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2016-07-19 22:44:52 UTC

No you can

2016-07-19 22:45:03 UTC

You can file them as soon as the person is 'missing'

2016-07-19 22:49:17 UTC


2016-07-19 22:54:51 UTC

Hello folks

2016-07-19 22:55:55 UTC

Comfy didn't deserve any of the pressure that was on him

2016-07-19 22:56:01 UTC

that sucks

2016-07-19 22:56:45 UTC

ok im silent for some time now

2016-07-19 22:56:52 UTC

but I think hes just taking a chill pill

2016-07-19 22:57:05 UTC

a well deserved one

2016-07-19 22:57:09 UTC


2016-07-19 22:57:11 UTC


2016-07-19 22:57:15 UTC

out of curisority no doubt

2016-07-19 22:57:26 UTC

I dont get why hes so obsessed with what everyone think of this discord

2016-07-19 22:57:34 UTC

and his channel

2016-07-19 22:57:37 UTC

but that is just me

2016-07-19 22:57:48 UTC

Well he puts effort into it

2016-07-19 22:57:59 UTC

dude clearly cares about it

2016-07-19 22:58:05 UTC

the podcast too

2016-07-19 22:58:39 UTC

did he leave around the time of the strawpoll popping up or before that?

2016-07-19 22:58:51 UTC

i think a little after

2016-07-19 22:59:15 UTC

oh well

2016-07-19 22:59:18 UTC

Well he should know that Karpathy was behind that poll

2016-07-19 23:01:20 UTC

in other news today MIGHT be the day i get my shit

2016-07-19 23:05:38 UTC


2016-07-19 23:05:42 UTC

what you order

2016-07-19 23:06:11 UTC

I ordered around 7 different ROOCK items and a few bits and bobs

2016-07-19 23:06:40 UTC

mainly because the zircons were okay and upon searching their flagship store i relised the rest of their stuff is really well designed

2016-07-19 23:07:25 UTC

so i figured i need some shit and it would be a bit of a change of pace from shaks and phones to get some cable a few stands and some lights and shit that arent waterproofed striplights

2016-07-19 23:07:56 UTC

give the thread a bit of old spicing up

2016-07-19 23:08:22 UTC

but we'll see,i'm curious as to how i'm going to recieve an order of 7 itmes in my tiny mailbox

2016-07-19 23:08:37 UTC

>zircons were okay

2016-07-19 23:08:46 UTC

i have some zircons

2016-07-19 23:08:49 UTC

they are okay

2016-07-19 23:09:05 UTC

Worst thing I've had in my ears

2016-07-19 23:09:12 UTC


2016-07-19 23:09:24 UTC

Couldn't stand the treble spike

2016-07-19 23:09:25 UTC

Kind of glad I skipped on them

2016-07-19 23:09:42 UTC

anyone heard about Macaw GT100S?

2016-07-19 23:10:04 UTC

turn the treble down in your eq,i've actually had varying results on mine and my friends phone, he hatedthem on his phone but on my phone he said they sounded terriffic

2016-07-19 23:10:05 UTC

I understand that there are people who like them but I hated them so much I gave them away

2016-07-19 23:10:34 UTC

that's a shame you didn't try them in a few different applications and shit

2016-07-19 23:11:18 UTC

they really are quite fantastic if you pump the bass up, the fact that hey even have such brilliant response to a boosted bass and dont peak out while also staying clean and clear in the mid and highs is a testament to their design and fantastic for their price

2016-07-19 23:11:37 UTC

i honestly love them

2016-07-19 23:11:52 UTC

I'll stick to 3s and Airs

2016-07-19 23:12:46 UTC

well hpefully my pistons 3'sand hybrids dont get lost in the mail and show up and i can see how the zircons hold upbut i compared them primarily tomy seinheisser CX-300II's and they easily compete

2016-07-19 23:13:02 UTC

i think it'san honest shame you didn't just lower the high ends if they bothered you so

2016-07-19 23:13:33 UTC

I don't want to bother with eq

2016-07-19 23:13:46 UTC

Using an EQ is not in any sense bothersome

2016-07-19 23:13:47 UTC

The shape of 3s is also much better

2016-07-19 23:14:06 UTC

The 3's dont have radioactive metal in their design

2016-07-19 23:14:28 UTC

3s are the comfiest, best fitting iems I've ever used

2016-07-19 23:14:37 UTC

really? i look forward to that

2016-07-19 23:14:49 UTC

did you change the default ear bits?

2016-07-19 23:14:50 UTC

Well obviously, your ear isn't my ear

2016-07-19 23:14:53 UTC

In terms of shape

2016-07-19 23:14:55 UTC

I use the smallest bits

2016-07-19 23:15:08 UTC

i had to take the default zircon plugs bits off

2016-07-19 23:15:11 UTC

they hurt me

2016-07-19 23:15:16 UTC

even on smallest

2016-07-19 23:15:30 UTC

i figuredi'd have to do the same for the hybrids and3's

2016-07-19 23:15:45 UTC

i'm glad to hear that the rubber bits arent awful

2016-07-19 23:16:05 UTC

i wish hybrids looked better though

2016-07-19 23:16:22 UTC

I think they're alright, I'm sure you'll find someone who hates them (bits)

2016-07-19 23:16:32 UTC

Hybrids do look horrible yeah

2016-07-19 23:16:37 UTC

Part of the reason why I don't have them

2016-07-19 23:16:47 UTC

I have piston 3s and I like them quite a bit for IEMs

2016-07-19 23:16:59 UTC

With the other part being the whole quality control issue drama

2016-07-19 23:17:19 UTC

I'm hoping they're actually a fair bit better than piston 3's for their shitty design

2016-07-19 23:17:20 UTC

they were my first chink purchase

2016-07-19 23:18:06 UTC

Same as me

2016-07-19 23:18:09 UTC

and a shark

2016-07-19 23:18:18 UTC

like, some R&D design plot where a scientist was like "NO, this time move all he budget into sound output and leave some scraps for the design team"

2016-07-19 23:18:34 UTC

I actually wanted to get a shark as well

2016-07-19 23:18:47 UTC

but at the time two anons told me not to, so I just grabbed something off amazon

2016-07-19 23:18:49 UTC

They're on sale right now if you're still out to get one

2016-07-19 23:18:57 UTC

Are they ever not on sale?

2016-07-19 23:18:58 UTC

don't need one now

2016-07-19 23:19:07 UTC

they dropped in price again on GB

2016-07-19 23:19:07 UTC


2016-07-19 23:19:18 UTC

i got some anyway because of their prices on ali a few weeks ago

2016-07-19 23:19:24 UTC

the amazon card was only $2 more, not a huge loss and it's working fine

2016-07-19 23:19:27 UTC

can't beat those prices for data storage

2016-07-19 23:19:41 UTC

And memes

2016-07-19 23:19:42 UTC

doesn't have a cool shark picture on it though

2016-07-19 23:19:43 UTC

Don't forget the memes

2016-07-19 23:19:48 UTC

probably inst waterproof either

2016-07-19 23:19:52 UTC

@Christian Ly ye but no rad memedesign

2016-07-19 23:19:59 UTC

I bought a shark mousepad to get the rad design

2016-07-19 23:20:07 UTC

>tfw sharks aren't magnetically

2016-07-19 23:20:09 UTC

should be here in the next week hopefully

2016-07-19 23:20:57 UTC

i also got a 16 gig inferior monkey card because i'll be damned if that monkey isn't charming

2016-07-19 23:21:51 UTC

I ordered a monkey for a friend

2016-07-19 23:21:56 UTC

He liked it better than the shark

2016-07-19 23:22:10 UTC

horrible taste

2016-07-19 23:22:12 UTC

your friend is wrong

2016-07-19 23:22:24 UTC

monkey is good but it's no shark

2016-07-19 23:23:33 UTC

i'm actually really excited for my blank books

2016-07-19 23:23:39 UTC

even through they're not technology

2016-07-19 23:24:12 UTC

i hope the paper isn't recycled toilet paper

2016-07-19 23:26:54 UTC

there's a paper in australia called roo poo paper

2016-07-19 23:27:07 UTC

it's paper that actually uses kangaroo poop in it

2016-07-19 23:27:24 UTC

>roo poo

2016-07-19 23:29:53 UTC

there'sactually a whole bunch ofpoop paper varieties, never knew that

2016-07-19 23:29:59 UTC

What blank books you get?

2016-07-19 23:30:07 UTC

For sketching?

2016-07-19 23:30:10 UTC

Wipe your butt with poop

2016-07-19 23:30:49 UTC

just some three dollar notepad from a crafts store with a blank pages and a Xiaomi blank paged notebook

2016-07-19 23:31:04 UTC

it's liketwo indiana jones sorta scetchbook travel diaries

2016-07-19 23:31:05 UTC

I got that Xiaomi Blank Notebook too

2016-07-19 23:31:12 UTC

the quality on that thing is fiiiiiiiiiiine

2016-07-19 23:31:13 UTC

I am curious about the Xiaomi notebook

2016-07-19 23:31:16 UTC


2016-07-19 23:31:21 UTC

leather cover

2016-07-19 23:31:26 UTC

oh nice

2016-07-19 23:32:13 UTC

I've seen it

2016-07-19 23:32:19 UTC

how's the paper itself

2016-07-19 23:32:23 UTC

ah fuck i thinki need to getanother one

2016-07-19 23:32:27 UTC

I think I got it for $5 at the time

2016-07-19 23:32:29 UTC

they look so nice

2016-07-19 23:32:31 UTC

paper quality is good

2016-07-19 23:32:37 UTC

how many gsm?

2016-07-19 23:32:42 UTC

does it say?

2016-07-19 23:32:58 UTC


2016-07-19 23:33:12 UTC


2016-07-19 23:33:39 UTC

GSM means grams per square metre, so the heavier the paper the higher the gsm. Normal printing paper weight is 80gsm. Card stock generally starts at 170gsm.

2016-07-19 23:33:57 UTC

should state the GSM on a sticker

2016-07-19 23:34:21 UTC

It was probably on the wrapping sticker

2016-07-19 23:34:35 UTC

let me check if I can find a pic of it

2016-07-19 23:34:50 UTC

dont worry then stock, i'll tell you the autistic details when i get mine

2016-07-19 23:34:57 UTC


2016-07-19 23:35:12 UTC

alright cool

2016-07-19 23:35:19 UTC

I currently have this Rhodia Webnotebook I use for just drawing and stuff

2016-07-19 23:35:24 UTC

doodle some art in there for us too

2016-07-19 23:35:36 UTC

mfw i dont draw on anything less than 250gsm these days

2016-07-19 23:35:42 UTC

full sperg

2016-07-19 23:35:46 UTC


2016-07-19 23:35:53 UTC

assuming i remeber how to draw on paper

2016-07-19 23:36:03 UTC

gb's description of it is Product weight: 0.120 kg
Package weight: 0.150 kg

2016-07-19 23:36:30 UTC

you want me to use math to deduce how heavy the gsm is based on the product specifics?

2016-07-19 23:36:40 UTC

Pretty sure the Pacha Mitu was drawn in one too

2016-07-19 23:37:21 UTC

Found it, it's all in Chinese

2016-07-19 23:37:36 UTC

will have engrish numbers

2016-07-19 23:37:41 UTC


2016-07-19 23:37:43 UTC

please to god

2016-07-19 23:38:01 UTC

worse comes to worse i'll take it to an art supply shop and get them to feel the paper

2016-07-19 23:38:10 UTC

who am i kidding i can do that myself

2016-07-19 23:38:34 UTC

"the GSM is ...rough.... but smooth"

2016-07-19 23:38:57 UTC

Weight 60/70/80/90 gsm paper

2016-07-19 23:38:59 UTC

found that on a site

2016-07-19 23:39:03 UTC

but it looks sketchy

2016-07-19 23:39:08 UTC


2016-07-19 23:39:08 UTC

didn't ask me which i wanted

2016-07-19 23:39:13 UTC

when ordering

2016-07-19 23:39:18 UTC

good find through

2016-07-19 23:39:37 UTC

@Tribit is the paper really thin?

2016-07-19 23:40:03 UTC

made me laugh for some reason

2016-07-19 23:40:14 UTC

at least they know the primary reason i'm buying it

2016-07-19 23:41:09 UTC

I want to get a pilot vanishing point for daily use, perfect for when I'm at work

2016-07-19 23:42:55 UTC

i wanted to reccomend this to you stock

2016-07-19 23:43:09 UTC

they are a realy nice pen

2016-07-19 23:43:16 UTC

and probably one of my favorites

2016-07-19 23:43:35 UTC

i know it's not a fountain pen but it's unique

2016-07-19 23:43:44 UTC


2016-07-19 23:44:04 UTC

what is this

2016-07-19 23:44:06 UTC


2016-07-19 23:44:12 UTC

i dont know i dont buythem from the site

2016-07-19 23:44:22 UTC

i just wanted a thing with the name and picture

2016-07-19 23:44:22 UTC

yep, it's rupee

2016-07-19 23:44:25 UTC


2016-07-19 23:44:41 UTC

>5 NOK

2016-07-19 23:45:32 UTC

let me shill this pen to you

2016-07-19 23:47:09 UTC


2016-07-19 23:47:48 UTC


2016-07-19 23:47:55 UTC


2016-07-19 23:48:07 UTC

i'll quickly shill then it's picture taking time

2016-07-19 23:48:20 UTC

okay so you know how felt tip pens fucking end up shitty because they're felt tip

2016-07-19 23:48:32 UTC

but ballpoint suck to write with because ballpoints suck

2016-07-19 23:48:50 UTC


2016-07-19 23:48:50 UTC

well thi pen is like a neverbreaking ballpoint pen that feels like a felt tip and looks like a felt tip on paper

2016-07-19 23:48:59 UTC


2016-07-19 23:49:13 UTC

they fucking shit all over micron for quality

2016-07-19 23:49:21 UTC

i've had micron pens die the day i bought them

2016-07-19 23:49:31 UTC

i've not bought a new techpoint for a few months now

2016-07-19 23:49:38 UTC

they're only five bucks anyway from an art shop

2016-07-19 23:49:45 UTC

if that

2016-07-19 23:50:06 UTC

i will never use a fine liner felt tip for anything ever again

2016-07-19 23:50:27 UTC

i strongly suggest getting one if not for it's quality but because it has a unique tri dimple design tip

2016-07-19 23:50:32 UTC

shit's a nice feature

2016-07-19 23:50:34 UTC


2016-07-19 23:50:37 UTC


2016-07-20 00:09:37 UTC

hey guys I got a chink projector

2016-07-20 00:10:00 UTC

how is it?

2016-07-20 00:10:10 UTC

it overheats and dies every 20 minutes of use.

2016-07-20 00:10:23 UTC

but they sent my money back and let me keep it. how should I fix?

2016-07-20 00:10:57 UTC

not sure, maybe find a better way to cool it

2016-07-20 00:11:02 UTC

stand review is up

2016-07-20 00:11:50 UTC


2016-07-20 00:12:02 UTC

fucking really need to spell check my shit on this awful laptop

2016-07-20 00:12:04 UTC


2016-07-20 00:12:11 UTC


2016-07-20 00:12:14 UTC

wa la

2016-07-20 00:14:49 UTC

also dask = slap

2016-07-20 00:14:57 UTC


2016-07-20 00:16:28 UTC

So why dont you faggots just use irc

2016-07-20 00:16:42 UTC

why not use discord?

2016-07-20 00:17:03 UTC

one more square to fill in on botnet bingo threads

2016-07-20 00:17:10 UTC


2016-07-20 00:17:30 UTC

can't escape the botnet anyway

2016-07-20 00:17:45 UTC

is that why you came here? to shit?

2016-07-20 00:18:32 UTC

echo ' google.com' > /etc/hosts

2016-07-20 00:18:45 UTC

idk I heard theres popcorn happening here

2016-07-20 00:18:55 UTC

well, you're kinda late

2016-07-20 00:27:39 UTC

i'm super wigged out that my other stuff isn't here

2016-07-20 00:27:46 UTC


2016-07-20 00:28:01 UTC

i bought the stand with another stand a a few other things

2016-07-20 00:28:23 UTC

i actually have an order i placed a week earlier that hasn't shown up

2016-07-20 00:28:33 UTC

how'd this beat everything else?

2016-07-20 00:29:21 UTC

i had to sign for it, does that mean i have to sign for the other stuff?

2016-07-20 00:29:27 UTC

god damn this is so hit and miss

2016-07-20 00:39:19 UTC

well i hope comfy comes back

2016-07-20 00:39:27 UTC

all these basic bitches in this thread are going to kill me from laughter

2016-07-20 00:40:16 UTC

this poll

2016-07-20 00:40:19 UTC


2016-07-20 00:40:33 UTC

refrain from including in op = delete

2016-07-20 00:41:10 UTC

oh fuck just got two more things

2016-07-20 00:42:21 UTC

if anything i think we should disconnect the discord from csg

2016-07-20 00:42:30 UTC

too much drama

2016-07-20 00:43:23 UTC
2016-07-20 00:43:36 UTC


2016-07-20 00:43:45 UTC

thoughts on chinkskit.xyz?

2016-07-20 00:43:56 UTC

>>>>>Comfy, if you are reading this its time to stop shitposting. the reddit boogeyman doesnt exist, its all in your head.

2016-07-20 00:44:03 UTC

i literally told him"this is the wrong general" and he lost his shit at me

2016-07-20 00:44:11 UTC


2016-07-20 00:44:20 UTC

god damn idiot

2016-07-20 00:44:20 UTC

>What search terms should I use for the meme terrorist watch?

2016-07-20 00:44:21 UTC

>>What search terms should I use for the meme terrorist watch?

2016-07-20 00:44:31 UTC

"google terrorist watch"

2016-07-20 00:44:32 UTC

s e a r c h t e r m s

2016-07-20 00:44:51 UTC

I got some much cooler shit now

2016-07-20 00:44:53 UTC

holy fuck

2016-07-20 00:44:56 UTC


2016-07-20 00:44:56 UTC


2016-07-20 00:46:07 UTC

i got my ebay/usps mixup free 2nd order of chink lightning cables

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