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2018-06-14 22:46:47 UTC


2018-06-14 22:47:09 UTC

Make me an iphone

2018-06-14 22:47:20 UTC

sorry but sweden only have rocks and stick

2018-06-14 22:47:29 UTC

cannot construct iphone out of stone

2018-06-14 22:48:02 UTC

Are you chinese? Yes.. Do you know how to fix my phone? You guys made it.

2018-06-14 22:48:11 UTC

no i am not chinese

2018-06-14 22:48:27 UTC

Apple buys out China

2018-06-14 22:49:06 UTC

I can see Apple turning China into a concentration camp

2018-06-14 22:49:10 UTC

goddamn jab

2018-06-14 22:49:16 UTC
2018-06-14 22:49:29 UTC

you got a loisence for that revolutionary work'

2018-06-14 22:49:58 UTC

What do you think about Trump meeting Kim Jon un

2018-06-14 22:50:05 UTC

Fucking amazing.

2018-06-14 22:50:09 UTC

good move towards to denuclearisation?

2018-06-14 22:50:19 UTC

youd think the left would be happy with Trump doing this

2018-06-14 22:50:37 UTC

It seems there's nothing he can do that will please them, even if it's saving the world

2018-06-14 22:50:40 UTC


2018-06-14 22:50:50 UTC

Trump and Kim make a solid mix tape

2018-06-14 22:51:22 UTC

The left makes their own enemies to fight.

2018-06-14 22:51:28 UTC

Been that way since the beginning.

2018-06-14 22:51:47 UTC

The progressives just admit that they're the enemy.

2018-06-14 22:52:02 UTC

Liberals are the romantic; the progressives are whores.

2018-06-14 22:52:39 UTC

Everybody is the cheapest whore when nobody has value.

2018-06-14 22:59:56 UTC

Fascists are literally like angry kids

2018-06-14 23:00:40 UTC

i prefer talking to tankies over them tbh

2018-06-14 23:00:47 UTC


2018-06-14 23:00:53 UTC

why wow

2018-06-14 23:01:22 UTC

you prefer tankies

2018-06-14 23:01:42 UTC

when the correct answer is both deserve helicopter rides

2018-06-14 23:01:44 UTC

At least communists argue their positions. These alt-right fascists are robotic.

2018-06-14 23:01:57 UTC

There's nothing of substance, it is the ultimate feels ideology

2018-06-14 23:02:15 UTC

not to mention every sentence ends with gays, jews or blacks

2018-06-14 23:03:01 UTC

I think you mean da j000s

2018-06-14 23:03:06 UTC

and they have a poor understanding of any other ideology

2018-06-14 23:03:16 UTC

I swear the alt right wished that they were jews

2018-06-14 23:03:30 UTC

with the way that they talk about them

2018-06-14 23:03:33 UTC

in practice they are. But in talking to them they arent as bad

2018-06-14 23:03:44 UTC

very obsessive

2018-06-14 23:04:15 UTC

I think a lot of communists are naive and ignorant

2018-06-14 23:04:19 UTC

and are just very idealistic

2018-06-14 23:04:38 UTC

they are also very messed up and unsorted

2018-06-14 23:05:16 UTC

Also ideologies are often pushed on them from the communities they affiliate with

2018-06-14 23:05:29 UTC

It's trendy to be far left

2018-06-14 23:05:51 UTC

To see yourself as the revolutionary that fights the system

2018-06-14 23:06:04 UTC


2018-06-14 23:06:31 UTC

I came to my ideas despite them being unpopular

2018-06-14 23:06:42 UTC

when i first joined discord everyone thought classical liberalism was a meme

2018-06-14 23:06:53 UTC

an ideology created by Sargon

2018-06-14 23:07:41 UTC

the ignorance on these servers is real

2018-06-14 23:08:12 UTC

I don't think like that

2018-06-14 23:09:57 UTC

I know 3 fascists worth talking to

2018-06-14 23:10:06 UTC

the rest are just braindead zombies

2018-06-14 23:10:25 UTC

clearly have less than average IQ

2018-06-14 23:11:30 UTC

The sort of people that arent able to achieve anything in life so take credit for achievements made by people belonging to the same racial group

2018-06-14 23:11:38 UTC

complete morons

2018-06-14 23:12:04 UTC


2018-06-14 23:21:41 UTC

Yeah why wont people just let this go already


2018-06-14 23:22:19 UTC

She only committed treason

2018-06-14 23:30:06 UTC

**RMS_Gigantic#8876** was cleansed from the server.

2018-06-14 23:35:45 UTC

that's so fucking cringy

2018-06-14 23:36:03 UTC


2018-06-14 23:36:53 UTC

I don't really see a problem with the video

2018-06-14 23:37:07 UTC

I was talking about the clinton tweet baraban

2018-06-14 23:37:55 UTC

Oh. Well "cringy" isn't the word I would use

2018-06-14 23:38:06 UTC

It's just fucking retarded

2018-06-14 23:38:27 UTC

I don't get why she brought it up

2018-06-14 23:38:55 UTC

apparently it's okay to be corrupt if everyone else is

2018-06-14 23:39:01 UTC

Its stupid. The IG report wasnt about hillary directly. It was about how the FBI handled the investigation. If anything it shows Comey is guilty of similar crimes

2018-06-14 23:39:17 UTC

But it doesnt exhonerate her of her crimes.

2018-06-14 23:39:54 UTC

I also feel a new level of autism.

2018-06-14 23:40:02 UTC


2018-06-14 23:40:12 UTC

From reading that people think she is/orstill could be prez

2018-06-14 23:40:18 UTC

she destroyed evidence after being given a subpoena, no one even disputes this but she can still tweet shit like that and millions of Americans will reply "YAS QUEEN"

2018-06-14 23:40:21 UTC

@EmEm C-c-c-combo break


2018-06-14 23:42:04 UTC

gah why cant i post memes

2018-06-14 23:42:37 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki you haven't been here long enough

2018-06-14 23:42:51 UTC

either chat more or post it in <#372508286529961996>

2018-06-14 23:48:10 UTC

I chat much

2018-06-14 23:53:55 UTC

not enough <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-06-14 23:55:19 UTC
2018-06-14 23:57:26 UTC

It was a reference

2018-06-15 00:00:39 UTC

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2018-06-15 00:00:39 UTC


2018-06-15 00:06:33 UTC

ello thottie

2018-06-15 00:10:54 UTC

Kill all hookers?

2018-06-15 00:14:03 UTC

anyone watching the crowder stream? sargon is gonna be on

2018-06-15 00:20:23 UTC

Honestly if I was running for office I would mix internet groups in the media rotation. Because why wouldnt you? Especially in the home states those presenters are.

2018-06-15 00:32:20 UTC

Sargon senpai <:pepe_smile:378719407977005068>

2018-06-15 00:33:31 UTC

This is how you cowards feel in my presence

2018-06-15 00:34:57 UTC

No one cares <@&456576739519496203>

2018-06-15 00:56:54 UTC

we have an incel rank? HA i didn't even know too funny @Deleted User you down for bl2?

2018-06-15 01:00:04 UTC

When ya sittin there rankless

2018-06-15 01:07:23 UTC

just talk

2018-06-15 01:07:29 UTC

and you will get your rank

2018-06-15 01:08:33 UTC

Write you mean

2018-06-15 01:12:24 UTC

@EmEm i have a few bleach coupons if you need them

2018-06-15 01:13:03 UTC


2018-06-15 01:17:45 UTC


2018-06-15 01:42:31 UTC

OwO Sargon of Akkad live in Studio with Crowder

2018-06-15 01:51:52 UTC

in studio?

2018-06-15 01:52:46 UTC

Not in studio, just over skype

2018-06-15 01:52:58 UTC

i was gonna say

2018-06-15 01:53:06 UTC

he went to texas finally?

2018-06-15 01:53:54 UTC

Crowder is based in Texas ?

2018-06-15 01:54:16 UTC


2018-06-15 01:54:34 UTC

I cant remember if it is Austin or San Antonio

2018-06-15 01:54:40 UTC

I could never figure out where he was based in

2018-06-15 01:55:40 UTC

When Sargon visits Texas

2018-06-15 01:55:53 UTC

Maybe heโ€™ll do an in studio thing w/ crowder

2018-06-15 01:55:56 UTC

That would be cool

2018-06-15 01:56:11 UTC

Is this new?

2018-06-15 01:56:18 UTC

He will finally understand gun culture in america. You know Steven will take him shooting

2018-06-15 03:15:52 UTC

Time to watch some late night Sargon of Akkad

2018-06-15 03:48:54 UTC

I just thought of a really great debate prompt: "Without religion, society collapses."

2018-06-15 03:49:22 UTC

As in two teams debate the pro and con side of that statement would be very interesting to hear.

2018-06-15 03:49:42 UTC

I mean, government as religion has, some argument

2018-06-15 03:50:16 UTC

Everything has pros and cons

2018-06-15 03:50:21 UTC

it all comes to balance

2018-06-15 03:50:31 UTC

Especially because if you think about all the different types of people out there, many believe radically in either direction.

2018-06-15 03:50:44 UTC

Howโ€™s commiefornia my dude @Thomas the Sowell Train [USA]

2018-06-15 03:50:59 UTC

It's the biggest gay.

2018-06-15 03:51:06 UTC


2018-06-15 03:51:10 UTC

Stay safe

2018-06-15 03:51:30 UTC

Why are we about to get nuked?

2018-06-15 03:51:47 UTC

Did negotiations jump south of the border?

2018-06-15 03:51:58 UTC


2018-06-15 03:52:13 UTC

I could see the JBP argument out there, taking Nietzche seriously so that ideologies form to replace the religious substructure we're attuned to and you get 20th Century Totalitarianism, which either by the boot of the Allies kicking down your door or the Commissars rounding up the last dissidents, "society" destroys itself

2018-06-15 03:52:16 UTC

Itโ€™s because youโ€™re not a commie and youโ€™re in commiefornia

2018-06-15 03:52:36 UTC

Communists arenโ€™t known for their tolerance

2018-06-15 03:53:35 UTC

**erwrewwerr#6076** was cleansed from the server.

2018-06-15 03:53:41 UTC

**The Exceptional Detective#2341** was cleansed from the server.

2018-06-15 03:53:50 UTC


2018-06-15 03:54:02 UTC

This is true. And lot's of people around here are just wrapped up in it. Sometimes when I'm out and about I see Hillary stickers and I'm just overcome with dread as I realize "oh, right, all the SJW bullshit is just normal to people here"

2018-06-15 03:54:18 UTC

I'm surrounded by the enemy.

2018-06-15 03:54:51 UTC

Goin to Texas.

2018-06-15 03:55:01 UTC

Save my soul.

2018-06-15 03:55:11 UTC

I should write a song about that.

2018-06-15 03:55:16 UTC

Being a commiefornian refugee.

2018-06-15 04:00:29 UTC

Same here. Though where i am is a redder area of a blue state.

2018-06-15 04:00:51 UTC

All I ask if you go to texas. leave california politics behind.

2018-06-15 04:01:17 UTC

To many movin with them

2018-06-15 04:01:17 UTC

As in don't meme and shitpost about SJews?

2018-06-15 04:01:24 UTC

Thats ok

2018-06-15 04:01:41 UTC

Many move and want the same tax and other systems as in cali

2018-06-15 04:01:47 UTC

Oh god no.

2018-06-15 04:02:01 UTC

That's exactly part of why I want to leave

2018-06-15 04:02:20 UTC

California's regulation is insane.

2018-06-15 04:02:21 UTC

Californians move to Texas. see a state without income tax and operating in a surplus and think something is horribly wrong

2018-06-15 04:02:42 UTC

State housing regulation is why we have a housing crisis.

2018-06-15 04:03:23 UTC

Tbh, commiefornians should be vetted first before allowed having voting rights

2018-06-15 04:03:37 UTC

I want to move to Texas so I can afford a house.

2018-06-15 04:03:38 UTC

Give them time to detox

2018-06-15 04:03:45 UTC

@Deleted User I'd be willing to take the hit for that.

2018-06-15 04:04:00 UTC

I love the state split idea
All of the 3 calis have major liberal cities to control each one.

2018-06-15 04:04:16 UTC

You canโ€™t let commiefornians to vote for the same policies that destroyed California in the first place

2018-06-15 04:04:41 UTC

Yes suburban/urban and rural areas of Cali should split.

2018-06-15 04:04:49 UTC

Sacramento can gtfo.

2018-06-15 04:04:54 UTC

Its a ploy at more Electoral votes. Jokes on them, they will have the same number just split up

2018-06-15 04:05:00 UTC


2018-06-15 04:05:12 UTC

Im a proud proponent of the state of jefferson

2018-06-15 04:05:12 UTC

All that means is that Texas gets more EVs

2018-06-15 04:05:19 UTC


2018-06-15 04:05:47 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki I think Jefferson should take all of northern rural California too

2018-06-15 04:05:48 UTC

I live in southern oregon. Im tired of portland ruling us.

2018-06-15 04:05:51 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki They won't get more Electoral Votes but they will get more senators

2018-06-15 04:05:59 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki you mean new California?

2018-06-15 04:06:19 UTC

What state of jefferson?

2018-06-15 04:06:20 UTC

Jefferson was OG New California

2018-06-15 04:06:35 UTC

Its northern cali and southern oregon

2018-06-15 04:06:35 UTC

@Legiondude which may translate to more or less evs

2018-06-15 04:06:54 UTC

from north of san fran to south of eugene

2018-06-15 04:07:20 UTC

And it would be the only red west coast state

2018-06-15 04:07:22 UTC


2018-06-15 04:07:26 UTC

if you exclude if and nv

2018-06-15 04:07:30 UTC

kick out sac

2018-06-15 04:07:40 UTC

and it'll be perfect

2018-06-15 04:07:51 UTC

It doesnt include sac

2018-06-15 04:08:01 UTC

sac is the bay or is that san fran?

2018-06-15 04:08:08 UTC

San Fran is the bay area

2018-06-15 04:08:23 UTC

the one just south of the pink?

2018-06-15 04:08:29 UTC


2018-06-15 04:08:31 UTC


2018-06-15 04:08:33 UTC


2018-06-15 04:08:33 UTC

But Sacramento would be bordering Jefferson

2018-06-15 04:08:38 UTC


2018-06-15 04:08:44 UTC

Yea sac wouldnt be in jefferson

2018-06-15 04:08:58 UTC

the largest city would be a split between medford and ashland

2018-06-15 04:09:01 UTC

no but it's suburban area will be though

2018-06-15 04:09:23 UTC

It really comes down to what would be best for the representation of the people, and the State of Jefferson obviously would allow a better representation of the constituents.

2018-06-15 04:09:26 UTC

there's a county adjacent to sacrmento county which is the suburbs

2018-06-15 04:09:49 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki east oregon and east washington should split off and be one state

2018-06-15 04:09:51 UTC

Yea. It would be a beacon of red on the coast

2018-06-15 04:10:14 UTC

east of each would prolly join jefferson lol

2018-06-15 04:10:16 UTC

for ease

2018-06-15 04:10:34 UTC

or join idaho

2018-06-15 04:11:02 UTC

Really the *only* reasons someone could want to keep the states as they are is so they can control voting districts and exercise state authority over resources, escpecially through taxation.

2018-06-15 04:11:20 UTC

Both of which are fucking terrible government.

2018-06-15 04:11:20 UTC

and secure votes

2018-06-15 04:11:28 UTC

And then youโ€™ll have all ze water

2018-06-15 04:11:40 UTC

that's what I mean by control voting districts

2018-06-15 04:11:46 UTC

Since many control the state via 1 to 3 cities

2018-06-15 04:12:52 UTC

There's no reason NorCal should share the same bullshit state housing regulations with Frisco and LA.

2018-06-15 04:13:02 UTC


2018-06-15 04:13:20 UTC

So many fucking taxes for every part of the process constructing. Build a little bit, get your next permit, built a little bit, get your next permit ALL DAY.

2018-06-15 04:13:42 UTC


2018-06-15 04:14:02 UTC

And thats if it meets regs by permit

2018-06-15 04:14:12 UTC

might have to restart all over if not

2018-06-15 04:15:10 UTC

Portlamd forced that on a developer who put tons into design for a low budget housing complex. It hat *to few parking spots* by like 2 or 3 and they had to scrap it to add it.

2018-06-15 04:15:35 UTC

I still need to figure out which part of Texas to move to.

2018-06-15 04:16:07 UTC

San Antonio

2018-06-15 04:16:18 UTC

When I go AF I'm going to put Texas on my dream sheet tho. Then on my time off I can get to know the state as much as possible other than studying.

2018-06-15 04:16:32 UTC

Are there affordable houses there?

2018-06-15 04:16:55 UTC

Donโ€™t move to Austin @Thomas the Sowell Train [USA]

2018-06-15 04:17:01 UTC

don't plan to lol

2018-06-15 04:17:06 UTC

Itโ€™s basically a exclave of California

2018-06-15 04:17:18 UTC

My friend from Houston calls Austin "The Silicon Hill Country"

2018-06-15 04:17:21 UTC

Got some nice ocean front property down in Texas if ya want?

2018-06-15 04:17:25 UTC

Go watch spurs games

2018-06-15 04:17:27 UTC

San Antonio is slowly turning blue

2018-06-15 04:17:28 UTC

Sell it cheap for ya

2018-06-15 04:17:39 UTC

Well of course all the coastal stuff went cheap after Harvey

2018-06-15 04:17:40 UTC

I don't plan to buy any time soon.

2018-06-15 04:17:40 UTC

Austin is like Texas Portland with silicon vally

2018-06-15 04:17:57 UTC

Houstin is a swamp

2018-06-15 04:18:00 UTC

Shit well I'll buy a house out there. I can hurricane proof it.

2018-06-15 04:18:00 UTC

Floki, is it time to do another red scare?

2018-06-15 04:18:05 UTC

Get rid of em commies

2018-06-15 04:18:12 UTC


2018-06-15 04:18:24 UTC

I seen this guy bought this big tube he put up around his house filled with water, all the flooding went right around it and he had zero property damage.

2018-06-15 04:18:34 UTC

Check out Razorfists video about McCarthyism and Hollywood

2018-06-15 04:18:36 UTC

Saw dat too

2018-06-15 04:18:42 UTC

California has been loaded with Commies for decades

2018-06-15 04:18:43 UTC

If you want to be around a city, live in the suburbs, they are much more red

2018-06-15 04:18:45 UTC

Almost a century

2018-06-15 04:18:55 UTC

McArthyism is only religion

2018-06-15 04:18:57 UTC

I want to be rural actually.

2018-06-15 04:19:05 UTC

Want to be able to shoot in my back yard.

2018-06-15 04:19:08 UTC

Oh plenty of great rural

2018-06-15 04:19:12 UTC

Do that all time in NY

2018-06-15 04:19:20 UTC

Maby hit a coyote or two.

2018-06-15 04:19:24 UTC

Some close enough to the cities you get best of both worls

2018-06-15 04:19:26 UTC

So there's affordable rural housing around antonio?

2018-06-15 04:19:29 UTC

Look around like Wako

2018-06-15 04:19:35 UTC


2018-06-15 04:19:39 UTC

Yea prolly

2018-06-15 04:19:54 UTC

It is prolly more than say Waco, Austin, or Houstin/Dallas

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