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2020-03-27 17:17:17 UTC

Feel free to add my on facebook and Instagram. My name is Logan Hagens. I have an Easter Iowa page on facebook I can add you to as well

2020-03-27 18:33:27 UTC

So I came across this while scrolling and it makes some good points about what the future could hold

2020-03-27 18:51:47 UTC


2020-03-27 18:53:03 UTC

Yea, I hadnt really invested a bunch of time into investigating why the prices dropped so low but it's good to know and good to beable to keep an eye out for that kinda stuff

2020-03-27 18:53:42 UTC


2020-03-27 18:54:01 UTC

I have some worries about how this year is going to go, aside from just the virus.

2020-03-27 18:56:26 UTC

That's no joke. I grew up in a religious family and kinda got away from it just because it was shoved down my throat and now everything is starting to make sense and found my way back. It's going to be a bumpy ride for sure

2020-03-27 18:57:29 UTC

Definitely looks more and more like revelations as time goes on

2020-03-27 18:57:39 UTC

Yeah. Did you see Bear's video about how things are shaping up to look like the "Six Trumpets War"?

2020-03-27 18:58:02 UTC

Not sure how I feel about it but it's worth a watch.

2020-03-27 18:58:27 UTC

I have not but that would be interesting to see

2020-03-27 18:58:37 UTC

I'll try to find a link

2020-03-27 18:58:57 UTC


2020-03-27 18:59:41 UTC

Do you know what the video is called? That's what's got me nervous. We have basically all 4 horseman accounted for all though I dont think we have seen the full force that death is going to being to the table

2020-03-27 18:59:47 UTC

Thank you

2020-03-27 18:59:51 UTC

No problem

2020-03-27 19:20:46 UTC

@thicc rat You should check that out

2020-03-27 19:31:55 UTC

After watching this again I think he might've predicted the virus.

2020-03-27 19:33:09 UTC

He talks about how in the book of Revelation a third of the world population is wiped out from something and for that to happen it'd require China and India to be hit hard.

2020-03-27 19:33:37 UTC

Anyway that;s getting off topic for this channel

2020-03-27 19:33:54 UTC

On top of being grim

2020-03-27 19:40:27 UTC

Yea and both of them were hit pretty damn hard, and as much as I would like for the virus to be over, I dont think it is for them. Its definitely coming to fruition. It is pretty grim but unfortunately that's kind the times that we are headed too

2020-03-28 02:47:07 UTC

The four horsemen dont come until after Christ second coming

2020-03-28 02:48:37 UTC

When traitors are hailed as heroes, or worse, heroes as traitors, that is how we know dark times are upon us.

2020-03-28 02:49:58 UTC

You're only a hero if you win

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