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2019-07-02 09:25:12 UTC


2019-07-02 09:25:42 UTC

that looks cool as heck

2019-07-02 09:32:12 UTC

thanks, any chink substitutes?

2019-07-02 11:49:39 UTC

Tfw it's cheaper to have something delivered from the other side of the world (China) than it is to get delivered from the other side of the city

2019-07-02 12:48:29 UTC

@foxhunt >it's less expensive to have something made in a factory and sent directly to you than it is to have something made in a factory, purchased by a reseller, shipped to them, stored in a warehouse, relisted in their storefront, repacked, and reshipped to you

2019-07-02 12:48:33 UTC

Go figure

2019-07-02 12:56:40 UTC

2019-07-02 12:56:47 UTC

>that last picture

2019-07-02 12:56:54 UTC


2019-07-02 12:57:03 UTC


2019-07-02 12:57:20 UTC

RIP in peace, doggo

2019-07-02 13:12:35 UTC

No I was talking purely about shipping prices

2019-07-02 13:12:46 UTC

Not the prices of the items themselves

2019-07-02 16:13:22 UTC

2019-07-02 16:13:46 UTC

According to user reviews, this shark even comes branded as an IKEA shark

2019-07-02 16:13:49 UTC


2019-07-02 16:14:01 UTC


2019-07-02 16:15:48 UTC

What's on her face? <:blobthinkingeyes:427568214579609601>


2019-07-02 16:16:32 UTC

Why does she wear the mask?!

2019-07-02 16:20:30 UTC

she's got skin cancer

2019-07-02 16:20:36 UTC

literally falling apart

2019-07-02 16:20:38 UTC

be considerate huh

2019-07-02 16:21:06 UTC

why would you get a chink blahaj if the og costs less

2019-07-02 16:22:12 UTC

It's showing up as being $1 cheaper than the original when I look it up on IKEAs website, and this is branded as the original. Might be from the same factory

2019-07-02 16:23:38 UTC

how much is shippin

2019-07-02 16:25:18 UTC

Aliexpress, and I'm a burger. Free, as always

2019-07-02 18:35:10 UTC

@apool what i linked *is* the chink substitute


2019-07-02 18:35:47 UTC

_fucking chinks_

2019-07-02 18:36:00 UTC

god bless em

2019-07-02 18:36:11 UTC

i love my cheap robots

2019-07-02 18:37:15 UTC

i dont feel too bad because i have a couple legit figures by that company, so they already have my money

2019-07-02 18:52:11 UTC

@Matthew blahaj is cheaper locally lol

2019-07-02 18:52:18 UTC

18 usd, 15 euros

2019-07-03 08:33:31 UTC

I ordered a 240GB QLC Kingspec SSD <:pepesmug:589101277879992339>

2019-07-03 08:44:19 UTC

think im done buying redmis

2019-07-03 08:44:31 UTC

the battery becomes dogshit after a year

2019-07-03 08:44:51 UTC

from 100% to 10% in like 12 hours

2019-07-03 08:44:55 UTC

just casual use

2019-07-03 09:39:00 UTC

casual use including 6 sot?

2019-07-03 09:39:38 UTC

i have my note 5 a year and its still πŸ‘Œ battery wise

2019-07-03 09:48:24 UTC

are steam download servers down or something?

2019-07-03 09:49:51 UTC

it's downloading in 500 kb/s when it should be 15 mb/s

2019-07-03 09:50:00 UTC

wired or wireless

2019-07-03 10:05:29 UTC

tfw don't even pay attention to smartphone advances because literally only one product line has what I'm looking for (LG v20/30/etc series with integrated hifi dac+amp)

2019-07-03 10:06:13 UTC

dont type too loud, u might miss some frequencies

2019-07-03 10:08:16 UTC

In an era when most phones don't even have a 3.5mm jack, the ability to do away with a separate dap/amp is plenty to lock me in to the product line. Other features like the great cameras are nice too

2019-07-03 10:09:17 UTC

Still love my v30, will upgrade probably at v60

2019-07-03 10:12:04 UTC

"v50 has 5g, it'll give you cancirr" <:brainlet:589104479887032330>

2019-07-03 10:12:11 UTC

In other news, I'm planning on getting a bunch of chink tourniquets and comparing them to brand new genuine CAT-7 tourniquets I have. I'm expecting all of them to cut off blood flow enough to stop hemmorhage, but for literally none of them to have any durability past that. I'll let y'all know if any of them meet the cut

2019-07-03 10:13:27 UTC

I'm an army medic but wanna see if I can get my friends some basic trauma kits for cheap basically. Chinks don't do a lot in the way of budget medical supplies but tourniquets are brain dead simple, just need to be made well

2019-07-03 10:15:22 UTC

u mean straps to stop blood flow?

2019-07-03 10:15:29 UTC

Holy shit I cannot believe ali sells needle catheters. That seems hazardous

2019-07-03 10:16:36 UTC

Yes tourniquets wrap tight around an arm or a leg to stop all blood flow and thus all bleeding. They hurt like hell but don't cause tissue damage and are a crucial part of any trauma kit

2019-07-03 10:17:09 UTC

Needle catheters are the needle and tubing used to start an IV which is why I'm surprised aliexpress sells it

2019-07-03 10:17:29 UTC

Even they could get in hot shit if some shitty supplier kills a bunch of people

2019-07-03 10:17:41 UTC

Not sure why you would buy that off aliexpress in the first place πŸ€”

2019-07-03 10:18:07 UTC

Was just curious. I'd never stick anything chinese into anyone's veins

2019-07-03 10:18:46 UTC

At least they don't sell fluids (would be illegal)

2019-07-03 10:23:02 UTC

I've bought supposedly sterile syringes with needles on Ali (I use 'em for CA glue), and I've seen listings for etizolam that seemed possibly legit. Not surprised they'd have IV stuff.

2019-07-03 10:42:36 UTC

I know this is not technically chink shit but has anyone tried one of these backpacks

2019-07-03 10:43:39 UTC

nah that shit is chinkshit as it can

2019-07-03 10:43:53 UTC

those "OEM" backpacks are everywhere

2019-07-03 10:44:51 UTC

But the question is are they any good

2019-07-03 10:45:16 UTC

I bought a cheap backpack from a local online store and it's kind of crap

2019-07-03 10:45:26 UTC

their real price is iirc 10 usd per piece

2019-07-03 10:45:50 UTC

One strap got riped off

2019-07-03 10:48:15 UTC

no personal experience but from design standpoints it gives most of the stress to the zipper and the straps

2019-07-03 10:50:13 UTC
2019-07-03 10:50:41 UTC

so everything heavy you but in will first react with the zipper and then the straps and your shoulders after that

2019-07-03 10:50:56 UTC

not that zippers cant handle that in most cases

2019-07-03 10:51:52 UTC

but no extra side straps between back and front part over the zipper to ease the stress is design failure/issue in my book (not htat you are meant to haul anything heavy on those but... books weight a ton alone + laptop

2019-07-03 10:54:35 UTC

but irl i think they are decent for the from what i have seen between reviews and pictures people send to amazon/ali

2019-07-03 10:54:53 UTC

(thats generaly from most of those "box-OEM" backpags tho)

2019-07-03 10:57:29 UTC

I guess I will get them from Ali if it's all the same since I will definitely find cheaper shipping there

2019-07-03 11:02:18 UTC

I wanna get a mouse bungie thing. Any suggestions for good ones on Ali, or should I get one from Amazon?

2019-07-03 11:18:55 UTC

@Wheeshnaw How are you gonna test the torniquettes, on yourself?

2019-07-03 11:19:27 UTC

@timsandtoms Have you found some good dull, thick and short needles on ali?

2019-07-03 11:20:06 UTC

@Wheeshnaw Check out those iodine q-tips btw

2019-07-03 11:20:11 UTC

Apparently they're pretty cool

2019-07-03 11:20:27 UTC

Yeah, gimme a sec to track the order down.

2019-07-03 11:20:32 UTC


2019-07-03 11:22:47 UTC

@Sapharanth what you mean by good dull thick needle ?

2019-07-03 11:22:50 UTC

~~ leather crafting/lacing needles ? ~~ (ahh some gay e-cig faggotry nevermind)

2019-07-03 11:25:12 UTC

also yeah i can vouch for hollow iodine swabs being usefull as fuck

2019-07-03 11:27:40 UTC

also chink sterile needles so far have been actualy sterile

2019-07-03 11:28:39 UTC

source: 5 + years ago i bought 7(different sellers) x 20 to 100 backs of needles just to test are they actualy sterile from china

2019-07-03 11:28:51 UTC

Excellent, thank you @timsandtoms

2019-07-03 11:29:06 UTC

How did you check? You agar'd them bitches?

2019-07-03 11:29:11 UTC

and everything when it came to sterility and proper needle material passed tests from local lab

2019-07-03 11:29:46 UTC

only problem ever with them was few had fauly packaging (what was quite obvious when you took it to hand that it was compromissed

2019-07-03 11:30:15 UTC

"just to test" Tervy, you turning into the next Krieger? You holding out on us with the sketchy Alibaba and IndiaMart RC vendors?

2019-07-03 11:30:36 UTC

@timsandtoms funnily indeed it was literaly to test them for safety

2019-07-03 11:31:13 UTC

was done with collaboration with local state actor to see if they need to be place in "dont import this" list

2019-07-03 11:31:25 UTC

The hell do you do for a living?

2019-07-03 11:31:35 UTC

that was just freelancing gig

2019-07-03 11:31:37 UTC


2019-07-03 11:31:47 UTC

what my friend kind of dropped on me

2019-07-03 11:32:07 UTC

and she dint care for that research and knew that id happily use my connections to lab to test shit

2019-07-03 11:32:46 UTC

(friend being state worker back then :D )

2019-07-03 11:32:55 UTC

Your connections to lab to test shit? Tervy, I reiterate my question, dafuck do you do?

2019-07-03 11:33:04 UTC

"this and that"

2019-07-03 11:33:50 UTC

Don't be coy cunt

2019-07-03 11:34:03 UTC

I'm backtracing your ZIP address through IP NAT already

2019-07-03 11:34:19 UTC

Tervy is secretly the leader of Lizard Labs

2019-07-03 11:34:21 UTC

40500 there you go

2019-07-03 11:34:38 UTC

I wish I had access to the school of chemistry labs at my uni

2019-07-03 11:34:42 UTC

πŸ€” that only limits it to whole city...

2019-07-03 11:34:58 UTC

All I can use are the electronic and mechanic engineering labs

2019-07-03 11:35:02 UTC


2019-07-03 11:36:12 UTC

@timsandtoms i mean i do have access/friends in right place at local certified measurement lab, chem lab and food&disease control lab

2019-07-03 11:36:49 UTC

its not that hard to have few friends when you occasionaly need their services

2019-07-03 11:37:42 UTC

certified measurement lab is access tru school tho

2019-07-03 11:37:46 UTC

and not that 100% all the time

2019-07-03 11:37:47 UTC

Da fuck you doing where you occasionally need those services!

2019-07-03 11:38:00 UTC

only when they have time to rate how good my chinkshit tape measures are and shit

2019-07-03 11:38:04 UTC

I can do quite a few tests as we have high accuracy electronic test equipment and some stuff for mechanical testing (as well as a load of 3d printer that are free to use). But I can't do any chemical testing on stuff

2019-07-03 11:38:48 UTC

i mean cooks/bartenders need occasionaly send weird/bad samples to food and disease control lab to check if that shit is good or bad

2019-07-03 11:39:05 UTC

I have got friends doing maths, so I guess I could ask them if I wanted to use a measurement lab

2019-07-03 11:39:10 UTC

chem lab is just random encounter

2019-07-03 11:39:26 UTC

I have no friends in chemistry

2019-07-03 11:39:29 UTC

I think

2019-07-03 11:39:37 UTC

i mean i do have access uni/uas mechanical testing lab too

2019-07-03 11:39:55 UTC

but that usualy costs me few euros or case of beer if its something for myself/customer

2019-07-03 11:40:45 UTC

id love to say that i have access to local nanotechlogies lab too but that would be partialy lie

2019-07-03 11:41:02 UTC

as they dont officialy allow anything but "valid school projects"

2019-07-03 11:41:28 UTC

so no nano layering or anything fancy ;_;

2019-07-03 11:41:50 UTC

Oh shit

2019-07-03 11:42:11 UTC

I think I have access to one too (under valid school projects though)

2019-07-03 11:42:31 UTC


2019-07-03 11:42:47 UTC

ahh so you live in leeds <writes dont in memo>

2019-07-03 11:42:50 UTC

Can you make ma a collagen/chitosan scaffold for bone healing?

2019-07-03 11:43:08 UTC

yeah, I've said a few times that I go to uni of leeds @Tervy

2019-07-03 11:43:19 UTC

:P i know

2019-07-03 11:44:27 UTC

@Sapharanth we do have a fancy 3d printer somewhere in my electronics building, so maybe

2019-07-03 11:44:53 UTC

especially as the school is focused on medical research for electronics/mechatronics

2019-07-03 11:45:09 UTC

but yeah who knew that random chink micrometers were actualy calibrated properly straight out of box... i didnt until i dropped one to measurement lab

2019-07-03 11:45:31 UTC

and the prof. who works there was wondering how the fuck it can be that accurate when its so cheap

2019-07-03 11:46:00 UTC

(funnily enough it also took way more force to misalign/get out of calibration than <brand model here>)

2019-07-03 11:48:43 UTC

got a link to that?

2019-07-03 11:48:53 UTC

sadly nope

2019-07-03 11:48:59 UTC


2019-07-03 11:49:02 UTC

I need some fairly accurate tools for my next robot

2019-07-03 11:49:16 UTC

so by now they can be anything and i dont want to take the blame when your measurements are shit)

2019-07-03 11:50:12 UTC

but those chink calibration pieces are usualy legit stuff

2019-07-03 11:50:22 UTC

so id look into them if you need your shit calibrated

2019-07-03 11:50:26 UTC

Nothing about micrometers is overly out there, and they've been around forever. Usually where it gets shitty is how smooth they feel, how well they wear, and if they're digital, how quickly they drain batteries.

2019-07-03 11:50:31 UTC

or at least know the offset

2019-07-03 11:51:11 UTC

also apparently gearbest does not even have the model anymore

2019-07-03 11:51:53 UTC

Know good calibration weights?

2019-07-03 11:52:05 UTC

MG scale stuff.

2019-07-03 11:52:15 UTC

I heard yo mama is exactly 1 tonne @timsandtoms

2019-07-03 11:52:16 UTC

@timsandtoms yeah true but you never expect the 20 dollar stuff have same accuracy on day after day testing as valid mitus or other model

2019-07-03 11:52:29 UTC


2019-07-03 11:52:54 UTC

AvE did a vid on real Mitutoyos vs knockoffs

2019-07-03 11:53:12 UTC

Drain on the fakes was nutty, and they drifted when low on battery, with no warning of when that was.

2019-07-03 11:53:17 UTC

But otherwise worked nice.

2019-07-03 11:53:31 UTC

I'm just working with cheapo Harbor Freight ones whenever I use them.

2019-07-03 11:53:42 UTC

yeah my toy was mechanical so no draining problems on it

2019-07-03 11:53:49 UTC

couldn't you just make your own battery indicator though tom?

2019-07-03 11:53:53 UTC

but i guess everyone prefers digital*these days (and i dont blame them)

2019-07-03 11:54:35 UTC

@Semi Truck mc Clusterfuck For that much time and effort I'd prefer just buying legit Mitutoyos

2019-07-03 11:54:56 UTC

fair enough

2019-07-03 11:57:31 UTC

Now Incra, that's what I want to see knockoffs of.

2019-07-03 12:00:16 UTC

"silly guy you are supposed to use the sides..."

2019-07-03 12:00:45 UTC

*loud bitchslap echoes around the hallways*

2019-07-03 12:03:01 UTC

what is special about these scales

2019-07-03 12:03:10 UTC

they're cute

2019-07-03 12:03:32 UTC

and the inruler holes for the lead

2019-07-03 12:03:43 UTC

so you can make sure your line does not sway

2019-07-03 12:04:15 UTC

but aint incras cheap on ebay ?

2019-07-03 12:04:29 UTC

Yup, every 1/64th of an inch, or 1/4 of a mm

2019-07-03 12:04:51 UTC

>using inches in 2019

2019-07-03 12:05:15 UTC

For woodworking in the US? Yeah, I'm not gonna make tooling that much of a pain.

2019-07-03 12:05:46 UTC

@Tervy Not really. About Amazon prices. All the Incra stuff is reasonable, but it could be cheap.

2019-07-03 12:06:07 UTC

$25-$50 or so for most of the stuff like that.

2019-07-03 12:06:22 UTC

so worth it if you need it

2019-07-03 12:06:25 UTC


2019-07-03 12:06:35 UTC

but not "this specialty bullshit costs 100euros per millimeter

2019-07-03 12:07:07 UTC

Totally a justifiable thing, not like Mitutoyo over Chinese shit. Especially being that there isn't an alternative.

2019-07-03 12:07:19 UTC

just like you never though you want template rulers

2019-07-03 12:07:24 UTC

The protractor was around $26

2019-07-03 12:07:30 UTC

but god damn they are handy if you ever hand plan anything on paper

2019-07-03 12:08:10 UTC

same with slide/logarithmic rulers

2019-07-03 12:10:46 UTC

Oh, but yeah, you know any good calibration weights? Bought a real cheap set on Ali, but it's terrible. My scale only goes up to 20g, and I'm pretty sure some of the manufacturing blemishes are a good couple tenths of a gram.

2019-07-03 12:11:38 UTC


2019-07-03 12:12:08 UTC

didnt ali have those stainless steel weights in their laboratory part ?

2019-07-03 12:12:14 UTC

what come in some case or some shit

2019-07-03 12:12:32 UTC

but i have no experience from chink weights

2019-07-03 12:13:33 UTC

This type of thing was what I got https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32950497319.html

2019-07-03 12:14:12 UTC

id check aliexpress itself but fuckers still think im bot

2019-07-03 12:14:18 UTC

and demand login on every fucking step

2019-07-03 12:17:59 UTC

permissible error noted

2019-07-03 12:19:29 UTC

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32287394098.html? looks also to be at least information heavy about what they use and so on

2019-07-03 12:20:16 UTC

(just take the sidebar there for wanted accuracy scale

2019-07-03 12:20:40 UTC

aka E1 for true autism and to burn money on needlessly accurate drugsales

2019-07-03 12:21:17 UTC

replaced the link with F1 class test stuff

2019-07-03 12:21:43 UTC

and small enough to calibrate most ridiculous scales

2019-07-03 12:22:25 UTC

i mean most people are happy with M2 stuff

2019-07-03 12:22:53 UTC

it being 6mg+- per 10g or something like that iirc

2019-07-03 12:23:28 UTC

stupid ali didnt let me scroll

2019-07-03 12:23:37 UTC

yeah there appears to be chart there too for the classes

2019-07-03 12:23:39 UTC


2019-07-03 12:24:09 UTC

Yeah, informative. Thanks for the link on that.

2019-07-03 12:25:04 UTC

they have M1 weight set from 100g to 1mg for 32 <https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32287724565.html>

2019-07-03 12:25:23 UTC

so not all that expensive depending what you need from your weights

2019-07-03 12:26:14 UTC

also if anyone else has problems after blocking ALI popups they wont let you scroll ``` www.aliexpress.com##html:style(overflow: auto !important;)
``` fixes the problem for ublock filters

2019-07-03 12:26:14 UTC

Plus $19 shipping

2019-07-03 12:26:46 UTC

32 euros shipping for me....

2019-07-03 12:26:54 UTC

Might see if I can track down the mg stuff in F2 reasonably

2019-07-03 12:26:56 UTC

so no complaining :P

2019-07-03 12:31:48 UTC

You're too good at AliExpress.

2019-07-03 12:31:58 UTC

Thanks, gonna order it

2019-07-03 12:43:22 UTC

its mostly luck (and searching the company inventory instead of using search for everything

2019-07-03 12:43:28 UTC

sure sometimes it sucks and you get higher price

2019-07-03 12:44:10 UTC

once you i find decent looking company with enough effort on data and pictures or just interesting items

2019-07-03 12:44:24 UTC

i tend to look rest of the companys inventory to see what they have to offer

2019-07-03 12:45:12 UTC

shop open since 2015 and less than 10 ratings :D with some sold items from expensive to cheap

2019-07-03 12:46:19 UTC

id say there is good to superb chance to get legit stuff out of it as nobody has come back to complain

2019-07-03 12:49:54 UTC

(and the pictures from their workplaces did not look like generic stock images or "alishop 201921312" images)

2019-07-03 12:50:42 UTC

Still, just the speed at which you find things. I can find whatever on Ali, but it's a long project, that's why I put it off.

2019-07-03 12:51:38 UTC

You're just "Bam, here's a link." "Yeah, but I'm thinking more like this." "...bam, another link."

2019-07-03 12:53:09 UTC

its just combination of bad english and "keyword optimization" :--D

2019-07-03 12:53:14 UTC

This is the power of gay mods

2019-07-03 12:53:21 UTC

ex-gay mods

2019-07-03 12:53:22 UTC


2019-07-03 13:22:09 UTC

you are no longer gay?

2019-07-03 13:31:46 UTC


2019-07-03 13:44:05 UTC

So you are gay and not gay at the same time

2019-07-03 13:44:19 UTC

Basically shriodingers homo

2019-07-03 13:49:43 UTC

more like schrodonger lmao

2019-07-03 13:50:54 UTC


2019-07-03 14:22:35 UTC

so I got chinks trying to chink me

2019-07-03 14:22:38 UTC


2019-07-03 14:23:04 UTC

the problem being

2019-07-03 14:23:05 UTC


2019-07-03 14:58:34 UTC

step 1. ignore all ali communications unless triggered by you

2019-07-03 15:06:50 UTC

The homo is correct

2019-07-03 15:14:15 UTC

yeah I mean I'm not particularly experienced but I assumed that was the correct course of action

2019-07-03 15:14:16 UTC


2019-07-03 15:15:00 UTC

chink the chinks

2019-07-03 15:15:12 UTC

cancel and demand a refund once you get the band

2019-07-03 15:15:32 UTC

you can't cancel once you receive a shipping notice

2019-07-03 15:58:44 UTC

2019-07-03 15:58:51 UTC



2019-07-03 15:59:13 UTC


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