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2018-10-28 00:32:14 UTC


2018-10-28 00:32:15 UTC


2018-10-28 00:33:11 UTC

I will make everyone willingly convert or have continued normal lives. <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-10-28 00:33:25 UTC


2018-10-28 00:33:53 UTC

Oh well. Godnight everyone. It’s getting rather late.

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2018-10-28 00:34:05 UTC


2018-10-28 00:34:06 UTC

sleep well

2018-10-28 00:34:19 UTC


2018-10-28 00:34:27 UTC


2018-10-28 00:34:31 UTC

hah a hand

2018-10-28 00:41:20 UTC

idk what it says lol

2018-10-28 00:44:55 UTC


2018-10-28 00:46:05 UTC

Wanna see something funny?

2018-10-28 00:52:05 UTC


2018-10-28 00:57:59 UTC

Kaden is a tease

2018-10-28 00:58:46 UTC

White Sharia When

2018-10-28 01:00:01 UTC


2018-10-28 01:00:04 UTC


2018-10-28 01:00:16 UTC

can agree with this

2018-10-28 01:01:18 UTC

I will just call it the Inquisition 2 if that helps...

2018-10-28 01:01:26 UTC

i have a musket

2018-10-28 01:01:35 UTC

and i will kill any sand people that try to invade my home

2018-10-28 01:01:54 UTC

Decentralize the world

2018-10-28 01:02:49 UTC

Nice statue from the European Gays

2018-10-28 01:04:03 UTC

🗽 🔨 <:GWslippyPeepoHugged:407618441017688064>

2018-10-28 01:04:49 UTC

The statue of liberty should be restored back to its shining bronze glory, change my mind

2018-10-28 01:05:51 UTC

nah its a nice patina

2018-10-28 01:06:14 UTC

No, it's symbolic as well as artistic.

2018-10-28 01:06:24 UTC

in grade school they taught us the patina was our fault because acid rain

2018-10-28 01:06:33 UTC


2018-10-28 01:06:45 UTC

democrats man

2018-10-28 01:06:50 UTC


2018-10-28 01:07:47 UTC

they had us do a little science experiment where you carve a smiley statue face into a piece of chalk and then pour vinegar or something on it

2018-10-28 01:10:36 UTC

so basically people create the acid rain because pollution, and then the statue turns green and its a big tragedy

2018-10-28 01:11:00 UTC


2018-10-28 01:11:24 UTC

to this day, im probly still dumber than i realize <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

2018-10-28 01:11:36 UTC


2018-10-28 01:47:14 UTC


2018-10-28 01:53:10 UTC

i remember acid rain

2018-10-28 01:54:57 UTC

man I wish we could go back to the days when political parties didn't dictate what we were taught

2018-10-28 01:55:02 UTC

wtf sort of autism rolled through here

2018-10-28 02:09:20 UTC

acid rain is something that happens but it shouldn't change copper in any way plain old regular rain will do that just fine.

2018-10-28 02:11:53 UTC

hell up here when we were burning sulfurous coal for fuel to power the coal mines we killed a big ass forest in northern Ontario, but that took 40 years and its all ready comeing back now that we filter the exhaust

2018-10-28 03:33:49 UTC

**FocaBot#9423** was cleansed from the server.

2018-10-28 03:34:14 UTC


2018-10-28 03:34:14 UTC

lol im trying to fix it

2018-10-28 03:34:20 UTC

thats a different foca bot

2018-10-28 03:34:23 UTC

i think they updated it

2018-10-28 03:34:32 UTC
2018-10-28 03:34:34 UTC


2018-10-28 03:34:38 UTC

still here

2018-10-28 04:07:11 UTC
2018-10-28 04:08:47 UTC

i broke the world


2018-10-28 04:59:34 UTC

@EmEm highly illegal

2018-10-28 05:12:47 UTC

**🦉Oฝɭ#1086** was cleansed from the server.

2018-10-28 05:14:41 UTC

Kanye for president

2018-10-28 05:15:15 UTC


2018-10-28 05:16:52 UTC

**︀ ︀ ︀ ︀ ︀︀︀ ︀ ︀ ︀ ︀︀#2090** was cleansed from the server.

2018-10-28 05:17:01 UTC


2018-10-28 05:17:57 UTC

RIP gab

2018-10-28 05:24:10 UTC

Gab needs to do research on better registrars

2018-10-28 05:24:10 UTC

Damn what happened

2018-10-28 05:24:41 UTC

https://njal.la someone tell them to use this

2018-10-28 05:35:45 UTC


2018-10-28 06:19:16 UTC

the next 9 days are going to be insane. fake bombs, a nazi shooting, Gab is effectly murdered... i know better than to say 'it cant get crazier than this', ever since 2016... it always does

2018-10-28 06:22:41 UTC

imagine what the next presidential election will be like, we haven't seen anything yet

2018-10-28 06:23:06 UTC

i feel like that shit storm will depend on the results of this shitstorm

2018-10-28 06:23:34 UTC

if we win 100% and fuck them into the ground... it will shatter their confidence

2018-10-28 06:24:16 UTC

if they gain a foot hold, even a tiny one... they will obstruct like never before... which Trump will hold over their heads in the next election

2018-10-28 06:25:44 UTC

its very weird to think, but time is strangely on our side. politics are moving in one direction: towards conservatism. liberals arnt really attracting anyone who wasnt already a liberal

2018-10-28 06:25:52 UTC

@Deleted User these are the same people who want a recession so trump loses

2018-10-28 06:26:29 UTC

but also, if they lose 100%... i fear they will start actual terrorist attacks

2018-10-28 06:26:42 UTC

as in, they will actually begin killing people instead of just beatings

2018-10-28 06:26:59 UTC

when that happens, shit will really hit the fan

2018-10-28 06:27:35 UTC

they'll probably use that nazi killer guy as a 'justification' to kill anyone 'alt right'

2018-10-28 06:28:48 UTC

fuck, it sucks not having any power beyond a single vote. i know i cant do anything big to help. i cant only sit here and play my games

2018-10-28 06:29:10 UTC

Who knows if that gab was legit him. After all the bomber accounts seemed to have the bot treatment

2018-10-28 06:29:43 UTC

You can fight in the comming revolution. Against the revolters.

2018-10-28 06:29:47 UTC

who cares if it was actually him. you're providers dont represent you anymore than you represent them

2018-10-28 06:30:29 UTC

and yes, should shit actually get THAT bad... my family has started weapons training. im going to go to gun safety classes in a week or two

2018-10-28 06:30:56 UTC

never used one, hope i never have to on another person. but if i need to...

2018-10-28 06:35:45 UTC

what happened with gab?

2018-10-28 06:37:40 UTC

it got shoah'd

2018-10-28 06:40:19 UTC

Sargon has a video on it on The Thinkery.

2018-10-28 06:40:34 UTC

This shit is gonna escalate guys. Calling it now.

2018-10-28 06:41:29 UTC

escalate to what?

2018-10-28 06:42:27 UTC

i could see people using this shooting as an excuse to ban even more alt medias

2018-10-28 06:44:29 UTC

I could see Antifa using this as an excuse to actually start commiting acts of terror against anyone who’s right-wing.

2018-10-28 06:44:39 UTC

Like I mean bombings and shit.

2018-10-28 06:45:04 UTC

This is exactly the kind of excuse those faggots are looking for.

2018-10-28 06:47:35 UTC

i dont think we're gonna have a civil war or anything, but i can see some kind of marshal law scenario if people don't chill out

2018-10-28 06:48:16 UTC

This could actually escalate into a Years of Lead scenario.

2018-10-28 06:48:26 UTC

Like in Kraut’s video.

2018-10-28 06:49:16 UTC

Small scale targeted attacks between neo-nazis and antifa with whoever is unlucky to get in between.

2018-10-28 06:49:45 UTC

I think that’s a very real possibility

2018-10-28 06:50:46 UTC

i agree

2018-10-28 06:53:11 UTC

Seriously guys, look into your local and state laws on keeping weapons in your car. Because you just never know.

2018-10-28 06:54:44 UTC

people are pretty cool in my state, for now anyway

2018-10-28 06:54:59 UTC

so i'm not too worried

2018-10-28 06:55:22 UTC

portland niggas watch your back though

2018-10-28 06:55:54 UTC

eh, im in a blue state, in a relatively safe area. ive red pilled all my friends already, so no worries about that

2018-10-28 06:56:32 UTC

hell, all my black friends are pro Trump too, which makes me hopeful. they dont buy into the 'orange man racist' stuff

2018-10-28 06:56:47 UTC

thats good

2018-10-28 06:57:18 UTC

one of them is a gay black conservative. the shit people say to him... i dont want to repeat

2018-10-28 06:58:10 UTC

just proves that they don't actually have principles

2018-10-28 06:58:20 UTC

I only have to worry about homeless people attacking me

2018-10-28 06:59:35 UTC

ive yet to have any hateful incidents towards me. my best friend had one though. he is blonde with blue eyes, and someone actually came up to him and called him a Nazi. "you havent dyed your hair, which shows you're proud of being blonde. you must be a Nazi"

2018-10-28 06:59:47 UTC

that was literally their logic

2018-10-28 06:59:59 UTC


2018-10-28 07:00:32 UTC

he was listening to metal, in a barber shop, about to be served by someone he knew, who was a black lady

2018-10-28 07:00:53 UTC

he tried to logic his way out by asking the lady if she thought he was a racist

2018-10-28 07:01:30 UTC

the SJW idiot told him "dont try and get her to defend your bullshit. if you're not here to dye your hair, you're a nazi"

2018-10-28 07:02:04 UTC

she's a coon if she defended him anyway

2018-10-28 07:02:13 UTC

from there it degraded into yelling until the barber told the lady to leave

2018-10-28 07:02:19 UTC


2018-10-28 07:02:53 UTC

i dont remember the full story from there, my friend was more into the details surounding him being insulted base on his appearance

2018-10-28 07:03:49 UTC

of course, he lives in an area where having a pro Trump sign could get you shot

2018-10-28 07:04:01 UTC

much like walking around alone would

2018-10-28 07:04:55 UTC

How would he get shot? They don't have guns lol

2018-10-28 07:05:15 UTC

yes, because banning guns toooootally prevents people from getting them

2018-10-28 07:05:30 UTC

blue states are the safest places

2018-10-28 07:05:53 UTC

What kind of people are we talking about here? I don't know where your friend lives

2018-10-28 07:06:00 UTC

i live in a county near baltimore MD. baltimore has the 3rd highest murder rate in the country

2018-10-28 07:06:06 UTC


2018-10-28 07:07:51 UTC

Put out "Make America Hustle Again" and "Trump: The first gangster president" signs

2018-10-28 07:08:48 UTC

i was tempted to put "it's ok the be white" signs up at my college, but they have fucking cameras everywhere

2018-10-28 07:08:55 UTC

probably cause its in the city

2018-10-28 07:09:20 UTC

they're so biased its fucking hilarious

2018-10-28 07:09:54 UTC

i had a writing 300 class last semester. the teacher actually put anti trump stuff as possible options for assignments

2018-10-28 07:10:49 UTC

i get the feeling that posting such signs would only get me in trouble

2018-10-28 07:12:35 UTC

post gamergate 2 signs to confuse the libs

2018-10-28 07:15:42 UTC

post signs that say "is it ok to be white" or "vasectomies for wypipo"

2018-10-28 07:23:10 UTC

screw the optics go trenchcoat mafia on your school

2018-10-28 07:24:10 UTC

cody relax

Based Black gfs for all White bois!

2018-10-28 07:30:10 UTC

**reese#8648** was cleansed from the server.

dem eyes weeew

2018-10-28 08:49:57 UTC



2018-10-28 08:49:58 UTC

that doesn't read like promoting anti-Semitism to me

2018-10-28 08:50:59 UTC

federal hate crime -- why not just mass murder?

2018-10-28 08:52:22 UTC

Because they want to pass speech legislation

2018-10-28 08:54:50 UTC

and they wonder why some fag wants to kill all jews <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

2018-10-28 09:00:17 UTC

"Israel bad! Israel uses these attacks to kill Arabs"

2018-10-28 09:02:54 UTC

so the ends justify the means? <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-10-28 09:18:04 UTC

I mean that's what it says yes, but it's more the fact that it uses that event and lumps it in with the other comments of Israel, complaining about how they use the event to shut down critics... so they use that tragedy in the US to say "bet jews use it to shut down any criticism" basically

2018-10-28 09:18:42 UTC

"Aj plus has uploaded videos in the past suggestion stuff such as there being a sleazy sinister jewish organisation seizing control of US politics
I am factoring in this history
AJ plus didnt just make some weirdly worded inappropriate comparission
it's an antisemetic network"
I have to agree with Kraut here

2018-10-28 09:57:33 UTC

How fucked are Gab now that it's being put out that this guy had "Gas The Kikes" and all that shit typed up in his bio ... they're going to use this to attack Gab.

2018-10-28 09:58:55 UTC

to be fair, who hasn't had "Gas The Kikes" in their bio?

2018-10-28 10:01:17 UTC


2018-10-28 10:01:32 UTC

It's still a thing lol

2018-10-28 10:06:07 UTC

They have a hard time distinguishing between the white supremacy and 4Chan

2018-10-28 10:09:31 UTC

Are the right wing on a push to complete destroy themselves before the mid-terms

2018-10-28 10:10:17 UTC

two weeks out and we have pipe "bombs" being sent to a bunch of Democrats and a mass shooting at a synagogue ... way to go guys, really win them over like that. Fuckin imbeciles.

2018-10-28 10:12:11 UTC

Well one was crazy and the other hated Trump and the republicans. (Not to mention the crazy guy didnt even want to hurt anyone, unlike the baseball bernie bro shooter who almost killed a man.)

2018-10-28 10:13:13 UTC

Anyhow, I dont know how having crazies is the "right wing destroying themselves". I sure as hell had no input on either event.

2018-10-28 10:24:15 UTC

No you didn't but as the guy said "fuck the optics", it doesn't matter if you had no part in it, they will both be identified as right wing. It's no different to when an Islamic terrorist strikes, yes we know he doesn't speak for all muslims but he is representative of Islam whether they like it or not. There is no untangling these two events from the right

2018-10-28 10:27:14 UTC

Yes, but the man theyll try to pin the shooting too already denounced the attack, and even normies realise that Trump isnt anti-Semitic. Half of his family are jews and hes been licking isreals nuts since taking office.

2018-10-28 10:27:58 UTC

Do you think the normies even know who Andrew Anglin is?

2018-10-28 10:28:05 UTC

Im not saying it wont have any effect. I just doubt it'll be as big as people make it out to be.

2018-10-28 10:28:46 UTC

I certainly hope not, it wouldn't be fair criticisms since both were just fruitloops but when recently has the left been fair

2018-10-28 10:29:15 UTC

He did hate trump, but will the media report that? Or will they just say "a right winger did..."

2018-10-28 10:30:35 UTC

Even if they dont, the only people who will be swayed by it are people whove already made up their minds. Anyone with even an ounce of charity to Trump will realize that it has nothing to do with him.

2018-10-28 10:31:12 UTC

I think this backfires in the long run. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon.

I heard a report that there are some Normies nearby <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-10-28 10:32:04 UTC

It's not about changing people's mind, it's about convincing your own people to go to vote

2018-10-28 10:32:35 UTC

And this will push the opposing party to vote

2018-10-28 10:33:06 UTC

I've seen nothing but "right wing this" and "right wing that" since it happened

2018-10-28 10:33:09 UTC

I disagree with the premise entirely, but even if true do you really think that the obvious lies wont stir up republicans?

2018-10-28 10:34:20 UTC

what ondsinet said

2018-10-28 10:34:49 UTC

Anyone who takes this at face value is already so deep in "Orange man hitler" that this isnt even suprising to them

2018-10-28 10:35:23 UTC


2018-10-28 10:35:39 UTC

Pisses me off that outside of the us, all we get is exactly that

2018-10-28 10:35:42 UTC

Orange man bad

2018-10-28 10:35:55 UTC

Its all we get here too man

2018-10-28 10:36:05 UTC

My father would agree 80% with trump's politics

2018-10-28 10:36:34 UTC

My ma would probably be around 60%. But shes convinced the man is mega hitler.

2018-10-28 10:36:43 UTC

But since trump is LITERALLY Hitler, he just disapproves

2018-10-28 10:36:46 UTC


2018-10-28 10:37:40 UTC

But in the US you at least get some other, indipendent news. If my father can't even speak English, what other side can he see?

2018-10-28 10:37:51 UTC

Its amazing. My ma went on a tyrade about social security one time that was so scathing that it woudlve made ron paul blush, but she still votes straight dem.

2018-10-28 10:39:37 UTC

We are still stuck on the fact that trump is a racist. Point me to one racist politic from trump

2018-10-28 10:40:18 UTC

Well most people point to his treatment of mexican illigals, arguing that its racially motivated and everything else is a cover

2018-10-28 10:41:18 UTC

It's not racist, they are illegal. And my pa would somewhat want to do the same for the illegals in our country

2018-10-28 10:41:36 UTC

I mean, he wouldn't want them in.

2018-10-28 10:42:19 UTC

Yea, but people just claim the illigal thing is an excuse.

2018-10-28 10:42:40 UTC

Yeah but they are retarded

2018-10-28 10:42:53 UTC

What country are you from btw

2018-10-28 10:43:00 UTC

Considering how LEgal immigrants agree with him

2018-10-28 10:43:49 UTC

So I guess legal Mexicans are racist towards Mexican just like Kanye and black cops are racist towards blacks

2018-10-28 10:44:03 UTC

I'm from the pizza country

2018-10-28 10:44:41 UTC


2018-10-28 10:55:43 UTC

ugh my mum spouts bullshit about trump

2018-10-28 10:56:07 UTC

because all she sees on Facebook is "orange man bad <:NPC:500042735617703967>"

She probs sucks even more at British Polictics. Dumb cow.


2018-10-28 11:09:44 UTC

people really need to get off facebook

My facebook strat is if they aren't American they cannot talk about American Politics

Look at May and Corbyn

2018-10-28 11:10:50 UTC

yo that's my mum you're insulting

2018-10-28 11:10:56 UTC

I'll fite u

2018-10-28 11:15:02 UTC

actual conversation with my mum lol


Tell her your married to a Chinese woman

2018-10-28 11:38:03 UTC

@Fitzydog I really hate the right. They're filled with the most vile, awful hearted, and prude people to ever exist. They constantly tell you that they're better than the left and that the left won't leave them alone. They also tell you that "feelings don't matter", while mostly believing things that are based on feelings: think religion, gay rights, anti-science, global warming denial, yadayada...
They're set on making everything harder and less enjoyable for everyone, constantly ridiculing people for not being exactly like them, while calling themselves oppresed when called out on it.
As I've said they think "feelings don't matter", even thought that's 90% of all human matters, it's like saying "rebar doesn't matter when you're budling a concrete building".
Blaming others on their own mistakes.
They're mostly old men that are also poisoning the youth. Filled with violent sociopaths.
Seriously, they suck.
Thanks for reading my vent, I am excited to see all the faggots calling me an npc, reeeeeally fun

2018-10-28 11:43:01 UTC

what happened here?

KAden got into franti's head

2018-10-28 11:46:29 UTC

i had a feeling he was a leftist

2018-10-28 11:46:54 UTC

Its a copypasta to mess with fitzy

2018-10-28 11:47:06 UTC


franti stay away from that black poon, it's socialist

2018-10-28 11:50:22 UTC

Fuck. Im a sociopath now.

2018-10-28 11:50:42 UTC

Im finding out so much about myself from other people lately

2018-10-28 11:52:06 UTC

@Deleted User I have never hidden my lefties sympathies

2018-10-28 11:53:32 UTC

so i was right

2018-10-28 11:54:08 UTC

filthy communist

2018-10-28 11:54:11 UTC


2018-10-28 11:54:34 UTC

he has to resign

2018-10-28 11:55:11 UTC

No I dont have to

2018-10-28 11:55:13 UTC


2018-10-28 11:55:52 UTC

make me a mod to swing the balance back to the right, ez <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-10-28 12:00:47 UTC

:dollar:** Support Sargon of Akkad on Maker support and Patreon!** :dollar:



hey hey, ho ho, franti is a commie, he's got to go!

2018-10-28 12:30:06 UTC

it's for the best

2018-10-28 12:30:20 UTC

Hey guys

2018-10-28 12:30:24 UTC

Remember this?

2018-10-28 12:30:45 UTC

Ricin sent to Trump and Mattis in the mail <:think_woke:378717098681171988>

2018-10-28 12:30:46 UTC

yeah but right wing people are all nazis

2018-10-28 12:30:58 UTC

so they obviously deserve it

2018-10-28 12:32:25 UTC


2018-10-28 12:33:21 UTC

secretive, known to be effective method sent in the mail to republicans and not talked about very much, totally incompetent and highly ineffective method sent in the mail to democrats and talked about endlessly

2018-10-28 12:33:31 UTC


2018-10-28 12:47:48 UTC

council tax is £90/m apparently

2018-10-28 12:47:58 UTC

found a statement while looking for something else lol

2018-10-28 13:20:30 UTC



2018-10-28 13:23:06 UTC



2018-10-28 13:26:13 UTC

"we taught a lion to eat tofu!"

2018-10-28 13:26:23 UTC



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