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2018-09-06 04:23:05 UTC


2018-09-06 04:23:09 UTC

The lampshades and human soap bars were also proven to be false.

2018-09-06 04:23:18 UTC

That looks like a lot of fake news.

2018-09-06 04:23:22 UTC

Poor propaganda.

2018-09-06 04:23:25 UTC

Bad actors.

2018-09-06 04:23:28 UTC

written by a reformed denier @Deleted User

2018-09-06 04:23:35 UTC

Not an argument.

2018-09-06 04:23:36 UTC


2018-09-06 04:23:38 UTC


2018-09-06 04:23:39 UTC

Just my opinion.

2018-09-06 04:23:40 UTC


2018-09-06 04:23:40 UTC

who changed his mind after getting access to the documents at Auschwitz

2018-09-06 04:23:46 UTC

@Fred the Fish this is serious chat

2018-09-06 04:23:51 UTC

Actions speak louder than words.

2018-09-06 04:24:13 UTC

@Deleted User swimming pools and hospitals were for Auschwitz concentration camp not the death camp

2018-09-06 04:24:17 UTC

there were both

2018-09-06 04:24:25 UTC

stop misrepresenting it

2018-09-06 04:24:52 UTC

It's amazing some people still think there were 6 million now 10-11 million Jews & others in the camps.

2018-09-06 04:25:07 UTC

It's logistically, mathematically, and scientifically impossible especially in the time span of 6 years.

2018-09-06 04:25:09 UTC

where are you getting your 250k number

2018-09-06 04:25:16 UTC

it is absolutely logistically possible

2018-09-06 04:25:20 UTC

nobody thinks 5+ million were gassed

2018-09-06 04:25:25 UTC

All of the photographs of bodies are of people who starved to death

2018-09-06 04:25:43 UTC

3 million were killed in death camps, the rest died in the east from Einsatzgruppen or in the concentration camps from disease/malnutrition

2018-09-06 04:25:48 UTC

Many of them had typhus ~ we know because when the Allies saved as many as we could. We treated them and our nurses got sick and some died from it.

2018-09-06 04:26:11 UTC

Media = Propaganda. The Winners re-write history and then make up easily debunked conspiracy theories.

2018-09-06 04:26:27 UTC

you haven't debunked anything

2018-09-06 04:26:29 UTC


2018-09-06 04:26:32 UTC

FDR also knew about Pearl Harbor

2018-09-06 04:26:34 UTC

this photo isn't of typhus victims

2018-09-06 04:26:57 UTC


2018-09-06 04:26:58 UTC

neither is this one

2018-09-06 04:27:09 UTC
2018-09-06 04:27:36 UTC

@agag Do you deny that (((Eisenhower))) starved 900,000-1,000,000 Germans in a camp after the war?

2018-09-06 04:27:42 UTC


2018-09-06 04:27:44 UTC

I've heard it many times

2018-09-06 04:27:47 UTC

never from a reputable source

2018-09-06 04:27:48 UTC

He does.

2018-09-06 04:27:52 UTC

Okay just checking.

2018-09-06 04:28:00 UTC

Death squads were on both sides.

2018-09-06 04:28:06 UTC

just because you read it on /pol/ doesn't mean it's true

2018-09-06 04:28:11 UTC

Not just the USSR either. the USA and UK had death squads

2018-09-06 04:28:20 UTC

The Nuremburg trials are a joke.

2018-09-06 04:28:28 UTC

nobody denies that

2018-09-06 04:28:31 UTC


2018-09-06 04:28:31 UTC

they were a kangaroo court

2018-09-06 04:28:39 UTC

Oh good at least we agree on sometime.

2018-09-06 04:28:40 UTC


2018-09-06 04:28:45 UTC

everybody agrees on that

2018-09-06 04:28:48 UTC

Good to find common gorund

2018-09-06 04:28:50 UTC

nobody defends Nuremberg as a legitimate court

2018-09-06 04:28:56 UTC

Hm I'm not so sure about that statement.

2018-09-06 04:29:11 UTC

Plenty of people think the Germans were evil because they lap up poor propaganda like it's milk.

2018-09-06 04:29:27 UTC

And they use w/e they can to demonize them. Even though Germany was only free under Hitler.

2018-09-06 04:29:29 UTC

Germans did evil things regardless of whether Nuremberg was a fair trial or not

2018-09-06 04:29:35 UTC

Germany was not free under Hitler

2018-09-06 04:29:39 UTC

People's Court was not freedom

2018-09-06 04:29:43 UTC

At least the Germans didn't crawl on their belly or their knees like it has done since the demise of Adolf Hitler.

2018-09-06 04:29:44 UTC

Aktion T4 was not freedom

2018-09-06 04:30:02 UTC

And the German people were so happy and rich. It's a shame we destroyed that and most of the rest of civilization with bombs.

2018-09-06 04:30:05 UTC

the RCC having to smuggle in anti-regime ideas was not freedom

2018-09-06 04:30:12 UTC

Rest in peace to all the 60 million mostly all Europeans dead from WWII.

2018-09-06 04:30:16 UTC

Germany started the bombings

2018-09-06 04:30:19 UTC

they bombed Rotterdam

2018-09-06 04:30:23 UTC

demolished it

2018-09-06 04:30:27 UTC

But hey, at least we this clownworld we get to live in ;D

2018-09-06 04:30:36 UTC

While we're turning the middle east into ashes.

2018-09-06 04:30:44 UTC

all of you cry for Dresden, none of you remember how the Germans destroyed Rotterdam and demolished the entire city of Warsaw

2018-09-06 04:30:50 UTC


2018-09-06 04:31:01 UTC

after the Warsaw Rising the Germans demolished the entire city

2018-09-06 04:31:07 UTC

The UK started the terror bombing. The USA and Germany and many others terror bombed.

2018-09-06 04:31:10 UTC

It's just a fact,

2018-09-06 04:31:14 UTC

I'm not exaggerating that

2018-09-06 04:31:17 UTC

85% of the city was demolished

2018-09-06 04:31:20 UTC

UK did not start the bombing

2018-09-06 04:31:23 UTC

Germany bombed Rotterdam first

2018-09-06 04:31:48 UTC

they also invaded Poland despite knowing the Allies would intervene if they did so

2018-09-06 04:31:59 UTC

Didn't the Allies give away German land?

2018-09-06 04:32:02 UTC

they annexed Polish majority lands, so don't give me the "they just wanted to unify ethnic Germans" argument

2018-09-06 04:32:07 UTC

I also know that Germans were being ethnically cleansed in Poland.

2018-09-06 04:32:10 UTC

they were not

2018-09-06 04:32:11 UTC

Completely justified.,

2018-09-06 04:32:15 UTC

Bloody Sunday happened after the start of the war

2018-09-06 04:32:19 UTC

you have the dates reversed

2018-09-06 04:32:24 UTC

Poland got exactly what they knew they were going to get.

2018-09-06 04:32:35 UTC

Ethnically cleansing people never goes well.

2018-09-06 04:32:41 UTC

source for ethnic cleansing please

2018-09-06 04:32:44 UTC


2018-09-06 04:32:49 UTC

Bloody Sunday was after the start of the war

2018-09-06 04:33:00 UTC


2018-09-06 04:33:13 UTC

I'm sure you have one

2018-09-06 04:33:18 UTC

you know all about the true history of WWII

2018-09-06 04:33:25 UTC

9/11 is proof of ethnic cleansing in Poland?

2018-09-06 04:33:28 UTC

very interesting!

2018-09-06 04:33:32 UTC

On a side note. 9/11 was Israel & Saudi Arabia

2018-09-06 04:33:44 UTC

I'm sure that's just a conspiracy too.

2018-09-06 04:33:45 UTC


2018-09-06 04:33:46 UTC

9/11 is completely unrelated to WW2 and Polish genocide of Germans

2018-09-06 04:33:52 UTC

I never said it was related.

2018-09-06 04:33:52 UTC

which I'm sure you have a source for

2018-09-06 04:33:59 UTC

Our conversation wasn't really going anywhere.

2018-09-06 04:34:05 UTC

It was quite evident.

2018-09-06 04:34:11 UTC

As of 7 minutes ago.

2018-09-06 04:34:12 UTC

you refuse to cite any sources!

2018-09-06 04:34:16 UTC


2018-09-06 04:34:33 UTC

I cited one and you immediately shrugged it off and spammed your link 6-7 times. Lol

2018-09-06 04:34:36 UTC

of course, you don't need evidence when you feel you're right

2018-09-06 04:34:38 UTC

So it was clearly a waste of time.

2018-09-06 04:34:43 UTC

That's just my opinion.,

2018-09-06 04:34:51 UTC

the Jewish Question video?

2018-09-06 04:34:54 UTC


2018-09-06 04:34:58 UTC

the war lies video?

2018-09-06 04:35:06 UTC

David Irving. But the Jewish Question by Love Life and Anarchy is a masterpiece.

2018-09-06 04:35:18 UTC

I especially enjoy the part about Jesus of Nazareth.

2018-09-06 04:35:29 UTC

It wasn't just about WWII X'D

2018-09-06 04:35:31 UTC

have you got an actual historian who says what you say

2018-09-06 04:35:37 UTC


2018-09-06 04:35:43 UTC

I also have people who were actually in the camps.

2018-09-06 04:35:44 UTC

somebody that isn't universally considered a sham

2018-09-06 04:35:49 UTC


2018-09-06 04:35:54 UTC

if you've got plenty then cite one

2018-09-06 04:36:01 UTC

Already cited one, and you shot it down.

2018-09-06 04:36:04 UTC

We've been over this.

2018-09-06 04:36:04 UTC

who says Poland was ethnically cleansing Germans before the start of the war

2018-09-06 04:36:06 UTC


2018-09-06 04:36:08 UTC

then cite another one

2018-09-06 04:36:11 UTC

I mentioned another just didn't mention his name.

2018-09-06 04:36:21 UTC


2018-09-06 04:36:23 UTC

How about the Jewish individual who said "It was real in my head" ;D

2018-09-06 04:36:28 UTC

That's another one.

2018-09-06 04:37:08 UTC

yup that debunks all the witnesses who testify credibly that there were gas chambers at Auschwitz, and it definitely debunks the commander of Auschwitz himself who says that 1.1 million Jews died there

2018-09-06 04:37:18 UTC

I'm not talking about the Holocaust anymore

2018-09-06 04:37:27 UTC

I would like some proof for those numbers.

2018-09-06 04:37:29 UTC

have you got a source that agrees that Germans were being ethnically cleansed by the Poles

2018-09-06 04:37:32 UTC

Maybe a citation that isn't fake news.

2018-09-06 04:37:41 UTC

Let me know when you have the records.

2018-09-06 04:37:54 UTC

HΓΆss is a reliable witness

2018-09-06 04:38:05 UTC

Wait... didn't you say that they weren't being ethnically cleansed?

2018-09-06 04:38:07 UTC

Im confused.

2018-09-06 04:38:16 UTC

That was my point X'D

2018-09-06 04:38:19 UTC

yes I'm asking you to cite a source that agrees with you

2018-09-06 04:38:24 UTC


2018-09-06 04:38:28 UTC

So you believe they were or not

2018-09-06 04:38:32 UTC

Now I'm even more confused.

2018-09-06 04:38:49 UTC

no I don't, I believe you have the events mixed up. Bloody Sunday was a violent reprisal against Germans living in Poland, but it was a reaction to the start of the war, not a cause for it

2018-09-06 04:38:59 UTC

Idk I never mentioned that you did.

2018-09-06 04:39:02 UTC

I'm asking for a source that says that was happening before the start of the war

2018-09-06 04:39:09 UTC

So idk how I would have the events mixed up.

2018-09-06 04:39:15 UTC

When you were the one who talked about that, not me.

2018-09-06 04:39:21 UTC

So you admit there was ethnic cleansing?

2018-09-06 04:39:24 UTC


2018-09-06 04:39:27 UTC

Just trying to clear this up.

2018-09-06 04:39:31 UTC

there were reprisals after the start of the war

2018-09-06 04:39:32 UTC


2018-09-06 04:39:36 UTC

they were not a justification for the war

2018-09-06 04:39:42 UTC

the war was started because Hitler was an expansionist

2018-09-06 04:39:44 UTC

It's a massive justification.

2018-09-06 04:39:52 UTC

That's why Hitler put it over the radio waves.

2018-09-06 04:39:55 UTC


2018-09-06 04:40:06 UTC

something that happened after the start of the war is not a cause for starting the war

2018-09-06 04:40:07 UTC

Brb going to grab some more dinner.

2018-09-06 04:40:15 UTC

Thanks for the discussion ❀

2018-09-06 04:40:31 UTC

alright make sure you grab some sources

2018-09-06 04:40:35 UTC

I'm very interested in your sources!

2018-09-06 04:40:40 UTC

evidence is very important

2018-09-06 04:40:47 UTC

I will grab some extra salt as well X'D

2018-09-06 04:41:10 UTC

Btw highly recommend to all ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4JbWSwUWew

2018-09-06 04:41:16 UTC

bb in a few

2018-09-06 04:47:24 UTC

highly recommended to all

2018-09-06 04:47:45 UTC

also very highly recommended

2018-09-06 04:50:57 UTC

extremely highly recommended

2018-09-06 04:52:42 UTC

recommended to all

2018-09-06 05:06:28 UTC

here's another recommended book

2018-09-06 05:06:37 UTC

not free unfortunately

2018-09-06 05:06:42 UTC

the rest of them are though

2018-09-06 07:01:20 UTC

Jesus christ fuck off with this false propaganda

2018-09-06 10:52:59 UTC

The final solution by sabaton should go here

2018-09-06 10:53:04 UTC

Shows Hitler's evil

2018-09-06 14:17:06 UTC

I thought this was serious chat not edgy chat smh

2018-09-06 14:19:47 UTC

This is serious, indeed

2018-09-06 14:19:54 UTC

Unfortunately @agag has access here

2018-09-06 14:19:57 UTC

Idk why tbh

2018-09-06 14:20:07 UTC

here's a book that talks about actual false propaganda if you're interested

2018-09-06 14:20:16 UTC

nice fake

2018-09-06 14:20:55 UTC

talks about the Hitler myth in the Third Reich

2018-09-06 14:21:13 UTC

*it's fake because I don't like it*

2018-09-06 14:29:52 UTC

I dont know much about Hitler or history very well but I wouldnt doubt it if Hitler is misrepresented to made look like the devil.

People followed him and elected him chancellor for a reason not just because the German people were sadistic and hated everyone.

However, I think people really only over glorify him because of the stigma his name hold not because of his actual individual accomplishments, policy or integrity as a person.

2018-09-06 14:31:14 UTC

by 1936 his popularity had declined to the point where they no longer got enough spontaneous crowds and Speer had to organize people who would cheer for him

2018-09-06 14:31:27 UTC

lol what

2018-09-06 14:31:27 UTC

Kershaw talks about this stuff in that last link I sent

2018-09-06 14:32:06 UTC

I couldn't find that book for free but if you're genuinely interested in the subject consider getting it

2018-09-06 14:32:22 UTC

Kershaw is one of the most respected people on this topic

2018-09-06 14:33:17 UTC

I like learning about history. It is very difficult finding a source that isn't skewing data or deliberately omitting key information.

2018-09-06 14:35:03 UTC

History is Written by the victors, the only "respectable" ones will be those peddling the official narrative

2018-09-06 14:35:15 UTC

Thats a shame.

2018-09-06 14:35:36 UTC

For all we know, George Washington could have been a Native American.

2018-09-06 14:36:15 UTC

David Irving was also a "respectable" historian, but once he even questioned the matter of gas chambers and concentration camps, he was instantly slandered and ridiculed

2018-09-06 14:36:35 UTC

I think I saw that in the Greatest Story Never Told.

2018-09-06 14:37:04 UTC

Great documentary but you must watch it in parts.

2018-09-06 14:37:17 UTC

I really don't think so and I don't see a reason why he would lie about his ethnicity

2018-09-06 14:40:15 UTC

Irving is ridiculed because he's a hack, for example he uses a document from Himmler saying a transport of 1000 German Jews east is not to be liquidated as proof Hitler didn't want to kill the Jews. In reality, this group was being transported to populate a ghetto previously populated by native jews who had been liquidated, and that German Jewish transport was liquidated in the end. Can you see how Irving misrepresented, or at best misinterpreted, that evidence, or do I need to spell it out for you?

2018-09-06 14:50:55 UTC

1936 saw an election in nazi Germany that again (obviously) Hitler received overwhelming support in. And just anecdotally my grandfather was a soldier in nazi Germany and I know according to him he had overwhelming support until the war started and even during it.

2018-09-06 14:52:00 UTC

Plus 36 saw one of the biggest Nuremberg rallies

2018-09-06 14:54:24 UTC

The average citizen didnt start turning on Hitler until the war actually started

2018-09-06 14:55:53 UTC

@Fsypro Support for NSDAP kept rising and rising, not going down

2018-09-06 14:56:08 UTC

and I bet it peaked after conquering France and Poland

2018-09-06 14:56:20 UTC

Germans didnt believe they could do it

2018-09-06 18:46:53 UTC


2018-09-06 18:52:10 UTC

that's from Kershaw

2018-09-06 18:52:12 UTC

he cites Speer

2018-09-06 18:52:27 UTC

here's speer's book

2018-09-06 18:54:07 UTC


2018-09-06 18:54:17 UTC

here's where Speer talks about cheering crowds

2018-09-06 20:21:13 UTC


2018-09-06 20:21:18 UTC

that's gonna be on my wall now

2018-09-06 21:40:36 UTC

@Noxar address the fact that he cited speer

2018-09-06 21:41:54 UTC

instead of ur baseless claim of popularity and spontaneity

2018-09-06 22:33:58 UTC

where did juris go

2018-09-06 23:22:30 UTC

Guys, Alex Jones was just banned from Twitter.

2018-09-06 23:22:57 UTC

I think that is every social media platform he is officially banned from.

2018-09-06 23:23:39 UTC

Yet, Cenk U-gayer continues to make anti-white content with the support of YouTube's CEO.

2018-09-06 23:24:59 UTC

"drop the bomb"

2018-09-06 23:25:05 UTC

the 3 words that killed zarqawi

2018-09-06 23:25:49 UTC

We are moving towards a totalitarian society if we allow ourselves to become silenced like this.

2018-09-06 23:26:29 UTC

If we remain stagnant this will encourage legislation to implement hate speech laws in America. Bye-Bye First Amendment.

2018-09-06 23:26:31 UTC

freedom of speech =/= freedom from consequences

2018-09-06 23:27:42 UTC

if you owned and operated a private internet chatroom and someone in there was threatening other users and spouting conspiracy theories, would you invoke the first amendment the way you do now

2018-09-06 23:28:25 UTC

The setting here is important

2018-09-06 23:28:55 UTC

We are talking about a chatroom vs the right to speak freely on the largest social media platforms.

2018-09-06 23:29:22 UTC

who was he harassing

2018-09-06 23:29:30 UTC

the parents of sandy hook victims

2018-09-06 23:29:42 UTC

That is like saying: can I use the firat amendment to be a jerk at a starbucks vs can I be perceived as a jerk in public?

2018-09-06 23:30:32 UTC

The social media giants are essentially publiv territory with how they present themsevles and also becaude they essentially have a monopoly on social media.

2018-09-06 23:31:09 UTC

I like to think of places like fb and twitter to be part of the public space. And I dont think they should make restrictions on free speech.

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