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2019-08-03 18:18:29 UTC

Nice to see you found a use for that frozen brick of cannabis

2019-08-03 18:20:13 UTC

it was okay gravy

2019-08-03 18:20:50 UTC

This looks like a hotel breakfast

2019-08-03 18:21:08 UTC

What fucking hotels do you stay at?

2019-08-03 18:22:42 UTC

Basic-tier continental breakfast 3-star hotels

2019-08-03 18:25:38 UTC

what hotels serve mashed potatoe for breakfast <:pepe_eyes:378719408362881024>

2019-08-03 18:26:38 UTC


2019-08-03 18:27:06 UTC

**Metahuman1#1333** was cleansed from the server.

2019-08-03 18:29:59 UTC


2019-08-03 18:35:27 UTC

@JayJS I want the deets on your hotels.

That looks tasty

2019-08-03 18:36:44 UTC

yeah I am 9001% in support of hotels offering mashed potato for breakfast

Working on that Dad bod


@galesteppes <:kek:590371888480387073>

Fitzy I can't reply Fireweaver has banned me from Politics

He's a literal SJW

2019-08-03 19:19:26 UTC

Lol wut

2019-08-03 19:19:36 UTC

@galesteppes wtf man? Lol


2019-08-03 19:34:59 UTC



2019-08-03 19:53:10 UTC

**lukestuts#3991** was cleansed from the server.

2019-08-03 20:17:59 UTC

had my wig slashed

2019-08-03 20:18:02 UTC

feels good man

someone pee'd on your wig and you liked it?

2019-08-03 20:24:22 UTC

.... Slashed means to pee?

2019-08-03 20:28:00 UTC

To have a slash

is to go have a pee

you can see how it's hard to keep the American and British sides of the fam on the same page

2019-08-03 20:57:39 UTC

Same tbh

You wanna bet the farm on shithole Biden

you the type of bitch that don't learn first time

THIS is the best you can do

I can beat you with a reality TV star

2019-08-03 21:02:19 UTC

biden really seems like he is happy

2019-08-03 21:02:24 UTC

that means that he will get the votes

2019-08-03 21:11:59 UTC

@Broo TulsiGang 2024 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Your slang is retarded half the time.

That doesn't even make sense

2019-08-03 21:12:08 UTC

Have a slash?

2019-08-03 21:12:44 UTC

Yeah, you'll have a slash if you piss off your ex girlfriend.

And then you'll be replacing your tires

2019-08-03 21:12:48 UTC

English: Civil war

No civil war here

2019-08-03 21:15:19 UTC

He means the language lol

Our Penises are long like whips

so we slash them about

while pissing


2019-08-03 21:15:57 UTC

You don't slash a whip

2019-08-03 21:16:18 UTC

You slash with a sword

a mighty Broad sword

2019-08-03 21:17:45 UTC

@@Broo TulsiGang 2024 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 slaashed also means cut you nigga you know this

2019-08-03 21:18:20 UTC

fuck you discord

2019-08-03 21:19:04 UTC

Know who else like to have a slash?

Young Muslim lads in London. <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

2019-08-03 21:19:39 UTC


havin' a slash

These kids

What's wrong with getting married and squeezing out a couple of kids

why do you have to reinvent the English language and bring in a new design of government


2019-08-03 22:15:10 UTC

getting married and squeezing out a couple of kids, in this economy?

2019-08-03 22:19:18 UTC

Get a STEM field job!

2019-08-03 22:25:52 UTC

The system is failing and won't last for long I don't blame most people

2019-08-03 22:26:02 UTC

The bubble will pop

2019-08-03 22:26:34 UTC

There's a new economic crisis looming on the horizon

2019-08-03 22:26:43 UTC

Unless some real reformation happens

2019-08-03 22:28:18 UTC

The biggest change ever had was making so that families no longer can run on one persons income

2019-08-03 22:28:19 UTC

https://youtu.be/9EDX-Wcxpp4 even the mainstream can't spin it

2019-08-03 22:28:20 UTC


2019-08-03 22:28:35 UTC

The world and the markets cannot handle continuous instability

2019-08-03 22:28:53 UTC

Nah, it's not the Canadian debt

2019-08-03 22:29:01 UTC

it's the world markets

2019-08-03 22:29:17 UTC

Another Global economic crisis will strike soon

2019-08-03 22:29:22 UTC

We're already seeing the preeffects of it

2019-08-03 22:29:51 UTC

It's not just that

2019-08-03 22:30:02 UTC

Personal debt is going to fuck over so many people

2019-08-03 22:30:54 UTC

The moronic gov is only making things scarier

2019-08-03 22:31:44 UTC

>You elected a drama teacher as PM. What did you think was gonna happen?

2019-08-03 22:31:46 UTC


2019-08-03 22:32:01 UTC

Thank you conservitards

2019-08-03 22:34:45 UTC

debt inst the problem

2019-08-03 22:34:48 UTC

the US - China trade war, uncertainty of Brexit, political crises, global tensions, it's a convolution of variables

2019-08-03 22:34:52 UTC

Your ability to pay it is

2019-08-03 22:36:23 UTC

@Broo TulsiGang 2024 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 <:boomer:514203388704063489>

2019-08-03 22:37:30 UTC
2019-08-03 22:37:39 UTC

i think it is awesome

2019-08-03 22:37:43 UTC

we need more representation

2019-08-03 22:37:50 UTC

i hope they pick a disabled person after this one

2019-08-03 22:37:58 UTC

There is no uncertainty about Brexit, people voted to leave but their corrupt officials are still sucking EU's tiny cock that's not even a point of discussion. Even if leaving the EU would destroy the economy (which it won't) it's the will of the people.

2019-08-03 22:38:10 UTC

did not help Canada that the PM was virtue signalling the hole time when Trump was making the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada

2019-08-03 22:38:11 UTC

Isnt she and the directors already disabled ?

2019-08-03 22:38:21 UTC

for making such a retarded desicion ?

2019-08-03 22:38:45 UTC

Women are part of the disabled yes

2019-08-03 22:38:53 UTC

@Nordhand I say justin beiber could do more for canada then treadue.

2019-08-03 22:39:04 UTC

Even Though I hate both of these fuckboys

2019-08-03 22:39:33 UTC

But he says nice things!!

2019-08-03 22:39:34 UTC

Yea Bieber had been less damaging for Canada as pm

2019-08-03 22:39:47 UTC

and more popular

2019-08-03 22:39:48 UTC

He's nice to immigrants!!

2019-08-03 22:40:01 UTC

more virgin women will vote for beiber then treadue

2019-08-03 22:40:15 UTC

yea ISIS warriors is a net benefit for Canada

2019-08-03 22:40:20 UTC

@Nobel Suprise there is massive uncertainty in the markets, has nothing to do with the epople's choice

2019-08-03 22:40:27 UTC

Maybe he should run split the vote

2019-08-03 22:40:29 UTC

@GeorgyBoyo Even if it wasn't the will of the people, the UK still should have left.

It's the politicians duty to protect the countrys interests

2019-08-03 22:40:29 UTC

it's depending on what happens with investment

2019-08-03 22:41:08 UTC

@Capitán Alatriste but didnt he win the votes by bien young, good loocking and having (somwhat) famous hertige ?

2019-08-03 22:41:18 UTC


2019-08-03 22:41:23 UTC


2019-08-03 22:41:41 UTC

they did vote for him as they was nostalgic for his step dad

2019-08-03 22:41:42 UTC

and yes, I am misspilling his stupid name unironicly

2019-08-03 22:41:52 UTC

I'm not talking about Canada, I'm very ignorant of the country's political and economic situation

2019-08-03 22:41:59 UTC

see? they care about legacy then other thnings

2019-08-03 22:42:03 UTC


2019-08-03 22:42:08 UTC

sorry captin

2019-08-03 22:42:11 UTC

1. His Dad
2. The conservative party was busy destroying itself

2019-08-03 22:42:41 UTC

why is canada keeps trying to destroy itself on every fucking second ?

2019-08-03 22:43:04 UTC

@Nobel Suprise Because America is bad

2019-08-03 22:43:13 UTC


2019-08-03 22:43:18 UTC

@Fitzydog Nigga wat ?

2019-08-03 22:43:25 UTC

Amerimutt moment

2019-08-03 22:43:29 UTC

@Nobel Suprise They Want to virtue signal their goodness as compared to the US

2019-08-03 22:43:30 UTC

I blame the French genes they have

2019-08-03 22:43:31 UTC

@Fitzydog SHUT UP COMMIE !

2019-08-03 22:44:13 UTC

Maybe we need to have german decentes to take over any place france stepped into to annaxe it

2019-08-03 22:44:23 UTC

It's a chronic condition with Canadians. They don't want to be seen as American, so they vote in a way that makes them seem different or better

2019-08-03 22:44:53 UTC

For some reason they're being more friendly towards China and the EU than the United States

2019-08-03 22:44:54 UTC

Think of leftists who want to stick it to Trump.

Same idea

2019-08-03 22:45:03 UTC

so they want to be the opposite of power, bravery, honor and family values ?

2019-08-03 22:45:14 UTC

and wealth and greatness ?

2019-08-03 22:45:16 UTC

Well, America is mean and bullies people

2019-08-03 22:45:23 UTC


2019-08-03 22:45:23 UTC

to liberals 1 is evil, 2 are saints

2019-08-03 22:45:23 UTC

Progressives ruin everything

2019-08-03 22:45:37 UTC

progressives are socialists in drag

2019-08-03 22:45:47 UTC

@Nobel Suprise Notice how Canada always tries to out progress the US.

2019-08-03 22:45:48 UTC


2019-08-03 22:46:02 UTC

but can it out progress Sweden?

2019-08-03 22:46:23 UTC

Considering Sweden is going backwards

2019-08-03 22:46:28 UTC

I think they already have

2019-08-03 22:50:31 UTC

fuck millennials, they hate the USA and capitalism while loving communism/socialism

2019-08-03 22:53:33 UTC

all idiots loves communism until they are forced to live under it

2019-08-03 22:53:42 UTC

Start up the routers bois

2019-08-03 22:53:50 UTC


2019-08-03 22:53:51 UTC

(Helicopter noises)

2019-08-03 22:53:52 UTC

wifi time

2019-08-03 22:53:58 UTC


2019-08-03 22:54:46 UTC

It's so good it'll kill you.

2019-08-03 22:58:00 UTC

I mean, there was that millennial who went into venezuilla

2019-08-03 22:58:08 UTC

and complained about the avocado prices

2019-08-03 22:58:10 UTC


2019-08-03 22:59:27 UTC

source pls

2019-08-03 22:59:32 UTC

sounds fun

2019-08-03 23:02:25 UTC

(it is a joke lol)

2019-08-03 23:03:01 UTC

yeah I was about to say... *The Babylon Bee*

2019-08-03 23:03:50 UTC

This title, lol

2019-08-03 23:05:03 UTC

bruh, just buy the Avocados and make the toast at home, you save a fortune...

2019-08-03 23:05:18 UTC

Don't need to be a real estate moghul to know that

2019-08-03 23:07:34 UTC


2019-08-03 23:10:41 UTC

why is this shit tolerated? that is a literal invader laughing that he robbed americans and benifited from affirmative action

2019-08-03 23:15:00 UTC

I see it more of a person who has been given the oppportunity he could have never have achieved

2019-08-03 23:15:52 UTC

and thanks to it, he will be able to fully develop his life and dreams to where he wants

2019-08-03 23:16:23 UTC

and never pay back the tax payers for the free ride

2019-08-03 23:16:52 UTC

and will continue to rape Americans

2019-08-03 23:17:08 UTC

Pay back how? He's a high schooler, and he's probably paid back in income tax

2019-08-03 23:17:11 UTC

democrats are seriously begging for a new civil war

2019-08-03 23:17:24 UTC

not to mention VAT taxes.

2019-08-03 23:17:37 UTC

> illegal alien

> pay taxes

I know its not nice to make fun of the retarded, but come on

2019-08-03 23:17:53 UTC


2019-08-03 23:17:59 UTC

you pay indirect taxes you know?

2019-08-03 23:18:09 UTC

regardless of political status

2019-08-03 23:18:19 UTC

HEy dude, im moving into your house as your *undocumented family member*

2019-08-03 23:18:28 UTC

Every time you pay for something you pay a tax

2019-08-03 23:18:28 UTC

I want you to pay for my stuff!

2019-08-03 23:18:49 UTC

sure come on in

2019-08-03 23:18:59 UTC

Ill use your electicity and will use your money to pay for college

2019-08-03 23:19:03 UTC


2019-08-03 23:19:04 UTC

was that story even real?

2019-08-03 23:19:15 UTC

the illegal?

2019-08-03 23:19:17 UTC

it was

2019-08-03 23:19:19 UTC

I will come as well and Im brining with me a few friends that you need to pay for as well

2019-08-03 23:19:22 UTC

multiple instances even

2019-08-03 23:19:45 UTC

guys bring your freinds,
Capitán Alatriste said he'll buy stuff for everyone!

2019-08-03 23:19:49 UTC

so nice of him!

2019-08-03 23:19:56 UTC


2019-08-03 23:19:57 UTC

I see the issue less in that tbh

2019-08-03 23:20:06 UTC

and if you TV is missing I did just sell it to by me some cigarettes as your wallet was not there

2019-08-03 23:20:08 UTC

I literally can't imagine being so cucked as to want invaders in your country.

This hurts my brain. It's basically suicide

2019-08-03 23:20:13 UTC

@Capitán Alatriste you only pay part of the taxes whenever you buy something. Citizens also pay a lot of other taxes to pay social services.

2019-08-03 23:20:14 UTC

but rather that willing to break the rules in order to profit isnt good guidance

2019-08-03 23:20:33 UTC

e.g. saying he took an opportunity

2019-08-03 23:20:34 UTC


2019-08-03 23:20:40 UTC

but by breaking rules

2019-08-03 23:20:46 UTC

Which this dude didn't, but he still got the money the citizens did pay

2019-08-03 23:20:50 UTC

i could profit by robbing alatriste

2019-08-03 23:21:00 UTC

took an opportunity

2019-08-03 23:21:19 UTC

Two hundred and eighty fucking thousand dollars in scholarships!

2019-08-03 23:21:26 UTC

Britski are the ultimated cucks then

2019-08-03 23:21:35 UTC

I want this faggot spic hung from a tree for theft

2019-08-03 23:21:41 UTC

Alatriste said he'll buy all of us this!

2019-08-03 23:21:46 UTC

@Fitzydog that's retarded

2019-08-03 23:21:51 UTC

due process shouldnt be subverted

2019-08-03 23:21:55 UTC

Sell the organs to pay back the debt

2019-08-03 23:21:59 UTC


2019-08-03 23:22:01 UTC


2019-08-03 23:22:04 UTC

the problem is that you local municipality will suffer from having to many illigals as they dont benefit from VAT but only income tax and such

2019-08-03 23:22:04 UTC

maybe he took away the chance from another spic that would have cured aids

2019-08-03 23:22:14 UTC

*somewhat hyperbolic but still*

2019-08-03 23:22:24 UTC

Im done with this bullshit.

America will not last 15 years at this rate

2019-08-03 23:22:31 UTC


2019-08-03 23:22:32 UTC

15 is being generous

2019-08-03 23:22:40 UTC

Im overshooting

2019-08-03 23:22:46 UTC

America is dead after texas goes blue due to the illegals and commifornians

2019-08-03 23:22:49 UTC

America will scupper itself by 2024

2019-08-03 23:22:51 UTC

balkanization when <:pepe_smug:560207654207750154>

2019-08-03 23:22:57 UTC

@woll3 hopefully soon

2019-08-03 23:23:01 UTC

as soon as dems annoucne amnesty

2019-08-03 23:23:13 UTC

Make mafia great again

2019-08-03 23:23:23 UTC

when democrats get power and ban second amendment

2019-08-03 23:23:31 UTC

they already started

2019-08-03 23:23:36 UTC

Dems will take Texas by migration and seize 2024

2019-08-03 23:23:44 UTC

If the federal govt is incapable of defending its own borders, is it still a legitimate country?

2019-08-03 23:23:47 UTC

and civil war will follow

2019-08-03 23:23:56 UTC


2019-08-03 23:24:03 UTC

I hate commiefornians and dems

2019-08-03 23:24:17 UTC

Asswipes move out of CA and then vote for the same shit that drove them out

2019-08-03 23:24:20 UTC

MAGA right is too principled to strart a war

2019-08-03 23:24:38 UTC

left already started one

2019-08-03 23:24:43 UTC

with the antifa brownshirts

2019-08-03 23:24:49 UTC

@Warp Dukat yeah sure man, you can move in, never said the conditions here will be good...

2019-08-03 23:25:08 UTC

@Capitán Alatriste i'm using your credit card to buy myself a gtx 2080ti!

2019-08-03 23:25:24 UTC

sure, but I don't own a credit card

2019-08-03 23:25:30 UTC

ill sign you up for one

2019-08-03 23:25:36 UTC


2019-08-03 23:25:42 UTC

just use his apartment to cook meth in

2019-08-03 23:25:42 UTC

Debit card master race

2019-08-03 23:25:54 UTC

I don't trust a system by which you purchase by forming debt

2019-08-03 23:25:56 UTC

Nordhand, you get that honor!

2019-08-03 23:26:03 UTC

Oh yeah the illegals using innocent citizen kids social numbers and fucking them over for life thing

2019-08-03 23:26:17 UTC

"but at least they vote democrat!"

2019-08-03 23:26:35 UTC

I have nothing but pure hatred for democrats

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