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2017-09-02 01:00:22 UTC

Laowhy can bring his wife and kids. Vivi applied for marriage visa like a year ago

2017-09-02 01:00:28 UTC

So I reckon it's already approved

2017-09-02 01:00:33 UTC

Urine is more. Significant then angola

2017-09-02 01:02:19 UTC

this faggot is advertising xiaomi all over town

2017-09-02 01:02:44 UTC

He's famous for being a pretty boy and hooking up with fans constantly

2017-09-02 01:03:09 UTC

same guy

2017-09-02 01:03:27 UTC

There's some fake ass narrative how when he studied abroad in Canada that all the white Canadian girls wanted him hahaha

2017-09-02 01:15:39 UTC

>tfw picking up a baozi to eat for breakfast on the way to work for 2.5rmb

2017-09-02 01:15:41 UTC

Feels good man

2017-09-02 01:19:31 UTC

I did read "picking up biaozi to eat for breakfast"

2017-09-02 01:21:51 UTC

Why do Chinese have such agressive autism towards everyone?

2017-09-02 01:22:33 UTC


2017-09-02 01:25:44 UTC

fucking discord

2017-09-02 02:13:49 UTC

I never worked Saturday until I came to chyna

2017-09-02 02:14:38 UTC

Chinese people are all insecure

2017-09-02 02:34:08 UTC

Ad yet there you are

2017-09-02 02:34:20 UTC

Working Saturday

2017-09-02 02:55:56 UTC


2017-09-02 02:56:32 UTC


2017-09-02 03:31:32 UTC

Insecurity with maximum entitlement and xenophobia nationalism

2017-09-02 03:31:49 UTC

They treat everyone like shit but then get upset when ppl treat them like shit

2017-09-02 03:31:55 UTC

So people are constantly yelling and angry

2017-09-02 03:48:52 UTC

I feel the entitlement and xenophobia comes from insecurity

2017-09-02 03:50:59 UTC

yes, this is why xenophobia and entitlement is usually more in the uneducated population

2017-09-02 03:51:35 UTC

but another aspect is that Asia in general is way more nationalistic than the actual humans

2017-09-02 03:52:04 UTC

robots have stronger self defense mechanisms

2017-09-02 05:44:07 UTC

@kaetaa bet you he was bullied instead

2017-09-02 05:46:49 UTC

"All the leaf girls were all over him"

2017-09-02 08:31:06 UTC

hue that guy poster is in the elevator in my apartment

2017-09-02 08:31:22 UTC

I'd fug him no homo

2017-09-02 11:35:31 UTC

>tfw leaving for taiwan tomorrow

2017-09-02 11:35:33 UTC

hecka excited

2017-09-02 11:35:40 UTC

trying out wuhans new airport

2017-09-02 11:35:43 UTC

it opened yesterday

2017-09-02 11:35:50 UTC

the old international one was the size of a walmart

2017-09-02 11:35:53 UTC

really embarassing

2017-09-02 14:57:12 UTC

Taiwan is a good place

2017-09-02 14:59:01 UTC

@porco is giving me lots of tips, sounds so comfy

2017-09-02 15:01:34 UTC


2017-09-02 18:59:22 UTC

This is way better than some chink dad getting mad and killing his son.

2017-09-03 00:05:07 UTC

I read the article, it said that the son said I don't care if I play I'll find a job that I like when I find it

2017-09-03 00:05:12 UTC

Game was WoW

2017-09-03 01:42:43 UTC
2017-09-03 01:43:01 UTC

tfw chink who can't speak mandarin who would be seen as a retard there

2017-09-03 01:57:54 UTC

Just say t
Youre korean

2017-09-03 02:09:43 UTC

TFW retard

2017-09-03 02:14:43 UTC

I love how searching on baidu in English will always get you a porn result

2017-09-03 02:15:11 UTC

or a suggestion would be china girl massage

2017-09-03 02:45:41 UTC

haha searching baidu in chinese is the same

2017-09-03 02:45:54 UTC

my fiancee will look up like "where to buy X"

2017-09-03 02:46:06 UTC

and its like "did you mean where to increase penis size hospital"?

2017-09-03 02:46:18 UTC

apparently these fake ass places pay baidu money for that

2017-09-03 03:17:44 UTC

is yahoo accessible from China?

2017-09-03 04:46:38 UTC

What is even an increasing penis size hospital?

2017-09-03 04:47:14 UTC

Is it like a theme brothel with sexy nurses and doctors or literally a clinic where they try to expand your dong?

2017-09-03 05:38:14 UTC

you can use yahoo but who would

2017-09-03 05:45:07 UTC

most people I see in Taiwan do for some reason

2017-09-03 05:48:17 UTC

Yahoo is actually still relevant in japan

2017-09-03 05:48:22 UTC

So maybe that's something

2017-09-03 05:48:46 UTC

@johnfrum fake hospitals that can extend penis size

2017-09-03 06:00:15 UTC

Save me Bros. On a flight with the loudest people ever

2017-09-03 06:03:56 UTC

what airline?

2017-09-03 06:04:00 UTC

at least its got wifi

2017-09-03 06:04:20 UTC

Huh, that's kind of boring. Actually with Chinese doctors that's probably horrifying

2017-09-03 07:01:38 UTC

its only like an hour flight though

2017-09-03 08:07:32 UTC

2017-09-03 08:36:45 UTC


2017-09-03 08:41:44 UTC

i smiled out loud ...

2017-09-03 10:49:05 UTC

ROFL the thumbnail

2017-09-03 11:08:11 UTC


2017-09-03 11:09:29 UTC

serpentza is really insecure about internet trolls. jeez

2017-09-03 11:13:27 UTC

shenzhen is bretty amazing

2017-09-03 11:17:55 UTC

oh right, now that I'm not a neet anymore I could fly there in a year or two

2017-09-03 12:18:59 UTC

if you want to go to Shenzhen, fly to Hongkong and drive over, for most international connections that's much much much cheaper

2017-09-03 12:19:31 UTC

<:palethink:328535816597012480> nice, good to know

2017-09-03 12:25:48 UTC

Shenzhen is fine

2017-09-03 12:26:05 UTC

still have a crowd issue

2017-09-03 12:45:29 UTC

He's so pretentious

2017-09-03 12:45:42 UTC

I feel like he thinks he's the only foreigners in China or the most Chinese

2017-09-03 12:46:19 UTC

2017-09-03 12:52:43 UTC

@porco do you have to drive? you cant take a train or anything?

2017-09-03 13:15:50 UTC

@Phatique there will be train connections soon. Now you would just take the public transport and then walk

2017-09-03 13:18:06 UTC


2017-09-03 13:39:00 UTC

I get paranoid when I'm in China, I feel like the government is against me

2017-09-03 13:40:43 UTC

the only country I was ever paranoid was Belarus

2017-09-03 13:48:09 UTC

Why the hell were you in Belarus lol

2017-09-03 13:50:17 UTC

cause he was running from the Chinese government

2017-09-03 13:57:59 UTC

it was a really funny experience, especially the exploited purchasing power since the average income of the country is about 400 $ / month

2017-09-03 13:59:52 UTC

I just figured out that I can't take an undoxable photo of my Belarusian visa

2017-09-03 14:00:02 UTC

sorry for deleting

2017-09-03 14:01:18 UTC

anyway it was for business. I met some Belarusians in Europe and I started outsourcing some freelance projects to them, after a year we met up again to drink

2017-09-03 15:32:11 UTC

Taiwan is tight

2017-09-03 15:32:24 UTC

2017-09-03 17:31:22 UTC

your girlfriend is tighter

2017-09-03 17:52:19 UTC whoever was talking about chinese insecurity serpentza confirmed it

2017-09-03 18:56:46 UTC

self hating americans will even deny this and jump to their defense but it's true

2017-09-03 18:56:49 UTC

t. chink

2017-09-03 21:03:21 UTC

I see it more as they have a wider pool of talent. Way higher proportion of asshats than any other country with a system centered around being an asshat until you get called out for it.

2017-09-03 21:03:58 UTC

@johnfrum and when called out they just deny it

2017-09-03 21:04:34 UTC

don't want to lose face

2017-09-03 21:04:44 UTC

or admit fault

2017-09-03 21:04:55 UTC

True but they do lose face and if they are a big enough asshole people will agree if only to bring thier own position up

2017-09-04 01:08:27 UTC

Cause white people are cucks

2017-09-04 01:19:00 UTC

delet this

2017-09-04 01:52:44 UTC

that's racist

2017-09-04 02:57:01 UTC


2017-09-04 05:17:24 UTC

Serpentza confirmed in this group to steal ideas for vids

2017-09-04 05:29:26 UTC

@serpentza Do reviews of onaholes, you fucking faggot

2017-09-04 10:45:10 UTC

Some fucking chink taxi driver chinked me

2017-09-04 10:45:10 UTC


2017-09-04 10:51:11 UTC

how did he chink you?

2017-09-04 10:55:27 UTC

he wanted me to pay 150 rmb for a a 80rmb ride

2017-09-04 10:55:38 UTC

saying that there's a traffic and bullshit

2017-09-04 10:56:09 UTC

ended up giving him 113rmb cause I left the taxi once and he came back

2017-09-04 10:56:32 UTC

I probably shouldn't have gotten back in

2017-09-04 10:56:53 UTC

he gave me a fag and we both had a smoke but still really pissed off about it

2017-09-04 10:57:30 UTC

I usually give 100 rmb cause it's out of the way and most driver aint a big fan about driving to my area

2017-09-04 10:58:12 UTC

also doesnt help that he didnt know english or cantonese

2017-09-04 11:09:35 UTC

lol gg

2017-09-04 11:09:41 UTC

typical vegas taxi amiright

2017-09-04 11:10:13 UTC

Just tell him to fuck off like I do

2017-09-04 11:20:16 UTC

I think he thought I was a retarded chinese dude that dont know mandarin, I think he got the idea when I slip and started cussing him in english

2017-09-04 13:59:47 UTC


2017-09-04 16:16:06 UTC

2017-09-04 17:00:09 UTC

@kaetaa pork?

2017-09-04 17:01:11 UTC

Probably cracklings

2017-09-04 17:43:20 UTC


2017-09-04 17:43:39 UTC

@kaetaa giv large tub of Rousong

2017-09-04 17:45:23 UTC

Love me some pork floss

2017-09-04 17:48:32 UTC

Hate the stuff, sweet and savory in terms of meat do not belong together

2017-09-04 17:48:47 UTC

Except for mooncakes but eggs aren't really meat

2017-09-04 17:49:13 UTC

I liked it with rice

2017-09-04 17:49:17 UTC

or on a bun

2017-09-04 17:49:24 UTC

or sandwich

2017-09-05 02:20:18 UTC

Yeah I'm not a fan of pork floss

2017-09-05 02:36:05 UTC

most taxi drivers in guangdong are from sichuan/southwest china and will rip you off with a sped up meter or just hidden fees

2017-09-05 02:36:51 UTC

I was referred to an uber like service by friends, and for the most part, those drivers are slightly better than the crooks in cabs

2017-09-05 02:45:56 UTC

I don't trust uber in any Asian country, especially not when being with an Asian girl and all locals looking at me as if I was some kind of criminal because of that

2017-09-05 02:46:13 UTC

getting into a stranger's car simply sounds like trouble

2017-09-05 02:59:11 UTC

The Uber rip off in China is called didi, and they've been pretty reliable

2017-09-05 02:59:25 UTC

Nicer cars, better drivers, just a little more expensive then taxi

2017-09-05 02:59:29 UTC

In my city at least

2017-09-05 03:00:00 UTC

Didi bought uberchina

2017-09-05 03:00:12 UTC

Which is another example of bad guys winning, like segway

2017-09-05 03:07:53 UTC

Innovate thing comes out, China rips it, innovative thing comes to China and makes it hard for them to do business because of government , China rip buys them, China business wins

2017-09-05 03:08:23 UTC

The government rigs how they make money, they brag about how big Chinese companies are but it's because they eliminate the competition

2017-09-05 03:08:33 UTC

Either by blocking it completely, or making it jump thru hoops

2017-09-05 03:34:40 UTC

From their perspective, it's not bad

2017-09-05 03:44:50 UTC

This, companies will do anything to even get a part of China's market, they know full well they'll probably be fucked long term but even for a brief moment and then a bit out they would have made more than ignoring the market.

Fairness doesn't apply to chink business practices.

2017-09-05 04:22:16 UTC

Baidu is only a competitor cause google can't do business here

2017-09-05 04:25:42 UTC

And nothing is intrinsically wrong about that.

2017-09-05 04:41:11 UTC

ye pretty smart tbh

2017-09-05 04:41:39 UTC

it makes me laugh that bing can't even compete against baidu

2017-09-05 04:41:51 UTC

bing is so shit

2017-09-05 04:47:38 UTC

I've never used Baidu but is it true that it is more so a hotlinks aggregator and index than a search engine? (For censorship of course)

2017-09-05 06:13:51 UTC

2017-09-05 06:13:55 UTC

Beautiful Taiwan

2017-09-05 06:31:10 UTC

abandoned, collapsed coal mine

2017-09-05 06:31:41 UTC

Huh, would think the locals would have parted it out for scrap by now

2017-09-05 06:42:13 UTC

probably the few disaster tourists bring more than that bit of copper

2017-09-05 08:20:54 UTC

that landscape is gorgeous

2017-09-05 10:10:51 UTC

holy moly

2017-09-05 10:10:54 UTC

what a time to be alive

2017-09-05 11:51:51 UTC

what fucking bullshit tbh

2017-09-05 11:55:45 UTC

2017-09-05 11:56:16 UTC

2017-09-05 11:56:37 UTC

2017-09-05 11:56:42 UTC

Spent 4 hours scootering around south Taiwan

2017-09-05 12:10:46 UTC

very pretty

2017-09-05 12:24:03 UTC

It was breathtaking at times

2017-09-05 12:52:40 UTC

But I wouldn't do it in my Chinese city

2017-09-05 12:52:43 UTC

Get myself killed

2017-09-05 13:44:08 UTC


2017-09-05 13:44:12 UTC

taiwan is really nice

2017-09-05 13:44:26 UTC

giving taiwan back to china will destroy it

2017-09-05 13:55:59 UTC

"back to China" is politically wrong since it claims to "be China"

2017-09-05 13:56:22 UTC

while China isn't China in their eyes, but communist separatists

2017-09-05 19:04:49 UTC

nobody i know actually believes that, there might be some fanatics but we're small and the populace just wants the mainland to let other countries recognize us

2017-09-06 02:19:24 UTC

Silence. You are Chinese. China conquer the world.

2017-09-06 02:19:34 UTC

Alipay is everywhere

2017-09-06 02:19:39 UTC

Jackma will take over America

2017-09-06 02:21:27 UTC

These are things Chinese people have actually told me haha

2017-09-06 02:21:47 UTC

They are obsessed with gaining territory , after losing so much for a hundred years

2017-09-06 02:30:59 UTC

Aren't they essentially buying all of Africa?

2017-09-06 02:31:16 UTC

Doing a piss poor job last I heard

2017-09-06 02:31:26 UTC

Blacks are not good at working

2017-09-06 02:33:33 UTC

A country that is so bad that it has to spend 2billion usd In outside propogsnda every year ... The insecurity if the government

2017-09-06 02:33:51 UTC

They don't let people travel as freely because they know they won't come back, especially if you're from a smaller town

2017-09-06 02:34:27 UTC

My fiancee has her ID ina 2nd teir city, so she can travel Taiwan alone , if her ID was in smaller city, she'd have to travel with travel group

2017-09-06 02:34:33 UTC

And they keep close eye on everyone

2017-09-06 02:39:20 UTC

China's teir system confuses the fuck out of me

2017-09-06 03:11:56 UTC

@red I was just stating the theory. I have also never met someone who actually wants that, but I found Taiwanese people who don't actually know the history, which is unbelievable

2017-09-06 03:12:32 UTC

The history of the PRC/ROC?

2017-09-06 03:12:41 UTC


2017-09-06 03:12:53 UTC

with Taiwan being the capitalist /bros/

2017-09-06 03:12:53 UTC

and the actual claim of the ROC

2017-09-06 03:13:29 UTC


2017-09-06 03:14:31 UTC

TW #1

2017-09-06 03:19:19 UTC

but usually everyone agrees when I say that the president looks like an Asian version of Angela Merkel

2017-09-06 03:29:08 UTC

Seriously, what is with Asians and electing goblin looking old ladies.

2017-09-06 03:47:25 UTC
2017-09-06 03:59:06 UTC

by Asians you mean Germans? They did that first

2017-09-06 03:59:20 UTC

chinks just copied it ๐Ÿ˜ 

2017-09-06 04:28:27 UTC

Asian countries have a lot of female leaders

2017-09-06 04:29:15 UTC

Some and they also have less feminist bullshit

2017-09-06 05:13:20 UTC

Didn't South Korea just kick out their woman leader?

2017-09-06 05:15:18 UTC

City teirs are hard to describe, because it's more than just city population.

2017-09-06 05:15:38 UTC

First teir are the big ones like Shanghai Shenzhen beijing

2017-09-06 05:16:00 UTC

2nd teir hover around 10million population, like wuhan xian chengdu

2017-09-06 05:16:13 UTC

3rd teir is smaller in the few million pop

2017-09-06 05:16:23 UTC

And then theirs rural haha which is like farms and country side

2017-09-06 05:16:49 UTC

They recently upgraded a lot of cities, but I disagree with that.

2017-09-06 05:17:00 UTC

Now there is like 18 first teir cities

2017-09-06 05:17:26 UTC

Which I think they did with other motives

2017-09-06 05:23:16 UTC

So everyone not living in a second and above are forced to stay in china?

2017-09-06 05:23:56 UTC

Like is it somewhat arbitrary or are there actual legal ramifications for what city ID you have?

2017-09-06 05:30:31 UTC

city tiers are pretty messed up imo

2017-09-06 06:05:51 UTC

No they can leave, just stricter

2017-09-06 06:06:03 UTC

It's kind of like a local passport

2017-09-06 06:06:09 UTC

It's called a hukou

2017-09-06 06:06:19 UTC

And it really is like countries within a country

2017-09-06 06:06:42 UTC

My fiancees mom is from a 3rd teir city, so her hukou isn't as strong as my fiancee

2017-09-06 06:06:51 UTC

The ID is also linked to education

2017-09-06 06:07:20 UTC

So if you were born in one city, and you get education elsewere, you have to do your college exam in your city

2017-09-06 06:07:39 UTC

It's all kinds of messed up because of housing purchasing, education, and travel

2017-09-06 06:11:11 UTC

I'm not super educated on it to be honest, mostly from what my fiancee tells me

2017-09-06 11:58:48 UTC

@kaetaa South Korea booted their leader for corruption. Special election is soon or already happened.

2017-09-06 12:23:31 UTC

Taiwanese architecture

2017-09-06 12:35:32 UTC


2017-09-06 12:57:36 UTC

No, that's modern art, like being John Malkovich, wathever that movie is about

2017-09-06 13:19:43 UTC

@porco manlet lives in that top floor

2017-09-06 14:14:16 UTC

Looks like a comfy place to nap

2017-09-06 14:31:54 UTC

Park Geun-hye was part of asian female illuminati that did crazy conspiracy shit

2017-09-06 15:10:37 UTC

i bet thats 13th floor too

2017-09-06 16:09:19 UTC

Guys I uploaded a video of my cat

2017-09-06 16:42:20 UTC

@kaetaa file a dispute with AliExpress about it m8

2017-09-06 16:42:43 UTC

or did you get it off Taobao?

2017-09-06 16:51:07 UTC

what the fuck

2017-09-06 17:12:57 UTC

cat.exe has stopped responding

2017-09-06 21:41:58 UTC

@kaetaa#1570 the cia niggers.

2017-09-06 21:42:06 UTC

they're after him

2017-09-07 00:44:59 UTC

He does this when we use a laser

2017-09-07 00:45:02 UTC

And he sees it

2017-09-07 00:45:05 UTC

He goes mental

2017-09-07 03:16:01 UTC

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