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2018-01-21 13:38:47 UTC

This server is about Shitposting, debating stuff, stream raiding, messing around and generally just being a fun community. If you want to get a role and see all other channels, put it at <#404628787414958091>. <#435075802271449088> and <#435075867186561035> if for talking and debating about what it says. <#404617868240486401> is the general chat, where all the casual stuff is. Please if you want to post any Gore, Porn or something inappropriate do it at <#404628401287331841>. If you would like to join our team / private groups DM any <@&404626465972420608> or <@&404626468207984651>. Some people may be contacted personally if something not already said interests us. Please look at <#404628218608615424> for more. <#450270218204217344> is for all pictures that you want to share for some reason.

2018-07-24 13:19:37 UTC

Political Ranks


2018-07-24 13:22:02 UTC

Personality Roles


2018-07-24 13:26:07 UTC

All other roles are self explanatory, SS Is Admin, Gestapo Is Mod, Supreme Leader is Owned, Content Creator IS Streamer, Jewtouber or something else, Commoner is all people who have been ranked to the first ran.

2018-07-24 13:26:50 UTC

And roles such as Strasser's Death Squad, Salts' Extermination Battalion are for people who are friends or got ranked by that person AKA Admin.

7 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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