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2017-10-28 21:23:50 UTC

so your'e right

2017-10-28 21:23:52 UTC

Even if it means being two faced

2017-10-28 21:24:02 UTC

they read directly from a prompter

2017-10-28 21:24:10 UTC

they're not adlibbing anything lol

2017-10-28 21:24:34 UTC

the media is fed a narrative by their cash-rich overlords

2017-10-28 21:24:37 UTC

Their producers tell them what the story is

2017-10-28 21:24:45 UTC

producers get paid first

2017-10-28 21:24:48 UTC

The journalists willingly go along

2017-10-28 21:25:16 UTC

There’s a lot of production that goes into the news

2017-10-28 21:25:28 UTC

"The important thing to know about an assassination or an attempted assassination is not who fired the shot, but who paid for the bullet."

2017-10-28 21:25:35 UTC

same rule applies to the media in this instance

2017-10-28 21:25:41 UTC

All these journalists do is read, like you said. But then they go off script and they are political hacks

2017-10-28 21:32:02 UTC

sometimes I wonder why I even bother discussing politics at all

2017-10-28 21:32:13 UTC

as nothing really matters but my vote

2017-10-28 21:32:29 UTC

but then I remember the difference the T_D made in my life and development

2017-10-28 21:32:53 UTC

and I again understand the importance of political discourse

2017-10-28 21:33:55 UTC

We do own everyone in DC. They are sworn in to serve the people they represent. This has been forgotten by most.

2017-10-28 21:36:00 UTC

there are full-grown adults in this world who will never understand that governments inevitably lean toward authoritarianism if unchecked

2017-10-28 21:36:06 UTC

@freshdoogie <https://www.reddit.com/r/trump/>

It’s all Trump and government info. Bare bones. No MAGA hats.

2017-10-28 21:36:26 UTC

Im only ordering Dominos from now on.


2017-10-28 21:36:44 UTC

The government owns us and makes sure we continue to serve them as their corporate lords lobby and put money in their pockets to turn their nose the other way while we get screwed. And of course people will defend them saying it’s okay! They earned that heap of money!

2017-10-28 21:36:58 UTC

I’m going to not care about my own class and defend the rich !

2017-10-28 21:37:15 UTC

>gets opressed by the government
>"uwu its ok we own them bcuz we pay taxes"

2017-10-28 21:37:33 UTC


2017-10-28 21:37:34 UTC

@amygdala Trump wants term limits and accountability. Heads are already metaphorically rolling in DC

2017-10-28 21:38:10 UTC

"I'm not owned!" the capitalist screams, as he goes to his soulless 9-5 every day, doing nothing but working and consuming.

2017-10-28 21:38:12 UTC

@whytho I didn’t say it was ok. I just said it got out of hand

2017-10-28 21:38:15 UTC

Trump wants to do a lot but he can’t get anything passed, not that it is his fault

2017-10-28 21:38:25 UTC


2017-10-28 21:38:28 UTC

There’s nothing wrong with working

2017-10-28 21:38:36 UTC

the problem is the working class is being fucked

2017-10-28 21:38:40 UTC

Work is good

2017-10-28 21:38:46 UTC

Soulless labor is not

2017-10-28 21:38:47 UTC

and the working class for some reason, defends their corporate lords

2017-10-28 21:38:56 UTC

@futurestorms Didnt you say you dont even have a job

2017-10-28 21:39:01 UTC

Work is work.

2017-10-28 21:39:05 UTC

If you dont, good on you

2017-10-28 21:39:09 UTC

You need your citizens to work

2017-10-28 21:39:10 UTC

it's called work for a reason lol

2017-10-28 21:39:22 UTC

The jews cant steal from you if you arent working

2017-10-28 21:39:58 UTC

I’ve been working since 1988. I took a year off and lived off savings I MADE. Still paid $28k in taxes. SUCK IT

2017-10-28 21:40:10 UTC


2017-10-28 21:40:16 UTC

old fay

2017-10-28 21:40:18 UTC

old gay

2017-10-28 21:40:36 UTC

I wanted to spend time with my family.

2017-10-28 21:40:36 UTC

tax reform is happening though, thank God

2017-10-28 21:40:50 UTC

And how the fuck did you spend 28k in taxes without working at all

2017-10-28 21:40:54 UTC

how much money did you spend

2017-10-28 21:41:05 UTC

@whytho You call me old, but i have 23 years left of work left....YOU?

2017-10-28 21:41:16 UTC


2017-10-28 21:41:23 UTC

that was literally retarded

2017-10-28 21:41:33 UTC

you called him old and gay

2017-10-28 21:41:37 UTC

He is

2017-10-28 21:41:41 UTC

hes old and gay

2017-10-28 21:41:50 UTC

okay so subby is confirmed to have nukes

2017-10-28 21:41:59 UTC

*looking over at pic of lady and daughter*

2017-10-28 21:42:00 UTC

the way he worded his sentece is accusing me of being old

2017-10-28 21:42:03 UTC

subby is a longboye

2017-10-28 21:42:27 UTC

I’m gonna become a full neet

2017-10-28 21:42:38 UTC

I’m just gonna dress like a slut and sit in front of a camera and play video games

2017-10-28 21:42:46 UTC

*jokes on u internet kid, my life is actually amazing, and im a millionaire with 4 perfect wives, and 17 daughters (who i am planning to fuck) 😎😎😎*

2017-10-28 21:42:53 UTC

I hope someone beats you to death with a hammer then

2017-10-28 21:43:04 UTC
2017-10-28 21:43:18 UTC

@amygdala how about instead o becoming a woman

2017-10-28 21:43:22 UTC

you become this

2017-10-28 21:43:25 UTC


2017-10-28 21:43:43 UTC

delete that or i’m calling a mod

2017-10-28 21:43:49 UTC

I like being a woman

2017-10-28 21:43:55 UTC

he has this pic in stock and still has the nerve to call someone else gay LOL

2017-10-28 21:44:00 UTC

@futurestorms boy what

2017-10-28 21:44:05 UTC

No. Enough. Stop. Both of you.

2017-10-28 21:44:10 UTC

is the anime girl the problem?

2017-10-28 21:44:10 UTC

Okay I’ll sstop

2017-10-28 21:44:24 UTC

because there isnt any nudity

2017-10-28 21:44:35 UTC

tfw posted self

2017-10-28 21:44:36 UTC

There's no accounting for taste, apparently

2017-10-28 21:44:41 UTC

young gay @whytho

2017-10-28 21:44:49 UTC

wait. Chat isn’t mine to rule. I’ll just go away for a bit. or ignore it.

2017-10-28 21:44:55 UTC

big straight @whytho

2017-10-28 21:44:59 UTC

whytho isn’t gay

2017-10-28 21:45:05 UTC

I tried to make him gay already

2017-10-28 21:45:07 UTC

just pinged himself...

2017-10-28 21:45:09 UTC

he resisted

2017-10-28 21:45:22 UTC

@futurestorms do boomers have literally 0 sense of humor

2017-10-28 21:45:26 UTC

I can't compete with this level of autism

2017-10-28 21:45:31 UTC

is it genetic or generational

2017-10-28 21:45:35 UTC

Amy make him gay

2017-10-28 21:45:41 UTC

@whytho I’m GenX, if you want to use labels.

2017-10-28 21:46:11 UTC

Georgia is beating the dog shit out of Florida rn lol

2017-10-28 21:46:13 UTC

GenX is practically baby boomers

2017-10-28 21:46:22 UTC

Gen x is full of wild cards

2017-10-28 21:46:27 UTC

Some of them are absolute cunts

2017-10-28 21:46:33 UTC

Raised by the shittiest generation

2017-10-28 21:46:50 UTC


2017-10-28 21:46:51 UTC

riiiight. We’re so shitty, pukes like you are copying our ‘80’s style and music to try and be cool

2017-10-28 21:47:07 UTC


2017-10-28 21:47:10 UTC


2017-10-28 21:47:12 UTC


2017-10-28 21:47:13 UTC

I’m not copying the 80s

2017-10-28 21:47:18 UTC

I’d be killed in the 80s probably

2017-10-28 21:47:22 UTC

But you are just a cadboard cut out bought at target

2017-10-28 21:47:28 UTC

80s was the last generation that was worth a shit

2017-10-28 21:47:39 UTC

80s was baaaaad

2017-10-28 21:47:43 UTC

too many drugs

2017-10-28 21:47:45 UTC

and hedonists

2017-10-28 21:47:48 UTC

@freshdoogie thank you. If only today’s tech was back then...

2017-10-28 21:47:53 UTC

80s was when mass consumerism really started

2017-10-28 21:48:00 UTC

in America anyway

2017-10-28 21:48:01 UTC

I liked the violence, but not the gay consumerism bullshit

2017-10-28 21:48:09 UTC

everything from the 80s onward just goes down hill

2017-10-28 21:48:12 UTC

@whytho Ooh there’s no hedonism or drugs now. Durrr retard

2017-10-28 21:48:26 UTC

@futurestorms also you do know that vaporwave and shit that youre talking about it a parody and satire of the 80s

2017-10-28 21:48:45 UTC

Its literally supposed to satire the 80s and the nostalgia and consumerism in it

2017-10-28 21:48:51 UTC


2017-10-28 21:48:52 UTC

What does satire mean

2017-10-28 21:48:55 UTC

its not promoting it in the slightest

2017-10-28 21:49:05 UTC
2017-10-28 21:49:09 UTC

@whytho I got into it because it reminded me of italian horror movie music from the 80’s

2017-10-28 21:49:10 UTC

Just asking

2017-10-28 21:49:15 UTC

satire is a soft fabric used for making dresses @Kraftzmann the Free

2017-10-28 21:49:18 UTC

Show me

2017-10-28 21:49:20 UTC


2017-10-28 21:49:24 UTC


2017-10-28 21:49:31 UTC

well that doesn't make any kind of sense

2017-10-28 21:49:38 UTC

I just wanna buy cute clothes sometimes

2017-10-28 21:49:45 UTC

isn't satire the prince of darkness

2017-10-28 21:49:50 UTC

I really hate consumerism

2017-10-28 21:50:04 UTC

Wtf apparently virginia wants to remove a church with a George Washington monument or some hsit

2017-10-28 21:50:10 UTC

You just contradicted yourself

2017-10-28 21:50:15 UTC

no that's sapphire

2017-10-28 21:50:22 UTC

well george washington *was* a racist because nigger nigger nigger

2017-10-28 21:50:23 UTC


2017-10-28 21:50:36 UTC

Why the fuck are Virginians so fucking cucked, it used to be a red state!

2017-10-28 21:50:36 UTC

George Washington was a fascist.

2017-10-28 21:50:37 UTC

@freshdoogie i keep reading your comments in Carl’s voice

2017-10-28 21:50:47 UTC

Consumerism in the 90’s was fucking awesome

2017-10-28 21:50:50 UTC

I blame it on the MTV

2017-10-28 21:50:53 UTC

✝ 🇮 🅱 🅱 🇮 🇪 🇸

2017-10-28 21:50:53 UTC

Bush/Trump 2020

2017-10-28 21:50:56 UTC

Done rotted their brains

2017-10-28 21:50:57 UTC

@Logical-Scholar too close to DC

2017-10-28 21:51:27 UTC

MTV and the likes were forced down millennial throats

2017-10-28 21:51:36 UTC

to try and breed them into the perfect consumer

2017-10-28 21:51:41 UTC

MTV is completely retarded

2017-10-28 21:51:50 UTC

buy this music it’s cool, go to clubs, buy this etc

2017-10-28 21:51:57 UTC

If you let your kids watch that garbage you get what you deserve out of them

2017-10-28 21:52:04 UTC

Remember when Canada invaded the US and burned down the White House?

2017-10-28 21:52:18 UTC





2017-10-28 21:52:21 UTC

wouldn't it be nice if there was a cable package for people with above average cognitive awareness?

2017-10-28 21:52:21 UTC

Remember when the US invaded Canada and burned down theirs?

2017-10-28 21:52:22 UTC


2017-10-28 21:52:37 UTC

Consumerism has been around since printed newspapers. It’s real boom was the 1950’s. Now it’s just commonplace to have allegiance to THINGS

2017-10-28 21:52:47 UTC


2017-10-28 21:52:48 UTC

@Cool Cat Why is your pfp a trap

2017-10-28 21:52:49 UTC

@whytho Most people were racist pre-50s

2017-10-28 21:52:51 UTC

Consumerism is OK

2017-10-28 21:52:53 UTC

Why not @FireWolf

2017-10-28 21:52:54 UTC

the problem is

2017-10-28 21:52:59 UTC

good point

2017-10-28 21:53:03 UTC


2017-10-28 21:53:16 UTC

Fascist doesnt equal racist dummy @Logical-Scholar

2017-10-28 21:53:17 UTC

@Logical-Scholar everyone is racist to an extent

2017-10-28 21:53:18 UTC

they’re literally making fucking systems to psychologically make people heavy consumers

2017-10-28 21:53:28 UTC

because they don’t care

2017-10-28 21:53:31 UTC

They just want money

2017-10-28 21:53:37 UTC

and the government thinks that’s ok

2017-10-28 21:53:38 UTC

Everyone does

2017-10-28 21:53:42 UTC

Because muh liberty

2017-10-28 21:53:45 UTC

It's the 21st century

2017-10-28 21:53:52 UTC

Industry is the main course

2017-10-28 21:54:00 UTC

it has been for 100 years

2017-10-28 21:54:09 UTC

why are television advertisements not illegal

2017-10-28 21:54:11 UTC

Corporate intigration has been a thing for more

2017-10-28 21:54:17 UTC

I know @whytho but they would both think too much of nationality and fight each other, he wouldn't side with Hitler

2017-10-28 21:54:20 UTC

In movies in the 40’s and 50’s, they’d have a 2second flash in the film screen that said ‘eat popcorn’ and sales went through the roof

2017-10-28 21:54:20 UTC

or at least more closely regulated

2017-10-28 21:54:24 UTC

America is owned by a bank, and its people are owned by the government, and corporations

2017-10-28 21:54:26 UTC

still can't decide whether or not I hate Jews more than niggers though

2017-10-28 21:54:27 UTC

"UwU what if I tell women that smoking a cigarette will make them freer, and give them their own 'penis' of sorts" -Sigmund Freud

2017-10-28 21:54:28 UTC

Not really

2017-10-28 21:54:41 UTC

Freud had someone inject him with heroin until he died

2017-10-28 21:54:42 UTC

Banking does not run America

2017-10-28 21:54:49 UTC

Father of modern psychology

2017-10-28 21:54:49 UTC

It's big business in general

2017-10-28 21:54:53 UTC

The Fed

2017-10-28 21:54:57 UTC

>the fed is not bad

2017-10-28 21:55:06 UTC

(Which by the way worked, he caused women to buy cigarettes en masse)

2017-10-28 21:55:14 UTC

Big ol' circle jerk

2017-10-28 21:55:15 UTC

lol literally a system built upon interest using fake paper money > not bad

2017-10-28 21:55:38 UTC

where'd that come from?

2017-10-28 21:55:49 UTC

Meanwhile the people who started it live in fucking giant estates

2017-10-28 21:55:53 UTC

the fed? shady legislation

2017-10-28 21:55:53 UTC

Liberals some times claim to be race deniers but use race issues when it suits them.

2017-10-28 21:56:03 UTC

and have like 500b networth lol

2017-10-28 21:56:32 UTC

hypocrisy is worse than racism

2017-10-28 21:56:33 UTC

The real old money in this country came from railroad, oil and newspaper magnates.

2017-10-28 21:56:38 UTC
2017-10-28 21:56:47 UTC

@freshdoogie whats wrong with racism??

2017-10-28 21:56:54 UTC

Information, transit and fuel rule us.

2017-10-28 21:56:55 UTC

Jefferson saw that paper money was useless, and he said as much .... They had already started their takeover back in his time... They were being shady about putting money out there, like for example General Kosciusko took forever to get paid for his work

2017-10-28 21:56:55 UTC

@freshdoogie And lefties are mostly hypocrites

2017-10-28 21:57:01 UTC

What type of Hypocrisy?

2017-10-28 21:57:09 UTC

Every aspect of the left

2017-10-28 21:57:12 UTC

Puff the dragon
Lived by the sea

2017-10-28 21:57:13 UTC


2017-10-28 21:57:20 UTC

liberal hypocrisy

2017-10-28 21:57:32 UTC

That's like saying White Hypocrisy

2017-10-28 21:57:34 UTC

If you read in history you can literally find how hard they tried to force the fed onto America

2017-10-28 21:57:35 UTC

be more specific

2017-10-28 21:57:42 UTC

Woodrow Wilson was a cuck

2017-10-28 21:57:47 UTC

"racism" as defined by the left is just thought crime & white original sin

2017-10-28 21:57:50 UTC

"race doesn't exist, we are all humans! oh but we hate white people and they have to be a minority!"

2017-10-28 21:57:58 UTC

Wilson was Cuckzilla

2017-10-28 21:58:00 UTC

Racism today is not the same as racism 20 years ago

2017-10-28 21:58:01 UTC

I'm too lazy

2017-10-28 21:58:04 UTC

fuck you

2017-10-28 21:58:11 UTC

fuck who?

2017-10-28 21:58:18 UTC

@Cool Cat How is it not the same?

2017-10-28 21:58:19 UTC

there are atleast 5 people talking

2017-10-28 21:58:20 UTC

@amygdala thats literally all of ww 2 lmao

2017-10-28 21:58:33 UTC

Wilson was reeing about countries not wanting to be controlled by jews and money

2017-10-28 21:58:37 UTC

what a fuckinf retard

2017-10-28 21:58:40 UTC


2017-10-28 21:58:41 UTC

> hates white people > goes to extreme measures to become a part of a country founded by whites > tfw

2017-10-28 21:58:46 UTC

I wish Wilson was tortured.

2017-10-28 21:58:48 UTC

@Logical-Scholar Racism used to be about racial issues, now it's just a way to justify your means, yeah?

2017-10-28 21:58:55 UTC


2017-10-28 21:58:55 UTC

I always thought of the left as self conscious identitarian quasi puritans

2017-10-28 21:58:56 UTC

SJW and such

2017-10-28 21:58:57 UTC


2017-10-28 21:59:01 UTC


2017-10-28 21:59:01 UTC


2017-10-28 21:59:05 UTC

Tfw can’t go back in time and kill wilson

2017-10-28 21:59:06 UTC


2017-10-28 21:59:08 UTC

Im retarded

2017-10-28 21:59:11 UTC

we all are

2017-10-28 21:59:12 UTC

Kill Winston Churchill

2017-10-28 21:59:14 UTC

tfw can’t fuck his wife infront of him before I kill him

2017-10-28 21:59:16 UTC

he ded

2017-10-28 21:59:17 UTC

Kill Woodrow Wilson

2017-10-28 21:59:18 UTC

speak for yourself, autist

2017-10-28 21:59:19 UTC

yeah winston's a traitor

2017-10-28 21:59:20 UTC

he ded

2017-10-28 21:59:21 UTC

also eisenhower

2017-10-28 21:59:29 UTC

eisenhower is the reason the commies werent killed

2017-10-28 21:59:31 UTC

after wwII

2017-10-28 21:59:35 UTC

Read the JFK files yet?

2017-10-28 21:59:53 UTC


2017-10-28 21:59:54 UTC

the jews did it

2017-10-28 21:59:58 UTC


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