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2017-10-05 18:08:24 UTC

anyone down for some arma 3

2017-10-05 18:10:29 UTC

ill be in Gaming 1

2017-10-06 00:27:07 UTC

@SuspectLeader i have arma 3

2017-10-06 00:27:22 UTC

Hop in gaming 2

2017-10-06 03:06:47 UTC

Getting a desktop I reckon, Asus

2017-10-06 03:07:49 UTC

Cause I no does not have money

2017-10-06 03:49:29 UTC

ez free beta

2017-10-06 03:54:58 UTC


2017-10-06 03:55:01 UTC

doesnt work anymore

2017-10-06 03:55:03 UTC


2017-10-06 17:31:14 UTC

Hey guys what do you think about Ubisoft blackwashing ancient egypt in Assassin's Creed: Origins?

2017-10-06 17:31:24 UTC

according to it ancient egyptians were dark black like south africans

2017-10-06 17:31:34 UTC

when they really looked like middle eastern people

2017-10-06 17:32:18 UTC


2017-10-06 18:34:11 UTC


2017-10-06 18:41:30 UTC

Is rainbow washing a thing?

2017-10-06 18:49:40 UTC

Bitcoin mining <:ThinkStare:356316814847901698>

2017-10-06 18:49:44 UTC

New user

2017-10-06 18:49:46 UTC


2017-10-06 18:50:08 UTC

Short link <:ThinkYourself:356316544734724106>

2017-10-06 18:51:53 UTC

Time to purify the world to some weet new grooves.
This is mister NewVegas comin at ya with another classic hit.


2017-10-06 18:53:19 UTC

@skyboxzz im not that new been here few days just trying to earn a small amount of money while i give away free ingame credit to kids who cant afford to pay hundreds of fiat money to buy virtual shit.

2017-10-06 18:53:38 UTC

I just said it was suspicious <:ThinkStare:356316814847901698>

2017-10-06 18:53:58 UTC

yeah i can tell from the emojijs lol

2017-10-06 18:54:19 UTC


2017-10-06 19:15:06 UTC

No, you are that new heere.

2017-10-06 19:15:12 UTC

Some of these guys have been here for two years.

2017-10-06 19:26:15 UTC

Yeah so what ? At least I'm posting in the right channel.

2017-10-06 19:48:06 UTC

"It just works"


2017-10-06 19:57:04 UTC

I don't fucking want paid mods

2017-10-06 20:02:42 UTC

"See that DLC? You pay for that"

2017-10-06 20:03:10 UTC


2017-10-06 20:21:55 UTC

**<#362953501921378314> has merged with this channel. <#356288574485954561> is now anything related to gaming or technology.**

2017-10-06 20:38:20 UTC

well aren't you cool

2017-10-06 20:44:23 UTC

Thank you @Polygon ๐Ÿ™‚

2017-10-06 20:51:07 UTC


2017-10-06 20:53:08 UTC

@king ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ˜˜

2017-10-06 21:10:44 UTC

cant stop milking that skyrim dick

2017-10-06 21:11:32 UTC

it's bethe$da bby

2017-10-06 22:27:55 UTC

I mean it's music and atleast not another version of skyrim

2017-10-06 22:52:47 UTC

Anyone play GTA Online ?

2017-10-06 22:53:21 UTC

"Say goodnight"

2017-10-06 23:31:45 UTC

I'm playing even if they are trying to be antifa fags about marketing their game.

2017-10-07 00:00:38 UTC

boycott that shit and WWII

2017-10-07 00:01:06 UTC

just pirate it <:FeelsComfyMan:356316472240373760>

2017-10-07 00:01:53 UTC


2017-10-07 00:02:02 UTC


2017-10-07 00:03:50 UTC


2017-10-07 11:03:38 UTC


2017-10-07 11:03:56 UTC

Anyone can recommend a good mobile game?

2017-10-07 11:04:25 UTC


2017-10-07 11:04:28 UTC

Is a good one

2017-10-07 11:04:30 UTC

Im tired of these mainstream copycat games

2017-10-07 11:04:34 UTC


2017-10-07 11:04:46 UTC

Aqueducts too

2017-10-07 12:23:30 UTC

Food truck chef is really good

2017-10-07 13:54:55 UTC

Anyone wants to play BF2142?

2017-10-07 13:56:42 UTC

Who doesn't know, they revived BF2, BF2142 and BF:Heroes.

2017-10-07 13:56:44 UTC
2017-10-07 17:29:45 UTC


2017-10-07 17:29:46 UTC


2017-10-07 17:29:46 UTC


2017-10-07 17:34:47 UTC


2017-10-07 19:30:35 UTC

@Autistic Dog what do you think of scorn? Looks boring as hell to me

2017-10-07 19:40:24 UTC

please dont screw the jurassic park game up

2017-10-07 19:40:25 UTC


2017-10-07 20:08:10 UTC

anyone wanna play pubg?

2017-10-07 21:19:04 UTC

@StevePines -WA its a VR game

2017-10-07 21:19:26 UTC

Is it?

2017-10-07 21:19:30 UTC


2017-10-07 21:19:40 UTC

I guess that makes a bit more sense

2017-10-07 21:19:44 UTC

it raised all the money on kickstarter in record time or something

2017-10-07 21:19:48 UTC

It just seems too slowly paced for me

2017-10-07 21:19:53 UTC

its hard to convey the VR experience in a regular video

2017-10-07 21:20:05 UTC

walking around and looking at the shit

2017-10-07 21:21:25 UTC

i dont wanna link the gameplay vids direct because they are very NSFW

2017-10-07 21:21:46 UTC

similar style but traditional gameplay

2017-10-07 21:35:15 UTC

Scorn and Agony both are Hell horror games right?

2017-10-07 21:35:22 UTC

Didnt know that Agony was VR

2017-10-07 21:43:58 UTC

scorn is nasty
but so interesting to look at

2017-10-07 21:44:38 UTC

agony is just some hellish spawn porn

2017-10-07 21:46:28 UTC

just my type <:FeelsComfyMan:356316472240373760>

2017-10-07 21:50:30 UTC

agony is just a "hide from demons" and avoid getting killed horror game

2017-10-07 21:50:47 UTC

kinda like outlast/last resident evil

2017-10-07 21:54:36 UTC

Scorn is survival-horror

2017-10-07 21:54:38 UTC


2017-10-07 23:24:41 UTC

wtf is with gaymestop never sending original boxes with the vidya <:ree:356316447548375070>

2017-10-08 02:48:34 UTC

Any of yall niggy nogs wana play battlefront 2 beta????????

2017-10-08 02:48:48 UTC

my Origin ID is: ValvePlsFix

2017-10-08 12:01:17 UTC

not adding you

2017-10-08 15:57:44 UTC

I am def interested in Scorn

2017-10-08 15:58:48 UTC

hope it will be none linear in terms of navigating the envirements to a key location

2017-10-08 18:15:43 UTC


2017-10-08 18:32:41 UTC

lmao they managed to make it worse the only way they could

2017-10-08 18:48:06 UTC


2017-10-08 18:52:36 UTC

Lootboxes are now even in racing games.
What the hell.

2017-10-08 18:52:46 UTC

forza 7 <:FeelsLELMan:356316501105442817>

2017-10-08 18:55:00 UTC

That one.

2017-10-08 18:56:24 UTC


2017-10-08 18:56:31 UTC

really makes you think <:ThinkStare:356316814847901698>

2017-10-09 00:05:54 UTC

Anyone for CS:GO or PUBG?

2017-10-09 04:09:32 UTC

<:dynoSuccess:314691591484866560> ***madbois#0723 was banned!***

2017-10-09 04:09:45 UTC

<:dynoSuccess:314691591484866560> ***madboisss#0112 was banned!***

2017-10-09 12:39:37 UTC

<:dynosuccess:365142939657043981> ***Dyno#3861 was banned!***

2017-10-09 12:41:32 UTC


2017-10-09 13:47:37 UTC



2017-10-10 00:33:55 UTC

very disappointed in Battlefront 2

2017-10-10 00:33:58 UTC

beta was ass

2017-10-10 00:44:47 UTC


2017-10-10 00:44:50 UTC

Yes, yes

2017-10-10 00:44:54 UTC

Another keyfragment for my collection

2017-10-10 00:46:02 UTC

battlefront looks like it might be okay campaign mode but pvp looks like cancer

2017-10-10 00:46:37 UTC

I've played teh beta since Friday

2017-10-10 00:46:50 UTC

It's fun and enjoyable, but not worth 80$ or 60$

2017-10-10 00:46:53 UTC

More like 30$ at the most

2017-10-10 00:47:28 UTC

more like $3 a month later like all EA games

2017-10-10 00:47:40 UTC

and then off to origin access

2017-10-10 00:50:24 UTC

Hahah, tbh

2017-10-10 00:51:57 UTC

(Keyfragment for a good goy)

2017-10-10 01:49:12 UTC


2017-10-10 01:49:18 UTC

playing the new gran turismo <:PepeSpecial:356316713429499905>

2017-10-10 02:47:47 UTC

add me pls i need frens to play playerknowns battlefloors with

2017-10-10 05:15:33 UTC

Never Forget

2017-10-10 08:51:04 UTC

The fuck?

>game developer


2017-10-10 18:07:58 UTC


2017-10-10 18:08:00 UTC


2017-10-10 18:14:44 UTC

im rly not enjoying playerknowns battlefloors. it rly sucks ass. im over 2hrs so cant refund it either. ffs

2017-10-10 18:20:10 UTC

you mean playerunkown's lootcrate wars

2017-10-10 18:20:22 UTC

also you can still ask for a refund
steam support does it case by case

2017-10-10 18:20:29 UTC

they will probably say no though

2017-10-10 22:17:50 UTC

but srsly tho, i just bought playerknowns battlefloors cause i noticed you guys were playin it and it must be good. ive got like 4 hrs in this thing and its mainly a hide and seek death match, mixed in with a "oh shit i got lucky and found a sniper rifle AND ammo" kinda game. it has tons of variables and i appreciate that but so far im not a big fan cause im a FPS guy and this is a 3rd person kinda game. i feel robbed a little bit, cheated, and additionally the vehicles feel like a 5th grader coded them. i know its early access but ffs i cant believe that the game has nearly 200k reviews. ARK survival of the fittest is a better concept than this shit, it feels way too "indie" imo. im just not sold on it. all it is when you get to the end of matches is fucking camping anyways and that shit is fucking lame as shit. thing about ARKS survival of the fittest is you cant camp, thats why it owns compared to shit like this. i like the concept, sorta, but the way ppl play it for survival is merely, run to a zone, camp, repeat. that fucking sucks. ive only played solo and have gotten to #11 but the lack of a real 1st person is why i cant give it a thumbs up.

2017-10-10 22:19:38 UTC

Some faggot camping in a building waiting for you to open a door, isnt combat. Period.

2017-10-10 22:19:54 UTC

That is 100% cowardice.

2017-10-10 22:36:15 UTC

I never buy early ascess, 75% of the time the game gets worse as it goes on. Then on release it gets worse (if it ever leaves early ascess) I don't pre-order either, the only games I EVER buy on release (if I do) is Nintendo games because of the good track record they have.

2017-10-10 22:37:18 UTC

If you want solid military shooter, I'd suggest Insurgency or Squad.

2017-10-11 01:07:38 UTC

ARMA 3 is my choice for Milsims.

2017-10-11 11:28:26 UTC

I want to play Arma 3 and some other games but first i gotta get rid of this old ass pc

2017-10-11 15:05:40 UTC


2017-10-11 15:29:46 UTC

Whos laughing now

2017-10-11 15:29:48 UTC

I added this line "This is a /pol/itically incorrect server!" as a server login message to the ARK cluster servers and within 48hrs the main ARK game client unofficial server listings had black listed them. It appears that ARK doesn't want anything remotely political on their shit. ffs this is bad.

2017-10-11 15:37:48 UTC

The discord link to the Right Server is still in the server messages on the cluster servers but i think that im using key words like /pol/ which are apparently forbidden to be listed in unofficial listings. It seems like the game client scans even server messages before determining if they should be black listed or not. This is almost a fucking deal breaker but I like killing dinosaurs too much.

2017-10-11 19:14:08 UTC

more bad news: ARK has apparently black listed my IP

2017-10-11 19:14:42 UTC

>for politically incorrect ideas

2017-10-11 19:14:54 UTC

servers wont list now no matter what i do

2017-10-11 19:19:06 UTC

apparently "pepe" is a blacklist word

2017-10-11 19:22:31 UTC

I'm still trying to get something listed and will post when the servers get back online.

2017-10-11 19:23:08 UTC

Steam is listing them as well as other sites online but ARK game client isnt listing them.

2017-10-11 19:23:58 UTC

There is no doubt at this point that the ARK devs are liberal faggots.

2017-10-11 19:26:38 UTC

very few devs aren't liberal faggots

2017-10-11 19:44:11 UTC

Fucking liberal faggots

2017-10-11 19:44:54 UTC

Yeah, most people who work in Computer Science fields are left wing

2017-10-11 19:45:04 UTC


2017-10-11 19:46:15 UTC

Not me, thank God

2017-10-11 19:48:15 UTC

Renamed the server and still ARK game client still wont list it. I think I'm fucked tbh.


2017-10-11 19:48:26 UTC

Server is active and working.

2017-10-11 19:48:43 UTC

Did they ban you or something?

2017-10-11 19:48:54 UTC

No, ARK doesn't ban players.

2017-10-11 19:48:59 UTC

except for hacking.

2017-10-11 19:49:21 UTC

even then, they rarely ever ban playters

2017-10-11 19:50:18 UTC

ARK devs are just black listing anything they deem sjw "incorrect" imo

2017-10-11 19:50:25 UTC

What cucks

2017-10-11 20:10:04 UTC

yea its confirmed they blacklisted my IP

2017-10-11 20:10:31 UTC

dont run political ARK servers i guess is the lesson from this

2017-10-11 20:11:53 UTC

remove my pin the servers are dead. ARK dev faggots killed them.

2017-10-11 20:13:23 UTC

Fucking fags

2017-10-11 20:13:25 UTC


2017-10-11 20:13:45 UTC

How did you find out?

2017-10-11 20:20:14 UTC

the servers are active on steam listings and other sites but not listed on the ARK game client

2017-10-11 20:21:17 UTC

its a game killer. thats where 99% of ppl will find the server so its useless to run the server if they are not going to list it. it completely destroys everything.

2017-10-11 20:26:13 UTC

Damn, did they block you from making servers entirely?

2017-10-11 20:33:01 UTC

yea i think they did

2017-10-11 20:33:36 UTC

its next lvl sjw game fuckery

2017-10-11 20:35:06 UTC

ive played on legacy ark servers official for a long time but this bullshit with unofficial servers is just unfuckingacceptable. i cant believe they did this shit. i wouldnt support them if i knew they did this before i bought the game.

2017-10-11 20:36:43 UTC

i ran those servers for like 60 days or something like that. and they finally banned them along with my IP. i cant even run a server now. all for using the name "pepe" i think. this is some shit i cant forgive.

2017-10-11 20:38:16 UTC

before ark launched we used to raid the devs and it was fun tbh, they had epic bases but this sjw bullshit is fucking unacceptable. i cant believe this happened to me. idk what to do with my server players. all their shit is now gone.

2017-10-11 20:39:01 UTC

im prob gonna buy a nitrando server that way the devs cant fuck with it

2017-10-11 21:41:31 UTC

Im on board to help

2017-10-11 21:41:46 UTC

Also, what games does everyone play here besides Ark?

2017-10-11 22:42:02 UTC

Cant you use an IP changer dohickey to change your IP?

2017-10-11 22:42:40 UTC

but yeah thats some messed up shit

2017-10-11 22:42:50 UTC

what butthurt little shits

2017-10-11 23:04:56 UTC

@UhhhSomeone you mean a vpn or proxy

2017-10-11 23:50:38 UTC

they annoucned french planes for war thunder

2017-10-11 23:50:40 UTC

hon hon hon

2017-10-12 01:58:14 UTC


2017-10-12 01:58:19 UTC

post setups

2017-10-12 02:24:17 UTC

why is there a pig <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

2017-10-12 02:25:12 UTC

because I get hungry while pushing nazi ideology on /pol/

2017-10-12 02:25:36 UTC

Uh huh

2017-10-12 02:27:10 UTC

not my actual setup btww

2017-10-12 02:30:09 UTC

You had me worried there lol

2017-10-12 12:19:17 UTC


2017-10-12 12:19:27 UTC


2017-10-12 13:03:45 UTC

^there's no excuse for all those bottles

2017-10-12 13:04:00 UTC

Ew, how can someone live like that?

2017-10-12 13:12:11 UTC

You guys really have the permessions messed up

2017-10-12 15:52:09 UTC

Good god that must've been an interesting gaming session. Look at all that alcohol XD

2017-10-12 16:35:08 UTC


2017-10-12 18:24:13 UTC

So it turns out Apple > Google now in terms of values.

2017-10-12 18:24:46 UTC

Apple's VP of diversity dismissed racial & gender quotas in favor of ideological diversity.

2017-10-12 18:25:29 UTC

She said that 12 blond-haired, blue-eyed men in a room would be fine with her because the point is individual diversity, not racial or gender diversity.

2017-10-12 18:27:50 UTC

huh, who would have thought?

2017-10-12 20:50:03 UTC

"VP of Diversity"

2017-10-12 20:50:17 UTC

almost as ridiculous as Garlic Bread Expert

2017-10-12 21:59:39 UTC


2017-10-12 21:59:44 UTC

Yes, yes Riot

2017-10-12 21:59:50 UTC

Just let me add this to my... Collection!

2017-10-12 21:59:53 UTC


2017-10-13 00:27:36 UTC

Guys know the way google is pushing all that diversity bullshit and firing men for speakign their opinoins?

2017-10-13 00:28:16 UTC

Get firefox (Beta versoin) Its now 2x quicker and more stable with the new quantum engine making it miles ahead of chrome its also open source and not controled by poltics

2017-10-13 00:28:27 UTC

I would reccomend everyone to switch to but it up to you

2017-10-13 00:28:52 UTC

Of course this wont change anything for them seeing chrome die would be nice

2017-10-13 02:05:49 UTC

You could also get Comodo Dragon or Opera

2017-10-13 02:05:54 UTC

Or just use Edge.

2017-10-13 08:39:28 UTC

@BlueInfinityX Mozilla, the company that makes firefox donated over 100K to riseup.net

2017-10-13 08:39:31 UTC

antifa org

2017-10-13 08:40:38 UTC

brave or chromium(chrome built from source code) are better alts

2017-10-13 10:26:20 UTC

Mozila isnt really a company

2017-10-13 10:26:42 UTC

Many mozila contributors spoke out against the decions

2017-10-13 10:27:17 UTC

Plus chromuin dosent compare in speed to this unofrtuantly.

2017-10-13 14:48:55 UTC

I don't really care about what browser I use aslong as it has lots of addons, I don't use a single search engine either and use something akin to live start pages.. Ublock etc I like having the ability to more easily switch engines when one goes to shit or does some stupid Politcal crap.

2017-10-13 15:00:03 UTC

holy shit shadow of war is so fucking good

2017-10-13 15:00:44 UTC

@BlueInfinityX you could always use waterfox

2017-10-13 15:00:50 UTC

or palemoon

2017-10-13 15:03:39 UTC

Yea completed sow

2017-10-13 15:04:19 UTC

did you like it

2017-10-13 22:16:12 UTC

Guys, which is a better social platform for redpilling the masses? Youtube or Twitch? I will be playing games while talking

2017-10-14 01:04:08 UTC

Neither you stupid faggot do it IRL you cock head

2017-10-14 01:55:55 UTC

who tryna pick up some toontown thots with me

2017-10-14 04:08:57 UTC

are you kidding me twitch is the last thing you should use for redpills

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