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2020-01-18 06:06:11 UTC

So trump gets the dollar to help keep USA great

2020-01-18 06:06:31 UTC

Foreign nationals can't directly donate, but they can buy merchandise that will fund the campaign

2020-01-18 06:06:55 UTC

I don't think we can

2020-01-18 06:08:20 UTC

Can't what?

2020-01-18 06:08:50 UTC


2020-01-18 06:08:57 UTC

He right just lookee

2020-01-18 06:09:37 UTC

They don't sell outside the usa

2020-01-18 06:10:12 UTC

And people said trump was good at trade deals <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498>

2020-01-18 06:10:22 UTC

I think you didn't understand what I meant

2020-01-18 06:10:33 UTC

I think its illegal

2020-01-18 06:10:50 UTC

I meant you need to buy the merchandise in an official store and have it shipped for someone that'll ship it to you

2020-01-18 06:11:00 UTC

There are several companies that do that

2020-01-18 06:11:18 UTC

As long as you buy the merchandise directly from Trump's store

2020-01-18 06:11:54 UTC

As so like Amazon then

2020-01-18 06:12:02 UTC

So buy it, have it shipped to an US address, and a person or company will ship it to you

2020-01-18 06:12:05 UTC

I when to main store

2020-01-18 06:12:46 UTC

I am not sure if that is legal either.

2020-01-18 06:13:05 UTC

i live 30 min from the border so i can definitely do that.

2020-01-18 06:13:09 UTC

end birthright citizenship

2020-01-18 06:14:01 UTC

But that means I can't bug people and say I'm German <:pepejands:624688733354197022>

2020-01-18 06:14:06 UTC

How the fuck that wouldn't be legal?

2020-01-18 06:14:34 UTC

its considered a campaign contribution

2020-01-18 06:14:54 UTC

Not really, you're buying a product, not making a donation

2020-01-18 06:15:09 UTC

Even though the sales will also be considered for the campaign fund

2020-01-18 06:15:49 UTC

There's a huge difference between directly donating $25 to the campaign and buying a $25 product that has a % that will help fund the campaign

2020-01-18 06:17:26 UTC

Its illegal

2020-01-18 06:18:20 UTC

that brought my memory back. i now remember reading that exact article, but completely forgot about it.

2020-01-18 06:18:45 UTC

Pretty sad tbh. I wanted a nazi hat to so I can fit in <:pepejands:624688733354197022>

2020-01-18 06:19:07 UTC

Dude, when you pay someone to ship it for you they'll pay the bill

2020-01-18 06:19:26 UTC

You'll pay an American to buy it, have it shipped for him, and then sent to you

2020-01-18 06:19:46 UTC

I pay you, you pay them, they ship it to you, you ship it to me

2020-01-18 06:20:05 UTC

I asked my aunt way back when and just refused.

2020-01-18 06:20:15 UTC

maybe ebay

2020-01-18 06:20:23 UTC

As I said, there are companies that'll do that

2020-01-18 06:20:40 UTC

The company will buy the product, have it shipped to them and they'll ship it to you

2020-01-18 06:21:13 UTC

ill check it out

2020-01-18 06:21:46 UTC

How to interfere in foreign elections 101

2020-01-18 06:22:03 UTC

Don't give soro any more ideas please

2020-01-18 06:22:55 UTC

But you should be getting ready for ex prince harry anyway @Weston

2020-01-18 06:22:58 UTC


2020-01-18 06:23:22 UTC

you have no idea my excitement

2020-01-18 06:23:43 UTC

Take him. We don't want him anymore

2020-01-18 06:23:50 UTC

He was cool now he just a sjw

2020-01-18 06:23:56 UTC

are you in britain?

2020-01-18 06:24:00 UTC


2020-01-18 06:24:21 UTC

Another tip, Trump hotels also sell Trump merchandise and they don't fund the campaign, and afaik they ship internationally

2020-01-18 06:24:33 UTC

And Harry was never cool

2020-01-18 06:24:39 UTC

He was

2020-01-18 06:24:45 UTC

He was a lad

2020-01-18 06:24:46 UTC

He's been always a limp wristed faggot

2020-01-18 06:24:50 UTC

So I haven't followed. was the harry situation really as dramatic as the media portrayed?

2020-01-18 06:24:53 UTC

At least afaik

2020-01-18 06:25:03 UTC

Dressed as a Nazi to a party ex army

2020-01-18 06:25:27 UTC

Oh, now that you mention it I remember

2020-01-18 06:25:27 UTC

Always fun in news when before he meet her

2020-01-18 06:25:32 UTC

@Islamic Straight thats a good idea

2020-01-18 06:25:47 UTC

It's because most of the news were about William, so I didn't make that connection

2020-01-18 06:25:57 UTC

Yeah, Meghan fucked him up good

2020-01-18 06:25:58 UTC

Depends on what media you follow @Weston

2020-01-18 06:26:31 UTC

The media that said the queen and william were horrified when they learned of harry's plans

2020-01-18 06:26:48 UTC

Well they didn't tell them

2020-01-18 06:26:53 UTC

Only found out from msm

2020-01-18 06:27:37 UTC

that's a bit crazy

2020-01-18 06:27:55 UTC

Tbh think queen didn't like meg anyway

2020-01-18 06:28:16 UTC

Low life gold digger

2020-01-18 06:28:22 UTC

no way

2020-01-18 06:28:26 UTC


2020-01-18 06:28:32 UTC

meg is rich already

2020-01-18 06:29:04 UTC

What better than being rich. A princess

2020-01-18 06:29:15 UTC

I wanna be a princess

2020-01-18 06:29:40 UTC

Then buy yourself some Trump robes

2020-01-18 06:29:58 UTC

It won't make you a princess, but at least you'll be fashionable

2020-01-18 06:30:07 UTC


2020-01-18 06:30:23 UTC

Also, Meghan is a low effort gold digger

2020-01-18 06:30:37 UTC

She was a c rated actress from a b rated show

2020-01-18 06:30:41 UTC

lol, i dont want a trump robe

2020-01-18 06:30:52 UTC

How dare you

2020-01-18 06:31:12 UTC


2020-01-18 06:31:30 UTC

ok ok 2 trump robes pls

2020-01-18 06:31:54 UTC


2020-01-18 06:32:02 UTC


2020-01-18 06:32:46 UTC

Mfw Boris has no racist hat <:festivepepe:653838435806609417>

2020-01-18 06:33:24 UTC

Always why trump pick great. That's are word

2020-01-18 06:33:28 UTC

You can't use it

2020-01-18 06:33:32 UTC


2020-01-18 06:35:01 UTC

You be hearing from are lawyer soon


2020-01-18 06:35:28 UTC

I wanna be a Queen's Guard

2020-01-18 06:36:22 UTC

Don't, their uniforms are uncomfortable as fuck from what I've heard

2020-01-18 06:36:43 UTC

And you be in london

2020-01-18 06:36:48 UTC

No one wants that

2020-01-18 06:36:52 UTC


2020-01-18 06:37:03 UTC

I heard London is lovely

2020-01-18 06:37:09 UTC


2020-01-18 06:37:11 UTC


2020-01-18 06:38:02 UTC

London: tfw your historic beautiful city turns into trash...

2020-01-18 06:38:24 UTC

Tbh London was never great

2020-01-18 06:38:26 UTC

fine, i don't want to be a guard anymore

2020-01-18 06:38:55 UTC

funny hat guard?

2020-01-18 06:38:59 UTC

@SharksGrill Evander Kane is trash btw

2020-01-18 06:39:00 UTC

oh hey jets fan, howdy

2020-01-18 06:39:02 UTC


2020-01-18 06:39:04 UTC

Knife,acid attacks every day

2020-01-18 06:39:23 UTC

Mayor idea to fix it. Less cops

2020-01-18 06:39:28 UTC

hey sharks fan

2020-01-18 06:40:01 UTC

didn't....didn't he come from winnipeg?

2020-01-18 06:40:06 UTC

y u hatin

2020-01-18 06:40:13 UTC

Winnipeg hates him

2020-01-18 06:40:24 UTC

thought yall were just bitter that he left or something

2020-01-18 06:40:26 UTC

idk the history

2020-01-18 06:40:36 UTC

@Islamic Straight London was great. We have a big clock don't get jelly

2020-01-18 06:40:39 UTC


2020-01-18 06:40:58 UTC

nah, he left cause the team hated him.

2020-01-18 06:41:27 UTC


2020-01-18 06:41:48 UTC

You surrendered yourselves to people you once enslaved, we have a big cock don't get jelly

2020-01-18 06:41:55 UTC


2020-01-18 06:42:16 UTC

We also freed them.maybe they free us soon

2020-01-18 06:42:26 UTC


2020-01-18 06:43:04 UTC

@SharksGrill Having said that, I bumped into him twice and he was quite pleasant.

2020-01-18 06:43:38 UTC

Really tho. Fuck London

2020-01-18 06:43:39 UTC

that's good to hear. seems like a mixed bag with the guys, usually they're nice but theres a few that are YUGE jerks IRL

2020-01-18 06:43:58 UTC

Its not English anymore

2020-01-18 06:44:19 UTC

ya, same thing with every team.

2020-01-18 06:44:44 UTC

The bad thing about Winnipeg is that it's a very small place. You see them everywhere.

2020-01-18 06:45:17 UTC

Don't take me wrong mate but now that Boris will sell NHS to Trump in the trade deal y'all might want to get some dental care

2020-01-18 06:45:47 UTC

how is that bad? i think that's cool lol

2020-01-18 06:45:49 UTC

Met a British chick, cute as hell but you better hope she doesn't smile to you

2020-01-18 06:45:51 UTC

Funny thing is. Free heath care covers dental

2020-01-18 06:46:00 UTC

Yet people are lazy to use it

2020-01-18 06:46:03 UTC


2020-01-18 06:46:49 UTC

@SharksGrill I guess it's bad for the players. I still get excited seeing them, but I won't approach them anymore.

2020-01-18 06:47:11 UTC

To busy working or praying in mosques

2020-01-18 06:47:43 UTC

yeah, understandable. @Weston i almost feel bad for them when people go up to them in public and stuff like that.

2020-01-18 06:48:31 UTC

me too. almost.

2020-01-18 08:56:10 UTC

London is a fucking shithole

2020-01-18 08:57:40 UTC


2020-01-18 09:07:26 UTC

um hi guys

2020-01-18 09:07:29 UTC

i have some questions

2020-01-18 09:07:33 UTC

im new

2020-01-18 09:08:56 UTC


2020-01-18 09:11:02 UTC

1. ill preface this by saying that im a sanders supporter but ive been very disillusioned with the democratic party in general for quite some time and their bs focus on stuff like fake misogyny accusations and blah blah all that stuff. i don't really have any political place to go to - ive identified as a communist for quite some time, but only because i felt that it described my values most closely (and i would much rather have values i believe in than get a label)

2020-01-18 09:11:20 UTC

for more context, ive always been anti-establishment

2020-01-18 09:11:26 UTC

which explains the appeal of 45 to me

2020-01-18 09:11:47 UTC

Ah USA stuff. I don't follow it alot

2020-01-18 09:13:39 UTC

yeah it's more about ideology i suppose - ive never explored the right wing strongly, and recent circumstances have left me very disenchanted and hopeless with the world. i would say that thanks to my extreme leftism I recognize a lot of the right's ideas - the media being fucking stupid today, gun rights (im all for 2A) but fighting with the left has been a hopeless upward battle

2020-01-18 09:14:04 UTC

for now i definitely want to find some ways to get to know more about 45 and be involved somehow on my super neolib campus

2020-01-18 09:14:25 UTC

but idk where to start cuz again life hasn't been easy rn w personal issues and all that

2020-01-18 09:15:45 UTC

The 'right wing' is about common sense. But that's about all ik about yank stuff and also democratic are all commies

2020-01-18 09:16:14 UTC

ehh idk if you're being unironic but the dems are not commies lol, the dems are fucking idiots

2020-01-18 09:18:16 UTC

yo jules

2020-01-18 09:18:35 UTC

Ah someone who kno s yank stuff

2020-01-18 09:18:43 UTC

Dems is left?

2020-01-18 09:19:02 UTC
2020-01-18 09:19:03 UTC

To early to think

2020-01-18 09:19:36 UTC


2020-01-18 09:20:25 UTC

I used to like Bernie back in the day, but him siding with Hillary did it for me. I hate Hillary. She cheated bernie out of 2016. Bernie said NOTHING, and has said nothing about it. Why can’t he be like tulsi if he’s truly anti-establishment

2020-01-18 09:20:46 UTC

sup fags

2020-01-18 09:20:54 UTC

Now a days bernie repeats the some of the lies the democrats have said

2020-01-18 09:21:15 UTC

can we exterminate muslisms please

2020-01-18 09:21:44 UTC

uh oh

2020-01-18 09:21:45 UTC
2020-01-18 09:21:54 UTC

oh good

2020-01-18 09:21:57 UTC

i am not banned

2020-01-18 09:22:01 UTC

oh yeah, i disagree with him for that. guess that the old dude is just set in his ways and he honestly believes that siding with the dems is the best way to maximize help to people - i mean it sounds good on paper but the dems are gonna fuck him up anyway. he probably tried it a diff way this time but ehhhh i do disagree with him on this but his sincerity about things kept me stuck to him

2020-01-18 09:22:10 UTC

aight wait

2020-01-18 09:22:43 UTC

democrats are all subhumans

2020-01-18 09:23:02 UTC

also Romania is best country in the world

2020-01-18 09:23:40 UTC

why did y'all become quiet

2020-01-18 09:24:46 UTC

oh yeah lol @wsa i agree with the video

2020-01-18 09:24:47 UTC

fuck the media

2020-01-18 09:25:04 UTC

And for Bernie to repeat something that you can clearly see is a lie, like the fine people thing, just is a write out for me IMO

2020-01-18 09:25:16 UTC

fuck cnn

2020-01-18 09:25:25 UTC

too bad it's the only external media source

2020-01-18 09:25:35 UTC

that's a fair point

2020-01-18 09:25:36 UTC

in Romania

2020-01-18 09:25:41 UTC

except for bbc

2020-01-18 09:25:47 UTC

which is also leftist

2020-01-18 09:25:50 UTC

but like i don't idolize bernie lol

2020-01-18 09:25:57 UTC

he's extremely flawed too

2020-01-18 09:26:19 UTC

bernie is bad

2020-01-18 09:26:20 UTC

No one is flaw-less, but trump is pretty close

2020-01-18 09:26:26 UTC

BBC <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498>

2020-01-18 09:26:35 UTC


2020-01-18 09:26:46 UTC

Trump is best us president

2020-01-18 09:26:57 UTC


2020-01-18 09:27:07 UTC

Jules did you hear the palm beach story with 45 and the flag?

2020-01-18 09:27:09 UTC

also y u laughing

2020-01-18 09:27:21 UTC

i do like trump as a dude but don't necessarily agree with the economic methodology of capitalism despite having several of the right's values and i don't know how to manage that cognitive dissonance

2020-01-18 09:27:25 UTC

nah what's that

2020-01-18 09:27:38 UTC

i just said that in Romania the only exteral sources of news is BBC AND CNN

2020-01-18 09:27:55 UTC

so i suppose im socially right and fiscally left lol which is stupid ik

2020-01-18 09:28:08 UTC

Tbh for news go watch sky news downunder

2020-01-18 09:28:09 UTC

i am classified as a nationalist

2020-01-18 09:28:18 UTC

They very based

2020-01-18 09:28:22 UTC

but not for usa

2020-01-18 09:28:25 UTC

for Romania

2020-01-18 09:28:44 UTC

the country where corruption is legal

2020-01-18 09:29:14 UTC

Nationality you don't just have to love your own place.

2020-01-18 09:29:14 UTC

@Jules At trumps property he has a very huge American flag and palm beach fined him for some obscure code that says his flag pole was too tall ( $1,250 a day )

2020-01-18 09:29:22 UTC

He had*

2020-01-18 09:29:32 UTC

You can love all. Even the French if you really must

2020-01-18 09:30:02 UTC

the French have destroyed their own capital

2020-01-18 09:30:08 UTC

with filthy muslims

2020-01-18 09:30:12 UTC

All eu is

2020-01-18 09:30:21 UTC

not Romania

2020-01-18 09:30:30 UTC

Worst part is. They all want to come to counrty

2020-01-18 09:30:31 UTC

There are 0 muslims who want to stay here

2020-01-18 09:30:46 UTC

French have camps full of them all trying to get in

2020-01-18 09:30:50 UTC

Even though our current guvvernment is a leftist shithole

2020-01-18 09:30:53 UTC

@wsa lol whatdya expect from the liberals

2020-01-18 09:32:06 UTC

no one wants to stay here because our current country is poor

2020-01-18 09:32:09 UTC

@Jules Well he took it down...but put a smaller flag pole on a a pile of dirt 15 feet high

2020-01-18 09:32:24 UTC

Making it higher than it originally was but in ordinance

2020-01-18 09:32:37 UTC


2020-01-18 09:32:40 UTC

He then donated the fines to charity

2020-01-18 09:33:08 UTC

Well he technically settled with the city, the city wanted the fines but DJT wanted to donate it

2020-01-18 09:33:55 UTC

hm interesting

2020-01-18 09:34:00 UTC

One thing got to hand it to trump. He really loves and cares for usa

2020-01-18 09:34:15 UTC


2020-01-18 09:34:19 UTC

whatdya think about Modi

2020-01-18 09:34:35 UTC

He don't even get paided to run usa

2020-01-18 09:34:47 UTC

how can we make romania big again?

2020-01-18 09:34:54 UTC


2020-01-18 09:34:58 UTC


2020-01-18 09:35:13 UTC

Invade the french

2020-01-18 09:35:16 UTC


2020-01-18 09:35:27 UTC

And tell Germany to go away

2020-01-18 09:37:23 UTC
2020-01-18 09:37:36 UTC

what in the absolute fuck

2020-01-18 09:37:47 UTC

And you get righty pm who hug and happy fly the flag

2020-01-18 09:37:51 UTC

why would you throw away your countries flag

2020-01-18 09:37:58 UTC

fucking retard

2020-01-18 09:38:38 UTC

Cos leftys hate countrys. They want mass immigration and to get right of county's identity

2020-01-18 09:38:57 UTC

Look at EU. You can't have flags on your tables now

2020-01-18 09:39:01 UTC

Or offices

2020-01-18 09:39:28 UTC

pytooo there's a diff between lefty and liberal. trust me im a lefty and fuck immigrants

2020-01-18 09:39:29 UTC

Did you ever see any over yank pm hug and flag the flag so hig

2020-01-18 09:39:39 UTC

legal is good
illegal bad

2020-01-18 09:40:07 UTC

Well from what I've seen from all the people in yankland running. They all want mass immigration

2020-01-18 09:40:17 UTC

yeah, it sucks

2020-01-18 09:40:46 UTC

It's only illegal if they say no. But if they say yes come in whoever you are then it's legal

2020-01-18 09:41:04 UTC

Immigration into UK is all legal. Even the rapest and isis

2020-01-18 09:41:10 UTC

When I say legal I mean process and visa based merit process

2020-01-18 09:41:11 UTC

No badground checks

2020-01-18 09:41:27 UTC

And you think the left care?

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