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2017-07-19 04:29:44 UTC

@Graham they want u back in voice.

2017-07-19 04:29:54 UTC

Correction. WE

2017-07-19 04:30:50 UTC


2017-07-19 04:31:37 UTC


2017-07-19 04:31:51 UTC

Lmao at the Klan one

2017-07-19 04:32:03 UTC


2017-07-19 04:32:13 UTC


2017-07-19 04:32:23 UTC

I... may have made more than a few of these

2017-07-19 04:32:31 UTC
2017-07-19 04:32:49 UTC

Did you know that Anticom allows - Jews, non-whites, gays, trans, etc.

2017-07-19 04:32:55 UTC

Did you know that

2017-07-19 04:33:18 UTC

They're mostly Libertarians and AnCaps, aren't they?

2017-07-19 04:33:31 UTC

I am aware, yes

2017-07-19 04:33:41 UTC

we purged them once

2017-07-19 04:33:51 UTC

but the mod team got soft again

2017-07-19 04:33:58 UTC


2017-07-19 04:34:04 UTC

THere are still Jews in there

2017-07-19 04:34:05 UTC


2017-07-19 04:34:05 UTC


2017-07-19 04:34:21 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] they allow jews

2017-07-19 04:34:21 UTC

Anticom is a fucking joke

2017-07-19 04:34:42 UTC

It's a shame, really

2017-07-19 04:34:50 UTC

I worked really hard to get that group to straighten out once

2017-07-19 04:34:55 UTC

then they go and fuck up again

2017-07-19 04:34:56 UTC

Leave it

2017-07-19 04:34:57 UTC

how the fuck are you still posting there shit?'

2017-07-19 04:35:01 UTC

It doesnt work

2017-07-19 04:35:24 UTC

Leadership is the same as a McDonald's dumpster

2017-07-19 04:39:22 UTC

Double cheese based, bro

2017-07-19 04:40:41 UTC


2017-07-19 04:41:56 UTC


2017-07-19 04:42:00 UTC

Fucking based black guy


2017-07-19 04:42:13 UTC

@Tedium Get back in here

2017-07-19 04:42:39 UTC

I watch oprah

2017-07-19 04:42:51 UTC

I know what i'm earnt

2017-07-19 04:47:20 UTC


2017-07-19 04:48:59 UTC

Jew booger eater

2017-07-19 04:49:44 UTC


2017-07-19 04:50:52 UTC

Jewger slurper

2017-07-19 05:02:45 UTC

I really need a gunsmith

2017-07-19 05:02:55 UTC

Like, not shitposting

2017-07-19 05:03:10 UTC

I need someone to fix my makarov

2017-07-19 07:07:02 UTC
2017-07-19 07:19:19 UTC

w e w


2017-07-19 07:21:51 UTC

Ah it's that based gook "whites and asians should totally racemix" fag

2017-07-19 07:22:44 UTC

The ADL's article on leading figures in the alt-sodomite still lists Dillon

2017-07-19 07:22:50 UTC

gotta dock points for inaccuracy there

2017-07-19 07:22:51 UTC

I'll admit, I have friends that are racemixers, but they get the rope too

2017-07-19 07:23:52 UTC

Well, we haven't gone around saying "actually there's been a leadership change" to everyone. Unless they were in the chat they probably wouldn't know, nor is it their business.

2017-07-19 07:24:16 UTC

I thought they made it their business to spy on us

2017-07-19 07:24:56 UTC

the term "alt-right" needs to die

2017-07-19 10:21:45 UTC


2017-07-19 11:07:14 UTC

Frying up some tasty Swasticakes for breakfast


2017-07-19 11:20:30 UTC


2017-07-19 11:58:23 UTC

The secret ingredient is hatred

2017-07-19 11:58:50 UTC

And also vanilla whey powder

2017-07-19 13:27:21 UTC

whoa fam, that's going too far

2017-07-19 13:27:26 UTC

don't even joke about that

2017-07-19 13:27:49 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt too much whey?

2017-07-19 13:30:14 UTC

I should probably use whey for protein

2017-07-19 13:30:34 UTC

right now, I eat jews but it's not very efficient

2017-07-19 13:30:51 UTC

I wind up eating about 50k jews a week just to get enough protein

2017-07-19 13:31:03 UTC

but all the grease is probably bad for me

2017-07-19 13:32:39 UTC

Yeah, the whey is there to counteract the Carbohydrate Jew

2017-07-19 13:32:51 UTC

The Cohenhydrates, if you will

2017-07-19 13:58:32 UTC

Is it just me or are most Jews you see... inbred looking? Lanky and not very muscular? Is that a genetic trait?

2017-07-19 14:12:26 UTC


2017-07-19 14:12:32 UTC

they're famous for it, in fact

2017-07-19 14:12:55 UTC

For being deficient and sickly?

2017-07-19 14:13:02 UTC

well, yes

2017-07-19 14:13:05 UTC

and for being inbred

2017-07-19 14:13:27 UTC

You would not believe what goes on in the average Brooklyn neighborhood

2017-07-19 14:14:41 UTC

Really I knew that they only married other Jews but I didn't know about inbreeding I'm guessing they are also known for molesting their own children

2017-07-19 14:15:23 UTC

Let me put it this way

2017-07-19 14:15:52 UTC

You know how some people flimsily rationalize sexual behavior with "anal doesn't count"?

2017-07-19 14:16:18 UTC

Hasidic tneology is built on that sort of rationalization

2017-07-19 14:16:42 UTC

"Well ya see Jehovah, since I turned on the stove three seconds before midnight, I'm not technically cooking on the Sabbath, heh heh heh"

2017-07-19 14:17:20 UTC

That's disgusting

2017-07-19 14:17:27 UTC

There is apparently a huge problem with young Jewish girls engaging in anal sex and getting hurt which CPS turns a blind eye to, imagine that

2017-07-19 14:17:42 UTC

The Hasidim do all sorts of wacky stuff

2017-07-19 14:17:58 UTC

I'm guessing the Jews probably run CPS also

2017-07-19 14:18:10 UTC

Since you have a greater leeway as to what counts as "work" as long as it's in your house

2017-07-19 14:18:30 UTC

they run a wire all the way around the neighborhood and say that that constitutes part of their house

2017-07-19 14:18:51 UTC

It's called an Eruv

2017-07-19 14:18:58 UTC

I was reading a article about baby's getting herpes after baptism or whatever they call it

2017-07-19 14:19:12 UTC

not baptism at all

2017-07-19 14:19:16 UTC

baptism is a Christian thing

2017-07-19 14:19:27 UTC

the Jews would never do that to a Chosen baby

2017-07-19 14:19:39 UTC

Holy shit I just read about eruv

2017-07-19 14:20:04 UTC

The modern Jewish religion is literally built around trying to Jew God

2017-07-19 14:20:24 UTC

It's "Well, TECHNICALLY", the religion

2017-07-19 14:20:31 UTC

Anyway they suck a baby's dick

2017-07-19 14:20:47 UTC

the brit milah

2017-07-19 14:20:57 UTC

So people literally aren't allowed into that area?

2017-07-19 14:21:00 UTC

they circumcise the baby and then suck the blood out of the wound

2017-07-19 14:21:33 UTC

That heeb sign needs a nice big sticker over it.

2017-07-19 14:21:34 UTC

@Kevin FL It means that "Well, TECHNICALLY" it's considered indoors for Jewish legal purposes

2017-07-19 14:22:00 UTC

@Thomas Ryan the Hasidic areas usually have their own private ~~goon squads~~ "community police"

2017-07-19 14:22:12 UTC

Really? Huh, interesting.

2017-07-19 14:22:19 UTC

We'll have those eventually.

2017-07-19 14:22:28 UTC


2017-07-19 14:23:15 UTC

@Thomas Ryan A lot of Muslim areas do that also.

2017-07-19 14:23:36 UTC

Fox and I saw it in Dallas.

2017-07-19 14:23:50 UTC


2017-07-19 14:24:07 UTC

We'll have our own private police, not goon squads.

2017-07-19 14:24:17 UTC

Aren't those more straightforward "This is our area" signs, rather than "We're trying to outsmart God" signs?

2017-07-19 14:24:51 UTC

@Kevin FL It was after metzitzah b'peh, the ritual where a mohel circumcises a baby and sucks the blood out of his little pecker.

2017-07-19 14:25:30 UTC

>professor comes to Tech Support needing help with audio in her classroom, class starts in 10 minutes
>tell her I'll create a work order and notify the techs (standard procedure)
>she walks away before I can ask for the necessary information
>finish helping the guy I was helping, go to the classroom she's in because it isn't far away to get her information
>classroom is full of gooks
>three very large projector screens, two of them have The Irish Brigade pulled up with flags of Northern Virginian Army
Idk what class it was but I wish I could have stayed to listen. I thought about saying "ah, that's a good song" or something, but I just did my job and left

2017-07-19 14:25:52 UTC


2017-07-19 14:26:53 UTC

That's some Rosemary's Baby looking crap right there

2017-07-19 14:29:17 UTC

For the life of me, I can't figure out why these people are so hated

2017-07-19 14:32:42 UTC

Lmao I could get behind our own private police for sure

2017-07-19 14:34:35 UTC

Imagine a Homeowners' Association where they start every meeting by pledging allegiance to Adolf Hitler and to National Socialism

2017-07-19 14:35:14 UTC

"We aren't racially discriminatory! We just ask that all members adhere to our parliamentary procedure."

2017-07-19 14:35:46 UTC

I'm in

2017-07-19 14:37:28 UTC

I have all the deed restrictions and covenants from the beginning of my HOA.The first one, drafted in 1978, says "No one but members of the Caucasian race of human beings may own or reside on property in _____ subdivision"

2017-07-19 14:37:55 UTC

that's the exact wording lol

2017-07-19 14:38:11 UTC

of course, they rescinded that for reasons of legal liability.

2017-07-19 14:39:49 UTC


2017-07-19 14:40:44 UTC

These are alt lites who I don't really support, but there was much Jew naming in this video lol

2017-07-19 14:41:32 UTC

Fortunately, they left their based black guy at home so no kvetching about "driving while black" and all that nonsense.

2017-07-19 14:57:27 UTC

Yeah HOA's used to be all about keeping out nogs. Now all they do is bitch about the color of flowers in the front yard and the appearance of your mailbox.

2017-07-19 15:02:46 UTC

>tfw working Front Desk, so can't call people to update tickets
>tfw people need to be called to do it
>tfw the two people working phones are both part Philippino and neither of them will update tickets
I swear I'm the only one who does my job around here. One of them is even a Supervisor, I think. He should know better. I mean I can message them to call someone and they *might* do it
To be fair, there are some people who work hard and make my job easier because I'm not the only one updating all the tickets. Ironically a lot of the hard-workers are female. Maybe it's something about working remotely over the summer vs. working locally, because the hard workers are also working locally

2017-07-19 15:04:23 UTC

I'd bet my colon those gooks working remotely are playing some game instead of doing work. I don't mind them playing a game, I just don't like the helpless feeling of only being able to update so many of the tickets, and having to update all the others because they won't

2017-07-19 15:16:03 UTC

All my co-workers are white

2017-07-19 15:16:10 UTC

so it's good

2017-07-19 15:16:27 UTC

I don't think my boss has ever hired a nigger

2017-07-19 15:16:58 UTC

We just recently got a suspect manager possibly a Jew judging by his facial features

2017-07-19 15:16:59 UTC

no diversity quotas in the blue collar world

2017-07-19 15:17:58 UTC

What's your job @Kevin FL

2017-07-19 15:23:26 UTC

So apparently the students killed in Tiananmen Square wre commies protesting the government de-commienizing
I am extremely conflicted right now

2017-07-19 15:27:43 UTC

Wait really

2017-07-19 15:27:54 UTC

I thought there are like democratic types who wanted more freedom

2017-07-19 15:28:10 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] where'd you read that

2017-07-19 15:28:42 UTC

I'm looking for it because I want to reed it again

2017-07-19 15:28:57 UTC

the Students' Federation was a pro-democracy movement, true

2017-07-19 15:29:05 UTC

but there were also many people protesting the market reforms

2017-07-19 15:32:26 UTC

Wikipedia claims that the discontent with the economic reforms was one of the factors in the protests, but I'm looking for a better source

2017-07-19 15:33:49 UTC

You talking about the protests during the 80s right

2017-07-19 15:34:04 UTC


2017-07-19 15:34:19 UTC

I get you something

2017-07-19 15:34:22 UTC

'89, to be precise

2017-07-19 15:34:33 UTC

I know what you talking about

2017-07-19 15:34:59 UTC

Apparently shirts from **T**aylor **S**wift's '89 tour became very popular in China

2017-07-19 15:35:27 UTC

The government nearly banned them, but ended up not, since they couldn't exactly explain *why*

2017-07-19 15:36:41 UTC

well, it was called the 1989 tour

2017-07-19 15:36:51 UTC

clearly it didn't actually take place *in* 1989

2017-07-19 15:36:58 UTC

Sent you a video

2017-07-19 15:37:09 UTC

This gook updated 2 tickets with "Action Required" because the customer replied to them, but he didn't actually do anything with them other than that. I had to reply to them. 😀

2017-07-19 16:53:42 UTC

Did we do away with the National server?

2017-07-19 16:53:53 UTC

Or was I kicked?

2017-07-19 16:53:56 UTC


2017-07-19 16:54:03 UTC

Ah I see

2017-07-19 16:54:34 UTC


2017-07-19 16:54:57 UTC

God damn nazis

2017-07-19 17:14:35 UTC

Is the website okay again

2017-07-19 17:14:49 UTC

Should be

2017-07-19 17:16:58 UTC

What did they try to do get our IPs or something

2017-07-19 17:17:20 UTC

Looking at someone with a bowl rn

2017-07-19 18:45:54 UTC


2017-07-19 19:56:25 UTC

Jews got us again

2017-07-19 19:57:58 UTC
2017-07-19 20:10:26 UTC

Instead of trying to promote our own race war with the blacks we need to create safe enclaves for whites to go when a race war breaks out between the blacks and hispanics, they each other more than we do them

2017-07-19 21:11:17 UTC



2017-07-19 21:11:46 UTC

^don't copy & pasta that anywhere.

2017-07-19 21:32:18 UTC

What is that?

2017-07-19 21:33:34 UTC

lol what

2017-07-19 21:33:55 UTC

Ooh a anchor baby?

2017-07-19 21:39:52 UTC

Ah shit lmao

2017-07-19 21:47:38 UTC

Anchor baby

2017-07-19 21:48:17 UTC

Discount lmao

2017-07-19 21:48:43 UTC

And 2 entire months is long term πŸ˜‚

2017-07-19 22:06:45 UTC

But the profile picture is a white baby

2017-07-19 22:17:23 UTC

I saw that, good news

2017-07-19 22:37:14 UTC

Wonder how long until Government forces start steamrolling.

2017-07-19 22:37:57 UTC

They've already been winning the war

2017-07-19 22:38:01 UTC

It should be over soon

2017-07-19 22:39:27 UTC

I hope so. Sadly, the "refugees" in Europe aren't going to be going back on their own accord. (because most aren't even Syrian)

2017-07-19 22:41:13 UTC

We don't need em to go back on their own accord anyways

2017-07-19 22:41:25 UTC

The Europeans need to man up and force them out

2017-07-19 22:41:56 UTC

Even if they were all from Syria they wouldn't go back, they have total contempt for European authorities and European wishes

2017-07-19 22:43:43 UTC

Very true. It'll be interesting to see the future as the gibs dry out overtime.

2017-07-19 22:46:04 UTC

Yeah, more than likely as the syrian steamroller rolls across the country side it will create more 'refugees' I.E. ISIS and Al Nusra and FSA fighters who got their asses kicked and fled

2017-07-19 22:48:15 UTC

No doubt. It's funny to see articles come out of the media in Europe about how poor, downtrodden former Jihadis are so hurt because they come back to no jobs.

2017-07-19 22:48:29 UTC

They should be executed or imprisoned

2017-07-19 22:48:37 UTC

In a Normal world that would be the case

2017-07-19 22:48:56 UTC

But we live in a twisted form of LaLa land

2017-07-19 22:49:01 UTC

In a normal world, but ours is the furthest from that. Exactly.

2017-07-19 22:49:48 UTC

A very interesting time to be alive in my opinion.

2017-07-19 22:50:41 UTC

if we lived in a normal time period we'd be a bunch of nobodies. But now things are so twisted we standout for being right.

2017-07-19 22:51:12 UTC

What even is a normal time period

2017-07-19 22:53:48 UTC

It's funny how that's the case as well.
I wonder what Pierce, Rockwell, Bowden, or Mosley would say today if they could be here.
That's a good question.

2017-07-19 22:55:12 UTC

Last good decade was the 1950s

2017-07-19 22:56:55 UTC

And then the slow drip poison of cultural marxism started rushing into our country's veins.

2017-07-19 22:57:49 UTC

1965 was the beginning of the end

2017-07-19 22:57:58 UTC

Hart Celler Act

2017-07-19 22:58:01 UTC

New gun control laws

2017-07-19 22:58:06 UTC

The beginning of the hippy age

2017-07-19 23:52:14 UTC

Anyone up for voice tonight?

2017-07-19 23:52:43 UTC


2017-07-19 23:56:30 UTC

You know that feel when your having a beer at the house watching hitler videos but you cant talk to the normies you work with about it

2017-07-20 00:38:23 UTC


2017-07-20 00:39:22 UTC

On a scale of 1 to 10, how commie is this place?

2017-07-20 00:39:31 UTC


2017-07-20 00:39:52 UTC

Give it a 7.5

2017-07-20 00:40:30 UTC

Vegan based menu with 10$ shrimp or scallops

2017-07-20 00:40:37 UTC

That symbol looks familiar tbh

2017-07-20 00:41:20 UTC

Black panther fist?

2017-07-20 00:41:22 UTC

Food not bombs

2017-07-20 00:41:42 UTC

Waitresses is wearing commie overall/apron

2017-07-20 00:41:42 UTC

I saw it in that group

2017-07-20 00:41:46 UTC


2017-07-20 00:42:01 UTC

Food not bombs is a commie group

2017-07-20 00:45:54 UTC

We should go wearing openly Nazi clothing

2017-07-20 01:21:35 UTC

My mom made Spaghetti and Meatballs last night for dinner, and had a lot of meatballs left over, so tonight she made them into Swedish meatballs. It was fantastic

2017-07-20 01:30:32 UTC

Moms are great. Can't beat a mom who can cook.

2017-07-20 01:49:52 UTC

My mom is cool

2017-07-20 01:49:56 UTC

My mom is cool

2017-07-20 01:50:19 UTC

My mom is cool
My mom is cool and my mom will treat u right

2017-07-20 01:50:52 UTC

Your mom is cool.πŸ˜‰

2017-07-20 02:09:14 UTC


Antifa terrorist attack in Greece.

2017-07-20 02:48:54 UTC

Its about goddamn time

2017-07-20 03:28:07 UTC

Shit nigger I have a friend who's traveling to Greece. I wonder if she's near Athens...

2017-07-20 03:30:51 UTC


2017-07-20 03:30:52 UTC

Sad reacts only

2017-07-20 03:31:43 UTC

Fuck that anti-white cuck. <:smugHitler:318919890708856832>

2017-07-20 03:31:56 UTC

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2017-07-20 03:32:41 UTC

I hope it's a long and painful experience. It'll prepare him for hell.

2017-07-20 03:32:45 UTC

Brain cancer is never funny - unless John McCain has it

2017-07-20 03:32:51 UTC


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