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2017-10-05 06:11:33 UTC

calls someone a moron
gets called a slag
gets triggered

2017-10-05 06:11:41 UTC


2017-10-05 06:11:44 UTC
2017-10-05 06:11:47 UTC


2017-10-05 06:11:55 UTC

@amygdala you should probably trust the government reports saying it's not safe

2017-10-05 06:11:55 UTC

@Covfefe Cream if you love your enemies you win

2017-10-05 06:12:07 UTC

Trudeau, is that you?

2017-10-05 06:12:09 UTC

ignorant as fuck

2017-10-05 06:12:11 UTC


2017-10-05 06:12:15 UTC

I'm not saying it is

2017-10-05 06:12:15 UTC

Who is that? Sun Tzu?

2017-10-05 06:12:22 UTC
2017-10-05 06:12:24 UTC

>ad homs because you have nothing to back up your claims

2017-10-05 06:12:26 UTC


2017-10-05 06:12:29 UTC

canads cuck pm

2017-10-05 06:12:41 UTC

Blow the leaf

2017-10-05 06:12:42 UTC


2017-10-05 06:12:45 UTC

โ€œThe number of crashes doubled since marijuana got legalizedโ€

2017-10-05 06:12:46 UTC

day of the rake

2017-10-05 06:12:48 UTC


2017-10-05 06:13:01 UTC

Most cannabis use is intermittent and time-limited, however; users generally stop in their mid-to-late 20s, and only a small minority continue in daily use over a period of years.8

2017-10-05 06:13:06 UTC

if you think you're so right than some of the burden of proof lies on you @Blood

2017-10-05 06:13:07 UTC


2017-10-05 06:13:08 UTC

most of you fucking weed freaks will stop when you grow up anyways

2017-10-05 06:13:09 UTC


2017-10-05 06:13:16 UTC

โ€œPeople found in those crashes had traces of marijuana in their bloodโ€

2017-10-05 06:13:26 UTC

@Scary_Clown dude im 28, i am grown up

2017-10-05 06:13:33 UTC

Is that enough source for you?

2017-10-05 06:13:34 UTC

traces can last weeks

2017-10-05 06:13:35 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 that studies says high drivers doubled not that car crashed doubled, what kinda snake shit attempt at manipulation was that@Deleted User 904fdf23

2017-10-05 06:13:36 UTC

yeah and you quit, did you not?

2017-10-05 06:13:36 UTC

just saying

2017-10-05 06:13:38 UTC

I wanna do meth

2017-10-05 06:13:43 UTC
2017-10-05 06:13:48 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 that studies says high drivers doubled not that car crashed doubled, what kinda snake shit attempt at manipulation was that@Deleted User 904fdf23

2017-10-05 06:13:56 UTC

then you're a tiny minority

2017-10-05 06:14:01 UTC

uh huh

2017-10-05 06:14:05 UTC

who the fuck wants to do meth

2017-10-05 06:14:06 UTC

Most cannabis use is intermittent and time-limited, however; users generally stop in their mid-to-late 20s, and only a small minority continue in daily use over a period of years.8

2017-10-05 06:14:11 UTC

i know tons of people that still smoke in there 30s

2017-10-05 06:14:21 UTC

who cares if they do tho

2017-10-05 06:14:25 UTC

Literally everyone does it

2017-10-05 06:14:26 UTC


2017-10-05 06:14:29 UTC

Anyone have a RHCSA cert?

2017-10-05 06:14:38 UTC

**โ€œThe percentage of drivers involved in fatal crashes who had traces of marijuana in their blood has doubled since marijuana was legalized in Washington state, a new study suggests.โ€**

2017-10-05 06:14:41 UTC


2017-10-05 06:14:44 UTC


2017-10-05 06:14:45 UTC


2017-10-05 06:14:52 UTC

only 40% of the population has tried weed

2017-10-05 06:14:52 UTC


2017-10-05 06:14:57 UTC

maybe not people in right wing Christian servers

2017-10-05 06:14:57 UTC

"literally everyone does it"

2017-10-05 06:14:58 UTC

is not true

2017-10-05 06:15:00 UTC

http://prntscr.com/gtgqjb <:FeelsComfyMan:356316472240373760>

2017-10-05 06:15:00 UTC

"traces in bloodstream"

2017-10-05 06:15:10 UTC

>>New CC

2017-10-05 06:15:16 UTC

>>Chat talks about weed

2017-10-05 06:15:17 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 oh in washington, the same state that pushed ads that smoking weed would make their kids kill people , lmao yea very credible

2017-10-05 06:15:18 UTC

@amygdala hey! god put weed on this earth for me and you!

2017-10-05 06:15:20 UTC

>>Where did we go wrong

2017-10-05 06:15:23 UTC

Most obvious piss test drug

2017-10-05 06:15:29 UTC

we went wrong when we demodded you

2017-10-05 06:15:30 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 oh in washington, the same state that pushed ads that smoking weed would make their kids kill people , lmao yea very credible

2017-10-05 06:15:34 UTC

big cal

2017-10-05 06:15:36 UTC


2017-10-05 06:15:36 UTC

megalize larijuana

2017-10-05 06:15:39 UTC

want to hop on back the mod team

2017-10-05 06:15:39 UTC

Well my brother is a faithful smoker of the Marijuana, now he has a hard time remembering

2017-10-05 06:15:42 UTC


2017-10-05 06:15:42 UTC

It appears that cannabis use may impair some driving skills (automatic functions such as tracking) at smoked doses as low as 6.25 mg (a third of a joint)

2017-10-05 06:15:44 UTC


2017-10-05 06:15:46 UTC

Sure m8

2017-10-05 06:15:55 UTC

Can't go back to the glory days

2017-10-05 06:15:56 UTC
2017-10-05 06:15:57 UTC

@Blood ofc youโ€™d just shake off this proof and start talking about politics lol.

2017-10-05 06:16:09 UTC

big cal i have to make sure you did not lose your magic
make this chat and voice chat great again

2017-10-05 06:16:13 UTC

honestly though, they need to end the fuckin' drug war, it's making violence worse

2017-10-05 06:16:15 UTC


2017-10-05 06:16:16 UTC

and i will bring you up in the sunday mod meeting

2017-10-05 06:16:18 UTC

is @Blood the only person arguing weed doesnt impair skills?

2017-10-05 06:16:24 UTC

chat is bickering over weed rn

2017-10-05 06:16:26 UTC

I'm certainly not

2017-10-05 06:16:30 UTC

Honestly just I'm happy being golden

2017-10-05 06:16:34 UTC

arguing that it doesn't impair, that is

2017-10-05 06:16:47 UTC

its a fact weed impairs skills

2017-10-05 06:16:53 UTC

that guy is a moron

2017-10-05 06:16:58 UTC

@Deleted User d0e93084 im not arguing that

2017-10-05 06:17:03 UTC

Drivers under the influence of marijuana were not able to compensate for standard deviation of lateral position (SDLP, a measure of staying within lane), which increased with increasing doses of THC.

2017-10-05 06:17:03 UTC

The days of happenings of rallys are over

2017-10-05 06:17:06 UTC

idk but this lady is some hardliner against weed and its cancer

2017-10-05 06:17:06 UTC

I'm saying increase other impairment devices to that of alcohol

2017-10-05 06:17:11 UTC

I still have CC on election night though

2017-10-05 06:17:22 UTC

@Zephial what lady

2017-10-05 06:17:36 UTC


2017-10-05 06:19:14 UTC

@Zephial Iโ€™m not, Iโ€™m against being under the influence of weed, alcohol, other drugs while driving, it slows the reaction time and might end fatally

2017-10-05 06:19:23 UTC


2017-10-05 06:19:51 UTC

ok well your evidence that weed is to blame isnt convincing

2017-10-05 06:19:53 UTC
2017-10-05 06:19:53 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 what are you talking about , that study did not state that crashed doubled, it just stated that people involved in crashes that would have been in crashes anyway have thc in them twice as much as before legalization, it did not state that crashes doubled after legalization , that would have been a troubling stat

2017-10-05 06:19:55 UTC

a weed argument and i didnt start it...feelsgoodman

2017-10-05 06:20:10 UTC

they just say it is bloodstream

2017-10-05 06:20:31 UTC

@Scary_Clown quit trying to dm her dick pics scary

2017-10-05 06:20:36 UTC

stfu faggot

2017-10-05 06:20:41 UTC

ur degenerate

2017-10-05 06:20:53 UTC

says the guy sending dick pics to chicks online

2017-10-05 06:21:00 UTC

great arguement@Scary_Clown

2017-10-05 06:21:10 UTC

@Blood argument to what

2017-10-05 06:21:15 UTC

i'm not debating anything with him lo

2017-10-05 06:21:17 UTC

Scary_Clown - Today at 1:20 AM
stfu faggot
ur degenerate

2017-10-05 06:21:22 UTC

yeah lol

2017-10-05 06:21:28 UTC


2017-10-05 06:21:29 UTC

what am I arguing?

2017-10-05 06:21:31 UTC


2017-10-05 06:21:39 UTC

that im a degenerate you fucking moron

2017-10-05 06:21:43 UTC

ye u r

2017-10-05 06:21:58 UTC

nice evidence "yea u r"

2017-10-05 06:22:04 UTC


2017-10-05 06:22:10 UTC


2017-10-05 06:22:33 UTC

you smoke drugs so you are, drugs = degen, using drugs = degen = you

2017-10-05 06:22:44 UTC

@Scary_Clown you call me a degenerate but werent you high the other day?

2017-10-05 06:22:49 UTC

>weed is a drug

2017-10-05 06:22:50 UTC
2017-10-05 06:22:53 UTC

we're all degen in our own ways so you don't need to worry

2017-10-05 06:22:56 UTC

>weed is not a drug

2017-10-05 06:22:59 UTC

i could have sworn you said you were high

2017-10-05 06:23:08 UTC

@Blood weed is a drug

2017-10-05 06:23:20 UTC

weed is a plant

2017-10-05 06:23:25 UTC

so is cocaine

2017-10-05 06:23:29 UTC

opium is a plan

2017-10-05 06:23:30 UTC

so waht

2017-10-05 06:23:30 UTC


2017-10-05 06:23:32 UTC

so are mushrooms

2017-10-05 06:23:32 UTC


2017-10-05 06:23:35 UTC

opium is a plant

2017-10-05 06:23:37 UTC

your point is

2017-10-05 06:23:37 UTC

i rather be degen by smoking weed then fucking eating macdonalds with fucking artificial colors and flavors and synthetic cheap garbage@!Co-Owner!

2017-10-05 06:23:40 UTC

my point is

2017-10-05 06:23:41 UTC

I agree that being drunk is worse than being high while driving, itโ€™s obvious. But the reaction time still slows down and itโ€™s still a bad thing - โ€œAlthough cannabis intoxication has been shown to mildly impair psychomotor skills, this impairment does not appear to be severe or long lasting. In driving simulator tests, this impairment is typically manifested by subjects decreasing their driving speed and requiring greater time to respond to emergency situations.โ€ It isnโ€™t as fatal as other drugs or alcohol, but it *does* **require greater time to respond to emergency situations** And this study was made with the help of driving simulators, the real thing is much more difficult

2017-10-05 06:23:44 UTC

plants can be drugs

2017-10-05 06:23:46 UTC

whats your point

2017-10-05 06:23:47 UTC


2017-10-05 06:23:47 UTC

Oh, you're that guy

2017-10-05 06:23:52 UTC

why'd you say weed is a plant

2017-10-05 06:23:55 UTC

what's the argument

2017-10-05 06:23:56 UTC

You're young socialist

2017-10-05 06:23:58 UTC

cause it is

2017-10-05 06:24:00 UTC

weed is a plant that contains drugs

2017-10-05 06:24:00 UTC

are you saying opium is not a drug?

2017-10-05 06:24:05 UTC


2017-10-05 06:24:09 UTC

opium is a plant

2017-10-05 06:24:13 UTC

therefore plants can be drugs

2017-10-05 06:24:19 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 i agree with that statement

2017-10-05 06:24:20 UTC

opium is a plant just like weed

2017-10-05 06:24:24 UTC

therefore not drugs

2017-10-05 06:24:32 UTC

ok you're wrong

2017-10-05 06:24:32 UTC

there are drugs

2017-10-05 06:24:34 UTC

in the plant

2017-10-05 06:24:35 UTC

opium is a drug

2017-10-05 06:24:44 UTC

this is not rocket surgery

2017-10-05 06:24:48 UTC

everything is technically a drug...

2017-10-05 06:24:52 UTC

@Blood nice second account

2017-10-05 06:24:56 UTC

not everything is psychoactive

2017-10-05 06:24:57 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 however you suggested earlier that crashes doubled due to marijuana legalization, that was not the case

2017-10-05 06:25:17 UTC

Technically anything that affects the human body by consumption or any means of self exposure is a drug,

2017-10-05 06:25:17 UTC

true morri

2017-10-05 06:25:20 UTC

@!Co-Owner! same account

2017-10-05 06:25:24 UTC

@Morrigi so your saying eweed is as much of a drug as oxycottin....

2017-10-05 06:25:31 UTC

@Blood see? We are mainly on the same page, Iโ€™m not against weed in general, just while driving. And... well, my source was weak, I admit

2017-10-05 06:25:34 UTC


2017-10-05 06:25:39 UTC

I'm saying that it is a drug, not that it's as bad as oxycontin, don't be silly

2017-10-05 06:25:49 UTC

but ther eboth drugs as you say

2017-10-05 06:25:55 UTC


2017-10-05 06:25:56 UTC

Weed is a drug, drugs are bad

2017-10-05 06:25:57 UTC

they are both drugs

2017-10-05 06:25:58 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 i agree, i would not incourage driving while high.

2017-10-05 06:26:00 UTC

Don't smoke weed

2017-10-05 06:26:03 UTC


2017-10-05 06:26:03 UTC


2017-10-05 06:26:04 UTC

not all drugs are the same

2017-10-05 06:26:10 UTC


2017-10-05 06:26:12 UTC

weed is not like pucking oxycottin

2017-10-05 06:26:14 UTC

Drugs are drugs, Don't do them

2017-10-05 06:26:17 UTC

it isnt drug

2017-10-05 06:26:21 UTC

see this is what happens when you try to argue with someone who spends most of there time getting high on weeed

2017-10-05 06:26:21 UTC


2017-10-05 06:26:26 UTC

Weed is a gateway drug

2017-10-05 06:26:27 UTC
2017-10-05 06:26:38 UTC

@Blood lol I apologize for calling you a moron, I just didnโ€™t like your words about it being okay to drive while being high cuz you do it all the time

2017-10-05 06:26:38 UTC

weed is not a gateway drug

2017-10-05 06:26:41 UTC

it doesn't work because they have a fried brain

2017-10-05 06:26:50 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 will you not sing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2017-10-05 06:26:50 UTC

@Ems if its a gateway drug why am i not on meth yet?

2017-10-05 06:26:54 UTC

Weed is and will always be a gateway drug

2017-10-05 06:27:00 UTC

@Deleted User d0e93084 not everyone falls to gateway drugs

2017-10-05 06:27:07 UTC

@Deleted User 904fdf23 lol its ok, i apologize for harsh language towards you aswell.

2017-10-05 06:27:08 UTC

you're using the based black man argument

2017-10-05 06:27:09 UTC

doesn't work

2017-10-05 06:27:12 UTC

stop being a leftist

2017-10-05 06:27:14 UTC

OKAY there i get it you graduated DARE get over it

2017-10-05 06:27:33 UTC

@Zephial no but my brother was an addict

2017-10-05 06:27:39 UTC


2017-10-05 06:27:49 UTC

sounds like he chose to do hard drugs

2017-10-05 06:27:58 UTC


2017-10-05 06:28:00 UTC

sashka pls

2017-10-05 06:28:00 UTC

@Zephial started out with weed for some years, then it got more serious because he got immune

2017-10-05 06:28:08 UTC

why is it everyone who knows someone who was addicted to weed and goes to something stronger they blame weed and not the fucking person

2017-10-05 06:28:15 UTC

i dont buy that lol

2017-10-05 06:28:20 UTC

you cant get immune

2017-10-05 06:28:33 UTC

ok but its your choice to go for something else

2017-10-05 06:28:35 UTC

you might need more but not immune

2017-10-05 06:28:41 UTC

Actually my brother still only does weed, but he technically has moved on to hot sauces

2017-10-05 06:28:43 UTC

weed doesnt force you to

2017-10-05 06:28:48 UTC

@Zephial yes you do, the effect gets weaker and weaker and at one point it's not enough

2017-10-05 06:28:50 UTC

weed is addictive

2017-10-05 06:28:54 UTC


2017-10-05 06:28:58 UTC

I agree with that Scary

2017-10-05 06:28:58 UTC

not bullshit

2017-10-05 06:29:01 UTC

it's a proven fact

2017-10-05 06:29:02 UTC


2017-10-05 06:29:03 UTC

take responsibility for yourself

2017-10-05 06:29:07 UTC

I knew my brother dude.

2017-10-05 06:29:10 UTC

addicttion isn't a joke

2017-10-05 06:29:11 UTC

you seem to take any responsibility from him. he chose to do the drugs

2017-10-05 06:29:15 UTC

weed is addictive

2017-10-05 06:29:19 UTC

addiction to weed is a fucking joke

2017-10-05 06:29:22 UTC

it';s not

2017-10-05 06:29:26 UTC

it s a real problem

2017-10-05 06:29:28 UTC

addiction to weed is no joke

2017-10-05 06:29:29 UTC

uh huh

2017-10-05 06:29:36 UTC

but it is not as bad as other things

2017-10-05 06:29:48 UTC

Weed itself doesn't have addictive properties, but the human mind is still very capable of becoming addicted to it,

2017-10-05 06:29:54 UTC

@Zephial I knew my fucking brother dude. He wouldn't just go out and fuck his life up on purpose. When you start doing drugs, your life goes down hill

2017-10-05 06:29:54 UTC

i dotn se epeople suckin gdick on corners to get money for weed

2017-10-05 06:29:57 UTC

yeah, psychological addiction is nasty

2017-10-05 06:30:00 UTC
2017-10-05 06:30:01 UTC

unmute me right now

2017-10-05 06:30:02 UTC


2017-10-05 06:30:04 UTC


2017-10-05 06:30:05 UTC

not as nasty as physical addiction, but still

2017-10-05 06:30:05 UTC


2017-10-05 06:30:11 UTC

@Scary_Clown sure they do

2017-10-05 06:30:14 UTC


2017-10-05 06:30:20 UTC

as a guy who has smoked weed for periods of 2 years at a time, yes weed does become weaker after a while, but no it is not addictive, i have not smoked weed for like 7 months@Ems

2017-10-05 06:30:23 UTC

you're telling me you don't think anyone has ever sucked dick for weed?

2017-10-05 06:30:25 UTC


2017-10-05 06:30:28 UTC

@Ems that is your opinion. He chose to get hard drugs

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