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2016-08-02 15:57:45 UTC

also UAE

2016-08-02 15:57:53 UTC

dubai isnt as bad as a lot of the other kebab countries

2016-08-02 15:58:28 UTC


2016-08-02 15:58:39 UTC

maybe find a qt kebab princess

2016-08-02 15:59:37 UTC


2016-08-02 15:59:50 UTC

Welcome <@210063962660667393>!

2016-08-02 16:02:59 UTC

Holy shit what the fuck Gearbest

2016-08-02 16:03:04 UTC

$20.18 for the Xiaomi Pocket

2016-08-02 16:03:11 UTC

10000mAh Mobile Power Bank

2016-08-02 16:03:18 UTC

It was $16 yesterday

2016-08-02 16:03:22 UTC

Thanks Pokemon Go

2016-08-02 16:03:39 UTC


2016-08-02 16:03:51 UTC

oh wait

2016-08-02 16:03:55 UTC

that's just the Rose Gold one

2016-08-02 16:03:59 UTC

The silver one is still $16

2016-08-02 16:04:09 UTC

>gold more expensive than anything else

2016-08-02 16:04:09 UTC

expect it to bump up to $20 too though

2016-08-02 16:04:13 UTC

Where has the world gone to?

2016-08-02 16:04:26 UTC

Usually everything gold is cheaper

2016-08-02 16:04:30 UTC

The red is still $16 too

2016-08-02 16:04:47 UTC

There's probably a coupon for the gold one

2016-08-02 16:04:54 UTC

making it $16

2016-08-02 16:05:42 UTC


2016-08-02 16:07:57 UTC

on a related note, any suggestions on a decent chink wallet?

2016-08-02 16:17:53 UTC

Men's purse

2016-08-02 16:30:55 UTC

also I've been told like a guy wanted to import a redmi 3

2016-08-02 16:31:07 UTC

but due to regulations in those countries

2016-08-02 16:31:27 UTC

you'll have to write a letter and do a form requesting permission to import one in

2016-08-02 16:31:39 UTC

they're really strict against chink shit

2016-08-02 16:31:51 UTC


2016-08-02 16:32:07 UTC

if you do it without their permission, they will confiscate and destroy

2016-08-02 16:32:13 UTC

and they analyse every package

2016-08-02 16:32:22 UTC

because the law is on their side and they dont give a shit about privacay

2016-08-02 16:33:05 UTC

i laugh when i see reviews from kazakhstan because i wonder how chink shit gets there and I get reminded of borat

2016-08-02 16:33:13 UTC

they're really frequent too

2016-08-02 17:43:56 UTC

Kazakhstan is very close to china

2016-08-02 17:44:08 UTC

so I doubt that is the problem

2016-08-02 17:44:20 UTC

and the asian dictatures all love eachother

2016-08-02 17:49:27 UTC

This kazakhstani guy is pro Aliexpress shill

2016-08-02 17:50:48 UTC

Hes even got a BM-800

2016-08-02 17:52:04 UTC

I bought and am currently using this wallet

2016-08-02 17:52:25 UTC

It's great.

2016-08-02 17:52:49 UTC

Big, got three money pouches, one with lock

2016-08-02 17:53:11 UTC

shoo shoo, **random777** stinky chinky

2016-08-02 17:53:20 UTC

got like 9 card slots, on three layers

2016-08-02 17:53:26 UTC

one of the layers is see-through so you can keep ID there

2016-08-02 17:53:56 UTC

and on top of this it has one miscellany pouch with lock, good for sharks

2016-08-02 17:54:11 UTC

so yeah, great wallet, but THICC

2016-08-02 17:54:31 UTC

in fact so thicc that I never keep coins with it, because coins make it too thicc

2016-08-02 17:55:53 UTC

>normies keep condoms

2016-08-02 17:55:55 UTC

too bad you'll never get to use it :v)

2016-08-02 17:55:57 UTC

>I keep sharks

2016-08-02 17:57:09 UTC

Always keep a few sharks in your wallet to woo the ladies

2016-08-02 17:57:26 UTC

Yeah, can show them shark foot tricks

2016-08-02 18:01:36 UTC

Ooh, thanks.

2016-08-02 18:13:25 UTC

Gearbest please

2016-08-02 18:13:29 UTC

hey!Today i finally received my mouse and wanted to leave a feedback on ebay but the system detects something in my review which is a no-no:Good:
Can be used with either hand and still be comfortable.
Light,so even after extended usage you won't feel exhausted
Isn't filled with billion buttons and leds to look cool for "gamers"
Despite the shiny surface it looks great
Great options to set DPI
With the software which can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site you can create many different profiles for different games
Great feedback on clicking,doesn't have to push buttons too hard but they have just enough resistance

None.It does what it needs to do and does it perfectly.

Would recommend.

2016-08-02 18:13:40 UTC

i literally cannot tell what's wrong with my review

2016-08-02 18:13:53 UTC

it doesn't allow me to submit

2016-08-02 18:13:59 UTC

I think you went over the limit

2016-08-02 18:14:16 UTC

but when i type there is 44xx more character limit

2016-08-02 18:14:26 UTC


2016-08-02 18:14:42 UTC

well that isn't very descriptive

2016-08-02 18:14:50 UTC

well yeah

2016-08-02 18:14:52 UTC

it's eBay

2016-08-02 18:15:00 UTC

I usually default to "Good." or "As described."

2016-08-02 18:15:15 UTC


2016-08-02 18:15:39 UTC

" Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++."

2016-08-02 18:15:43 UTC

sellers do it too

2016-08-02 18:15:53 UTC

>only one A

2016-08-02 18:16:27 UTC

"Great Transaction, Friendly, Hope to deal with again. Thank you!! AAA+++++"

2016-08-02 18:16:40 UTC

means fuck all anyway

2016-08-02 18:16:51 UTC

Nah, more As is better

2016-08-02 18:17:01 UTC

As are worth more than +s

2016-08-02 18:17:34 UTC

hmmm now it allowed me to post it by deleting the rest after None.

2016-08-02 18:17:36 UTC


2016-08-02 18:18:00 UTC

but also had to sign in again for some reason

2016-08-02 18:18:15 UTC


2016-08-02 18:25:41 UTC

You would think with chink earphones sounding good for $10 that you could get good ones with a phone

2016-08-02 18:25:59 UTC

But the samsung galaxy S7 edge earphones sound awful and hurts your ears since its only one size

2016-08-02 18:28:17 UTC

Buy some Piston 3s my man

2016-08-02 18:30:01 UTC

>expecting samsung to give a shit when they mark up their Galaxy S7 by 100% and throw in a 0.50 cent earphones in a box

2016-08-02 18:31:17 UTC

with so many cheap chink phones

2016-08-02 18:31:41 UTC

poor gooks

2016-08-02 18:32:23 UTC

@Tribit Don't worry I have a pair of piston 3s

2016-08-02 18:32:31 UTC

how could I not support glorious xiaomi

2016-08-02 18:42:47 UTC

I wanted to get hybrids

2016-08-02 18:42:56 UTC

but bought rock zircon instead, please tell me I didn't meme it up fam

2016-08-02 18:43:25 UTC

Depends on who you ask

2016-08-02 18:43:32 UTC

I think you fucked up

2016-08-02 18:44:03 UTC

oh well if they are bad

2016-08-02 18:44:06 UTC

I can still use my piston 3s

2016-08-02 18:44:25 UTC

That Israeli guy on audiobudget said the zircons were better than hybrids

2016-08-02 18:46:07 UTC

That guy is absolutely insane

2016-08-02 18:46:21 UTC

hes banned from head-fi

2016-08-02 18:46:30 UTC

but I know head-fi is bad

2016-08-02 18:47:38 UTC

Zircons literally made flinch when producing clicking noises

2016-08-02 18:47:56 UTC

You know that meme headphones webm?

2016-08-02 18:48:00 UTC

also pajeet said they were good on YT

2016-08-02 18:48:01 UTC

That's pretty much how it felt

2016-08-02 18:48:19 UTC

this is the last time I trust pajeet

2016-08-02 18:48:29 UTC

But again, that's just me

2016-08-02 18:48:35 UTC

Half of /csg/ were praising them

2016-08-02 18:48:36 UTC

>trusting the pajeet

2016-08-02 18:50:08 UTC

but pajeet made millions of views on youtube by making a 3D projector our of CD case plastic which we already did years ago in class

2016-08-02 18:50:15 UTC

he knows his stuff

2016-08-02 18:52:45 UTC

pajeet made a new best budger earphones 2016 #2 video

2016-08-02 18:53:19 UTC

he says DZAT DF-10

2016-08-02 18:53:22 UTC


2016-08-02 18:55:26 UTC

I've no idea anymore


2016-08-02 18:58:31 UTC


2016-08-02 19:35:53 UTC

is that a wooden keyboard

2016-08-02 19:36:25 UTC

I'm both impressed and slighly excited.

2016-08-02 19:36:42 UTC

Looks nice but i'd only buy if mechanical

2016-08-02 19:38:43 UTC

It's bamboo

2016-08-02 19:38:54 UTC

sorry @Katahane

2016-08-02 19:39:24 UTC

Ah, I'm still impressed though.

2016-08-02 19:40:58 UTC

Rip chinkboard

2016-08-02 19:41:08 UTC

My Orange Pi One experienced an electricity cut-off

2016-08-02 20:38:28 UTC

I was gone yesterday and most of today.
What drama did I miss?

2016-08-02 20:40:10 UTC

Mi Band 2 on sale for $30

2016-08-02 20:40:46 UTC

I was considereing buying that, but I can't really bring myself to spend $30.

2016-08-02 20:40:59 UTC

I just have S1 for $15

2016-08-02 20:41:05 UTC

not worth having a smartwatch

2016-08-02 20:42:00 UTC

Yeah, I also have the first one.
It wouldn't be for myself, I've already got a smartwatch that I'm not using.

2016-08-02 20:43:09 UTC

heart rate sensor is the most important bit

2016-08-02 20:43:25 UTC

These should be more available

2016-08-02 20:44:10 UTC

in for example training >endurance these could easily help you choose how to push yourself correctly

2016-08-02 20:45:26 UTC

My piston 3s have hit the floor multiple times, hard, and I have some wear on it because it has had friction betweek my phone and them after bing a lot in my pocket

2016-08-02 20:45:28 UTC

still works

2016-08-02 20:45:41 UTC

I heard the zircons are shit in this regard so

2016-08-02 20:45:50 UTC

maybe I just wasted my money

2016-08-02 20:45:56 UTC

and should have picked meme quality

2016-08-02 20:54:21 UTC

I trust my Zircons more than I trust my Piston 3 tbh

2016-08-02 21:07:24 UTC

zircons feel sturdy

2016-08-02 21:07:26 UTC

but at the same time

2016-08-02 21:07:36 UTC

they feel like a well placed hit woudl absolutely wreck them

2016-08-02 21:08:16 UTC

A well placed hit can wreck a lot of things

2016-08-02 21:08:31 UTC

I kind of see what you mean, but I don't believe that any IEMs I've ever had has received a well placed hit.

2016-08-02 21:11:01 UTC

ed2s are sturdy as all fuck

2016-08-02 21:11:05 UTC

they're all metallic after all

2016-08-02 21:13:20 UTC

@tablecat Sometimes mine fall off(cause I leave them hanging around my neck) and I end up accidentally stomping one of them

2016-08-02 21:13:28 UTC

It doesn't happen often, but it does happen

2016-08-02 21:13:43 UTC

Or they would just fall off and hit something hard, like concrete

2016-08-02 21:14:07 UTC

That's probably the "well placed hit" most people refer to

2016-08-02 21:15:25 UTC

i guesso

2016-08-02 21:16:18 UTC

Well, well

2016-08-02 21:16:26 UTC

Wont know before they comr will I

2016-08-02 21:16:29 UTC


2016-08-02 21:16:46 UTC

If they do, whats this czech post

2016-08-02 21:23:00 UTC

I think that my chink tempered glass protector saved my phone today.
It cracked, but the screen underneat is fine.

2016-08-02 21:23:43 UTC

That probably cracks a lot easier than whatever you have on your phone though

2016-08-02 21:24:17 UTC

or maybe it actually saved my phone

I dunno, either way, I'm gonna need a new protector.

2016-08-02 21:39:04 UTC

I stopped using cases

2016-08-02 21:39:12 UTC

After my previous one broke horribly (asphalt)

2016-08-02 21:39:24 UTC

My phone just felt much more pleasant to touch, and I treated it more with care...

2016-08-02 21:39:32 UTC

I've got a $1 sillicone gel one off eBay

2016-08-02 21:39:50 UTC

those can be surprisingly good, my mother had one for LG Optimux 4X

2016-08-02 21:39:59 UTC

They are

2016-08-02 21:40:00 UTC

Until I gave her a Moto G 3rd as gift some months ago, because derp

2016-08-02 21:40:18 UTC

I'm also using an $1 gel case. It's thin, looks decent, protects from scratches and it makes my phone more comfortable to hold.

2016-08-02 21:40:21 UTC

yeah Lenovo is chink

2016-08-02 21:40:22 UTC

dont complain

2016-08-02 21:40:51 UTC

it was 155 $ i just couldnt hold myself

2016-08-02 21:41:56 UTC

I find all phone cases ugly

2016-08-02 21:42:18 UTC

also a $1 tempered glass screen protector

2016-08-02 21:42:18 UTC

Yeah whats the point of wrapping my metal phone

2016-08-02 21:42:19 UTC

in plastic

2016-08-02 21:42:28 UTC

those are pretty great

2016-08-02 21:42:30 UTC

Since mine is some years now I stopped to care

2016-08-02 21:43:40 UTC

I have seriously considered selling my LG G4 and get a cheaper Xiaomi or something.
It's not like I drop it particularly often, but I just don't like the thought of smashing such expensive devices.

2016-08-02 21:44:13 UTC

Me neither, I'm on a G3 and it's served me fine so far

2016-08-02 21:44:30 UTC

was tempted by the Max for its battery life

2016-08-02 21:44:53 UTC

Well the thing is

2016-08-02 21:45:00 UTC

ROMs on chink phones is disaster

2016-08-02 21:45:07 UTC

My HTC One m7 had good ROMs

2016-08-02 21:45:08 UTC

@Tribit Do you have a purse you can put it in?

2016-08-02 21:45:15 UTC

I probably won't sell my phone, as I like it too much.
But my next phone will definitely be much cheaper.

2016-08-02 21:45:29 UTC

had as in now its outdated phone

2016-08-02 21:46:08 UTC


2016-08-02 21:46:09 UTC


2016-08-02 21:46:27 UTC

Smashing an LG G4, eh?

2016-08-02 21:46:31 UTC

That sounds pretty hard

2016-08-02 21:46:49 UTC

Kind of want to switch my G3 for a G4 though

2016-08-02 21:46:50 UTC

I mean, unlike most phones nowaday, having a back of glass or plastic, it's got a leather back

2016-08-02 21:47:02 UTC

Mine's plastic

2016-08-02 21:47:14 UTC

Oh, you didn't get the leather variant?

2016-08-02 21:47:14 UTC

You can just buy a leather case for it

2016-08-02 21:47:17 UTC


2016-08-02 21:47:20 UTC

Glass back makes no fucking sense

2016-08-02 21:47:20 UTC

Sure the chinks got you covered there

2016-08-02 21:47:28 UTC

Who came up with that shit?

2016-08-02 21:47:29 UTC

The leather variant is like 10 bucks more or something

2016-08-02 21:47:33 UTC

Easily worth it

2016-08-02 21:47:47 UTC

Glass looks nicer

2016-08-02 21:48:00 UTC

And doesn't mitigate the signal as much as a metallic one

2016-08-02 21:48:06 UTC

I got mine used.

The backs replaceable, so I can just buy a leather back for $10

2016-08-02 21:48:21 UTC

It's transparent, it shows what's under it, how is that nicer?

2016-08-02 21:48:42 UTC

Dunno, I'm just trying to come up with a logical reasoning for it

2016-08-02 21:49:03 UTC

I personally prefer metallic or leather back

2016-08-02 21:49:07 UTC

leather was cheaper here

2016-08-02 21:49:10 UTC

I don't mind scratches

2016-08-02 21:49:12 UTC

No glass back shows what's actually behind it, what the fuck dude

2016-08-02 21:49:16 UTC

As long as it's durable

2016-08-02 21:49:20 UTC

My friend got one for 355 dollars

2016-08-02 21:49:28 UTC

no leather is not durable on the LG

2016-08-02 21:49:28 UTC

@tablecat I don't mean internals

2016-08-02 21:49:40 UTC

But I believe his included a regular cover

2016-08-02 21:49:42 UTC

Plastic is ergh, cause sweat and whatnot

2016-08-02 21:49:43 UTC

for when that breaks

2016-08-02 21:50:01 UTC

They used some cheap cow leather, probably scraps I dont know

2016-08-02 21:50:15 UTC

To have something durable you should have the same as in car seats, bar chairs etc

2016-08-02 21:50:20 UTC

which I've seen on Motorola

2016-08-02 21:50:25 UTC

Well, once that leather layer falls off, there's the plastic behind it

2016-08-02 21:50:37 UTC

Still better than most plastic/glass backs

2016-08-02 21:50:37 UTC

Plastic is objectively better, guess what chinkpads are made out of

2016-08-02 21:50:42 UTC

Not metal

2016-08-02 21:50:55 UTC

Metal frame in my chinpads

2016-08-02 21:50:59 UTC


2016-08-02 21:51:03 UTC

Mine too

2016-08-02 21:51:05 UTC

Yeah, that's a frame

2016-08-02 21:51:09 UTC

The casing is plastic

2016-08-02 21:51:16 UTC

it cracked in two places

2016-08-02 21:51:34 UTC

http://imgur.com/a/MNAvQ here you go fam

2016-08-02 21:51:44 UTC

dont buy this shit model

2016-08-02 21:51:46 UTC

lesson learnt

2016-08-02 21:52:25 UTC

No matter what material is best, I'd feel better running around with cheap shit, as I don't feel bad when it inevitably breaks. Especially when the cheap shit is actually bretty gud.

2016-08-02 21:54:24 UTC

Yeah, the Redmeme is decent

2016-08-02 21:54:36 UTC

I tried it out and the MIUI rom felt pretty ok

2016-08-02 21:54:44 UTC

Hard to beat at 120 bucks

2016-08-02 21:57:03 UTC

Yeah, I really like MIUI.
If it was available for the G4, I'd probably use it.

2016-08-02 21:57:27 UTC

I'd prefer if it had an app drawer, though

2016-08-02 21:57:50 UTC

Well, I AM installing Nova Launcher no matter what.

2016-08-02 21:57:51 UTC

But I'll most likely buy one for my mother, once her Nexus 4 breaks down

2016-08-02 21:58:11 UTC

The no-app-drawer style seems to suit older people more

2016-08-02 21:58:17 UTC

Plus it's cheap, so whatevs

2016-08-02 21:59:03 UTC

One thing about the camera though

2016-08-02 21:59:11 UTC

I think it's gimped by the software or something

2016-08-02 21:59:21 UTC

Cause someone told me it's got the same sensor as the Sony Z

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