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2018-04-01 04:18:40 UTC

they're joining them together

2018-04-01 04:18:48 UTC

that's the worst possible idea I ever heard

2018-04-01 04:19:01 UTC

you see why, right?

2018-04-01 04:19:21 UTC


2018-04-01 04:19:27 UTC

if this chat was combined with 4chan it would not stay good very long, that's what will happen to the high priests

2018-04-01 04:19:28 UTC

it's good for the elders

2018-04-01 04:19:38 UTC

maybe not so good for the high priests

2018-04-01 04:19:55 UTC

yeah and they are the ones who actually know shit

2018-04-01 04:19:58 UTC

and have studied shit

2018-04-01 04:19:58 UTC

Even when devolved is correct, he's wrong.

2018-04-01 04:20:18 UTC

they are making sure the people who actually know shit do not have a separate space to discuss it

2018-04-01 04:20:32 UTC

so even the few people who remember pre-kimball mormonism will be immersed in hippie jesus

2018-04-01 04:20:38 UTC


2018-04-01 04:20:39 UTC

They'll have to make a discord server.

2018-04-01 04:20:46 UTC

you have a point there

2018-04-01 04:20:51 UTC


2018-04-01 04:20:58 UTC

You hadn't already thought of this?

2018-04-01 04:21:00 UTC

you don't even know what we're talking about

2018-04-01 04:21:21 UTC

I think I know more about it than you, just by reading it here.

2018-04-01 04:21:55 UTC

hush honey, let the big boys talk

2018-04-01 04:22:13 UTC

@devolved if I was actual satan and my goal was to destroy the church I couldn't think of a single better move

2018-04-01 04:22:16 UTC

At any rate, the principle of hierarchical dissolution having negative effects for both tiers is clear.

2018-04-01 04:22:27 UTC

combining HP and EQ is like assassination of the religion

2018-04-01 04:23:20 UTC

I like how you constantly think devolved is stupid and has a retardedly incorrect view of Mormonism yet now act like you care about what he thinks.

2018-04-01 04:23:42 UTC

yeah well this shit is so blatant I'm willing to set that aside

2018-04-01 04:23:45 UTC

i don't fully understand how this new system will work

2018-04-01 04:23:50 UTC

hint: it won't

2018-04-01 04:23:50 UTC

will it be ward-based

2018-04-01 04:23:52 UTC


2018-04-01 04:24:02 UTC

the high priest quorum was stake-based right

2018-04-01 04:24:11 UTC

it was just a second EQ almost

2018-04-01 04:24:14 UTC

I attended it before

2018-04-01 04:24:27 UTC

it's just older guys who were set apart as high priests (this is an actual priesthood rank), and had a separate quorum

2018-04-01 04:24:34 UTC

it literally is a different rank in the priesthood

2018-04-01 04:24:37 UTC

Are high prests higher or lower than grand wizards?

2018-04-01 04:24:41 UTC

but the quorum was for the whole stake right

2018-04-01 04:24:52 UTC

as opposed to the elders quorum which is just for the ward

2018-04-01 04:24:52 UTC

in my understanding it was ward to ward

2018-04-01 04:24:54 UTC


2018-04-01 04:25:06 UTC

the ones I went to were ward

2018-04-01 04:25:13 UTC

it's just like how young men go to a different meeting

2018-04-01 04:25:20 UTC

In December 1975 the First Presidency clarified that ward high priests groups function as part of the stake high priests quorum, with the stake president serving as president of the quorum and his counselors in the stake presidency serving as counselors in the quorum. Ward high priests group leaders function under the direction of the stake president.

2018-04-01 04:25:34 UTC

so they would meet by ward but the stake president was in charge

2018-04-01 04:25:36 UTC

got it

2018-04-01 04:25:56 UTC


2018-04-01 04:26:19 UTC

a possible positive benefit would be to have the older guys dropping some knowledge to the young men

2018-04-01 04:26:26 UTC

since most of the young men are pretty ignorant

2018-04-01 04:26:33 UTC

how is the LDS church not exactly on a trajectory that terminates at nondenominational/unitarian protestantism

2018-04-01 04:26:43 UTC

I am horrified how few people in the quorum know anything

2018-04-01 04:27:16 UTC

a guy said to me that he "never had any interest in deep doctrine, I just kinda show up lol," and I asked him, "what if 'deep doctrine' knowledge changed your understanding of what you actually have to DO to get into heaven?" and he just looked like he never thought of it before

2018-04-01 04:27:17 UTC

Is this the mormon Vatican II?

2018-04-01 04:27:22 UTC

these people are so mentally lazy they basically deserve it

2018-04-01 04:27:26 UTC

I hate to say

2018-04-01 04:27:40 UTC

showing up and saying "go team" once a week is not commitment

2018-04-01 04:27:48 UTC

and that's all 90% of these people do

2018-04-01 04:27:57 UTC

Most people are sensors.

2018-04-01 04:28:31 UTC

i've been made a priesthood teacher

2018-04-01 04:28:34 UTC

been called

2018-04-01 04:28:35 UTC


2018-04-01 04:28:39 UTC

Anyway; how about them Red Sox?

2018-04-01 04:28:43 UTC

so i guess i'll be teaching to the high priests now?

2018-04-01 04:28:47 UTC

nobody cares about your MBTI autism wild

2018-04-01 04:28:49 UTC


2018-04-01 04:28:54 UTC

You do.

2018-04-01 04:29:32 UTC

@devolved I'm not sure if that's the case, might just be EQ, but now yeah under the new retard system you will probably

2018-04-01 04:29:35 UTC

devolved, how can you teach?

2018-04-01 04:29:40 UTC

Are you going to point at pictures?

2018-04-01 04:29:55 UTC

i can be talkative in person

2018-04-01 04:30:07 UTC

but most of teaching is trying to get the EQ to answer questions

2018-04-01 04:30:10 UTC

@devolved the new curriculum is basically just talking about last season's conference talks, which are just stories about being Nice 😃

2018-04-01 04:30:20 UTC

yeah well i don't follow that curriculum

2018-04-01 04:30:30 UTC

it requires literally no knowledge of scripture, doctrine, revealed anything

2018-04-01 04:30:31 UTC

i try to actually touch on some interesting points of doctrine and stuff

2018-04-01 04:30:37 UTC

and scripture

2018-04-01 04:30:47 UTC

What happens if you talk to a normal mormon about how black people are cursed by God?

2018-04-01 04:30:53 UTC

they sperg

2018-04-01 04:30:56 UTC

and act like you are wrong

2018-04-01 04:31:03 UTC

haven't tried it yet

2018-04-01 04:31:05 UTC

then you show them in the book where it says it, and where brigham young said it too

2018-04-01 04:31:09 UTC

and they say you're wrong still

2018-04-01 04:31:10 UTC

there's a white guy with a black girlfriend in my ward

2018-04-01 04:31:18 UTC

Brigham Young said he should be killed

2018-04-01 04:31:30 UTC

hopefully they haven't mixed seeds yet

2018-04-01 04:31:47 UTC

the fastest way to get ex'd I understand is to start teaching out of JoD

2018-04-01 04:31:58 UTC

or History of the Church

2018-04-01 04:32:36 UTC

look up what Smith and Young actually *said*, and then *say that,* and then tell them *who said it,* and you're out

2018-04-01 04:32:50 UTC

Why don't you do that?

2018-04-01 04:32:55 UTC

I have no intention to get ex'd

2018-04-01 04:33:38 UTC

Will it impede you from eternal love from Aryan Jesus?

2018-04-01 04:33:48 UTC

I dunno, let me look it up

2018-04-01 04:34:09 UTC

you are such a nasty piece of shit, and everything you say is in bad faith

2018-04-01 04:34:13 UTC

You have an Eternal Love from Aryan Jesus study guide?

2018-04-01 04:34:21 UTC

Will you send it to me?

2018-04-01 04:34:25 UTC

I should've taken your offer to meet

2018-04-01 04:34:53 UTC

You never met yarfy either right?

2018-04-01 04:35:01 UTC


2018-04-01 04:35:04 UTC


2018-04-01 04:35:17 UTC

We would have been something.

2018-04-01 04:35:18 UTC

I should've broken you

2018-04-01 04:35:43 UTC

Sticks and stones may break my bones

2018-04-01 05:49:22 UTC

@Exilarch the more i think about this the more i agree with you

2018-04-01 05:49:32 UTC


2018-04-01 05:49:57 UTC

this change in the elders/HP quorum

2018-04-01 05:50:16 UTC

i'm thinking it's designed to address smaller, less active wards

2018-04-01 05:50:27 UTC

ie, probably third world wards

2018-04-01 05:50:52 UTC

for small wards without many worthy males it makes sense

2018-04-01 05:51:09 UTC

for big healthy wards in utah and idaho it doesn't make any sense

2018-04-01 06:02:30 UTC

dalit wards

2018-04-01 06:02:32 UTC


2018-04-01 06:02:56 UTC

they are ruining Utah and Idaho for the sake of people who, racially, should not even have had the gospel preached to them in the first place according to Moses 7

2018-04-01 06:03:56 UTC

i'm watching the conference now

2018-04-01 06:04:05 UTC

they basically say this

2018-04-01 06:04:32 UTC

"we went to [shithole] and there weren't enough ordained males so the elders and high priests had a quorum together"

2018-04-01 06:14:03 UTC

how did we go from "it's really best for you to strengthen the membership where you already are, don't immigrate" to "refugees welcome! #lovewins" in like 3 years' time

2018-04-01 06:14:33 UTC

ask yourself this - they say all of these new policies are divinely inspired, okay, which divine being came and told them to do it? did they have any signs, or tokens?

2018-04-01 06:14:40 UTC

did they introduce themselves? did they shake hands?

2018-04-01 06:14:59 UTC

it's obviously just their administrative change and they said God said it

2018-04-01 06:15:25 UTC

Joseph Smith wrote out elaborate ways to figure out if a divine messenger was legit or not, because they dealt with so much supernatural that this was an actual problem they faced

2018-04-01 06:15:47 UTC

when was the last time that happened to any LDS apostles or prophets?

2018-04-01 06:16:02 UTC

even look up Kimball's priesthood ban lifting

2018-04-01 06:16:09 UTC

they just got a good feeling and decided God said it

2018-04-01 06:16:12 UTC

look in any interview

2018-04-01 06:16:49 UTC

meanwhile Joseph was coached for hours at a time by angels physically visiting him, just hanging out in his room explaining doctrine after doctrine

2018-04-01 06:17:07 UTC

but now somebody just gets a warm fuzzy and God said it?

2018-04-01 06:17:46 UTC

I literally have no choice but to forsake the modern church because my belief in the early restored church is too strong

2018-04-01 06:17:55 UTC

and it's obvious God is not talking to these people anymore

2018-04-01 06:27:26 UTC

le 56% church

2018-04-01 06:27:31 UTC


2018-04-01 10:21:47 UTC


2018-04-01 14:13:23 UTC

@Mother at least each has an accurate username.

2018-04-01 14:16:44 UTC

I wonder what it's like to be a Jew, looking at the goyim.

2018-04-01 14:17:07 UTC

How many of them converted to belief in a heretic of one's own religion and adopted names out of Hebrew.

2018-04-01 14:18:48 UTC

To look at these Anglo-Irish people claiming to be descendants from ancient Semites.

2018-04-01 14:19:15 UTC

Or claiming that Semitic speaking Semites were actually Aryan.

2018-04-01 14:19:33 UTC

Goys were the first cultural appropriators.

2018-04-01 14:33:26 UTC

check this out @diversity_is_racism

2018-04-01 14:33:29 UTC


2018-04-01 14:34:02 UTC

@diversity_is_racism Not only is he baptizing Nigerians, he's complaining about the israeli treatment of palestinians

2018-04-01 14:35:04 UTC

"Pope Francis on Saturday led an Easter vigil service, baptizing eight adults, including a formerly undocumented Nigerian migrant beggar who became a hero when he disarmed an Italian thief wielding a cleaver. "

2018-04-01 14:35:17 UTC

(((Italian))) thief

2018-04-01 14:35:42 UTC

That should be the new line.

2018-04-01 14:35:52 UTC

Import heroic Nigerians to disarm the violent ones.

2018-04-01 14:36:24 UTC

@Mother I don't think so.

2018-04-01 14:36:44 UTC

@Mother It isn't normal for one people to displace another in their own religion.

2018-04-01 14:37:55 UTC

"An Italian Carabinieri police captain who worked in the neighborhood, Nunzio Carbone, was his godfather, or sponsor, at Saturday’s baptism service.

Carbone and his fellow policemen helped Ogah get his immigration papers. The Nigerian now works as a stockman at a warehouse for a charity organization. "

2018-04-01 14:38:13 UTC

Bet it's a pro-migration charity.

2018-04-01 14:38:29 UTC

This is so pozzed.

2018-04-01 14:38:49 UTC

They find one migrant who actually isn't a criminal and throw open the Vatican to him.

2018-04-01 14:39:29 UTC

Although being a former illegal immigrant I suppose he was a criminal <:smug:368620082198216704>

2018-04-01 14:40:34 UTC

I'm sure his children will be law-abiding Italians.

2018-04-01 14:53:53 UTC

Waiting for miracles at this point.

2018-04-01 15:13:44 UTC

Modern idea of "Semitism' has nothing in common with the ancient world

2018-04-01 15:15:07 UTC

Ancient Levant was composed of several distinct cultures such as Hellenic, Semitic, Assyrian-Armenian-Babylonian type, the Canaanite world and all non-Jewish polities existing from Judea to Galilee, as well as pagan herding cultures living in the Arabian peninsula

2018-04-01 15:15:40 UTC

Then we move towards Berbers, Hellenes and Egyptians living from Egypt to Mauritania, the Nubians, Phoenicians, Carthagians

2018-04-01 15:16:14 UTC

No, it has a lot in common.

2018-04-01 15:16:25 UTC

this was obviously a meeting place of distinct strains of races, types, derivations, spiritual outlooks

2018-04-01 15:16:37 UTC

Semitic peoples shared then, as they do now, a commonality of language and race.

2018-04-01 15:16:55 UTC

It ain'nt necesarily sooooooo

2018-04-01 15:17:15 UTC

"Semitic peoples' yes, but ancient Levant wasn't even majority semitic to begin with

2018-04-01 15:17:29 UTC

This is like saying because Germans are different from Russians, "indo-European" isn't a viable category.

2018-04-01 15:17:38 UTC

It's noise.

2018-04-01 15:17:48 UTC

Moderns when they say "Semitic" they apply it to historical period as if all Middle East was some kind of natural semitic breeding ground

2018-04-01 15:18:07 UTC

That allows not so clever types such as Varg to declare that Semites hate nature and everything because they live in desert

2018-04-01 15:18:28 UTC

Forgetting that the "desert" was a polytheist place for thousands of years

2018-04-01 15:18:42 UTC

With cults similar or not similar to European ones

2018-04-01 15:18:56 UTC

That's nice.

2018-04-01 15:19:46 UTC

Canaanites for example praised El and the goddess Asherah in a pretty "Roman" fashion

2018-04-01 15:20:07 UTC

Erecting altars under tree shades and offering sacrifices

2018-04-01 15:20:16 UTC

i was talking about Semites and then you popped in saying not all middle easterners were semites.

2018-04-01 15:20:23 UTC

Has nothing to do with what I was saying.

2018-04-01 15:20:58 UTC

Yes, but I began with "Modern idea of semitism...." not mentioning you specifically at all

2018-04-01 15:21:09 UTC

So you were talking to yourself at me?

2018-04-01 15:21:15 UTC

are you an academic?

2018-04-01 15:21:23 UTC


2018-04-01 15:21:29 UTC

You should be.

2018-04-01 15:22:07 UTC

"Ideal-types" that intellectuals tend to harbor tend to distort things, sometimes fatally

2018-04-01 15:22:48 UTC

You see yourself as more pragmatic?

2018-04-01 15:22:56 UTC

Hey, what's up?

2018-04-01 15:23:02 UTC

My cock.

2018-04-01 15:23:22 UTC

No, I do not mean to propose pragmatism, but sensibility

2018-04-01 15:23:30 UTC


2018-04-01 15:23:53 UTC

I refuse these ideal types where "Middle East" is a Semitic dominion, and so on

2018-04-01 15:24:41 UTC

Because we have a much richer historical picture. Europeans are doing themselves a great disservice. Apparently Jews are the most rightful claimants to middle-east and basically "define" the place according to modern European dimwits which is a crime

2018-04-01 15:24:44 UTC

You know guys, in Spain we have these processions and we carry around religious images through cities and I think there was a guy vlogging about it because he thought the people on the processions were the KKK lol

2018-04-01 15:24:50 UTC

Whatever happened with Alexander for example?

2018-04-01 15:25:33 UTC

Yeah, Europeans aren't respecting their prior history of Rome and Greece.

2018-04-01 15:26:13 UTC

Of course, I do not mean to berate Jews in themselves for no reason, I only intent to have a more clear and less contemporary geo-political view of historical process in general

2018-04-01 15:26:28 UTC

Europeans have focus on Jewish history due to Christianity.

2018-04-01 15:26:43 UTC

They care more about ancient Jews than greeks.

2018-04-01 15:27:02 UTC

Especially Germanics.

2018-04-01 15:27:10 UTC

Jews are or were simply one among many nations of Levant, not to mention of wider Near East

2018-04-01 15:27:47 UTC

It's not like babylon and phoenicia still exist.

2018-04-01 15:27:58 UTC

There are Jews, Arabs, and irrelevant fart people.

2018-04-01 15:28:30 UTC

That is precisely why moderns tend to emphasize that which is still "living", it is a simple reflex

2018-04-01 15:28:50 UTC

And semi-consciouslly rewrite everything in accordance

2018-04-01 15:29:11 UTC

SO suddenly we have Jews as a chief historical motor of the region, not simply a people struggling to go by

2018-04-01 15:29:24 UTC

Well it is difficult to speak against Israel in favor of Babylonian historical claims when there are no Babylonians.

2018-04-01 15:29:54 UTC

Egyptians for example in thousands of years of their life in vicinity of them, scarcely ever bothered to mention Jews by name

2018-04-01 15:30:09 UTC

If Jews were such key protagonists surely they would've earned more account

2018-04-01 15:30:33 UTC

Personally I think irrendentism as moral justification is pathetic.

2018-04-01 15:30:47 UTC

Conquering is either good or it isn't.

2018-04-01 15:31:10 UTC

Whether people vaguely related to the people doing the conquering ever once conquered it means nothing to me.

2018-04-01 15:31:22 UTC

Irredentism is just one of those subconscious mechanisms, behind which a true will hides

2018-04-01 15:32:26 UTC

Jews should just say "We have higher IQs and group solidarity than Palestinians, plus we have psychological control over the goys and their weaponry. Blow us, camel drivers."

2018-04-01 15:32:38 UTC

Instead of "Muh holocaust, muh Israel!"

2018-04-01 15:34:30 UTC

We yet need to prove that Jews have been mistaken in following their own logic

2018-04-01 15:35:11 UTC

In fact, it is unnecessary. It is enough to see them as detrimental.

2018-04-01 15:35:53 UTC

They are undoubtedly a nation that profits the most from every aspect of the new world order, and it is only naturally to expect they will defend it most bitterly

2018-04-01 15:36:51 UTC

It is having rebounded deleterious effects on Israel.

2018-04-01 15:37:37 UTC

Plus I have heard American Jews marry goys at a rate higher than 50%.

2018-04-01 15:38:20 UTC

Israel is either the greatest Jewish feat, or the greatest blunder, time will tell

2018-04-01 15:38:26 UTC

Jewishness as a race is going the way all other light-skinned ones are.

2018-04-01 15:38:35 UTC

As a mentality or spirit, we shall see.

2018-04-01 15:38:54 UTC

One could say it's been universalized as left-leaning capitalism.

2018-04-01 15:41:21 UTC

Fragility of Israel is underestimated - in relation to its dependence on European economical power and control of resources

2018-04-01 15:41:43 UTC

Israel must account to work at a double place to secure (rip off from others) resources it might need in the future

2018-04-01 15:42:32 UTC

Modern Israel is to such an extent conceived upon being a modern techno-state supported by giant cash injections that it is not difficult to understand what Israeli rulers project for the future

2018-04-01 15:44:27 UTC

Israel's economy is smaller than that of Czech Republic for example, and yet they maintain a huger and modern army. Where does that come from?

I've had someone unironically argue that Israel possessing nukes is enough to ensure its survival. Hearty laughs were had.

Actually multiple people

2018-04-01 16:07:53 UTC

I was speaking of the Jewish nature of the nation.

2018-04-01 16:08:16 UTC

Of course it could exist as a mid east America.

2018-04-01 16:09:22 UTC

A direction even the Arab states are going towards.

2018-04-01 16:13:08 UTC

The future of the world is miscegenation with African population explosion, finalizing all societies as a mass of mixed race Sudra relating to each other only through the economy, as a small elite of cynical, less-mixed vaishya live isolated from them, eternally afraid of falling into their ranks.

2018-04-01 16:14:30 UTC

What Marx wrote about capitalism become reality.

2018-04-01 16:14:40 UTC

Only there will be no proletarian revolution.

2018-04-01 16:15:02 UTC

Nor any aristocratic revival.

Yeah no

2018-04-01 16:22:43 UTC


Lmao ur dumb

2018-04-01 16:58:23 UTC

@Exilarch The diversity in leadership should help broaden conversations about race and ethnicity and add new prisms through which the gospel is viewed, said Ignacio Garcia, a professor of Western and Latino history at Mormon-owned Brigham Young University.

Making a sports analogy, Garcia said the religion has many great minority leaders on the "bench"(mid-tier leadership councils) and now for first time, two in the "starting lineup" (Quorum of the Twelve).

It's likely an indication of the religion's future since indigenous members are who will help sustain the church going forward, Garcia said.

"Those are the ones that are growing: black and brown and Asian," he said. "That's the future of the church."

2018-04-01 17:34:04 UTC

Hell is their future

2018-04-01 17:34:10 UTC


2018-04-01 17:54:01 UTC

"indigenous members"

2018-04-01 17:54:09 UTC


2018-04-01 17:54:51 UTC

Does he know what that English word means?

2018-04-01 17:56:40 UTC

"He has written on Chicano political parties, the John F. Kennedy presidential campaign as it relates to Latinos, a biography on Hector P. García, an American civil rights icon, the first Mexican American civil rights case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the impact of sports in the Mexican American community."

2018-04-01 17:57:18 UTC

"His book When Mexicans Could Play Ball has been optioned for a feature film depicting the unlikely journey of a Mexican American high school basketball team to win Texas state titles in 1943 & 1945."

2018-04-01 17:57:37 UTC

Yeah, back before they had to face Africans.

2018-04-01 17:58:14 UTC

He wrote an entire book on Mexican high school basketball.

2018-04-01 17:58:55 UTC

Sounds like a Methodist.


2018-04-01 18:57:03 UTC

Are you being devolved-like today?

2018-04-01 19:22:47 UTC

is firefox getting worse or what

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