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2016-10-14 04:01:20 UTC

There's always some new one that gets me worked up lol

2016-10-14 04:01:29 UTC

it's hillarious that intel seems like they're winding their efforts down with what their pulling out of tablet/mobile

2016-10-14 04:01:43 UTC

But ya I think I might give up on an ARM media center

2016-10-14 04:01:47 UTC

but if they got their stupid shit together they could capitalize on all this ARM fragmentation

2016-10-14 04:02:23 UTC

Tbh atom always had the best performance/$$$

2016-10-14 04:02:33 UTC

Arm was always the one that didn't use any power while idle

2016-10-14 04:02:34 UTC

yea it seems hopeless in the face of hevc/vp9 decoding and pointless when a atom can do it without breaking a sweat

2016-10-14 04:03:04 UTC

45W TDP vs 6.5W TDP is a thing but 6.5W vs 2W is kinda like "idk lol"

2016-10-14 04:03:52 UTC

sorry it sounds like i'm talking myself out of buying armstuff but i have a small army of rpis already and they're running BIND lol

2016-10-14 04:04:03 UTC

literally used to test saltstack

2016-10-14 04:04:26 UTC

lol ya I mean ARM has a place

2016-10-14 04:04:28 UTC


2016-10-14 04:04:32 UTC

for one

2016-10-14 04:04:50 UTC

or actual dev

2016-10-14 04:04:59 UTC

where u need gpio pins

2016-10-14 04:05:05 UTC

ya ya for sure

2016-10-14 04:05:21 UTC

I'm so tempted to buy the Google Pixel

2016-10-14 04:05:22 UTC


2016-10-14 04:05:31 UTC

it's a pretty machine

2016-10-14 04:05:42 UTC

@vladz~<3 really? I thought the consensus was that it sucked butts

2016-10-14 04:05:52 UTC

I'm off buying phones for a while so I hadn't looked at it at all

2016-10-14 04:06:28 UTC

i have a nice long laundry list of things i'd rather spend my money on, but if you can get someone else to pay for it (an employer or something), it's a nice, pretty toy

2016-10-14 04:06:58 UTC

oh fuck i'm still mentally associating pixel with their chromebook

2016-10-14 04:07:05 UTC

idk lol that phone

2016-10-14 04:07:08 UTC

seems like a trap

2016-10-14 04:07:19 UTC

like a bad piece of reference hardware

2016-10-14 04:09:02 UTC

i'd be interested in a pixel-lite for fi.google.com

2016-10-14 04:20:46 UTC

damn pixel actually looks kinda dece

2016-10-14 04:20:55 UTC

why was everyone hating on it lol

2016-10-14 04:22:47 UTC

it looks graet

2016-10-14 04:22:50 UTC

and im already a project fi member

2016-10-14 04:23:40 UTC

ya look bretty gruel

2016-10-14 04:47:10 UTC

tfw you found summer work

2016-10-14 04:47:35 UTC


2016-10-14 04:47:44 UTC

summer's over sry

2016-10-14 05:18:06 UTC

it's just beginning

2016-10-14 06:00:32 UTC

Goddamn aussies

2016-10-14 09:15:30 UTC

ok guys

2016-10-14 09:16:05 UTC

any reason why i shouldn't get this

2016-10-14 09:34:20 UTC

shoo shoo, Manakill (208026617061048320) stinky chinky

2016-10-14 10:09:11 UTC

Welcome @artariel!

2016-10-14 10:09:20 UTC


2016-10-14 10:23:43 UTC

Why would you need a bluray drive ?

2016-10-14 10:23:53 UTC

got a good collection of movies ?

2016-10-14 10:53:52 UTC

how long does plane from china to uk take again? over two days? can they even stay in air that long? why asn't my package been registerd yet?

2016-10-14 10:54:18 UTC

they wait to send a plane once a month

2016-10-14 10:54:23 UTC

they don't send a plane just for you

2016-10-14 10:54:31 UTC

they wait multiple orders

2016-10-14 10:54:42 UTC


2016-10-14 10:55:24 UTC

but I am premium customer, I ordered over $5 worth of goods goddamn

2016-10-14 11:26:31 UTC

sup chink shit general

2016-10-14 11:26:53 UTC

has anyone here tried those credit card shaped cell phones you can throw in your wallet

2016-10-14 11:43:51 UTC

@dariken Highly depends

2016-10-14 11:44:40 UTC

My gearbest order placed on the 3rd just arrived

2016-10-14 11:46:00 UTC

what did you order?

2016-10-14 11:52:06 UTC

I love chink shit. they have such entrepreneurial spirit. competition over customers is fierce in chinkshit sites. must be insane in mainland itself. from chinks to chinks must be even harder.

2016-10-14 11:53:37 UTC

I'm actually starting to think that some "no-name brands" we use few bucks to pay for cheap some day will be major brands

2016-10-14 12:05:50 UTC

My little brother wants to buy a Smartphone equivalent with The Samsung S5. Any recommendations I should look for?

2016-10-14 12:06:16 UTC


2016-10-14 12:06:40 UTC

He wanted a phone that has a changeable battery, but he wouod destroy The screen before iT even exploded

2016-10-14 12:07:47 UTC


2016-10-14 12:32:56 UTC

anyone running custom ROMs on their chinkphones?

2016-10-14 12:33:01 UTC

how is it?

2016-10-14 12:40:57 UTC

shoo shoo, Fleshy (107360942307749888) stinky chinky

2016-10-14 13:42:44 UTC

@Musetel I've got a shit ton of DVDs I need to upgrade so

2016-10-14 13:42:45 UTC


2016-10-14 14:27:26 UTC

Welcome <@236495186249777154>!

2016-10-14 15:26:06 UTC

is it just me or are those coin things on aliexpress always sold out?

2016-10-14 16:16:01 UTC

hello goyim

2016-10-14 16:20:32 UTC

what coin things?

2016-10-14 16:25:18 UTC

@Tribit wow fake, it's just a curved display, i don't see him flex it..

2016-10-14 16:29:18 UTC

Welcome <@128585847325982721>!

2016-10-14 16:29:50 UTC

Still llooks neat though

2016-10-14 17:21:41 UTC

tfw in the middle east

2016-10-14 17:21:51 UTC

200 gb data limit

2016-10-14 17:21:56 UTC

used it up within 14 days

2016-10-14 17:22:00 UTC

now stuck with 50 kbps

2016-10-14 17:22:17 UTC

damn that's a good curved screen

2016-10-14 19:00:11 UTC

Which of these phones should I buy next?

2016-10-14 19:02:34 UTC

or should I wait till next year?

2016-10-14 19:09:52 UTC


2016-10-14 19:28:44 UTC

mi5, personally

2016-10-14 19:29:17 UTC

specs wise, maybe the axon 7 is better

2016-10-14 19:44:22 UTC

axon ain't out yet

2016-10-14 19:44:30 UTC

guess I'll wait for it

2016-10-14 19:49:13 UTC

wasn't newegg founded by some asian-american guy

2016-10-14 19:51:30 UTC

some guy from taiwan, yes

but ill never forget this

2016-10-14 19:52:21 UTC


2016-10-14 19:52:34 UTC


2016-10-14 19:52:42 UTC

is that fan blade a fucking printed picture

2016-10-14 19:52:56 UTC

you ordered it ?

so it looks kinda legit through the box' window

2016-10-14 19:53:02 UTC

top kek

2016-10-14 19:54:04 UTC

well excuse me

also lga1366 made me really angry at the time

but bought parts to build a system from newegg twice

2016-10-14 20:05:49 UTC

Welcome @Newmark!

2016-10-14 20:35:31 UTC

i think we should have a /fa/ channel

2016-10-14 20:35:56 UTC

my charity/thrift shop shut down recently

2016-10-14 20:36:05 UTC

and that's where i got all my clothes

2016-10-14 20:36:37 UTC

and i think one would be nice in general

2016-10-14 20:46:59 UTC

just wear clothes bruh

2016-10-14 20:47:19 UTC

how often do you have to buy clothes

2016-10-14 21:08:04 UTC

I bought a MiPad 2 with windblows 10

2016-10-14 21:08:16 UTC

its nice

2016-10-14 21:19:31 UTC

@matematisあああああああ#7873 what is that fake fan even made of?

2016-10-14 22:17:37 UTC

looks like a block of soap

2016-10-14 22:25:30 UTC

shoo shoo, SquareAnon (182023303106396160) stinky chinky

2016-10-14 22:41:35 UTC


2016-10-14 23:11:22 UTC

yay me

2016-10-14 23:22:37 UTC

any chink video capture cards out there? want to do some light streaming for some friends and the quality doesn't have to be amazing as long as there's some sound

2016-10-14 23:36:02 UTC

Welcome <@236633244907470859>!

2016-10-15 00:46:12 UTC

@transience ED9s and the piston starters? I had the ED9s, lost the tips and the gold and bronze pieces because they unscrewed too easily, good headphones otherwise. I heard the starters are not the best. My piston 3s became a monophone last week so I'm using KZ ATE-S

2016-10-15 00:48:02 UTC

The ED9 is great, but I think I got chinked on the starters

2016-10-15 00:48:17 UTC

Low end is barely present

2016-10-15 00:48:26 UTC


2016-10-15 00:48:38 UTC

they are like 5 bucks right

2016-10-15 00:48:46 UTC

I'm waiting for the ATEs now

2016-10-15 00:48:47 UTC

Has anyone here tried out the ROCK Zircons

2016-10-15 00:49:06 UTC

the way you put the ates in your ear is weird but it works

2016-10-15 00:49:23 UTC

keeps them on your ears when running etc

2016-10-15 00:50:21 UTC

I liked the overall blend of the Pistons more

2016-10-15 00:50:38 UTC

i had comply tx200 tips on them

2016-10-15 01:28:15 UTC

Welcome @chicΓ£o!

2016-10-15 01:28:25 UTC

ty mr bot

2016-10-15 01:29:05 UTC

@chicΓ£o who the fuck are you

2016-10-15 01:31:57 UTC

@chicΓ£o who the fuck are you

2016-10-15 01:32:20 UTC

thats a shit question

2016-10-15 01:32:30 UTC


2016-10-15 01:32:31 UTC
2016-10-15 01:32:38 UTC

it's the best question

2016-10-15 01:32:51 UTC
2016-10-15 01:32:52 UTC

I just like chinese shit

2016-10-15 01:32:53 UTC
2016-10-15 01:32:56 UTC


2016-10-15 01:33:01 UTC

correct answer

2016-10-15 01:33:06 UTC


2016-10-15 01:33:48 UTC

@lemonhands wrong answer

2016-10-15 01:57:15 UTC

Phone is in Hong Kong now

2016-10-15 03:27:26 UTC

Why does that look like a componant transport?

2016-10-15 03:37:44 UTC

It's probably the thing that allows lead free solder balls to be created

2016-10-15 03:38:12 UTC

It's probably also dual use

2016-10-15 03:38:30 UTC

But I'd disagree with it having no foam protection for the connection

2016-10-15 03:39:36 UTC

Might be under or in the box.

@transience yeah could be, the weight must be about the same as the original fan otherwise the package would get detected earlier

2016-10-15 04:02:11 UTC

tfw taobao has some fuknsick pc cases at absurd cheap prices

2016-10-15 04:02:20 UTC

>overseas shipping: 999 yuan

2016-10-15 04:02:28 UTC

>item cost: 169 yuan

2016-10-15 04:02:32 UTC


2016-10-15 04:02:51 UTC

I could use a HK mail proxy...

2016-10-15 04:03:06 UTC

I have a NL and JP mail proxy thanks to friends

2016-10-15 04:04:43 UTC

>accurate REACTIONE


2016-10-15 04:05:06 UTC

>homegrown memes, free range organic

2016-10-15 04:05:37 UTC

Hold on

2016-10-15 04:06:07 UTC

Whenever I buy something from Aliex, it always goes CN >>> HK >>> NZ

2016-10-15 04:06:27 UTC

Could I possibly coax a taobao seller to do it also?

2016-10-15 04:07:16 UTC

Cause a NZXT S340 here costs about NZD$140

2016-10-15 04:07:36 UTC

And that SAHARA WARFRAME W8 is about NZD$40

2016-10-15 04:07:43 UTC

And looks like a carbon copy

hope it isnt made of thin bendy steel

2016-10-15 04:08:22 UTC

Let's be fair

2016-10-15 04:08:25 UTC

I would be surprised

2016-10-15 04:08:30 UTC

But it looks fucking nice

2016-10-15 04:08:42 UTC

I like the Carbide 240 and S340

but yeah, i wonder how low can you get the shipping charges

2016-10-15 04:08:49 UTC

Where it stripes the panel

by the way, is your japanese proxy unofficial (not a company)?

2016-10-15 04:10:26 UTC

@ο½ο½ο½”ο½…ο½ο½ο½”ο½‰ο½“πŸ…± Yeah it's literally a person who we student exchanged in 2012, then I went to his for an exchange in 2014/15

2016-10-15 04:10:53 UTC

Yeah it's not viable:


2016-10-15 04:10:57 UTC

Just tried to approximate

2016-10-15 04:11:12 UTC


2016-10-15 04:11:28 UTC


2016-10-15 04:11:58 UTC

Only other way to do that

i was thinking about the shipping for the chinese case, but yeah

2016-10-15 04:12:11 UTC

I know someone currently in China, she's a flatmate

2016-10-15 04:12:19 UTC

She's not back till November

2016-10-15 04:12:33 UTC

The only caveat with that is potential overages in luggage

2016-10-15 04:12:44 UTC

And it'd NEED to fit in a suitcase

2016-10-15 04:12:55 UTC

At least it's a metal box with room in the box

2016-10-15 04:13:10 UTC

But besides that, I'd really want someone to start importing that case here

2016-10-15 04:13:19 UTC

It's a fucking excellent case

2016-10-15 04:13:27 UTC

Minus the absurd shipping charge

ship a container of them and start a business

except it's probably illegal due to the design

2016-10-15 04:14:04 UTC

Probably breaks some guideline here

2016-10-15 04:14:16 UTC

But SAHARA makes some excellent clones

2016-10-15 04:14:42 UTC

Only reason why I found them is because I was trying to find WarFrame merch on the cheap

best finds are always unintentional

2016-10-15 04:15:22 UTC

"Yes, I want to look like a faget ninja!"

2016-10-15 04:15:27 UTC


but yeah, i was asking about the jp proxy because i think i need one of my own

2016-10-15 04:15:32 UTC


you know all the companies have this "no screwdriver" policy

2016-10-15 04:15:48 UTC

No screwdriver?

they will not disassemble with tools

2016-10-15 04:16:06 UTC


which means i have to ship by ems which is expensive and a 100% chance of customs fees

2016-10-15 04:16:11 UTC

Another caveat to consider

2016-10-15 04:16:25 UTC

I just buy plush from Amazon.JP

2016-10-15 04:16:29 UTC

Pokemon plush

2016-10-15 04:16:32 UTC


2016-10-15 04:16:47 UTC

No use really for the NL proxy

while disassembled i can send

2016-10-15 04:17:01 UTC

Until the global weed trade kicks off

like 20 guitars, split into 2 packages

gotta do the business u kno

you dont need to spend $70 to look like a ninja tho

2016-10-15 04:21:46 UTC



2016-10-15 04:21:46 UTC


2016-10-15 04:21:55 UTC


2016-10-15 04:22:30 UTC

He is the great cornholio

2016-10-15 04:22:49 UTC


2016-10-15 04:23:09 UTC

"i make shit memes to ease my suffering"

2016-10-15 04:25:50 UTC

"OH MY GOD! You kids were doing it... in the EAR!"


2016-10-15 04:27:08 UTC


2016-10-15 04:28:06 UTC


2016-10-15 04:34:35 UTC


2016-10-15 04:39:21 UTC


2016-10-15 04:43:37 UTC

"antenna bondage"


2016-10-15 05:39:40 UTC

My phone just hit Singapore

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