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2018-07-23 03:21:54 UTC

But not as awful as some of the other subs

2018-07-23 03:22:13 UTC

The overwhelming majority of them are 16-20 y.o. white teenagers with social issues from the US or Western Europe who fell into the alt right because they craved a group to identify with

2018-07-23 03:22:14 UTC


2018-07-23 03:22:24 UTC

My favorite hate subreddit tbh

2018-07-23 03:22:30 UTC


2018-07-23 03:22:39 UTC

mde is an unironic hate subreddit

2018-07-23 03:22:40 UTC

Idk lsc is up there

2018-07-23 03:22:46 UTC

Oh boy

2018-07-23 03:22:52 UTC

Lemme tell you bout their discord

2018-07-23 03:22:54 UTC

It really is basically for spewing hate

2018-07-23 03:22:56 UTC


2018-07-23 03:22:57 UTC

What's LSC stand for ?

2018-07-23 03:23:01 UTC


2018-07-23 03:23:10 UTC

Gay commie subreddit

2018-07-23 03:23:19 UTC


2018-07-23 03:23:19 UTC

Blah blah your parents deserved the work camps

2018-07-23 03:23:24 UTC

Holodomor didn't happen

2018-07-23 03:23:28 UTC

That type of shit

2018-07-23 03:23:55 UTC

Stalin was a great dude :^)

2018-07-23 03:23:56 UTC

AgainstHatesubreddits Absolutely loves to false flag attack TD

2018-07-23 03:24:02 UTC

The floor was wiped with Cetronius. Never forget.

2018-07-23 03:24:08 UTC

They make fake posts on shit

2018-07-23 03:24:13 UTC

Like really obvious stuff

2018-07-23 03:24:17 UTC

Good thing the Republicans have all the guns, I know who I'm making friend with when the zombie apocalypse starts

2018-07-23 03:24:24 UTC


2018-07-23 03:24:26 UTC

1 min ago, 0 upvotes, brand new account

2018-07-23 03:24:32 UTC

But they eat it up

2018-07-23 03:24:57 UTC

I mean I'm hardly a republican but I might soon become one.

2018-07-23 03:24:58 UTC

I've seen a couple times where they had the edit button visible

2018-07-23 03:25:04 UTC


2018-07-23 03:25:06 UTC

Republican party is pretty bad

2018-07-23 03:25:18 UTC

Being independent is one of the best options you have

2018-07-23 03:25:20 UTC

I just mean conservatives

2018-07-23 03:25:24 UTC

I mean I'm center left

2018-07-23 03:25:31 UTC

Don't join a party

2018-07-23 03:25:38 UTC

Vote on policy

2018-07-23 03:25:46 UTC

If you don't like anyone, don't vote

2018-07-23 03:25:51 UTC

That's the plan

2018-07-23 03:25:58 UTC

I don't like the not voting thing

2018-07-23 03:26:02 UTC

I don't even care about a political party. I'm on Dan Carlin's martian squad. But I actually want to get a gun for self defense if this shit keeps up

2018-07-23 03:26:06 UTC

I'll take the lesser of 2 evils

2018-07-23 03:26:18 UTC

I need to buy a gun when I hit 21

2018-07-23 03:26:19 UTC

I don't like that

2018-07-23 03:26:32 UTC

It makes it seem like people like a person more than the other

2018-07-23 03:26:37 UTC

this just in

2018-07-23 03:26:42 UTC

sargon doesn't know how to make a fucking camera focus

2018-07-23 03:26:53 UTC

My politics are far right

2018-07-23 03:27:06 UTC

Might be his camera

2018-07-23 03:27:06 UTC

I mean Trump vs Bernie I would pick Bernie. Trump vs Hillary I'll pick Trump.

2018-07-23 03:27:21 UTC

But even then

2018-07-23 03:27:23 UTC

No you faggots not that gay far right

2018-07-23 03:27:26 UTC

I picked Bernie and boy was I dumb

2018-07-23 03:27:29 UTC

It's painful

2018-07-23 03:27:42 UTC

I mean same

2018-07-23 03:27:49 UTC

Far right ain't all Nazis

2018-07-23 03:27:58 UTC

Bless Trump for waking me up to the shit storm in the Democratic party

2018-07-23 03:28:12 UTC

@Hotzendorf Thanks mate.

2018-07-23 03:28:15 UTC

Just bless his soul

2018-07-23 03:28:24 UTC

@Hotzendorf I agree

2018-07-23 03:28:32 UTC

People always pretend like far right means super authoritarian

2018-07-23 03:28:34 UTC


2018-07-23 03:28:47 UTC

I'm far right economically

2018-07-23 03:28:57 UTC

Miss me with that gay authority shit

2018-07-23 03:29:20 UTC

Authority has its place

2018-07-23 03:29:33 UTC

Very limited place

2018-07-23 03:29:45 UTC

I'm not a weed "libertarian"

2018-07-23 03:30:09 UTC

Honestly far right people are pretty down to earth and hospitable. From my experience

2018-07-23 03:30:10 UTC

AKA most people who like to call themselves Libertarian

2018-07-23 03:30:17 UTC

Weed lmao

2018-07-23 03:30:20 UTC

I'm pretty close to libertarian

2018-07-23 03:30:33 UTC

Trust not American lolberts

2018-07-23 03:30:45 UTC

Many are just commies who read an economics textbook

2018-07-23 03:30:55 UTC

My drug policy is literally just for people to go ahead and kill em selves with drugs if they want to

2018-07-23 03:31:11 UTC

So Portugal

2018-07-23 03:31:12 UTC

Sure, but I'm not paying to clean up their corpses

2018-07-23 03:31:27 UTC

Pretty much

2018-07-23 03:31:30 UTC

And also not putting up with drug dealers on my street who are subhuman goblinoids

2018-07-23 03:31:31 UTC

And which drugs are cool?

2018-07-23 03:31:42 UTC

**yourmomsboytoy#2661** was cleansed from the server.

2018-07-23 03:31:45 UTC

Up to heroin more or less imo

2018-07-23 03:31:56 UTC

If you legalized it all, there would be no drug dealers

2018-07-23 03:31:57 UTC

Portugal is actually quite a nice example of what happens when you legalize everything

2018-07-23 03:32:07 UTC

It's also tiny

2018-07-23 03:32:10 UTC

You mean a positive example

2018-07-23 03:32:24 UTC

I would much rather all the money we waste on the war on drugs be used to help people do something better

2018-07-23 03:32:29 UTC

@kurosh There will always be a black market, even for legal things

2018-07-23 03:32:41 UTC

But there will be mexican cartel

2018-07-23 03:32:44 UTC


2018-07-23 03:32:49 UTC

ffs, there's a black market for timber, and that's fucking wood.

2018-07-23 03:32:55 UTC


2018-07-23 03:33:01 UTC

But i mean it's tiny

2018-07-23 03:33:12 UTC

Plenty of motherfuckers have died trying to steal timber

2018-07-23 03:33:18 UTC

It just takes the violence out of it

2018-07-23 03:33:23 UTC


2018-07-23 03:33:34 UTC

Taking the retards out of it takes the violence out

2018-07-23 03:33:41 UTC

The blackmarket around timber isn't as much proof that black markets will be around anything

2018-07-23 03:33:46 UTC

Removing some of the profit motive reduces the violence

2018-07-23 03:33:48 UTC

There are always going to be retards

2018-07-23 03:33:49 UTC

Albeit Portugal is a tiny example. I see net positives

2018-07-23 03:34:00 UTC

It's more proof that anything with regulations around it will have a black market

2018-07-23 03:34:09 UTC

@Hotzendorf There we go

2018-07-23 03:34:14 UTC

I think all lsd type drugs should be fair game along with cocaine

2018-07-23 03:34:25 UTC

But meth and heroin I think are too much

2018-07-23 03:34:38 UTC

I think anyone who deals drugs and is also on welfare should be drawn and quartered

2018-07-23 03:34:46 UTC

Too much? Most legal drugs are opioids

2018-07-23 03:34:51 UTC

Meth has its place in some industries, but that's limited

2018-07-23 03:35:14 UTC

Don't blame the drugs. blame the peoole

2018-07-23 03:35:59 UTC

Yes, they're fucking scum

2018-07-23 03:36:10 UTC

We need a better culture around these issues

2018-07-23 03:36:22 UTC


2018-07-23 03:36:27 UTC

I think killing for profit prisons is a good start

2018-07-23 03:36:30 UTC

Holland has a great culture for it

2018-07-23 03:36:33 UTC

There are people with drug issues that can't help themselves out of addictions

2018-07-23 03:36:37 UTC

After decriminalizing all drugs

2018-07-23 03:36:38 UTC

The people that push drugs ought to be treated like a pest problem that needs to be exterminated, not as persons who can be rehabilitated

2018-07-23 03:36:49 UTC

People who take drugs should be helped

2018-07-23 03:36:52 UTC

Most people in Holland don't even like marijuana even though it's legal. Just goes to show you

2018-07-23 03:36:53 UTC

They are inherently poor members of society

2018-07-23 03:36:56 UTC

But having harsh penalties for dealing heroin and meth.

2018-07-23 03:36:58 UTC

Drug dealers are bad people

2018-07-23 03:37:02 UTC

@Hotzendorf I'm fine with that on some level

2018-07-23 03:37:04 UTC


2018-07-23 03:37:14 UTC

Some of my friends are dealers. They aren't bad people

2018-07-23 03:37:21 UTC

Just not for people who get detoxed and go right back to using

2018-07-23 03:37:23 UTC

@kurosh that's a small single country with a very homogeneous culture

2018-07-23 03:37:32 UTC

@kurosh Is it their main source of income?

2018-07-23 03:37:36 UTC


2018-07-23 03:37:37 UTC

They're abusing people's addictions to their own profit

2018-07-23 03:37:44 UTC

They are not good members of society

2018-07-23 03:37:46 UTC

I don't think pot dealers are bad people

2018-07-23 03:37:49 UTC

Regardless of how nice they are

2018-07-23 03:37:58 UTC

They are a net drain on society

2018-07-23 03:38:04 UTC

How so?

2018-07-23 03:38:14 UTC

It’s happening

2018-07-23 03:38:16 UTC

I would rather blame the country for not legalizing it first before I blame the dealers

2018-07-23 03:38:25 UTC

Also fair

2018-07-23 03:38:29 UTC

Do you need drugs? No. They are selling people things that are bad for them that they do not need

2018-07-23 03:38:33 UTC


2018-07-23 03:38:34 UTC

Could you please use a proper link?

2018-07-23 03:38:38 UTC

Rouhani is a fucking joke

2018-07-23 03:38:41 UTC


2018-07-23 03:38:45 UTC

Time to nuke iran

2018-07-23 03:38:46 UTC

And do not usually provide benefits that outweigh the downsides

2018-07-23 03:38:51 UTC

I hope there's no war

2018-07-23 03:38:56 UTC

I got family there

2018-07-23 03:38:59 UTC

I mean do you need a TV?

2018-07-23 03:39:16 UTC


2018-07-23 03:39:20 UTC

@banestrum that's a poor argument

2018-07-23 03:39:42 UTC

Also all caps? Real classy Donald

2018-07-23 03:39:45 UTC

@Shurik What argument do you have for them providing a benefit?

2018-07-23 03:39:52 UTC

there are no valid arguments for criminalizing drug use

2018-07-23 03:40:01 UTC

or for keeping weed illegal

2018-07-23 03:40:27 UTC


2018-07-23 03:40:34 UTC

if a drug user

2018-07-23 03:40:44 UTC

comes and sit down on ur door step all day long

2018-07-23 03:40:52 UTC

shooting it up and going crazy

2018-07-23 03:41:07 UTC

no drugs make you "go crazy" that is media propaganda

2018-07-23 03:41:16 UTC

its simply not true

2018-07-23 03:41:19 UTC

im sure u would be so happy to wrap his vein tighter so he can shoot some more

2018-07-23 03:41:19 UTC

That's a problem with trespassing

2018-07-23 03:41:29 UTC

I don't need weed nor alcohol to have a fun time but every now and then it enhances the experience

2018-07-23 03:41:29 UTC

Tell them to fuck off

2018-07-23 03:41:32 UTC

none of the common street drugs cause psychosis in individuals with no prior history of mental illness

2018-07-23 03:41:32 UTC

And if they don't

2018-07-23 03:41:34 UTC

Make them

2018-07-23 03:41:39 UTC

Weed I personally do not care for, but I neither am angry enough about it nor do I have enough evidence to support criminalizing it, so legalize away

2018-07-23 03:41:51 UTC

Fentanyl will kill you before you crazy though

2018-07-23 03:41:55 UTC

I want all lsd and friends to be legal

2018-07-23 03:42:01 UTC

I mean meth will fuck you up

2018-07-23 03:42:19 UTC

@Hotzendorf See, the issue with things like that is that the drug use is just a small part of the bad person that is on your doorstep

2018-07-23 03:42:20 UTC

Vancouver has a huge fentanyl problem

2018-07-23 03:42:23 UTC

first of all being pro-alcohol anti-weed is a hypocritical stance since weed is objectively safer and has a far lower societal cost

2018-07-23 03:42:37 UTC

Also trespassing charges tend to just make people angry and hold a grudge

2018-07-23 03:43:09 UTC

It's not worth calling the cops on your methhead neighbor when they'll tell him to not do that and leave and he'll be right back with his inbred family in 10 minutes

2018-07-23 03:43:10 UTC

I mean just legalize it and tax the fuck out of it

2018-07-23 03:43:13 UTC

keep in mind that the actual net loss in productivity etc from drugs is usually negligible, its a few million per year compared to multi billion dollar industries

2018-07-23 03:43:23 UTC

Ok, add in medical costs

2018-07-23 03:43:34 UTC

From diseases, accidents, etc

2018-07-23 03:43:36 UTC

Industries that are above ground and provide jobs etc

2018-07-23 03:43:47 UTC

What diseases

2018-07-23 03:43:57 UTC

90-95% of all information you've ever recieved from the media on the topic of drugs is factually untrue

2018-07-23 03:44:06 UTC

Sharing needles and shit, as well as addiction treatment, if you count that as a disease

2018-07-23 03:44:06 UTC

drugs are bad

2018-07-23 03:44:18 UTC


2018-07-23 03:44:24 UTC

to this day they regularly repeat the same lies they already know are wrong from the 60's

2018-07-23 03:44:26 UTC

Dude that's hardly making a dent in the stats

2018-07-23 03:44:29 UTC

and they will fuck up your life

2018-07-23 03:44:42 UTC

And Vancouver actually has safe houses for clean needles

2018-07-23 03:44:42 UTC

So don't do em

2018-07-23 03:44:48 UTC

Other cities should follow

2018-07-23 03:44:50 UTC

But if you're dumb enough to do em

2018-07-23 03:44:53 UTC

Just die

2018-07-23 03:44:56 UTC


2018-07-23 03:44:57 UTC

@Deleted User some drugs are bad and will fuck up your life*

2018-07-23 03:45:06 UTC

weed is not a personality

2018-07-23 03:45:17 UTC

Literally my reasoning for legalizing even hard drugs

2018-07-23 03:45:17 UTC

Like I think lsd and shrooms are fine

2018-07-23 03:45:24 UTC

it does not make you interesting

2018-07-23 03:45:33 UTC

If you wanna kill yourself, be my guest

2018-07-23 03:45:55 UTC

We don't make shooting yourself in the head illegal

2018-07-23 03:46:02 UTC

PCP won't make you take on 15 cops bare naked, LSD has never killed anyone, marijuana isn't addictive, "bath salts" isn't even a real drug, and for the love of god, literally nobody is offering you or your kids free drugs

2018-07-23 03:46:05 UTC

@Hotzendorf I mean 15% of the population isn't smart enough to even follow basic instructions. We need to protect those people from themselves

2018-07-23 03:46:05 UTC

Why should shooting yourself in the vein to die be?

2018-07-23 03:46:06 UTC

To me "legal=/=socially acceptable

2018-07-23 03:46:19 UTC


2018-07-23 03:46:23 UTC

I don't think it should be socially acceptable

2018-07-23 03:46:27 UTC

legalism isnt a moral argument

2018-07-23 03:46:28 UTC

PCP is a drug for crazy people to begin with

2018-07-23 03:46:29 UTC

However it should be legal

2018-07-23 03:46:29 UTC

i agree

2018-07-23 03:46:39 UTC


2018-07-23 03:46:40 UTC

the law isn't the arbiter of morality

2018-07-23 03:46:46 UTC

I just got the dune reference

2018-07-23 03:46:49 UTC

It should be discouraged because it usually impedes human progress and productivity

2018-07-23 03:47:01 UTC


2018-07-23 03:47:02 UTC

I like how bakeon is the arbiter of truth.

2018-07-23 03:47:03 UTC

It should always be discouraged

2018-07-23 03:47:06 UTC

But legal

2018-07-23 03:47:12 UTC


2018-07-23 03:47:21 UTC

Because why the fuck should I care if Jimmy 15 IQ wants to do Meth?

2018-07-23 03:47:31 UTC

PCP had a very useful career as a medical treatment for people with schitzophrenia before it was schedule 1'd

2018-07-23 03:47:34 UTC

Because he's a human being and he doesn't know better.

2018-07-23 03:47:39 UTC

Sure, there are smart people who fall into addiction

2018-07-23 03:47:50 UTC

I would rather drugs fund some American corporation than the cartels my dude

2018-07-23 03:47:54 UTC

There is a very large reason I don't ever want to touch a drug in my life

2018-07-23 03:48:09 UTC

Like why don't we let 14 year olds drive cars. 14 year olds are stupid

2018-07-23 03:48:13 UTC

And that's because I'm genetically inclined towards addiction

2018-07-23 03:48:17 UTC

by the way virtually anything you get prescribed by a doctor will be worse for your health than any light drug like LSD of weed

2018-07-23 03:48:37 UTC

Yes, but I think people should dodge that shit as well

2018-07-23 03:48:47 UTC

No medication other than what is absolutely necessary

2018-07-23 03:49:01 UTC

I mean psychedelics permanently change your personality

2018-07-23 03:49:04 UTC

Painkillers are for bitches and gunshot victims

2018-07-23 03:49:08 UTC

I believe if you legalized it. Drug usage rates go down

2018-07-23 03:49:12 UTC

We need to cut down on painkillers

2018-07-23 03:49:16 UTC


2018-07-23 03:49:22 UTC

Opium wars 2.0

2018-07-23 03:49:24 UTC

there are lots of very helpful uses for drugs of all kinds but its important to have a nuanced discussion and not heap lots of very different and unrelated substances into the same bracket

2018-07-23 03:49:27 UTC

The US consumes way too many Opioids

2018-07-23 03:49:29 UTC

But this time in the new world

2018-07-23 03:49:44 UTC

We also produce all of em more or less

2018-07-23 03:49:49 UTC


2018-07-23 03:49:53 UTC

No we don't

2018-07-23 03:50:08 UTC

90% of Opium comes from Afghanistan iirc

2018-07-23 03:50:14 UTC

there is already an all-natural alternative to all opiates that is far less harmful and addictive and you'll never see it sold in stores because opiates are so profitable to big pharma

2018-07-23 03:50:19 UTC
2018-07-23 03:50:21 UTC

That place should be burned to the ground

2018-07-23 03:50:50 UTC

Tbh big pharma isn't that terrible

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