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2017-10-08 22:09:00 UTC


2017-10-08 22:09:06 UTC

Lets fuck off to Niger

2017-10-08 22:09:09 UTC

you first

2017-10-08 22:09:12 UTC


2017-10-08 22:09:31 UTC

Im tired

2017-10-08 22:09:35 UTC

go to bed

2017-10-08 22:09:36 UTC

Good night

2017-10-08 22:09:49 UTC

Gonna fuck off to Niger when i wake up

2017-10-08 22:10:18 UTC

@Exbawks Hueg the problem is a multicultural society will always cannibalize itself

2017-10-08 22:10:24 UTC

Gordan Ramsay:: Fuck Me

2017-10-08 22:10:26 UTC
2017-10-08 22:10:30 UTC

Minorities will alwayd work to not be minorities

2017-10-08 22:10:40 UTC

You, you, you, you, you FUCK off will you please

2017-10-08 22:10:41 UTC

And vote as a unified bloc

2017-10-08 22:10:49 UTC

I like a fussion between European and East Asain culture

2017-10-08 22:10:57 UTC

The meat is RAWWWWA

2017-10-08 22:11:04 UTC

Your in Denial

2017-10-08 22:11:10 UTC

Already they have created a tyrrany of the minority with gibs

2017-10-08 22:11:16 UTC


2017-10-08 22:11:28 UTC

How high are You? @Interdependences

2017-10-08 22:11:29 UTC

Yet they cling to their groups, tell whites and other non-theirtypeofminority to interfere.

2017-10-08 22:11:45 UTC

Some minorities integrate just fine

2017-10-08 22:11:46 UTC

@Exbawks Hueg im not i have no fucking blue of whats happening

2017-10-08 22:11:53 UTC


2017-10-08 22:12:01 UTC

Asians do better than blacks or arabs

2017-10-08 22:12:05 UTC

The why are you in here lol

2017-10-08 22:12:13 UTC

The cultural marxists worked for a century to strip Westerners of cultural identity

2017-10-08 22:12:13 UTC

Persians do well

2017-10-08 22:12:16 UTC

@Exbawks Hueg i like Physics

2017-10-08 22:12:23 UTC

And they succeeded

2017-10-08 22:12:28 UTC

@Interdependences This is not a channel about physics

2017-10-08 22:12:34 UTC

Then why are you here and not in a physics discord

2017-10-08 22:13:09 UTC

What bothers me is the pride thing. It's OK to want to be black, brown, whatever. But not to be white

2017-10-08 22:13:15 UTC


2017-10-08 22:13:16 UTC

@Interdependences Go to <#356277996274843658> or <#350739775214583812>

2017-10-08 22:13:21 UTC

I don't understand it

2017-10-08 22:13:21 UTC


2017-10-08 22:14:24 UTC

@Yaboku they wuz kangz

2017-10-08 22:17:40 UTC


2017-10-08 23:50:14 UTC


2017-10-08 23:50:30 UTC

i find it very funny that christians support him

2017-10-09 00:02:23 UTC

Whys that?

2017-10-09 00:38:19 UTC

that picture

2017-10-09 01:33:26 UTC

looks like bill clinton's wet dream

2017-10-09 02:08:12 UTC

Some guy on here was adamant that the MSM was going to release a video of DJT getting a BJ from Ivanka

2017-10-09 02:08:23 UTC

It turned out that was a lie

2017-10-09 02:08:58 UTC

Opinions on Anne Coulter

2017-10-09 02:27:07 UTC

did you guys see h1h1 video on anti republican ads?

2017-10-09 02:27:33 UTC

its perdy good

2017-10-09 02:52:15 UTC


2017-10-09 02:52:16 UTC

Do they not realize they everybody basically moved house?

2017-10-09 02:52:22 UTC

Do these people not research anything?

2017-10-09 02:53:01 UTC

Yes, they do not research anything

2017-10-09 02:56:38 UTC

Nothing is wrong with having your daughter on your lap, holy shit lol

2017-10-09 02:59:47 UTC

Can we appreciate this is what Trump is doing by draining the swamp http://dailycaller.com/2017/10/02/exclusive-dod-drops-splc-from-extremism-training-materials/

2017-10-09 03:06:51 UTC

Yes. Its amazing and although he hasnt done everything he has promised (Yet the liberals are making it hard), what he has done is amazing so far

2017-10-09 03:07:21 UTC

Of course

2017-10-09 03:09:47 UTC


2017-10-09 03:14:18 UTC

Ben Shapiro had a video taken down for hate speech.

2017-10-09 03:57:15 UTC

Do you think he's going to pull out his ace?

2017-10-09 07:07:43 UTC

what do


2017-10-09 07:11:39 UTC

It's too easy

2017-10-09 07:11:45 UTC

not even going to do it

2017-10-09 07:44:23 UTC

According to two of the mutineers, Americans who go by the names of Hova and Pefimous, they destroyed Centipede Central to wrest control from Based_Brit for three reasons:

He was sometimes inactive
He argued for an anime channel on Centipede Central, which some moderators didn't want
Some moderators did not want a British person running an American political server

2017-10-09 07:44:28 UTC

That's why they purged the old server lol?

2017-10-09 07:44:47 UTC

I gotta say, I like the organization of the new server better

2017-10-09 07:44:55 UTC

Too bad it'll never have as many people as the old one

2017-10-09 07:45:22 UTC

how long was CC active for?

2017-10-09 07:45:56 UTC

a year n a half

2017-10-09 07:59:57 UTC

@ErnieLanders the new server is actually growing much faster than the old server πŸ˜ƒ

2017-10-09 08:00:14 UTC

the old server had stagnated and was losing many members every single day

2017-10-09 08:00:20 UTC

we have more active members in here

2017-10-09 08:00:38 UTC

The active members do seem kinda similar

2017-10-09 08:00:42 UTC


2017-10-09 08:00:48 UTC

What's the plan for growth or advertisment?

2017-10-09 08:01:07 UTC

however the new owners have funded multiple active advertisements on popular discord serverlists

2017-10-09 08:01:26 UTC

we have a few plans in place πŸ™‚

2017-10-09 08:01:30 UTC

how big is the official "the_donald" discord?

2017-10-09 08:01:36 UTC

The one where you gotta link your reddit account n stuff

2017-10-09 08:01:37 UTC

pretty small

2017-10-09 08:01:38 UTC

not as big as this one πŸ˜ƒ

2017-10-09 08:01:43 UTC

about 200-300

2017-10-09 08:01:59 UTC

yea, you can't have a server like this linked with the donald

2017-10-09 08:02:03 UTC

too much expression and free speech

2017-10-09 08:02:19 UTC

i wonder how the MAT discord is diong

2017-10-09 08:02:34 UTC

the MAT discord is now called politics

2017-10-09 08:02:39 UTC

got a link?

2017-10-09 08:02:43 UTC


2017-10-09 08:02:44 UTC

I think i might be banned though

2017-10-09 08:02:46 UTC

no πŸ™‚

2017-10-09 08:02:55 UTC


2017-10-09 08:02:58 UTC

I gotta give that owner credit

2017-10-09 08:03:09 UTC

he created MAT from nothing and would hit the front page at least once a da y

2017-10-09 08:03:19 UTC

once the coup happened in MAT they've had like 2-3 total front page posts LOL

2017-10-09 08:03:20 UTC


2017-10-09 08:03:36 UTC

LOL are you thatsass? @ErnieLanders

2017-10-09 08:03:40 UTC


2017-10-09 08:03:50 UTC

am I what?

2017-10-09 08:03:53 UTC

MAT was actually created by the previous owner of the CC server that was couped

2017-10-09 08:03:59 UTC


2017-10-09 08:04:05 UTC

lol bullshit

2017-10-09 08:04:15 UTC

no, it was

2017-10-09 08:04:16 UTC

not bullshit

2017-10-09 08:04:18 UTC

based brit did not create MAT

2017-10-09 08:04:21 UTC


2017-10-09 08:04:24 UTC

no not based brit

2017-10-09 08:04:27 UTC

the owner before based_brit

2017-10-09 08:04:33 UTC


2017-10-09 08:04:33 UTC

the previous owner

2017-10-09 08:04:38 UTC

mr .based

2017-10-09 08:04:47 UTC

frick .based

2017-10-09 08:04:49 UTC


2017-10-09 08:05:02 UTC

So was he just there for the power control and didn't care about the politics?

2017-10-09 08:05:32 UTC

He is the owner of many discord servers

2017-10-09 08:05:35 UTC


2017-10-09 08:05:38 UTC

or was

2017-10-09 08:05:41 UTC


2017-10-09 08:05:49 UTC

I think he just wanted to start a server on the other side as well πŸ˜ƒ

2017-10-09 08:06:01 UTC

His lock comments and force people to go to discord idea was genius

2017-10-09 08:06:10 UTC

some of those posts got 40-50k upvotes

2017-10-09 08:06:14 UTC

he actually was a trump supporter iirc

2017-10-09 08:06:19 UTC


2017-10-09 08:06:31 UTC

lol if this is true im not suprised

2017-10-09 08:06:34 UTC

I had a hunch it was

2017-10-09 08:06:34 UTC

but he did not mind working with people of all views

2017-10-09 08:06:46 UTC

Mostly cause it made the left look totally idiotic

2017-10-09 08:06:47 UTC

which is why he was the owner of both CC and MAT

2017-10-09 08:07:23 UTC

It's great they totally destroyed the community

2017-10-09 08:07:28 UTC

the MAT community that is

2017-10-09 08:07:39 UTC

No one's on that subreddit anymore, never see it on the front page

2017-10-09 08:08:47 UTC

ye cuz they weas nuts n shit

2017-10-09 08:09:02 UTC

reddit is gonna go nuclear in 2018 and especially in 2020

2017-10-09 08:09:20 UTC

during the election it was probably 50/50 pro trump and anti trump

2017-10-09 08:09:24 UTC

Nuclear how?

2017-10-09 08:09:31 UTC

because of the algorithm shit, it's gonna be 90% anti trump

2017-10-09 08:09:50 UTC

Imagine how many subreddits and bots will be created and pushed from the left

2017-10-09 08:09:59 UTC

theres already around 3-5 anti trump subreddits that make the front page

2017-10-09 08:10:19 UTC

the_donald is essentially kicked off the front page whereas during the election it ALWAYS was the #1 post

2017-10-09 08:10:41 UTC


2017-10-09 08:11:07 UTC

I wonder if any alternative trump subreddits will spring up

2017-10-09 08:11:35 UTC

Hey @Scary_Clown @trent if we get enough users in here why don't we create another right wing subreddit that wont be effected by the algorithm?

2017-10-09 08:11:54 UTC

Because it will be effected by the algorithm

2017-10-09 08:12:00 UTC

as soon as it gains any traction

2017-10-09 08:12:01 UTC


2017-10-09 08:12:09 UTC

would reddit risk that?

2017-10-09 08:12:12 UTC

I mean

2017-10-09 08:12:17 UTC

i think we are working on partnerships with certain subreddits πŸ™‚

2017-10-09 08:12:32 UTC

contact that MAT guy and get to the front pager

2017-10-09 08:12:39 UTC

all you need is a few front page hits and we're good

2017-10-09 08:12:41 UTC

but discord is a community of its own

2017-10-09 08:12:44 UTC

surely having all the Trump supporters contained in a single sub is better than having them disperse and create multiple subs

2017-10-09 08:12:52 UTC

theres nothing agasint Discord rules that says linking posts to upvote is wrong

2017-10-09 08:12:52 UTC

@ErnieLanders we have beef with their server

2017-10-09 08:13:17 UTC

It's about sending messages to the front page

2017-10-09 08:13:44 UTC

Is there proof other conservative subreddits were targteted by the algorithm?

2017-10-09 08:18:03 UTC


2017-10-09 14:42:37 UTC

That’s why cross promotion is important

2017-10-09 15:54:34 UTC


2017-10-09 15:54:48 UTC

1.8 to 2.6% is a lot in genetic standards

2017-10-09 16:15:15 UTC

What do you guys think will NK test another H-Bomb today?

2017-10-09 16:19:27 UTC

I think we should send them a H bomb

2017-10-09 16:27:09 UTC

make it 2

2017-10-09 16:27:21 UTC

so NK can produce some quality cartoons to 😏

2017-10-09 16:47:05 UTC

Love that channel

2017-10-09 16:57:57 UTC


2017-10-09 17:46:34 UTC

heh i think we will test the h-bomb today

2017-10-09 17:47:17 UTC


2017-10-09 17:47:46 UTC

heh no

2017-10-09 17:47:49 UTC


2017-10-09 17:59:17 UTC

inb4 that shit gets slapped down by the courts

2017-10-09 18:01:44 UTC

Nothing weird at all

2017-10-09 18:01:57 UTC

just another murder suicide

2017-10-09 18:02:00 UTC

happens all the time doesn it

2017-10-09 18:02:18 UTC

It just something that Key Witnesses do

2017-10-09 18:02:26 UTC


2017-10-09 18:02:36 UTC

Survivor's Guilt

2017-10-09 18:02:45 UTC

completely fine completely normal

2017-10-09 18:03:10 UTC


2017-10-09 18:04:38 UTC

So he kills himself AND his disabled daughter

2017-10-09 18:04:58 UTC

I don't think a father would do that to his daughter

2017-10-09 18:05:19 UTC

with a shotgun no less

2017-10-09 18:05:32 UTC


2017-10-09 18:05:53 UTC

this FBI/CIA shit reeks

2017-10-09 18:06:04 UTC

Do they think noone will think this is weird?

2017-10-09 18:06:10 UTC

hehe you guys won't we it comjng

2017-10-09 18:07:08 UTC

The weird part for me is that they didn't even announce there were key witnesses, and suddenly that's all the news cares about now

2017-10-09 18:07:29 UTC

I mean, a witness isn't a suspect, so why the secrecy?

2017-10-09 18:07:43 UTC

really was pushing that Lone Wolf story

2017-10-09 18:07:49 UTC

probably so people don't go after the witnesses

2017-10-09 18:07:59 UTC

Unless he ***was*** a suspect, in that case, why not use the word *suspect* instead of witness

2017-10-09 18:09:12 UTC

Considering there was around 1000 or so people at the concert, and likely others just looking outside of Windows of buildings, there's be a lot of people that would be witnesses

2017-10-09 18:09:22 UTC

What made him a ***key witness***?

2017-10-09 18:10:34 UTC

And the FBI doesn't typically raid the homes of "witnesses".

2017-10-09 18:10:38 UTC

this reeks

2017-10-09 18:12:14 UTC

"Listing himself (Bielman) as a β€œproduct design and manufacturing professional”, this report continues, John Beilman was employed by Ultralife Corporation between 2007-2012 where he worked on various top-secret communications systems for the US military"

2017-10-09 18:12:47 UTC

"CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, a cell phone charger was discovered that had no accompanying phoneβ€”with SVR technology experts noting that this type of charger is used to charge a CP502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 Non-rechargeable Thin Cell Battery used in various communication devices by both US Special Forces and CIA forces."

2017-10-09 18:13:05 UTC

The company making this unique lithium battery, this report details, is Ultralife Corporation, based in Newark, New York, that specializes in military communications systems for the Pentagon

2017-10-09 18:13:36 UTC


2017-10-09 18:13:46 UTC

possibly he was key as to attest to the model of the phone charger found in the hotel room

2017-10-09 18:14:07 UTC

this is some deep state shit

2017-10-09 18:14:14 UTC


2017-10-09 18:14:19 UTC

For once, I'd have to agree

2017-10-09 18:14:42 UTC

damn sloppy job as well

2017-10-09 18:14:55 UTC

you'd think they would have cleaned up their corners on this one

2017-10-09 18:15:07 UTC

So he kills himself and his daughter but not his wife?

2017-10-09 18:15:23 UTC

Why would he kill his daughter

2017-10-09 18:16:02 UTC

"Fairport police said Beilman's wife, Donna Beilman, was inside the home and did not hear the shots that took the life of her husband and daughter. "

2017-10-09 18:16:13 UTC

lol like you dont hear two shotgun blasts? wtf

2017-10-09 18:16:33 UTC

Remember he may have used a silencer

2017-10-09 18:16:41 UTC

Hillary Clinton said that they make the gun silent

2017-10-09 18:16:52 UTC

So i think thats true

2017-10-09 18:16:53 UTC

oh yeah, thats right

2017-10-09 18:16:55 UTC


2017-10-09 18:16:56 UTC

a silencer

2017-10-09 18:17:08 UTC

Thats how guns work

2017-10-09 18:17:09 UTC


2017-10-09 18:18:30 UTC

damn, i need to look into getting a silencer. its hard to have a casual at the conversation at the range these days

2017-10-09 18:22:28 UTC


2017-10-09 18:22:33 UTC

What is this shit

2017-10-09 18:22:36 UTC


2017-10-09 18:28:15 UTC

lol Cultural Marxism is a beautiful thing

2017-10-09 18:30:14 UTC

now that marxism is infecting our culture, they have the pressure to pass legislature

2017-10-09 18:30:39 UTC

like clockwork

2017-10-09 18:33:15 UTC


2017-10-09 18:34:16 UTC

Cultural Marxism will rise when cybernetics become a staple of American life

2017-10-09 18:34:23 UTC

People will identify as cyborgs

2017-10-09 18:35:07 UTC

Alex Jones was right about this

2017-10-09 18:35:25 UTC


2017-10-09 18:35:37 UTC

i dont think the masses will make it to that level

2017-10-09 18:35:41 UTC

The green ending from mass effect

2017-10-09 18:35:45 UTC

Not all

2017-10-09 18:35:46 UTC

But many

2017-10-09 18:36:16 UTC

people will start augmenting their vision/hearing more

2017-10-09 18:36:28 UTC

then the microchips

2017-10-09 18:37:18 UTC

women will be replaced by sex bots that are breedable

2017-10-09 18:37:39 UTC

Jones is never far off

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