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2017-11-03 04:32:09 UTC

That comes later

2017-11-03 04:32:11 UTC

Wh-.. who are you?!

2017-11-03 04:32:13 UTC

Not sure what that last one was supposed to mean

2017-11-03 04:32:40 UTC

"they expect one of us in the wreckage"

2017-11-03 04:32:43 UTC


2017-11-03 04:33:01 UTC


2017-11-03 04:33:06 UTC

was getting caught part of your plan?

2017-11-03 04:33:11 UTC

Definitely not

2017-11-03 04:33:32 UTC

He's baneposting

2017-11-03 04:33:48 UTC

We gotta be like the lady in that video that maced the antifag then just kept on quickly walking

2017-11-03 04:33:56 UTC

What's baneposting

2017-11-03 04:34:24 UTC

He's bane

2017-11-03 04:34:30 UTC

>not knowing what baneposting is

2017-11-03 04:34:43 UTC

be careful

2017-11-03 04:34:53 UTC

theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated

2017-11-03 04:34:53 UTC

It's where you post bane quotes from The Dark Knight Rises

2017-11-03 04:35:02 UTC

I googled it and I'm even more confused

2017-11-03 04:35:04 UTC

This thread will give you aids

2017-11-03 04:35:33 UTC

how do you get voice chat permission in this server im new to discord

2017-11-03 04:35:56 UTC

you have to wait till you get patriot role

2017-11-03 04:36:42 UTC

what do you do to get a paitriot role

2017-11-03 04:36:57 UTC

be on the server for an amount of time?

2017-11-03 04:36:59 UTC

How did I get a Patriot role right away

2017-11-03 04:37:00 UTC


2017-11-03 04:37:05 UTC

You get vetted

2017-11-03 04:37:14 UTC

I got one right away though

2017-11-03 04:37:28 UTC

you probably got vetted quick then

2017-11-03 04:37:56 UTC

so its sortof an admin based decision then

2017-11-03 04:38:02 UTC


2017-11-03 04:38:06 UTC

ah i see

2017-11-03 04:38:22 UTC

stops people from spamming or being reeeetards

2017-11-03 04:38:22 UTC


2017-11-03 04:38:34 UTC


2017-11-03 04:38:46 UTC

But really how did I get vetted instantly

2017-11-03 04:38:49 UTC

That's strange

2017-11-03 04:39:15 UTC

not sure

2017-11-03 04:39:26 UTC

i don't know the process

2017-11-03 04:39:35 UTC

that's just what ive been told

2017-11-03 04:40:08 UTC

I feel a genuine wonderful bond of brotherly love and humanity with most people in this server

2017-11-03 04:40:17 UTC

wow, they reset GEOTUS follower count..

2017-11-03 04:40:21 UTC


2017-11-03 04:40:37 UTC

41m followers.. now at 5k

2017-11-03 04:40:42 UTC

What's that

2017-11-03 04:40:49 UTC

@Drakovian holy fuck they did

2017-11-03 04:40:53 UTC

on twatter

2017-11-03 04:40:58 UTC


2017-11-03 04:41:06 UTC

All those blue checkmarks are screeching now

2017-11-03 04:41:14 UTC

where is the trump teat

2017-11-03 04:41:20 UTC

holy shit they did

2017-11-03 04:41:22 UTC

Omg wth that's insane

2017-11-03 04:41:23 UTC


2017-11-03 04:41:27 UTC

Holy mother of God

2017-11-03 04:41:37 UTC

How does that even happen

2017-11-03 04:41:52 UTC

holy wow

2017-11-03 04:41:53 UTC

Somebody at twitter doing it

2017-11-03 04:41:57 UTC

or glitch

2017-11-03 04:42:04 UTC

4chan LARPer confirmed? 😮

2017-11-03 04:42:12 UTC

a disgruntled employee deactivated his account earlier today @twofree

2017-11-03 04:42:13 UTC

but after the stunt of suspending it I doubt it's merely a coincidence

2017-11-03 04:42:15 UTC

Wait why does Trump have two accounts

2017-11-03 04:42:19 UTC

@Drakovian yeah I know

2017-11-03 04:42:23 UTC


2017-11-03 04:42:42 UTC

Is everyone unfollowed from him?

2017-11-03 04:42:47 UTC

What's Trump's other account with 20 mil followers though

2017-11-03 04:42:48 UTC

or just a visual glitch?

2017-11-03 04:42:53 UTC

No I'm still followed

2017-11-03 04:43:03 UTC

i dont have twitter, but alot of ppl on TD are saying they can't follow him now

2017-11-03 04:43:05 UTC

might be a glitch then

2017-11-03 04:43:17 UTC

doubt it after earlier's stunt

2017-11-03 04:43:36 UTC

I just unfollowed and refollowed

2017-11-03 04:43:38 UTC

lets see if Trump leaves twitter for an alternative website after this

2017-11-03 04:44:03 UTC

@Zastava hope he goes to gab, the meltdown would be glorious

2017-11-03 04:44:04 UTC

@Drakovian what's TD?

2017-11-03 04:44:10 UTC

I followed Trump and it unfollows me right away

2017-11-03 04:44:11 UTC

Lol gab

2017-11-03 04:44:13 UTC


2017-11-03 04:44:23 UTC

@twofree /r/the_donald

2017-11-03 04:44:27 UTC

I follow - refresh and I'm unfollowed

2017-11-03 04:44:30 UTC

Not sure what that is bro

2017-11-03 04:44:34 UTC

rly makes me think

2017-11-03 04:44:40 UTC

@twofree for real?

2017-11-03 04:44:46 UTC

Yeah I don't know

2017-11-03 04:44:51 UTC


2017-11-03 04:44:57 UTC

I saw someone here with that username

2017-11-03 04:45:04 UTC

that's /r/trump

2017-11-03 04:45:08 UTC


2017-11-03 04:45:27 UTC

different reddit

2017-11-03 04:45:51 UTC

What is /r/the_donald then

2017-11-03 04:46:06 UTC

A Reddit username or something?

2017-11-03 04:46:11 UTC

can't tell if serious..

2017-11-03 04:46:13 UTC


2017-11-03 04:46:16 UTC

It's a reddit like this discord

2017-11-03 04:46:30 UTC

It's a place for trump supporters to post stuff

2017-11-03 04:46:35 UTC

I'm sorry dude @Drakovian the way I was raised I don't get a lot of this stuff

2017-11-03 04:46:40 UTC

I'm still pretty new to the internet

2017-11-03 04:46:44 UTC

It's a subreddit for Trump supporters

2017-11-03 04:46:45 UTC


2017-11-03 04:46:49 UTC
2017-11-03 04:46:54 UTC

that's ok amish

2017-11-03 04:46:55 UTC

ok, check out http://www.reddit.com/r/the_donald sometime

2017-11-03 04:47:05 UTC

Cool will do thanks

2017-11-03 04:47:26 UTC

Were you actually raised Amish?

2017-11-03 04:47:33 UTC

Downloading Reddit now

2017-11-03 04:47:50 UTC

More like Mennonite but everyone calls me Amish cuz they can't tell the difference I guess

2017-11-03 04:48:02 UTC
2017-11-03 04:48:05 UTC

its just a website, dont really need to download it

2017-11-03 04:48:34 UTC

gimme a reason to subscribe 😏 @MrThatGuy

2017-11-03 04:48:37 UTC

The app has 4.6 rating and 10 mil downloads, seems legit

2017-11-03 04:48:42 UTC

/r/Trump is so empty tho

2017-11-03 04:48:43 UTC

(/r/Trump is more news oriented, not like The_Donald with memes and cultural stuff. Different content, but also valuable :D)

2017-11-03 04:49:22 UTC

We are good for the sourced information 😃 And all day-to-day events without media spin

2017-11-03 04:49:46 UTC

define fake news

2017-11-03 04:49:53 UTC

All news 😛

2017-11-03 04:50:26 UTC

Oh man now I understand a lot of memes I've seen I couldn't figure out the weird format.... They're from Reddit lol

2017-11-03 04:50:32 UTC


2017-11-03 04:50:49 UTC

all memes are from reddit pal

2017-11-03 04:50:55 UTC


2017-11-03 04:50:56 UTC

yea the_donald is the source of much dankness

2017-11-03 04:51:06 UTC


2017-11-03 04:51:14 UTC

I was glued to that place a year ago

2017-11-03 04:51:32 UTC

the rest of reddit is just lefty cancer tho so fair warning

2017-11-03 04:51:40 UTC

Cool thanks

2017-11-03 04:53:26 UTC

For eleven exhilarating minutes, a search for @realDonaldTrump returned only a blue background and the line "sorry that page does not exist". - Journalists 2017

2017-11-03 04:53:31 UTC

I reposted the Phil Murphy NJ Sanctuary City thing in a ton of groups... facebook didnt block me as much this time, it is flying around facebook now 😄

2017-11-03 04:55:03 UTC

@Drakovian It's pretty disturbing how obsessed they are with trump

2017-11-03 04:55:29 UTC

Any of you guys heard that song "gays 4 Donald" by pink guy?

2017-11-03 04:55:39 UTC

Many of them even have their entire livelihood dependent on them replying to him to get higher in the twitterfeed

2017-11-03 04:56:10 UTC

oh yeah, reading the replies on any of his tweets is pure cancer

2017-11-03 04:56:30 UTC

we call this obsessive fanboyism

2017-11-03 04:56:59 UTC

@Drakovian They are always so damn smug about it, up until they get blocked by him, then they cry wolf

2017-11-03 04:56:59 UTC

His follower numbers look like they're back

2017-11-03 04:57:17 UTC

lol edgelord

2017-11-03 04:57:37 UTC

yeah looks like theyre back

2017-11-03 04:57:37 UTC

Don't hate on my favorite band 😦

2017-11-03 04:57:47 UTC

Mudvayne is subpar

2017-11-03 04:57:54 UTC

They try too hard to be edgy

2017-11-03 04:58:07 UTC

Wth happened to that Denver Baby Animal Save on Facebook I can't find it anymore

2017-11-03 04:58:33 UTC

You want what Slayer or every black/death/nu metal band has ever tried to be? Good Mourning by Megadeth.

2017-11-03 04:58:34 UTC

They're not trying to do anything now. They've been effectively disbanded for 6 or 7 years

2017-11-03 04:58:54 UTC

@Mudvaynian the numbers are back but when I refreshed the page I was unfollowed

2017-11-03 04:59:08 UTC

I’m just a prog metal guy so I like to call edgelords out

2017-11-03 04:59:24 UTC

@twofree That's odd. I'm still following both accounts.

2017-11-03 04:59:32 UTC

prog metal is comfy, although some bands singer wise are really cheesy

2017-11-03 04:59:38 UTC

Omfg I went back and was unfollowed again

2017-11-03 04:59:48 UTC

Wish Trump would make a tweet saying how unprofessional they are at twitter

2017-11-03 04:59:54 UTC

Every time I refresh the page now I'm unfollowed

2017-11-03 05:00:03 UTC

I can screen record and upload to YouTube to prove it

2017-11-03 05:00:19 UTC

it happened to mee aswell amish

2017-11-03 05:00:21 UTC

@twofree happens to me too

2017-11-03 05:00:23 UTC

i believe you, ur describing exactly what i was talking about b4 happening to others

2017-11-03 05:00:33 UTC

Prog metal, power metal and groove metal are my genres tbh

2017-11-03 05:01:03 UTC

People at twitter fucking with trump's twitter for brownie points it seems

2017-11-03 05:01:04 UTC

@Stabbing TIME_ primo victoria

2017-11-03 05:01:09 UTC

prog metal, black metal, and folk music

2017-11-03 05:01:22 UTC

sabaton is a god tier power band, just keep that in mind

2017-11-03 05:01:34 UTC

big guys listen to sabaton

2017-11-03 05:02:00 UTC

No doom metal fans?

2017-11-03 05:02:18 UTC

I also unironically really like Dragonforce

2017-11-03 05:02:35 UTC

they got some good shit

2017-11-03 05:02:46 UTC

McMaster outlined President Trumps plans on his ten day trip to Asia:
The national security adviser told reporters the president will seek to strengthen international resolve to denuclearize North Korea; promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region; and advance American prosperity through fair trade and economic practices.

2017-11-03 05:03:35 UTC

north korea getting btfo'd when?

2017-11-03 05:03:50 UTC

@Mudvaynian Like Devourment or like Diabolicum?

2017-11-03 05:04:10 UTC

@Stabbing TIME_ You ever listen to Haken at all?

2017-11-03 05:04:49 UTC

@futurestorms I meant like My Dying Bride or Woods of Ypres. I'll give those bands a listen though.

2017-11-03 05:05:31 UTC

Ah. Yes. Diabolicum’s first album is a nihilistic classic.

2017-11-03 05:05:51 UTC

Can’t say I’ve heard of them tbh

2017-11-03 05:06:34 UTC

Proof right there I Screenrecorded it^^^

2017-11-03 05:06:55 UTC

Stupid fags running Twitter

2017-11-03 05:07:27 UTC

Shit it even took all Trump's tweets out of my feed

2017-11-03 05:07:32 UTC


2017-11-03 05:08:14 UTC

Lol when I search him it shows I'm following but when I go to his page says I'm not

2017-11-03 05:08:37 UTC

Maybe it'll sort itself out?

2017-11-03 05:08:58 UTC

It better

2017-11-03 05:11:01 UTC

Man the views are going up lol did you post that link somewhere @Mudvaynian

2017-11-03 05:11:31 UTC

What link?

2017-11-03 05:11:35 UTC


2017-11-03 05:11:46 UTC


2017-11-03 05:11:50 UTC


2017-11-03 05:12:54 UTC

@BigManWithThePlan that’s pretty good brother

2017-11-03 05:18:18 UTC

Well I’m off to bed lads

2017-11-03 05:18:45 UTC

School in the morning and such, peace out

2017-11-03 05:19:00 UTC

I hated school lol

2017-11-03 05:19:34 UTC

Always thought it would be fun to actually go to school though

2017-11-03 05:33:32 UTC


2017-11-03 05:48:26 UTC

I just woke up

2017-11-03 05:48:39 UTC

I hab to go to school

2017-11-03 05:48:55 UTC

Yall niggas lucky

2017-11-03 05:54:06 UTC


2017-11-03 06:06:39 UTC

you know what guys i don't think that's the real jesus christ

2017-11-03 06:11:57 UTC

prove its not

2017-11-03 06:23:12 UTC

Intentionally spreading HIV is a good thing

2017-11-03 06:23:30 UTC

Every thing we can do to make fags get AIDS faster is good

2017-11-03 06:35:30 UTC

@Riku the potato So when you gonna release the apocalipse?

2017-11-03 06:49:51 UTC

We proving h8rs wrong

2017-11-03 07:18:52 UTC

oh my god BTC is $11k NZD.

2017-11-03 07:19:06 UTC

I regret selling the 0.6 BTC I had. This isn't funny anymore.

2017-11-03 07:24:40 UTC

Rip faith in humanity

2017-11-03 07:34:53 UTC


2017-11-03 07:37:07 UTC

@Techius You fool.

2017-11-03 07:37:31 UTC

Did you believe all those tech blogs that said it was going to crash and burn?

2017-11-03 07:37:44 UTC


2017-11-03 07:39:45 UTC

So yeah DJT's Twitter was shut down by a Twitter employee briefly apparently as a joke. Talk about being dumb. I mean this is a presidents account we are talking about, if such low level employees have such simple access it is scary to think what some rogue employee could do if they ever decided to post a tweet on DJT's Twitter pretending to be him.

2017-11-03 07:48:37 UTC


2017-11-03 07:49:31 UTC

Trump's Twitter banned?

2017-11-03 07:49:32 UTC


2017-11-03 07:57:37 UTC

what you mean nice

2017-11-03 07:57:44 UTC


2017-11-03 08:00:55 UTC

@฿ⱤɆӾł₮ɆɆⱤ nah I was just being greedy and sold

2017-11-03 08:00:59 UTC


2017-11-03 08:02:18 UTC

wasn't really paying attention back then either because it was around like $600 and pretty stable

2017-11-03 08:02:41 UTC

You know how the nogs are asking for "muh reparations" for slavery and like every cucked country is supporting that?
We need to meme that the Irish want reparations from the British for the potato famine 😂😂

2017-11-03 08:03:38 UTC

Imagine how fucking funny that would be?

2017-11-03 08:05:36 UTC

the potatoes would probably join in with the meme as well and trigger everyone 😂😂

2017-11-03 08:05:58 UTC

The IRA might even make a comeback <:TrumpSmile:356316463490924561>

2017-11-03 08:06:11 UTC

Imagine IRA vs Bongs/Muhammad

2017-11-03 08:06:31 UTC

It would be /comfy/ to watch

2017-11-03 08:06:51 UTC

Won't be comfy where I am if the IRA ever made a comeback XD

2017-11-03 08:07:02 UTC


2017-11-03 08:07:43 UTC

GIBS me reparations now reeee @฿ⱤɆӾł₮ɆɆⱤ

2017-11-03 08:08:15 UTC

I got the inter generational PTSD from the potato famine the Jews got when they grandparents in the gas chambers

2017-11-03 08:08:36 UTC


2017-11-03 08:08:50 UTC

The IRA are a clumsy bunch

2017-11-03 08:08:59 UTC

Well Ireland are trying to sabotage BREXIT so fok them.

2017-11-03 08:09:48 UTC

@robb9 remember those drunk potatoes still managed to get their hands on SAM missiles at one point 😂

2017-11-03 08:09:59 UTC


2017-11-03 08:10:07 UTC

Fucking Celtic-niggers

2017-11-03 08:10:08 UTC

They just need some (((help)))

2017-11-03 08:10:32 UTC

BUT think about it

2017-11-03 08:11:01 UTC

The IRA would start bombing londonstan.... The majority of people in londonstan are nigegrs and mudslimes...

2017-11-03 08:11:13 UTC


2017-11-03 08:11:49 UTC

Yeah... but at the same time the IRA did colloborate with radical muzzies back in the day.

2017-11-03 08:12:06 UTC


2017-11-03 08:12:20 UTC


2017-11-03 08:12:21 UTC

@฿ⱤɆӾł₮ɆɆⱤ remember the saying "the enemy of the enemy is my friend?" That's a prime example

2017-11-03 08:12:23 UTC

Didn't they work with Libya a few times?

2017-11-03 08:12:38 UTC

@Techius Apparently yes.

2017-11-03 08:12:46 UTC

We actually need a cohesive movement that’s actually fighting the good fight[E.g the natsocs] not drunk, potato farmers.

2017-11-03 08:13:01 UTC

Lmao why didn't HRC give the IRA uranium wtf?

2017-11-03 08:13:04 UTC

ok bye

2017-11-03 08:13:27 UTC

@robb9 but drunk potato farmers are funny

2017-11-03 08:13:36 UTC


2017-11-03 08:13:41 UTC

But let’s get serious.

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