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2016-07-30 19:04:32 UTC

There's a coupon for a Ganzo in the OP too

2016-07-30 19:08:20 UTC

I'd choose the G743-1

2016-07-30 19:08:24 UTC

looks sleeker

2016-07-30 19:08:55 UTC


2016-07-30 19:09:07 UTC


2016-07-30 19:09:17 UTC

why are they all holding the knives like this

2016-07-30 19:09:37 UTC

like they're about to stab a guy

2016-07-30 19:09:46 UTC

Because stabbing is cool

2016-07-30 19:09:55 UTC

And edgy

2016-07-30 19:12:08 UTC


2016-07-30 19:19:16 UTC


2016-07-30 19:20:18 UTC


2016-07-30 19:20:31 UTC

Gearbest scramblin for Pokemon merch to sell to Pokemon Go players

2016-07-30 19:25:29 UTC


2016-07-30 19:34:30 UTC


2016-07-30 19:34:58 UTC


2016-07-30 21:38:29 UTC


2016-07-30 22:36:33 UTC

I just saw Ip Man 3. It's shit, if anyone was thinking of watching it, don't bother.

2016-07-30 22:39:13 UTC

Tfw you can no loncer update to windows 10 for free

2016-07-30 22:48:15 UTC

Step 1: Download Windows 10 iso from Microsoft
Step 2: Install it
Step 3: use AutoKMS or some shit

I own a legit copy of Windows, and I do that just because it's easier lol

2016-07-30 22:58:55 UTC

You can still update for free.

2016-07-30 22:59:14 UTC

It doesn't check for actually using any accessability stuff.

2016-07-30 23:32:29 UTC

Where is the list of suff you gotta do to remove the spying stuffΒ΄

2016-07-30 23:33:11 UTC

Step 1: Install Linux
Step 2: Remove internet connection

2016-07-31 00:12:59 UTC
2016-07-31 00:13:31 UTC

Best song from Sleeping Dogs tbh

2016-07-31 00:16:24 UTC


2016-07-31 00:17:56 UTC


2016-07-31 00:33:43 UTC

yo lad wad up boies

2016-07-31 01:10:24 UTC

!play 24 herbs

2016-07-31 02:46:00 UTC

hmmm which are the cree flash lights everyone says is really good?

2016-07-31 04:16:34 UTC

god damn i love my 4k 40in samsung tv.

2016-07-31 04:16:49 UTC

best thing about it is reading entire panels of manga and hentai without having to scroll.

2016-07-31 04:20:40 UTC

Once I move out I'm planning on buying a flatscreen TV for the living room, but bleh buying one just to move it up stairs, down stairs, and wherever I end up moving in a couple months

2016-07-31 04:22:53 UTC


2016-07-31 04:22:59 UTC

tv for living room overrated

2016-07-31 04:23:03 UTC

just use it for a monitor.

2016-07-31 04:23:07 UTC

4k at 40 is so good

2016-07-31 04:24:20 UTC

Well its for the PS3 I've got, I like my PSN games and lounging in the living room, zoning out and playing a game

2016-07-31 04:24:37 UTC

i wish i had time to play video games

2016-07-31 04:24:43 UTC

med school too brutal 😦

2016-07-31 04:26:15 UTC

I need to get into my studying, but I just have this horrible time finding motivation since my last girlfriend died of cancer

2016-07-31 04:26:28 UTC

sounds like that's the motivation

2016-07-31 04:26:31 UTC

now that you're single

2016-07-31 04:26:35 UTC

you need to atttract girls

2016-07-31 04:26:39 UTC

education = job

2016-07-31 04:26:42 UTC

job= money

2016-07-31 04:26:44 UTC

money = girls

2016-07-31 04:32:59 UTC

I haven't had much interest in finding a new relationship. Like... that relationship was my first really healthy relationship, and I feel like I'd just end up in another shitty relationship rather than finding someone I'm that compatible with.

2016-07-31 04:56:03 UTC

wassup ma niggas

2016-07-31 05:15:13 UTC

I wanna cry /csg/

2016-07-31 05:15:23 UTC

i was messing with the sd card in android

2016-07-31 05:15:26 UTC

rooting and shit

2016-07-31 05:15:30 UTC

and now the sd card reader is ded

2016-07-31 05:15:32 UTC

even in windows

2016-07-31 05:15:45 UTC

teclast tablets a shit

2016-07-31 05:36:23 UTC

>doing things you aren't supposed to be doing with said equipment"
>blames equipment when shit dies

2016-07-31 05:39:34 UTC

>yeah, sure beacuse mounting a drive would certainly kill the hardware
>be this much of a drone to defend them

2016-07-31 05:39:36 UTC

fuck off

2016-07-31 05:41:49 UTC

Well I'm gonna call it early today, worked 8 hours, got home, lifted weights, made dinner, relaxed for a while, and now I'm tired as fuck, and I guess I'll try to study a couple hours when I wake up. Being a code monkey is gonna pay a hell of a lot more than working in food.

2016-07-31 06:11:14 UTC

@Deleted User Does it mount in loonix?

2016-07-31 06:35:26 UTC


2016-07-31 08:49:06 UTC


2016-07-31 09:11:48 UTC

>open Discord
>people are sad

This is not what I signed up for

2016-07-31 09:12:01 UTC

who is sad?

2016-07-31 09:12:24 UTC

I just read the last 30 messages
The girlfriend-cancer thing

2016-07-31 09:13:16 UTC


2016-07-31 09:13:21 UTC

Freddy always TMIs about himself tho, he doesn't do conversations, just talks about himself

2016-07-31 09:13:30 UTC

which is fair enough, he's probably in grief

2016-07-31 09:13:40 UTC

I must've missed that, I think

2016-07-31 09:15:28 UTC

used to think he was self-absorbed, but the more I see it the more I think he's probably lonely or depressed

2016-07-31 09:16:03 UTC

Understandable, tho

2016-07-31 09:16:26 UTC

Shit must be rough

2016-07-31 09:17:01 UTC

tried to talk to him a few times, he doesn't acknowledge you've said anything, he writes another rant about himself so I gave up

2016-07-31 09:17:39 UTC

So he's trying to find some solace in life by having a steady stream of chink shit show up to his door?

2016-07-31 09:17:47 UTC

aren't we all?

2016-07-31 09:17:51 UTC

Well yeah

2016-07-31 09:17:58 UTC

To a degree, yes

2016-07-31 09:18:52 UTC

whats happening?

2016-07-31 09:20:43 UTC

talking about sad people

2016-07-31 09:20:59 UTC


2016-07-31 09:21:41 UTC


2016-07-31 09:21:58 UTC


2016-07-31 09:22:42 UTC


2016-07-31 09:22:48 UTC

no idea who freddy is

2016-07-31 09:23:05 UTC

read the last 50 messages dude

2016-07-31 09:23:59 UTC


2016-07-31 09:24:45 UTC

tbh I tuned him out most of the time because of his unrelated to chink shit rants about his day, can see why people wouldn't notice he's here

2016-07-31 09:25:01 UTC

but he has been for weeks

2016-07-31 09:25:45 UTC

They might look like rants but they're more like a cry for help tho

2016-07-31 09:26:06 UTC


2016-07-31 09:26:56 UTC

Should seek grief counseling and or grief therapy

2016-07-31 09:28:04 UTC

some dumb Discord chat can't provide that though, so Freddy please seek some actual support in life for those troubles

2016-07-31 09:28:47 UTC

a friend of mine had a gf that committed suicide, he's now studying psychology iirc

2016-07-31 09:29:32 UTC

some people try to talk to him but like I said he's not interested in talking back mostly

2016-07-31 09:29:42 UTC

so it seems like he gets ignored most of the time

2016-07-31 09:29:58 UTC

I hope for his own best that he seeks out professional help

2016-07-31 09:30:01 UTC


2016-07-31 09:30:14 UTC


2016-07-31 09:30:20 UTC


2016-07-31 09:30:21 UTC

a cry for help can be a lot, but doesn't help if the ones close to him doesn't do anything

2016-07-31 09:31:11 UTC

it can be really subtle

2016-07-31 09:31:17 UTC

>chink shit general - counseling and life advice

2016-07-31 09:31:52 UTC

next time he pops on we can talk to him

2016-07-31 09:32:16 UTC

>chink shit general - interventions and grief counseling

2016-07-31 09:32:51 UTC

also, what happened to mitubot? gone for good?

2016-07-31 09:36:12 UTC

>8ball is mitubot gone?

2016-07-31 09:36:43 UTC


2016-07-31 09:36:52 UTC

rip mitubot

2016-07-31 09:37:07 UTC

and Nadeko too...

2016-07-31 09:47:13 UTC

Mitubot decides to use up all available memory and crash itself every now and then

2016-07-31 09:47:18 UTC


2016-07-31 09:47:27 UTC

rebel against its maker

2016-07-31 09:47:28 UTC

Also sometimes brings down other things with it

2016-07-31 09:47:34 UTC


2016-07-31 09:47:38 UTC

allahu akbar

2016-07-31 09:47:56 UTC

I don't know what happened to nadeko though

2016-07-31 09:48:09 UTC

rip nadeko

2016-07-31 09:52:22 UTC

why do people do this


2016-07-31 09:52:56 UTC


2016-07-31 09:53:02 UTC

because autism

2016-07-31 09:53:11 UTC

probably Karpathy being a shitcunt again

2016-07-31 09:53:13 UTC

speaking of

2016-07-31 09:53:36 UTC

he had his reddit account deleted(banned?) probably for shilling his own videos too hard

2016-07-31 09:53:57 UTC

That's something, i guess

2016-07-31 09:54:43 UTC


2016-07-31 09:55:14 UTC


2016-07-31 09:55:23 UTC

also instead of giving him (You)s just report the fucker

2016-07-31 09:55:24 UTC

I don't know if banned accounts show up as deleted

2016-07-31 09:55:38 UTC

I don't know either

2016-07-31 09:55:49 UTC

I know you can delete it yourself and it will show up like that

2016-07-31 09:56:53 UTC


2016-07-31 09:57:02 UTC

just checked that reddit link posted in the thread

2016-07-31 09:57:05 UTC

it IS Karpathy

2016-07-31 09:57:13 UTC


2016-07-31 09:57:20 UTC

he's fucking linking to his own video in that Reddit thread/thing

2016-07-31 09:57:20 UTC

knew it

2016-07-31 09:57:42 UTC

he's baaaack

2016-07-31 09:58:30 UTC

He made that account 6 days ago. So yeah, that's probably him.

2016-07-31 10:03:48 UTC

Downvoted the post and the two random comments

2016-07-31 10:04:14 UTC

What should I put on my shark to watch on an airoplane?

2016-07-31 10:04:35 UTC

Wew spelling

2016-07-31 10:04:41 UTC

snakes on a plane

2016-07-31 10:05:14 UTC

Is that actually a good movie tho?

2016-07-31 10:05:34 UTC

Haven't seen it in a long time, don't remember :^)

2016-07-31 10:06:06 UTC

Good one friend

2016-07-31 10:06:28 UTC

so it probably wasn't that good tbh

2016-07-31 10:07:18 UTC

Might grab lethal weapon for my mind numbing amerikan movie quota

2016-07-31 10:11:02 UTC

Thanks for the person who posted an invite on Reddit.

2016-07-31 10:11:18 UTC

So what's a good phone for Pokemon Go? Preferably with a gyroscope.

2016-07-31 10:11:20 UTC

Fuck off Karpathy

2016-07-31 10:11:31 UTC

Who's that?

2016-07-31 10:11:38 UTC

Yeah nah

2016-07-31 10:11:49 UTC

You're not fooling anyone

2016-07-31 10:12:47 UTC

Yuo want cp? Cp here:

2016-07-31 10:12:56 UTC
2016-07-31 10:13:13 UTC

Are Kimovil's specs reliable? If it says that there's a gyroscope in a phone is that likely to eb true?

2016-07-31 10:13:59 UTC

If you're actually a Redditor and not Karpathy in a poor disguise, I'll just have you know that we don't really like Redditors here.

2016-07-31 10:14:23 UTC

Shoo shoo reddit chinky

2016-07-31 10:14:45 UTC


2016-07-31 10:15:15 UTC

I don't know who that is, what's so special about begin a Redditor?

2016-07-31 10:15:22 UTC

Like, my whole uni uses reddit

2016-07-31 10:15:54 UTC

Hello and welcome to /r/ChineseShoppingChat Nop

2016-07-31 10:16:13 UTC

Please verify your reddit account with us https://reddiscord.synesis.co/verify

2016-07-31 10:16:42 UTC


2016-07-31 10:16:57 UTC

It is necessary to stop spam in this chat.

2016-07-31 10:17:09 UTC

Verifying your reddit account with us gives you full access to our discord.

2016-07-31 10:17:44 UTC

That's pretty funny, is that your website? I don't know why you'd say that discord verify's through a third party domain.

2016-07-31 10:17:49 UTC

Reddit is a circlejerk of self important faggots with no respect for the long dead gods of old supercomputers, come back yo haunt the irc usurpers.

2016-07-31 10:18:44 UTC


2016-07-31 10:19:08 UTC

Don't you have videos to shill on reddit or something?

2016-07-31 10:19:11 UTC

fuck off already

2016-07-31 10:19:28 UTC

I mean, I asked a simple question.

2016-07-31 10:19:34 UTC

What about that is shilling?

2016-07-31 10:19:45 UTC


2016-07-31 10:20:08 UTC

Also no phone would NOT have a gyroscope

2016-07-31 10:20:21 UTC

That was your first mistake

2016-07-31 10:20:32 UTC

Until you verify your Reddit account with us, we have no other choice but to consider you a 4chan spammer.

2016-07-31 10:20:38 UTC

That's not true, actually. I don't think the Meizu M2 Mini has a gyroscope.

2016-07-31 10:20:39 UTC

We have been raided by them in past.

2016-07-31 10:20:49 UTC

I may remember wrong, tho...

2016-07-31 10:20:53 UTC

Meixu tho

2016-07-31 10:21:13 UTC

Yeah, aren't you supposed to be tech savvy or something. Many chinese smartphones don't have a gyroscope. I just found out today. How long have you been here for?

2016-07-31 10:22:06 UTC

Since your were concieved in the cavernous hole your mother calls a "tight pussy only 2$" fuckboi

2016-07-31 10:23:04 UTC

IKR? This was blasting through when I was coming out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP7utU8Efow

2016-07-31 10:23:46 UTC


2016-07-31 10:23:52 UTC


2016-07-31 10:26:16 UTC

The bullshit runs deep within these walls

2016-07-31 10:26:25 UTC

Why do you guys make so many jokes about Linux? Not user friendly enough for you or something? I guess that this must be the case since you don't even know what gyroscopes are.

2016-07-31 10:26:55 UTC


2016-07-31 10:27:26 UTC

I guess I'll just come back tomorrow. Btw the main thread is good, I'll tell my friends about it.

2016-07-31 10:27:44 UTC

>post to reddit
>immediately bait in discord
>nothing in the irc

2016-07-31 10:28:01 UTC


2016-07-31 10:28:33 UTC

To be fair there's no point in baiting a dead channel

2016-07-31 10:28:49 UTC

Oooooooh dis$ssssss

2016-07-31 10:29:15 UTC

Irc master race is me tho

2016-07-31 10:29:27 UTC

holy shit

2016-07-31 10:29:36 UTC

karpathy is or has literally a paid shill

2016-07-31 10:29:52 UTC


2016-07-31 10:30:03 UTC

There is really nothing happening in irc


2016-07-31 10:30:05 UTC


2016-07-31 10:31:03 UTC

Is nop gone?

2016-07-31 10:31:20 UTC

he's just offline

2016-07-31 10:31:46 UTC

he was blatant bait, moving onto baiting about linux when he got desperate

2016-07-31 10:32:18 UTC

It was entertaining bait tho

2016-07-31 10:32:51 UTC

Gave me a soft jej or so

2016-07-31 10:50:37 UTC


2016-07-31 10:51:16 UTC

I was just wondering if you know about the person who wrote the wiki. Does he have a patreon? It was really helpful. I don't have any questions about shopping thanks to it.

2016-07-31 10:52:35 UTC

There's probably a few people, and probably not

2016-07-31 10:52:57 UTC

ah ok

2016-07-31 10:53:06 UTC

http://i.imgur.com/a2Z2QBM.png this guy wrote it, he doesn't have a patreon but if you give him a few upboats he'll be paid well for your time

2016-07-31 10:55:44 UTC

Is this guy you associate with paid marketers and "shills"

2016-07-31 10:55:56 UTC

I saw some spam about this on Reddit

2016-07-31 10:56:07 UTC

TBH the obvious comments from 4channers are more annoying

2016-07-31 10:56:25 UTC

his job description is shilling on reddit

2016-07-31 11:24:12 UTC

tries to deflect the attention from himself again

2016-07-31 11:34:55 UTC


2016-07-31 11:35:33 UTC


2016-07-31 11:35:34 UTC


2016-07-31 11:35:36 UTC


2016-07-31 11:38:54 UTC


2016-07-31 12:11:18 UTC

How long do would I have to wait before my package arrives

2016-07-31 12:11:24 UTC

To complain to gaybest or paypal?

2016-07-31 12:11:28 UTC

Over 25 days?

2016-07-31 12:11:33 UTC

how long have you been waiting

2016-07-31 12:11:42 UTC

when did your package ship?

2016-07-31 12:11:56 UTC

I think they shipped it on the 13th

2016-07-31 12:12:00 UTC

Lemme check

2016-07-31 12:12:18 UTC

What country you in?

2016-07-31 12:12:27 UTC

Yeah, on the 13th

2016-07-31 12:12:28 UTC


2016-07-31 12:12:36 UTC

Mind posting a pic of the tracking?

2016-07-31 12:12:43 UTC

Yeah, 1s

2016-07-31 12:12:56 UTC

I told you guys yesterday, tho

2016-07-31 12:13:08 UTC

You're still within a reasonable time of shipping though

2016-07-31 12:13:11 UTC

Yeah, ik

2016-07-31 12:13:23 UTC

No real reason to panic

2016-07-31 12:13:31 UTC

What's Serbia Postal services like?

2016-07-31 12:13:38 UTC

Absolute garbage lmao

2016-07-31 12:13:47 UTC

And not panicking, wanted to know just in case

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