20:59:37 UTC

maple weed

2018-06-19 20:59:40 UTC

a lord

2018-06-19 20:59:49 UTC

@Deleted User It is fucked up
But have to take into account that deporting them is the legal recourse

2018-06-19 20:59:52 UTC

He looks like he's about to complain about the quality of the tea in my continent

2018-06-19 20:59:57 UTC


2018-06-19 21:00:17 UTC

No but seriously why as a canada should I give a shit

2018-06-19 21:00:22 UTC

@franti the children are practically being put into cages.

2018-06-19 21:00:32 UTC

@Deleted User Since Obama

2018-06-19 21:00:41 UTC

But nobody cared then

2018-06-19 21:00:42 UTC

What power does he have

2018-06-19 21:00:44 UTC

did anyone here read UKIP's 2010 manifesto?

2018-06-19 21:00:45 UTC

Peerage > senate

2018-06-19 21:01:07 UTC

yeah I read there 2010 manfesto

2018-06-19 21:01:08 UTC


2018-06-19 21:01:09 UTC

Obama was a shitty president tbh.

2018-06-19 21:01:16 UTC

they had some good policies to replace the NHS without selling it off

2018-06-19 21:01:26 UTC

Still, he didn’t put the kids in cages and separate the families

2018-06-19 21:01:33 UTC

Here's why obama won:

1) great charisma
2) Clear speaking voice
3) Black
4) Lots of PR photos being kind to children

2018-06-19 21:01:44 UTC


2018-06-19 21:01:48 UTC

Kinda like how Trudeau won

2018-06-19 21:01:50 UTC

Cool dude , horrible President

2018-06-19 21:01:55 UTC

1) his father is one of the most famous PM

2018-06-19 21:01:57 UTC

's evern

2018-06-19 21:02:00 UTC

@Deleted User He did
Those pictures were from 2015

2018-06-19 21:02:02 UTC

2) he's handsome and "hip"

2018-06-19 21:02:09 UTC

3) he said he'd marilize legajuana

2018-06-19 21:02:13 UTC


2018-06-19 21:02:13 UTC

that's how trudeau won

2018-06-19 21:02:23 UTC

Lemme try that aagin in one mesage

2018-06-19 21:02:53 UTC

@Deleted User That law was signed by clinton as well btw

2018-06-19 21:03:11 UTC

trudeau won canada cause
1) Pierre Trudeau, his dad, is one of the most well-regarded PMs ever
2) He's handsome and has great hair, and has a record of being a boxer, an actor, and all-around cool guy
3) #Malefeministm #becauseitsthecurrentyear
4) he said he'd legalize weed

2018-06-19 21:03:12 UTC

@Deleted User Some immigrants are hard-working and others are lowlife criminals. Anyone pretending the latter do not exist need to then explain why I'm out here working into the evening.

2018-06-19 21:03:13 UTC

And*Cages* is a misnomer. It is a detention facility

2018-06-19 21:03:14 UTC

that's how he won IMO

Hi Kaden

2018-06-19 21:03:34 UTC

david cameron won in 2015 by 1) promising a brexit refernduim 2) saying the alternative was labour SNP coaltion 3) being green and hip.


2018-06-19 21:03:35 UTC

@Deleted User Bluring the distinction between legal and illegal immigration is a fundamentally dishonest way of using people as a political weapon. We've been deporting adults and children on mass for decades and suddenly it's a problem? Stupid if anyone believes it.

2018-06-19 21:03:37 UTC

He hasn't followed through on most of his 270+ promises in the last three years

2018-06-19 21:03:46 UTC

there's actually a cool website that's been tracking all 277 of trudeau's promises

2018-06-19 21:03:54 UTC

marking them as "failed. not started, in progress, done"

2018-06-19 21:03:59 UTC

Mostly #4 I hear @King Canuck

2018-06-19 21:04:03 UTC

He's done about 30% of what he said hed' do

2018-06-19 21:04:13 UTC

Well here's the thing, Canada was sick of our tories by 2015

2018-06-19 21:04:20 UTC

I’m watching the video. One sec.

2018-06-19 21:04:38 UTC

PM Stephen Harper never did press conferences, literally was gagging his scientists, had unqualified people in a buynch of his cabinet spots, and other stuff

2018-06-19 21:04:44 UTC

the last federal election kinda went like this

2018-06-19 21:04:58 UTC

Joke of course

2018-06-19 21:05:01 UTC

Look up Juvinile Detention facilities @Deleted User

2018-06-19 21:05:07 UTC

government might put me on a terrorist watch list for saying that

2018-06-19 21:05:10 UTC

Not much different

2018-06-19 21:05:18 UTC
2018-06-19 21:05:21 UTC

Tories: Everything's fine, we're good, trudeau's too young but he has nice hair
New Democratic Party: Get the tories out of there, and trudeau's too young but he has nice hair
Liberals: Legal weed, get rid of the tories, and I"m not that young and my dad was Pierre trdeau

2018-06-19 21:05:27 UTC

that's how the last canadian federal election was

2018-06-19 21:05:41 UTC

Literally they kept bringing up his nice hair in all the campaign ads

2018-06-19 21:05:42 UTC

it was really weird

2018-06-19 21:05:48 UTC

: |

2018-06-19 21:05:56 UTC

I hear there were thousands of single issue voters

2018-06-19 21:05:58 UTC

for weed

2018-06-19 21:06:04 UTC

Yeah I mean

2018-06-19 21:06:10 UTC


2018-06-19 21:06:12 UTC

It's kind of a common sense thing to legalize in *current year*

2018-06-19 21:06:17 UTC

Voting is for the weak

2018-06-19 21:06:17 UTC

ANd he was the only one going for it

2018-06-19 21:06:23 UTC

Begome Aristocracy

2018-06-19 21:06:25 UTC

Like they didnt care about any other policy

2018-06-19 21:06:28 UTC

just weed

2018-06-19 21:06:31 UTC

He also has previously admitted to smoking weed while being part of parliament

2018-06-19 21:06:35 UTC

so he had that cred

2018-06-19 21:06:37 UTC

which is a moronic thing to base a vote on

2018-06-19 21:06:37 UTC

@King Canuck
It will be legalized, all over the world

2018-06-19 21:06:54 UTC

IMO unless you're in #MuslimLand or some shit it should be legal everywhere by the middle of next decade

2018-06-19 21:06:58 UTC

should be, might *Not* be

2018-06-19 21:07:00 UTC

Also May is a terrible PM. We need a PM that actually believes in brexit

2018-06-19 21:07:03 UTC

@Fulcrum010 This guy is salty as fuck
He just wants to hurt Sargon

2018-06-19 21:07:32 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki wouldn’t it just be better to send the entire fucking family back to whatever shithole they came from?

2018-06-19 21:07:40 UTC

the house of Lords was a respectible instituion that used to protect peoples rights, then Tony Blair reformed it. now instead of unpoltical aristocrats looking out for there children future, it's poltical cronyees who lost there MP seats.

2018-06-19 21:07:42 UTC

oof kaden is back

2018-06-19 21:07:45 UTC

it's basicly the EU

2018-06-19 21:07:50 UTC

remember when my rank was higher than kaden's?

2018-06-19 21:07:52 UTC

good times

2018-06-19 21:07:53 UTC

@Deleted User Yes it would be better

2018-06-19 21:08:42 UTC

Yeah, Ralph is legit stupid, and this whole thing is just to hurt him and drag him to his show where they can dogpile him

2018-06-19 21:08:44 UTC

yes <:GWnanamiWhenLifeGetsAtYou:398860996535386126>

2018-06-19 21:08:57 UTC


2018-06-19 21:09:15 UTC

@Fulcrum010 He will be dogpilled
He pissed off a lot of people with this

2018-06-19 21:09:20 UTC

@Fulcrum010 theralphretard

2018-06-19 21:09:22 UTC

How's it's going?

2018-06-19 21:09:29 UTC

Anything interesting happening?

2018-06-19 21:09:41 UTC

satanic rituals

2018-06-19 21:09:57 UTC

Yeah, also, if ukip actually did this, they will lose everyone they just gained and a few more probs

2018-06-19 21:10:44 UTC

Also, Jim will probably make a video on sargon

2018-06-19 21:10:48 UTC

@Fulcrum010 Dont you think Dankula and PJW wouldnt show solidarity

2018-06-19 21:10:55 UTC

Well the UKIP does get portrayed as the devil party most times

2018-06-19 21:10:58 UTC

This is UKIP getting dunked on

2018-06-19 21:11:07 UTC

And their audience with them

2018-06-19 21:11:17 UTC

Ok can someone explain what UKIP did this time?

2018-06-19 21:11:39 UTC

Noting apart from gain members that will show off UKIP to a larger audience

2018-06-19 21:11:40 UTC


2018-06-19 21:11:43 UTC

They're scared of us

2018-06-19 21:11:57 UTC

@A Random Crusader
Ukip? Nothing.
The ralph retard? Trying to start shit with sargon, again

2018-06-19 21:12:27 UTC

@Fulcrum010 He wants Sargon sempai to notice him

2018-06-19 21:12:33 UTC


2018-06-19 21:12:41 UTC

Like, he don't give up

2018-06-19 21:12:57 UTC

Let me take a look at Jim's Twitter

2018-06-19 21:13:22 UTC

Which Jim? Metokur?

2018-06-19 21:13:35 UTC

Is Ralph to Sargon, what Trudeau is to Trump?

2018-06-19 21:13:43 UTC


2018-06-19 21:13:45 UTC

Just wants noticed

2018-06-19 21:14:52 UTC

If Ralph wants to start an argument with the Step Father let him go ahead

2018-06-19 21:15:04 UTC

Quiet since june 15

2018-06-19 21:15:05 UTC


2018-06-19 21:15:22 UTC

oh Galm if you didn't see I've decided to make my next article about Rubin

2018-06-19 21:15:27 UTC

@A Random Crusader
He don't want an argument, he wants to drag him to his shitty show to make money

2018-06-19 21:15:27 UTC


2018-06-19 21:15:30 UTC


2018-06-19 21:15:30 UTC

You dont start an argument by undermining others

2018-06-19 21:15:45 UTC

What do you know? /s

2018-06-19 21:15:46 UTC

It's not even the first time

2018-06-19 21:16:11 UTC

Weed can create world peace guys I swear

2018-06-19 21:16:25 UTC

take the rick sanchez method and just get everyone wasted on alien drugs

2018-06-19 21:16:25 UTC

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