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2018-09-22 04:51:23 UTC

Yes i have 1984 on audio book

2018-09-22 04:51:30 UTC

Cultural Marxism is from collectivism

2018-09-22 04:51:39 UTC

Okay well fine

2018-09-22 04:51:42 UTC

Which is from modern liberalism

2018-09-22 04:51:46 UTC

if we're ignore

2018-09-22 04:51:50 UTC

That's untrue dude

2018-09-22 04:51:56 UTC

most liberals are opposed to marx

2018-09-22 04:52:05 UTC

it's why leftists always clash with the center in the democrats

2018-09-22 04:52:31 UTC

And dude no one who holds these ideas calls themselve post modern marxists

2018-09-22 04:52:35 UTC

Classical and modern liberals aren't the same

2018-09-22 04:52:37 UTC

that was jordan peterson

2018-09-22 04:52:39 UTC

Are you using "liberal" to refer to extremist-yet-non-anarchist libertarians, or the so-called "anarcho-communists"?

2018-09-22 04:52:42 UTC

Neither are Neolibs

2018-09-22 04:53:09 UTC

I was refering to people who hold most liberal values

2018-09-22 04:53:19 UTC

wait no nvm

2018-09-22 04:53:31 UTC

I was probably refering more to neoliberalism and it's predecessors

2018-09-22 04:53:56 UTC

@Somedudewithaname do you know what the Frankfurt School is

2018-09-22 04:54:15 UTC

Yeah I read some of them.

2018-09-22 04:54:18 UTC

There whatever.

2018-09-22 04:54:24 UTC

Nothing to interesting honestly.

2018-09-22 04:54:40 UTC

that's what people are usually referring to when they say Cultural Marxism

2018-09-22 04:54:46 UTC


2018-09-22 04:55:10 UTC

Yes that super famous and important school.

2018-09-22 04:55:18 UTC

Who most people can't name a single member off.

2018-09-22 04:55:20 UTC


2018-09-22 04:55:49 UTC

I can just name Adorno and Horkheimer off the top of my head

2018-09-22 04:55:57 UTC

a lot of the time it's connected to jew theories

2018-09-22 04:56:36 UTC

Ah yes.

2018-09-22 04:56:41 UTC

Let's not go there please/

2018-09-22 04:56:47 UTC

I can't handle it today

2018-09-22 04:56:58 UTC

Don't worry we aren't natsocs

2018-09-22 04:57:05 UTC

You can have problems with critical theory i get it

2018-09-22 04:57:08 UTC

Who are fixated on zee jews

2018-09-22 04:57:13 UTC


2018-09-22 04:57:17 UTC


2018-09-22 04:57:18 UTC


2018-09-22 04:57:20 UTC

I got it

2018-09-22 04:57:22 UTC

my b

2018-09-22 04:57:34 UTC

i got used to calling them ethnic nationalists

2018-09-22 04:57:38 UTC

maybe im too nice

2018-09-22 04:57:42 UTC

Tbh if zionism is destroyed then the Jewish Question would finally be solved

2018-09-22 04:57:54 UTC

Oh boy.

2018-09-22 04:58:17 UTC

They would go back to just being another passive folk and the sheep-jews (lower-rankin' k1kes) would probably break free.

2018-09-22 04:58:47 UTC

Ethnonationalism does not involve the ethnic cleansing that natsocs did lol

2018-09-22 04:58:58 UTC

How would it not?

2018-09-22 04:59:05 UTC

non-orthodox jews are going to disappear in this country anyway

2018-09-22 04:59:08 UTC

It seems like the most logical conclusion

2018-09-22 04:59:37 UTC

the logical solution is not to have open borders

2018-09-22 04:59:45 UTC

We don't though...

2018-09-22 04:59:50 UTC

ok but what would you do with the people already here

2018-09-22 04:59:56 UTC


2018-09-22 05:00:04 UTC

That's the issue we're mostly concerned about

2018-09-22 05:00:05 UTC

As in no mass immigration

2018-09-22 05:00:14 UTC

But USA is fucked with that

2018-09-22 05:00:23 UTC

Idk man the USA is doing fine economically

2018-09-22 05:00:26 UTC

so is most of the world

2018-09-22 05:00:34 UTC

Japan is 98.7% Japanese though lmao

2018-09-22 05:00:38 UTC

We have lower disease, crime, and war than ever before

2018-09-22 05:00:42 UTC


2018-09-22 05:00:56 UTC

It' also has it's own issues.

2018-09-22 05:00:57 UTC

I'm just saying USA can't be an ethnostate at all

2018-09-22 05:01:05 UTC

While Japan can

2018-09-22 05:01:06 UTC

Obviously not.

2018-09-22 05:01:13 UTC

We never were...

2018-09-22 05:01:23 UTC

we have diffrent ethnicity's since the beginning

2018-09-22 05:01:30 UTC

and why would you even want one?

2018-09-22 05:01:33 UTC

What benefit do you get?

2018-09-22 05:01:39 UTC

I don't

2018-09-22 05:01:56 UTC

But you could talk to Mord who does

2018-09-22 05:02:08 UTC

A muttstate can't work

2018-09-22 05:02:43 UTC

Over in glorious Maine (my home state), the 93.5%-ish white population is slowly being overriden by mutt post-2004 zoomers

2018-09-22 05:02:54 UTC

People fear mass immigration because their culture will disappear

2018-09-22 05:03:15 UTC

Which american culture?

2018-09-22 05:03:20 UTC

I doubt that's going to happen

2018-09-22 05:03:22 UTC

America is the borg

2018-09-22 05:03:27 UTC


2018-09-22 05:03:33 UTC

we assimilate like no one else

2018-09-22 05:03:40 UTC

That is what they claim

2018-09-22 05:03:46 UTC

everyone comes here and prays to mcdonalds

2018-09-22 05:03:49 UTC

this is america

2018-09-22 05:03:51 UTC


2018-09-22 05:04:01 UTC

They believe that tradition connects people the most

2018-09-22 05:04:09 UTC

We're a 200 year old country

2018-09-22 05:04:18 UTC

our tradition has literally been we hate tradition

2018-09-22 05:04:23 UTC

Assimilation of other cultures creates America

2018-09-22 05:04:32 UTC

well hang on

2018-09-22 05:04:36 UTC

Captialism is america honeslty

2018-09-22 05:04:36 UTC

nobility was never really traditional to America

2018-09-22 05:04:39 UTC

every immigrant that comes and assimilates is an American

2018-09-22 05:04:47 UTC

As long as we aren't Sweden

2018-09-22 05:04:49 UTC


2018-09-22 05:04:52 UTC

the American Revolution didn't upheave society all that much for a while

2018-09-22 05:05:15 UTC

I'm sure someone is gonna argue with us about this at some point

2018-09-22 05:05:19 UTC

this is the right server

2018-09-22 05:05:26 UTC

wouldn't be right without it

2018-09-22 05:05:50 UTC

We have all sorts of people here

2018-09-22 05:06:04 UTC

Even social conservatives lol

2018-09-22 05:06:24 UTC

I never kept up with the new right wing termenology

2018-09-22 05:06:29 UTC

it always hurts my head

2018-09-22 05:06:36 UTC

do you mean conservative socialists

2018-09-22 05:06:46 UTC

DO you really?

2018-09-22 05:07:00 UTC

Social conservatives believe in the government imposing immoral society practices

2018-09-22 05:07:12 UTC

Basically gov regulating tradition

2018-09-22 05:07:18 UTC


2018-09-22 05:07:36 UTC

Like burning the flag

2018-09-22 05:07:38 UTC

I never understood why someone would want the goverment to impose tradition on them..

2018-09-22 05:07:43 UTC

They would want it illegal

2018-09-22 05:07:52 UTC

Yeah that's a lot of people though.

2018-09-22 05:08:04 UTC

this is america we got some weird ideas.

2018-09-22 05:08:08 UTC

But hate speech is free speech

2018-09-22 05:08:19 UTC

So flag burning is not illegal

2018-09-22 05:08:34 UTC

Neither is being politically incorrect

2018-09-22 05:08:47 UTC

For now

2018-09-22 05:09:38 UTC

they'll never be able to make that illegal

2018-09-22 05:09:51 UTC

I was hoping to debate on ethnostates, any takers?

2018-09-22 05:09:59 UTC

there's no way to interpret the first amendment to allow banning hate speech

2018-09-22 05:10:00 UTC


2018-09-22 05:10:13 UTC

Go ahead, though I'm probably not going to participate, simply because I'm not very educated.

2018-09-22 05:10:16 UTC

@Somedudewithaname it depends on history and demographics

2018-09-22 05:10:18 UTC


2018-09-22 05:10:26 UTC

What do you mean

2018-09-22 05:10:27 UTC


2018-09-22 05:10:29 UTC

the US could never be an ethnostate without destroying itself, but Europe or Japan could

2018-09-22 05:10:36 UTC

especially Eastern Europe

2018-09-22 05:10:42 UTC

Japan is one

2018-09-22 05:11:02 UTC

yeah Japan is something like 97% ethnic Japanese

2018-09-22 05:11:05 UTC

You don't mean rusia do you?

2018-09-22 05:11:13 UTC

the rest are Koreans mostly

2018-09-22 05:11:16 UTC

and some whites

2018-09-22 05:11:18 UTC

And do you think these were forcible or just becase no one moved there

2018-09-22 05:11:45 UTC

I think a lot of these Eastern Euro countries that people point to as paragons of ethnonationalism and defense against Islam probably wouldn't have gotten much immigration either way

2018-09-22 05:11:57 UTC

I don't know why you would go to Poland or Hungary when you can go to Germany

2018-09-22 05:12:29 UTC

I have a hard time understanding any benefit in an ethno state

2018-09-22 05:12:32 UTC

but since those countries are still almost entirely the ethnic group they're named after they could definitely implement policies to keep that going

2018-09-22 05:12:44 UTC

Oh like yeah they could

2018-09-22 05:13:01 UTC

but i wanted to debate wheter it would be benefical on a social level or even an ethical level

2018-09-22 05:13:25 UTC

Ping Mord

2018-09-22 05:13:33 UTC

Whose mord get him in here

2018-09-22 05:13:37 UTC

He would be happy to say why lol

2018-09-22 05:13:37 UTC

I need this in my life

2018-09-22 05:13:42 UTC

I enjoy pain.

2018-09-22 05:14:03 UTC

imo there's nothing unethical about a nation historically built around native ethnic groups preserving that status

2018-09-22 05:14:20 UTC

or unbeneficial considering that the political institutions of those countries are built around that system

2018-09-22 05:14:32 UTC

Eh I guess you could make an argument it's morally neutral depending on the reasons for it

2018-09-22 05:14:59 UTC

@Mord This guy wants to know what is beneficial about an ethnostate and why there should be one

2018-09-22 05:15:14 UTC

Jesus christ this guy scares me already lol

2018-09-22 05:16:18 UTC

He is probably asleep

2018-09-22 05:16:23 UTC
2018-09-22 05:16:24 UTC

Like I should be

2018-09-22 05:16:28 UTC

bring what

2018-09-22 05:16:39 UTC

Lets argue why god is trash

2018-09-22 05:16:50 UTC

why do you think God is trash

2018-09-22 05:16:56 UTC

God isnt "trash" there is nothing to argue

2018-09-22 05:17:02 UTC

You being edgy and faggoty is an argument

2018-09-22 05:17:05 UTC

Lol okay we should set some actual debate topics

2018-09-22 05:17:16 UTC

DO you think states should be organized around religion?

2018-09-22 05:17:27 UTC

Do you think god is the locus of all morality?

2018-09-22 05:17:35 UTC

DO you think religion is a net benefit to society?

2018-09-22 05:17:56 UTC

I was just being edgy lol but nah I want to actually debate

2018-09-22 05:18:35 UTC

The last 2 questions are pretty obvious

2018-09-22 05:18:37 UTC


2018-09-22 05:18:42 UTC

Oh shit here we go

2018-09-22 05:18:55 UTC

MOrb why is an ethno shit benefical to society?

2018-09-22 05:18:58 UTC

Why do you want one?

2018-09-22 05:18:59 UTC

@Mord they needed your white boy autism

2018-09-22 05:19:04 UTC

How does it even benefit you?

2018-09-22 05:19:21 UTC

You identify as a theocrat ezra

2018-09-22 05:19:29 UTC

You mean why do we need ethnic nationalism?

2018-09-22 05:19:30 UTC

your in no position to judge anyones opinion.

2018-09-22 05:19:38 UTC

Sure lets go with that/

2018-09-22 05:20:13 UTC

@Somedudewithaname the fuck are you talking about

2018-09-22 05:20:21 UTC

mord is white and autistic
i am italian and autistic

2018-09-22 05:20:26 UTC

im not judging anybody

2018-09-22 05:20:34 UTC


2018-09-22 05:20:35 UTC

I am epic and autistic

2018-09-22 05:20:46 UTC

I'm to leftist to do this shit lol

2018-09-22 05:21:42 UTC

Ethnic nationalism serves as a framework for being able to have a common culture, background, and in some cases experiences. lt connects those people in a nation. People tend to naturally be collective, and ethnic nationalism grows on that.

2018-09-22 05:22:12 UTC

Okay but what makes you think a common idenity needs to rest on the basis of race?

2018-09-22 05:22:23 UTC

WHy couldn't some other idenity serve the same function?

2018-09-22 05:22:26 UTC

Civic nationalism does not work because you will inevitably have identity politics where people will vote for policies that benefit them.

2018-09-22 05:22:32 UTC

And why do we even need to value collectives?

2018-09-22 05:22:47 UTC

Isn't the nature of polotics to vote in self intrest?

2018-09-22 05:22:53 UTC

Unless your agianst democracy?

2018-09-22 05:23:03 UTC

Because it creates a homogenous nation of one culture and one nation

2018-09-22 05:23:13 UTC

Why does that matter?

2018-09-22 05:23:49 UTC

Precisely, the nature of politics is to vote in self interest as well as those you share common values, culture, backgrounds, and race as you.

2018-09-22 05:24:31 UTC

I can say it's possible to vote with those who share common values, but wouldn't it be of most benefit to have a sysem that allows most people into yuor collective?

2018-09-22 05:24:49 UTC

THat way you have more resources pooled together?

2018-09-22 05:25:19 UTC

Not necessarily, that is basically civic nationalism.

2018-09-22 05:25:29 UTC

Why value nationalism over globalism?

2018-09-22 05:25:34 UTC

How would immigrants from a different background support a common background

2018-09-22 05:25:38 UTC

If Civic Nationalism does not work why has there not been a modern western ethnostate ? @Mord

2018-09-22 05:25:40 UTC

It seems like the later would be in the best intest of all?

2018-09-22 05:25:58 UTC

WE as a global collective are capable of much more than isloated nations/

2018-09-22 05:26:06 UTC

Japan is a modern day ethnostate @Outboarduniform

2018-09-22 05:26:11 UTC


2018-09-22 05:26:20 UTC

Japan is like 97% Japanese

2018-09-22 05:26:23 UTC

@Mord japan also has stagnant birth rates and their children are socially inept

2018-09-22 05:26:24 UTC

Oh l apologize

2018-09-22 05:26:25 UTC

@Somedudewithaname how would the global collective respond to the needs of individual people

2018-09-22 05:26:34 UTC

I would use it as an argument against ethnostates tbh

2018-09-22 05:26:38 UTC

Same way we do now.

2018-09-22 05:26:43 UTC

nationstates are far better at responding to their people's needs than any global collective could

2018-09-22 05:26:57 UTC

Unfortunately is that really true?

2018-09-22 05:26:57 UTC

@Outboarduniform the stagnant birthrates are a new phenomenon within the last 30 years or so, last l checked.

2018-09-22 05:27:17 UTC

Maybe more developed nation states but lots of countries would benefit from more global involvement

2018-09-22 05:27:25 UTC

the world is also far too disunited for a global collective to adequately represent it

2018-09-22 05:27:25 UTC

and that is not an argument to import people who do not share Japanese culture, values, or anything else that makes someone Japanese

2018-09-22 05:27:34 UTC

Well obviously you can find change when you go back decades @Mord

2018-09-22 05:27:36 UTC

and we would benefit from having stronger trading partners in currently struggling countries

2018-09-22 05:27:51 UTC

Why would Japan be un able to assimilate like America?

2018-09-22 05:27:55 UTC

And there is no argument calling for the importation of people into Japan

2018-09-22 05:27:58 UTC

I mean we did it just fine.

2018-09-22 05:28:02 UTC

@Somedudewithaname let me ask you something, and l want you to answer it honestly.

2018-09-22 05:28:05 UTC


2018-09-22 05:28:10 UTC

civnat doesn't work well because people with their own nationalism will experience culture shock in a different country unless they adapt

2018-09-22 05:28:38 UTC

First generation immigrants will never truly integrate

2018-09-22 05:28:44 UTC

Their children, however, will

2018-09-22 05:28:44 UTC

Lol yes they do

2018-09-22 05:28:46 UTC
2018-09-22 05:28:48 UTC

where have you been?

2018-09-22 05:28:49 UTC

this is what we've seen in the past

2018-09-22 05:28:56 UTC

but long-term they'll assimilate

2018-09-22 05:29:03 UTC


2018-09-22 05:29:05 UTC

Would you find any problem with any european country to say that, for example "Poland is for Polish people", or "France is for French people". What is wrong with that

2018-09-22 05:29:06 UTC

Hell Andrew Carnegie.

2018-09-22 05:29:21 UTC

Ugh well I'm very mixed on this////

2018-09-22 05:29:24 UTC

@Mord depends on your definition of polish and French

2018-09-22 05:29:37 UTC

Well partly wat out boarding uniform says

2018-09-22 05:29:45 UTC

@Somedudewithaname there are exceptions, and Scotland and America aren't all that distant culturally

2018-09-22 05:29:48 UTC

There are tons of french citizens who are african

2018-09-22 05:29:51 UTC

Polish and French people who have roots dated back at least 100 years @Outboarduniform

2018-09-22 05:29:55 UTC

but if you look at Irish-Americans, they certainly struggled with assimilation in the beginning

2018-09-22 05:29:58 UTC

the same with Italians

2018-09-22 05:30:08 UTC

France has a ton of african citizens from the colonial era

2018-09-22 05:30:13 UTC

who consider themselves french

2018-09-22 05:30:14 UTC

But they are not French @Somedudewithaname

2018-09-22 05:30:17 UTC

and played for the french team

2018-09-22 05:30:18 UTC

@Mord how do you define French and Polish people though

2018-09-22 05:30:20 UTC

they think they are.

2018-09-22 05:30:27 UTC

would Polish Jews who've been there longer than 100 years be Polish

2018-09-22 05:30:31 UTC

@Mord what makes someone who’s family has been in Poland for 30 years any less deserving of living in Poland than the ones who have been there for 100 years

2018-09-22 05:30:35 UTC

l used it as an example, l don't want to argue semantics on it

2018-09-22 05:30:45 UTC

Well I don't mean to gang up on you

2018-09-22 05:31:01 UTC

And if you feel overwhelmed lmk lol

2018-09-22 05:31:08 UTC

I think that the example itself is flawed though

2018-09-22 05:31:28 UTC

So far you've shown common identiy to be what unifies a nation

2018-09-22 05:31:39 UTC

what's a French person? Before the French government essentially committed linguicide there were many different minority groups in France

2018-09-22 05:31:40 UTC

but you haven't proven where race matters in all this

2018-09-22 05:31:42 UTC

The point is, what is wrong with a nation wanting to keep to themselves and unite their people as one culture, ethnicity, identity, religion if any, etc..

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