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2017-10-01 23:19:33 UTC

he has none

2017-10-01 23:19:46 UTC

or else he would have already posted them

2017-10-01 23:20:24 UTC

isnt ethnonationalism against libertarianism and capitalism? since it requires death camps?

no referendum for commies today

2017-10-01 23:21:14 UTC

Japan's government is based on america.

ethno-nationalism only require closed border

2017-10-01 23:21:24 UTC

A loooooot

2017-10-01 23:21:33 UTC

and deportation of blacks to them

when its homogenous

2017-10-01 23:21:41 UTC

was he force muted?

2017-10-01 23:21:42 UTC


2017-10-01 23:21:57 UTC

japan is amercia government with less rights for criminals and the like

2017-10-01 23:22:05 UTC

also no guns no ultimate freedom of speech

2017-10-01 23:22:15 UTC

Japanese are superior to most white ethnicities

2017-10-01 23:22:21 UTC

Except the Germanic Europeans, etc

2017-10-01 23:22:25 UTC

30 days of interrogation in solitary without indictment or evidence

2017-10-01 23:22:36 UTC

in america its 11 with slight evidence

2017-10-01 23:22:47 UTC

Japan also gets to thrive a lot because they dint have to fund defense because of us. I dunno howd they be if they had that burden to bear

2017-10-01 23:22:57 UTC

That was a very nice red pill there Vec

keynesianism cause depression

2017-10-01 23:23:34 UTC

Japan was doing fine up until the Second World War

gaz all the keynesians

2017-10-01 23:23:45 UTC


2017-10-01 23:23:46 UTC

They went from a 16th century society to a modern one within half a century

finding the others

2017-10-01 23:23:55 UTC

From 1853 - 1905

need to edit them as well

2017-10-01 23:24:02 UTC

Then they beat up the Russians ...

2017-10-01 23:24:04 UTC

I dont know how Japan manages to work their workers so hard considering its not like america where ull get replaced by Pablo if u dont take what they give you

pinguy is retarded

just sending these to antifa could kill you

because they have my NI on them

2017-10-01 23:24:39 UTC

because the Japanese are driven to suicide from working so hard. Dating and family life is struggling. A lt of people would blame that on the degeneracy

at least sensor your fucking name

google my nic name

Everyone on here knows who I am

2017-10-01 23:25:12 UTC

say your qualifications

2017-10-01 23:25:13 UTC


2017-10-01 23:25:16 UTC


2017-10-01 23:25:41 UTC

blacks arent jews wtf

2017-10-01 23:25:42 UTC

@Jackypacky Pinguy made his own OS

2017-10-01 23:25:43 UTC


But I am the dumb fuck on here

2017-10-01 23:25:50 UTC


2017-10-01 23:25:51 UTC


israel is more ethno-nationalist than nazi germany

israel have roads based on race

and its legal to kick palestinian childrens if you want

2017-10-01 23:27:23 UTC

its amazing how jewish israel is considering it hasnt been around so long

I also make cool shit. I have been able to make e-ink play video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmJEUXFyqOQ

2017-10-01 23:27:39 UTC

nvm then

>ethno religious state


2017-10-01 23:28:46 UTC

i think this debate is over

i want a catholic ethno-state

2017-10-01 23:29:03 UTC

i have a question: isnt it anti libertarian and anti capitalist to have death camps?

2017-10-01 23:29:08 UTC

for ethnonationalism

@Jackypacky not if the gaz chambers are privatly owned

2017-10-01 23:29:41 UTC

what do we do about the gay white people?

2017-10-01 23:29:42 UTC

we wont have daeath camps ya dink

2017-10-01 23:29:45 UTC

neither did hitler

2017-10-01 23:29:46 UTC

privately owned gas chambers

2017-10-01 23:29:57 UTC

we want expulsion or balkainzatrion

2017-10-01 23:30:07 UTC

we're not genociding anymore if we dont have to

2017-10-01 23:30:08 UTC

is that capitalist?

2017-10-01 23:30:13 UTC

deporting all blacks

2017-10-01 23:30:13 UTC

leave or die, its a fair deal

2017-10-01 23:30:20 UTC

regardless of merit

2017-10-01 23:30:26 UTC

no ont regarldess

2017-10-01 23:30:30 UTC

why not deport all poor

2017-10-01 23:30:31 UTC

the ones that dont pass the big test

2017-10-01 23:30:31 UTC

@vec I wanna genocide a little bit :/

2017-10-01 23:30:34 UTC

thats more capitalist

2017-10-01 23:30:36 UTC

where can they leave, pinguy brought up a good point, if no other country wants them where do you send them?

2017-10-01 23:30:37 UTC


2017-10-01 23:30:38 UTC

or deport all low iq

2017-10-01 23:30:40 UTC


2017-10-01 23:30:47 UTC

if we do that its like 95% blax bro

2017-10-01 23:30:51 UTC


2017-10-01 23:30:53 UTC

~75 aggreate IQ

2017-10-01 23:30:56 UTC


2017-10-01 23:30:58 UTC

but its better

2017-10-01 23:31:03 UTC

than deporting all blacks

@lookcook don't try using logic

2017-10-01 23:31:11 UTC

it will still be called racist insane policy

2017-10-01 23:31:13 UTC

because we wont use skin colour as proxy

2017-10-01 23:31:15 UTC

WHERE do we deport the low iq

2017-10-01 23:31:17 UTC

for iq and success

2017-10-01 23:31:42 UTC

if no other countries want these shitty people, how can we deport them

2017-10-01 23:31:43 UTC

can we get a pinguy flowchart?

2017-10-01 23:31:55 UTC
2017-10-01 23:32:00 UTC

lmao please

2017-10-01 23:32:05 UTC

do it!

2017-10-01 23:32:14 UTC


2017-10-01 23:32:22 UTC

do we have a recording?

2017-10-01 23:32:25 UTC

I hope so

2017-10-01 23:32:26 UTC


2017-10-01 23:32:36 UTC

@sithfreeman i have a serious question, a bunch of solutions are deporting the blacks etc. how can we deport of noone wants them

2017-10-01 23:32:37 UTC


2017-10-01 23:32:42 UTC

no country wants these people

2017-10-01 23:32:45 UTC

so how can we deport them

i dont think pinguy IQ is above 2 digit

2017-10-01 23:33:23 UTC

not even south korea wants the north

2017-10-01 23:33:41 UTC

My professor defined racism as, embracing white supremacy. Thoughts?

2017-10-01 23:33:47 UTC

Send them to the afterlife

2017-10-01 23:33:50 UTC

@lookcook throw them in the ocean

do you know what. Was going to post my IQ. But fuck that

2017-10-01 23:34:14 UTC

@cottonclaws if that's his definition he's too stupid to be a professor

2017-10-01 23:34:14 UTC


2017-10-01 23:34:34 UTC

the government of that low iq country doesnt want them

2017-10-01 23:35:03 UTC


Did mensa, but it costs money. I did it because it would be good on a CV. But you have to pay mensa every year for the upkeep. So its dumb to do the test

2017-10-01 23:35:16 UTC


2017-10-01 23:35:23 UTC

this was posted unironically, they actually think this was HRC


2017-10-01 23:35:31 UTC

what if their "home country" doesnt want them, if they are third gen

i support famillial responsability

2017-10-01 23:36:22 UTC

@Walter completely agreed... we've been learning about Marx and Fanon and the benefits of their theories... then she pushed that definition onto us.

no one here seems to understand citizenship, or what it means

2017-10-01 23:37:14 UTC

they would become illegals in africa


2017-10-01 23:38:09 UTC


2017-10-01 23:38:14 UTC


2017-10-01 23:38:14 UTC

youre next

2017-10-01 23:38:21 UTC


inflation. learn it

2017-10-01 23:38:28 UTC

"learn it"

2017-10-01 23:38:30 UTC

lol what?

they are talking about money in the 60's

2017-10-01 23:38:52 UTC

so we are just giving these people to africa, africa doesnt want them, africa doesnt have the power to send them back and fight america. is that what we are doing?

2017-10-01 23:39:03 UTC

That's something you instinctively understand in 2nd grade if your IQ > 105

2017-10-01 23:39:15 UTC


housing inflation since the 60's has gone up by nearly 1000%

2017-10-01 23:39:15 UTC
2017-10-01 23:39:18 UTC

snax wut

2017-10-01 23:39:28 UTC

Can't be helped that you're slow 😦

2017-10-01 23:39:34 UTC


2017-10-01 23:39:35 UTC

Debate night at "The Right Server"; Screaming and yelling because you disagree

2017-10-01 23:39:38 UTC

"I feel like you're a degenerate and that's why you're wrong"

2017-10-01 23:39:43 UTC


2017-10-01 23:39:54 UTC


2017-10-01 23:40:00 UTC

Not while he's talking

2017-10-01 23:40:08 UTC

holy fuck this kid is loud as fuck

2017-10-01 23:40:13 UTC

gotta hear the full reatarded response

2017-10-01 23:40:16 UTC

Asians arent good at being socialable. They are good at test tho. May just be that their schools at home are beter

2017-10-01 23:40:19 UTC


2017-10-01 23:40:20 UTC

Negroes get bonus points on the SAT

peoples give bonus point by race in the education system

2017-10-01 23:40:33 UTC

@sithfreeman you let him AD HOMINEM and then APPEAL TO EMOTION

2017-10-01 23:40:36 UTC

this is retarded

2017-10-01 23:40:37 UTC

can we just stop screaming, and stop derailing

2017-10-01 23:40:45 UTC

we're getting into the meta of it

when there is a free moment I would like to talk

2017-10-01 23:40:58 UTC

little arguments that have NO BEARING on the main argument

2017-10-01 23:41:05 UTC


2017-10-01 23:41:09 UTC


2017-10-01 23:41:57 UTC

Can we have 10 seconds of silence?

2017-10-01 23:42:05 UTC

@Nationalist Crusader IV can you turn your mic down holy fuck

2017-10-01 23:42:11 UTC

Like, that's a legit method for debate etiquette

2017-10-01 23:42:24 UTC

@Polygon i muted my mic

2017-10-01 23:42:40 UTC

that's cool and all but when you talk you're so much louder than everyone else

2017-10-01 23:43:04 UTC

universities lower their standard when students are failing all the time

2017-10-01 23:43:25 UTC

it's a circular feedback; dindus fail, university lower standards for dindus to pass, dindus fail again

2017-10-01 23:43:41 UTC

asians lose out on quotas

its turned into who can shout the loudest

2017-10-01 23:43:55 UTC

in UK atleast

2017-10-01 23:44:12 UTC

@Nationalist Crusader IV UWEC, UW Oshkosh, most of the UW system has high school level classes

2017-10-01 23:44:36 UTC

i have a question for the debate

there is a thing called diversity passes

2017-10-01 23:44:55 UTC

@Jackypacky @ a mod

2017-10-01 23:45:08 UTC


2017-10-01 23:45:10 UTC

no, they probably think this isnt derailed

2017-10-01 23:45:13 UTC

@🐧🐧 Pingu 🐧🐧 you mean like affirmative action that requires a certain amount of minorities to pass, right?

2017-10-01 23:45:24 UTC

or use voice if you can

2017-10-01 23:45:26 UTC

uh did every chat just disappear

I think diversity passes are racist as fuck

2017-10-01 23:45:50 UTC

i can only see this and educational

2017-10-01 23:45:57 UTC

this is derailed

2017-10-01 23:46:00 UTC

can you all just stop shouting holy shit

2017-10-01 23:46:11 UTC


2017-10-01 23:46:13 UTC

Wish people would be quiet and let everyone voice their retarded opinions

2017-10-01 23:46:13 UTC

mute this nigger civilized potato farmer sounds like a potato nigger

2017-10-01 23:46:28 UTC

we gon get loud

2017-10-01 23:46:30 UTC

deal wit it

2017-10-01 23:46:49 UTC

we bring it down tho

need a piss

2017-10-01 23:47:40 UTC

@Nationalist Crusader IV @WingALingDragon is this just private college vs public?

2017-10-01 23:47:50 UTC

@lookcook no it'

2017-10-01 23:47:59 UTC

it's whether college is worthwhile

2017-10-01 23:48:07 UTC

really it's noit

safe zones

2017-10-01 23:49:20 UTC


2017-10-01 23:49:25 UTC


2017-10-01 23:49:26 UTC


2017-10-01 23:49:33 UTC

Im white and im getting paid to get a bachelors at a state school. In NY

2017-10-01 23:49:38 UTC

its kind of sad.

2017-10-01 23:51:39 UTC

not really

2017-10-01 23:51:48 UTC

Right now the government is giving me more money than it takes to pay for an undergraduate degree to to go college

2017-10-01 23:52:02 UTC

and im not even a minority

2017-10-01 23:52:02 UTC

Please mute the obviously disruptive people, and continue without them for the time being

2017-10-01 23:52:10 UTC

@🎭🎡 and how did you manage that

2017-10-01 23:52:35 UTC

@Gobe my dad's poor. I'll probably get less money cuz he's doing better

2017-10-01 23:53:00 UTC

i dont think i understand

2017-10-01 23:53:07 UTC

even then i should be able to get more than tuition costs still

2017-10-01 23:53:14 UTC

i have to keep over a 3.0. I do commute to the shcool

2017-10-01 23:53:18 UTC

@vec I need you opinion. So white people can't say nigger or nigga according to black people. White people invented the word, so black people using it is kinda appropriating white culture.

2017-10-01 23:53:23 UTC

if i paid for a dorm i would be in a lot of debt

2017-10-01 23:53:30 UTC

the droms are like 3 times the price of tuition

actual good college degree require 115 IQ

2017-10-01 23:53:51 UTC

Thanks for muting me

2017-10-01 23:53:57 UTC

>disagrees with you

2017-10-01 23:53:59 UTC

>mutes you

2017-10-01 23:54:03 UTC


2017-10-01 23:54:07 UTC

@vec can I get a real quick point for you guys?

>spams mic

2017-10-01 23:54:11 UTC

@WingALingDragon Because I won't be able to get my point across in voice chat, I wanna just say it to you here:
You wouldn't have had to "spend 45 minutes" going over the individual classes, you could've made a huge difference in 5 words, instead of saying "college is meaningless", you could've said "a portion of classes are meaningless." You could've went into the inflation of the amount of degrees, etc.

The truth is, with technology and the average intelligence will go up overtime, with more people going to college, physical labor becoming automated, and degrees subsequently becoming worth less.

>gets muted

>reeeeee y mute meee

2017-10-01 23:54:16 UTC

>other guy spams mic doesn't get muted

only max 20% of the population can go to college

2017-10-01 23:54:29 UTC

>other guy mic spams, yells, and insults doesn't get muted because they agree with him

2017-10-01 23:54:36 UTC

@Polygon that minimizes the impact

2017-10-01 23:54:40 UTC

most of college is fucking retarded

2017-10-01 23:54:40 UTC

what does

2017-10-01 23:54:42 UTC

and useless

2017-10-01 23:54:44 UTC

The colleges can make prices crazy because they know the government covers some of it. So they just raise praises to compensate

2017-10-01 23:54:45 UTC

unmute me, i wasn't talking @vec thank you

2017-10-01 23:54:47 UTC

be specific, please

2017-10-01 23:54:51 UTC

@🎭🎡 ya dorms are somewhat of a scam

2017-10-01 23:54:53 UTC

I don't like to imply things

2017-10-01 23:54:59 UTC

i have a question

2017-10-01 23:55:11 UTC

back on topic

2017-10-01 23:55:16 UTC

top lel

2017-10-01 23:55:28 UTC

>quotes articles from rebel media

2017-10-01 23:55:48 UTC

@WingALingDragon I agree, college is becoming stupid as fuck, especially with the cultural marxism on campus

2017-10-01 23:55:55 UTC

@Nationalist Crusader IV im pretty sure the other guy you are talking about is the mod meditating the debate. hes not gonna mute himself

2017-10-01 23:55:56 UTC

Implying rebel media is not credible????

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