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2021-01-08 19:53:29 UTC

Also Repubs are the most disgusting spineless cowards of all American history. The dems are pretty open about fundamentally changing our nation and implementing globalist ideals. The Repubs are just worms who pretend to fight it. A lot of outrage should be channeled towards them. They are the ones who need to be rebuilt. A right leaning economic system if not sabotaged by manufactured riots or a pandemic would give people the first taste of prosperity for a long time, that's why it's always viciously opposed. Repubs need to be taken to task, and replaced. All of us who are serious need to get into politics.

2021-01-08 19:53:55 UTC


2021-01-08 19:53:59 UTC

The Dems couldn't even exist with real opposition

2021-01-08 19:54:11 UTC

I've actually been considering how to do just that. But I've no real idea how to start.

2021-01-08 19:54:17 UTC

Especially in Commiefornia

2021-01-08 19:54:17 UTC

I actually did start in my area

2021-01-08 19:54:24 UTC

Oh man that's tough

2021-01-08 19:54:38 UTC

Wasn't there some information about the guys who stormed the Capitol being actually antifa? I think you even said it before.

2021-01-08 19:54:41 UTC

I'm in PA so it was easy. I spoke to the local republican office and gave them my info and visit regularly

2021-01-08 19:55:02 UTC

And have been talking about joining the local committee which just means polling and silly entry level stuff

2021-01-08 19:55:32 UTC

Yeah this guy is batshit insane. He’s a Qtard

2021-01-08 19:55:49 UTC

Saying he went in the capital and did some ritual

2021-01-08 19:56:01 UTC

But he wouldn't get on infowars if he was actually antifa.

2021-01-08 19:56:04 UTC

i’ll upload the interview when it gets up

2021-01-08 19:56:08 UTC

He isnt antifa

2021-01-08 19:56:11 UTC

He’s Q

2021-01-08 19:56:28 UTC

So what was the thing with antifa being among Trump supporters in capitol?

2021-01-08 19:57:16 UTC

Yah i knew he wasn’t antifa... thats such bs...hes a thrill seaker thats all we gave him a narrative that suited them

2021-01-08 19:59:06 UTC

Every movement attracts dolts. They're always the ones the camera seeks out to discredit the millions of sane voices.

2021-01-08 19:59:37 UTC

We took the capitol but republicans dont want to be labeled bad guys and dems dont want the narrative that trump movement is that powerful...

2021-01-08 19:59:46 UTC

More join the cause thenp

2021-01-08 20:00:09 UTC

Its not a victory dude.

2021-01-08 20:00:34 UTC

This is going to be used to oppress us for years to come

2021-01-08 20:00:45 UTC

We fell hook line and sinker

2021-01-08 20:01:18 UTC

So embrace it instead of cowering... we did it and its fine because its our house not theres

2021-01-08 20:01:35 UTC

Embrace it? It was god damn anitifa dude

2021-01-08 20:01:48 UTC

Are you that clueless?

2021-01-08 20:02:19 UTC

This will be the excuse for a new patriot act we just handed them a sacrifice of blood

2021-01-08 20:02:36 UTC

We can do that and say we dont encourage the violence against other but a few busted window and a stand against tyranny yes we did that

2021-01-08 20:03:15 UTC

Again the busted out windows was antifa. This was a devastating defeat for us because we have no leadership,no vetting no nothing.

2021-01-08 20:03:16 UTC

So who was that antifa there? Not the Viking?

2021-01-08 20:03:44 UTC

Trump has utterly fucked himself. There were guys in pink bandannas and later orange hats and military vests

2021-01-08 20:03:58 UTC

It wasnt just antifa I hear there were professional agitators there

2021-01-08 20:04:19 UTC

They lead the macho Trump supporters in like lambs to slaughter

2021-01-08 20:04:26 UTC

Its a defeat because ppl ran and hid instead of spinning it to rally more to see this as our absolute right being enforced by we the people

2021-01-08 20:04:36 UTC

Im not black pilling im telling the truth

2021-01-08 20:05:02 UTC

Use antifa if we must dont let the use us

2021-01-08 20:05:18 UTC

You truly are clueless.

2021-01-08 20:05:29 UTC

This is why we will lose

2021-01-08 20:06:00 UTC


2021-01-08 20:06:19 UTC

God damn how difficult does it have to be to understand?

2021-01-08 20:06:20 UTC

Be a democrat for a moment and spin it to our advantage... they were taking our rights weather this happened or not at least this way we can be proud we actualy got off are asses and said no

2021-01-08 20:06:40 UTC


2021-01-08 20:07:08 UTC

12 days is quite a bit of time

2021-01-08 20:07:10 UTC

Lost by the looks of it

2021-01-08 20:07:27 UTC

Who knows what Trump is gonna pull off within that timeframe

2021-01-08 20:07:58 UTC

Jack shit I hear he’s basically rolled over now

2021-01-08 20:08:14 UTC

So they set us up and they can do it again then?

2021-01-08 20:08:22 UTC

I’m not mad at him he’s just fucked now

2021-01-08 20:08:53 UTC

Trump movement is loosing steam how many theres a plan b4 we get more than theres fraud and we will prove it....well fucking prove it already...(still keep faith tho)

2021-01-08 20:09:03 UTC

How can one clearly finds hidden agitators or antifa agents in such big crowds? They won't go there with communist flags or Biden signs ofc.

2021-01-08 20:11:10 UTC

Michael Flynn is pissed at Trump because he fell for a fucking trap on The 6th. Trump has basically paralyzed himself

2021-01-08 20:11:28 UTC

Yup i got banned on all platforms few days ago.

2021-01-08 20:12:14 UTC

the purge is 200% here

2021-01-08 20:12:19 UTC

The stupid raid the capital just screwed our chances for the 10 day examination of evidence

2021-01-08 20:12:45 UTC

security just let them in DC is blue blue blue

2021-01-08 20:13:08 UTC

I for one welcome our new tech-overlords

2021-01-08 20:13:38 UTC

Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to say that I've lost 55 pounds

2021-01-08 20:13:52 UTC

Yah we are fucked and ppl are going into defense mode...when they should be standing up...but like the saying those who dont fight for there freedom are doomed to loose it....

2021-01-08 20:13:58 UTC

Its over I hope the Q people and boog boys are happy

2021-01-08 20:14:03 UTC

Idk man. This is just day two. Most people I talk to seem to be of the consensus that it's blown out of proportion and hasn't really shaken anyone's faith

2021-01-08 20:14:09 UTC


2021-01-08 20:14:11 UTC

The liberals always have the first say

2021-01-08 20:14:26 UTC

Because they work on reaction and first impression tactics

2021-01-08 20:14:33 UTC

Trump is basically like Hitler in the Bunker with explosions going on all around him now

2021-01-08 20:14:38 UTC

i think he is referencing "Maduro diet"

2021-01-08 20:14:41 UTC

He’s fucked

2021-01-08 20:14:49 UTC

We need a new champion

2021-01-08 20:14:49 UTC


2021-01-08 20:14:55 UTC

It's probably true that Antifa or Antifa types triggered it, but at the same time if it didn't happen we would be in almost the same position. We're pretty late into being silenced, banned, censored and removed from the public space to blame it all on this. It definitely accelerated the crackdown, but little to no minds were changed, and no one was ever going to touch the election investigation anyway besides maybe Ted Cruz. All it did was show us in plain colors how the Repubs really felt about us all along. Most of them were desperate to crawl out from under MAGA and whimper around congress about how they can't do anything.

2021-01-08 20:15:02 UTC

Hey, it's leftists who are saying Trump is Hitler lol

2021-01-08 20:15:04 UTC


2021-01-08 20:15:08 UTC

my goal is 80 pounds lost, which is about what I graduated highschool as

2021-01-08 20:15:30 UTC

We need someone to take up his sword

2021-01-08 20:15:36 UTC

The hell are you smoking dude. There was never going to be any examination of evidence. There was going to be a 2 hour mock debate, and then rule for Biden.

2021-01-08 20:15:49 UTC

The "raid" didn't change shit in regards to that

2021-01-08 20:15:55 UTC


2021-01-08 20:16:00 UTC


2021-01-08 20:16:04 UTC

I think the same.

2021-01-08 20:16:12 UTC

Im smoking reality we had every damn right to have 10 days of evidenc looking. Thats what Trump wanted

2021-01-08 20:16:24 UTC


2021-01-08 20:16:25 UTC

The evidence was never going to be reviewed

2021-01-08 20:16:40 UTC

Thinking the politicians were going to to anything other than certify for biden was extremely naive.

2021-01-08 20:16:43 UTC

Then fuck me its over then

2021-01-08 20:16:47 UTC

The Supreme court turned away. If they're compromised it's safe to say all of them are.

2021-01-08 20:16:49 UTC

It was all a smokescreen to appease us while they got Biden in.

2021-01-08 20:16:54 UTC

Im walking away

2021-01-08 20:17:02 UTC

they can openly cheat, and say its a conspiracy to point it out, the game was very rigged and people wont stand up

2021-01-08 20:17:13 UTC

There is no organized resistance, Trump was always alone

2021-01-08 20:17:22 UTC

The Repubs are just part of the bread and circus show

2021-01-08 20:17:23 UTC

You all can come up with solutions while I am away doing work

2021-01-08 20:17:36 UTC

We get it you dont want violence if we agree to be proctive and not get hype about violence then join us in saying yes we did that shit and we are proud but we dont agree with the violence that came from it

2021-01-08 20:18:19 UTC

It was piecefull just a bit smoky

2021-01-08 20:18:25 UTC

the left has a monopoly on violence, that's the problem, they can hit you in the face, kill you, and its peaceful

2021-01-08 20:19:09 UTC

Aye aye cap

2021-01-08 20:19:45 UTC

We have to first understand fully, that the government is truly a globalist banking nwo machine that has ties to pedophilia for some reason and is our enemy. They don't represent the people anymore. We've been in JFK territory the whole time. They rule the people. Trump won by surprise in 2016. They were always going to reassert themselves in 2020 at all costs. The Repubs never wanted to fight, we need to know that, accept that, and go straight for them. Repubs need to be replaced even if it means we become the left of the 60s and infiltrate their institutions

2021-01-08 20:19:50 UTC

Green new deal

2021-01-08 20:20:04 UTC

Theres a good way to spin this as Americans crying out to be heard upon the deaf ears of politicians we dont want violence we want answers and accountability and admission that this is a land of we the people

2021-01-08 20:20:10 UTC


2021-01-08 20:20:17 UTC

im new

2021-01-08 20:20:41 UTC

I'm liking Destroy the Republican party from within.

2021-01-08 20:20:42 UTC

who's going to DC on Jan 20?

2021-01-08 20:20:50 UTC

how can people be this stupid, isn't it obvious that if you wave a communist flag, violence is acceptable? but wave an american flag and you are a terrorist

2021-01-08 20:21:00 UTC

Yes. It's beyond just Trump winning or any right vs left crap at this point. This is the result of elected officials ignoring everybody for too long

2021-01-08 20:21:24 UTC

i dont think thats entirely true

2021-01-08 20:21:31 UTC


2021-01-08 20:21:40 UTC

<:mousezplzban:784587859575308329> <:mousezban:784587704749916200>

2021-01-08 20:22:14 UTC

why is it on slowmode

2021-01-08 20:22:39 UTC

Better to type one message than three small ones

2021-01-08 20:22:42 UTC

that's how this chat is

2021-01-08 20:22:59 UTC

The only thing clear from wednesday is that we're mad as hell because no one has allowed us to bring this before a judge. To say what would or wouldn't of happened is arrogance.

2021-01-08 20:23:23 UTC

If you want to spam go to <#778707569392746516> no timer there. In here its better to have slowmode on

2021-01-08 20:24:38 UTC

Unpopular opinion: the right are dogs with no teeth, they never want to be the enforcers anymore

2021-01-08 20:24:58 UTC


2021-01-08 20:25:07 UTC

It's a popular opinion with me

2021-01-08 20:25:22 UTC

The left can't exist in the face of real opposition. It's based on inconsistent drivel and victimhood economics. They don't have opposition. Only complicit strawmen who apologize on cue and wag their finger as if we prevented them from finally fighting. The repubs have always been this. Do people think it's an accident the dems control every city unopposed and completely laid waste to the same minorities they pretend to protect and no one in power has ever questioned it once lmao. Or that the dems and repubs take turns leading foreign wars we don't even want or care about. The repubs need to be replaced. It's the only platform, but it's manned by gutless cowards who just want the next suitcase

2021-01-08 20:25:39 UTC

Trump and the capitol siege can pave the way to a better america... history was destroyed this year and a reminder of our history (tea party)was shoved in there wont erase us!!! We will take it back by force if needed but we all want piece and a better america for all of us

2021-01-08 20:26:02 UTC

not unpopular the right couldn't and wouldn't stand up for what was right we need to shame and expose all traitors in public make them regret that they betrayed us and Trump

2021-01-08 20:26:03 UTC

part of that is also that every modern american city is an ivory tower. if you live in a city, you do not know real life

2021-01-08 20:26:07 UTC

2020 was a shithole

2021-01-08 20:26:19 UTC
Different angle of breaching the police barricades and pushing police back

2021-01-08 20:26:20 UTC

well, unless you're in a ghetto that is

2021-01-08 20:26:44 UTC

Well yeah, Cloward and Piven outlined how to manufacture ghettos for the purpose of exploiting people into a poverty crime cycle and cripple the system

2021-01-08 20:26:50 UTC

It's all perfectly orchestrated

2021-01-08 20:27:06 UTC

That's why Black Lives Mattered just vanishes 1 month after elections

2021-01-08 20:27:22 UTC

Black Crimes Matter

2021-01-08 20:27:26 UTC

Or do people think the police don't shoot anyone for 3 years at a time lmao

2021-01-08 20:27:37 UTC

If you want change, especially when you are cornered like a dog, you have to fight back with tooth and nail, not cowtoe like the American right has for years

2021-01-08 20:27:54 UTC

We need to work on in person logistics

2021-01-08 20:28:22 UTC


2021-01-08 20:28:22 UTC

I doubt there's enough people here for it to matter, but some kind of organization needs to occur since social media is out of the question

2021-01-08 20:28:53 UTC

The only real right wing organization is the proud boys

2021-01-08 20:29:00 UTC

Well ain’t that something.. to bad that will be banned squashed in few minutes lol

2021-01-08 20:29:01 UTC

No but we can easily be organizers in our own communities or helping the ones in our own

2021-01-08 20:29:21 UTC

Yes that please👆

2021-01-08 20:29:38 UTC

The left crippled our nation by simply targeting institutions and throwing a little money around when it was needed. We need to educate ourselves on mobilizing the community like they succeed at

2021-01-08 20:29:38 UTC

But I live in fuckin Boston

2021-01-08 20:29:49 UTC

That’s impossible

2021-01-08 20:29:55 UTC

Boston Tea Party bro

2021-01-08 20:29:57 UTC

I agree it's daunting

2021-01-08 20:30:02 UTC

You can do it. I believe

2021-01-08 20:30:03 UTC

Liberal City now

2021-01-08 20:30:06 UTC

I don't even know where to start besides getting into local politics

2021-01-08 20:30:24 UTC

And you have to risk actually losing your entire livelihood if you even say you don't think Trump is a nazi at this point

2021-01-08 20:30:31 UTC

Too late, I've saved a local copy

2021-01-08 20:30:50 UTC

Is @prjktdc horny

2021-01-08 20:30:59 UTC

At this point you have to tear the whole system down, just look in the history of strong arm men in European history <:smugpepe:445634631950139403>

2021-01-08 20:31:16 UTC

Always <:coolpepe:749386654166286467>

2021-01-08 20:31:39 UTC

For revolution

2021-01-08 20:31:47 UTC

whats yalls opinions on lgbtq+ jw

2021-01-08 20:31:56 UTC

All you need to do is convince ppl to stand and say no to your part by asking everyone you meet to tell others to gather and resist assure others they don’t stand alone we are the majority

2021-01-08 20:32:01 UTC

I'm fine with them

2021-01-08 20:32:29 UTC

As long as you're not giving kids hormone blockers and waiting till they're old enough to make their own decisions

2021-01-08 20:32:31 UTC

I don't care about that community, you do you booboo as long as it isn't forced on anyone

2021-01-08 20:32:40 UTC

yeah totally agree

2021-01-08 20:33:24 UTC

Right wing politics and beliefs aren't divided by race or gender. Without those tags and identifiers the left would be in the smoldering ruin of absolutely no economic or foreign policy to speak of

2021-01-08 20:33:36 UTC

People are gonna live their lives however they want. It comes down to two types for me. Assholes and non assholes

2021-01-08 20:33:47 UTC


2021-01-08 20:33:58 UTC

We dont agree with it but we are ok with them having there rights as long as they don’t push for pedo rights and keep it away from our educational institutions, let parents decide how to teach there kids to be accepting

2021-01-08 20:34:23 UTC

why dont u agree with it

2021-01-08 20:35:02 UTC

Well, my girlfriend is a muslim and she gave me statistical reasons on why LGBTQ is bad, I mostly have a negative view on it but “Hate sin with all your heart but forgive the sinner”

2021-01-08 20:35:11 UTC

Whom the fuck is this degenerate

2021-01-08 20:35:23 UTC

There are reasons to not agree with it, on the grounds of religion, cultural heritage, etc
people should be free to disagree or agree with it

2021-01-08 20:35:40 UTC

Mussolini and Franco did nothing wrong, change my mind <:smugpepe:445634631950139403>

2021-01-08 20:35:50 UTC

as I said, I'm fine with it

2021-01-08 20:35:53 UTC

It goes against nature i believe if you love someone then love someone but being gay has become a trend it will die off and hurt those that realy just want to be with someone

2021-01-08 20:35:57 UTC

i don’t believe its a sin at all, just cause it’s your religion doesn’t mean its everyones

2021-01-08 20:36:05 UTC

Individual freedom and prosperity inherently protects and uplifts every group, minority, classification, and is why the left and the complicit imaginary republicans viciously oppose us because they need oppressed people to ask the government for a handout so they can be predated for generations

2021-01-08 20:36:10 UTC

but you will find people on the right who are against it just because there is an emphasis on cultural and religious upholding

2021-01-08 20:36:16 UTC

It is also a disease on society, a leech, a pimple on the face of our society

2021-01-08 20:36:25 UTC


2021-01-08 20:36:50 UTC

I get it if it’s your religion, you don’t have to be gay but you can still support it

2021-01-08 20:37:14 UTC

Laws inherently unless specifically stated otherwise provide for equality of American citizens

2021-01-08 20:37:18 UTC

but i wouldn’t call it a disease

2021-01-08 20:37:24 UTC

AIDS didn’t exist in Syria until the idea of LGBTQ was thrown around in the mid 80s, then it was suppressed and it disappeared. It leads to disease an confuses the youth

2021-01-08 20:37:26 UTC

Lets not go attack mode please your talking to someone who is ok with it clearly explain first

2021-01-08 20:37:53 UTC

lmao i don’t think it causes aids

2021-01-08 20:38:08 UTC

I just realized something

2021-01-08 20:38:33 UTC

It literally does, homosexual intercourse is putting your dick into someones anal cavity, full of fecal matter and disease

2021-01-08 20:38:34 UTC

what does BLM hate, the establishment. They hate the government

2021-01-08 20:38:42 UTC

what does ANTIFA hate? the same thing

2021-01-08 20:39:05 UTC

BLM's followers and ANTIFA's followers might, but the structure and leadership doesn't

2021-01-08 20:39:10 UTC

yes intercourse maybe but being in a relationship and them doing it is there own deal its not giving you aids

2021-01-08 20:39:13 UTC

what do we hate? I'm not fans of either group but...Joe Biden will only unite the waring factions against him

2021-01-08 20:39:36 UTC

It is morally wrong and unnatural, accept this

2021-01-08 20:39:55 UTC

it’s not unnatural it doesn’t harm you

2021-01-08 20:39:57 UTC

I'm going to die laughing if BLM and Antifa end up joining us over this

2021-01-08 20:39:58 UTC

Remove dis gatdang whowa from our hallowed grounds

2021-01-08 20:40:15 UTC

that’s like saying animals are wrong cause they aren’t humans

2021-01-08 20:40:23 UTC


2021-01-08 20:40:27 UTC

^Furry alert

2021-01-08 20:40:28 UTC

Furries helicopter when though

2021-01-08 20:40:33 UTC

i’m not a furry

2021-01-08 20:40:35 UTC

It is unnatural and it DOES harm you

2021-01-08 20:40:39 UTC

Then what was that picture r*tard

2021-01-08 20:40:42 UTC

please tell me you're not just now realizing that Antifa is using BLM as a cover

2021-01-08 20:40:44 UTC

how does it harm me

2021-01-08 20:40:45 UTC

Your previous profile picture says otherwise

2021-01-08 20:40:46 UTC


2021-01-08 20:40:50 UTC

i was trolling a furry server

2021-01-08 20:40:53 UTC

animals aren't wrong, but animals aren't human, and thus they are not beholden to the same laws in a religious sense

2021-01-08 20:40:56 UTC


2021-01-08 20:41:07 UTC

and from a cultural sense, that is also true

2021-01-08 20:41:14 UTC

Long story short, people

2021-01-08 20:41:14 UTC

and an evolutionary sense

2021-01-08 20:41:35 UTC

Next you are going to say "I was only pretending to be retarded"

2021-01-08 20:41:48 UTC

@SilverWolf Oh no, believe me I knew

2021-01-08 20:41:52 UTC

im literally not a furry LMFAO

2021-01-08 20:41:56 UTC

This was my first thought the day of the capitol. This should be a win by all the disenfranchised. Both sides. They just can't look at it like that because they wore red hats and have been conditioned against it by the media

2021-01-08 20:41:58 UTC

's sexual practices should remain their business, our concerns should be focused on more important things. Individual mobility and liberty are what's important

2021-01-08 20:42:03 UTC

That'll work too

2021-01-08 20:42:18 UTC

but now that you have 3 large and armed groups of people who hate the Government more then they hate each other....Things will be interesting, to say the least

2021-01-08 20:42:19 UTC

individuals should be able to do whatever they want

2021-01-08 20:42:24 UTC

can't see thumbnails here? sad

2021-01-08 20:42:30 UTC

if it doesn’t affect you you shouldn’t care

2021-01-08 20:42:37 UTC

new topic

2021-01-08 20:42:41 UTC

If an individual has homosexual intercourse and gets AIDS they can pass it on when having regular sex and it will bring down society

2021-01-08 20:42:50 UTC


2021-01-08 20:42:56 UTC

new topic, does electro therapy work?

2021-01-08 20:42:57 UTC

w/e that was a good laugh

2021-01-08 20:42:57 UTC

thats not how it works

2021-01-08 20:42:58 UTC

what's going on in here lads

2021-01-08 20:43:02 UTC


2021-01-08 20:43:07 UTC

chill your being rude to our guest

2021-01-08 20:43:07 UTC

what's with all the gay talk

2021-01-08 20:43:15 UTC

we love our homies, no homo tho

2021-01-08 20:43:19 UTC

We won't know until we try

2021-01-08 20:43:21 UTC

I'm not interested in getting screencaps for ban lol

2021-01-08 20:43:22 UTC

okay maybe a little

2021-01-08 20:43:23 UTC

kiss your homies goodnight, lads

2021-01-08 20:43:24 UTC

i was just askin a question

2021-01-08 20:43:26 UTC


2021-01-08 20:43:26 UTC

I am being chill, im just telling them the truth

2021-01-08 20:43:40 UTC


2021-01-08 20:43:46 UTC

kiss the homies goodnight

2021-01-08 20:43:47 UTC

ur opinion

2021-01-08 20:44:39 UTC

You’ll go to hell

2021-01-08 20:44:44 UTC


2021-01-08 20:44:47 UTC


2021-01-08 20:44:58 UTC

Slow down your attack mode try to make them understand the damage it does to society

2021-01-08 20:45:00 UTC

@Hibernia comere and gimme a kiss then

2021-01-08 20:45:06 UTC

Idc that 45% of gays voted for Trump, I still dislike them

2021-01-08 20:45:09 UTC

yall really believe you’re going to go to hell for being gay? thats such a cry baby thing to say

2021-01-08 20:45:13 UTC

Going to hell for a little femboy bussy... <:smirk:445725194254811157>

2021-01-08 20:45:21 UTC

ok tough guy

2021-01-08 20:45:26 UTC

Ignore that bs

2021-01-08 20:45:28 UTC


2021-01-08 20:45:45 UTC


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